Big Brother 13 Week 5: Twist Scenarios Untwisted

Big Brother 13 America's Vote

There’s a lot we won’t know about the new Big Brother 13 twist until it arrives on Thursday night, but in the meantime we can still speculate over the various scenarios of how it could all play out. America has been voting for the past week and, allegedly, which ever former HG receives the most votes will have the chance to battle Thursday’s evictee to return to the game. Of course the voting could all be for show, just like the preseason voting for which Dynamic Duos were going to return, so CBS might already know who they want back in (read: Brendon) and just do it anyway.

Until the plan was set for Lawon’s eviction on Thursday there were a lot more “what-ifs” to discuss when there was a good chance Rachel would be facing off against America’s Vote. Instead, we can toss those out the window because Team Daniele previously voted to evict their brains. Go figure.

Come Thursday night Lawon will be evicted by at least four votes. Daniele believes she’ll be able to change the votes back to keep Lawon if she gets nervous during the live show. What she doesn’t know is that Adam and Shelly are not voting with her side. I’m really hoping Daniele tries to change the votes back and then has to watch as things crumble around her. The entertainment value on that would be very high.

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Now all might not be lost for Daniele, Kalia, and Porsche. America’s Vote could bring back either Cassi, Dominic, or Brendon. I’m not even mentioning Keith because he’s a non-contender in every poll I’ve seen, including ours where Cassi leads. Only one of those is good for them: Dominic. Cassi will side with Shelly (she doesn’t know Shelly rolled on her) who is with JeJo. Brendon will obviously return to Rachel with JeJo. Dominic is the only one who will for sure join Daniele and Kalia’s team.

As far as the battle itself, I have to assume it’ll be some sort of physical challenge. They can’t do quiz questions about events in the game because the HGs have left at various points along the way. If it is a physical competition then Lawon would might have an advantage against Cassi, but he didn’t do too well in the ant-themed food competition so I’m not convinced. I’d expect either Dominic or Brendon to best Lawon in a physical battle based on their past performances in the game.

At best, Daniele and Kalia will come out even in alliance support with a one for one trade: Lawon for Dominic. At worst, they’ll lose an alliance member while the Vets gain one: a net loss of 2.

I’ve seen comments that Kalia’s week as HoH is being nullified by this twist. I completely disagree. Kalia could have had the most powerful week as HoH all season. Consider the scenario where Rachel was evicted as originally planned then Dominic returns. That would have been huge. Instead she’s throwing away a team member to gain favor from JeJo and Rachel. Seriously. The twist didn’t nullify anything, but it certainly did confuse them in to doing something unwise for their game.

Allison Grodner told RealityBlurred last week that even though the twist was leaked, due to CBS’ digital media ineptitude, the viewers still wouldn’t know how the twist would execute. So either she was flubbing or there’s more to this than we realize. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow night on Big Brother! How do you think it will play out?


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    • That would be great I hope it’s not going to be a big let down their past twists have been lame
      I do agree with Matt (that is the name of the person making the comments above?) I would love for Danielle to clap yes that would be great clap on clap off just like the lights in their brain for agreeing to this plan

    • nooo…
      Cassi or Dominic are coming back… and the whole house goes crazy….expect Dani and Kalia

      • Why would you want Duminick back? He and danimal are just gonna have a pathetic, platonic sort of showmance until danimal gets kicked out in a week or so. No Duminick please. VOTE FOR BOOKIE! EVERYBODY ELSE IS!

    • I really want Brendan back in the game one so that the vets will have power again and just to see Dani’s face when he comes walking in… would be the best thing by far

      • Amen. The look on her face would be priceless. Let her stupid self clap and Lawon get evicted anyway then Brendan comes back in and Bye Bye Dani. Evil D must be going nuts watching her do herself in.

  1. Rach is almost human without Bren.. he is really bad for her mental health.. she needs to wake up and smell the roses and ditch him and get on with her life.. they both need counseling.. for real..

    I hope for her sake he doesnt come back…

  2. Dani is favorite ..and of course I want her and Kalia final 2.

    But anyways….I dont like when someonde evicted comes back, i think is not far…especially this season where we have people that lost in past seasons.

    If Brendon comes back, will be boring , because he will join rachel and JJ and those 4 go after Dani…and we saw this the last 2 weeks. And once Dani is gone, will be clear that Brechal and JJ will go all the way to the final 4.
    Unlesse CBS will try to help and keep Danielle.

    If Dominic comes back, there will much more drama, because only Dani and Kalia will be happy, and the other side of the house will be really Mad…
    And that will be a really war…. And will depends who wins HOH ….that means if JEff wins he may not target Dani, he is jelous and can go after Dominic.
    And even Kalia may be a really bit worried to think Dani would get closer to DOminic and be away from her…

    If Cassi comes back, would be nice also, because everyone voted her out, and expect Shelly, she was not close to anybody…and also… how she will feel when she finds out that Shelly is playing with JJ and Rachel???
    And Jordan is the that put her up…
    Cassi would be a wild care.
    And imagine if Cassi comes back and become the new HOH…
    both sides of the house would be a war to get on Cassi` side…

    • I agree with you Fabio, except I like the Dom scenario better. Cassi will align with Shelly who is aligned with J/J. She will not know that Shelly betrayed her. I think if Dom comes back we will at least see some fairness in the game and some actual good drama. If Brendon comes back we have seen that last year and this year and it will be the same old thing. With ED leaving that left Dani at a disadvantage. All the other vets had a twosome, Dani did not. She had to find someone from the newbie side to align with. Dani likes to play the game and her having the golden key was not an advantage for her. I think the golden key idea was terrible.

      • Dani’s only disadvantage when Evil D left is that she is a crappy player on her own. He said it himself that she turned on the vets too soon.

    • I agree will you. I also thought of the winner of the evicted HGs comp would also win HOH. Sorta hoping either for either Dom or Cassie just for the Chaos. Hey Matt are the sequestered just away from the outside world or from each other???

    • I completely agree with you Fabio. The best thing would be for Cassi to come back. Dom and Dani played a bit too hard too early which bit Dani in the butt and ruined Dom’s game. Cassi just never had a chance to play because Rachael didn’t like that she was so pretty.

      Honestly, I was hoping Jordan backdoored Brendon and Rachael instead of putting up Cassi, but it was a bit too early to make a million enemies. Cassi understood that and in the end would probably side with JJ and Shelly, but would want to get rid of Rachael. That would cause some tention in the Veteran alliance, which would be nice to see.

      The way everything seams right now, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the whole house want Rachael out here in the next week or two.

      And yes, it would be sooooo nice to see Cassi come back and win HOH. I would love to see what people do to kiss up to her after everyone there but Shelly and Jordan voted her out.

      • Jordan told Shelly today, they want Rachel to stay and win HOH, and put Dani out…and next week they want Rachel out.

        Of course i hope Dani stays…
        but if that happen… would be great if Jordan puts Rachel on the Block..
        and she would regret for not listening to Dani to backdoor Jeff in wekk 3

      • Actually, DANI wanted cassi out so Dom would come to her. She talked Rachel into not liking Cassie.

  3. If Rachel is not evicted (as seems the case) and Brendon comes back, Kalia’s HOH will go down as one of the worst. She was so gung-ho to get Rachel out, and now seems like she has amnesia! What a waste of an HOH.

    (BTW, WHO in their right mind would vote to get Brendon back in the game? Blech…)

      • I want Bren back in….want to see the vets fight it out…..especially when they go after Dani

      • I would like to see Bredon back. I am team Jordan and Jeff. I feel like that Jordan and Jeff will be less of a target. I want to see Dani and Kalil evicted so bad and Porshe will be my next one to go. She seems twisted. I hope Jordan or Jeff will win it all.

  4. @Matt(BBN)then do you know or somebody knows how to get into the CBS voting poll? because that’s the one they’ll go by.

    • How to get into it? If you mean to vote then you just have to go to CBS’ site and they have a big link to vote.

      Yes, like I’ve been pointing out, only CBS’ poll is the official one.

      • Matt(BBN) i know how to get there what i was saying after you vote does it show who’s in the lead?

      • you can also vote via text to 81818. I believe the order is 1 for Dom, 2 for Cassi, 3 for what’s his face & 4 for Brendon- don’t hold me to the order though, but they’ll skow it on tonight’s show. Each text is $1, though and they are official votes. The CBS site is free.

      • CBS along with 3 sponsor networks and the call votes will be tallied together and they will use the average system to confirm the winner. There is no way to truly know who is leading in the polls because of the telephone voting.

  5. My best guess is the evictee and the americas choice will play rock,paper scissors for the reenty competion PERIOD. LITERALY could be that simple. The winner will reenter the house in a jail house setting, Hopefully locked up in a cage, and can only be let out to compete in competions. The food supply will LITERALLY be bread and water PERIOD.

  6. I never seen 2 people mess up a HOH decision. Why they put up Lawon is rediculous. They could have gotten rid of Rach. At least if Bren comes back, he has to compete against Rach. at least one of them would leave. I am waiting to get rid of Brenchel so I can enjoy this year. Why does Jeff think he is so important and things have to go the way he says. Seems to be a vets way of thinking. I wish the newbys had some of that thinking. Shelly is really teaching Josie how to be a great liar. She deserves an academy award and noone wises up to her. That Kiala is really dumb, thinking Shelly is on her side.

    • jordan was my favorite in season 10
      but this year they are horrible

      jeff thinks people loves him and he will win for sure.

      he calls himself mister big?
      lets bring Jesse, Lane, Hayden and see who is bigger

      he is such a pussy…he is doing this people there`s no guys in the house…(adam and lowan does not count)

      • Jesse, Lane & Hayden? Are you kidding me? you just mentioned 3 of the biggest idiots in BB history! Talk about a useless,dumb inarticulate fool winning the game, really? We obviously watched an entirely different show! Jeff has more brains in his pinky finger than all of those fools put together! Enzo deserved to win that season, and I didn’t even care for him that much. Jesse’s ego was bigger than his (well I can’t say it)! Hayden and Lane had an undectible dialect! Honestly!

      • Enzo was just flotter….he never won anything

        I did not the Brigade…but hayden deserved to win

        Britney was my favorite

      • What’s a floter? I really don’t understand your grammar or appreciate words such as “pussy”! That is offensive and should not be allowed on this site! Have some dignity and class.

      • Fabio, How do you get away with using such offensive language? It should be removed from this site! Have some decency please!

      • Fabio, DO NOT bring up another unsavory comment describing a certain part of the anatomy of a woman! You should be removed from this site for using that word!It is offensive And I don”t know how it was allowed in, but I personaly will see to it that it is not used again! Thanks and please be civil!

  7. But also… I am not sure, But i think Julie said…The evicted houseguest will play with American`s choice…for a change to get back in the game??

    If she said that….that means she Winner of the batlle WIll Get a chance to come back..

    That means… the houseguest would probably have a choice to take somebody back or not??

    I think they did this in season 9?

    Julie would say for the houseguest…” you guys have a choice to get back Lowan or American`s vote?

    or even they would have a choice to get someone back or not…

    • no, she said Americas choice will battle in a comp against th person evicted, and that person we re-enter the BB house to play for the half a million. She is saying chance because there is a chance for either one of them. BB wouldnt have America vote, then have the hgs vote, it would be one or the other

  8. I have a feeling that CBS has already made up their minds about who to bring back into the house, no matter how people vote.

  9. dont know why anyone would vote to bring back Cassi. she didnt start playing the game till Tuesday… the week of her eviction. I dont care how beautiful she (she really is though). u should vote for someone who will come back and make an impact on the game. with that being said…

    COME ON BACK PT! if i put my team dani representation aside, i would still vote for Dominic.

    He will literally come back and play full throttle. Could u imagine him and the genius of Daniele? WEW!!! they would run the house (although be no. 1 targets week to week)

    Brendon aint coming back, nobody will or should vote for that sucker, and Keith…. HAHA! dont make me laugh with words.

    Dominic was a funny guy, wanted to actually play, and as a live feeds viewer, Pajama-Jam just isnt the same.

    • i agree with you

      dani and dominic will take over the show

      i want final 3 to be… dani, dominic and kalia

      • If this happens I have lost all faith in quality television. Daniel is so two faced its ridicilous and Kalia couldn’t make a decision on her own if she was the onlyperson left on earth. Bring back BOOKIE!!

      • Dani is the reason dom was evicted so I wouldn’t be surprised if he comes back and plays against dani to save himself

      • Joanne, I agree, that’s what Duminick should do, but he has a platonic crush on danimal and he’s basically dumb. The good news is he is not coming back. If it isn’t BOOKIE it will be Noassy.

      • He did not blamed her..

        Julie asked him why he did not defend Dani when everything comes down and he said, he was still trying to save his game

        and he said also… before he left, he talked with many people in the house and told them they could trust Dani and should play with her and they wanna have a chance to win

    • I agree also. We saw Brendon last year and if he comes back it will be the same old stuff we saw then and this season as well. I don’t understand why CBS is so hung up on Brenchel. I know a lot of people think they are good for TV, but I don’t. I thought Dom was a lot of fun to watch.

      • Domonic wone one challenge by a nano second, and competed in every single challenge that was played until he left. I find it hilarious that people just assume he would be so great, just cause he is a young male. He didnt do well when he was there, so whny would he do well coming back? When he got evicted it was ultimately because he didnt win HOH period. At least Brendon has proved himself and shown that he is 100% a true competitor.

      • doesnt matter how dominic won, he won. i dont think just because he is a young male he’ll be great. its because he’s willing to get dirty, not afraid to shake things up, and would be working with the best player in the house, daniele. brendon is 100% competitor but comps are like 30% of the game. thats why he is sitting at home… again.

        and kalia won by a nano second too, so what ur point? its week 5. no. of comps doesnt matter till like final 4 when u have to make the argument for urself.

      • Sorry, I guarantee that it’s pre-ordained that Brendon will return and the wicked witch will turn green, melt to the floor and all that will be left are those nasty uneven black hair extensions!

    • Genius of Danimal? LMFAO…. Do you read this post? Danimal is a laughing stock! She is nothing without Evel Dick. Wake up! VOTE FOR BOOKIE!

      • she’s nothing? she won a HOH in the clutch, SENT HOME BRENDON, besides the fact she won 2 HOH’s and 5 POV’s her season.

      • exactly. Dani he best player? Kalia won by a nano-second? pretty sure went up there 3 times and answered 3 different questions so that doesnt even make sense. Besides, you went way beyond the point, I said he did win, your absolutely right he won, I don’t take that from him,the point is that he won one competition and everyone acts like omg bring back Dom he was a competitor…really? pretty sure he didn’t make any good moves while he was there. And teaming up with Dani(the weakest player in the house btw)was actually his downfall. There was not one thing spectacular or worth talking about that he did. It wasn’t like he came in a completely ripped apart these competitions like Brendon does. This was my point. Dani had this game laid out on a silver platter for her from the minute Dick walked out that door. She COMPLETELY screwed the game up for herself. and not to mention, Dom “threw” his veto, yeah pretty sure he was just lame.

      • Dick saved her. She didn’t win anything in the last three weeks of season 8. If Dick wasn’t her daddy she would have gone home in the last three weeks. You just have some kind of school boy crush on her. She’s nothing.

      • her season… wait are we watching season 8 or season 13…
        it doesnt matter what she did or didnt do in “her season” this is a whole new season and whole new game. i dont think dani is doing a good job this season. she is scrambling around to fix the mess she got herself into. yes she couldnt play in the comps the first four weeks and that is where she made her mistakes when she played the social part of the game. she set up with dom and messed everything up with the vets thinking she can just knock them out and walk to the final two… NOPE it will deffinatly be brendon coming back on thursday because it will create more drama and fights between the vets and dani. just my though.

      • Kitkira,
        I agree 100%. Marcus keeps bringing up season 8. Dani is not a good competitor when she stands on her own. She is a less than average player. Basically, she is a creep.

      • Wayme, I’ve been saying that all along! Thank You! Finally someone is making sense! (you too Vet Fan)!

      • I think wayne has a major crush on Dani! Thats why he disses her so much. like in elementary school when the kid u like “has coties.”

      • Hey if you guys want a good laugh, read # 7, Fabio’s comments comparing Jeff to-get this, Haydon, Lane and Jesse as great players or muscle guys or whatever he meant- just funny to me! (sorry Fabio, no disrespect, just my opinion)

      • Sorry Becky, but what exactly are coties? Does your mother know you’re using the computer? Did you do your homework yet? Sorry, couldn’t resist!

      • I love it when I find someone so easy to mess with..Then again, its not much fun when someone jumps back so fast. lol BTW, Wayne.. I may even have children older than you.

      • Roxie, you are so right about the anti Jeff comment! Jeff is way better than those three put together!

      • and we not forget that DANI gave Rachel the 1st HOH this season..

        He can say that DANI won 2 HOH and Rachel only 1.

        Also rachel only wins HOH when everyone is trowing away and when is those stupid quizz, based on Luck..

        Kalia and DAni won the 2 hardest HOH this Season…

      • Dani is a crappy player without Evil D. He said it himself she turned on the vets too soon.

    • I hate when people keep saying it was all Dani fault that Dom got eliminated. Dom made major mistake his week of eviction as well Brendon and Rachel had their hands in his dismise

      Dom threw the veto. Mistake 1
      Dom talked to Shelly abot the backdoor plan. Mistake 2.
      Brenchel went back on the backdoor plan.

      So in away Dom could blame Dani, but he also has other targets in the house, and I think he would still team with Dani over anyone else.

      • Wayne how is she a creep? She isn’t the one who spends half of her day on BBN like, oh let’s say, you.

        Anyway, you can say she made it through the last 3 weeks of season 8 bc of her dad all you want, but that doesn’t change the fact that anyone with a solid alliance couldn’t have been carried through the game for 3 weeks.

        She’s proven herself enough already, and I highly doubt she cares about impressing you.

      • Emory/Marcus, You must be on here as much as I am or you wouldn’t know how much time I spend here. So, me thinks you are the creepo! At least I use my true name.

      • Hey Wayne, consider the source! We have our opinion and they have theirs. Whatever they want to toss out to see what sticks, do you really care? We know what’s really going to happen! Some comments can be ignored, but sometimes it’s fun to respond, because in the end, this site won’t matter at all and we know who will be victorious! Just saying!

      • Roxie, I think it’s Marcus/Emory/Becky. He thinks if he uses a girls name he will fool me. Bring it on! Go Bookie!

    • I don’t think that we have been watching the same show. If we had been you would’nt think Dani is a genious.

  10. People were saying Dani said she will trown the HOH this week

    On after dark…. she was talking with Porshe and Porshe asked if she wants to win the HOH this week, and Dani Of Course..

    See…. everyone got wrong.. she was jooking when she said That

  11. Lawon evicted and Brendon comes back, please !

    Open your eyes, Kalia ! Everyone, except for Dani, is not your friend !

    The only way you can win BB is go to FINAL 2 with DANIELE !

  12. What is going to happen is simple to figure out, since the phrasing was “chance”. I bet you the two HGs compete and then whoever wins is placed in Pandora’s box and the next HOH may or may not open it. If CBS said whoever wins “will” come back into the house, then I would go with a straight up whoever wins the challenge would come back.

    I do agree with the comment that CBS has already decided who is coming back. I never trust TV voting results unless, I see the numbers. But, so far the “Voice” was the only TV show, that showed numbers as it went, since part of their total was based on Itune sales, which was 50% of their score.

    • No, someone is definitely coming back. Lawon or BOOKIE. They will do it before this weeks HOH comp.

  13. I hope the twist isn’t coming back in a pandora’s box thing. Worst case senario is Lawon comes back. I’m tired of him doing nothing. He is boring.
    Well, with the theme being dynamic duos maybe it will be that Lawon and America’s choice can pick one person in the house to do the battle for them. and those two people don’t know who they are battling for or against. The evictee that chose the winner will come back in.

  14. As a faithful follower of Big Brother I have a couple comments. One is JULIE…She is too robotic, plastic and bobble-headed and is that piece of paper surgically attached to her hand. Please consider replacing her on the next Big Brother by someone with a personallity.

    The other comment is…Shouln’t you have named this episode The Rachel and Brandon Show?

    I look forward to every new episode and have never missed one. Hope it lasts a long time.

    Thanks for listening.

  15. p.s. if they bring back brendon, we’ll know its B.S. no way in the world he is leading any polls unless its a frat house generated poll at UCLA. and the Bruins suck… and tell me why they have the same fight song as Cal AND UC Davis by the way? i mean my goodness haha.

    • there are alot more Brendon fans than you think.The only poll I have seen so far that Brendon isnt ahead in, is this one. And no offense to the writers, but this season has been more so a Brenchal bashing site, vs a BB site. So of course alot of the people that come here are Brenchal haters, also even with all the Brenchal haters on this site, he still isnt that far behind.

      • well first off ur wrong because its between cassi and dominic on most polls including the cbs poll. nobody is a brenchel hater, and the writers arent bashing them. they really are that bad. especially rachel.

        as someone who watches live feeds, i can tell u first hand, she is all as advertised.

        and its brencEl not brenchal. just sayin.

      • Marcus, you are saying that you KNOW that Cassi is leading the CBS poll? You do know that that is a secret right? LMFAO….

      • CBS has NOT released any information about their polls! I know this to be factual! there are two ways to vote, the CBS site and via text to 81818. The charge is $1 per text.You need to get your facts straight and I too have seen differing numbers on different poll sites. Don’t believe me? there’s an 800 # to CBS- ask them!

      • Here is the deal ,CBS isn’t showing the polls because they are making $$ off of every vote,they are bringing back Dominick to even things out and make the house less lopsided. They won’t show you updated results because they fabricate it to make it look like lots of people voted for the person they want back in. I work for Production on another show so this is how it works my friends ,sad but true, your vote pays for all evicted house guest hotel expenses. Period ,Point,blank.

      • You are right. I don’t think that we like them but we love to hate them. And the newbies are so stupid without the drama of this love/hate thing the whole show would be really boring this year

      • Since you accused someone of having a “schoolboy crush” on Cassie, it stands to reason that because you spend sooooo much time rallying for Bookie, you must then have a schoolboy crush on him. yuck.

      • Izatty or should I say Icatty? If you had read that response correctly, Becky accused Wayne of having a crush on Dani because she has “cooties”. I’m so happy the maturity level increases on a consistant basis on this site!

    • Vet Fan,
      Marcus doesn’t get it. He loves Daninmal He thinks everybody should love Danimal. Vote Bookie!

      • i rather like a woman called dananimal (which doesnt sound slick at all, if u were smart u would call her danimal) that has a great track record in the game and has proven she knows how to play (unlike mr knee-ander-TALL) then a grown man who’s nickname is… “BOOKIE”

        i dont know who bookie is, so if u want someone to vote for brendon, u should say vote for brendon.

        have some respect for UR OWN SELF. calling a grown man bookie, whats wrong with chu? haha

      • You should get new glasses. I do call her danimal. I have for at least a week. Dananamal or whatever you wrote doesn’t make any sense. Kind of like danimal’s game plan. It doesn’t make any sense. VOTE FOR BOOKIE!

      • Wayne…not only does Marcus not get the game I don’t think he even gets life lol. I think there was like…..nothing that made sense in his post. Then he says and brencEl not Brenchal. First of all I didnt know there was a correct spelling for a made up collaboration of names lol. 2nd of all where is you your H at Marcus? you shouldnt probably pay attention to what you type before you talok about someone Also one more thing Marcus, CBS’ poll isnt even released yet, every poll on the web is unofficial. I swear Dani could lead a cult lol, some of these Dani fans get so mad if you don’t like her. Not to mention her game SUCKS!!! ha, only one who would believe whats going on right now is a good idea for there team would be made out of pure idiot. I really hope she does clap cause thats going to make her look even more stupid, everyone keeps saying then they will know Shelly is a snake…who cares! Shelly doesn’t need them, there alliance will be down to 2 maybe 3 depending on where Porsche float off to after tomorrow. Shelly was smart and replaced Dani in the vets alliance.. NOTHING ELSE MAKES SENSE VOTE BOOKIE!!! LMAO

    • All of the jeff and Jordan fans will vote for brendon to help j/j not because they like brendon but because he is the best person to bring back out of the evicted hg’s for j/j’s game and they have alot of fans!

      • yeah but JJ lost many fans in this season

        Jordan is just a mean baby girl
        And Jeff does not do anything besides call himself mister big

    • Some people are voting for Brendon because they are JeJo fans and that would be the best way to keep them safe. Plus it would just be priceless to see how pissed Daniel will be if he comes back. That would be worth having to watch Brenchal make out for a few more weeks.

  16. I really hope Brendon comes back so Dani and Kalia can realize their mistake in nominating Lawon. With Brendon back, the house won’t be so boring and let the action begin again. Dominic was too easily swayed by Dani and I think it would just be boring unless Dominic learned his lesson and would team up with Rachel, JJ, Shelly and Adam.

  17. I hope CBS doesn’t have it fixed so that Brenden comes back… I am starting to like Rachel again I liked her in season 12 b4 she hooked up with brenden. Shes a much better player without him.

  18. Why do people just assume the votes are fixed if Brendon comes back? don’t we all know it is possible that poeople outside these websites actually like him? for instance everyone I know that watches the show, would like to see him come back, maybe not love his personality but realize he is a great competitor. Also, alot of people have been saying is so much better without Brendon there. Yeah maybe her attitude is, but she hasn’t won s*** since he left. Her concentration level is off, and she needs his support there to regain her confidence. At the end of the day, they are there for the game, and yeah her attitude is better, but its effecting her game play. SO BRING BACK BOOKIE!!!

  19. Am I the only one who gets frustrated when people say Dani is mean and sits around talking about other houseguests. One recent example was on BBAD last night. Jeff, Jordan, Rachel all sitting around talking just as mean as people claim Dani does. They are all guilty of it. Same with the drinking. Rachel drinks just as much as Dani. The only reason she is not drinking this week is because of being a have not. Even Brendon asked her not to drink so much. I have always been a huge J/J fan, but they are not the same J/J that I saw before on their other season or on the Amazing Race. I think Brendon and Rachel have had a huge influence on them.

    Rachel is all happy now as she knows she is going to stay. She was acting so sad about her losing her man until she learned she had the votes. That was like winning a comp for her. She is only happy when she thinks she is at the top.

    • Actually I think if u r a nomenee with a very big chance to be sent home and u just learn u have the votes to stay u have a right to be happy what with u haver do? This girls seems she cant do anything right by some people

    • I really liked Rachel

      but after all this…I see why everyone hates her so bad

      The same way Cassi got it

  20. The entertainment value alone would be well worth Brendon coming back,with Brenchel and JeJo still in the game, Dani and Kalia would be running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to figure out how to get back in their good graces…so funny…BB was getting boring,now I can’t wait to watch it on BBAD every night. I love it.

    • I completely agree with you. All Dani and Kalia do is eat sleep and now their new habbit seems to be sitting in the bath shaving in front of eachother…wtf is with that? People say bringing back Dom would be interesting, but really it’s just cause they know Danis ship is sinking and she needs help bad. but the game has already given her alot of help this season, she doesnt deserve anymore. btw did anyone else notice how quick Dani got up and walked out of the bathroom when Kalia lifted up her female genetalia and started shaving it? lol she was probably just as disgusted as we were!

      • I said it before thank God fr the Fast forward button I was shocked like when u see road kill u dont want to look but
        I was frozen on the spot

  21. Last night on show time R and JEJ were talking about Danielle and Drom being romantic but forget how obnoxious Brendal and her are. Please let it be Dominic and add some fun. Wish Newbies would catch Shelly and her schemes and Jeff saying if they lie that are out. He is really lying by misleading Kali Guess he doesn’t count

  22. If Lawon is evicted and Brendon comes back, then all 4 of the regulators will have been evicted in succession…worst. alliance. ever.

  23. I hope Dom comes back. If brendon does, the game is over and we will just wait for Jeff,Jordan,brendon,Rachel in the final 4. How boring. If Dom comes back, the game is uncertain,more balanced,uncertain. On a side note, I bashed kalia for picking lawon but looking at shelly,adam..Rachel would have stayed against anyone except Jordan. Adam,porsche,shelly would have gone home. Danni needs Dom to even out the votes a bit in the coming weeks.

    • Honestly so much changes in the BB house in such little time that you have no idea what would happen. Yea they would probably try to back door dani, but after that they’d probably divide again & dual it out. JJ & BR can’t run to the end that easily, I think shelly will break off with JJ. Adam is such a would card, I’m coming to love him. What if he becomes americas player like matt.
      BTW I think BB might fix a few things like helping Dani. Notice that they made the first comp after she got back in the game was endurance, they knew she’d win

      • Wild*
        Also on after dark I’ve noticed dani seems to have a better chance of receiving alcohol
        I def think brendan is coming back Yay!

  24. Brendon coming back would make the show a little more entertaining. I really hope its him that comes back. Id love to see Dani and Kalias jaws drop to the floor if he walks back into the house. Even if youre not a B/R fan, who wouldent love to see that happen? That right there has drama and entertainment written all over it.

    • I think if dom comes back r\jj\s\ will have a fit and have to scramble. Adam is the only wild card he’s liable to go to either side. I know everyone thinks he’s a floater but I really think he’s just watching and waiting for his time to come. And I kile the fact he dosen’t blow up or fight over everthing.

      • Yeah, Adam is starting to grow on me too. He better vote right this week though. Save Rachel!

      • I’ll tell what Wayne lets keep Racheal and not let Brandon back that way both of us gets what we want. Sound good?

    • Rachel is more interneting when she is angry

      She will make more Drama having Cassi back than, having Dominic back

      and she would DIE, if Dani get Dominic back

  25. Please, please, please no Cassi coming back. She is a beautiful girl, that is for sure; but, she is not a BB player. Bring back Brendon. Dominic was a player too, but I am pulling for the veterans so I don’t want to see Dominic come back into the house.

  26. I have been watching BBAD, and even though I have been a fan of RBJJ all along, I am even more of a fan now. They have fun in the house — they don’t always talk game — and as for Rachel, she really is a smart and talented girl. When she and Lawon were dancing the other night, she actually had better moves than he had. Also, I have always seen a caring side to her. Rachel is a very emotional girl, not too confident in herself (which I don’t know why she wouldn’t be because she has a good figure, is very attractive, and is definitely smart as a whip!), but she also does seem to be very compassionate toward others. Compassion is something that I believe is totally foreign to Danielle.

  27. Well at least everyone here is on the same page whether they want Bookie back or Dom back. We all seem to agree on one thing. Bringing Brendon back would most likely mean F4 for JeJo/Brenchal. Bring back Dom and it means he joins back up with Kalia and the game will be upredictable. This is just what I have been gathering from all the different post people have putting up. So at least we can safely say we all agree that Brendon was a dominant force and would take over if he came back. And Dom…well he was there. LOL… VOTE BOOKIE!!!!

  28. If Brendon comes back I will not watch the rest of the season.He quits anytime Rachel is in trouble bring somebody back who will play to win.Besides if rachel stays and Brendon comes back its over JeJo an Brenchel will dominate the rest of the show the only way to make it interresting is if Dominic comes back.Dani can’t take on everyone by herself.

    • every year somebody will say that if things dont go their way but we all know u still will watch

    • Last season he made it further than her…and this season he didn’t quit he used his veto to save her because he felt he could get more votes than her. he knew that regardless one of them were going home. It’s not like theyre strangers and he just used the veto on her, theyre engaged regardless, it was a move he did for him and her, not just himself. Which I think is a good thing, alot of people wouldn’t have done that. So I guess there goes your theory, especially being as how it’s only happened on time…and he didn’t “quit”.

      • Brendon did try to quit last year too. He begged everyone to vote him out when he and Rachel was on the block.This for someone he just met what a tool.

    • Are you really saying you won’t watch the rest of the season?! Oh no! I’m terrified, one person not watching – the ratings will go to the dump! Please, please, please reconsider your position!

    • Dani was sitting pretty. Her alliance was down 4 against 8 and won 3 weeks in a row. Why would a person with any kind of working brain try to break it uprather than go with it until a time came when it was feasible to go off on her own with a new alliance.

  29. seriously, you take it way to seriously, oh, wow i spelled it wrong, arrest me now, nobody like rachel and brenden, If you read it correctly it said for purely entertainment value…get a grip…

  30. @matt(BBN) Could you tell me the numbers of the 4 houseguests if you are texting your votes. I checked the CBS site and it only gives the main number of 81818. Thank you.

  31. One possibility for the head-to-head competition to return to the house might be a quiz on current events. They usually do one of those true-false quiz about stuff outside and it would work since they are all sequestered. Stuff like the NFL Lockout, who is dead, etc.

  32. I’ve got some questions for everyone to ponder. Where will they hold the comp to get back in the house? Will the other HGs get to watch the comp as it happens? Will this comp and the winner reentering the house be what closes the show and wait till next day for HOH? Or will they jam everything in and close the show with the HOH comp?

    PS Poor Keith having to spend a whole month in sequester to not even get a single vote to come back. Even his friends and family probably don’t want him back in to embarass himself any more.

  33. i think kalia is making a huge mistake and has wasted her time winning hoh if she is really considering putting up lawon. she should have really put up 2 vets and then put up jordan and gotten rid of rachel. what a trully dumb move on her part and for buying in to waht jeff had to say. bye bye bookie your going home next

  34. This season is boring compared to past.I watch B.B.A.D,after I do homework….it helps me fall asleep.I know I’m not the only one to think that Dani looks alot older and rougher with dark hair.I want fights!

  35. Vote for Rachel to go home, she needs too. Everyone’s after her i hope she knows that.

  36. OOOOO!!!!MMMMM!!!!GGGGG!!!!! KALIA!!! YOU ARE SOOOOO DUMB!!!! WHY WOULD YOU DO ALL THAT WORK, GAIN ENEMIES AND NOT FOLLOW THROUGH!!! YOU DESERVE TO LEAVE NEXT WEEK!! I can not believe she did not put up Jordan to force Jeff and Shelly to vote against Rachelle.

    Dumbest game move ive ever seen… haha wow.

    • these newbies r the worst players in big brother history.kahlia has no idea what she’s doin she is handing the vets the game. what a stupid move.

  37. I actually think if cassie were to comeback she would actually be able to fly under the radar while JJ alliance and DK alliance battle it out 2 evict eachother not even trying to evict cassie and after their all gone cassie manage to make it to the final 2 and win big brother and be the first evicted houseguest to comeback and win big brother

  38. If rachelle stays, and IF brendan comes back I will not watch Big Brother anymore.

    P.S – i want to be on the show haha

  39. Why would you want to see the vets “go at it”. Screw them, I’m tired of them, especially rachelle and her drama. They had their chance in a pervious BB, give the opportunity to other people. Plus, the “vets” act like little kids. “Oh you put me up so I’m going to cause a scene, cry and threaten you saying I’m coming after you”, when they are doing it to the noobies.

  40. Okay. Let’s be serious for a second. Why should Brendon come back? What did he contribute to the show except more tears and complaints from Rachel? Heck, she is better off without him, yet I still can’t stand her. He does not deserve to come back. My money’s on either Cassi or Dominic. Why does everyone think Cassi will align with J&J when they’re already aligned with Rachel, whom Cassi hates? J&J are undeserving and greedy, Rachel is absolutely pathetic, and Kalia & Daniele are the only people playing an honorable game. Sure, Kalia’s too trusting, sure maybe nominating Lawon wasn’t the best idea, but what else could she do? Nominate Jordan or Adam and risk retributions? Lawon offered to be sacrificed, even though he believes he will come back, so Kalia made a decision that she believes will benefit herself. And it just might.

    • I don’t know what show you are watching if you think Dani & Kalia are so innocent. Get the feeds. See the truth.

    • OMG…how could you like a perv like Brendon who likes to send pics of his little treasure to girls on the net….TMZ caught him with his pants down…excuse the pun.

  41. So many Idiots on here. People are calling Dani two face, when JJBR and guilty of backstabbing and lying. The worst thing is that they feel that everyone should roll over and just let them win. Whenever they are nominated they attack people and start calling house meetings in which they makes threats it makes sick seeing them bully others in the house. Hope Dom comes back into the house and make thing more balanced and interesting.

    • To be fair thats the game, making people feel unsure of their decisions… not jeffs fault if he plays the game very well. Rachel (and brendon too) they ake it sound like everyone should rol over and die and when they are on the losing side its not fair. (jeff said he is actually happier and does better ebing the underdog and thats where i like to see him in the game anyway)

    • Well.. First of all you mispelled brendon*** not this ‘dom’ thing you speak of.

      Jejo + Brenchle EARNED their way to this spot! NOT the newbies. THEYRE the real idiots here. When you have power you use it. When you have a reputation as feirce as brenchle you deserve to call the shots. Sure they ‘attack’ people. But if you can say you wouldnt after being isolated in a house for weeks and weeks.. We all would go a lil’ crazy. They want to win. And the fact these newcomers allow them to get this strong and this far.. Ha. And lets be honest here.. When theres 500,000 big ones plus america’s choice on the line.. You want to make the viewers at home know that youre NOT a dominic/shelly/LAWON/adam/kalia.. (please note I specifically put dom in there because you believe he’s worthy of walking into those doors.. Again)
      Daniele had this game in the bag.. But without papa there.. Theres NO way she can win it. ( As bbn has said several times.) Its her own fault. Where as all the other vets seemed to have figured it out. Go Veterans! (minus daniele.. Of course) *excuse the grammar, punctuation, spelling; I’m on an ipad and it is 12:30 AM here*

      • It just irks me when people say Dani cant do it without ED. Is that all they have??? Name me one person in BB history who has done it by themselves.

      • Benny! First of all, ‘remaining on topic please’ and second of all.. It was posted at 12:30 am. and dont say ‘first of all’ if you only have one point. By the way, learn to use punctuation and capatlization. And becccks! Dani was in the best position in the hosue! But without her father she went a little crazy! Lol. True.. But you contridicted yourself. :-p lol

    • In all fairness, Dani was the first one to go against her alliance, if you recall. So yea, she’s two faced, back stabbing and lying. And JeJo never really planned on going against them until push came to shove and even THEN the were just empty threats to each other. As far as Brenchel? I’m no fan, but they play the game well. Very well, they are both strong competitors who are capable of not only swaying the game their way, but of also taking control of the house. Dani may do okay at comps, but she isn’t a good strategist. I would get used to the idea of Brendon coming back because he more than likely is. He’ll provide the best ratings out of any of them.

      • I disagree Pua.

        I think brenchel play the game terribly. It doesn’t really matter if you’re good at HOH comps. As long as you can win a veto, OR be a good social player. Brenchel are terrible social game players. Hence why they didn’t win their season. And probably wont win this season. They will not, and I repeat, WILL NOT win this season without JEJO. Jordan plays a terrific social game. Which is why she won her season.

    • i agree with you, i was all for jeff and jordon but the way he feels entitled to win this and not be voted and then will turn around and play it exactly what he claims he doesnt play like??? he is an ok competitor not spectacular and really Rachel only cries and gets on everyone’s nerves. shelly is a complete turncoat who could trust her

      • it the way she playing the game shes on the vets side she just playing the newbies/dan

  42. OMG I cant believe no body else realizes this as well, jj and rb ruled the house for how long, told everyone how to vote, when to eat, when to pee and so on lol, as soon as they are threatened…they hold house meetings and FREAK out really? thats retarded.

  43. Please get rid of Porshe. She makes me want to throw up every time I see her. If the vets win HOH this week she will try to wander back over and they better slam the door in her face. She is awful!!!!!!!!

  44. Yes! i love lawonn trust me…but i am so thrilled about rachel being safe i hope brandon or cassi come back brachals story has inspired me alott i love big brother i have watched all the episodes so yall have to give me credit for that!

    • their story? what is that exactly, how to be nausating and make everyone uncomfortable. or is it how to cry and whine like babies when they dont get their way or perhaps worse when they win. What story do they have ? fake love story? that is so not real

  45. Uhhhuh I Second that if Rachel Stays and Brendan Comes Back I will not watch the show anymore!!

    • Yov’ve got to be kidding. You wouldn’t watch the show any more if Brendon came back in. I don’t like Rachel/Brendon either but if the newbies are stupid enough to let it happen then it’s their own fault and they deserve to lose. They’ve already figured out the twist, so it’s up to them to keep Brendon/Rachel appart. If they go ahead and evict Lawon knowing that Brendon could come back they are the dumbest players to ever enter the house and don’t deserve to leave with the cash. So I would not stop watching just because I don’t like Brendon and Rachel.

    • Then don’t watch—no one will miss you. You sound like a grade schooler-“if I can’t have things my way, I won’t play”. Grow up and go away.

  46. B.B. Please bend the rules,and bring back evil dick.I have insomnia,and need some excitement while I do homework.
    I love Amazing Race and The Ultimate Fighter,by the way the guests should get in the octagon.I think that would be a great HOH comp.
    I major in psychology,therefore I love the roller coaster ride of emotions that the guests are sent on.I want in that house!I’m a great chess player.wink wink

  47. I would absolutely love it if they put back in Cassie or Dominic because it kind if wasn’t fair for either of them because Dominic got hurt by Danielle’s plan and Cassie just got kicked out basically because Rachel did not like her and thought she was caddy well guess what Rachel be prepared to be hated by everyone not just in the house but through the whole wide universe!!!!!!

    • Cassie was gotten rid of by dani. Dani is the one who put if in rachels head to hate her because dani wanted Dom to herself so she had to get a target on Cassie so if your upset that Cassie is hone blame dani not Rachel

    • Cassie was gotten rid of by dani. Dani is the one who put if in rachels head to hate her because dani wanted Dom to herself so she had to get a target on Cassie so if your upset that Cassie is gone blame dani not Rachel

  48. so does anying one know whos comeing bck in the house plz dont be dom or cassie i hate them

  49. Kalia…Kalia what are u Dion?? You cheer on Jeff, the person YOU put on the block. Trying to save yourself from next week..sickening. If your gonna put someone up then stand behind your decision, don’t turtle when they get mad at you. Do you think there happy? NO!! But its part of the game
    And Rachelle making me sick …. No doubt the worst pooriest loser I’ve ever seen. When u win ur rubbing it in everyones face and so happy but when u lose” its not fair” and u cry and mope around…but no matter how much I dislike you ( and it’s a lot), your good for tv…

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