Big Brother 13 Week 4: Veto Decisions Today

Big Brother 13 Brenchel

Today in the Big Brother 13 house the Veto Ceremony will be held and a big decision will be made. Daniele is faced with the challenge to either trust Brendon and Rachel one more time or stick to her guns and force them to march down the path to a Brenchel break-up. Read on to see what we can expect later today.

There’s no way around this decision for Daniele. Brendon is going to use the Veto in a few hours and while we previously heard Brendon was definitely going to save himself things are a little more uncertain right now. Whatever happens, Daniele has to put someone new up against the remaining half of Brenchel. She’s faced with the choice to try and trust a “forgiving” Brenchel on some level by putting up a Newbie or trusting her gut and putting up Jordan.

Last night (Flashback to 10PM BBT) and you’ll find Brenchel making one final push for safety. They offered to wipe the slate clean and start over with her. Lawon is their top suggestion as replacement nominee as he doesn’t especially have someone backing him up that will seek revenge against Daniele.

I can’t imagine Daniele is going to back down at this point, but she’s said she is nervous about Brendon staying in this house and seeking revenge. If she renoms Jordan then Rachel goes home and Brendon is definitely coming after her. If she renoms Lawon then Lawon probably goes home and Brendon might still come after her (I think he definitely will, despite what he says.) Of course if that all changes and Brendon saves Rachel then Daniele would still face the wrath of Brenchel.

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Even right now (Flashback to 9:45AM BBT) Brendon and Rachel are debating who is the better of them to stay. Brendon is talking about how they’ll see who has his back when the votes come in. He’s also coaching her on how she’ll have to play without him. Hmm, has Brendon being been trying to fake Daniele out and is going to save Rachel afterall? Sounds like there’s a good chance Rachel is about to be saved.

Stay tuned and we’ll have the spoilers for you this afternoon as soon as the Live Feeds return and we have the results.

Who do you want to see saved: Brendon or Rachel? Who should Daniele renom?


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  1. either way one of them is gone YAY!!! and unfourtunately dani will go up but will win PoV or another one will (kalia, lawton or JeJo) and take herself off or the others will and put either retchel or whaaaandon.

    • JJ will never use the veto on Dani. Kalia might. JJ can say whatever they want to Dani. If JJ gets HOH, Dani is going up. They can’t trust Dani. She’s dead to them.

      • NOPE. Neither one of them is still safe at this point. Seeing what Dani puts up as a replacement.

    • @ ziggy1, You dont know that if Rachel was to win that she would leave Brenden, you dont know her for one and for two she gave up everything to go to L.A. to be with Brenden. Rachel left UNLV, her job which she made a hell of lot more money then what she is making now, she spent all her savings to be with Brenden. Rachel gave up everything to be with him, Brenden didnt give up anything, until now. It just shows what people will do for the people they love. Plus I think it is about time that Brenden does something for Rachel other then patronize her and cause her to spiral out of control.

    • YOUUUUU got that right she jumped on them too soon i mean really if you were trying to win a half mill would you not lie backstab …but wait till the end and her sidekick kaluuuuaaa has gotta SHUTTTTTy UPPPPPy OMG this is the most annoying person i would rather here Rachael [omg thats saying somthing huh] …im so sick of the race card she is not the first or last black women that will play BB ..JJ will not trust her they have watched and Jeff called it the other night how she floats from hoh to hoh so we will see cant wait for Thursday weeeeeeeeee

  2. I can not believe how childish both Brenden &
    Rachel are. If things aren’t their way, they whine and moan like I did as a kid. Why do they think Dani doesn’t deserve to be there? The fact that she won $50k, should remind them of how good she is….Hope Dani doesn’t back down.

      • no, SHE won $50K. She saved her dads but more than once in their season. Without her he would never have won.

      • Daniele played a great game all season of BB8, but when it came down to it she couldn’t seal the deal. She lost the last 3 competitions she fought in and would have been sent home in 3rd place if Evel Dick hadn’t won that 3rd and final round of the last HoH comp. Zach would have sent her home, but instead she was saved by her dad.

        Daniele did play a great game that year, but just like the two seasons before where Janelle dominated week after week but lost in the final rounds, she couldn’t get to the end on her own.

        Yes, Daniele saved her dad throughout the season, but in the end he took her to the F2. Instead of being grateful for the rewards of her team effort with Evel she continues to claim she was “robbed.”

      • THAT’S SO RIGHT!!! Dick would not of won without Dani and both helped each other. As for Rachel she’ll stay a week or two more that’s it. Because if she dose win bye-bye Brandon she’ll never marry him. She’ll be back in Vegas so fast he’s head will swing. He’s so dumb no one gives up the chance to stay in BB – BAD MOVE ON HIS PART.

      • i disagree with everyone on this. Danielle played a better game than dick S8 as dick wouldn’t have even made the jury if it weren’t for america saving his ass multiple times. Not only that, but Danielle won far more competitions than dick…

  3. Oh I hope Brenda saves Rachel. His “talk” with Dani last night was horrible, threatening, demeaning, and proves what a TOOL he is!!! Would love to see him go work on his PHD…

    • Oh, forgot…renom Porsche. One less vote for them. (and doesn’t piss “big Jeff” off.

  4. I can’t stand Brenden or Rachel. I didn’t like them the first time they were on. They are acting like they won their season but they didn’t so how can they tell everyone else that they know the game better than everyone else. They both have to go quickly!!

  5. If Dani give Brenchel another chance i don’t think they’ll put her up, Brenchel(more specifically Rachel) wants people(fans) to like them. so i think if they(Brenchel) get to stay, i say Vets will take it to top 5

    • U must admit Rachel knows how to win challenges. If only she could get her emotions together!

      • @ Lori, You are right Rachel is good at comps, as for her emotions she cannot help it she has bipolar disorder unless she gets therapy and meds she will always be up and down.

  6. I still think Brendon will save himself and not Rachel. Danielle will put up Jordan and Rachel will go. Brendon will definitely put all his efforts in winning HOH and/or also getting Danielle out of the house. I personally would rather see Brendon save Rachel but I don’t think he will. He thinks he is a better player than Rachel. I think without Brendon, Rachel is the better player. It all depends on who Danielle puts up as a replacement.

    • i think Brendan is delusional if he thinks he’s better than Rachel, ya he’s won a few Veto’s but so has Rachel, not to mention Rachel has never lost an HOH that she has played in. she stands a better chance of winning HOH especially if it’s a quiz like Dani thinks it will be

      • never lost an hoh that she played in? maybe this season (2) but lets not forget Dani GAVE her the first one. I believe if they both went to the end Dani would have beaten her.

      • @t_ray. Very true, plus she did not win the other HOH she claims she won. The newbies that were with them were told to throw it. So essentially this season they have won nothing that was not given to them. At least so far.

      • I have said this before….no one should ever throw a comp, espcially a veto, especially if they are on the block.
        I can see people not wanting to be HOH because although there is safety for the week, there is danger of being a target the next. But not playing, competing and just sitting around for things to happen, or to be told what to do……..that is crap and makes for a very boring predictable show.

      • @Annie T, It doesn’t make for a boring show if you throw all competitions and try to manipulate people at the same time. You just have to be having fun with them while you are manipulating that way they don’t get all worried and suspicious. That was the key to both dan’s and dr. will’s games.

  7. Jordan is the safest bet for Dani’s renomination. Jordon somewhat even volunteered herself. As for who should go. I think Brendon will use it on Rachel. It makes him leave the show on a good note.

    Not to mention. I think Dani’s is really wanting Brendon to use on Rachel. So that even is very small chance. Dani can be sitting next to Rachel in the final two.

    • All this talk about Brendon using veto to save Rachel is dumb. Brendon is much too self centered. It was the same thing last year and guess what, Brendon SAVED HIMSELF!

  8. This whole week just reinforces how much an influence Evel Dick truly had on Danielles game. He must have rubbed off on her a little because she sure had the eye of the tiger in that ceremony. Now will she have the guts/nerve to see it through and put up Jeff or Jordan and break up that group? She has to be thinking, what would my dad do? I imagine it’s hard and she really is alone. I do hope she goes far. Brenchel should be sent packing as they have gotten to be more irritating than originally feared. I like all the newbies for one reason, this game is hard enough without playing with seasoned veterans and that extra added, possible star struck feeling? Wanting to be liked? I think that’s why I like LaWon the best, he is just himself. Adam, too. They are still learning and finding their way. No doubt Dani will have a hard decision but I hope she puts up Jordan to get Brenchel out. And Matt, keep up the great commentary, you make me laugh every day.

    • Wow, your favs are Adam & Lawon? Boy, they sure are putting on a show! Wouldn’t it be great if all the houseguests played as hard and as brilliantly as those two! I bet they are gonna win some kind of competition any minute now!

      • Yes they are. I’m not saying they will win but I like their people skills. They aren’t plotting and scheming every second and seem to be genuinely nice people. Social game is a plus, not just winning POV or HOH. If I have to be stuck all summer in a house with strangers I would want to be able to tolerate hearing them speak and look them in the eye and not feel like the wheels are spinning to backstab me at any moment. It’s just not in their nature. I guess I know YOUR nature preference. Let’s agree to disagree, okie dokie?

      • Sure, like you, I am just trying to have fun with this! Everybody has their own buttons, that’s what makes the show so good.

      • Out of all the people. I am most curious on seeing what Adam would do. If he won HoH this Thursday. Seeing Both JeJo and Brenchel nominated him in previous weeks. Or would he go after dani seeing she is basically alone.

  9. If Daniele leaves both of them in the house, then that is a more foolish move then when she tried to backdoor Jeff. Don’t give in to those two, Daniele, put up Jordan and hopefully Rachel should go home, although I really think that they are BS’ing everyone and that he is really going to save the redhead.

    • Putting up Jeff would surely break their deal. Putting up Jordon. There is a chance that Dani’s deal with JeJo will stay in tact. Seeing that Jordon volunteered herself.

      From viewer standpoint I would like to see how the house votes. It was Brendon and Jeff on the block come this Thursday.

      • Brendon is not going to use the veto on Rachel…he never was….he said the same thing last year too. HE IS TOO SELF CENTERED!

  10. I hope Dani puts up Jordan. Nobody will vote for her and the house wants one of those 2 clowns gone.

  11. If Brendan safes himself, put Jordan up as pawn… she request a risk …, If Porsche still wants to go home, give her the chance. If Brendan safes Rachel, than poor Jeff might be at risk… , as some of you suspected big bulky moves to swap Lawon … I don’t see Dani throwing a newbie tho… her initial goal is to split fellow Vets Breanchel or Jefjo. Dani’s ultimate bulky move would be put up Shelly…a useless crap that plays doublesided..

  12. Brendan and Rachel are TV gold. I’ll be sorry to see either of them go. They may save themselves yet

  13. Maybe I just wouldn’t be a good player, but I think that Danielle should put up Porshe in the vacant spot. Brendan and Rachael are their own worst enemies and they will eventually self destruct and one will go soon. If one of them goes this week, GREAT, but put Porshe up (and ENSURE Jordan doesn’t go home) and if Porshe goes home, then that alliance is one less strong either way….then Shelly may not feel so comfy anymore!

      • I agree with you on this one. She is useless and Rachels lap dog. I don’t get her at all. She barely gets any TV time so producers must not think much of her either.

      • I guess Dom was right after all. They should of ousted Porshe and kept Keith. Now, he was a real “playa”.

  14. I do like Jordan, but the HGs have to see that her being nice and trying to play honest is what is and what will get her probably to the end again. That is how she won her season. She got to the end because everyone liked her. I would think being liked by everyone in the house would be a huge threat in a way. They need to see at some point that Jordan being liked and keeping her in the house, may cost them in the long run.

    • Chris you have a good point there. She won once before because she was well liked. just my opinion.

      • yeah i think they are back from it, but im not 100% sure, but from the looks of the conversations it looks like they are to me… but i cant make out what happened for sure, rachel is crying in the havenots with brendon talking to her

    • brendon and rachel just said they figured she would have nominated jeff to go against brendon they didnt expect her to put jordan up against brendon

  15. Brendumb said at first that he would save Rachell.
    If he saves himself, he is going back on his word. He likes to boast about playing with integrity and all that crap. Is he so self-centered to save himself? We’ll see…

    I think Dani should put up Porsche as the replacement. She is Brenchel’s puppet, so either take out the puppet or the puppetmaster.

  16. Bringing Brendon back IF he goes home makes SO MUCH SENSE! Keeping the 2 (Brenchel)in the house makes for good TV. splitting this couple up so soon is gonna make for bad ratings… Just saying.

  17. “Hmm, has Brendon being trying to fake Daniele out and is going to save Rachel afterall?”
    Say what? Had this been moderately coherent, it could have been a great prediction.

    • “Being” typo’d instead of “been”. A moderate level of intelligence could have figured that one out.

      Definitely time for you to move on and find somewhere else to bitch and bitch. Sounds like someone needs a Brendon-hug.

  18. I really liked jjo last time bit since jordan won and they went on amazing race, I think jeff has gotten so cocky and mean really Jeff come on this is not the mafia. Go Dani you are brave and I think working without a couple a huge disadvantage in the beginning for her and newbies ( now there is a group of pansies. Good riddance Brandon and Rachel shimmer next

  19. I just dont know if Brendon is gone. The main vote is Adam. You never know who is going to get into his head.

  20. Brendon the unstoppable force!! Brendon solidify his love for Rachel with the ultimate gift. Your going down next week Dani and get that damn smirk off your face.

  21. I think Dani is playing the game brilliantly! If she can keep pace up she’s bound to win.

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