Big Brother 13: Lawon Exum Interview

I caught up with Lawon today and he dishes about the choices he made in the house.  Lawon Exum

Chloe: How surprised are you to be voted out of the game?
Lawon: After analyzing what the chance may have been at the last minute, I am more shocked than surprised because I felt that showed me who was my true alliance and who was not. It made me wish I had followed my gut instinct more throughout the game.

Chloe: What made you so certain you were getting a special power if you came back in the house?
Lawon: I thought I would be coming back into the game with some kind of power due to this being a game where you “expect the unexpected.” I overanalyzed it a bit and I did not expect the outcome that happened. The “chance” of coming back didn’t sink in until I was out there competing in a competition. Do I regret that, yes of course, I was overanalyzing what the chance was to come back. If I didn’t overanalyze, I would have fought and never told Kalia she could put me up as a pawn. And you have to remember, when you are in that house, emotions are so high and so up and down that your thinking process is all over the place. You overanalyze every sentence every word fragment that everyone says and every idea that is given to you in the house. So I really just blame myself for overanalyzing what the outcome would be if I got evicted and had the chance to come back.

Chloe: Do you think you went overboard in your acting job of being pissed Kalia put you on the block?
Lawon: Yes I do. I think I acted too much, my emotions played a big part of that and I didn’t follow my gut in terms of how to handle the situation.

Chloe: Did you have a strategy coming into the game and if so, what was it and how did it change?
Lawon: My plan going into Big Brother was to lay low, and get to know all of the Houseguests and see where their head was at as far as strategizing in the game, and as the competitions played out, knock out those that were a big threat to me. My strategy was always to not let people know where I was in the game, except for the people that I aligned with. From day one, I was in the game with Dominic. So me and him were always talking game. I always felt I was in the game from day one.

Chloe: Who do you feel is in the best position to win the game?
Lawon: Brendon now.

Chloe: Were you happy with Kalia as your partner and if not, who would you rather have been paired with?
Lawon: I would have teamed up with Dominic but I’m glad I didn’t. I think being teamed up with Kalia was a good thing. Even me and Dominic said the teaming up was perfect.

Chloe: What was going through your head as you were battling it out with Brendon?
Lawon: Making sure I could find all the balls with everyone’s names on them to put them in the hole. And with no one screaming to help me out, I had to make sure I had the correct balls and didn’t have any duplicates.


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  1. Lawon,,I am sorry honey BUT you got to be one of the most stupid BB players I’ve ever seen…Special Powers…WHAT!!!

      • Why were the HGs (Rachele the loudest) allowed to help out in the competition. I noticed that Brendon was going after each different colored ball that Rachele yelled out. I heard some of the HGs trying to help Lawon after Rachele began. Just wondering because they played up the “twist” so much, I thought that a “game changer” like this would have been a little more controlled. Brendon still would have won though.

  2. Lawon when Racheal was yelling out names and colors of the balls anyone would have listened and looked for those balls. You lost this yourself own up to it and move on.

  3. Rachel was yelling it out not whispering to Brendon. Others were yelling the colors to you. I feel bad because you made some really dumb moves and you were evicted and lost the twist duel all on your own. See ya!

  4. The dumbest move ever. He should been asked how did he think he was going to win $500,000 by being evicted. Even Rachel who vowed if she was evicted, she would come back with a vengence campaigned like crazy to stay in the house.

    Second dumbest…Kalia who targets two people on the block to evict neither, instead she evicts her ONLY true ally and sabotage her second ally’s game to keep friends. And who would have thought that she was playing for $500,000.

  5. I can tell you that Lawon was in total shock when he spoke to Julie Chen after the show was over. I was in the audience and we were all told that we needed to clap for him when he came in. Most of the audience members were totally laughing at him before he walked in. He did not ever leave by the front door and was walked from the side exit.

  6. I don’t know how anyone can do anything when that big mouth of hers is running….I would have been kicked off the show by now if I had to endure it as much as these poor people have to do it.

  7. i wish rachel didn’t sit there screaming the names out to brendon, to be honest i think that’s considered cheating. lawon seems like a nice guy and his DR sessions were entertaining. i just wish he wasnt so clueless as to basically self-evict. no such thing as superpowers, especially in BB.

  8. lawon’s loss had nothing to do with people yelling out what colour of ball or what name on the ball was missing. no, it had everything to do with the fact that he was moving like molasses in january when he “competed”. he was nothing but a floater and he proved that by trying to rely on a “mystery power” that never was.

    good riddance.

  9. Any special powers that Lawon was looking for even if it was true have to be earned. It is not given away for free which just shows that he deserved to be backdoored! Why would anyone volunteer to be evicted like he did! The object of the game is to stay in so that, you have a chance at that $500,000
    yet, he begged Kalia to put him up. LOL

  10. At least he knew he was going to be evicted. Second dumbest move of Big Brother history. First would go to Marcellas in Big Brother 3, when he decided not to use the POV on himself and got evicted.

    It’s also ironic to mention that they are gay, black men. Nothing wrong with being either; I just think it’s funny, LOL

  11. There idiot has absolutely no excuse for his actions.
    Anyone who watches the show knows that the returning player does not immediately return to the game (usually there’s a vote- either by America or by the houseguests) and never have they received any “super powers”.

    He didn’t “overanalyze” the twist.
    In fact, he probably barely even thought about it.

  12. I think CBS is cheating more this season than others. They seem to be orchestrating this season more than the others for higher ratings. I do think it was cheating to allow Rachel to call out the balls and also when Jeff whispered an answer to Shelley. The same happen on JJ seasons. I think in the upcoming seasons house guest should be told that they must STFU during competitions.

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