Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Week 5 Tuesday Highlights

It was a much calmer day for the house guests of Big Brother 13.  The majority of the day was spent working on their tans poolside and playing guess the tv show.  Dani and Kalia still don’t have a clue they are being played and Lawon is dealing with some sexual frustration.  The rest of the house is chillin and hanging out.

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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – August 9, 2011

8:45 AM BBT – Shelly and Adam are awake complaining about only one song this morning from BB.
9:10 AM BBT – Kalia lets Rach know she and Dani want to talk to her today but not to tell anyone.
10:00 AM BBT – Rach is in the backyard talking to Brendon by cam.  She tells him about being alone in the house and how she needs a strong player to align herself with.  She is going to fight really hard because she knows she is out of chances.  She makes a reference about Kalia not being her own person because she won’t talk to Rach without Dani.
10:50 AM BBT – Kalia and Rach now alone outside and Rach asks what she wants to talk about but Kalia wants to wait for Dani so they move on to Lawon and how he acted after the pov ceremony.  Rach does say she is not coming after Kalia if she stays and wins HoH next week.  She wants the floaters out.  Kalia totally falling for the getting the floaters out plan by the other side.  Still has no clue she and Dani are the targets next week.
11:40 AM BBT – Rach is pressing Kalia for answers about Lawon and if it was her idea to put him up. Kalia refuses because she wants Dani there, something she has mentioned several times now.
12:25 PM BBT – Shelly mentions to Jeff that Kalia is making an effort to hang out with them more and Jeff’s like yeah because her reign is almost over.  Shelly gives Shelly suggestions on what to say to Dani and Kalia to make them think she won’t vote them out next week as HoH and then break it and put them up.
12:45 PM BBT – Jeff has caught Porsche spying on them and then running up to the HoH.  The hg’s are on outside lockdown with Dani, Kalia and Porsche sitting off to themselves.  Kalia is going over her convo with Rach.
1:35 PM BBT – Porsche and Dani are laying out talking to Lawon who says he is sexually frustrated and having vivid dreams lol.
2:00 PM BBT – Dani turns 25 in 11 days and doesn’t want to spend her birthday in the jury.
3:00 PM BBT – The hg’s are laying out by the pool and playing guess the tv show game.  They are pretty much bored today.
6:00 PM BBT – Jordan tells Rach that Porsche is in the perfect position. Rach says she will come back and act like her best friend if she wins HoH this week and Jordan said Kalia will be a lost puppy without Daniele. Rach says at the nominations ceremony she’ll put up Kalia and Dani and says it’s just game. Nothing personal.
9:20 PM BBT – Rach, Jeff and Jordan figure out the twist without knowing it.  They say a past hg will come back and compete against Lawon for a chance to reenter the game.
11:45 PM BBT –  Rach finally has her talk with Dani and Kalia and doesn’t really commit to a deal.

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  1. How is it a HG can be talking to an evicted HG? Doesn’t seem right.

    “Rach is in the backyard talking to Brendon by cam.”

    • She thinks he is at home and can see her on feeds or something. She isnt really having a convo with him.

    • I would assume she is just standing there talking to the camera and thinking that Brendan is sitting at home watching her on the live feeds. Obviously, the conversation is only one-sided and she has no idea Brendan is in sequester hoping he will be re-entering the game.

    • In the words of the Miz “Really….Really…..Really”
      I got ocean front property In Kansas for sale if you’re interested

  2. I hope Dani gets a little smarter in this game. If she trusts Shelly, she is gonna “get got.”
    Wake up, Dani! Play smarter, girl!

  3. well she doesnt know he is sequestred and even if he wasnt its not like he can talk back
    I was watching BBAD and JJ and R have gotten the twist I hope they keep their mouths shut otherwise Rachel will be leaving for sure they will not pass on the chance she could go head to head with Bookie

    • You are so right about that….they need to stop talking to everyone about what they {think” might happen. The problem is…they don’t know that they are spot on. I can see it now …they’ll joke about it to someone else and the seed (to the truth) will be planted…could happen and things could turn upside down again for Rach and Lawon.

      • they did already say it to Adam and Shelly. I do not think word would spread because non of them took it seriously. They were all like noooo, but that would have been cool. Adam was like “look, you know were gonna sit here and come up with a million different scenarios, but it’s not gonna be anything we ever thought of” they all seemes to write it off pretty quickly. So hopefully thats the way it stays.

  4. @chloe – I dare Melissa/Marissa to call you out on this article for expressing your “biased” opinion.

    • Charanne52 you are so right and @Chloe that you. I hope you,Chloe, did not tame it down because of the rediculious comments made by some people who obviously dont a) have a sense of humour and b)take this game/site waaaaaaaay too seriously. I say good job (but I didn’t smile as much as I usually do) Have a really great day.

    • I am really sad. Where is all the Rachel bashing Chloe? I don’t mind your opinions in the updates. I think that your starting to like her. Big Red is growing on you. I don’t blame you. Welcome to the Rachel fan club :-)

  5. For some stupid reason, I like Rachell. Her voice gets on your nerves, but there is something likeable about her.

    • Oh, God… I am beginning to like her, too. wtf? If Brenda comes back, I will probably start to hate on her again. lol

    • For me it’s always been about the underdog aspect of Brenchel. They’ve always been under fire so it’s hard for me to not root for them.

      • exactly! since day one last season there was n ot one week that they did not have to win something or one of them went home. But then on the other hand, they win stuf most weeks, so they dont deserve to be in the hot seat every week. This is why I absolutely think that Brendon deserves a chance to come back in the house, because they are the only ones who have actually had to fight week in and week out.

      • guys. they put the target on themselves by winning everything. they dont have to be targets every week, but they choose to. 13 seasons of big brother, and these clowns still dont get it.

      • They started out playing 4 against8. If they didn’t win the first 3 weeks one or more of them would have been evicted. They had no choice except to win.

  6. I wonder if we are going to see two comps Thursday.
    I’m glad Rachael isn’t telling anyone anything about what they really talked about upstairs. Jeff and Jordan wouldn’t say anything, but I think it shows that she isn’t so sure about Shelly. And she also thinks that Jordan believes Shelly is 100% with them and Jordan might tell Shelly. I think Shelly is 100% with Jeff and Jordan. Not so much with Rachael.
    I wonder if we are going to see Dani clapping her hands Thursday?

    • Maybe, but the other option is that the HOH comp will only be between the 2 evicted houseguests. Where the other will just have to sit back and watch.

      • I think everyone but Kalia will be able to participate in the HOH comp but the evicted houseguest who wins his/her way back into the house might be exempt from nomination this week.

    • I’m hoping we do see the clap, seeing the look on Dani’s face when that doesn’t work could be the extra little bit that makes the night perfect.

    • Shelly is 100% behind whoever is in power. Be it JJ or Rachel. Not so much with the newbies. Shelly could go far in this game. She has proven herself as a mole and she can lie like nobody else I have ever seen!

  7. words dont describe how foolish… no, how plain stupid kalia is. its very annoying and sickening lol. she is hurting daniele’s game with her dumbass gameplay. and the thing is, SHE has seen the show before. wanting to put trust in her enemies, AND she needs dani WHENEVER she is talking game to ANYONE because kalia cant do that right.

    Daniele keeps telling her “watch what u say” and kalia cant. she tells the plan of lawon in front of dani to rachel… TO RACHEL! she is incapable of having a filter, and she cant play that side of the game which daniele has mastered.

    im really sick of shelly. she walks around the house questioning people, like SHE running shet, and she hasnt done squat in the game. yea yea yea great u made a final deal with two DUMBASSES in jeff and jordan, but i hate when someone acts like shelly when they have done anything.

    im hoping porsche will win HOH if Dani doesnt so she will put up shelly.

    Lawon…. oh Lawon. i cant find the words to describe him right now. the only thing i can say is… WOW. he is in that house physically, but mentally… he’s watching survivor. i dont know what he’s doing. i mean… he is hilarious because he is always talking shet and is so OBLIVIOUS to the game.

    Matt put it best. LAWON IS KUH-RAZY.

    • My thoughts exactly. Kalia is acting like the biggest fool that God has blown breath into. I can’t believe how much she talks and talks and talks. Telling everything to her enemies/opponents. I think that she likes to hear herself talk. Why, I don’t know because if she honestly listened to herself, seems like a lightbulb would come on and she would realize that she sounds crazy and needs to shut-up. Most of it is just rambling. If you’ve noticed she will begin saying something, stop, stare and end with blah, blah, etc. because she’s lost her train of thought. Her mouth moves so fast/much, that her brain can’t keep up.
      I still hope that this is a gag on the viewers, and that she will go with their original plan. If not, she acts as if she will get extra pay for being (extra) stupid.

      • yes yes sorry I didnt read ur post before I wrote mine
        It’s crazy she drives me bananas thank God for the fast forward button between her and Danaminal eating pretzel stick I might need therapy

    • Dani, shouuld shoot for a tie vote on Thursday, This would put the burden for Kalia to actually make a decison on her hown. Any one evicted that may come back, should then gun for kalia.

      • A tie is at this point is not possible..Rachel has 4 votes..LAWON has 2..That could change in the next 24 hrs but as of now Lawon is out..

      • I can see the votes as follows:
        Dani votes Rachel
        Adam votes Rachel
        Porche votes Rachel
        Jeff votes Lawon
        Jordon Votes Lawon
        Shelly Votes Lawon

        I beleive Shelly will always vote a male off if possilbe. Her only game play is to have a female when the game.

      • Adam, will vote how Shelly and JeJo want him to right now so the votes will be
        Shelly all voting out Lawon
        Dani Voiting out Rachel.
        Lawons leaving and wants to anyways thats the whole thing HE THINKS hes coming back..

      • That was my thought exactly. Put the blood back on Kalia and then Dani may be able to lie low for another week and regroup.

    • Kalia has made not one decision without the approval of Dani. Dani has backed her on evey single thing she does. Dani got a golde key for 4 weeks, and instead of strenghtening her social game like she said she would. She only tried to strenghten her and Doms relationship. She wanted a little summer crush toi play with, not to play in the BB game. She then managed to try so suddenly to get the whole house against JeJo(dumbest move ever, we all know everyone loves JeJo)then when she got caught she let her own ally get booted. She didnt have to try and get Jeff on the block, she could have pushed for the eviction of Adam instead. Then in her own HOH she put Jordan on the block against Brendon, only leaving Rachel(a powerhouse of a competitor) to come after her, meanwhile forming an alliance with the 2 of the weakest hgs. Then ill advising Kalia through her entire reign as HOH..DANI IS THE ONLY REASON DANI’S game has completely gone to shit. If anything Kalia was stupid enough to fall with her.

    • I agree with you on the Kalia cant think with out Dani’s permission stuff. Kalia keeps thinking she is playing this game for THEM (Dani & Kalia). She isnt even catching on that ANY time her and Dani talk game Dani uses the words I and ME, not US and WE. WAKE UP KALIA! I am ready for her to go right out the door as well, and the fact that Kalia is buying all this bit of ppl respecting her now for winning HOH, get over yourself girl and realize they are lulling you into a FALSE sense of security so to speak.

      I also agree with the Lawon bit, I havent figured out WHY he is even there. I also havent figure out WHY Porche is there either, I just dont see her winning HOH, and IF she did it will be because some one made a deal with her she isnt going to win it on her own. And IF that were to happen she would be some one elses puppet, IE another FLOATER, her and Lawon are the biggest.

      Shelly, I have to disagree, Now yes I am BIASED I have liked her from the beginning, and bewfore anyone jumps in here, IM not saying she even CLOSE to the level he was BUT this plan to convince Kalias team to put up one of there own AND vote them out was reminent of Dr Will TYPE play. Need I remind us the Will won the game and NEVER won ANYTHING. HE had an alliance with one person in the house and yet played both sides OUT in the OPEN. When he planted seeds here and there the person he spoke with thought they were brilliant from coming up with a great plan. UMMMM sounds kinds like what Shelly has done thus far. We shall see though, I will eat my words if she gets sent to Jury but IF she keeps on playing the way she does and ends up winning I am going to be telling A LOT of ppl I TOLD YOU SO.

  8. I have a gut instinct that the winner of the two evicted hgs battling will not only gain reentry back into the house, but will also automatically become hoh.
    There isn’t time for two comps. Or the space. Unless they do it like they have in the past for the fast forwards.
    But I think since this is something different, I think they will do it different. One comp, one reentry, automatic hoh.

    • That would be stupid. If it’s Dom or Cassie. Rachel is back on the block. AGAIN!!!!

      CBS better not do something so dumb.
      (I exclude Lawan because Adam’s discarded elf suit could probably beat him in a comp)

      • But just think of the reaction from Kalia and Dani if it’s Brendon who’s back in and HOH…

      • Rob I could only imagine. Don’t have to see their reaction because I’ll probably have the same

      • It wont happen. Thats way too much power, there is no way, I think at best the returning hg will be exempt for the week. Also, I think there is no chance that anyone other than Brendon will walk back through that door. There are alot of Brenchal bashers, but just from observing I think overall I have seen alot more vote bookie and vote brendon posts gong on then Cassie or Dom. Also, I dk what polls everyone is looking at, but all of the UNOFFICIAL polls I have read all had Brendon in the lead. But like I said theyre al unofficial, so we wont know anything accurate unless it came from CBS

    • Sounds good. The only pleasure of Lawon leaving now would to the return of Dom. They need to make a move to make things more exciting. There is nothing exciting about watching (if it’s)Brenda returning to see/hear the reprimands to his boo boo kitty. We have had enough of that sick so-called love. How exciting would it be to watch 2 big lugs and 2 nitwits continue to boring us to death? If they allow Brenda to come back, they all team up get rid of Dani, CBS might as well throw in the towel, call it a tie and split the money four ways. If Dani is gone who would be the competition…Shelly could win if they hold a ‘smoking’ or ‘so you think you know everything’ comp, Kalia could if it was a babblethon,Porsche could if it was an ‘all you can eat buffet’ and Adam… maybe if it’s fart/ following comp.

      • A very good thing when Dom (or even Lawon for that matter returns), become instant HOH and puts Rachel up. That would be lovely.

  9. Watching BBAD can be disturbing at time watching Kaligula shaving in the bathtub was disturbing
    And has anybody knowdest that she ll start talking game strategy stop goes off topic completly and wont listen to anything anybody says I think she is trapped in her own mind it’s bizzare

      • I don’t have live feeds & haven’t watched last night’s BBAD but yesterday I had to fast-forward through almost 2 solid hours of Kalia…I just really can’t listen/watch her non-stop mad-woman babbling any more, people, and the tub thing was just too much. Loved watching the rest of the hg’s playing outside with Rachel & Lawon dancing (Rachel doing splits?!), the head-stands by Jordan & Shelly (really,wow!)… just nice to see anyone not scheming or bashing for even those brief shining moments. I’m liking Rachel without her man or on drugs…whatever , she’s been SO much better! As much as I love the vets & would love to see K/D’s faces upon Brendon’s return, I really don’t want him back in the house, nor do I think that would be the best option for J&J in the game. Don’t want Dom back either if he would team up with Dani, but… why does everyone think he would team up with Dani a 2nd time when she got him evicted the 1st time? Also, Brendon has to know that by being evicted 5/2, Jeff voted him out, so his coming back might cost J&J Rachel’s vote if Brenchel go over to Dani’s side. Just something to consider.

  10. Maybe the comp will be based on the short comps shown on Survivor..they took like 5 minutes or so..I can’t see them bringing back somebody as an instant HOH…it could happen but just don’t seem right somehow..

    • I agree I don’t think they would be an automatic hoh, but I could be wrong. I wonder what kind if comp it will be. Because an endurance comp would take too long, but if it were questions it would have to be based on like the first couple of weeks. (depending on who gets the vote)

  11. Maybe big Brother will have another America vote Telethon, and have the fans select a future hoh.

  12. or maybe all HG’s that can play for HOH will and the 2 evicted HG’s will be put in the game ..Which ever comes out ahead in the challenge or the first to drop out gets the boot…Way toooo many possibilites to even begin getting a correct guess

    • I hope who ever comes back in is completely isolated in the house. Only shows up for competions.

    • I don’t want them to be in a comp with everyone. I really want the person who returns to ring the doorbell and shock everyone.

  13. Rachel, Jeff and Jordan almost figured the twist out last night, but they wouldn’t go any farther than the possibility of bringing back only Brendon, said that BB would not put the others in sequester that long, I was yelling at the TV, “Yes, they did!” I did see Rachel go up and talk with Dani and Kalia, she better not have made a solid deal with them. One of the vets must win HOH on Thursday, considering they have the chance, I am not really sure how these comps are going to play out. I still do not totally trust Rachel, I try, but she is so damn wishy washy, she will do anything to stay in this game. Thursday should be interesting, as long as Dominic does not come through the door, I am happy.

    • You talk like you are playing the game yourself. JeJo trust her and that’s enough.
      Rachel is doing so good without Brenden. She talked to him on the cam without balling her eyes out. She is not wishy washy at all. She knows her alliance and isn’t turning on them.

      • Something people never realize is thay neither Rachel or Brendon have EVER turned on their alliances. Not this season and not last. They always stick true to their alliances as long as their alliances stick true to them. Thats why I dont understand why no one wants to truly play along their sides. They are great competitors and alot of people in the house dislike them, so its likely they would be easy to beat in F2.

  14. I hope it works out that Lawon gets evicted and loses the comp against the returning housegues, no matter who it is. I can just hear him now with Julie:

    “Oh my Gawd Julie, what has just happened? Big Brother teamed up with that hairy lady in da back yard and put a voodoo curse on me! Y’all still gonna bring me back, right?!?”

  15. Rach is almost human without Bren.. he is really bad for her mental health.. she needs to wake up and smell the roses and ditch him and get on with her life.. they both need counseling.. for real..

  16. I think whoever “battles” it out against Lawon, will compete in the next HOH immediatley after with everyone else, excluding Kalia, in an endurance comp. Then we can find out Sunday’s epsisode who won and noms, unless however you have the live feeds =)

    • I agree, that 100% makes sense. everyone says there is no time for that, but there really is hoewver long they want to take lol. It’s just not likely we will see it. However, I don’t think the cops will be similar, I think if it is an endurance comp between the evictee and returnee than it will be a puzzle for the HOH and vise versa. I actually think the HOH will be a puzzle regardless. They just had endurance week before last. It would be so sick if Lawan got evicted, then him and Brendon had to go in the backyard while the remaining hgs were locked down inside. Then when they all came out back to compete, Brendon was back there to compete as well!

      • I agree with you on the HOH being a puzzle. Hopefullt JEJO or Rachel and possibly bookie if he gets voted back in gets it!

  17. I cannot wait for the look on danimals face when she tries to turn the votes by clapping and Lawon still goes home…lmao…then only to have brendan come back in the house….I think she should just quit and walk out…I mean who or what would she still have left? no one because kalia and porsche would run up to whoever has power and say they were going with danimal cause they were scared….lmao cannot wait!!!!! Go JEJO and Bookie!!!!

    • I am torn as to what will be more entertaining to see. Dani’s face when any one but Lawon walks back in, especially IF its Brendon. Now the only other flip that would be even better for me is. Picture Dom coming back in and walking over to DANI and saying, YOU were the reason I left, Im back to be the reason you do!! HAHA Id fall out laughing so hard, but I also know thats just a pipe dream, I probably have a better chance at winning the lotto. SIGH..

      However Lawons face and comments are going to be hilarious when he learns he WONT be walking back through the door.. cant wait till tomorrow..

      Now in my perfect world I think Id really like to see Cassie come back, team back with Shelly, wipe out Kalia and Porche first and then watch the rest of these ppl bang it out.. that would leave Rach still on her own and Dani on her own they sure as heck wont team up and as much as I love Jeff ( gawd do I love Jeff LOL) and Jordan. I have always liked the team of Shelly and Cass, we shall see though CBS didnt ask me before hand haha…

    • The Matt that you are talking to is not Matt from bb. That mattwrites on this site just Thursday and fridays

  18. Here’s my crazy theory, Jejo and Rachael have figured part of the twist already, someone will tell Shelley who will tell Adam who will tell Porsche and them Everbody else will know soooo by thursday so CBs will make another twist and of the two evicted HGs will compete for HOH. Then the winner will HOH for the week. If it happens to be Dom or Casssie all deals and alliances are useless….or they all could do a virtual reality competition through the maze that is Kahila’s mind…I think I need more coffee

    • LMAO!! Im with you Caria, I need more or maybe less …. No wonder we are sooooo addicted to this show. I have to agree though Rach is some times more tolerable with out Bren and he is smarter with out her.. hmmm. I was laughing when jeff mentioned to Adam on the feeds what if they were right in the twist and Rach an Bren had to battle each other, though we all know hed be her knight in shining armor again and let her win to go back in… yawn*

  19. I don’t get this….

    12:25 PM BBT – …Shelly gives Shelly suggestions on what to say to Dani and Kalia to make them think she won’t vote them out next week…

    was she talking to herself or is this a typo????

  20. Is anybody else having trouble voting on the CBS/Big Brother website? I have not been able to vote the past week on my home computer (Mac), work computer (PC) or iPhone. It either sends me to a generic CBS site, or says I’m not “authorized to view this page.” Any idea what’s wrong, or how I can finally vote? Thanks.

  21. It makes me sad to see how mean Danielle is to her one true alliance in the house, Kahlia. No matter what Kahlia does, Danielle has a criticism for her. I hope Kahlia stays in the house long enough to realize what an evil person Danielle really is. People complain about Rachel and her crying or her talking on about Brendon; well, I would take that any day over the nastiness of Danielle. That girl has a one track mind and it is going down mean, mean, mean street.

    • I don’t think Dani really likes Kalia. She’s trying to get Porsche & Adam to join her.

  22. DEAL,or NO DEAL!!!Jeff is already suspicious of Rachel’s answer to their question of “did Kalia try to make a deal with you?”. We all know Kalia tells Shelly everything. So, Shelly Telly (AKA Henny/Penny) will fly back to Jeff & Jordan with her arms flapping in the wind shouting “the sky is falling, the sky is falling”. That leaves no choice for Jeff, he will take his four votes and vote Rachel OUT!!! Oh Joy, “wouldn’t that be loverly?”. I forgot, no singing in the house (giggle).

  23. What great Lady Movie Star said

    “Buckle up! You are in for a bumby ride”!

    Sounds like Thurs show will be just that..

  24. im so tired of all the f ing crying this season it sucks i fast forward most of the show where r all the wild party people they used 2 have on the show this season is like a soap opera im about over it.

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