Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Wednesday Highlights

Wow what an awesome day for some drama in the Big Brother house.  We all knew it was coming but didn’t know when.  Today it happened.  The two couples go at it and even Jordan goes off.  It’s pretty obvious who is going home and no one wants to babysit this go around.  Sounds like the dynamic duo is going down.

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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – August 17, 2011:

10:00 AM BBT – Shelly is paranoid that Dani and Kalia are being nice because they are going to evict her.  Shelly doesn’t like that JJ are tied to Rach because she can’t stand her now and doesn’t trust her at all.

10:30 AM BBT – Bren and Shelly talking about Rach.  Shelly says it’s good Rach speaks her mind but not when she makes up stuff.  Brendon saying she doesn’t and Shelly needs to go to the source.  Bren asks if Shelly will nominate Rachel if she wins HoH and she says no and for him not to worry.  Brendon says Dani uses people and doesn’t need anyone and Shelly says everyone does that in the game.
11:05 AM BBT – Adam says he was an all star soccer player but became a pot head in hs and college.
11:35 AM BBT – Dani, Brendon and Rachel talking and laughing.  Bren doesn’t understand why everyone is scared of Jeff.  Makes it clear he is not. Brenchel think JJ have final 3 deals with everyone in the house except them lol.  Dani is called to DR and Rach tells Bren she thinks Dani had a final 3 deal with JJ before they came in the house.  Says it’s hard when others know people in production and can make deals before the show starts and the feeds cut out.  Dani comes out with the camera.  Picture time!
1:00 PM BBT – Jeff in the backyard with Brenchel.  Jeff asks if Rach is ok.  He says he is not going to deal with her this time if she is going to act like this.  Jeff says he is glad Bren is there to see how Rach is acting but Bren is defending her of course.  He tells Rach not to give him her anger look.  That all he has tried to do is help her and she keeps running to the people that want her out.  Bren tells Rach to direct her anger at the other side of the house and win HoH.
1:10 PM BBT – Brenchel alone now and he tells Rach he will speak to Jeff before he leaves about how he talks to Rach.  Rach says he can’t talk to her like that.  Ummmm he just did lol. Rach is pissed at Jeff and Bren will put him in his place lol.  He’s drawing the line.  Says he can talk to Jordan however he wants but not Rach.
1:55 PM BBT – Jeff is telling the story to Dani now and is getting loud and pissed again.  Brenchel walk back outside. Jordan is mad now.  She’s had it with Rach.  She tells Rach not to say she’s never had her back.  She starts listing things she has done for Rach.  Jordan is not going to ruin her and Jeff’s chances and vote for Brendon to stay if they don’t have the votes.  Jordan is not going to risk pissing off Shelly and Dani.  Rach saying ok over and over.  Bren tells Rach it is what it is.  She is now saying they would vote for Jeff no matter if the whole house was against him. Jeff says they kept Rach in the game last week by campaigning for her everyday and she acts like they still owe her something.  In the end they all apologize and say they will work it out.
3:45 PM BBT – Rach promises on her marriage that she will die trying to win HoH and will turn the house upside down.  No one will feel safe, not even JJ.
6:35 PM BBT – Brenchel talking to Porsche about her vote.  She says she felt burnt by Rach last time and isn’t doing it again.
9:15 PM BBT – Brendon asks Dani to look up in the BB rule book if he can go through everyone’s stuff to find his personal belongings which Porsche took btw.  The hg’s play games like who’d you rather or which is better.
12:00 AM BBT – Rach telling Bren she is still mad JJ won’t vote him to stay.  Says she thinks she will be the next one evicted if she doesn’t win HoH.
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    • They tried to keep him, but there aren’t the votes. They need Adam’s vote and he won’t vote Shelly out. Althought, Jeff should have won the veto and not flipped it to Adam. That would have secured Brendon to not go on the block.

      • That’s not true. Jeff didn’t want to be in the position where he had to make the decision and risk angering the others. He did the best possible thing to protect himself and Jordan. He is not spending the summer in BB to advance Brenchel further in the game. Incidentally, he did try to secure votes for Brendan to stay so it’s not like he completely turned his back on him.

    • Yes. The others should keep Brenda in the game so they all can be screwed by it and Wenchel. Sounds like a good idea. NOT

  1. Sigh I wish it was Brendon staying not Rachel. But now I hope Rachel wins HoH just to create drama. JeJo would be scared outta their minds.

    • Scared? A bit strong don’t you think?

      It isn’t until POV is decided that one really gets worried. Jeff hasn’t looked worried all season and I am not so sure that is about to change.

      Scary to think Brenchel has a support group. A sad reflection on society that is.

      • Actually, if Jeff is honest about just wanting to spend the summer with Jordan I’m pretty sure he’ll be scared. Granted, if Rachel has nobody, then she can just say, Jeff and Jordan nominated for not voting for Brenden. You made it personal. Then if Jeff wins veto throw shelley up. I’m pretty sure Danielle and her group wouldn’t hesitate to take out Jeff’s closest ally, and who wouldn’t want her out when she also has many potential jury votes. And that’s assuming he’ll even win veto which I highly doubt. Seeing as his best veto game just passed. Which he threw.

    • I’m rooting for Rachel as she is the clear underdog in this fight. If she can win HOH, she is guaranteed to send to the jury house Jeff, Jordan or Danielle. All she has to do is win HOH and put, two of them on. That is, Danielle and Jeff and if one gets off—-put in Jordan as the replacement nominee! She should try and regain her focus as she is good in competitions and can beat the other veterans if she tries hard enough!

    • If Rachel wins HOH, she can guarantee 100% that Jeff, Jordan or Danielle is going to the jury house with Brendon! Nominate Jeff and Danielle and force Danielle to use the veto card. If one of them gets off the block, nominate Jordan in his or her place and Jordan or Jeff/Danielle will go to the jury house! If Kalia, Adam or Porsche wins HOH then, Jeff and Jordan could be on the block and if one gets off, Rachel could be put up as replacement nominee! Danielle is probably laughing at Jeff’s dumb moves!

      • The Veto card only means she can play in the veto comp when she is not nominated. She can’t remove herself from the block.

      • Lol she can’t veto herself Richie, so Rachel is going to lose her Mannnnnnnn, and if you were in the Game you would be next!

  2. i hope now brendon and rachael get the boot after rachael sits there and throw jeff under the bus to dani..oh jeffs won lots of money and we will back door him if u want…well i want rachel as bad as brendon..not once has jeff & jordan thrown her whinny but under the bus..they have listen to her cry,and complain and lie to their..face go home BIG RED….she is so self absorbed..porche is prettier than rachael…

    • @Karen
      You are wrong wrong wrong

      When Dani was HOH the first time, Jordan offered to be a pawn to get Brenden out.

      When Jordan was HOH they really did consider backdooring Brenchel.
      How is this not throwing Brenchel under the bus. Their late night talk with Danimal. What do you call that?

      Brenchel heard Danimals plans to backdoor Jeff and were honest about it.

      You need to get your facts straight? Do you not watch the show, the feed, or read the blogs?
      Next thing your gonna say is Shelly really is a straight shooter…
      I hate when people post without knowing their facts.

      • that is so true, But i think u for got onr thing when REachel was hoh Dani was tring to get Je&Jo out

      • Perfectly stated. I’m tired of half-truths or no truth on this blog site. Brendon and Rachel have been attacked and made fun of, more than anyone else. J and J have absolutely done their fair share of pulling, tugging and throwing B and R under-the-bus (as well as all the others)when it works in their favor. They don’t wear halos. Shelly is an absolute straight shooter…of lies and deceit. Her family must be so proud…She opens her mouth and lies fly out. She’s a mean-spirited woman. But, it’s “just a game”. Sure it is. Everyone is there to win. But, her game is a dirty one. Like I’ve written before, she is the devil in the house.

      • When Rachel was HOH those 2 times she didn’t even consider putting JJ on the block. I agree with you Rachelfan people should get their facts straight before posting. And Jeff did throw the comp to let adam win he could have won the veto and not use it and no one could blame him for that.

      • How smart could Brendon be he’s with Rachel.And anyone in the Game should want to get him out!Only because he’s the best HOH player, but the Moron keeps taking Rachel off when he wins Pov! You people make a big deal out of people lying duhhhhhhh it’s one of the Biggest parts of the game.They all make deals and then you want them to said yeahhhhhh I did it? They might as well just walk out of the house.And Misses Rachel Fan I can’t blame you for sticking up for your Daughter.

  3. One thing thats irritating me..
    Some people are saying that Jordy,Dani and even Jeff dont deserve to win because they have won money on different occasions. Personally, I call BS on this. I am not a JJ fan, but if they step up their game and play harder, they “deserve” it as much as the next person. I still want Dani to win no matter that she won some money already.
    How would you feel if your boss said, “Yes, I know you worked hard this week, but you got paid last week, so no more money for you.”
    What are your thoughts?

    • I agree with you. The whole point of coming on the show is to win things. The more they win just proves what a good game player they are.

      • Sorry, but I think the only vote Rachel will get if she makes it to the final would be the goofass she is engaged to. Everyone says she plays the game, but all she does is bitch, moan and cry. How is that playing? Dani and Kalia were true underdogs and when the pressure has been on, they pulled through. Dani is playing the game, not whining and pissing and moaning.

      • Rachel can say goodbye to Herrrrrr Mannnn for the second time. And she’s next. I feel sorry for all the rest of the people in the house that has to listen to her.

  4. people stop acting like jeff and jordan are angels. jeff and jordan drew first blood. they thought bout putting up brenchel when jordan was hoh, then when rachel did the same thing the next week omg omg what a backstabber. then jeff and jordan screw brendon by asking for jordan to be a pawn, lol if i was their i wouldnt throw them under a bus, more like a train. they both have been backstabbing, but brenchel has not been doing it as much as jordeff. hopefulyl dani and rach final 2

  5. I use to hate Brenchel, but the tides have turned, and my hate has shifted to jejo and that guy that lies to everybody-including himself- shelly.

  6. all i know is, JJ have to go ASAP. they dont deserve another week. they are in the BB house just chillin, collecting cash and nobody wants to put them up (except for daniele) because they’re so nice, and jordan is so cute. HE ISNT, AND SHE IS NOTHING OF THE SORT.

    jordan is already winning america’s player which is a crime in itself but w/e, its the downside of the viewer vote, but jeff has 20k already with the rumor that’s been said by either JJ or another HG that he also has 25k to come back on the show.

    “we just want to spend our summer together” then go on a vacation to florida or something. or go have an amazing race somewhere lol. but seriously how pissed would u be if they were in the house, doing NOTHING but taking ur money and getting great edits?

    i dont know who is worse, BR or JJ. i hate both, but atleast BR compete. if they had have an ounce of a social game they would truly be great, but JJ dont have any game besides winning maybe 1 comp here or there.

    with all that being said…. Kalia/Porsche have to win HOH tonight. Daniele said it best and as simply put as it could be;

    “If u dont win, we’re done because one of us will go home.”

    i guess they dont realize if anyone else wins HOH, they are the main targets. well kalia doesnt realize it.

    • Rachel if she wins will probably put up Danielle and Jeff. That is the smart move and guarantees 100% that one of the three, Jordan, Jeff or Danielle goes home! Porsche and Kalia if they win HOH will probably put up Jeff and Jordan with Rachel as replacement nominee if one of them gets off the block. Either scenario will favor Danielle!

      • I don’t see how your first scenario will favor Danielle. Jeff will have the votes to stay if noms are kept the same. Danielle will have to win the veto. He has Adam, Shelly and Jordan. She has Porche and Kalia.

  7. Dear brenchel fans i have to say that yes they have been awesome at comps, but cab you really sit there and over look all the whining when there is no winning? I mean just look at her last week. I send my husband off to war for 8 months and I am WAAAAY more emotionally stable then that. Like that was scary. I get that people say mean things about her and that’s not nice, but she isn’t just over the top. Brendan is mean to her, but I would probably be mean if I had to put up with her too. She isn’t an all star with a bad personality this season.

    • About Brenchel being so great at comps: The thing is, when it really counts, they have fallen short:)

  8. From the sounds of it, and of course you can’t hear much because they always cut during those times….Dani, and JJ have friends in production, might as well quit watching….the winner will be one of those three. What a waste of time.

  9. the king is leaving the house for good this time and will go to jury yes it’ll be lonesome for a week but he’ll soon have wretchel to skank up the house and then they’ll have to do some heavy sanitizing for the next jury member.

  10. Jj needs to learn how it is to be on the block! I agree brendan shoulda had a chance to play more than a week. He should of came back as HOE

    • I do want to see JJ on the block, for sure.. but, Brenda has had enough chances!! He should just be thankful he got his 3rd chance. If you cant make it with that many tries, you aint gonna.

  11. Porsche should be put out of the game for all the dirty tricks she’s been playing and her partners in crime should be put on the block as punishment. And if Porsche’s out, Brendon stays which means there will be more opportunities to see Big Jeff shirtless (holding breath while
    awaiting the topless Jeff montage. Been having flashbacks of him watering the plants in his season. *sigh*)

  12. Porche has done nothing but float and has not been a have not. I hope she is on slop this week. Kalia could use a slop week too.

  13. Are we watching the same show. Rachel is a self centered, mean girl=child, My five year old is smarter. She needs to go.

  14. OMG – Brendon you continue to talk to Rachel about her behavior and drinking but it doesn’t sink in the Rachel. One word….R U N!
    I am so sick of the word fiancee…those two are so ridiculous. Rachel IS THE LAS VEGAS PARTY GIRL, and Brendon continues to try to change her. Good luck!

  15. Didn’t Dani take the chess pieces? Stealing or hiding items from the house is the most immature thing someone could do…Dani learned from her Dad, Evil Dick. Don’t want to see Dani win…anyone but her.

  16. I have a feeling that Brendon is going to be gone tonight, and CBS will set up whatever kind of HOH they can to get Rachel to win. They need her to win for the ratings, and hopefully she stands up and tries to send Jeff home. I really believe that CBS will set this up for Rachel to win.

  17. I watched BBAD last night… Jeff and Adam are idiots!!! Bob Marley did not die from “getting beat up” or being “murdered!” He died of cancer.

    Dear God,
    Please don’t let JJ or BR win… thanks.
    JJ has been sitting back most of the season (floaters) and BR are annoying…

  18. If Brenchal was so bad, why did they bring Brendon back? Because as bad as they might be, the other newbies are more floaters than anyone I have seen. Jeff and Jordan at least know how to play the damn game.

  19. I think when it comes down to it, the jury will vote for who ever played the better game & most of the jury sees Adam as a floater! If I were Rachel or Porshe, I’d take Adam cuz that is just about a guaranteed 1/2 million $$$ ! They won’t give it to Adam & Adam should play that card to get 50 grand!

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