Big Brother 13 Episode 15: Week 5 Veto Show Tonight

Power of Veto

Tonight on Big Brother 13 we’ll get to watch the latest PoV competition and just like last week it sounds like it was a pretty interesting one. We’ve heard about a lot of running and something to do with dropping a ball and having to start all the way over. In the end it seems to have been very, very close. If you’ve got one of our free Big Brother mobile apps then you probably already read how the competition and ceremony turned out, but if not, then you can go ahead get all those Veto spoilers.

I’m also very anxious to see how CBS presents the insane turn of events where the alliance in power is about to potentially throw everything away in their confusion over this week’s big twist. Speaking of, have you voted in our unofficial poll? We won’t know who won the chance to return until Thursday, but at least we can see our own results.

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  1. Surprisingly, I have come to the conclusion that Rachel is in a much better place emotionally without that dead weight Brendon. There is no doubt her game play is more focused when it’s just about her and she does align herself with others of like mind. I think I could tolerate her for the remainder of the season if bookie doesn’t come back but if he does, it’s back to not rooting for her or them. He is not good for her or anyone for that matter. It’s sad they don’t see it and it’s no wonder they don’t have friends outside the house because I would guess they hear that a great deal. It’s hard to admit that to yourself when the chemistry is so good between them sexually. I hope they do go their separate ways soon as they will not make it for long. You can be book smart but matters of the heart are another thing.
    As for Dani, she is just so bitter about a great many things. She is the lost puppy without her dad ( who I miss) and Dom. Whether it’s control or companion, she needs someone.
    I have always liked Shelly and hope she does well. Lawon is just not thinking so I guess it’s time for him to go. I hope J/J get to the end and win.

    • He’s total creepers if you ask me, and really kind of a wuss when you get down to it.

      • I JUST GOOGLED HIM what was CBS thinking letting him back on the show? Don’t they check this people out or children watch this show or should I say use to.

      • Brendon is coming back 100%. No questions asked. HOH, will be geared towards BR, Rachel wins… Rachel nominates Adam and Dani. Dani win POV, convinces Rachel to finally put up Jeff. Jeff goes home, by a vote of 4-3. No more twists and turns.


      • Know it all, LOL…Rachel would never listen to danimal nor would rachel betray her alliance so soon. She is a lot smarter than danimal.

    • Say what you want about them, but when they are together in the house they are the best team ever. They win HOH or veto EVERY WEEK they are eligile. CBS saved danimal or BR would have torn through the house. As players, they have no equals.

      • I dont see how you can call them the best team ever when he was evicted already and its highly doubful either of them will win.
        Its also funny how as you said “cbs saved Dani” when if Brenda does come back, it will be because CBS arranged that outcome for ratings. Sorry, bro.. you cant have it both ways.

      • Becky, Brendon chose to leave. What show are you watching? As for having it both ways, I expect BOOKIE back whether he has the votes or not. CBS showed it’s true colors by fixing danimal’s HOH. What is your point?

      • I don’t understand what you’re talking about, daniel won 7 competitions in season 8, she won 5 povs in that season tying janelle! Cbs did not fix her Hoh. Competition wise, she is way better then brenchel or anyone else in the house for that. Having said That, I have to admit that her srategy s ery weak if not stupid this season, but brenchel r even worse social players

      • Just because Dani won in her season doesn’t mean jack. This is a new season and the HOH she won was made for a small person (Dani). What else has she done this season??? Oh yeah make stupid decisions with her lap dog. What else??? Oh yeah had a free ride the first four weeks.

      • Wayne, you’re delusional, Brendon did not ‘choose’ to leave, he was evicted. Either way last week Brendon or Rachel WOULD have been evicted no matter what. That doesn’t make them the best team ever.

        Go Daniele!

    • I agree Rachel plays a better game w/o Buki in the house. After watching last nite’s BBAD, I’m positive Rach is too smart to believe anything that Dani or Kalia tell her.

      It would serve Dani right if she manages to convince them to evict Rachel…Dom wins Am’s vote…and, Rach defeats him in the challenge allowing her to stroll back thru the door.

      The line someone wrote re: Lawon being the only HG to “backdoor himself” was a hoot.

    • Rachel has been an emotional wreck since, Brendon left and keeps crying. She has lost focus and plays half hearted. Brendon should have stayed in because he could have played a better game as far as HOH and VETO goes. If Rachel can focus on her game and end her emotional outbursts then, she can do better in this game. If she wanted to take revenge, the best way is to get her wits back and fight to win HOH and nominate Danielle! Then, win the Veto to make sure Danielle goes home!

    • I thought Dani’s Father Evel Dick won in that season. Did Dani ever win a season–someone said she did. How about that Dani skulking around with a sour look on her face—that will get her real far. But, it helps get the target more centered on her back. Porsche will be a big help to her. lol! I want Bookie back. Bookie and Rachel all the way!

      • It was Evil Dick who won that season.
        He was a master manipulator in contrast to his daughter that she thinks she is so good when, she is not! If Danielle was playing poker, she would have shown the other players her hand then, gets pissed because they outsmarted her! Going after other
        house guests is not really a smart move when they already know you are going after them. What is worst is her
        alliances with Porsche and Kalia put targets on their backs because she makes is pretty obvious that she is allied with them! Kalia wised up atleast, to try and save herself so, her motivation for agreeing to nominate a newbie was to save herself after realizing that she was the ONLY LOSER listening to Danielle and being her puppet! Atleast, now the bigger target has been placed on Danielle’s
        back because Jeff/Jordan and Rachel would all go after Danielle if they win HOH!

  2. Whats the over/under on Rachel minutes in tonight’s broadcast?

    I really think we might see more than a couple minutes of other players tonight.

    • That’s why they are gonna bring BOOKIE back. He and Rachel get all the air time because that is who people want to see. Very few people on this site have any use for Duminick
      or Danimal. VOTE FOR BOOKIE!

      • That’s right Wayne! Go. Bookie!a rachel be more. Quiet and. Easier. To. Deal with…buut her game is definitely not better. And as far as Dani, who cares what. She won in the past this. Is a. New season and it doesn’t make her great. It just makes the people. She played against. Weak….sorry about. All the. Periods.

  3. I knew it. Adam is starting to back down on voting to keep Rachael. He is going to talk to Rachael in a little while and see if Rachael will keep him safe. I think tomorrow is going to be up in the air as to who gets evicted. Something tells me Rachael doesn’t have the votes to stay.

    • Adam is too afraid of Jeff. Bacon boy is gonna squeal like a pig if he doesn’t vote for rachel.

      • Good, so Lawon is going. Does anyone know what the deal is with Shelly? Why did she go storming up to the HOH yelling and screaming because she heard Lawon up there laughing? What does she care. The laughs on him.

      • I think your wrong. Adam is the only one that’s a wild card. He’s been sitting and watching and listening, there’s more to him than we know. I don’t think he’s afraid of any of the vet’s. I know I know he hasn’t won anything- but that might be his game play. I hope he votes Rachel out he might of figured the twist out.

      • Ziggy u have the right of it. Adam has said from day 1 he wants a newbie to win and said said to Lawon the newbies need to work together. I agree there is more to Adam he like all the rest of the newbies is bidding his time to strike. The strategy is bad for those who get picked off in the interim but good for the newbies like Shelly and Porche who I suspect r going to make it to the end. Unless Dom comes back. He knows Shelly’s game and so does Dani. They will target her after JJ. GO DANI !!!!

      • cmon. Now really? Adam isn’t afraid of jeff? I wouldn’t necessarily say afraid. Of. Him, but. Definitely. Wants to remain. On his. Good. Side. Adam. Has. The. Ability. To. Deal. Up. With. Rachel. Right now, why not do. It? He is. Using. His voting power. To. His. Advantage. And he didn’t just magically. Figure out the. Twist. Cause they. Went over. The. Actual scenario. And they. Completely. Wrote. It. Off already. And adam. Said in the. Dr that. He. Would. Have. Loved. To. Win. The. Veto to pull jeff off the block himself to. Prove to. Jeff. He’s. With him. 100%…adam. ain’t. Going. Anywhere. He’s in jeffs back ppockket. Sorry. About. The grammar. And puncuation This stupid. Phone is. Driving me. Crazy

      • That is right. Adam will do what Jeff wants him to do. Adam doesn’t like Dani. Adam already said he was worried about his back with Kalia. Adam backing down from teh vets is bs.

    • I think they do that to makes us wonder you wouldn not want this to be cut and dry they have to keep us on our toes keep us wondering

      • well ziggy if that is the case he known thao R or B have a chance to come back in and they would go after him he voted with Danimal because he said if he didnt she would come after him that was for B eviction

    • Lawon’s not even campaigning to stay so it’s a no brainer Adam will evict him…and then see what happens with the twist.

    • Rachel will stay because Kalia has decided to evict Lawon per Lawon’s request because he feels that he will get super powers! LOL If there is a tie, Kalia will decides who gets evicted and that will be Lawon. Kalia thought about her bad move to nominate Jeff and Rachel because she is now scared for next week when she cannot play for HOH! It was a dumb move on her part to listen to Danielle when she made the nominations. She should have put up the other newbies because they
      were not playing anyways! All she did was put a target on her back, kept Danielle safe and gone after Danielle’s targets! Danielle obviously likes that although, Kalia changing
      her decision now puts the target where it belongs which is on Danielle’s back. Jeff/Jordan and Rachel will all go after Danielle next week if they win HOH! That is
      pretty much guaranteed! So, Kalia probably bought some time for herself which is a good move. She is playing for herself and not Danielle which is what she should be thinking about!

  4. Danimal thinks she is the s$I!. I’m really hoping she gets hers and gets it soon. I’m no kalia fan but I hate how danimal talks to her!

    • You’re right. She is a little lost girl and only knows control as how to operate. If she played WITH people instead of against them she might be a happier person but she has such rage and anger built up I think she’s fueled by vengance in some way. I think she could use some therapy too.

      • Well now Adam wants to talk to R he is questioning his vote I hope he doesn’t change is mind I hope is doing this because he was told by production so we wont be sure until the last moment which way the votes go

      • I hope so Wayne I just cant wait until tomorrow night I hope it goes our way Luan the prop gone and Bookie back in and then we can see 3 blind mice Kaligula Danimal and Porsha u have to come up with a nickname for her) see how they run see how they run

      • Maybe this will help you
        From the Latin Porcia, a feminine form of Porcius, an old Roman family name probably derived from porcus (a pig, a hog).

    • I agree! I’m not a fan of Kalia but Dani is really rude…I would never let anyone talk like that to me. They don’t show how rude Dani is on the CBS show but if you watch live feeds you see what an immature brat she can be. Can’t wait till she is gone.

  5. I think Rachel is a much smarter and better player without Brendon there. No hysteria or constant attention seeking from Brendon. I think her game has just begun and I don’t see her leaving anytime soon. Shelly is only good for picking up and cleaning for everyone. I agree, Danielle is angry this season, not enjoying herself and that’s too bad. Poor Lawon, I have to admit he is sweet and funny but he’s going and of his own fate. Dumb move. Should be interesting to see who comes back.. I just hope it’s not Brendon, he’s annoying this season and such a baby.

    • Well at least he will be remeber and go down on BB history hall of fame for dumb moves

    • Rachel has been much easier to tolerate during the past week. I thought maybe her talks with Dr. Zachary had calmed her down or that maybe some very appropriate mood enhancing drugs had been thrown into the mix but last night after she was trying to explain to her group why she had been back to HoH room for 2nd time and trying not to talk herself into trouble, several people mentioned that they thought she needed to be on meds.

    • The Vets led by Jeff decided to vote out Dani’s boyfriend PT.Since then Dani’s been playing an emotional game.

      • Danielle lost her boytoy, Dominic so that is why she is throwing a fit! Poor baby! This is a game mind you and with $500,000 on the line, you cannot be emotional! That applies to Rachel as well who has been crying her eyes out for what? She should be concentrating on winning HOH and then, VETO so that, she can put up and evict Danielle! Then, she would have gotten her revenge. Crying and moping has only hurt her game and favored Danielle as there is one less enemy going after her!

  6. Am I the only one to think maybe anyone who gets voted out this week will still be safe.My scenario plays out like this: one of the houseguests previously voted out(Looks like Domenic) plays against Lawon or Rachel (Looks Like Lawon)still under the premise that only one is going back into the house. After the competion which Domenic wins Julie announces there is another twist. Lawen gets to go back into the house if he agrees to be a havenot. What do you think about that? Remember evil Dick had to go home prematurely shortening the episodes

    • well they might not have the double elimination this year then the numbers should be ok

      • I’m not sure. This seasons theme is dynamic duos and I think the hg that gets evicted and the one the america voted for will each pick one person from the house to fight against each other not knowing who they are fighting for. And the one that picked the hg that won will come back. And the winner will also be HOH.

    • Right now Mike your guess is as good as anybody’s. I’d rather see a double eviction and get rid of danimal.

      • That would work too! Danielle can go too and that would be great! And even if Dominic gets back into the house, will he be double dumb to associate himself with Danielle. He has to mend fences with the veterans because that is his only chance. If not, he could get put on the block this very week! You only get so many chances in this game and it would be double dumb to blow it on a showmance and lose that $500,000!

    • What was said in last night’s TV show is there is going to be a live competition followed by the winner going inside the house for another
      chance to win that $500,000! That implies that there is only going to be one person going back into the house which is the winner of the competition. Let us wait and see tonight!

  7. Why does it always look like Shelly is smelling her fingers? Yuck! In my opinion the houseguests are kind of boring this season. I still watch though

  8. I must admit I did find it very curious that Kahlia was buzzing in her answers before Julie Chen even finished asking the question(s). Typical Big Brother fix. Anyone with a brain knew that Rachel and Jeff would be Kahlia’s target for eviction…at least initially. The fact that it now looks as though Kahlia and Danielle are talking a deal with Rachel is more Big Brother ratings in the works. Personally, I have lost interest in watching this season since Brendon left. If he comes back into the show and Rachel is still there, I could be persuaded to watch again. I would really enjoy seeing Rachel, Brendon, Jordan and Jeff go after Danielle and her rag bag group.

    • We went through this a week ago. Go back and watch the comp again. Kalia buzzed in when she had enough information to make an educated guess.

      The questions were pretty obvious when you only have 3 possible answers.

  9. kalia and dani they figure out if brendon is coming back and now dani is really scared,she knows her hoh was waste,hope brendon come back the for

  10. I didn’t expect Lawon leaving so early in the game. It will take a miracle for him to get back into the house. He will have to beat either cassi, dominic, or brendon. which is very unlikely but hey maybe he will surprise us

  11. They are all kind of figuring out the twist. But there still not sure. Now Dani and her lap dog are freaking out. Can’t wait to see the look on there faces if Rachel stays and Brendon walks back in. Best part of the show. Well maybe second best…Jeff winning HOH will be the best part.

    • What happened after Rachel left the HOH room when Kalia and Dani were trying to make a deal with her? Did she tell JJ about the conversation? Hope she did. She needs to stay upfront with them.

    • Rachel won’t go home even if Daniele wanted her to. Rachel has 4 votes to stay. Lawon only has 2. Lawon will be evicted tomorrow night.

      • no ones sure of anything. But it could be a tie if they can get Adam to vote Rachal out. And I don’t think it would be that hard. Adams not dumb and he knows it will be better for him to vote Rachal out no matter who comes back.

      • I. Don’t. Think. Rachel will go. Even. If. They. Figured out. The twist..because. that. Means in their. Minds. Domonic. Alsooo. Has. A. Chance to some back and. If the. Person. Leaving. Faces domonic they all know he. Probably won’t. Beat. Rachel. But. Would. Definitely beat lawan. So. Even though. Rachel. Has te. Votes. I. Think. Dani. Will not. Even. Care cause. Shed rather. See. Dom. Come. Back. Than rachel. Leave. Sorry about the. Periods

  12. I am so done with this show. Thirty soldiers died in Afghanistan this weekend. All we hear is Rachel moaning that she wont see Brendan for six weeks. Get a grip. This is not reality. This is a fracture fairy tale.

    • L…nice of you to come ALL the way over to this particular website (CBS) to give everyone HERE your opinion. Thank you, but that just seems redundant. M

    • It’s very sad what happened to the soldiers and I don’t think anyone would disagree. You say a prayer for them and there families. But you still go on with your life. This is just entertainment and don’t watch if you don’t like it.

    • They do not know what is happening outside the house. How could she cry about it? They don’t even know that Casey got away with murdering her child because of some stupid people.

    • @L Soldiers did die in Afghanistan but this is a fan site for BB. My friend was in a car accident and lost her close friend but I don’t think she’s thinking well Soldiers in afganistan died today so my situation pales in comparison to that so I should suck it up, just like how Rachel isn’t thinking about soldiers dying either. So please don’t post ignorant posts like that here because all that comment accomplishes is making people feel bad when they should not.

  13. I don’t care who comes back as long as Rachel stays. I prefer Brendon or Dom though. Rachel has got mad game. She is the most talked about houseguest inside and outside the house. My main interest right now is to get that Pitbull Straight shooter out the house. JJ will start to lose some pull in the house without Shelly. If Dani teams up with Rachel, then I can tolerate Dani some more.

      • And I’m surprised they had the highest ratings. I’ve watched every season and I thought last season was one of the worst seasons next to season one.

  14. It would be the best case scenario if Rachel goes home and Dom comes back. The show would be interesting again. I am sick of the whiney vets and crazy Rachel. The show will be better without them and her.

  15. For all you who r calling Dani vengeful get a grip on life. Dani is not vengeful. She wants vets who know the game and stand in the way of her money out. One week it was JJ the next it was Brenchel. She wants all vets gone. That is not vengeful it is smart. As for letting vets stay til the end Y? These r people who could take money out of her pocket. She is bettering her odds while she has people left to help her. Kalia should never have put one of her votes up. BB is a #’s game and I hate 2 say it but Porche and Adma will turn against them and they never had Shelly. I put my money on Dani’s tenacity any day. She’ll turn it around. America loves a winner and I love Dani. A strong woman who thinks will get my vote any day. I like Rachel, but she gets cra cra too much. I would like Rachel better if she dealt with whats bothering her. DO NOT like Brendon. He and Rachel r not good. His ex- girlfriend said her was a jerk and I believe her.

    • We’ll see Dani’s reaction when her plan unravels this week.When Jeff or Rachel win HOH you’ll see a different Dani. That stupid smirk will melt right off her face.Hopefully Jeff wins HOH and Cassie returns and maybe Dani becomes a have not.We’ll see Dani cowaring and crying all week.

    • There’s nothing wrong with a strong woman…the problem with Dani is she is always so negative. All she does is complain about everything that doesn’t go her way. Last night while she walked around half naked she must of said at least 30 times in 5 minutes it’s so cold in here. Put on some friggin clothes then and quit complaining!!! She also has this I’m better than everyone else attitude. Her and Kalia talking to Rachel last night and Dani thought she was all that. She’s nothing but a little brat.

  16. Jeez, the veto competition is just mean. I can’t imagine having to do it. 300 points with zero errors? Frak!


    So dumb. So very very dumb.

  17. Adam will not flip he cant if he is using his brains
    If he votes R out JJ will be after him and so will Shelly
    And if he thinks there is a chance she is coming back that would put a great target on his back
    he will have JJ and R foe sure after him thats 3 strong players he wont risk it unless he is another prop like lowon

    • well if they vote R out and Dom is AC and she loses against him then no he wont be
      For everybody out there that thinks the AC vote is fix it comes down to this If the prop leaves and Bookie gets back in then they r for the veterans if R leaves and looses against D then they are for Danimal
      and if R gets voted out and goes against B
      then they r all the way for JJ
      This are just speculations on my part

  18. I dont see why Adam thinks keeping Rachel might be bad for his game. She clearly wants to go after Dani and Kalia and is not even thinking about him.

    • Adam nows he would be 4th on both sides-if he sits back and lets them at each other he could be in the final 3 without really doing anything but sitting and listening.

      • Most of the houseguest are aware of Adam’s Big Brother knowledge and are afraid of keeping him around.So his time is coming.This house is ruled by fear and that leads to alot of questionable decisions.

  19. Why aren’t they showing feeds? The show has been over for 45 min. Think they’re having their half-way party?

  20. Just took a look at the stuff on the “Brendan scandal”…was not aware…God help the space program if he’s planning on being a rocket scientist. At some point you have to step back and wonder how safe it is to have either R or B playing this game. They both seem really unstable but I chalked it up to “the game”. Looks like they are self destructive out side the house as well. Not good.

    • I agree and what was CBS thinking letting someone like that back on t.v.? Don’t they check this people out before they let them around other people? I wouldn’t want to share bedrooms and bathrooms and be locked up for three months with someone like that.DO NOT LET HIM BACK IN THE HOUSE!!!!

    • I did the same thing, and now I need to wash my eyes out. Anyway, they are classic co-dependents or that is how they show themselves. But again, in order for CBS to have them on the show they have to meet with a psychologist, based on the application. But, who is to say someone just didn’t sign off on it for the sake of ratings and advertising dollars. Which apparently is working since everyone keeps talking about them.

      • Also, Mike Boogie(sp) was just sued for using company funds to buy “Daddy/Son” fantasies according to a new law suit. So BB has plenty of scandels to go around.

      • yes but mike b. wasn’t brought back in the house after he did that or any other house guest with his back ground. call me old fashion but there’s somethings we don’t need to see or hear about.

      • Let’s not forget the great oxycondone investor Adam, a former winner no less.
        As for Brendon, I haven’t watched it, but unless it is against the law, it’s not really anybody’s business but Rachels. If she’s okay with it, why should we care? Just sayin yo.

  21. Just took a look at the stuff on the “Brendan scandal”…was not aware…God help the space program if he’s planning on being a rocket scientist. At some point you have to step back and wonder how safe it is to have either R or B playing this game. They both seem really unstable but I chalked it up to “the game”. Looks like they are self destructive out side the house as well.

  22. Just turned on the feeds, first time today and TRIVIA? What’s going on in the house?

  23. If lawon comes back that will be a miracle of god. I like him as a person but he is so dumb its not even funny, it’s like he’s completely cluless. does he even know what this game is about? lol

  24. I am praying that Lawon beats brendon, cassi, or dominic in the challenge tomorrow. Let’s go Lawon!!! Wouldn’t that be awesome if he comes back and then comes back as a strong player and then wins!!!! Lawon for the win!!!!!!

  25. If lawon gets evicted tomorrow I hope he wins the challenge. Maybe he can even win. hey you never know what can happen. I believe in you lawon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. I think the walls in the Big Brother house are starting to close in on him.Also Kalia’s week as HOH is turning into a dissaster for team Dani.Evil Dick is probably banging his head against the wall after the nomination show ended.

  27. Does anyone else think that Jeff and Jordan aren’t really together anymore? They seem more like BFFs than boyfriend & girlfriend…

      • Do you watch live feeds or BB after dark? They are 100% together. And they are affectionate with each other. Just because they aren’t all over each other and having sex on tv only means they have class.

    • She’s always laying on him. And he makes alot of comments about how he’s not getting any while they are in the house.

  28. No one expects lawon to come back to the house but what if he does? has anyone thought of that

    • According to the TV show, there is going to be a live competition with the winner entering the game afterwards. That is what they said. So,
      tomorrow we know for sure who goes up against Lawon. Lawon volunteered because he “really” believed that he would get special powers then,
      go back in! LOL Lawon just doesn’t have a clue.

  29. lol lawon is dumb as hell. why will he volunteer himself to be evicted??? he thought he will come back to the house with magical powers??? lmao

    • Earlier he told Dani that he thought maybe they will pay him 25,000 to go back in the house. LOL Like they would pay him to go back after he was evicted.

  30. Seeing it happen on TV cleared a lot of things. First, Lawon offered to be a replacement nominee
    because he actually believed he would get secret powers and come back to the house! Kalia discussed with Danielle her plan to get back in good with Jeff/Jordan and Rachel so, she was thinking of putting up a newbie as replacement nominee! Danielle objected somewhat but, agreed when Lawon
    volunteered! Kalia made the decision because she wanted the target off her back and wanted to regain
    trust with Jeff/Jordan and Rachel. Danielle thinks she will also be safe for atleast a week with this deal and was happy with the deal in the end. Jeff/Jordan and Rachel will go after Danielle as she has nothing to offer them! Kalia is a tie breaker vote so, she might vote out Lawon per the plan in case of a tie. Shelly, Jeff and Jordan vote to evict Lawon and Danielle, Porsche, Adam vote to evict Rachel. Since, the plan is to evict Lawon, Kalia as HOH breaks the tie and votes out Lawon. Rachel stays and Lawon goes. I think Rachel will be safe after all! They also sais on the tv show that there would be a live competition and the winner will rejoin the house with a chance at that $500,000. Kalia thinks it is a big win for her and Danielle if one of their alliance like Dominic gets back in and she figures even if they lose Lawon is no big deal! So, Lawon’s only chance is to win that competition otherwise, he is gone for good! Kahlia might have made a good move to correct her nominations where she listened to Danielle. Atleast, maybe, she might stay a bit longer than Danielle. Now, Danielle is the number one target although, she thinks she will be safe with Kalia’s deal!

    • Deal or no deals if Dani doesn’t win HOH her and Kalia will end up on the block.One of them probably Kalia will be sent home.They’re the targets for sure next week.

      • If both Kalia and Danielle are on the block, it will be Danielle going home.
        The veterans would be super dumb to allow Danielle to continue going after them one by one! Why would they allow Danielle to escape if they have her where they want her? If Danielle is on the block, the other veterans and their allies will try to win VETO because they can guarantee that Danielle goes home! Also, Danielle will lose her vote if placed on the block and that would leave just Porsche
        and Kalia to vote for her! Kalia might vote with the veterans knowing full well that her alliance with Danielle hurt her game play very badly!

    • your late lol. Weve known all this all week. And Dani said she is voting to evict Lawan

      • I do not have the live feeds and rely only on what I see on TV and what is said on this message board. I also knew that Lawon was going to be nominated but, I did not know the reason why Kalia changed her mind which is to protect herself first and foremost. While, most will say that was a dumb move—-it made sense because the bigger target will be on Danielle! Even if Danielle and Kalia are both nominated next week—-the veterans will vote to evict Danielle
        because Danielle has been trying to pick off the other veterans one by one herself and with the help of her alliance so, she will be the number one target of the other veterans. That is what matters in the end as only one person will be eliminated!

  31. Kalia is the worst. She let that meathead Jeff get to her. Jordan is a floater period. She’s crying about going on the block even though she knows she’s safe against Rachel. I hope Adam wins, he got put up twice and took it like a man. He’s the only sane one in that house.

    • Kalia in the end did what she could to try to mitigate the damage she did on herself. Her biggest mistake is allowing Danielle to manipulate her. For what? She just got a target on her back being allied with Danielle and what did she get out of it? Atleast, now Rachel probably will not go after her. Jeff might go after her but, Danielle is the number one target! I would call that smart play because she did what she could to correct her stupid decision to go after the veterans on Danielle’s say so! Now, Kalia might last one or two more weeks. Danielle might not be as lucky. Her luck may have just run out on her if Jeff, Jordan or Rachel win HOH!

  32. Why are Kalia, Porsha and Dani being allowed to hide things but take food and the bottles of wine?

  33. why is everyone so worried about Adam flipping? Adam is not the deciding vote unless Dani claps lol. Even Dani plans to vote to evict Lawan

  34. Okay so u know Dani is lying every time she says ” blah blah blah “. Her vocabulary is so extensive its astonishing! LOL!

  35. what happened to the shelly and kalia conversation where she changes her mind :( They didn’t show that in the show that would’ve been awesome to see it on tv :(

  36. When it comes to the hg’s I don’t have any favorites, I watch, listen, observe there body language and there eye movements I pay attention to what “there not saying”. For the most part there is so much treachery and deceit going that the hg’s make pathological liars look honest. As for who should come back into the game, In all honesty I think Brendon should come back into the game. Yes he has a lot of issues, and his disrespect toward women is repulsive, but with all that aside he was the only evicted hg that was actually playing the game. Cassie and Dom only went on BB for notoriety to jump start there careers.

  37. Wow looks like Lawon won’t get 1 vote if u go by last nite’s BBAD. Kalia still, I can’t believe it wants to honor her deal with Rachel even though Rachel did not commit to them they were in a deal. Poor Dani is trying to nug a vote against Rachel without pushing but Kalia is stuck on stupid and I do mean stupid. Unfortunately Dani needs her vote so she has to pasify her. Man Kalia messed things up.

    • Kalia did what was smart for herself. After being Danielle’s puppet, she realized that her
      own neck was on the line! She cannot play for HOH next week and would be very vulnerable. Danielle is able to play for HOH next week so,
      atleast, she has something! Jeff will probably still go after Kalia but, Rachel might not! After all, Danielle is the number one target for everyone! Only Porsche will be her ally. Even Adam cannot be trusted because he has played the middle all this time without
      clearly showing his hand. Given everything that is known, Danielle should be a bigger target so, Kalia took some of the heat of off herself which now makes sense after I watched
      the events on TV last night. Lawon has to be
      super dumb because he actually believed he will get super powers just because he was
      evicted! Who really told him that?

      • Kalia’s move was not smart! it was dumb! it was extremely short-sighted considering it bought her MAYBE 1 week, while if she would have gotten rachel evicted, and then dani won hoh, they would have been in a good position. their position would be even better if dominic made it back into the house! now kalia has zero chance of making the final 4 at all! such poor gameplay…

  38. If one were playing a drinking game for every time Jordan said “Ummm” and “what was I saying”, poor thing you’d be drunk.

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