Big Brother 13 Week 5: Who Has The Votes

Big Brother 13 Lawon

This week has turned in to the most ridiculous exercise in insanity that I’m still shocked by what those with the power have allowed to happen. Not only have they allowed it to happen, they’re now taking ownership of the plan and patting themselves on the back with lines like “this is genius!” and “they’re going to be so pissed!”

Read on to find out the latest for Thursday’s evictions and the reality of the voting landscape this week on Big Brother 13.

Let’s do a quick recap to get everyone caught up. On Sunday Shelly convinced Kalia the best way to move forward in the game would be for her to get Jeff and Jordan to like her again by renominating a floater, Porsche in particular, at the Veto ceremony after Jeff saved himself. Kalia took this plan to Daniele who initially rejected it, but then became convinced when Lawon said he wanted to be the pawn. After ignoring the upcoming twist for days Lawon, Porsche, Daniele, and Kalia now strongly believe this week’s evictee will return to the game and might even automatically become the new HoH. As such, Lawon is excited to be the pawn and ready to get evicted on Thursday.

Yes, you read that correctly.

On Thursday night there will be six votes which leaves room for a potential tie-breaker by Kalia as the HoH. Rachel and Lawon are the nominees, so they won’t be voting, of course. In a normal week I could just give you the rundown of where all the expected votes stand, but that really doesn’t apply as much right now since Lawon’s alliance is planning to evict him with the expectation that he’ll be reborn in to the game with super powers. However, Daniele, believing herself to be the master strategist, has what she considers a safety net just in case she changes her mind at the last minute.

Daniele’s plan is to wait until Thursday night, listen to any more details Julie Chen provides about the twist, and then if she feels it’s too risky to let Lawon be evicted she’ll clap her hands while Julie talks as a signal to flip the votes and evict Rachel. Big problem with that plan though: Daniele does not have the votes she thinks she has.

Should Daniele decide they need to evict Rachel they’ll have only two votes to do so: Daniele and Porsche. The votes to keep Rachel will be Jeff, Jordan, Shelly, and Adam. By a vote of 4-2, Lawon will be evicted and face off with America’s Vote.

It’s going to be amazing to watch if Daniele claps her hands (or whatever she uses as the signal) and Lawon still leaves the house. She’ll be an interesting shade of pale.

There are a few side notes worth including here about all this craziness. Last night Lawon came to Daniele and asked who he was supposed to be mad at about his “surprise” eviction/nomination. The whole house knows Lawon knew ahead of time that he’d be the renom, but he keeps acting like it was a shocker. Lawon seems to be very confused about this plan which is not good news for him.

Later Porsche echoed the same sentiments: “I’m very confused on this whole week. Did they just play us?” Yes. Yes they did, Porsche.


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  1. Thanks for the update/recap Matt….as always, interesting and informative. It was a crazy plan that Shelly set in motion and I can’t believe that everyone else is now taking ownership of it. Lawon has not really figured out that he is playing in the BB house (and I have said that before), well now he will be gone and will never have a chance to figure it out.

    • I hope the Danimal lovers are paying attention to how badly she has played this game. She had the opportunity to take control but she messed it all up. She is quite the study of a self delusional leader. Shes not long for the house I’m sure. Hopefully Danimal’s sorry and predictable game play will end with her eviction one wwek from Thursday. What a loser. She proves again that she is nothing without her father leading the way.

      • Danielle if she was that very good player that people say she is—-she would not have peeled so early from her
        alliance and stabbed them in the back!
        That is the worst mistake she has made.
        Second mistake is she talks too much for someone who has already burned a lot of bridges so far! Of course, that
        exposes her once more for being the liar that she is and master manipulator. The only ones she has managed to con is the newbies who do not know how to play the game and are intimidated and threatened by her! Porsche went to her side after she threatened to evict her in Kalia’s HOH room. Mind you, Danielle was not even the HOH! Porsche just showed she cannot even think for herself! How so very sad!

  2. Comment deleted. User banned. We don’t need any of that sort of commentary here. – Admin

  3. So disapointing in Danielle. This is ridiculous. What a waste of an HOH. Laughable. Hope Dom comes back and either him, Dani or Porsche wins HOH so they can “somewhat” redeem themselves for this joke of a week.

    • Due to the twist the HOH this week had little or no power. But it turned out to be an awesome HOH after all…Thursday is still 48 hrs away..Much too long to wait and see how this set-up plays out…lmao

      • If Kalia evicted Rachel and got Dominic back in return then this would have been her alliance’s greatest week. Instead they are making the worst gamble they could.

        Rachel might have been able to come back in the game. Now she will definitely stay. They threw away their “chance.”

      • @Kell why are you blaming Dani? She is not HOH and this was not her Idea!! She was very pissed when Kalia told her she was going to do this and tried to talk her out of it. But kalia seems to be missing her mama so bad that shelly is able to fill in and even w/Dani telling her she doesn’t trust shelly it does not seem to matter. Dani knew Kalia was not going to change her mind “remember K telling Dani she wanted to make her own desicon (even tho it was shelly’s) and come out from dani’s shadow” All dani could do at that point was try to make sure porch stayed.. It was NOT dani fault that Lawon offered himself up and Kalia jumped on it. It whole mess is completely on Kalia being to stupid to know when she is being played even with dani warning her.. Just like Dani warned her about putting Jeff on the block when there was a twist like this… I Just don’t get where you blame Dani foe Kalia’s Mess!!!

      • @Liz: But then Daniele turned fully supportive and encouraged this plan to renom Lawon. While I agree the ultimate responsibility comes down to the HoH, her “adviser” Daniele did some really bad advising.

        Daniele could have easily said “are you crazy?! Renom Adam/Shelly, not one of our own alliance members. Rachel must be evicted!” Instead she went with this “let’s keep Rachel” plan. Craziness.

      • Matt, you are 100% right. This is on Danimal. She’s nothing without ED. He must be going nuts!

      • Matt I agree with you 100%. I just can’t believe they allowed this poor move to happen. Ugh.

      • Matt – Dani DID have a fit she asked over and over “where did this come from!!” she could not give advise at that point Kalia was so brainwashed by shelly there was not much Dani could do especially when Kalia said she wanted to make her picks to prove that she was not letting Dani run her HOH. Did you watch that convo? If you did than you know Dani was flipping out… One other thing I am pretty sure you have never had bad cramps or PMS ad that to the evening an dI understand why Dani git disgusted and saif just do what you want to Kalia. also Dani did say why don’t you put shelly up Kalia wold not do it she said she trusted shelly. that Dani said well I DON’T So again I just dont understand why everyone seems to think this is Dani’s doing when she was so clearly frustrated and pissed when she heard it. Yes she is going along with it now because there is no choice she has to keep as many people on has side as she can even Kalia because she needs the votes in case she is up on the block.

    • I know right. I almost wonder if you just do not like Lawan cause hes black. Are you the same one who said Kalia is a typical black woman riding the cotails of others?

  4. I hope Julie doesn’t tell them everything about the twist until after the vote. Can’t wait to see their faces when they find this out. None of us know what Lawon is capable of. He’s either throwing comps or that’s just him. I don’t know. Have to admit I was very surprised Kalia almost won the ski comp and won HOH. I didn’t know she had it in her. That’s why I question Lawon. Can he be a surprise? Don’t think so, but I didn’t think that of Kalia either.

  5. Don’t you think you might be underestimating Daniele a little? She’s always thinking ahead, and there are still two days to get the votes in line. Expect the unexpected in this game.

    • That is why I keep using the big “if” word in most of my comments…just gotta see what happens…

    • But she’s not thinking ahead. She’s not thinking at all.

      When she sat there with Kalia last night and asked “why does Rachel feel safe?” She couldn’t answer it. The obvious answer/consideration would be: “maybe the votes are different than we think.” But that didn’t even come up.

      Instead she is marching forward, assuming she must be 100% correct, and planning her fail-safe moment of clapping to void the plan and evict Rachel, which won’t happen.

      She got too confident and is going to choke on her own plan.

      • I agree Matt. If I were in Daniel’s position and questioning why Rachel felt safe, all sorts of things would be running through my head like is this a game play for Rachel, is Kalia being truthful with me or has she stepped over to the veterans and so-on. Instead, Daniel just babbles…I don’t like it and goes about her business. Doesn’t sound like she’s thinking ahead to me.

      • but why does Dani needs to be the only one thinking?

        kalia is the HOH and she made her decision.

        Dani is being careful after trying to push to hard to backdoor Jeff

        Dani is the smarstes person in the house, and she should not even trust Kalia 100%…

      • Daniele has shown she is not the smartest person in the house, but she certainly thinks she is and that’s why she should be considering these scenarios.

      • We all know that Dani disapprove of the 1st ridiculous idea of putting Porsche up. She seemed to question Kalia judgement about being so trusting of Shelley, but K kind of shot it down(saying that S is nice, she likes her, etc.). She also ask why & what was going on with the Rachel deal change. K pleaded her case(which sounded as silly as she looks), saying that she was looking out for both of them. D reminded her that R can’t be trusted. You could see D disgusted, but what can you do when someone seems to have their ‘little’ mind made up? She (D)could have pushed or argued a bit more, but she didn’t to let this stupid girl feel like she was making her on decisions(of which are very stupid ones). D asked her how much had she told S, and why does R feel safe. K has a good dumb reply for every question. What else can D do?She(D) could have tried hitting her(K) to knock some sense into But she(D) would have been kicked out of the game.
        All though this nut(K) announced that she thinks for herself, she’s allowing the plan of her opponent/enemies to sway her from her initial plan of getting rid of R.

        After the way JJ did her(yelling, etc.), their *sses wouldn’t have had anything coming but the eviction seats.

        Might be why D is getting closer to P, she probably doubts if she can rely on K. K is too afraid of Jeff. Then again, let’s hope that K has just been pulling our legs, gets some real guts and put Jordan up as replacement.

    • I think she is smarter than Lawan Kalia and Porsche, but thats not saying much. I do think she decided to go with this plan becasue she doesnt care if Lawan goes home, she has made plenty of comments about him being “deadweight”. Also with this plan, she can have him gone without making it look suspicious on her for voting him out, in the event that he does return. Her “alliance” will still be in tact. I do not believe for a second that Daniele actually is stupid enough to believe such an unlikely twist. However, I’m glad she is down! this is just what I wanted to happen. CMON PEOPLE VOTE BOOKIE BACK IN NOW!!!!!

      • I voted for Brendon 10 times!!! Please let him be the one that has a chance to come back.

      • The polls have Cassi and Dominic as ahead in the polls but i’m hoping that’s just the internet and not the text message votes. I am for Bookie and I used my 10 votes for him.

      • @Vet fan…It’s nice that you are voting for the veterans. It seems you’re one who’s afraid of change.Anybody who wants to see a repeated version of “Big Brother” has to live one board life. I’m so glad that Dani was able to give us a good and exciting twist because she is the only one who’s really playing the game. As you can see Brendon game is not sharp at all. He plays like Racheal… without the power he has no game just like Racheal and that’s why he went right behind Dominic out the door. Racheal will go before Dani… no doubt.

      • @ Jermaine. I actually live an amazing life. Do not come to this Website and try to judge me for who I want to win. I am so unbelievebly sick of you and people like you who feel they have nothing better to do than try to personally attack someone for who they Want to win a game show. I personally couldn’t care less what your glad about that makes no difference to my opinion, I see you have no issues with yourself for rooting for Dani right? Correct me if Im wrong but you are also rooting for a vet. So I see jermaine you obviously just Don’t like chance…or wait maybe you.Forgot Dani was a vet because she sure the hell issnt playing like one. You know what change I saw this week? Rachel actually getting the same chance everyone else has gotten in this game. To go at least one week without the power and without going home. Dani is a loser, she’s played the worst game in BB history this year. I cannot wait to see her face when Brendon walks back through that door! And when that happens I would also like for you to remember this convo…btw its bored not board.

      • Well said Vet Fan! Personal attaks are for those that don’t have a life! Thisis a discussion about a television show which is a form of escapism! If someone has to attack someone else for their pinion, that says alot about their character! This is a game, not a discussion about World Peace! Personally attacking other people on this site is ignorant and pathetic! This is supposed to be fun! How can you insult or make assumptions about someone you don’t even know? Shameful, just shameful. Remember Vet Fan, consider the source!

      • I hate brendan and Rachel why do you guys want them in this game. If either of them win big brother I’ll never watch again.

  6. Am I the only one who can’t stand the thought of Rachel being on the program one more day? I think Danielle really goofed with Kalia what mess trying to think Kalia had a brain. Porche may be okay if she can be trusted but if lawaon leaves surely Dom is smarter and will come back. I really have been annoyed this season with JJ really liked them before but Jeff is like the mafia Godfather and Shelly’s lips drive me crazy. Darn hope Danielle make a clean sweep not optimistic

    • Wow… sound like you’d be a great house guest in the future. Kinda have Rachel’s attitude… Guess that’s why you don’t like her. To close to your own personalities and opposites attract.

    • I like the Game all the vets are playing Danimal included. Shelly and Kaligula are keeping it interesting as well. Even Porsha is doing something.

      Adam and Lawson are dead weight

      All Adam has done is growl and dance in an Elf suit.

      Lawson is hardly ever seen or heard of, unless it’s to make a crazy comment. “i’ve been playing the game since day one! i have been everywhere!” (CRAZY HAND GESTURES)
      Lawson should leave and never come back. I think he has go the least amount of screen time than anyone in bb history.

    • Jule, it’s pretty much over for Dani. Rachel is staying and Brendon is more likely to come back than Dominick.

  7. I can’t believe Kalia and Dani fell for Shelly’s plan. Lawon is just out there and doesn’t have a clue as to what he “volunteered” for…I hope Brendon comes back and Dani and Kalia get evicted just because they were so easily manipulated. I can’t wait til Thursday night to see what actually happens.

    • Dani did NOT fall for it she was PISSED when Kalia told her and tried to talk out of it. when she knew Kalia was determined to go thru all she could do was damage control and try to make sure Porcha did not go up… And remember Dani doen’t now it was shelly’s idea Kalia is taking all the credit for thinking of it.. There are a few tines you could tell Dani was wondering where this idea came from. Dani told Kalia she was NOT sure about shelly that she had “red flags” going up when it came to shelly. Dani was not manipulated there was just nothing she could do.. Kalia is so easily swayed when you praise her she is putty in your hands.. I hope Dom comes back so he can help Dani… All I have to say about kalia is: “HERES YOUR SIGN!!!”

      • If that is true then Daniel had the perfect opportunity to build a defense and tell Kalia that if she voted out Rachel then they a 50/50 chance of Dom coming into the house and they would have the votes to vote off the Veterans but she just said nothing. Not a whole lot of thinking going on there. Heck, even Dan’s father said she was messing up.

      • Baloney Liz, Dani is not half the player she thinks she is. She is nothing without her daddy. I hope she claps her hands Thursday. Can’t wait to see the look on her face when Lawon goes and BRENDON comes walking back in. Gonna by PERFECT!

      • The reason Dani’s dad said she was messing up is because she put the veterans up too soon!!!

      • @cathy Dani doesn’t know what the twist is your comments make no sence you seem to think the houseguest know what we know they don’t!!! They do NOT no america is voting to bring someone back.. How can Dani build a defense about something that she has no idea is happening? And ED siad that a couple weeks ago but he also said he felt Dani was smart enough to win the game…..

        @ Wayne Not half the player? really she won 2 hoh’s in that season and 5 veto’s she did BETTER than her dad at winning comps..They carried each other ED WOULD NOT have won without Dani winning all those veto’s and 2 hoh’s just like Dani would not have come in 2nd without ED they carried each other to the end..

        Also Rachael has only won 2 hoh’s this year because !. the first Dani gave her because ED made a deal and told dani to jump down (Dani was settled in and doing fine up there) and 2. Dani and others could not compete for 3 weeks we will never know if Rachael would have won if she had been competing against all the key holders (Dani). Now that everyone is playing Rachael is not doing so well in the comps….  

    • They did not feel for Shelly`s plan..
      Even because Shelly liar was telling them to out Porsha Up.. and did Porshe goes up??? NOOOOO

      They agrred in putting Lawon up because they know he wont do anything in the game and he wont help them at all.

    • Ronda, you are 100% right. What an idiot Danimal is turning out to be on her solo season.

    • I can’t believe it either. Maybe they are showing us this part but the plan is to make Shelley and the rest think that’s what’s going on and she’ll put Jordan up instead. Wishful

  8. I pray that Cassi or Brendon come back into the house, I do not want Dominic to walk in that door and then see the nasty smirk on Daniele’s face. She thinks she is so darn smart..this is the most idiotic plan, she obviously doesn’t know what is going on in the house, although she claims to be this mastermind game player.
    Personally, I would love to see Brendon walk back in, Rachel and him together make me sick, but the looks on Kalia, Dani and Porshe’s faces would make it all worth it. Vote Brendon!!

    • I agree! we all call her stupid now, but she would trade Lawan for Dom any day!I am praying that Dom doesn’t walk through that door. I hope the only one that comes walking through is BRENDON…I didn’t like Cassie, she was all talk and boring.How are you still that boring when you talk so much?

      • I agree!! Cassie just walked around like she was someone special. Vote Brendon Back. I would love to see the evil look on Daniel’s face if Brendon walked in. She is sooo wicked!!

  9. Can’t believe Dani is planning to throw the next HOH. She is not that stupid so I think she might be blowing smoke up other hg’s butts.. Stupid Kalia is the reason Dani might be in trouble next week.

    • I love it because it fits right in with every other ill-advised decision she’s making this season. At least she’s consistent.

      Who says “I’m going to throw this comp” to hope to get something better (this time being her wish to get HoH during her bday)? Oh, evictees Keith and Dominic said that. Sheesh, Daniele. Really expected more.

      • I feel like Dani is the main player this season….
        And thats why the only show her all the time on the Big Brother After Dark/.

        Is not only because I love her.. but the show would not be the same if she leaves.

    • Dani is the reason Dani is in the postition she is in. KAlia has not made one decision without getting Dani’s apporval first, and trust thet Dani was 100% on board with the evict LAwan plan. So, if anything Dani the self-proclaimed “mastermind” of the show, is the one who is steering Kalia wrong.

      • Absolutely!!! Dani should have guieded K to putting up 2 floaters from the beginnign. Especially when there is a twist. Why upset the strong players!!!

      • Oh I agree. But at that point it could be Daniele & Porsche against the rest of the house in that comp since they’re likely throwing away Lawon. If it’s anything heavy/physical like that rope challenge then Daniele is toast.

    • You did not listen to all she said.

      She said as a Joke, that she will would trown the HOH and go to the jury house and spend her b-day alone..
      and she said that everyone that happens to everyone who trows the HOH….couting Dominic trowing his Veto this season

  10. These must be the most stupied houseguests ever! ! !
    Suddenly Nat from Season 9 and Marcellas from season 4 starts looking like a geniouses.

  11. I’m thinking maybe Dani has figured out that it is possible that Dominic may be coming back & wants to get rid of Lawon so Kalia only has her as an ally. She seems more concerned about keeping Porsche as another ally. Depending on how the comp plays out & who goes against Lawon is keeping me on the edge of my seat as I am rooting for the Vets.

    • No, she hasn’t. Last night when Kalia, Daniele, and Porsche were discussing why they weren’t told they made it to Jury Kalia suggested maybe because they weren’t to Jury yet (they aren’t). Porsche said, “maybe an evictee will return. Dominic!” Daniele replied, “No.”

      Daniele has gone tunnel vision and isn’t considering the possibilities.

      • That is true

        Dani said in her season when they made to the jury, The Prodoction came after the show and told them congradulations for making to the Jury..

        and this did not happend last week, and they knew something was up.

        They Know..someone will be back in the house….

      • yeah but she is only considering the possibility of the person going out this week coming back in. She has not at all thought about someone else coming back from before. She even said it after Kalias HOH win. They were sitting in the room and she was talking about how this twist was boring and said something to the effect of “it would have been much better if they were bringing someone else back, not just letting this weeks evictee have a chance to stay”

      • Dani is not the sharpest tool in the shed……I do think America will vote Dominick back in the house not Brendon…Thank God!!!!!

      • Adam is the only HG that guessed it right almost immediately last Thurs nite when he said maybe the twist would be like the last season of Survivor with an evicted person having to face off with the new evictee to see which one would reenter the game. But then he went on to talk about other possibilities and no one mentioned it again.

  12. Why don’t they just get rid of Rachel,That is so stupid to vote Lawon off,come on how stupid is Kalia.Why even nominate Rachel if your going to keep her, so stupid,This has to be one of the most stupid moves ever in big brother history.

    • It’s so funny to listen to Kalia and Daniele whine “oh I wish Rachel could go home this week!” She could have! They blew it and there’s no one to blame but themselves! *shakes head*

      • I agree. I like Rachel. You can tell she just has a hard time with people. But I think she is really nice.

  13. I just can’t wait to see what happens Thursday!!….hope the twist happens then too

  14. you know this plan could work out perfectly for JeJo and Rachel, not so much for Shelly and Adam. they’ll be outed as rats.

    one way it could work out, it could all end up working out for D-P-K, if Lowan gets evicted and Dominic gets voted back, then Dom most likely come back in and i have a feeling Lowan is right about returning person will also be given HOH, so Dom would put up Jeff and Rachel and all is good for Dani.

    then again by some fluke of nature we could have Brendon voted back and everything will fall apart for D-P-K, unless by an even bigger fluke of nature Lowan beats him, wouldn’t that be the biggest upset in BB history.

    • Kali and Dani have made me sad/made. Stupid move. Missed opportunity to oust Rachel. Stupid to think Jor/Jeff/Rachel will not evict them first chance. Hope Dom comes back.

      • How was this a perfect chance to oust Rachel? no matter who wins the voting, Rachel would most likely comeback in, the only one who would hold a slight chance of beating her in a comp would be Dom. We all need to remeber they dk the other half of the twist like we do, so it’s easy to make an informed judgement.

    • Lowan can’t be that big of a fool, did he not learn anything from the Marcellas season. You never offer your self to be toss in the volcano. (DUMB).

      • I know. Just hope that Kahlia hurries, gets some smarts and puts the other half of the dull duo (Jordan) up instead of Lawon or anyone else.

    • Team Dani, There is no way they are gonna give HOH to whoever comes back. The best they are gonna get is immunity for a week. VOTE BOOKIE! IN YOUR HEART, YOU KNOW I’M RIGHT!

      • Kay, I don’t think anyone but Dick and CBS knows for sure. Lots of rumors I won’t repeat, as again, no one really knows. Maybe it was all part of the script.

  15. Are They Serious ? What Is Going On.. What In Their ( Kalia & Dani ) Right Minds Make Them Think Shelly Is The One To Trust? Lawon Is One Of The Only Votes They Have, And They’re Risking That. Why Not Just Bring Brendon Back Because The Newbies Are Knocking Themselves Out, Anyway. Dani Messed Up Dominic, And Well.. Karma Is Biting Her Slowly But Surely. This Stinks, But That’s What Stupidity Does. If They Keep On, Shelly Is Going To Win It All.

    • Shelly is a monster. Shelly is turning out to be everything that danimal claims to be. I’ll bet even ED is pulling for Shelly. Shelly is da man!

      • Cannot agree with you more. Shelly is the best game player so far and if she
        continues with her gameplay, she can go far! Unlike, Danielle she plays a very good social game so, you tend to like her instead of dislike her! In contrast, Danielle has been going after people left and right and she believes they will not figure it out?
        The newbies like Kalia, Lawon and Porsche maybe, Shelly and Adam no! Adam has an independent mind early in the show even if he is floating like the rest! At some point, Danielle will run out of newbie puppets to use as they or her will be voted out!

      • Lawon might surprise all of us. See, against Dominic or Cassi he might just win out! Then, will he be double dumb to still believe Danielle and Kalia? Or turn against them? That would be another twist as every vote counts the less people there are in the big brother house!

  16. Um…. wow. Nice going Shelly- she freakin flipped the script on these people. I wonder who will be facing Lawon???

    • Shelly is really working it….good on her IMO. Love her or hate her my hat is off to her for her gameplay this week.

  17. I have a feeling Brendon will be America’s choice. Wednesday’s episode will be edited to view Brenchel in a favorable way and as JJ’s buddies, thus getting all the JJ fans to vote for Brendon.

    • Good point. Or heck, CBS could just do whatever they want and send Brendon back whether he gets the votes or not. I remember that pointless preseason vote where they had already picked who was going to return…

      • I agree, but I also see alot of comments on here about people wanting Brendon to return. I think that CBS prefers Brendon to come back and if they see he is getting pretty much the same amount of votes Cassi and Dom are, then there will probably be no question.

    • of course they will bring back the person they want and not who they want.

      But people hates Brendon since last season…and american feel in love with Dominic…

      Anywyas…. Dominic will bring back more drama than Brendon….
      if brendon comes back… the house will turn around for just taking Dani out…

      if Dominic comes back… will be more interesting and more chaleegin because they game will be open for anyone to win…

      if we have back the 2 couples together…we alreday know the end of the show

      American is in love with Dani and Dominic

      • Nobody fell in love with Dani-Dom… they ar both disasters!!! America will vote Brendon back in…. it’s the only choice… Even if Rachel is going out… let the two of them battle once and for all!

      • What planet are you from? Who likes Dom-Dan? They are both annoying. Amazing, when Rachel cries, everyon rolls their eyes, when K cries, everyone pats her on the back. When Rachel pouts, everyone gives her a hard time, when Jordan Pouts, (and boy has she been a pain this week) no one says anything. Wow!! No fair

      • everyone pouts- that’s what BB has turned into… but if you’re gonna pout, at least have reason to…. Dani is just a total “B”… I guess Rachel is too, but at least Rachel is competitive… let the game turn into who can win competitions… the way this game is intended to be played….

      • I agree Fabio. Why does everyone assume that most have to like Brenda & Rachel? Yes it would be better viewing if Dom comes back and shake it up some. If Brenda comes back,all we would see is crying, crying and more bs crying from both of the nuts(B&R). BB might lose some viewers.
        Rachel claims that she wouldn’t be able to go on without Brenda, but she looks happier most of the time since he’s been gone. She’s been able to talk at least without having to wait for his approval. And lately she hasn’t been doing that ‘snout-pout’ which is truely ugly. Glad to get a break from it, but I’m sure that she’ll put on the pretend pouting & crying again very soon.

  18. this is the stupidest plan on bb ever! I expect so much more from Danni! I just don’t understand how anyone could think this was a good idea for them!

      • Hi BG, you crack me up as usual! Wonder why we don’t see Gretchen and Marcellus on tv anymore? Do you know?

      • Hey Kristina, don’t know why they are not on..I never watch Marcellas because he still makes me mad after his stupid move.

      • It was so long ago, I kind of forgot! I just used to see the commercials for “dish the dirt” with Gretchen and Marcellas – but I never saw them. For this season, I’m enjoying it as usual! I think it has been good and I am anxious to see who comes back into the game!

    • I agree Kris- It’s been a great season. Last year was so pridictable… at least this year it’s truly been “expect the unexpected”- even at the intellenge expense of some of the guest….

    • Just for general info. Marcellus is on TV alot. Y&R to be exact, he always plays some extra in the background.It’s probably more than once a week. okay, i’m done now.

    • I don’t know why Danimal had such a good reputation. Her father got her to the final two. He saved her. He’s not there. Of course she is gonna suck.

  19. I really hope that Julie does not reveal the twist before the votes. Although, seeing the look on Daniele’s face when she ever so stupidly “claps to save Lawan” lol, and then realizes she never had the votes all along. This will automatically oust Adam and Shelly and right now they are good spies for the vets. Also, who knows, maybe if Adam and Shelly hear the twist, they will not want Brendon and Rachel in the house together again(assuming its brendon)and vote Rachel out. Or if its Dom and they dont want him back, they might think Laqwan obviously cant beat him, but Rachel can, so lets vote her out so she can face Dom instead. Just a few random thoughts on how it might change if Julie reveals the rest of the twist before the votes.

      • It’s funny alot of people keep calling Lawon, lawson… or forgetting him all together. the guy has done nothing, people dont even remember who he is or what his name is

      • I highly doubt this twist will be told to the hg’s until after one leaves…I figure the comp may take place and the hg’s won’t get to see it or hear the outcome until whoever wins walks back in.

      • I didnt even mean to type that Fruedian slip… lol. @Annie-that s exactly what I’m thinking too. I just really hope this plan doesnt get messed up.

    • i want dominic back…

      but who knows.. maybe Lawon will just beat the person americas vote..and he will come back and turn the house up side down

      • Dom is one of the worst ever… and nobody wants to see Dom and Dani again… hurry up and get rid of Dani… her time here is done… she’s made a big enough idiot out of herself- can’t do anything right without daddy there…

      • I just dont care.

        Dani is the best player and she is the main player right now

        The big brother after dark only show her..

    • I think they will do the eviction early first, then do the competition with the evicted HG and returning HG, then that person will go back into the house and then do the HOH competition. It makes more sense to do it that way.

      • unless whoever wins between the two evicted HG’s becomes HOH- how interesting would that be???? Just saying…

      • It would be great if they gave BOOKIE automatic HOH (BYE DANIMAL). But I don’t think they will.

  20. What would be funny is if Lawon got evicted,and he has to compete against Brendon for the chance to come back in the house and Brendon wins…talk about mad, Dani and Kalia would be furious and embarassed. Maybe they will learn to take nothing for granted in the BB house. My money is on J J and Adam & Shelly in final 4.

    • I think Jeff will be targeted soon. He is showing he can will those challenges. People will realize taking Rachel to final 2 will lock in their win. They should at least!!! It would be stupid not to take her.

    • Adam walks around the kitchen farting while women are cooking and eating, so lets all vote for the smell of a beer fart while eating to win

  21. I dont think she will revele the all twist before the votes thats sounds unfair but then again who knows I hope the plan works I hope R gets to stay but then again I wouldn’t be surprised if she is voted out
    Remember Pandora box we all thought Natalie would opened and the curse would be Jeff back in the game that never happened so again it wouldnt surprise me if Julie tells all hope not

    • It sounds unfair to us, but if you think about it, it was unfair for the HOH this week to not hear the whole oh well yay for the vets!

  22. This only serves Dani right. She has been playing an extremely sloppy game since the beginning. Her first thought was that she “would love to get her dad evicted and get that golden key, she is not here to hand her dad another half million”. Then when her dad left and she was simply handed the golden key, she tried to act like she didn’t want it. Thus far, this season has been totally skewed for her to win. She is the master of her own demise, She was handed a golden key for the first 4 weeks of the game, all she had to do is sit back and watch the others pick each other of for a while. Then we have the Domonic mistake, she fell for him and started to get all crazy and turn on her alliance(which she was sitting perfectly within) She had no target on her back , and the newbies, had they won anything would have been going for the couples, she would have been forgotten about. When she decided to turn on her alliance, Rachel was HOH that week, but they couldn’t even backdoor her, because she held a power she did not deserve. Then the competition she was able to compete in was totally set up for a small girl to win, this is something even Kalia admitted on BBAD. Then her ally wins HOH and she goes along with the dumbest plan ever put together in the history of BB. And if she tried to cross Kalia and Kalia backdoored her(like alot of people have been saying she should do)She would just get yet another chance to be in the game. I’d say at this point Dani could have had the whole house in her back pocket if she played her cards right, she is playing BY FAR the worst game in the history of BB. Shes gotta go!

    • she could have the whole house just sitting there like Jeff and Jordan does…right??

      And how about us? he would have to sit down there and watch what?? everyone just playing bigbuddy???

      COme one…we want action, lies, back stabbling…this is BIg Brother

      also remember Dani a a DOnato..that means everyone is under her… She is the BEST

      • No, if she was the best she wouldnt be sitting in the situation she is in right now. Just face it, she is noweheres near as smart as her dad and she is trying way to hard to be. She will most likely be gone next week. When Brendon comes back and Dani goes and neither Dani nor Dom win “Americas player” vote. Then will you make a deal with me and stop saying America has falen in love with Dani and Dom?lol

      • OK…
        But to be honest… dont what kind of drama would be happining if Dani would not have turned againist the Vetarans?

        The show was really boring, and we all knew the veterans were going to make all the way to the Final 5…

        and Also and highest raiting if this season, is the sunday when Dani won the HOH..

        SHe brought all this drama, turned the house up side and down..

        I trully believe everything in the show is real..
        and I love DANi…
        but also who knows?? Maybe CBS got Daniele and told her to turn aganist the veterans and bring all the drama.

    • What a great comment! It was Marcus sized,(way long) so I almost didn’t read it, but I’m sure glad I did. You hit all the nails on the head. Danimal is a little snake, not very bright, and is gonna hear about this from daddy till the day she dies. LOL…way too funny. Vote Bookie!

  23. CBS will do whatever they think will get them the biggest ratings and skew it that way. Since Lawanda has barley been on the show at all. I think they will do all they can to see a forgettable floater out this week.

    I’m guessing it’s either Dom or Brenden. They will have some good moments with them coming back.

    I love Cassie but she puts up logical fight. “You’re Caty” and “Don’t be condescending”
    These are not super blowout fights !!!!

    CBS needs the BR show back on track.

    • well will see if Dom comes back CBS is leaning towards the Dannys show if Brandon comes back then it will be the BR show as long as R is not voted out

  24. Um last time I checked it was ok for blacks to use the word negro. If you don’t like it on your site simply ask. Don’t call the thought police to erase posts and ban users.

    • Lawon is a person. Black, white, yellow, green. Gay, straight, trans-gender.
      Everyone deserves to be considered a person and not labeled by stupid things like skin color.

      Be proud of who you are but know we all bleed the same color blood.

      Keep race out of it!
      Good for banning that guy!!!

      • Rachel Fan- read this guys name…this is the same guy, he just added Doc in front of his name. As for you DocRawson. clearly you are just a trouble maker, why would you come back only to say the same stupid sh**? you were banned once for doing what your doing now.

  25. I’d love to hear what Evel Dick has to say about this. Shelly will be toast when she is found out. Boy, it’s going be a long two and half days til Thursday. I guess patience isn’t my virtue.

  26. Wow, loving Kalia saving Rachel & putting up Lawon & that Adam & Shelly are voting with JJ…if Rachel left this week, the vets would be picked off for sure. Why does everyone think Dom would jump right back on the Dani-wagon when she got him evicted? Hoping next HOH backdoors Dani!

      • When Danimal leaves the show it will be the greatest moment in the history of BB. VOTE BOOKIE!

      • Losing Danielle will not affect the show one bit! There is enough drama in the house and maybe, the newbies might grow some backbones and start playing for themselves instead of for Danielle! The puppets if set free, might just play for themselves! That I would like to see!

      • @sparky…it’s there show and who wouldn’t send someone back that will cause drama? CBS wants excitement and drama in the house. That’s what the viewers love to watch. We don’t want to watch Dani and Dominic lay in bed all day and whisper. Boring!!!Vote for Bookie!

      • did you ever notice they never let you know the real votes on dancing with the stars either

  27. As a black man I’m personally insulted that I was banned for using a word that can be found on the 2010 census

    • I can see a cab ride in your future! Yes, I see you riding off to another site. Matt, we got another loser here. Where’s the banning stick?

    • You are offensive no matter what name you use…get lost and find somewhere else to spew your garbage. Just my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

  28. OK, why does Daniele all of the sudden have no interest in winning HOH this week, because I think there will be no HG competition, just the evictee and whoever America’s vote is. It is not like Daniele at all to not want to compete, I think she knows something. America’s vote will be the new HOH. Just a thought.

    • how america`s vote will the next HOH? if we are not voting?

      WOuld be not fair to let the person coming back become the HOH…also if this was going to happen JUlie would have tell us..

    • Daniele doesn’t want to win HoH this week because the following week is her birthday and she’d rather win that week to get nice stuff.

      She and Kalia believe they’ll be totally safe next week because of the deals they’ve made, so they’re brushing off the competition this week.

    • Lawon is a person. Black, white, yellow, green. Gay, straight, trans-gender.
      Everyone deserves to be considered a person and not labeled by stupid things like skin color.

      Be proud of who you are but know we all bleed the same color blood.

      Keep race out of it!
      Good for banning that guy!!!

    • You were banned for slurring a HG. You called him stupid and the same for his “negroidal plan.” Did the rest of us somehow mistake that you were using “negroidal” as a negative term interchanged for “stupid.”

      No one cares about the color of your skin nor could anyone possibly tell what it is. Nice try.

    • Nice try but for the rest of us on this site it doesn’t wash…when you racially slander a hg or another writer you have crossed the line….each hg brings something to the game and play it their own way…WE can comment and have our opinions of their gameplay but NOT ever attack the hg’s personally because of race or gendre….so don’t play that card here.

    • It’s how you use it. And how does anyone on this site know the color of your skin???

  29. Super excited for this week live show as I will be in the audience. I hope that the two HGs will battle infront of the audience but the chance of that is pretty low. I hope that Cassi returns to the house.

  30. I dont agree with you Matt..

    First of all everyone is saying that Lowan is alreday gone…but the true is nobody knows what the competion againist the eveiced houseguest will be right? that means it can be anything and anybody can win..

    Also I believe Dominic is america`s favorite and brendon has no change to get american vote, but if he does come back, it mean CBS made it happen.

    On the other side..

    Let`s see Lowan is evecited and DOminic comes Back to play…. Dominic has a better change of wining.

    If Rachel was evicted she could win and come back…and this would be the wrost thing in the world for Dani and Kalia.
    Because Rachel would be acting like she is the Queen and King of the house…

    You can never win 100%…it means for Kalia and Dani could not get ride of Rachel and get Dominic back…. they need to loose Lowan and get Dominic back in…

    But I hope they decied to evicted Rachel and then Shelly Crap Liar will vote aganist Kalia, and then she will find out where this Crap called Shelly stands…

    • God I hope thursday show goes like an explosion I hope we dont have to see it fizzle out like the Pandora box fiasco I cant wait

    • Daniele and Kalia do not believe a former evictee is returning. They are only considering this week’s evictee having the chance to return.

      Yes, anybody can win, but before they had a chance to maybe, possibly get rid of Rachel. Now they don’t. (Even though they think they still do.)

      If Rachel was evicted, yes, she would have a chance to come back, but that also means there’s a chance she would go home. Now she definitely stays.

      But remember, they do not believe Dominic is an option to return so their actions are not driven by that possibility.

      • but if Dani and kalia decided to vote Rachel out even in the last minute..

        We dont know but ADam can vote to evicted Rachel… He said he wants a Newbee to win the show…

        I understand their decison was not based on that, but I think they deserve and they will get the price having Dominic back..

        Jeff would go crazy..because he wants to be the only guy standing there, and he would probably go after Dominic and not Danielle first..

    • is she goes.. the show will be boring..

      Nobody can stand Jordan playing with her hair

      Adam talking with the cameras

      Jeff calling himself mister Big

      Porshe only cooking..

      Rachel only crying..

      DANI gotta stay

      • That ship has sailed. Danielle has backstabbed the alliance members one time too many with the last one in the Rachel and Jeff nomination. Jordan, Jeff and Rachel if she survives will go after Danielle next week if they win HOH! Kalia cannot play and Porsche is the only one left on Danielle’s side. Shelly or Adam if they win HOH will probably have no problem nominating Danielle too.
        Danielle’s arrogance is going to cost her! She
        has already been exposed yet, continues to go after people like they won’t find out! Some of the newbies are her puppets but, they are not smart enough to play the game. Lawon is probably going home but, he might survive and get back in but, will he trust Danielle and Kalia?

      • Dani, along with Rachel are the only ones in house even trying to make any moves! Yes, they may have backfired.. but the do something. Unlike J and J who have Shelly fawning over them telling everything she hears.

      • You left out complain about Rachel and talk about how wonderful they are and how stupid everyone else is. They need a mirror.

      • The hair drives me crazy. It is thin enough, She will rub it away. She is empty minded. She knows very little about life. Sweet she is though.

      • Totally agree, I thought I was the only one that was so annoyed by Jordan and her stupid hair thing, and Big Jeff, and Adam talking to the camera everyday, enough already, so boring.

      • Fabio they are not intrested in a good show all they want is for jejo to win..Thats why i dont like this season people are going to vote in their intrest which is bs.
        If dani leaves the show will get boring heck its already boring..

      • She had the key for free that lasted for 4 weeks and she didn’t. Even have to earn it. Then, on that 4th week she tried to throw jejo under the busand rachel couldn’t even putt her up because of That dang key. Then her HOH. She won was 100% geared for a small. Female to. Win even they(her and kalia thought that). Then now this. Week. With the twist even if they would have tried to. Back door her some how. She had a shot to. Return. This whole game has been set in place. So far to where dani should be sitting lovely. She self-destructed ever so epicallyy. Lmao please excuse the periods

      • You people crack me up ,how you think comps are geared for certain players….BB has the whole season planned out way before it ever starts….just because the person who wins a comp isn’t the one you wanted evryone is quick to judge…..just relax enjoy and go with the flow… be it…

      • this shows are scripted to a certain degree
        The producer want to make sure it generates ratings even the hg admitted that

      • Doesn’t matter how many times we vote, and who we vote for CBS will bring back the person they want in the house. It will probably be Brendon, so we can watch him and Rachel crying and kissing for the rest of the summer. At the end we will have 2 couples fighting to win the money, B/B and J/J. how boring.

      • So, maybe ED planned the whole thing. He realized that if he left the game, Dani would get the key. She’d have 4 weeks to bond with the newbee’s, while having an alliance with the vets, an alliance that he set up. And he sought out the weakest newbee, “Porche” and made her the first key holder. Then he gracefully signed out, “remember Dani didn’t make a noise about his not being around for hours?” But the mastermind counted on his daughter being smart, which she is not. Even he said she made her move too soon.

      • She had the key for free that lasted for 4 weeks and she didn’t. Even have to earn it. Then, on that 4th week she tried to throw jejo under the busand rachel couldn’t even putt her up because of That dang key. Then her HOH. She won was 100% geared for a small. Female to. Win even they(her and kalia thought that). Then now this. Week. With the twist even if they would have tried to. Back door her some how. She had a shot to. Return. This whole game has been set in place. So far to where dani should be sitting lovely. She self-destructed ever so epicallyy. Lmao please excuse the periods…sorry

      • it has to be mandi! lol all the periods…i havent seen wayne lately where is my other bookie fan!

      • thats me Fly! lol…I’m trying to go with the bring back BOOKIE theme…but I’ll change it back after Thursday. Good eye though ;)

      • how come the replys aren’t lining up right? but anyway yes Team Jejo its me lol. Sometimes when I’m bored at work I just use my cell phone to make comments. For some reason my cell phone has been adding periods after everything!!!!!its driving me nuts. So much for a fricken 450$ phone I was better off with my 50$ phone lol

      • It puts in a period every time you hit the space button twice.
        Everyone is syaing what a dumbe move kalia and dani made and i agree but if it happens that lawon beats the returning evicted house guest and comes back to win hoh and nominates jeff and rachel everyone will be saying what a brilliant move they made haha

      • You people crack me up ,how you think comps are geared for certain players….BB has the whole season planned out way before it ever starts….just because the person who wins a comp isn’t the one you wanted evryone is quick to judge…..just relax enjoy and go with the flow……

    • DANI is the best, how can people be against the only person who had the balls to get rid of all the bullys

  31. 100% i agree with you

    What Brendon and Rachel will do together? just go after Dani…and if they take her out? what happens?? NOTHINGGGG

    Bringing back DOminc will have drama because the house will be 100% devided… and even if JEff wins the HOH he can not esaly backdoor and try to evicted Danielle, because Dominic or Kalia would be out of the block…
    and this would be interesting

    and the most interesting thing would be this.

    Jeff WIns HOH and put Kalia and DOminic up ( but trying to back door Dani..)

    But Dani plays for the veto and she wins…

    imagine how crazy that would be? who should her take OFF, Kalia or DOminic??/

    that would be crazy to watch

    • Your scenario is a good one. I like the scenario Cassi beats either Rachel or Lawon in the possible re-enty competition. Cassi was voted out by all 9, not even a sympathy vote. Would like to see all the house guest scramble to get on her side. It will be inetersing regardless of all the scenarios.

      • They wouldn’t need to scramble to her side because she ain’t gonna do nothing..she wouldn’t even win the comp to return. She’s a non-factor to the game. She will not return.

      • Or Cassi is an easy person to evict the next week because the new HOH will not have to get their hands dirty. I think Dom would be the most interesting person to get back in the house. However, I am not a fan of Dani, so not sure if I want that or not.

    • Do you think they might give the hg re-entering the house immunity for the week or something?

      • I hope the house guest that returns is completly isolated in the Big Brother house. It would drive Rachel and Dani both crazy if they can’t interact with their fellas.

      • They can come back and then they all play (Xcept Kaligula). that is the only fair way to do it.
        No more secret powers!!! Getting something for nothing is stupid!!!!

      • I think the returning hg and Kalia will get to play HOH. They all will play I think. That would be fair.

      • That does sound like less of slap in the face of the current HOH. Keeping in mind that all of the HOH face slapping Kalia is getting…. she is doing to herself.
        If we have learned anything from 13 seasons of BB…. it is…..STICK WITH YOUR PLAN. NEVER let another hg convince you to alter the course you have set in motion.
        Bites them in the butt every time.

      • You are soooo right. Kalia has brought this all on herself. It’s bad enough to get kicked out buT to do it yourself-how to you go home and explain? I wouldn’t hire I would be a fraid she be talked into anything.

      • Evil Dani screwed it up for herself awhile back. The vets were going to watch over her,Watch her back right up to the final five, all she had to do was stick with them, and she screwed it up. all becauce she wanted a toy boy….. Plus she showed her true colors…She is so arrogant…She deserve to go home.. What a dummy… She could have down down in BB history as a smart player….She is so dump. Evil Dani and spineless Kalia have to go. I feel bad for Lawson, But two things I have kearned watching BB. You NEVER volunteer to be put on the block or to replace for a veto. It should have been Porch.

      • Lawon deserves to go home for allowing himself to be a puppet! There is $500,000 on the line and he lets himself be led by the nose! The same goes for Kahlia and Porsche! The newbies have numbers and Danielle has no powers this week and they are afraid of her! That is dumb! If the newbies instead backdoored Danielle then, they would have sent a veteran home! That would have served them better because the veterans are the best players and to beat them, you have to vote them out or is that simple fact lost on the newbies?

      • I really believe Lawon has had enough of the house and realizes that he can not win comp. So he “decided” to just spend the rest of the summer in the jury house. But the jokes on him. No jury house. Back to Lawon’s house.

      • …What’s up, Matt? My “soooo much fun to watch” was supposed to be a reply to Liz(AFF)’s “bites them in the butt..” Something’s scrambling the thread again…

      • I hope so and I hope it’s Cassie that comes back in – but I be ok with Dom. Just not Brandon. He drove me crazy I didn’t enjoy bb at all while he was there.

      • Why don’t you like Brendon? Cassi is Beautifull and all but I don’t think she can make the game interesting. I hope people vote for Brendon to come back. We need some spice in the game. right now it’s just boring. I wouldn’t mind Dom but it will strengthen Dani’s game. I really don’t want to see Dani stay there.

      • We like Cassie the same as why you like Brandon(I don’t understand why anyone would like R\B) But I think Cassie will do good and bring in drama to the house. Brandon reminds me of a spoil brat. And he came in the looking down on all the newbes and bulling and threating them—I know it’s a game. But I just don’t like the way he plays or Rachel.

      • lol…i would think so….cause that would be messed up if whomever comes in gets nominated that same week….lol

    • Your talking like you have a crystal ball. If Brendan comes back there will be hate and stacked votes and real competitors competing, oh yeah and floaters floating out the door

    • Very good scenario Fabio. I would be pleased if it played out that way. GO Dom & Dani.

      They (we)need this to could it interesting. To allow Brenda to come back would be a bust. Watching the two cry babies is a bit much; as well as the boring loveless nitwit couple. I’ve had enough of them doing absolutely nothing. If the program plan is to keep Rachel, let Bren come back, reteam with JJ and walk to the finish by strongarming others, then they need new writers. BB may lose viewers next season because of such a lame script.

      • Agree with you Ann and Fabio. We have already seen the Brenchel show. We need something new. I just don’t see why people think Brenchel is entertaining. I was so happy to see Brendon walk out that door. It’s bad enough with Rachel staying. Last thing I want is to see Brendon walk back in. Two seasons in a row of the two of them is enough for me.

      • I am trying to post again and the numbers keep changing. My comments are for Fabio and Ann. I completely agree with both of you. My original comments are not showing up in the right spot.

      • I agree 100% with you

        Dani is my favorite, but i like Rachel…and i liked the couple last season, but this season they got boring alreday…the same way with JJ…Jordan was favorite winner, but i cant stand her this season.

        The show started very slow having the veterans having all the power…and everything changed when Dani turned sides

        Yes having Cassi back would be interesting, because nobody would be 100% happy…

  32. It was pretty obvious that the show pulled strings to go “its way”, several seasons ago…And Julie seemed to cream her jeans with Evil Dick…..gush, gush!!

    • I did not like Evel Dick`s talking about DANI

      they made that only to make Dani to look bad

      Because people is stupid and they of course will agree with Dick..

      I hope this is not manipulated to Make people to vote Brendon back in only to get ride of DANi

  33. Oh the annonimity of the internet! Anyone can make a racist comment….. then claim to be of that race. Moving on.

  34. Man the people on these boards have seriously turned me off about this game. The game isn’t about moves anymore and this site has turned into personal attack central. I will still watch the show but I’m sorry the mood on this site needs to change…..some people on here are just vile.

    • This is the nicest, cleanest site there is. Only one guy is a jerk. I’m happy with my Big Brother Network blogmates>

      Other sites offer nicer fair “How Kalia F””””” up her HOH”

      This is a great site that keeps us well informed.

      • I agree there is other sites and if u think some of the people here ar vile u could visit this others sites and u would realize this is the best and cleanest

      • Yes, this is the best site by far. Very few jerks compared to other sites. A few people get on my nerves with there overly long and rambling comments, but it’s definitely the best site out there.

      • Hey Wayne, since I almost always agree with you you want to start a showmance…lol have a great day!

      • I didn’t say this site didn’t keep things up to date or well informed I’m talking about the posters on here. It’s sad….I only read the comments to see whats been going on and people’s attitude are just such a turn off its sad to see how hateful people have gotten about this show.

  35. rawson you were doing the same thing yesterday. it’s like you’re trying to get on people’s nerves by using racial slurs constantly. kinda creepy if you really are black.

    • You call those folks, (s#it-Stirrers)…no matter what color they are:)

      Lawon, is and almost dazed and confused, UNTIL he gets in the Diary Room, and then he tries to be some kind of Preacher, or something…he yells at the camera and it is a little irritating….and not entertaining…

    • Lindsay…great comment…I said the same thing and addressed some of this persons comments yesterday.

  36. I don’t see Lawon beating whoever America picks. He is likely done and won’t even make the jury as whoever returns will.

  37. Why does becoming HOH for 1 week make the hg’s so overconfident? BR, JJ, Dani, and Kalia have all fallen into the same extreme comfort zone this season. Anyone remember Dustin, the sweetest guy you could meet, till he won HOH? He became the living entity of overconfidence and assy behavior. Anyone remember where that got him?

    • How dare you use an innuendo about him being gay. “assy” i know what your getting at!!! As a gay man i am so offended!!! I demand a BAN on this person!!! NOW!!!!

      Just Kidding ;-)

  38. If Dom comes back Danimal will just walk him around on his cute little leash and he will be, once again, her puppy dog.

    Cassie is ok but she wont do anything. She is beautiful but not a heated competitor.

    • I never thought I would say this, but yes, Cassi would be better than Domb. But BOOKIE would be heavenly. VOTE BOOKIE!

  39. Maybe CBS will backdoor us by using all their power to get viewers to vote for Bookie to come back ! We are HOH but they are the “ADVISER”. :D

    Is it sure about Adam’s vote for Rachel, Matt ?

    Starting school today so I dun have much time watching the updates from the FEEDS anymore. S.A.D!

    I want THURSDAY to arrive so that I can see the “SMUG” fall off Dani’s face and she will be too busy worrying to pick IT up ! :D

  40. This is why twists that nullify an HoH piss me off, especially since the houseguests know this time. The least they could do is keep it a secret, but now Daniele (my all time favorite, screw Jeff/Jordan) has her game screwed.

    • It doesn’t have to nullify the HoH at all. Kalia is just trying her hardest to make that happen.

      Let’s say instead: HGs evict Rachel, she faces off against Dominic, Dominic wins and returns to the game.

      In that case Kalia’s week as HoH would have been the most powerful of the season.

      Kalia went from the potential results of win-win or win-lose to a lose-win or lose-lose.

  41. I voted 10 times for Brenden.. I really do not like Dani, I hope that Brenden comes backs and shakes things up.

  42. Is there any doubt that Evel Dick would have been the runaway winner if he were in the BB poll? How great would it have been to have him back in the house?

    • If ED had stayed, this season would have ended already. When BB brings him back (Please, BB Gods…… bring ED back). They better have a stronger cast than this one.

    • It really depends on what the truth about him leaving is. He really let BB down. They may not trust him again.

  43. Dani having the benefited of her father, her alliance that she turned on, an hoh suited for her bodytype and the luckiness of Kalia is on the verge of having her house of cards fall down. Look forward to seeing her break down like Rachel if she doesn’t win HOH Thurs.

    • Dani Is the only one playin, meanwhile Rachel is cryin over her boo, life goes on! All brachel did was argue and brenden would condesend himself.. Bring dom back he was tryin to play… And put a mute button on rachel during comps, her voice is so annoying!

      • You are 100% correct Bbfan09. Yes I wish they would put a muzzle on her too. A mask would also be appreciated.

      • The problem with Domb is he and Danimal will have a pathetic, platonic showmance. Do you really want to see that. Ug, gives me the creeps.

      • howis Dani playing..the idiot went along with the dumbest plan ever when she had she is thinking of throwing the HOH so she can be HOH on her birthday what a how is she playing what did i miss…

      • I completely agree with Wayne. Rachel has done a lot more than crying.. Just saying. The girl has played the game.

      • How can Rachel’s voice annoy you. I can’t bare to listen to winny sing song Danielle and all about me Kalia. All they do is complain and wine about Rachel while she is having fun with the rest of the house.

      • Bbfan09 I agree with you. Dani was right with her initial insticts of not liking the plan. Dani does not trust Shelly and she is right to not trust her. Unfortunately, Kalia did. Wait until they find out for sure. I just hope Dom comes back in and not Brendon. I cannot stand watching the two of them. I know Brenchel fans want them back, but I could not wait for them to be voted out last year and the same goes for this year. I know this is BB and everyone thinks Shelly is a master of game play. Unless she wins something she will come out 3rd. As a mother I would not want my daughter to see me acting as a liar. What an example to set for your child. I have seen so many comments criticizing Dani for being so mean. Who hasn’t been mean this year. Rachel, Brendon, Jeff, Jordan, and Shelly are all guilty. I use to like Jeff and Jordan a lot, but they are playing so different this year and I have seen them being just as mean and backstabing as the whole crew. This whole season has stunk. They should have never put players from before with the newbies. Some call Brenchel good tv, I call it disgusting.

      • Danielle is foolish to go along with kalia. I’m surprised she’s not keepin up with the count and what if. Kalia is afraid to play the game and only protecting herself. She has no instincts and now their all laughing at her behind her back. She will be so shocked when she watches back. She will probably be danielle downfall and that’s a shame because danielle is a good player. I hope she gets to stay long enough to battle rachael if rachel stays because that will be interesting.

  44. I hope Brenden comes back. He is a strong player and deserves to go further in the game. Rachel is also a good player. Hope if he comes back they make it to the final 4

    • does anyone know the number to text to vote for Brendon, although I really get sick listening to him and Rachel it would be so fun and make so entertaining to watch him walk back in the door.

      • @Beth L loves jj I don’t understand why you would want Brendon back. If Brendon comes back Rachel gets stronger. She has not won a thing since he left. J/J will have a better chance to win without the both of them. I would think you would want anyone back over him.

      • Gail like Wayne said I’m hoping brendon will help jj. I also think they will be targeted before jj.

      • I’m with you Gail. Enough of brandon and rachael. I want to see some real action from one of the newbe like dominac or cassie or give me danielle.

      • @Beth if Brendon comes back they have both to contend with yet again. Everyone has said how strong Brenchel are when together. I think they will have a harder road. The first they will go after is Dani and Kalia and then Porche. I don’t think J/J will win against Brenchel. They would have been ahead of the game with them gone and no blood on their hands. @Wayne there is no way Brenchel can be trusted.

  45. i hope you people vote Dom back, thank about if you do bring back Brendon all the noob will just get voted out and it will be boring like season 22 of survivor, with Dom back at least things will not be predictable, now with Kieth and Cassi, well no one wants Keith back and he will just be voted out in a week, and the same thing with Cassi but she will just lose the face off anyways so she will not even make it into the BB house, so the best person to vote for is Dom.

    • you don’t know if Cassie will lose she the same chance as everyone and I hope she comes back and kicks butt(Rachel and Dani)SO LETS WAIT UNTIL THURS.

    • Me too! I would love to see Brendon come back & get rid of Dani. She is so nasty; just like the last time she was on.

      • You think Dani is nasty and Brenchel are not? I have never seen anyone more nasty than the two of them.

      • Brendon needs 2 come back him and rachel r the only 1s playing the game.. dom is a idiot 4 throwing the veto comp.. agree Daniel is nasty and looks nasty lol

  46. would love Brendan and Rachel to take out all the newbies….a boring lot…..and team up with JJ for final four and Brendan and Rachel for final two….I don’t care who wins

  47. In most of the feeds, Cassi and Dom are running neck and neck to reenter house. In the Dish, they say Brendonis number one to come back. I think BB has allready decided to who will reenter the house.

    • I hope your right about DOM and CASSIE but I also agree that cbs as a hand in it(a big hand)

      • I don’t know if cbs has anything to do with it or not,but if they do have dr give kalia some help. She needs help bad. I won’t dom or cassie back. Let the branchel bookie on out.

  48. I hope god forgives me for the dislike i have for Shell ,she is even Kicking Rachel when shes down , and i think Shell is also an alcoholic that’s why she wont drink , but i think she take meds for it,. the way she looks is not just from cigs .

      • Well, that’s a pretty big assumption to make that Shelly has a drinking issue. It could just be that she doesn’t trust herself to play the great close to the vest game that she has mastered so far. Look what all the boozing is doing for Danimal.

      • I agree Karen. I did see her drink a beer so there goes that theory. She is a very strong woman and the head of her own company giving other people jobs. Be kind.

      • I don’t think she is an alcoholic, but I totally do not like her one bit. Great example to set for her daughter. She may act like a kind person on the regular programming, but she does not on BBAD or live feeds. Wait until her daughter is older and gets on the internet to see how much her mother lied to everyone.

      • Love or hate Shelly, she’s honestly the only “newbie” playing the game! she seems pretty clever to me! what does drinking or smoking have to do with the game? Hell, if I were in that house you’d have to cart me away in a straight jacket! At least she’s not a floater!

    • I agree something is up with that shelly and I cannot believe she is getting past all of them so easily. She’s also the biggest floater and unless she’s hiding her game she is worthless in competition. If she messes around and win I will be really be crispy.

  49. Brendon needs to come back…The house is just plain boring with him… We need heated drama between Danielle and the rest of the veterans. I think Cassie is beautiful and everything but she and the rest of the newbies who were evicted are just plain boring. Please Lets all vote for Brendon to come back.

    • I think not. It’s boring when he’s there. I don’t enjoy seeing him go off on women. Seems abusive to me. He didn’t stand up against Jeff when he yelled at his girl and made her ‘cry’. Instead, he told his girl to go apologize to Jeff. What kind of s*** is that.

      • A.) Jeff never yelled at Rachel. He merely expressed his disapproval of things she was saying during that POV comp.

        B.) He was right. She needed to her that she upset a crucial member of their alliance, and that she needed to make amends and fast.

        C.) The only time he’s yelled at women were when they were personally attacking Rachel. Which has been quite a lot. Every time Dani opens her mouth it’s always in some sort of negative connotation towards Rachel.

        Brendon is playing a more aggressive game this time around due to how screwed over they were last season with the softer gameplay they brought to the table last time.

      • Mikey you think Dani is mean and Rachel is a saint. Are we watching the same program. Unless you are only watching the regular programming Rachel is the queen of meanness.

      • Gail ur the one who isn’t watching the same program. Evan Kalia is catching on to Dani. That’s why she’s trying to mend fences. Rachel may be annoying, but she’s always ready to join in the fun or help create it. Dani just sits around and hates.

      • Elle did you not see Rachel follow Dani all over the house, practically try to sit in her lap. You call it fun when she pouts, cries and says insulting things to other players during comps. Rachel is only happy when she wins. The house can’t stand her ways, including Jeff and Jordan.

      • Gail following someone around the house is ignorant, not mean. Big difference between the two. Rachel is ignorant indeed and I love it. I can appreciate someone that tells you straight up to your face that they don’t like you rather than talk shit behind your back. She was not only pissed that she got put on the block, but Dani also is responsible for Brendon leaving. Dani is a coward and is mean because all she does is talk shit all day about Rachel. Why doesn’t she say it to her face. Why talk all day about someone you hate. I just don’t get it. I’m starting to think Dani is hating on Rachel for being with Brendon, just like Brittany from last year. Oh ladies, please stop hatin on Rachel. If Brendon wanted you, he’d be with you, but right now he is with Rachel. Deal with it.

      • Sonya, if you watched BBAD tonight you would see Rachel, Jeff, and Jordan sitting around talking mean hateful things about Dani, Kalia and Porche behind their backs. They were no different than what you said Dani is doing. Let’s be honest they all do the same thing.

  50. My question is what kind of comp will the two evictees play in? Im ruling out any physical comps as they would have to tell the noms how to dress and tip them off unless they give them time to change, but not likely for live TV. Second question is how would they be able to do a live vote, return comp and a HOH in one show or even a combination of two? This leads me to beleive that the returning HG will be the HOH. Also if Rachel got evicted and won the comp it would be screwing Kalia out of her HOH, so by screwing the rest of the house by not being able to compete for HOH kind of evens the score. Your thoughts?

    • They pretty routinely do two HOH’s in one week, I don’t doubt that they could work in a quick competition for the two evictees.

      • Remember what they did to Chima? When BOOKIE comes back in, he won’t be HOH unless he wins it during the regular competition.

    • I think the comp they will play is something like the Morph Faces. It can’t be anything that has to do with house knoweldge or (like you said) anything that would require dressing for a physical comp.

      That’s my guess!

      • Well it really can be a phsyical comp. We all feel like there will. Be no time, but there has to be time, the HOH comp will probably be. Held afterward and then broadcasted on sundays episode. They have nothing but time lol.

  51. Like I said, Dani dearest needs to LEAVE. She is such a snot. You talk about pure arrogance.

    • Yes, arrogance! It is so misplaced! What has she got to be arrogant about? She can’t even get a man.

      • And those uneven , creepy black hair extentions make her look even more evil! She never would have gotten anywhere without her dad, and even he’s mortified at her game play! I can’t wait to see the look on her face when Brendon comes strolling through thr door- priceless!

    • In last night’s tv show, she was gloating over the fact that her hands will not be bloody because Kalia was doing her bidding on the nominations. She even told Kalia what to tell Jeff to make it seem she was on his side! Kalia should have backdoored Danielle because Danielle was useless to her! All she did was keep Danielle safe and put a target on her own back! That is stupid with a capital S! On the plus side, Danielle comes out with another stupid master plan which was inspired by Shelly of all people! LOL Lawon is another fool puppet who even volunteered to be on the block! Can anyone even be more stupid? They would have put Porsche in if he did not volunteer but, puppets have no minds as we have already seen in Kahlia, Porsche and Lawon!

      • @Richie I am not sure how much you watch the feeds but you have quite a bit WRONG… First Dani DID NOT tell kaila to put jeff on the block as a matter fact when Kalia told her what who she wanted Dani warned her it could backfire because if the twist.. when Kalia told dani what she planned to say Dani said she would back her with whatever she decided. That is when her and kalia started trying to figure out what to say. This one was completely on Kalia again Dani even warned her this could happen.

        Second-What are you talking about? that stupid master plan inspired by shelly was with Kalia NOT Dani. Dani flipped out when Kalia told her she was going to to do it, I have no idea where you are getting your info but if you were watching the live feeds instead of just what BB is showing on TV you would know what is really happening. You attached Dani on 2 things that sge had no control over and did not due… Please try to make sure you know the facts before ripping someone apart..

      • It was on TV and Danielle said she had no problem whether it was Rachel or Jeff that was evicted. She was gloating over the fact that Kalia was doing the dirty work so that, she would not get blood on her hands. It is on national TV and I do not need to make stuff up because it is there for everyone to see! Actually, millions of BB fans saw it! Now, you are plainly a Danielle fan so is biased and cannot see clearly. And if Danielle is not part of the master plan concocted by Shelly, why does she have a plan to signal those allied with her with clapping her hands or what have you to send the signal that they will vote to evict Rachel if the information from Julie is not favorable to her alliance?
        Explain that one to me and before you say I came up with it on my own—-it is on this very blog! That is where I got it!

      • OMG really!! what you see on BB is edited to show what they want you to see!!! You the edited verzon that BB wanted you to see I SAW the LIVE feed my information is NOT off reading other peoples post or how BB edited the show. That statement Dani made was in the DR about 3 days after Jeff was already on the block. and I think we all know by now from the slip up the players make on the LIVE FEED that they are coached in the DR. So all I am saying is what you seem to be interpiting from watching the show is not how it happened at all I watch the live feed all the time since I am stuck in the house due to a car accident. Jeff going on the block was 100% Kalia doing. Dani tried to tell her to be careful because of the twist.

        As for Dani and the hand signal thing she is trying to figure a way to fix the damage Kalia started when she listened to shelly and decided to try to make a deal w/rachael. Dani could not get Kalia to change her mind so just in case Julie tells them the Twist before the vote and it turns out to be something that would keep rechael out of the game if she got evicted that is what they would want. So the hand signal is a back up plan incase they find out something that right before the vote that can help them. She did NOT come up with the plan or have any part in it when shelly was talking kalia into it Dani was asleep, When Kalia woke her up and told her she was pissed and tried to talk her out of it. They even showed shelly sit on the couch after talking kalia into it she (shelly) lite a cid laughed and said “my work is done”.   I know this because I SAW it myself on the Live feed,,,, weather you like what I am typing or not that is what really happened!! PERIOD Sorry you clearly don’t like Dani But these things were not her fault and out of her comtrol. All she could do was try to get some of the damage done by kalia under some kind control. Not saying Dani is perfect. Just saying this was not her doing.. remember what you are seeing has been edited and put in the order BB wants you to see it. I am watching it live while it is happening on the live feed and know what is really being said and who is saying it and why they are saying it!!! One more thing It was NOT on TV that the deal with shelly was made with Dani don’t know where you ever got that….

  52. Could someone please tell me what the actual reason was that Dick left. We can’t stand him but thought it was a set up and a free 4 week ride for Dani. Does someone really know???

  53. Idk Cassi will just be right back under Shellys wings; plus noone would even trust her they already established this before she even left that noone trusts her so what would she possibly do?? I say bring back Brendon he would come back with a vengeance

  54. I do not dislike Brandon or Rachel but if Brandon comes back it will be same old same old game as before.What exciting twist would BB production be coming up with? Has to be something that would be a total shocker. Something the viewers and BB players wouldn’t expect.

      • Brendon will be back! Producton will make sure of it! He and Rachel are like a car wreck, you don’t want to look, but you can’t help yourself!

  55. I keep asking, and no answer, does anyone really know why Dick left, was it a play by CBS, did he want to leave or what. I personally think if he left that Dani should have left right along with him as she was his partner and they should have brought in another couple. That would have been fair, this was not far him leaving (for what reason), and Dani getting a free ride for weeks. They didn’t play the game like the others had to. My opinion. No one has told me WHY he actually left.

    • ED and BB never said why he left other than for personal reasons. ED has his own Skype blog (I don’t have the link anymore) but he does a long spiel about asking people to respect his privacy about this. He said his family members are all OK but that when he was told whatever it was, there was no decision to make–he had to leave to deal with it.

    • u can call me crazy, but some part of my brain keeps blurting out that evil dick knew the deal and he and Dani planned for him to leave just like he did. Dani would get the key and be safe for 4 weeks, and like she said she would, spend that time getting into a relationship with every person in that house. The only problem, as ED said, she made her move too soon.

      • Thanks, I had written a long reply thanking you guys for answering my question. Someone else had said that Dick was hooked on drugs and had to leave. In which case, Dani should have had to leave with him as he was her partner in the game. She shouldn’t have gotten a free ride for all those weeks. They should have brought in another couple to play, this wasn’t fair to either the other HG or us viewers. I think it stinks that CBS would cheat on a game before it even starts. Disappointing to say the least. You like to think that the game at least starts out fair. This was in no way fair. Hey, Dick was rotten in the last game he played in and showed what kind of a father he was, and apparently still is. Dani doesn’t seem to mind if she can make money on it, again disappointed in CBS, and those two players. Kick her off she doesn’t deserve to be there. My opinion…

  56. whatever happens this week it’s gonna be interesting.I can’t wait to see how it all plays out

  57. Whoa. How is Cassi boring? She was the only one of Rachel’s victims to confront her. She sets a higher standard to the vapid bikini clad kind that usually prove to be… Well, Porsche. How is that bimbo still on the show?

    • Please tell me your joking. Rachels victim? She was hardley rachels vicimt, she tried to make herself rachels nemesis and prove herself way too early on. And she did it all. Just because she was poutting about keith. She came at rachel all wrong. She was trying to knuckle up but she just knocked out. That was bad game play.

  58. I know Kalia speaks about Dom with Dani. But I will bet if Dom comes back Kalia will totally go over to Shell’s side. She is just waiting now for an excuse to bail. It is so sad she had a nice little alliance: her, Dani, Lawon, Porsche and possibly Adam. Life was pretty good, but she was too dumb to see it. Now all is lost. It is just a matter of time she will be the next voted out after Thursday. Sad Sad Sad

  59. ANN: pretty is is pretty does. Maybe they should put a muzzle on you and a mask. STOP STOOPING SO LOW

  60. Same thing happened to me my comment should be at number 27 and 28 by Ann and Fabio not here.

  61. I can’t wait to see the look on Dani’s and Kalia’s faces when Brendon returns. There will be vengeance in his heart…especially after he saw what they said in their goodbye videos

  62. Porsha has completley gone to the other side cannot beleive it. The funny part about that is to see if B does come back in and R stays what will she do when the power shifts?? Run back?? I hope they kick her to the curb

  63. I hope Dani loses the HOH competition this week and has to walk around in a Horse’s Ass costume all week…

  64. Shelly, i really hope your kids aren’t watching the show..poor example to your children. TV or no TV…be yourself…not a FOLLOWOATER. Kalia, is doing absolutely nothing to get her further in the game (a wasted week as HOH). Jeff, i think has personal issues. On the block, he’s an idiot, off the block he’s your best friend…FAKE!! Jordan & Rachel are like Mickey D’s Sweet (J) and Sour (R) sauce and will sooner or later disappear….Adam (FOLLOWOATER), Laworm (FOLLOWOATER), Porshe (FOLLOWOATER)….dani, keep that stone cold face when they all trying to talk game to you…”uh huh” “uh huh” “uh huh” and just hold on a little longer Dom will be back…oh and BB, please leave Hoff off the show

  65. I think some people forget this is a game… I don’t think Shelly is setting a bad example for her daughter, if this was real life, then yes. I am sure her daughter is aware that this is a game and has a grip on reality unlike some. This game is just like survivor…outwit, outlast, and outplay. Poor character shows up in people like Dani and Porsch…they sit around and make fun of the others, which has nothing to do with advancing themselves in the game…playing both sides to get the information needed to advance and misleading others to your advantage is excellent game play in my opinion. Unless your alliance wins HoH every week, then backstabbing is a must in order to advance. There ultimate goal is to win, not make friends! Don’t forget, the cameras are only allowing you to see what they want you to see…misleading you into believing some of the players are really bad people.Go Jeff and Jordan!!!

    • Much as I dislike Danielle in the big brother house, she could be a better person outside the game. People take this too seriously. Like the fake WWE wrestling matches, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette shows, none of this is real. It is scripted and the house guests are told what to say and how to act. If you only saw how the Jerry Springer fights
      are staged and I saw it on TV then, you know it is fake! They are told what to say to each other and the staffer at the show admitted to as much that it is scripted!

  66. You people crack me up ,how you think comps are geared for certain players….BB has the whole season planned out way before it ever starts….just because the person who wins a comp isn’t the one you wanted evryone is quick to judge…..just relax enjoy and go with the flow

  67. You people crack me up ,how you think comps are geared for certain players….BB has the whole season planned out way before it ever starts….just because the person who wins a comp isn’t the one you wanted evryone is quick to judge…..just relax enjoy and go with the flow

  68. porsha has gone completly to the other side What happens if Bookie gets back in the game and Rachel stays and the power shifts?What is she going to do
    ?I hope somedody kicks her out to the jury house soon

    • Porsche was stupid to allow herself to be made a puppet by Danielle. Does she really believe that Danielle will protect her? Good luck with that! She had a better chance with Jeff and Jordan and Rachel but, she allowed herself to be intimidated and threatened by Danielle!

  69. On “After Dark” I can’t stand listening to, or looking at Daniele, and Kalia. Seeing Kalia in the bath tub shaving has probally scarred me for life!

  70. Matt, thanks for having such a great site!!!! I love being able to read what’s going on in the house. Thanks again for all you do.

  71. the show is not at all scripted…you are just upset that thigns arent the way you want them….lol

  72. ugh what is going on with the comments….oh yeah vote for brendan!!!!!! go jj and br

  73. Kalia is the most annoying, dumbest player ever. She actually believes she’s a good player…pathetic!

  74. TO BB Network are you doing a poll of your regular sites as to who they think will be coming back ?

  75. okay I know that we all want Jeff or Jordan to win this thing, so does CBS, we just cant get enough of these two, this should lauch them into there own reality show, Rachel plays the game hard but just too much drama, crying, that voice and that annoying attitude, makes it hard to watch, Dani turns people off with the smirky smile like she knows more than us all, and then there is poor Lawon not sure how he made the cut to get on this season, the rest who cares there all boringm but I love this show

  76. Kalia just screwed up. She missed her chance and she needs to go home for getting herself played. I am now all for Shelly winning the game. She is controlling everything and no one knows it.

  77. The only good thing that can come out of this is if dom returns to the house..cassie will side with shelly and brendan sucks :).
    Vote dom people create 10 emails accounts if you have 2 lol.wink wink

  78. please get Danielle out of there I would love to see Brennon back that why sweat will begin

  79. The only good thing that can come out of this is if dom returns to the house..cassie will side with shelly and brendan sucks :).
    Vote dom people create 10 emails accounts if you have 2 lol.wink wink wink

  80. Honestly, I do not understand all of the love towards Rachel and Brendon. He bullies people if they even so much as make a somewhat negative comment about Rachel and she just cries and whines whenever she has no power. Then, she has the nerve to act so arrogant and pompous when she is in power. With that being said, I can see people RESPECTING them as players. They are fierce competitors. However, my personal opinion is that the newbies need to have at least a chance. With Brendon out, the newbies are in a good position regardless of how this week plays out. I also am rooting for Danielle and her little squad. At least she had the “balls” to make a huge game-changing move. Even Rachel and Brendon were just eliminating the opposing players one by one. All those Rachel and “Bookie” fans out there somehow see their predictable gameplay, flat-out whining, and bullying tactics and entertaining. Anyway, that is just my opinion so please don’t go all Brendon on me and yell at me just for insulting his fiancee. Did you know Rachel was his fiancee? I just found out.

    • I understand your sentiments. It just bugs me when the other HGs are just as hypocritical and don’t get called out on it. Kalia said where they come from girls are not called the B-word, then she turns around and uses it. Then, she continues to use the “I was raised to be….” when she obviously doesn’t act like it. Also, Cassi was the one who got personal first. obviously someone who doesn’t get along with you has to be the first one to go because they will be gunning for you (like Cassi was for Rachel). So I don’t understand why she was playing the “why are you coming after me?” card. Not jealousy- just good sense lol. Even Dominic and Keith were bugging me after they made the Regulators alliance and expected Porsche to not make a deal with the Vets. lol It’s just all of the HGs- ALL- expect people to act like them. Oh btw, everyone of the contestants HAS LIED (including Keith, Cassi, Dominic, Brendon) so why complain?

      • completely agree rachel was never jealous of cassi. if the roles were reversed cassi would have been gunning for rachel so obviously rachel would gun for her. also if you actually pay close attention to this season and last season youll notice B&R never betrayed anyone and were only betrayed by others

      • Wrong, wrong, wrong! Just yesterday Rachel was wearing the hat and had her hair like Cassi’s. She tries to emulate the way Cassi looked in the house. Although it came natural for Cassi as a natural beauty, Rachel can’t pull it off. Did you see the side ponytail yesterday. It looked like a horses tail that hadn’t been groomed. She kept looking at herself in the mirrors and fixing the hat and the ponytail. She was definetely jealous of Cassi’s beauty. duh!!!!!

      • OMG Riley! Did you not watch last year when Rachel was in the house? She wore her extensions in a hat with her hair in a pony tail all the time. SO now I guess its fair to say that maybe Cassie was trying to manipulate Rachel??

    • Rachel and Brendan have betrayed people first off when they were going to use the veto on Dominic if they had won it during the gumball comp and go against Jeff and Jordans wishes thats when Jeff and Rachel got into it over her very true remark about jordan. Also they did make a deal with dominic to keep him safe if he threw the 2nd veto he needed to save himself and then they didnt do it.

      • That’s only because Daniel convinced them that J&J were in alliance to get R&B out by backdooring them. She also convinced J&J of the same thing.

  81. It will be sad if BB allows someone to come back in and play after sitting out 1 to 4 weeks with a real chance to win. That goes against all that the BB game stands for.

    • not true if Dominic comes back and Lawan leaves because Lawan hasnt done anything anyhow. Same goes for if Brendan comes back.

  82. Rachel, Jordan & Jeff just figured out the twist! I hope they share with others!! Let’s see if anyone (newbies) does something w/ the info :-)

  83. I don’t know if I missed something or what, but from my understanding last time Julie talked, she said that the “people”would have a vote to for one of the 4 that are out and the person they choose will go up against the next person evicted in another vote by the people. she said “the people will make the choice” , did anyone catch that???????

  84. rachel knows the twist,her and jordan talk about brendon coming back,infact she is smarter than dani and kalia ,vote for bookie…lol

    • I <3 after dark… If they screw us Thursday & delay who wins the HOH comp until Sunday, we can just find out on showtime
      Love it

    • LOL you guys a behind on your live feeds Dani figured it out 2 or 3 gays ago but she also was not sure and dropped it.. So I guess that makes Dani the smarter one because she said the same thing about Dom a couple days ago…

      VOTE IS OVER PEOPLE can’t for for anyone anymore!!

      • Dani didnt figure anything out, she wasnt not sure as a matter of fact she was complaining that twist was so lame that it would be much better if someone else got the chance to come back. So, I dk what feeds you are watching…at any rate this is not good Sara! because they just instantly shared the idea with Shelly and Adam, and you never know with Shelly,she might say something stupid to or around Dani, then everything could change! I really hope Shelly and Adam can hold water and dont talk about it around anyone else!


      • Nope. Dani did not figure it out. She was guessing stuff and never came close. I don’t know what you’ve been watching is more like it!

  85. As some of you talk about Jordan playing with her hair…I can’t help but mention Dani. For two seasons we’ve watched Dani pick at her split ends…not a fan of it at all. I’d rather watch Jordan play than watch Dani focus on hers. just saying

    • Agreed! I know it is her dead ends for sure but the way she( Dani ) does it strikes me as a crazy person! Hmmm………

  86. So I am just now tuning into bbad on my dvr. I see Jeff Jordan and Rachel are completely figuring out the twist, but they think it is too far fetched lol. This is driving me insane, I just want to jump I the camera and tell them theyre right! lol

  87. Dani and Kalia just busted Rachel about saying she wants Dani out to Kalia. Rachel is hedging and is unconvincing. Dumb Kalia is trying to strike a deal to keep Rachel when she does not have the votes. Rachel has the votes with Shelly and possibly Adam and I think 4 sure Porche, she is playing them both.
    I think Porche and Rachel r still working together. Rachel still talks to Porche she is too emotional to talk to someone she thinks is a backstabber. Kalia has no power and is trying to make deals. Rachel and Danielle r not promising not to put each other up. So the talk is pointless.

  88. In the HOH room Kalia is doing all the talking and Rachel is committing to nothing. Danielle is smart enough to c this, not Kalia. Kalia does not wear power well. Shes like a wet noodle. Pathetic. Dani had to school Kalia about letting others talk and not talking 2 much showing too much of her hand. This lesson Kalia needs 2 learn.

  89. I like Dani’s shirt….. I am also going to sleep all day (next Friday) after I party all night (next Thursday) after Dani is evicted!!! Go Team JJ and Team BR!

      • I don’t understand why you would go for team br they are idiots, I can’t stand them.I don’t mind jeff and Jordan but I wish they were on team dani and not that idiot kalia.GO TEAM DANI.

      • Yeah for B&R! They make the show. If not for them what do you think you’d be watching~ boring

  90. Just noticed on the news crawl that runs on bottom of screen durring BBAD…

    “The four previously evicted houseguest will compete with this weeks evicted houseguest”

    I paraphrased a little, but that was the gist of it. This would imply that it would be a 5 person match instead of a heads up competition. With the America’s vote and everything else, I’m sure it’s just an error. However, I think it would be far more interesting and fair to see all the evicted HG have the same shot at coming back.

    No offense to Lawon, but I think whoever America votes for is likely to beat him. Even if he did win, it would be a lame waste of submitting votes to just have Lawon return minutes later.

    I like this concept better, but I don’t see CBS backpedaling at the last minute on a live show.

  91. Reading these comments I would swear that this is everyones first year watching this show, They bring someone back almost every year, That person is allowed to compete in HOH (how can everyone forget how Kaser believed that if he let go durring the HOH that he wouldn’t be nominated?). I think they are going to have the house guest vote if they want the person they evicted to come back or someone else that america voted back in to come back (like they did with crazy james) I personally think that if Dom comes back in he will have issue being in an allince with Poreche and Kalia because those were the two that turned on the newbie allince first.

  92. Anyone who hasn’t voted should please vote for Brendon to come back. Yes its annoying seeing him and his fiancee doing the lovey duvy stuff but it may make the show more interesting… Don’t waste it on Cassi…Though She is very very beautiful and would love to meet her in person reality is non of the fans would meet her and she is really on the show for exposure. She doesn’t really care bout the game. She just wants more booking for her show biz career. So, Please lets Vote for Brendon.

  93. I agree with Sandy…In fact why don’t they just change the name to the Brendon and Rachel Show, even if they don’t win it’s all about them, cause they are the couple people love to hate (=ratings)….yes I am one of those who hate that couple. Would love to see Shelly go home I can’t stand her, even more then I can’t stand Rachel… Oh well can’t be too bad, I am still watching. As for me I say GO DANI!!! Hope she didn’t make a grave mistake this week, but I am afraid she did!!

  94. Keith so far count him out.
    Cassi will be a waste of vote to bring back, the houseguest don’t like the beauty, she will
    be re-evicted in no time.
    Dominic, like his play style and would love to see him return, but there’s a chance team Dani will grow with his return. Some people might not like his style of throwing away challenge thingngii.
    Brendon ‘Bookie’ , uh Rachel will be sooo happy.., if she stays, Lawon is evicted, and Bookie returns… this will give the Vets another chance.

  95. if it wasnt 4 the veterans the game would be very boring too many floaters i hope brendon comes back hes the only 1 of the 4 that nos how to play dani really messed up she needs to go home

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