Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Week 4 Sunday Highlights

Game talk continues in the Big Brother house as Dani has a big decision to make for the pov ceremony.  The winner will definitely use the veto and today is spent trying to figure out who will be taken off the block.  Dani works the numbers and tries to decide who should be the replacement nominee and will she still have the votes to send the right person home.  Brenchel are scrambling hoping for a miracle that will allow both of them to remain in the game.

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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – July 31, 2011:

10:30 AM BBT – Shelly, Adam and Brenchel up and sitting outside running their mouths about Kalia.  They say some people can only complain and that’s why her and Dani get along so well.  Adam hasn’t connected with Kalia at all.  I guess they don’t realize they’re doing the same thing talking negatively about Kalia. Brendon says Dani has a black heart but Shelly quickly says it wasn’t a nice thing to say.  I hope Brendon uses the pov to save Rachel and he goes home.  I’m so sick of him and his mouth.
10:36 AM BBT – Now they’re talking about how she peed in the hot tub.  Gross!  I didn’t know that.
10:44 AM BBT – Apparently Brenchel is having a mock wedding on Wednesday.  Big sigh!!!! Give me a break!!!
10:53 AM BBT – The hg’s are amazed because it’s raining for the first time since they’ve been in the house.
11:05 AM BBT – Rach says she sees now why ED called Dani a little bia.
12:00 PM BBT – Bren and Rach are whispering about Dani.  Rach wants to talk to her but Bren says to wait until morning.  Rach is still under the delusion she can convince Dani to put up Kalia.
12:45 PM BBT – Brendon says most girls are catty and talks about how secure Rachel is.  What? Are you kidding me? Do you even know your fiance?
12:55 PM BBT – Rachel tells Shelly that Brendon will use the pov on himself because he for sure won’t have the votes to stay.  They are speculating she will put up Jordan to ensure Rachel’s eviction.
1:30 PM BBT – JeJo in the HoH room talking to Dani.  Dani is scared to put up Jordan because she doesn’t want her to go home and they go over the votes.  Dani says she will put up Porsche to show them she doesn’t want to put them up.  Jordan said Porsche could get voted out.  They want to talk to Adam about where his loyalty lies.
2:00 PM BBT – Adam is now in the HoH.  He wants Rachel gone and will definitely vote for Jordan and fight hard for HoH this week.
3:45 PM BBT – Porsche says she bang pots and pans and put some gross crap in Dani’s bed if she is the replacement nominee.  Just like an immature brat to do something like that.
4:50 PM BBT – Adam runs his mouth to Porsche about Dani putting up either her or Jordan.  Porsche tells Brenchel and he gets pissed because he knows JeJo made a deal with her.
5:27 PM BBT – Jeff tells Jordan he’s glad Rach is going home so he doesn’t have to worry about sneaky crap.
8:30 PM BBT – The mock wedding plans are under way.  The bachelor/bachelorette party will be tonight, Porsche and Adam are the strippers.
10:00 PM BBT – Brenchel decide to go on and talk to Dani and head up to the HoH.  Bren tells her he will use the pov on himself instead of Rach.  Asks where her head is at.  She is not answering but instead turn their questions back to them.  Brenchel is doing a pretty decent job of pleading their case.  Dani is going to think about things and talk to them again tomorrow.  I hope Dani doesn’t fall their crap and puts Jordan up which will ensure one of the Brenchel’s is going home Thursday.  YAY! LOL

So the house is speculating who is going up as the replacement nominee.  Porsche has promised a temper tantrum if it’s her and I personally would love to see her act like an idiot but I’m guessing it will be Jordan on the block against Brendon.  We will see later in the day what goes down at the pov ceremony so check back for all your spoilers.

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  1. Dani would be 100% retarded if she puts up Jordan instead of Porsche. Pawns almost always go home and if she puts up Porsche, she can guarantee that someone supporting Brendon and Rachel goes home. Dani made a good move this week, but hopefully she does not f*ck it up.

    • People, don’t count your chickens before they are hatched. Rachel is gonna find a way. Send Jordan or Jeff home! THEY ARE THE TRAITORS!

  2. I personaly think that she won’t put Jordan up.
    But this is what i don’t understand. If Jeff and Jordan were “smart ppl”, they would be talking to Dani for her to put Porsche, and then vote Porsche out and reunit the Veteran Four Alliance Again. For me this is the BEST move so far.
    That’s why i don’t understand why on the world Jordan would talk to Dani and say this: “Jordan said Porsche could get voted out.” Are you kidding me?

    • I see your point, but I don’t want then reuniting because I CANNOT stand Brendon and Rachel. Can’t stand how Rachel says that she doesn’t attack anyone and is not mean to anyone, but the next thing you know she is bashing someone(nevermind that she is ugly as hell and annoying). If that’s who you are then at least own up to it. And yes, I’m bashing her, but that’s who I am…lol

      • I understand you very well! I know that Rachel can be VERY annoying, but like her, i HATE floaters. I honor great players, and they are strong as physical and mental (sometimes). So that’s why i don’t them to go home..
        It’s a love-hate relationship with them lol

      • I agree Michelle, I can’t stand Rachel’s ugly lying self. as long as she id running things, all is fine but when some esle is in control then she wants to ‘cry foul’. Do’t know why they decided to bring back these particular couples anyway. Was everybody else busy of not interested? Rachel is a wimp and without her savior boy is would be absolutely pitifull. Not saying that I would feel sory for her by no means though. She needs to go and hopefully her mate B not P will go next week.

    • I do not agree that they should try an get the renom out to remain 4 person vet alliance, that would not be good for j/j bc b/r are better then them w/comps so they would keep j/j from winning anything. Now with one out they stand a better chance to win things. I say if the house has the opprotunity now to get someone better then all them out they need to take it to help all their game! This is good for j/j dani did their dirty work now they can still stay w/the remaining b/r their cool w/dani still can can turn on them when need be!

      • Yes maybe Dani could team up with J&J(if they can be trusted) to get B or R which ever one stays out, porsche,shelley,adam, kalahi and lewon out in that order.

        I’m still not given up hope that someone will be bought back into the house; dick, dom or even keith or cassie would help possibly help at this point.

      • Dick is not coming back. He left the show and is able to watch everything that has gone on…so he can not reenter the house even if he wanted to. Too bad because I think the game would have been played completely different if he had stayed.

  3. Jesus christ, can we not get a report without your biased and rude attitude towards the houseguests?!

      • Writers shouldn’t be banned at all. Maybe just insert your opinions in this forum like the rest of us do?

      • @Ang: This isn’t CBS. It’s a fansite written by fans, who like you, have opinions. That’s the whole point of running a fansite. To create a forum for discussion for everyone.

        Try writing all of your comments void of opinion or reaction and see how interesting that is.

        If you disagree with the writer, then make a comment and state your opinion.

      • I believe if he’s giving the recap we should be thankful for it and not criticizing the way he does it. Also, based on what I have seen on TV, can you explain how his comments are biased? Sure they can be rude at times, but it’s funny and it not like certain house guests do not deserve it.

      • @ Matt:I happen to agree with most of your opinions, so hey, keep up the good work! I would prefer that Dani put Jordan up as a pawn so that (hopefully) Brendon goes bye-bye…pretty bad that I would rather see Rachel stay but I too am so sick of his mouth.

    • Thank you! I know everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I’m getting a little irritated reading the reports with negative comments about the people I’m hoping advance in the game.

      • I agree, but this writer hated BR last year, and did the same thing, so I don’t see him stopping. He could report the update, and then post a commentary post with opinions, but chooses not to.

      • Can’t say i disagree. I like it much better when Matt does it because he just gives us the straight up facts.

      • @Ang: So you’re saying it’d be okay if the negative comments were about the HGs you didn’t like rather than the ones you do.

        @MM: Chloe isn’t a “him,” but you’re right, she isn’t going to stop including her opinions and I won’t ask her to do that either.

      • @MM Yep, the writer could do that rather than attack people who question the way in which reports are written.

      • @Marlee: Every week we get ppl who come in here and say “I want you to write the way I want, not the way you want.”

        Chloe, the writer of this post, hasn’t left a comment, but I will continue to defend her right to have an opinion and encourage readers to share theirs whether they agree or not.

      • Even the CBS news guy expressed his opinion after the show interruption by the President.

        Seriously ppl, if you want a non-opinion recap, try the CBS site and pretend they aren’t biased.

        This is a FAN site written by supa-fans. Keep Up the great work Chloe and to the other writers!………MOST of us understand how this all works and appreciate your point of view!

      • LOL I could give a crap less if you disagree with me. I am a writer on this site and I will continue to write what I think everyday. Thanks for defending me Matt. People wouldn’t be so mad if I were cheering on Brenchel and that is not going to happen. Brendon is a bully and treats women like $hit. Rachel is a needy attention getter and has no social game because she drives everyone crazy when she opens her mouth. I think Dani should put Shelly up and expose her some more as the liar she is.

      • Can I also say how much I wish I had a REAL job? I mean, I don’t even like Big Brother! I mainly write to piss people off.

    • Exactly, ED would have gotten rid of Dom just like he got rid of Nick. Dick prevented Dani from throwing her game away last time over a boy, unfortunately he wasn’t around this time.

  4. If I were Dani I would replace Bren with Shelly because that is the best way to get rachel out of the house Everyone like Shelly Jeff and jordon Adam and Kalia and Lawan will vote like dani says so the only people that Rachel would have would be Porche to vote for her so Shelly would be the best choice for replacement (though I really like Shelly and I hope she goes to the end)

    • You are 100% Tiffany. Shelly needs to be put up to Rach. shelly would vote to keep rach in vs who ever is up and thus that is one less vote. She is also a floater and has done nothing! But Rach is the ONE everyone will target as the threat. Shelly will not win HOH or Veto so she needs to be put up against Rach so Rach can go to JURY HOUSE :)

  5. I guess I am a bit surprised that so many of you want Rachel out of the house. From what I saw, Rachel and Brendon did what Jeff and Jordon wanted and that was to get Dom out of the house and they didn’t backdoor Jeff. Now what are Rachel and Brendon any worse than Dani, Jeff, Jordon, Kalia, etc. They all talk behind each others back. Jeff and Jordon made a pact with Brendon and Rachel to stay together. Rachel tried to honor the pact and to include Dani. Dani is just getting them out based on spite and her ego because she thinks no one else would have the courage to put Brendon and Rachel. Rachel and Brendon are great game players. I don’t see Jordon or Jeff for that matter bothering to put their hearts and souls into winning comps. Jordon is skulking around with a sneaky look on her face and backstabbing the two people who were trying to stick together with them. That is the way I see it.

    • Im a rach/ bren fan too. They r the best in the bb house. Hopefully both will stay othwrwise the other will bite dani’s head off next week

      • Yeah, me too. I don’t know why ppl hate them, i know they can be very annoying sometimes, but they r great players.

    • If you keep the RB then all that you will have is the gun hitting off the little ducks and then only the big ones will be left so what game is it there? Lets have some excitement. We need to spice it up!

  6. Brendon is a prick and needs to check is ego..sooooo disrepectful..think’s he’s the s h i t…Jeff can be a little macho but at least he doesnt talk down to people like they are 5 and tell people to shut up in mid sentence..

      • He not straight up he just a rude and thinks he can intimidate people. Brendon makes his comments personal he attacks people on a personal level more then any of the other hgs

      • You know who I saw being sneaky last night was the way Kalia set up Rachel. Unfortunately, Rachel reacted just the way Kalia wanted her to so now Kalia can say, I tried to say I was sorry to Rachel but she was nasty to me. Kalia is super sneaky. I think Lawon is such a nice gentle person–this is really not a game for him.

    • I agree Jacob, Brendon is a sissy that will only yell at females,and controls his girl. If he was so tough he would have should up to Jeff when he went off on Rachel. Instead he came down on her as well. What a man, what a man, what a mighty spineless man. He really does have a problem with females. He also make jabs at males that he thinks is scared or beneath him.

  7. Yes, I agree right now jejo is doing what branchel would so you can’t fault them but think the problem here is that dani took the all the blame for the backdooring jeff when both rachel and brendon wanted to do it. I think one of the reasons is that dani got thrown under the bus by them at the house meeting and turned it on to her. I think if brandon/rachel kept their shut and didn’t start cheering at the hoh comp she may of gone after jejo. Jejo were smart enough to keep their mouth shut brachel made themself a target and also in Dani defence if she doen’t go after them now then chances are they could win this game. I think this could be the only chance to get them out

    • I don’t remember Brendon and Rachel wanting to backdoor Jeff. They discussed it only because it was brought to them by Shelley that Dani had talked about it. Jeff and Jordon talked about putting up Brendon and Rachel when she won HOH, remember? But, all four eventually had been trying to stick together. Now Jeff and Jordon are forgetting their alliance and sucking up to that disgusting Dani.

      • Yeaah i agree 100%.
        I’m so pissed that Jordan is saying to Dani “ooh if you put Porsche she will go home”.. Are you serious???
        If JeJo were smart enough, they would convince Dani to put Porsche up, and OBVIOUSLY she would go home, and the the Veterans 4 Alliance would be together again and rule the house as they were doing so far..
        I think JeJo r playing very bad this season. Ok, they can ally with Dani now, but when she has the odds again, byebye Jeff. Then Jordan would have to suck it up! (Don’t get me wrong, i love JeJo either, but they r driving me mad)

      • You don’t recall when Jordan won the reward challenge and had the audacity to NOT take Brenchal? According to Rachel, that was their second strike! (The first being that JeJo didn’t listen to her and put up Cassi right away). Dani saw the opportunity and played it up – she just pushed too hard, and Dom talked to the wrong person (Shelly). Had Dani let Dom know prior that Shelly was the snake, things would be a lot different now. Brenchal was a BIG part of the backdoor plan, and they got off scot-free.

      • Kara you have touched on the one thing that truely confused me about Dani. Because she did not trust Dom and fully commit to their alliance she cost him his chance. She was being too careful. Not telling Dom whom he could trust amongst the newbies may have cost her. You r so right Kara if Dom had known about Shelly he would not have said anything to her, Dani messed herself up there. She still has not trusted anyone in the game. I’m not so sure this is good for her. She lost Dom because of mistrust.

    • I agree, they b&r wanted to but were afraid and unsure of themselves and abilities when there were so many more games to play. J&J also stated that they should get B&R out because of the drama R was trying to cause, Jeff even said the she was getting on his nerves.

  8. Some odd weird reason I like brenchel. But even I find the commentary funny keep it up! I would be bored otherwise. So thanks chloe in that was a funny commentary. Also thanks matt!!!”

  9. Freedom of speech people. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. And I for cannot stand Branchel. Her voice and laugh drive me nuts. His tantrums even worse. I wish they could both go, but one will do for now.

  10. well dani claims she is the best player in the bb house and is so amazingly strategic, lets see when the veto ceremony comes – i mean do they really believe brendon is using it on himself, wow clearly he will save his fiancee…i dont care what he says to their faces….he even said the game is more imp to her than it is to him…i agree he does need to keep a lid of the insulting remarks he certainly hasnt improved his image from last yr! brenchel are still strong players….floaters are doin a good job too, winning nada but flappin their mouths aloT!@

  11. Matt you rock. If people dont want to read your comments they can create their own page and quit coming on here for your insite. I appreciate everything you are doing.
    As for Rachel and Brendon, they are worthless people who think they are so much better then anyone. They are disgusting and think the world revolves around them. PATHETIC! Karma is a b**** and I cannot wait to see how it comes back around to them! They think since they had played before they are so great. Guess what! THEY LOST THEIR SEASON. Now they will just be 2 time losers. HAHAHA!

    • First of all, guess what?
      They lost their season because the whole hg were against them :)
      And guess what again?
      They ARE strong players, they ARE a threat, it is pretty obvious in challenges. If Rachel were competing for HOH, i’m pretty sure she would have won. I’m okay with ppl hating Brenchel, but when you say that they are NOT strong players, then it’s just BS.

      • Yes, I respect everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I am confused as to why Brendon and Rachel are worthless people compared to anyone else in the BB House?

  12. I’m hoping B does save R. I am soooo tired of him. Period. Also I have always wondered what R would be like w/o B around.

    Thinking JJ have never liked R and areready to break the Vet alliance. They are now using D to achieve this. That is why J warned against using Por as a pawn

  13. Brenchel will have a mock weddding?
    Big Brother, PULEEEZE, I am begging–
    Enough of those two,
    Their days are through.
    Buckets of tears they’ll be shedding.

  14. Yesterday Rachel complaining about K crying all the time, please who is crying again!

  15. Hi Peeps,
    I think Jordan is as cute as a ladybug, but she is going to be as bald as a ladybug if she doesn’t stop pulling at her bangs. I also wonder why mommy Shelly didn’t correct Brendon/Jeff when they were talking about slapping a bit*ch, really!! if ever there was a time for one of her impromptu counseling sessions, that was one. She was the only female in the room.

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