Big Brother 13: Week 6 Eviction Predictions

It’s eviction time again on Big Brother 13 tonight so let’s hear some eviction predictions! All season I’ll be collecting predictions from other great Big Brother websites and sharing them here. Check out all of our Big Brother predictions and then share your own in the poll below.

Big Brother 13 Week 6 Eviction Predictions – Brendon or Shelly:

Big Brother 13 Brendon
Big Brother 13 Brendon
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Big Brother 13 Brendon
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Big Brother 13 Brendon

Things aren’t looking good for Brendon once again. There was a chance it’d be close with a potential tie-breaker, but when Jeff let it be known he wouldn’t be creating that tie just for Daniele to evict Brendon things became clear.

What do you think? Share your guess in the poll and explain why in the comments.


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  1. It sucks (again!). I really wanted him to stay longer..
    But if the game is going to stay like this, i’m guessing Jordan will win (again).

      • Please keep Brendon in the house these floater’s are so boring. At least he makes the show worth watching. BB please give him a pass of some kind to stay like you did for Jeff.

      • phillycop, don’t listen to the danimal lovers below. You got it right! Down with danimal and the floaters!

      • i realy wish BRENDON would stay also,this season is very BOARING and i don’t care for any of the newbies!!!give him the Jeff Pass come on BB

    • phillycop.. he has already had his chance.. bye bye brenda.. stay gone for good this time!!!

      • phillycop.. he is on his way out the door for the 3rd time! No other HG this season has had that. Give it up, Brenda is out.

      • SORRY BRendan, u have to go, time to see an emotional redhead know that some ppl can come between her and her

    • I agree with you. Why in the world would they keep Shelly? She hasn’t done anything worth of value. Shelly is a 2-face. B and R had plenty opportunity’s to save each other. It sucks that he didn’t win the veto or the hoh. Dani or her puppets would of been gone today..Grrr I can’t with season lol.

  2. Brendan has to go. It insults the HGs when someone they voted out earlier comes back. Traditionally, it always works this way. Personally? He can’t leave quick enough for me; I hope his fiancee’ isn’t far behind. My only regret is that they will be in the jury house and I will have to see them there!

      • Hi Sparky, seems like your not a Rachel fan that’s ok. I just can’t stand how boring the game is and R&B keep the excitement going and make BB watchable. The floater’s need to all go to jury asap

      • sparky77040 Dami has said many times that she will be able to beat Rachel and win the half mil. there is no way she will take one of the floaters with her because they have a better chance to win so dani has to take rachel to the finals.

      • rachel needs counseling… i dont hate her… just the way people baby her and brendon needs anger management sessions… they are very disfunctional together…

      • I really hope Rachel is next, I want both of them gone. Then Dani can go. I like Shelley, cried my eyes out when she got her call the other day.

      • if dani was playing SMART game she would for sure keep Rachel till the bitter end…that sures Dani the MONEY,but it’s BB and who knows,all i can say is this season has been the worst in BB history!!!atleast i think????

    • If Reachel wins HOH everyone in the house will b kissing her a$$. I think it should be Shelly going to the jury house, Shelly lies so much she belives her own lies!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I think Jordon is going to win this season, players are dumb not to realize she is a threat.

    • Don’t count on it. If Brendon gets evicted and Rachel also winds up in the jury house—-those are going to be two hostile jury members against her from the get go. I see Jeff and Jordan being sent to the jury pool themselves either by Rachel or if she fails, Danielle and her puppets, Porsche and Kalia. Jeff has been making dumb moves of late and he will see how bad he screwed up when they get evicted!

      • don’t count Brendon out yet expect the unexpected is BB motto I hope BB shakes up the house guest cause it is so boring to watch there are to many floater’s this year.

      • its been time for rachel and brendan to go,jeez.put a bullet in my head already.they are by far,the most irratating people in the universe.brendan is the biggest punk do boy i have ever seen.rachels lil bitch boy.

  4. I’m sure Brendon is going home. Jeff and Jordan chose their allies when Jeff flipped the veto to Adam. He also proved to Dani who his allies were by doing that.

    • Am I watching the same game? I thought B&R saved Jeff from Danni’s raft of backdooring him. Seem’s to me I would not want J&J as my Allies in the game, when they won’t even give Brendon his or her vote to stay. Everyone in the house know’s they had an Alliance. So what are they afraid of, they only care about prizes and being together on a vacation. So send them to the jury house and get started on it. B&R are not stupid, they see right through them. BB please keep Brendon in this game. He got over a million vote’s for a reason, this game is boring without him

      • Brend has already had too many chances. He got voted off last year, he got voted off this year. BB can’t have too many “twists” like this. Takes away from the “real”…(LOL) part of the show. There has always been floaters. Part of the game..always will be. To each his own, when it comes to strategy. B and R have the same strategy as last time, only they lucked out and actually got a chance to team up with some genuinely nice people. Their time has come and gone. If the show becomes less “exciting” so be it. Once in awhile, it actually is nice to see the “good guys” win, even for another 500k.

      • it seems to me that a lot of people are watching a different BB13 than the rest of us because they see things that didn’t happen. B & R has played a fair game they have tried to throw anyone under the bus like J & J have. Too many viewers that voted for Brendon to come back will be disappointed if he walks out the door tonight. I have stopped watching I just read what goes on here if Brendon stays then i will start watching again.

      • Wow! B & R haven’t tried to throw anyone under the bus?? Which game are you watching??

      • Brendon and Rachel have thrown Jeff and Jordan under the bus. They were just up in the HOH room trying to get Dani to put Jeff or Jordan up so you can’t say they haven’t thrown anyone under the us their OWN alliance.

  5. I hope and pray the only sensible people in the house which is jeff and jordon gett to the end together. Rachel is a train wreck and she will probably lose it this week-oh ya brenden will be gone for sure tonight. Shelly is ready for a nervous breakdown-this is too hard on her to be away from her family and play dirty-not in her character. Portia is a total floater and deserves absolutley nothing. Let the fun and games begin.

    • I don’t think Rachel is going to be like she was last time. Brendon isn’t home doing anything behind her back, he will be in the jury house. She will be her old self and probably go after Jeff and Jordan.
      Shelly’s Josie is so cute. She’s adorable. It must be so hard for her to be away from her family.

  6. Jeff and Jordan would be really dum to evict Brendon because he is the Best Player of This Allie. It’s not by keeping Shelly that they are gone go to the final. Rachel, Jeff, Jordan and Adam need to vote to keep Brendon, Those 5 together can beat Daniel, Kalia and Porscha. Please, do not make the mistake to Keep a Floater!

    • They can’t just decide to keep Brendon if they want to. Brendon doesn’t have the votes. Adam isn’t going to vote Shelly out. So say Rachel, Jeff and Jorsdan vote to evict Shelly……….3-3 tie. Dani isn’t going to keep Brendon. That just doesn’t make sense on their part.

      • I agree with you. It would be really stupid for danielle to keep brendon. And it ain’t cool the way he got back in. He battled a floater like kauwan which wasn’t even a real challenger. Please, smh. lol And they need to make this season more exciting. I mean this season kinda sucked bigtime if you ask me. All they do is sit around drinking beer and wine.

    • You guys have the same selective memory that some HG have (Rachel/Brendon). Brenchel are snakes and they say whatever they have to while trying to save themselves or each other. Then as soon as they have the power again, they will flip on any of the others if it is in their best interest for the game. I don’t trust them as far as I could throw either of them and neither should anyone in that house. We have seen it before, what makes any of you think they would not do it again and again.

      Personally, I would prefer to see one of the newbies win this because unless it is a full-blown all-stars cast, it really isn’t fair to have mixed them.

      • u have a point about the vet having an unfair advantage with proir knowledge, but they were down in #’s @ the beginning. Kalia and Shelly did n the newbies and it was hard 4 them to recover. Thats y I am not a huge Kalia fan. Yes, she over eats, so do a lot of them. She cannot shut her mouth and that is annoying 2, but her bad game play affected so many other people. She was the reason the newbies r down on #’s, with her vote against Keith and her failed vet nomination, then she turns around and puts up one of her own and is the reason Lawon is gone. Kalia doomed the newbie alliance not BB. I would never pick Kalia for a team sport.

    • I agree with you. Why in the world would they keep Shelly? She hasn’t done anything worth of value. Shelly is a 2-face. B and R had plenty opportunity’s to save each other. It sucks that he didn’t win the veto or the hoh. Dani or her puppets would of been gone today..Grrr I can’t with season lol.

  7. I can’t wait to hear the discussion that Jeff and Dani have with Brendon when they are in the jury house.wondering what went wrong. It sounds like tonights HOH will be an endurance comp which would lead me to believe Jeff and Rachel will be the favorites. I think Poesha might do.well because she showed endurance in the first comp of the season.

    • poesha could fight her way out off a paper bag
      she needs someone to say you will stay i promise lololol

      • I hope the comp. is endurance made for Brendon only to win. And Danni goes to jury with Jeff and Jordan right behind her. They backed stabbed Rachel and Bredon after he went home on Jeff’s behalf. Who want’s to watch a bunch of floater’s win this game.

    • Yeah, but she did that in a comp that was totally skewed for females. That’s what makes me nervous, if its endurance it’ll be either jeff does well or rachel does well, I don’t think it’ll be both. And let’s not forget, kalia came in second the week they did those skis, lol….so we never know, but I think this week, if we have to watch dani and kalia up in that hoh room anymore..ill be forced to watch something else lol

  8. i think shelly needs to go not brendon ,you know that saying action speek louder then words well shelly as should she lies alot and is a playing both side. while her daughter watches at home ..and what is up with the tears.tears and lies together wow her family must be proud!!!! get home shelly..

    • Helloooo….they all tell people what they want to hear. Where have you all been? You are acting like B and R are playing the game so upright…really? They are obnoxious people and if they act this way in their own lives, they are truly a lonely couple who only have each other. They don’t know how to be nice to people. Just too fake!

      • They are fighting so hard to stay in this game. While the rest of the HG sit around eat, drink and sleep. Come on BB keep the viewer’s watching and send Shelley to jury this week. Then at least the house will be worth tunning in on.

  9. If I wanted to relive the same thing over and over I would have rented ground hog day…. Not be watching big brother come on danielle so predictable should of nommed Jeff see you next to Julie in the following week!

  10. you know what gets me is that pourcha thing she as done nothing but floot high on a cloud through this whole game sent that thing home what is wrong with you…Yes rachel and brendon get on peoples nerves but hello if it weren’t for them we wouldn’t and i hate rachels laugh but come on they fight more then and one in the last two seasons the deserve the money sorry…….

    • I’m praying that Brendon stay’s or I certainly will not watch BB next season. I can’t stand it anymore, that floater’s are sitting back and doing nothing but bullying other house guest. BB need’s to shake the house up asap, or they will loose lot’s of viewer’s. The only one’s playing the game are Brendon, Rachel and Danni. Isn’t BB a game were everyone is suppose to play? Come on BB get the gypsy to give Brendon a Golden Pass to take himself off the block and put a floater up. Now that would be exciting to watch.

  11. Another thing to remember…..wathcing from the outside gives us “all knowing” powers, for the most part.

    Being inside, you have to pick and choose what/what not to believe. You just never really know for sure.

    • Thank You!!!! I 100% agree! It’s so easy for all of us to sit on our couches and say what players should or shouldn’t do and to judge them. But I can only imagine that it’s not so black and white when you are living in the BBH and aren’t privy to what the ‘couch potatoes of America’ can see!

  12. If J&J votes for Brendon it would not make a difference unless Adam votes for him as well..But if they vote for him Dani will have to break the tie and she is the bad ass…If I were J&J I “might” give him my vote just to appease Rachel cause she does have at least one more week in the house..But I would not like kissing ass with Rachel..sooo they are in kinda of a bind which ever way they vote..

    • Hoping J&J wake up and smell the coffee not just the Beer. They will be sorry if they think Danni is on their side

      • B and R will slit JJ’s throats in a heart beat! They have absolutely no loyalty. They tried to convince Dani to put up Jeff. What’s the difference? It’s a game that they all have to play with what they deem will get them further in the game. Whether it be as a “floater”, a hard game player, or a slide under the radar type. Best of luck to whomever wins!

  13. Sad to say I think Brendon will be evicted tonite.Big mistake for JJ because that makes them the biggest target in the house. Rachel is a mess without her man so I think she will be in game a bit longer.Would love to see Rachel win HOH Porche and Kalia on the block next and would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to see Porche on slop for a week Its so her turn.

  14. I have resigned myself to one of my favorites being evicted tonight. It wasn’t fair because Brendon and Rachel never had a chance to compete in the POV so the deck was totally stacked against them and everything fell into Dani’s hand this time. I don’t know what has happened to Rachel this season but she is just crumbling like a stale cookie. I love Rachel, but girl get strong and fight. I think that everyone in the house was very mean to Brendon and Rachel. And, Jeff throwing the veto was a real stab in the alliance back. The only pleasure I will get now from watching the show is if Rachel wins HOH and comes after those rotten liars (how about Shelly lying that she wasn’t setting up a three way alliance with Brendon and Rachel and then getting on Rachel for lying!) or once Rachel is gone they will go after each other. Jeff will not be safe if Dani wins a POV. Jeff will not be safe if Kalia or Porsche (anything can happen) wins a HOH. He may not even be safe if Shelly or Adam win. Jeff and Jordan will be the next targets and the hated in the house because they are the vets so I will enjoy the karma coming back. I love you Brendon!

    • Yes LaRue, you said it best, BB will be sorry when they loose lot’s of B&R fan’s. This game is boring now wait till B&R leave no one will watch, because all that’s left are floater’s. I keep hoping that the GYPSY is there for a reason. That she will help Brendon stay and shake up this house. Maybe then the floater’s will start playing the game. I hate this season,there are so many applicant’s willing to play this game. How did these floater’s get on. BORING if you ask me. Come on BB America is counting on a shake up in the House.

      • IMO Brenchel have not made the house the least bit entertaining and have not made any great moves. You may not be a fan of Dani and that is fine as we all have our favorites, but you could never call Dani a floater. She has made the boldest moves to date.

  15. I had this dream that the Gypsy stepped in and saved Brendon from this eviction. She gave him a pass to take himself off the block. Danni was glad and said her plan worked, but Rachel knew better, she fought to win the HOH and put Danni and Porsha on the Block. Brendon won the POV, and took Porsha off and put Jordan up. Jordan went home and Jeff cried. But have no fear Jeff went the following week out the door when Brendon became HOH. J&J are happily on their vacation and R&B are shaking up the BBH wow was this a great dream. Now that’s something I want to see in real life on BB lol

  16. I’m sorry, I really hate to say this because I really liked jejo. But if they vote against brendon tonight. They deserve to go. What they’re failing to realize is that they need jury votes to win and they’re most likely losing 2 votes with this move. It will probably be in rachels best interest to team up with “the dark side” and get out jejo…as much as I dislike dani.

    • If Rachel gives her crazy head one big spin and get it back on straight and Dani will swallow a little pride, they would be unstoppable! I wanna see Team Danchel!

  17. Not all of us are Brenchel fans so for those of us that are not why would we want to see Brenchel stay in the game. I don’t see any extra entertainment by Brendon remaining in the game. He did not have a chance to play in the veto, but they all had a chance including Brenchel to play in the HOH. Brenchel and J/J did not win. They all lie and backstab including Brenchel. I don’t understand why people think they are good for television. All they do is tell each other how much they love each other or Brendon gets all fired up and we see them fight because Brendon gets mad at Rachel for saying something. Brendon has been given a chance to get back in the house why does he need another chance? They also got to come back after just playing last season. How many chances should a person get. Just my opinion.

  18. Great- No more Brendan y Rachel soap opera. Don’t have to fast forward thru Big Brother after dark any more. Go team Jeff…

    • You will see Reachel in the HOH room with Je&Jo kissing her(Reachels) a$$, so she wont put them up for eviction,

  19. BB on J&J season you saved Jeff from going home please save Brendon. I can not take watching all these looser’s in the BBH. They are just not playing the game. They should all be sent packing and replace them with more all star’s. R&B make this season worth watching.

    • @phillycop how many chances do you want Brendon to get. He played just last season, came back for this one, came back because of America’s vote. I think that is a lot of chances. When he came back he had a chance to play in the HOH. Another chance to stay. He did not win. Please BB don’t give Brendon yet another chance. They are not all losers. Dani at least made some bold moves. Much more than Brenchel did by getting out the first three newbies. In my opinion Dom had a lot more entertainment value than Brendon. He was funny and with Brenchel all you get is them telling they love each other or a fight between them. Sorry, not entertainment for me.

      • @phillycop I am with you phillycop, if brenden leaves, the house is going to be so boring and I am not going to watch BB anymore. He did not get to play POV, if he did, he would be able to stay. J&J are two huge floaters, they need to be out of the door!

  20. I think Brendan will be out because he is a strong player. Can’t wait cuz I can’t stand Rachel.

      • I hope Rachel wins HOH! It would be fun to watch the reactions from the rest of the house!Come on BB, DO SOMETHING!

  21. With 85% of vote going to Brendon to evict ( landslide ) how in LLEH did he get voted back in to house?

    • The question isn’t who do you WANT to see evictted…the question is who do you THINK will get evicted….huge. difference there. And if you couldn’t tell, by most of the comments on here, most people WANT shelly gone. The only reason the house wants brendon out is cause they’re all too scared of him..especially dani and jeff.

    • BB wanted him back but the house will now rule not BB and its board room watching ratings.

      • NO, i know that bb did this for ratings, and whats wrong with that? last minute little surprises they always come up with will keep us watching just wait and see, julie will surprise us yet. ;/

    • i agree with u bout brendon being bb choice to come back but the show aint over yet guys and dolls. ;p

  22. Cant wait for Brendon to leave. Third time evicted should tell you something. Suck it, Brenchel lovers!

    • It only shows how big of competitor he is and everyone is threathened by him. I hope you will still enjoy the show with whole bunch of people floating around after Brenchel’s gone Ryan

      • I will love the show even more when Rachel and Brendan are gone. I want big brother, not a stupid soap opera.

  23. actually shelly said to brendon and rachael “i will take you to the final three” or something like that and nothing else from what i have seen, so what the h$ll is she lying about??? who can trusts bren/rach??? it’s a house of deception to the end,

    • yes Shelly said that but you watched or have big brother live feed, it did show Shelly talking to Rachel outside and telling her that if Rachel was willing they could go to final three togehter with Brendon.

  24. Jeff and Jordan should give their vote to stay to Brendon. Explain to Shelly she has the votes and that it’s just a sympathy vote. Force Dani to be the one who evicts him. I would do that. With Brendon gone, Jeff and Jordan are now targets. So why would they want to get Rachel mad at them. She will probably win HOH. And if Kalia or Porsche win HOH they will definetely go up, so I would force Dani to be the baddie. Rachel is their only hope to keep safe.

  25. In defense of jeff and jordan, I feel that they don’t trust Rachael and brendan anymore because of all the visits to dani in the hoh room. also jeff and jordan did all they could for Rachael while brendan was gone. How much do they owe them? It seems like when you get this far everyone is in it for themselves. the way I see Brendan and rachael made alot of enemies (mainly Rachael) and it just got to J/j finally.

    • It’s likewise. Brendon and Rachel have zero reasons to trust BIG Jeff and darling Jordan. Whenever approached by old man Shelly or Dani, they’ve been very agreeable to bump them off (B and R) asap. And, so goes the cut throat game of BB and “loyal” alliances.

  26. Idon’t think that Jordan will win the game. but she may get america’s favorite for the extra money.
    I think dani will win the game. she just played it better. I also think her motivation was her dad.

  27. Shelly doesn’t bring anything to the table…the exact reason that she SHOULD be kept. Keeping around Brendon would be charming I am sure, but this is everyone’s chance to get him OUT of the game. This is a game after all where one person wins, and alliances thusly must end sometime… It would be harder to eliminate him later/repeat this entire process AGAIN. Shelly however is not nearly as athletic as he is and could be taken out with MUCH more ease when the time comes. Neither one I feel has a very far off expiration date, but the wise move is to finish off Brendon while he is on the block and waiting, because he sure is difficult to KEEP there.

  28. bb they are giving dani a pass,she said she knows some one in bb,who gives her the answers for hoh com,give her the money why waste other hgs time,after to night am not watching bb,its all riged for dani and j\j,,its not fair both rach and b did not get to play veto ,this is so scripted,if bookie goes am done with bb for good,,,,,lol

  29. OF COURSE BB IS RIGGED, brandon was not amercia’s choice i know this.
    its called good tv and good ratings, but then..there is always room for a last mintue surprise. ;/

  30. of course bb is rigged, ITS CALLED GOOD TV/RATINGS, i know this. but there is room for a last mintue surprise, ;/

    • hey, we emailed about this topic but you dont have to repeat what i told you were my own personal gut feelings on this.

  31. ADAM SAID, i am waiting for Julie to hand me that cheque, what do u s’pose are the odds of that happening? crazier things have happened…what a shocker that would be.

    • Some of you have too much time on your hands. Conspiracy theories? Quite laughable.

      Brendan had a lot of JeJo fans voting for him b/c I would imagine many of them wanted to see Brendan and Rachel compete against one another. Plus, he is more tolerable when she is not around.

  32. The only people who have the game rigged for them are Brendon and Rachel.


    The voting percentage given by Julie Chen for the returning HouseGuest also threw people off. It was stated that a little over 2,000,000 votes were cast and that the returning HouseGuest (Brendon) had over 1,000,000 of those votes, but was still close to the second place finisher (Dominic). This sounded off to many viewers, as many viewers had openly voted for Cassi Colvin to return. Almost all polls on Big Brother fansites had Colvin in the lead as to whom they voted to return. The mathematics given imply, though, that Colvin got close to 0 votes, a Mathematical impossibility.

    • CBS released the % results for that vote. Sorry you missed it. It was Keith who got 1%. Cassi was close behind Dominic who was not very close to Brendon (39%).

      Not as much of a conspiracy as you’d like.

  33. OMG, wish they would get rid of that Shelly freak….what were the producers thinking this season. We have Duh Adam, Sketchy Shelly, and Porsche…what is with that airhead? Were they the only ones who auditioned for BB? I realize that Brendan and Rachael are irritating but they keep the game going. If they leave, the ratings will fall because no one is going to want to watch people sit around until someone wins. Oh, and way to go Adam, you really worked hard on the big win…Jeff even had to throw the most simple of games for you to get it..Maybe the audition this year was for people with IQ’s below 68 against the veterans…almost done with this show producers..better do something or else the show is likely to be cancelled cause no one will watch it anymore..

  34. Based upon game, I rather Shelly go and agree with what has been said about “if Dani were smart, she’d keep Rachel till the end” Yeap, that is a big if…Dani is smart but not smart enough to see that to win, she must take Rachel to the end. No one would vote Rachel over Dani (well Brendon and I would). Dani is not thinking right though and therefoire playing for second place. Dumb dumb duhhhhhmb! Dani, Rachel and even Kalia (can not stand her though) are good players. The rest truly suck which is why they will go tot he end.

  35. Honestly Brendon has done more in the house then Shelly. Shelly isn’t loyal at all and is totally lying to Jeff and Jordan. She sucks up to whoever is HOH. I wish they would just have another house meeting where they’d let everything out. She a liar. She is playing everyone in the house. One week she’s Danielle pet and happy Brendon is out, next week she’s Jordan’s pet and happy to have Brendon IN. Rachel isn’t the liar becuase she keeps what the veterans say to themselves. SHELLy is the one that brings the info around. I wish Jordan would realize she’s just playing them. Jeff, Jordan, Rachel and Brendon need to stick together and win some Hoh’s and POV’s this season cause that’s there only way of making it through.

  36. I was very disappointed that the show ran overtime(8/10) and viewers couldn’t see outcome of HOH. Then I was equally flabbergasted that the Sunday show wasn’t shown (at a later hour–most of us have DVR’s). The final blow was when wednesday’ show with veto competion also not shown. What a crummy way to treat viewers, then picking up tonight, saying nothing about what we missed or why and running 16 minutes over to boot!!! What is going on? Is this a pattern?? If so I may have to quit. This needed to be said. Hope someone can comment. C

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