Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Week 4 PoV Ceremony Results

Power of Veto

The Power of Veto Ceremony is over in the Big Brother 13 and after all the action this weekend we were nearly surprised with the results. We might not have been completely caught off guard, but apparently most of the house was. When the feeds returned one HG was heard saying, “I was shocked.”

Read on for your Big Brother 13 spoilers to find out what happened today at the Veto ceremony.

At today’s Power of Veto Ceremony, this week’s winner of the Veto, Brendon once again, decided to use the Veto like we expected but as we mentioned just before the ceremony there was a change of plans. Instead of using the Veto to save himself he decided to save Rachel from eviction.

Daniele was forced to name a nomination replacement and just as she originally planned, Jordan was placed on the block, which should seal Brendon’s fate.

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    • That’s right – now Rach can change her “I’m back bitches” to the bitches are on their way Back out!

      C-ya @sshole!

    • I am completely in shock. I can not believe that Brendon fell on his sword! Come on production, give us another BB “miracle” and “save” him. At least Rachel is safe! There is a God after all.

      • This was not a shock. You are really enjoying this huh? That’s ok, at least half of the brenchel beast is going home this week. lol

      • Please let me know what you see in this couple. They are the worst players in the BB house history and I want them gone to never ever return again. They suck but they are perfect for each other. Now Brendon can be his condisending self working on his what ever he gave up working on to come on the show.

      • I like them because they are insane. They put on a good show every time. I’m glad it’s Rachel that gets to stay. She’s gonna get that backstabbing Dani…Oh boy is she gonna get her!

  1. It was the thing to do for Dani. I’m 99% certain that Brendon is going home, who would want to backdoor Jordan, that would be stupid.

    • We can only hope. Stupid is as stupid does. There is no shortage of stupid in that house.

      • Wayne?? Is that your real name??…Of course STUPID is as STUPID does! You Probly think Casey Anthony is not guilty!!

      • Isn’t she? I mean the jury said so right? They wouldn’t let a child killer go free, would they? No, I’m sure they got it right.

    • the only thing brenchel can use is the fact that Jordan is already a big brother winner which makes her a threat and all the going under the radar BS.
      and for Wayne, cassy was acquited because the evidence was “circumstantial” it doesn’t mean that she’s not guilty, it means they couldn’t prove “beyond resonable doubt” that she was. what kind of a mother would not report her daughter missing and go party meanwhile???

  2. God I hope Brendon is the target this week. I just can not stand to watch the 2 of them try to run the house again. And wtf is wrong with Dani? she promises that J&J would NOT go on the block this week but does it anyways? What a shady bitch.

    • Jordan told Dani to put her up — it was the safest choice to ensure that either Brendon will go home

    • From what I’ve seen…Dani really didn’t want to put up Jordan as the pawn. Jordan said she was fine with going up as pawn as long as Jeff and her were sure they had the votes. I think Dani was being honest when she said she really didn’t want to put them up. But they all knew everyone would vote out Brendon or Rachel before Jordan.

    • Nice – maybe you should find out what really happened before slinging that kind of a comment.

    • Dani&J&J decided that to make sure R or B went home Jordan would go up as a pawn. At least try to know what’s going on before name calling.

    • pretty smart, actually. By putting up Jordan as the replacement she guarantees Brendan will go home – she removes Jordan’s vote and there’s no way Jeff or Shelly will vote out Jordan. Lawuan and Kalia will vote to evict Brendan. That leaves just Rachel and Porsche to vote to save Brendan. Buh Bye!

  3. i dont respect him more for the move. he’s an idiot. i would have put adam on the block, because it makes people vote honestly. well maybe.

    kalia HAS tow in HOH… and she wont. i dont care what she did in the last HOH. i dont see her rising when the pressure is just about DIRECTLY on her.

    Lawon… HA! dont make me laugh.

    daniele doesnt realize no matter who went home this week, she will be the biggest target in the house. and JJ/BR have everyone in the house besides kalia and maybe lawon. everyone else will come after her.

    lets hope kalia wins.

    • I’m not so sure that Jeff and Jordan will be on rachels side. They already have their issues with her in the first place. They said it would be perfect if she goes home and they could team with brendon, but they were not sure if they would stay loyal to rachel if she stayed without brendon becuase she is “Crazy” to quote jordan. Ha ha. I guess we will see though.

      • I agree. Lets hope J&J keep their promise and not side with
        Rachel. Again Rachel is crazy and I want her to go/

    • yea i really hope kalia wins because if some one comes back that means no jury for one week after so i want her to make it far and she needs to win t get rachel out gooo kalia and danielle

  4. Great now we get to hear Rachel’s voice for another week and more than ever she will be saying “NO ONE COMES BETWEEN ME AND MY MAN!!”. (puke)

  5. Rachel is going to be such fiercy at next HoH that she will definitely go after Daniele! I cant wait until next week!! :D

  6. Main reason why I want to see Brendon leave is because I cannot wait to see Rachel FREAK OUT. “I will avenge my man and bla bla bla”.

  7. Don’t worry brendon lovers when he is evicted this week he is just going into sequester with Keith, Cassi, and Dom. Then one of those four will have the chance to reenter the house to take dick’s place. So there is a chance Brendon will reenter the house and Brenchel will be reunited. All is not lost.

  8. One would think that Jordan being so well liked in the house, would be considered a huge threat by the rest of the house. Thats how she cruised along and won her season a couple years ago. Im not hating on her at all. I really do like her. Its just that if they dont start to soon see her being so well liked, as a threat, she may end up winning yet another season.

    • THANK YOU! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who sees this. I like Jordan and all but it she won 2 yrs ago by playing the sweet, piss no one off, game. She played honestly, won a couple competitions and made friends with the house. This yr she’s sweet & innocent. Everyone loves her…again…and if the HGs don’t evict her she’s going to win again..because everyone likes her. The”newbies” are truly idiots if they keep Jordan. In a final 2 scenario if anyone is sitting next to Jordan, they will NOT win. The newbies are sitting pretty right now because all they have to do is sit back, relax, and watch the vets pick each other off one by one by one.

    • THANK YOU! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who sees this. I like Jordan and all, but she won 2 yrs ago by playing the sweet, piss no one off, game. She played honestly, won a couple competitions and made friends with the house. This yr she’s just as sweet & innocent. Everyone loves her…again…and if the HGs don’t evict her she’s going to win again..because everyone likes her. The”newbies” are truly idiots if they keep Jordan. In a final 2 scenario if anyone is sitting next to Jordan, they will NOT win. The newbies are sitting pretty right now because all they have to do is sit back, relax, and watch the vets pick each other off one by one by one.

      • I agree that Jordan is liked and ca fly under the radar… that’s her gameplay. But, y’all tell me this… if you were living under that roof and had to choose between living with Jordan or Brendon, tell me, wouldn’t you send Brendon packing? I personally would forfeit a lot of money to keep from hearing another word out of those two (Brendon and Rachel)… they make me want to vomit! At this point in the game, I think they should evict the person who makes them the most nauseated! LOL!

    • I don’t know… going up against her BECAUSE she won another season could be an advantage as well. If people think “well, she already won before” depending on who was in the other seat, you could have a good shot.

    • So what if she won it before? Brendon is the bigger threat and he’s a condescending jerk who feeds into Rachel’s insecurities and jealousy. He deserves to go home.

      • Andrew, the big deal with Jordan having won before is this: she is playing exactly as she did the season she won. Everyone loves her, she has yet to piss anyone off, and if it comes dowb to her & ANYONE in final 2, SHE will win again. I see how that is unfair, but the newbies are stupid morons for not seeing it & doing something about it.

      • Jordan is really the bigger threat if you stop and really think about it. Who would you want to keep in the game, someone like you described Brendon as, or someone who no one sees as a threat and gets along with everyone?

  9. Can’t wait to see the expressions on everyones faces come Wednesday night. Dani’s jaw probably hit the floor, haha.

  10. So happy with this! I absolutely loathe Brendon. He’s a smug a-hole. Plus, he’s completely condescending to Rachel. Hate him.

  11. You all know why Brendan saved Rachel… right? Because he isn’t good at winning things and so by saving Rachel, this was thier safest bet to possibly making it further. We will se but it shows in his track record!

    I am not a big Brenchel fan however if choices were made between Jeff and Jordan and Brenchal to go.. so to make you all mad but I would chose Jeff/ Jordan to go. It’s my opinion. Sorry! Anyway, I hope that Jodan goes although I know its probably a long shot… but we will see…

    As they say, expect the unexpected! :)

      • Wrong…that arrogant Brendon needs to go. And knowone will go against Dani on this because then they will not only have Jeff after them they will have Dani, Kalia, Shelly all after the one who doesn’t vote out Brendon.

      • NO! Brendon has to go! I wish Dani would team up with Jeff and Jordan now. That would be sweet. I hope Rachel ends up all by herself with no alliance.

  12. Daniele knows she is the biggest target next week. The point is she was going to go home this week so she won hoh and made a big move. If I was her I’d hope for a nomination and then play for the veto which hopefully she will win. As long as brendon is leaving this was a great move.

  13. I hope Brendon goes home,I hope Daniele goes next.I sure hope they don’t vote Jordan out.As bad I can’t stand Rachel,I want Daniele gone for sure,Don’t know who I can’t stand the most.

    • Why you can’t stand Dani? She is the only one in the house that have the balls to make big moves. I love jj especially Jordon but it was becoming boring to see the vets picking off the newbies. All the newbies do is stay up the vets butt when at the end the vets don’t have plans of keeping them. Dani move made it that much more interesting watching the show.

      BTW, I wasn’t attacking you I was just asking why Dani?

  14. Love Jordan but she needs to go……she does not win competitions and has already won BB. The remaining three need to send Dani packing, she is a liar, she acts entitled even more so than Rachel. She may be her fathers daughter, but she does not have the game ED had.

  15. B is gone for sure but Dani screwed up bc she just lit R fire ans maybe just p.o. “Big Jeff” for putting J up so Dani is screwed by her own hand and her lap dog right behnd her

    • Me too. Blows me away. I was sure he was much too self centered to do it. Rachel is gonna get Dani! I can’t wait!

  16. Come on BB, make sure Brendon comes back after sequester and not Dominic or Cassie. I want to see him return and end up winning.

  17. Hey ppl, news flash: Brendon knows hes going home, hes not stupid, just wanted to save his girl. All you ppl that think he didnt know he was gonna go home when he saved rachel are morons.

    • No one thinks he didn’t know he was going. We all just think he’s as stupid as Marcellas in not using it to save himself.

    • I think he knew they could not win and this was a way for him to look good and still be a LOSER! Besides he has a PHD to go work on.

  18. Well the only ones i see voting to keep Brendon are Rachel and probably Porsche. Brendon definately does not have the votes to stay unless he can somehow sway Adam and Lawon which i doubt will happen. Does anyone know where Adam and Lawon stand? Im sure Kalia will vote him out and Shelly will too since she likes Jeff and Jordan

  19. right Dani is a lying brat way worse than Rachel who by the way acts better this season

  20. I have a lot of respect for BR now that they told Jeff about the backdoor plan… Jordan has already won 500k I hope they send Jordan home and keep Brenden… BR all the way… they play hard I really hope they win…

    • I hope Brendon stay’s I want to see some real BB game going on, when he goes after Dani, then find’s out J&J back stabb him and Rachel. Now that will be great tv

  21. you know Jordan could go home, Brendan has got Rachel and Porche’s vote, i could easily see Adam and/or Lowan get conviced by Brenchel to vote out Jordan, she is a bigger target than most people think. ya she nice and sweet, but it was her that brought up the idea of backdooring Brenchel back when she was “HOH”. Brenchel could easily make the argument this is Jordan makes it to the end, she wins $500,000, cause everyone likes her. if he gets those 2 votes he’s got it

  22. Hi well ths should be a great week. glad Brendan used the veto on his girl. BUT who knows wouldnt be the shit if Jordan went home? Boy would Jeff be PO’d and hell would be in the house all of next week. bye bye dani! I think she will be gone no matter what. who does she hav Kelia? please? she is a floater and will go w whoever has the power so will adam and lawon. shelly and porsch is for the vets all the way. dani cant play HOH and the other idgits cant win HOH, next week it should be a mind game not does that tell u anything? if Brenden goes homw R will be a bitch from hell, but if Jordan goes home hell will be in the house and its name is Jeff..cant wait til thurs night eviction! finally something is going on in the BB house. maybe showtime after dark will be better the next few nights!!

  23. Why all this love for Brendon on here? He is an idiot and just flat out annoying. BB please don’t have him as a twist, he’s been brought back one too many times already. He deserves nothing. He’s had two chances and still hasn’t learned how to play.

    • I can’t figure out how people like them. They are the two most disgusting humans I’ve ever seen. Insulting and jerks when things are good, whiny and full of excuses when things are bad. I’m embarrassed for them at their poor behavior.

      • No, Enzo having his hands down his pants 34/7 was disgusting and poor behavior. Although I agree that when they lose they are sore losers…but then human nature says most of us would react the same way.

  24. I freaking love Rachel but i would rather see Brendon stay cause he stood a better chance at winning HOH which would for sure send danni home. Now i can only hope rachel stays the next week to come

    • brendon hasnt won HOH Rachel has won the most HOH’s and B wins the most for the vetos. on both seasons.

      • Could you please use either an initial or number after your name. Just so people don’t think were the same person. I have been on this site since day one and I know your new in the last week or so. Thanks

  25. Well Brenda took Rachel out he lives and she goes to jury ,one vote less for Dani, hope they don’t bring Brenda bk maybe he knows something mmmm. Glad she did not trust them they were not telling her the truth anyway.Like a good player.

  26. brendon could get the votes, Rachel,porsche,shelly, maybe adam and lawon that would be only jeff and kelia for jordan. could happen especially if they think abt Jeff won 10,000. and jordan won her season and won 500,000. so she could and should go. I really lkie j/j but I dont like when they bring back ppl that already won money. i dont mind the losers coming back to try to win but not the winners.its just a thought of mine. doesnt matter what show it is.

    • I dont know about Shelly voting to keep Brendon. Shes on the Jeff and Jordan bandwagon isnt she?

      • i thought she was playing w Rachel more than Jordan at least it seems like it on after dark

      • Shelly wont vote out Jordan, no way, no how. but i agree i could see Adam and Lowan, i mean Brendan can easily strong arm their vote, cause i don’t think either can or will win HOH, so they will always be scared of “going up” and easily manipulated.

      • Karen number 2…Shelly has been with Jeff and Jordan since day one. She will never vote out Jordan.

  27. As annoying as Brenchel is, the smart move would be to vote off Jordan. The whole house can unite to get rid of Dani next & then everyone can go after Brenchel.

  28. If the houseguests are smart they will evict Jordan. I love her and all but she won 2 seasons ago using the same tactics she’s using now…sweet, innocent, everyones friend & everyone loves her! Then next week Daniele will be gone. Bit again, if they were smart they would backdoor her. Put 2 pawns up, let the pawn win veto, then BAM throw that lying bitch on the block. I can’t stand Daniele. She hasn’t had to do a damn thing all season because her daddy left & she got a golden key. She could have sat back, stayed with vets & probaBly won the whole shabang. But instead she went all googoo-gaga for Dominic, got his ass evicted, put the biggest target on herself, & then acts like oh woe is me, poor pitiful me everyone hates me, I got screwed, Blah blah Freakin’ BLAH. I just wish she’d go the hell home. And take Kalia with you. That stupid bitch makes Black women look bad. I know for a fact that 99.9999% of black women are NOT like Kalia. They are exponentially better people than her & I hate to see someone like that representing black women. SHE is a douche-hag.

    • i agree w what u said. dani won 50,000 on her season by floating along side her daddy evel dick.. she is just as much a floater as the rest of them. I hav no respect for anyone who is a floater. at least B/R and jeff play the game and win HOH and comps. where all the rest just lay around and feed their faces and do nothing.

    • Melinda, thats the same way i was thinking about voting Jordan off but i dont see anyone besides Rachel and Porsche that would keep Brendon, unless they can somehow do some swaying. Im on the fence about Adam and Lawon. I dont know where either one of them stand.

  29. if they dont watch their stuff, they (vets) will be all gone and the newbies will win it all!

  30. Happy to see Brendon go home….Next week Rachel….I want to see Dani win this inspite of her father going home early….

    • That would be ok.. but how some of these peeps can not like Jorden I don’t know ..but thats my opinion….(right Wayne?)

      • Chrgergrl…..Don’t get me wrong, I liked Jordan from her winning season. I just can’t stand Rachel & Brendan….LOL…..

        Been in Vegas 10 years and love it!!!!

      • Jordan floated to her win in BB11 and she is gonna float to another one if the HG’s are not careful. She is too bonhomme for me. If the three stooges were women, she would be one of them.

      • Jordan won the final two comps for HOH in her season. She also won other competitions in her season. Her and Jeff had to fight from day one.I wouldn’t call that floating.

  31. This season should have been all new people. Now that Jordan is on block, the newbies will vote like Dani wants. If Dani wants Brendon gone, then he is gone. If it is Jordon, then she is gone. Jeff will vote for Brendon to be gone, Kalia will too. Now Shelly, she is playing both sides, who knows. Porsha another one, who knows? Lawon will keep Jordon and vote to get rid of Brendon. That leaves Adam who will vote for Brendon to leave.

  32. This whole situation screams Dick/Daniele/Dustin from BB8. Dick and Daniele were nominated, Dick used the veto on Daniele, Dustin was put up as a pawn, Dustin gets evicted.

    I hope that Jordan doesn’t suffer the same fate as Dustin.

  33. yes,yes,yes Thank god he didn’t use it on himself I can’t stand Brendon I use to think it was Rachel who was the most annoying but it is Brendon. If he ever talked to me the way he talks to Rachel and all the other women in the bb house I would probably get kicked out of the bb house.I think Rachel won’t be as annoying with Brendon gone.

  34. Yeah, I hope they vote out Jordan, then backdoor Dani next week… I am sick of hearing pt this and pt that… get over it he is gone, past nomore… Like you said she had it made and thought she was playing a super game.. GET HER OUT… daddy’s gone, pt’s gone and you are gonna be gone soon I hope go BR.

  35. haha u dumm idiot u had a better chance at winning the half million then she did you crack head. the only way she could win if she takes lap dog porsche.

  36. too sweeeeet!! YAY the king will die as will retchel will go to the jury house all alone and she can skank it up for a week and i’m not sure but i was watching a program on hdnet called deadline! and they had a story with them going to saphire a gentlemen’s club and the strippers were giving advice and one of the strippers looked a lot like retchel’s sister!!

  37. This is so awesome! Can’t wait to see the arrogant TOOL walk out of the house!!! Even if it means that Rachel get’s HOH next week to avenge “her man.” It’s totally worth it! Bye Bye Brenda! You Neander-Tal!!!

  38. I hate watching Brendon and Rachel. They are small, petty people that really need to grow up. But, I have gained a little respect for Brendon by him saving his fiance. The first and only time I have seen him do anything as a gentleman.

    Good job Brendon. And Buh Bye.

    • i think you all need to stop and take a look in the mirror. remember when you point a finger at someone there are 3 pointing back at you.the only difference between you people and bb13 cast is they will win money.

  39. WOW what is wrong with you Brendon / Rachel loving people? They make me sick! Are you not watching what I am watching? First of all if Jordan wins again guess what she deserves it! I am so sick of seeing Brendon and Rachel cry and moan when they dont win. They are pathetic losers. I pray Dominic or Cassi comes back ( I will vote 100 times over if they make it America’s choice to ensure that happens). by by Brendon dont be sad your FIANCE is not far behind you! Big move Dani no one else had the guts! you rock sister.

    • I’m voting for Keith to come back. I think he has a lot to offer and was completely unappreciated for his obvious charm and grace. The other HG’s were soooo jealous…

      • Brendon will be the one to come back if he goes this week. I think those 4 I think the golden key’s are going to be how 1 of the 4 evicted HG will come back to the BBH. The 1st 4 evictee’s should go up against the 4 golden key holder’s that skated through the 1st month of BB. And the winner get’s to go back in the house. Of course that would be Brendon he’s great at the game. Just saying that’s what I am hoping for. And when he does go back in he will be a force to be reconed with. You go Brendon I got your back

  40. brenden, rachel and shelly are just ugly, ugly people inside. shelly calling someone classless ?! and rachel i was feeling bad for u, but u really are just a nasty little girl. u and brenden are perfect for each other.

    • I agree with you 100%. I thought Shelly was this good mother like person but behind everybody back she got something nasty to say. She is a floater that think that the vets care about her but they are only using her. I can’t stand BR they are just nasty people and brendon is a control freak.

      • Brendon is insecure about himself that is why he needs to put everyone down. He calls people muffin top, they are nobody here and outof the house. when he grows up he will realize what an a$$ he made out of himself on national TV and how his kids will see him act like an A$$ along withthe wimp of a girlfriend that he will never marry because she is trash

      • yea at first i thought she was ok, but little things about her are just revealing her true colors, doesnt matter she wont win anyway, and brenden?!! the way he talks about kalia is disgusting, brenden ur a sad excuse for a human being. like seriously, all kalia was trying to do was apologize and u say all these nasty things! u gotta love dani for having some balls!!

      • hey tom… you’re talking about brendon being insecure and putting people down, yet you’re on THE INTERNET, calling people that you’ve never MET ‘trash’. who’s the insecure one now?

      • Hey, hey just remember this is a game. It has nothing to do with her just being a good mother. Would you really fight for your life if the book was sinking on behavior or truly fight to do whatever?

      • I agree with y’all. I’m a mother and I am embarrassed and disgusted with shell from day one…lying about her vote against Keith and then going against Cassie who she praised saying how wonderful she was.. She is two faced and she is showing her daughter that lying and being phony is the way to get ahead. I’d lime to spit on her.. And I think she is a Lesbian. She talks like a man, walks like a man, shakes hands like a man, and doesn’t even know how to hug like a girl.. She is useless and I can’t wait for her to leave the house. I hope Dani wins and they bring Dominic back. I am so over BR. With all the great players out there, they should have brought Dr.Will and Boogie back.

    • B&R have played the game the hardest. They are not floating on a free ride. They make the show worth watching, and it’s great TV Jordan all ready won and Jeff has $10,000, let the real player’s win like they use to. These floater’s got to go, they sit around and do nothing but eat.

      • I hope Brendon stays they make the show fun to watch this year when they are broken up you might as well cancell live feeds and showtime because there will not be anything worth watching.

      • Seriously? Brendon and Rachel make the show? I have watched every season of Big Brother, and I did not need Brenchel to keep me entertained. Personally I think they are played out.

  41. everybody sits here an talks soo much crap on dani but honestly shes the only one playin the game. come on guys its the big brother. ur not there to make friends an keep promises. ur there to lie, cheat, screw people so u can win. i want to see dani, jeff and jordan final 3 an the jeff an jordan final 2

    • Agreed!

      Danielle is a fantstic player. And, while I’m a huge fan of Dick, I think that Danielle deserved to win BB8. I re-watched the season a few weeks ago and it was pretty apparent that the game moves were mostly Danielle’s idea. In addition, she held (and still holds) the record for most competitions won in a season.

      Jeff, Jordan and Danielle = Definite best final 3

      • I think Janelle won the most veto competitions, but Dani won the most over all competitions.

      • It was said on one of the episodes that Danielle has a record for competitions.
        And also, in Season 8 when Janelle was a guest host for a Veto Competition (the one that was all pink and about morphing 2 houseguests faces together), Danielle stated that Janelle was an inspiration and that they had basically tied for number of Veto’s won. And this was way before the end of the season.

      • How is dani a fantastic player. Her move is probably the worse move ever, she will be going to jury next week. Rach will win hoh or jeff will and dani will think she’s not going home but she will see a backdoor on her way to the jury house.

      • Dani fell in love and is playing the game on emotion.She has no fear this week but next week it’s going to be ‘oh sh*t’ for her or Kalia.

    • I agree!! BR and the others like to whine and complain when someone else goes against their word, but yet they are ok to do that when it benefits them? Whatever! It’s what the game is about. If anyone actually goes into Big Bro thinking they are not going to screw anyone over they they are pathetic. At some point, you gotta do it, it’s the game… and they signed up for the game. Key word guys GAME… get over it! LOVE Danielle, she is the best player ever and glad Dick is gone so she can now shine!

    • Dani is playing the game the way the game should be played…R&B J&J are 4 people that think they are above everyone in that house..Jorden keeps saying “I will be so pissed if i go home ..I want to spend the summer with Jeff..”than you should have stayed home with Jeff…..she thinks she should stay because she never gets to see him…this game is not about that..Jeff is an a**hole getting mad when people are not kissing his a**..and you know what the other 2 are like..they all had there turn at this ..Jorden all ready won ..the other 3 weren’t good enough to do it…

      • U don’t have to be good at the game to win. Only a a few people have won deserving it. The best players usually get kicked out because there a huge threat just as why bren is going home. He’s not going home because people don’t like him. Jordan is a good example of a terrible player winning, noway she wins without jeff and if you don’t believe that then your a moron I’m sorry but that’s what you would be.

      • I so agree Brendon and Jeff gave that HOH to Jordon she is a sneak and a liar, and need’s to go home. This game is not for her and Jeff to have a vacation, maybe she should have spent some of the money she won floating through the first game she played, to spend time with Jeff. Rachel feel’s bad for Jordon and has not said anything to Dani about her. B&R have been so loyal to the both of them, I hoping for Karma to take over. Come on BB if Brendon goes bring him right back through the door and let him finish his game this time.

    • Sorry, I disagree. Danielle will be on the
      block next week even if Brendon gets booted
      out! I see the other veterans going after
      her which she richly deserves! She pretty
      much lost her chance at that $500,000
      because she also has to remember that even
      if she is able to get rid of all the other
      veterans—-they will be hostile jury
      members who get to vote who gets that $500,000. Sure, Danielle made her move but,
      was it a wise move? Did it help her advance?
      Actually, it put a huge target on her back.
      I do not like her gameplay because she
      probably ruined the veterans chance at winning
      that $500,000 as well. The newbies if they
      are paying attention just needs to help
      vote the veterans out including Danielle and
      they will control this game. I see a number
      of fans complaining when the newbies win
      especially the floaters but, blame Danielle
      for it as you should! She may have very well
      destroyed the veterans chances while, giving
      the newbies an early gift of $500,000!

  42. The surprises start next week. Whoever goes home this week is going for sure, no twists. Next week Julie said that American can play a role in the next big twist.

    • I hope america gets to vote on an evicted HG to bring back, that would be cool.

      • I hope Dominique come back. He was a character and I enjoyed watching him on Showtime. Him and Dani was just a joy together and my second choice would be Cassie. She was a class-act when she left. Jeff and the vets was the ones taking everything personal when it is just a game. For them to treat Dani, Dom and especially Kalia like that was wrong. Call them floaters or whatever but knowone deserve to be talked about like that. B&R are just classless

    • It might be a double eviction episode which
      would be great. Newbies are probably chomping
      at the bit with the veterans going after each
      other now! That makes it easier to boot out
      the veterans although, it may not be readily
      apparent right now! Wait a couple more episodes and if a veteran is evicted week after week then, the newbies can take charge of the game!

  43. I’m placing bets on Rachel self-destructing into a pile of sludge and making everyone hate her when she is alone in the house without Brendon for the first time. So glad at least one Vet is going. Hope its Jordan.

    • I hope it’s Jordan too. It would be hilarious. Dani’s big move and she evicts an ally…….too funny!

    • I don’t know if B&R are as dunb as posts or what!!! the talked Dani into getting Dom on their side get him to throw a a contest send him home and they don’t understand why Dani would want them gone …Brenden this is not rocket science…

    • Jordan should not have allowed Danielle to use
      her as a pawn. Why help Danielle when, she
      cannot be trusted as proven by her numerous deals with practically everyone! Not that those deals with Kahlia or Adam or Lawon would matter as those newbies will be more than capable of throwing Danielle under the bus if it suits them! And you cannot be 100% sure how everyone is going to vote. Adam, Kahlia, Jeff are probably going to vote to evict Brendon. Rachel, Porsche might vote to evict Jordan. Shelly and Lawon are important votes and it is hard to say how they will vote. If they vote to evict Jordan then, she would have been backdoored for allowing herself to be used as a pawn! That is pretty stupid move. She should have let Danielle
      nominate one of the newbies instead. Then, vote to evict that newbie. Then, the veterans
      will be at full strength next week as they try to backdoor Danielle! That would have been the smart move.

      • I hope Brendon leave and Dani start a new game and shake up the house even more. It is exciting to see BB now that other people are going home. I was getting tired of the newbies getting voted out ( even though they probably deserved it considering they aren’t winning anything ). It starting to feel like a new game almost atleast I hope so.

      • I agree with Ritchie at 9:30pm 8/1. I made the same suggestion yesterday before the veto nom. I wanted Kalia out when will hg’ learn pawns go home???? Maybe Jordan didn’t care if she went home? She is on slop and a hunger strike!

    • Hope it is Jordan. And you know what? Rachel is truly sensitive, torn by how she has to play the game and also about people’s feelings believe it or not.

  44. I really hope that this plan doesn’t backfire. I’d hate to see Jordan leave…especially if Brendan gets to stay. I didn’t mind Brendan last season…I mean, his only irritating thing last year was that he was with Rachel. Now he just pisses me off. Both he and Rachel don’t deserve to win. Yes, they’re very good competitors, but they’re also asses and self-pittying babies when they’re not in power. Not sportsman-like in my opinion.

    My hope is that Jeff, Jordan and Danielle can team up. My final 4 hope is for Jeff, Jordan, Danielle and Lowan/Adam.

    • Dani is the same way as rach, when things don’t go her way she pouts aswell. Only thing dani beats rach at is she’s the bigger bitch.

      • Thank you. I am glad someone else sees that. I think everyone of them is a backstabber and a whiner in their own way. I really am miffed as to why everyone attributes these behaviors to Rachel and Brendon only. Maybe because Rachel and Brendon are more upfront with their behavior–the rest are sneaky but the same. It would be impossible not to talk about each other and plot and plan. For most posters, when Jordon is sneaky it seems to be o.k. but if Rachel or Brendon talk behind someone’s back it is they are dirt. Don’t get it. I think many people’s comments are based on the fact that they are rubbed the wrong way by certain people in the house but they are really all the same except for Lawon at this point. Lawon is so passive and nice but maybe there is something deeper going on with him and he is waiting.

      • i think you read Dani wrong..when she is quite she is thinking ,no one know what she is thinking ,on the other hand Rachel is loud obnoxious and rude ,you always know what she is thinking…

  45. I hope jordan goes home i cant stand her..i really like Rachel and Brenden He wroks….dani has to go she is looser and i dont like her at all. I hope Brenden or ranchel win the next HoH or Jeff they need all teh help that they can get

      • why do you hate jordan? she is a sweet person and you like the winnie babies? oh my

      • Three reasons I don’t want Jordan to stay, Jordan is boring, she bores me, and oh yeah, i’m bored by her.

      • Oh my god its not fair if jordan wins bb 13 cause she alresdy has fycking 500 grand plus i like her always have but dhes just boring jeff carried her through bb11 and u all know it she deserves to go the dmartest move sge made coming into bb 13 was alling herself with br abd ev&d …. At least brendon and racheal win a comps … They’re attitude sucks but hey ! I would too if i knew i played a wicked gamr play only to get screwed over for playing a good games and actuslly plsyying bb

      • Did not understand a word you typed. Brendon is the one that’s boring. You can’t even understand when he talks because he mumbles. And all he does is talk to Rachel like she’s a child.

    • This is directed to Sam. Obviously if u can’t stand the one person in that house that would be nice to u above anyone else guess we see ur character now. That’s just crazy that anyone could not like Jordan. She befriends everyone no matter what they do. She’s got an honest kind heart. Granted I feel someone else should get the shot at winning cuz she has won but she also won cuz she obviously figured out how to play she did walk away with the money why cuz she friended everyone they all liked her. I think she may be the best player she wins honestly.

      • Kristy. I don’t like jordan in this game, as a person your right she is a sweetheart but she is the worst player in the game all she did 2 years ago was hide behind jeff and this year all she does is hide behind bren and rach and let them do her dirty work, jeff is slowly playing the same way too. Send jordan home.

      • Kristy. I don’t like jordan in this game, as a person your right she is a sweetheart but she is the worst player in the game. all she did 2 years ago was hide behind jeff and this year all she does is hide behind bren and rach and let them do all the dirty work, jeff is slowly playing the same way too. Send jordan home.

      • Totally agree with you Kristy. And I say if she makes it to the end she deserves the money. She came in with the biggest target on her back with being so nice and a previous winner.

      • First off there’s no right or wrong way of playing bb if being a floater gets u to the end and wins u 500k more power too ya. If riding peoples coat tails gets u to the end then do that. The point of the game is to win no matter how u do it. I bet every single one of u that if u were in that house and it seemed everyone winning comps. Was getting booted u would ride low. The point of bb is to win by any means u can. I’d rather be considered no threat means better chance of me getting further if Jordan wins again it will be because she’s figured out playing dirty gets u evicted so if she wins again more power to her she deserves it for once again obviously out smarting everyone in the house.

  46. AND rellay i counting on shelly too i really like that women too…and i really want to see rachel win big brother she deserves it alot..

  47. i would be stunned if jordan went home, i mean who wants jeff gunning after them… for dani well for her game she made the best decision…tho i still think come next week she will be on that same eviction block….all those floaters who love her now will be singing a diff tune when the new hoh is crowned! lawon and kalia have been lucky to be off the block so many weeks into the gm…itll happen soon…you can only float so much!

    • I was thinking Danielle should have given HOH to Kalia this week and therefore let the target be someone else… plus she could have competed in HOH next week giving her possible 2 safe weeks… oh well…

  48. i would LOVE to see danielle go home. i actually like BR. I really hope jordan goes home this week, thats what she gets for trying to backdoor BR. ugh this is what they get for saving their sorry asses last week.

    • I am rooting for Danielle to get booted out
      next week too! Like they say Karma is a *****.
      At some point, she will be on the receiving
      end of it! I do not understand her jumping
      up and down and celebrating winning HOH and
      being the powerful one this week. She obviously, has not thought about the veterans going after her next week when she would be at her most vulnerable. Also, the newbies are
      just waiting for their opportunity. If another
      veteran goes home next week be it Danielle or
      someone else—-there would be 3 veterans versus 5 newbies and if the newbies win HOH
      another veteran could be sent home guaranteed!
      See, the newbie HOH nominates two veterans. If one gets off, nominate the other veteran.
      The veterans have one vote versus four votes
      for the newbies and a veteran is sure to go
      home! Everyone is thinking the veterans will win but, with Danielle going after the veterans and the other veterans going after Danielle—-the only winner of this fiasco is
      the newbies. Forget the alliance with the veterans because Shelly and Porsche, Adam, Lawon and Kahlia will all backstab the veterans if that means winning that $500,000!

      • Porsche said that she doesn’t need the money and that she really wants Rachel to win…

        Who would come on BB to help someone they don’t know win $500k???

    • have you not been watching the show? Rachel may control porsche but not shelly, shes obviously playing with jeff and jordan. and adam is the swing vote. i hope brendon goes home. one less ugly soul in the house.

      • Agreed! The vets acting like they’re the kings of the house has gotten unbearable. Getting knocked down a peg can only make for a more exciting season. WTG Dani for having the balls to actually stand up to the house bullies!

  49. Yes, Rachel is extremely annoying and Brendon is kind of a douche….but they WIN EVERYTHING!

    I think you got to respect that, especially when most of the others seem like they care less about winning these HOH and Veto contests.

    • not everthing, i cannot believe he could not hold longer on the hoh comp. the guys this year suck

      • They won most everything cause half the house couldn’t play….Jeff fell off the ski thing so soon ..if i was Jorden i would be embarrassed..

      • Maybe if you watched the hoh comp you would see it was made for the women to win it. If you have small feet and your short you stay on for a long time. Rach should of let bren win last week and rach would of won this week. There’s no way dani can beat rach in a hoh comp.

  50. And the best thing of it all – Brenchel are making no less than 30K / episode – do the math. He gets to go back to his PhD thesis but stops first at the bank. Really doesn’t suck too bad to be him.

      • The truth – to someone like B & R Big Brother is just getting small. They are becoming personalities with their extravagant behaviour. Everytime they are asked to go back to another reality TV show they get paid more and more. It is in their best interest to keep their intense behavior and be in the spotlight as long as they can. They could easily be invited to more reality shows from now on. As opposed to other players, they understand what it takes to have people watch them, even if it is to hate them. They are not making any less than 30K an episode – I know a friend who goes to school with Brenon and the contract was good enough for them to go back.

        People here laugh at them, without knowing that they are just making them more popular and richer. Brenchel laughs all the way to the bank.

      • they are not getting that much attention ..Rachel said on live stream that she wishes she would of saved the money she won last time and that she had to get a job to help out..

  51. This game I mostly social. I’d say maybe 33% is winning because even being a beast at comps puts a huge target on you, a big mouth makes it larger. Therefore brenchel are two of the worst players in the history of bb simply because they are annoying. There’s a reason why there’s not a winner amoung them and why neither of them have no chance of winning.

    • um do you remember a player named evil dick? He tortured every single player in that house, and they gave him the money. I love Brenchel, as so many love to call them. They play the game, don’t hate them because of it.

      • I love j* j*. Jordan is not dumb, she just plays dumb, brenchel is an annoying duo. And they likee being annoying. U got to love danielle though, she won and she has jeff and jordans support next week, already

  52. Also my vote for america’s favorite player will go to who ever successfully gets rachel evicted.

  53. Fingers crossed that Brenden is sent home! I would love to see those two “lovebirds” split up! It’s going to make for great TV watching Rachel go after Danielle. I hope Danielle, Jordan, Jeff, and Shelly team up to take on the rest of the house and in the end either Jeff/Jordan win! Fingers crossed….

      • Heck, she is going to cry through the end of the season. As she stated, her “heart has been ripped out.” So dramatic!

        So let me get this right. Everyone should play in a way that keeps you and your boyfriend in the game. Didn’t know that you were supposed to be guaranteed $500k.

  54. I think Brendon is going. Kalia, Jeff, Lawon and probably Shelly (southern girls stick together) will vote to evict Brendon. Porsche and Rachel with vote for jordon. Adam is the wild card. I just hope next week a newbie will win HOH just to get them in the game.

  55. Haven’t seen such a stuoid decision not to take yourself off the block since Marcelis (Season 4?). He was sent out the door. SMH. Maybe their love make them stupid. Oh Well Brendon, Ta-Ta!!!

  56. I don’t know which one I wanted gone more than the other. I don’t like either Rachel or Brendon for different reasons. I think Rachel wanted to return more than Brendon did in the first place. So hopefully the votes will allow Jordan to stay. If Jordan stays then Rachel will realize not everyone likes her. I don’t know where Lawon or Adam stand. They never talk game. Shelly flips back and forth. I just hope Jordan gets to stay.

    Do any of you remember when the show started and they found out they were going to be on the show – Shelly said she would not be doing their housework for them. That’s all she does – just like Cathy from last year. lol

    • And Shelly happily does the housekeeping. Would you like more pancakes? Just put the dishes in the sink. I will wash them. Sit down. I’ll bring your food to you. Do you like the food? If not, I will try again. Is there anything else I can do for you???

  57. I hate that ugly rat face Danielle! That stupid witch ruined her game right along with her noms! next week goodbye Dumb… Not a big fan of brenchel but shes now my #1 cant stand!

  58. Hey Guys, Adams vote is still questionable as to who he will vote for (Adam is whisy washy). Since Brendon is on the block he might vote for Jordan but will be afraid of Rachels wrath. If Adam has any game sense (floater) he should vote for Jordan and have both her and Jeff votes later in the game if he should need them ( until JJ decides it’s time for him to go).

    • hope Jordan goes home she has already won. Brendon should stay will make the game more interesting..Dani makes me sick her problem is KaLia she is LAZY and Kiss up..Get rid of her soon.

      • I am sooo sick of him and his ludicrous bacon comments. Why can’t he be on the block? He actually thinks his “fans” get together to watch him – said so on BBAD. What a toolbag.

  59. Now who in the world is going to calm temper tatrum Rachel when things do not go her way!!!!!!!! Bad move!

  60. What was Brendon thinking?? He had a better chance than Rachel. Everyone Hates Rachel so she is still the number one target. So Long Brendon.

    • He was probably thinking he needs to get away from Rac_hell. Poor guy needs a break from always trying to console that idiot.

  61. couldnt say i’m surprised one bit. i figured he would “sacrifice” himself for her. now we can only guess that we’ll see more of rachels victim act and outbursts

    • Can’t wait, she talks a good game, and she backs it up. Dani wanted Brendon to go, and Rachel to stay. Idiots!!! she is the best player in the house. Jeff and Jordan has only been safe because of Brendon and Rachel. she will unleash, and I can’t wait to see it.

      • I wish they had never brought the old ones back, but maybe they couldn’t find 14 people that wanted to play this lame game.

  62. Where did evil dick get his name evil sounds like that is the way dani learned to play I love her balls. Does anyone think shelly has odd posture and if she was a heat mom she would quit smoking so she raise the daughter she waited to have. Poor mr. Stay at home dad

  63. I’m so sick of people saying Jordan should win because she’s such a good person. WHO CARES?!?! This is a game and she bad at it. The only reason she won her season is because everyone thought she played Jeff to carry her through most of the game, and she didn’t even do that. She doesn’t even try to win competitions and she doesn’t want to win the game. And, oh yeah, she’s BORING!!! If ya’ll want to see nice people get money, write CBS and ask them to donate money to charity. This is Big Brother, send her back to South Carolina.

  64. Well its Brenda against Jordan ,Brenden is a threat so you know his out,Jordan could be taken , Rachel is gonna try too hard to get HoH but she wont Brendan told her to breath but she wont Porcha is with Dani now ,Dom could come bk Dani Is falling for him i see something, he likes a strong woman put it together hope they hitch up.Dani is the best player hope she wins.

  65. I have the live feeds and I always hear the HG’s talk about their stipend, I know that is money, how much do they get while in the house? Anyone know, if not, Matt @ Big Brother Network, this question is for you.

    • At least 10K per episode. And I’m talking the newbies, the vets make a significant amount. Win or lose, the vets laugh all the way to the bank.

      • No, no. That’s not right at all.

        Each HG gets about $750/week. The Vets did receive a “bonus” to come on the show that the newbies didn’t get since the Vets were expected to generate ratings.

      • That would not include other royalties such as re-runs, etc as per union, 750/week would not be all. I know at least of Brenchel’s bonus, and it was pretty hefty.

      • As per union contracts, you’d have to be paid per episode, not per week Matt. Believe me, I know ;) There’s no way they pay them 250 an episode. An extra crossing the screen wouldn’t make that.

      • But the HGs aren’t in unions. Reality TV casts don’t get paid like regular series cast members. Plus BB doesn’t get re-run or syndicated. They don’t even sell the seasons anymore.

        Past HGs have spoken about how it’s really a small amount they get to be on the show.

        I’m sure the Vets did get a nice bonus to come back, but that’s not normal and doesn’t happen for regular HGs.

      • You have to be paid as per union if you’re a character on TV, which they are. They pay might seem small to them for all the effort, but it is not. The unknowns from Jersey Shore got the shaft by making 10K an episode for their season one – no ones from the street. No way the Big Brothers make that little.

      • That articles is from 2007 and it came from a conestant who refused to go back, not from the production. Hardly a source.

      • Well you obviously don’t have to believe me, but the HGs are paid $750/week.

        Jersey Shore doesn’t have to pay out $550K at the end of each season. Nor do they have to pay for the sort of production that runs behind BB.

        And I would most definitely consider each season’s new HGs to be people right off the street. It’s the show that draws a crowd, not them personally.

      • I did. And I’ve yet to find an official statement from the production, network or union. A Google search gave me a bunch of sites repeating the one contestant source – I admit that it did spread around good, as it seems that nothing has changed money wise in the BB house since 2005, so my Google search meant nothing. It’s ok for you too to admit there is nothing from an official source indicating their salaries.

      • You might not consider a former HG who confirms the stipend to be an reputable source, but I do. Plus, you read the article too quickly. She didn’t refuse to return anywhere. She was saying in her season that she wouldn’t go to jury house because they weren’t paying her enough (again, the reason being $750/wk). If she was being paid $10K/wk to sit in Jury house then why would she be refusing to go and instead claim it wasn’t enough money? What’s more likely: saying $750/wk is too little or $10K/wk is too little? She was a nanny. Do you think Jen was losing out on money because she was stuck in Jury house making $10K/wk?

        Plus, here’s another easy way to debunk the $10K/week claim. If you win, even second place, then you don’t get your stipend. Who would trade in $110-$120K (11 or 12 weeks for the full season) for $50K? You’d earn more going to Jury then getting second place in the game.

      • I’ll agree to disagree. The truth is that I wouldn’t take that what a contestant said 5 years ago as accurate, but I’ll leave it at that.

      • There are other contestants that have talked about making 750 a week also. They’ve even talked on the show and production yells at them to stop talking about production. You can’t win Matt against someone that knows it all.

  66. Didn’t Dani make a promise to Jeff & Jord up in the HOH Room that they don’t go on the block this week as next week they will not put her up? …. Guess this breaks the promise being she just put Jordo up and Jeff can go after her balls out!

    • Daniele discussed this with JeJo before. Jordan knew she was going up on the block. Jeff was okay with it as long as Jordan was going to be safe. Never say never!

  67. I don’t get why everyone is offended with Brendon’s comments! Kalia IS an ugly, fat ass with love handles! He was just stating the truth! And if Brendon goes home, Rachel will kick ass and nominate Dani and Kalia, and one of them will go home! Kalia will love the Jury House, she has to do nothing, just like what she is doing now! That fat ass shouldn’t have even been allowed on the show, she’s so boring!

    • I just wish she would shut up for five seconds and stop uttering every single thing that’s going on in her brain.

      • I actually HATE her! She’s so DAMN annoying! OMG! I think she’s a little jealous of the fact that Rachel has a Chem degree, and Brendon has a Physics degree. What the hell does she do? Write a blog? And she thinks she’s Carrie from Sex and the City! Hahaaaa!! What a farce! She could NEVER be Carrie!

      • Kalia game play may be sh*tty but know one need to be attacked in that way. You or knowbody else is perfect especial Brendon or Rachael. They both are not the best looking and being fit or fat don’t have anything to do with it. It is easy to pick on her for different reasons so that’s why they do. I can say this.

        She was the only newbie that came close to winning a HOH in the situation she was in. To me that do count for something. Everyone else ( porsha and Shelly ) are just coasting by because they think they’re safe. People should be talking about them and making it personal by talking about someone size, looks etc…..

  68. I liked JJ on their season ,but i really want brenden to stay. Even though thts probaly whats not gonna happen, jordon is never gonna get evicted. Everyone loves her because she doesnt do anything to anybody but she doesnt do anything at all..

  69. The game may not be fixed, but it certainly manipulated. After 13 seasons, ANYONE who has watched before would know you’re better off going to end with someone who would have no chance against you when it comes to votes. Who would you have a better chance sitting beside Jordan or Brendon? The answer is obvious. Anyone who would like to win would vote her out, but of course the ratings matter too. The production has the power to put in diamond powers of veto, etc. to make popular characters stay or return.

    Again, these are paid individuals. They get paid to be there, which makes them characters. The production manipulates by editing the show who the vilains are, the victims, the backstabbers, etc – they decide which attributes of the individual to put on TV.

    • I agree with you, they are all paid indiviuals who want to be actors, they have to start some where. Where better then BB house.
      I said it last year and I will say it again this year, all the people are hand pick by BB to make you feel:
      Excitement, to Hate some, to Feel sorry for others, maybe even bored with them at times, I could go on, but the point is they are all actors. Each one has a part to play and they have to do it well or BB would not have picked them.
      I am sure you have heard the house guest say it is a chance of a life time just to “be in the BB house and not just for the” money”.
      No the money is great to have, but the fifteen min. of fame and how they fare after the show has ended, is what they really mean.
      Look back at all the winners of BB, all best actors won.
      The actors are there to keep you coming back every week! Yes they get paid, it is a TV game show with actors. SMILE


  70. lol u guys spend to much time trash talking people if u dont like someone who cares jus hope they get evicted

    • @matt (BBN) Who was the person (female) that threatened to beat up Rachel at the BB12’s Finale. It was being discussed last nite but I did not catch the name.

  71. Some of the people leaving comments here blow my mind. For anyone first off to say Brendan or Racheel doesn’t deserve to win is insane out of their mind. Not only do they deserve to win this year but they should have last year too. They’re the only true competitors there, they win. Damn near everything they compete for and the only reason they’re in this mess with dani was because they protected jeff and jordan. But jeff and jordan would never have their back the same way, every chance they get their talking behind. Their backs….ESPECIALLY JORDAN! For. Anyone to say to another person that they show their tru charactor by not liking jordan is just sensless. Jordan is fony as hell and she is way worse than rachel because rachel will tell you to your face. Jordan just sits and talks shit behind their backs. Jordan deserves to go, she coasted through season 11 not doin a damn thing. I don’t care if that is a smart “social game”. That’s for the cowards who can’t compete. Everyone is stupiid in that house any smart person would be more than happy to play on rachel and. Brendons. Side cause they’re. Beasts and they’re loyal as long as you. Are. They have been 100% loyal to jeff and jordan. But no, everyone is too scared of them so they just try to oust them instead and leave the game hanging behind with a bunch of floaters. All brendan. And rachel ever needed was a couple of votes from people..they have got the competitions in the bag. But everyone is too scared to vote for them cause they’ll get slaughtered. By them in comps. Please excuse all the periods lol

    • We all watch the same BB..we all have different opinions…we like or dislike certain HG’s.. soo feel free to toot ur horn ..raise ur flag..or shot em a bird…who

  72. I didn’t say anything about. Liking or not liking anyonye..all. I said was that brenchel deserves to Win they are. insane competitors and they came. To play. Not float. Do I like them as people? I dk them but they definitely annoy thhe shit out of me, but that. Shouldn’t be enough for them to not win. That is. Just ridiculous. Again excuse all the periods.

  73. Earlier on the live feeds Brendon was being very obnoxious (more so than usual) toward the season 12 HG’s and the now HG’s..there was no call for it..He said alot of really mean and nasty things that could have gone unsaid..Even Rachel was not happy with some of his comments..that is a rare occurence but she basically told him not to be talking like that. As per hearing that conversation I could really care less what happens to Brendon on the or off the show. He is a poor excuse for a human being..

    • In my opinion, anyone who sends their genitals over the internet for the world to see has a serious problem. Let him go, maybe with Rachel out of the way for a few weeks, he can do some more dirty deeds!!

  74. This will be an interesting vote.
    There are seven votes, so no tie.
    Dani won’t vote. Four votes seem sure.

    To evict Brendan:
    Jeff–won’t evict Jordan
    Kalia–will go with Dani’s original choice

    To evict Jordan:
    Rachel–won’t evict Brendan
    Porsche–Rachel’s drone

    That leaves Shelly, Adam and Lawon.
    All three will be swing votes.
    Newbies actually have the power in this vote.

    • Shelly will vote for jordon to stay,adam told jeff and jordon they had his vote and after lawon told jordon his coming out story and all i wouldnt be suprised if he voted for her to stay..

  75. I love Jordan the most but what if they all ( except Dani, got together and had jordan leave leaving brenchal in and jeff to kick the rest of the houses butt??????

  76. Stop picking on Brendan and Rachel. They stir stuff up. If they were not there, the show would be boring. There isn’t anyone who plays all out as these two are playing. It sure got most of you going.

  77. There will definitely not be a dbl eviction this wk. At charlee you are exactly right brendan and rachel aren’t afraid and everyone has suck a problem with that. Its mind boggling. For people to say that brendan is just a waste of a human cause they don’t like the way he plays bb is psychotic lol. Some people just get too involved

    • My calling Brendon a waste of a human being has nothing to do with his game play..It is his poor social skills and unneccessary insults that I do not like. If u had of read the post correctly ur simple mind would have grasp that fact….Matt should have an age requirement and not allow children under 5 to post in the forum..then dealing with pains like u would not be an issue..The next time u read one of my it..and get the full meaning..not ur verison..

  78. Brendon is SUCH an idiot. He mightve at least had a chance to get further in the game since he has a BRAIN. Rachel is just a friggen idiot. Both of them. IDIOTS.

  79. I agree. Rachel and brendon have completely kept their word tto jeff and jordan. And they could have just went along with danis plan but instead. They called her out and that is the only reason they are in the position they’re in. If rachel was in that HOH comp she woulda killed it like always.

  80. Jordan seeming nice and pleasant is her game strategy. Considering that she has won a previous B competition, would you all consider that she may be a serious competitor?

  81. No…her being nice is not a strategy that 2 seasons will fall how can she be a serious competitor? She’s not a serious competitor when she come back with the same m.o. it will only take her so far this time. Now brendan and rachel they’re only option is to win win win and they do that 90% of the time. That’s a true competitor.

  82. Isay….as I shouldn’t be. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I dk you as you dk me, so you as well wouldn’t be worth it, I sure as hell hope I wouldn’t be to you either. Love me, love you all

  83. Mandi…I do like your name ;-)…..but dani is the only one who has the guts to put anyone up especially the vets…being BR

  84. It was getting a bit boring simply watching the newbies get picked off. I was going to stop watching until Dani won. Now it seems more like a game instead of a dictatorship. It’s funny how the tears flow when the veterans aren’t in power. The veterans were really happy last week as they went back on their word and had people kissing the pinky ring.

    Also, why are all the house guest so obsessed?

  85. AWW hell thats kool……like I said I like your name Mandi……maybe cuz Barry Manilow sand it so well….love ya hun

  86. @ flyonthewall. That is a perfect example of what I mean. Your calling me a child etc. But yet your letting the blog of a game show make you upset. People don’t like brendon and rachel because they. Dominate and aren’t afraid to talk about how good they are. Guess what? That’s every successful person on the planet! So don’t blame me if your too weak minded to handle it. Sweetheart, its a game show about people you don’t even know…woo sah let it go. Lol

    • Listen ..The post in here have nothing to do with what I said about Brendon..It was what Brendon himself said on the live feeds. Grasp that fact!!!! GET IT IN UR HEAD AND THEN LEAVE ME ALONE..If Rachel and Brendon are ur choice to win the game that’s fine but they are not mine so please don’t try to push them down my throat..Please just go play in the street..but just leave me alone!!!

  87. @ isay. I too like your name ; ) and I also like this game..I just find it amusing when people take it so personally. But anyhow I do agree with you on Dani, she had the balls and she didn’t back down even when the veto was won. However, she was stupid because she now has nothing but weak players backing her. She will most likely be gone next week.

  88. At Kami..I know crazy right?? Last night on bbad I thought prosha was on the verge of asking dani to put herself up againstt rachel.

    • I love it!!!!! To funny. I am watching last nights BBAD now. Now I am going to watch in a whole new way.

      “I will die for you My Lord! Send me…”

      • Yes danielle has proved herself this far.but she is just as vindictive as she accuses rachael of proud of rachel this year.i hope shes around when miss whiney butt danielle goes home.i hope jeff and jordan backdoor her.

  89. I think Daniele has proved herself this week, she’s doing the best thing to further her game. I hope JJ stay true to their deal with Daniele and keep her safe next week, Kalia needs to win HOH but I think there’s a 90% chance of that not happening! Rachel will probably get it unfortunately and Dani will have to kill it in the veto!

  90. She will find a way to stay …she has the mental and physical ability to do sooooo…i hope anyway

  91. Well that’s the problem though. They made a deal with her to keep them safe. Dani keeping her end of the deal with them would have been to not pput jordin up even as a pawn. Because now she is not safe and there is a chance she can go. And most likely rachel will win then Dani will go home next week probably. She probably woulda been smarter to just send a floater home for now. She was focused soley on revenge and power on a one week basis, going off emotion from Domonick being evicted. She did not think about her long term game cause she made a deal with jj instead brenchel…she stand a lot better chance winning against brendan or rachel if that’s what it came down to in the final 2 cause everyone like jeff and jordin. They will get the votes.

    • No way…all of the newbies have been floating and afraid of the couples.
      Dani–finally broke that crap up and now everyone can start playing the game. The rest of the house will come to realize that in a few hours. Getting that sad sack emotional Brendon out of the game is a good thing. Rachael can’t play the game without him telling her what the do.

    • Let me get this right. You want Dani to get out a weaker (floater) player so stronger players come after her next week. That sound like a great idea. YOU should apply for BB, I would love to see how long you would last playing that way.

      I am still on Team ABR

  92. Nah. She is too emotional. That’s why this whole thing is what it is right now. I’m rooting for jeff if brendan and rachel go home!

      • They play a horrible game! Too emotional and try to just win everything until they slip up and lose and then they fall apart. BB could put them in the next 10 seasons and they would never make it past week 6

      • I know i hate to admit also but they do play a good game as far as kaluuuuaaa waadon porch please…what game play Shelly is at least trying to work both sides an not be nasty about it but ooo…the black women [she say’s] get over it biatch im black too but i dont throw the race card ever!!!! i work hard for what i make and receive not playing on no ones back but my own…get over yourself i cant wait to see her go home cant be soon enough for me….how about saying i’m a strong woman and notice me cause i WORK HARD ..

    • Rachel told either Porche or Jeff that her (Rachel’s) heart has been ripped out because her fiancee is going home. I just think that might be a bit dramatic. It’s not like her parent’s have forbidden Rachel to ever see Brendon again. I guess Brenchel never thought that one might go home a some point.

  93. anyone on here got live feed to let me know whats going on?? was there a show tonight? i hada work

    • Nothing much going on…lots of backstabbing. Cracks me up Rachel telling Jordan I’m not going to campaign against you and now she’s campaigning for Brendon. Trying to get Shelly on her side saying Jordan already won and Jeff just won 10,000.

  94. Matt, do you know if their will be another Allstars Season?

    Any chance of you going back into the bb house?

    • Um wrong matt. Matt from BB 12 gives a recap of every Wednesday and Thursday show. This matt is just an awesome guy who is great at keeping us updated. But he’s never been on the show.

  95. I had no doubt in my mind that brendon would use the veto on rachel. 1. He never even ever wanted to play the game. He actually wanted to work on hhis PHD and actually only got pressured to play again because of rachel. 2. Rachel is the stronger player and he knows it. He knows that Rachel is more likely to go far and win competitions.

    • I agree that Brendon doesnt really want to be there, but he doesnt get to go home, he gets sent to sequester. But I also cant help thinking “BB” wants Rachel to stay for ratings.

      • I agree with you disco, I think BB has their hands in this game more then anyone knows. If not then why always call certain HG to the diary room all the time.

  96. To everyone hating on Brenchel… here is what I have to say:
    As people, I don’t like them. I personally find them annoying and I ado agree that their social game isn’t that good. But they are definitely strong competitors and therefore deserve to stay. While I do like Jordan, it be best if she went this week. That way Jeff,Brandon and Rachel will be gunning for Danielle. Although they should backdoor her, instead of nominating her. That way she has no chance of saving herself. In my opinion, she made a huge mistake trying to backdoor Jeff. Doesn’t she realize she won’t be able to compete in the next HOH competition? Besides votes, Lawon and Kalia are useless. Kalia got lucky in this comp. Hopefully the three remaining vets(this excludes Dani)nominate two newbs and backdoor Dani. She was my favorite coming in. However, she got too caught up with Dominic( anyone rememember Nick from BB8?) and stopped playing with her head…. I would love to hear ur thoughts

    • I agree with your assement of Brenchel for the most part, I however dont agree to send Jordon home over Rachel. Jordon is a floater but she is a solid voter, Rachel is a schemer and can flip 100 times a week. I dont totally think backdooring Jeff was a mistake on Dani’s part, it just didnt workout. It would have been great gameplay had it worked, then all she would’ve had to do was get Brendon out and her and Dom could have ran the house. As far as the Dom thing I think she was definitely hurt when he got evicted, but I think the reason she then went after Brenchel was more because they went to JJ and screwed up her whole plan and told Dom to throw the veto, he did, and then they all still evicted him 7-1. And she just could not trust them at all after that. Just my opinion.

      • Honestly, I don’t care if Jordan goes home or not this week. I’m not liking Jeff and Jordan this time around. I liked them 2 years ago when they were new to us and new to eachother. That’s just my opinion. But I’m not happy with Brendon and Rachel this year either. If this was All Stars then yes, I’d be really happy to see all of them plus others we’ve seen before. But this set up stinks this year. Vets v. newbies. Are the newbies really floaters? I mean look at Shelly, she’s so starry eyed like Wow, man, it’s Jeff and Jordan!! She does everything but wipe Brendon and Rachel’s butts after they take a crap. This really is a terrible season. Maybe not as bad as BB9 but this one falls real close to the bottom. I have not tuned into the feeds that much; normally I’m glued to them almost 24/7 watching. I don’t know, Jeff comes across as a bully. Jordan’s in another world and Brendon is way too bossy and behaving like a dictator. While Rachel is a very strong competitor, and it’s true she wasn’t given much a chance last year, her whineyness and her “She’s so mean to me” etc etc is really too much to bear this summer. Alison G. and all of CBS really screwed us viewers and fans this year.

        And that’s my 2 cents.

      • But Jordan already won once. This is their chance to give someone else a shot. Otherwise, they will just hand here another win

  97. Evict Jordan, she already won before, she is vacationing to be with Jeff, which is obvious as she isn’t contributing to BB other than being a simply lovely lady. Rachel adds much more to the show than she does.  

    Even if Jeff doesn’t win he’ll get Am Fav. And, he won 10k so far. He contributes to this show.

    I love J/J and Brenchel. I don’t care if Shelley is a man. 

    Kalia is a disgusting person. If she was just majorly obsequious, that would be okay.  But she lies, dis’s people she claimed to be friends / working with to everyone. There should be a house meeting on what Kalia said to each other. She is supposed to we well educated… She reminds me of a prior hg who was thrown out of the game in BB12. 

    Why do some people feel so adversely to Brenchel?  They love each other and are actively playing the game. 

    I don’t think Brendon called Kalia fat by saying she had a muffin top. It was a kinder way to explain how she was able to lean on the pole so long. Her body type was different than others. Plus he was a high school teacher and had to have sensitivity training to work with all types of differences in others and be respectful and have empathy.  He can handle Rachel.  Also, nice c**k.  Love live feeds and “!

  98. OMG!…Kalia is walking around the backyard she’s preparing to win something…to funny

  99. Seriously JORDAN needs to go home. She contributes nothing to the show. Shes weak at competitions and relies solely on Jeff to make it further in the game. Her gameplay is terribly I really dont know why they would want to keep her.

    if she makes it far shes likely to win again although she didnt deserve it the first time.

    Shes a floater herself.


    • I agree with you – I think Jordan does deserve to go home. I mean I like her but because she already won half a million dollars from her previous season, I think its only fare to let someone else try to win. Especially ones like Brendan and Rachel who actually have been working so hard during competitions. But most of the people in the house will keep Jordan because she’s not a huge target compared to Brendan.

    • This is Big Brother, not WipeOut !

      Winning competitions cannot make you a winner. You have to think carefully about when to lose and when to win.

      Like Jordan last year, she won the most important HOH of the season and she won the votes from Jury by her social game, not to mention Americans like her. That’s perfect, rite ?

      Let’s talk about this year :

      – Jordan won 2nd HOH competition.
      – Jordan won Luxury Comp and chose Kalia, Shelly, which made the game more interesting by her decision, also made Shelly more loyal to her.
      – Jordan isn’t a target to everybody.

      If those are the characteristics for a boring player, I have no idea how you should play this game.

      • Jordan only won HOH cause Jeff and Brenden threw the comp, Jeff and Brenden are both great golfers.

    • NEVER SHES WEAK AND BORING SERIOUSLY! Anyone can predict her game from 10000000000 miles away… nothing special..

    • I ‘m with Ray on this ..Jordon is only there to spend the summer with Jeff..I want them both to go home…

  100. Dani (love her… well, kinda) should’ve set aside her ego to let Kalia win. Kalia easily would’ve done Dani’s bidding and then Dani would’ve been able to compete in next week’s HOH. To say Kalia would win HOH next week is a longshot. Dani will probably be going home :C
    Also, Bring Cassie Back!

    • That’s what I said! She would have been guaranteed 2 weeks of safety. Dani is setting herself up for an early eviction!

  101. I dont like dani but she should have let kalia win it would have been in her best interest!

  102. Jeff and jordan are honest nice people and if they win its because they weren’t backstabbing or lier’s they deserve to win that’s their game play to play honest and with class. What’s wrong with that nothing. Its just that now a days people like to see the lies the backstabbing the evil things these people do that’s just wrong. Im sort good people deserve to win!

    • @ Erica, For you to say that Jeff and Jordan are playing a honest game and not backstabbing I would like to know which BB your watching. Cause J/J have lied and they are playing just like everyone else. Jordan rallied to make sure she would have the votes if she were put on the block she told Dani to put her on the block to ensure that Rachel would go home. Jordan out an out lied to Rachel telling her she didnt know what Dani was going to do that she thinks that Dani is going to put up Jeff, When she knew along that she would be going on the block to ensure that brenden or rachel would go home. So please tell me where J/J are playing an honest game??????

      • I agree. Jeff and Jordon back stab and sneak around to make deals but they are not as overt about it as Brendon and Rachel and therefore people see them in a different light, i.e., they are nice people playing in the game.

  103. I feel like Brendon going can still work out for Dani. Rachael will fight too hard to get next week’s HOH to put her up and will act like a brat if it does not happen. Even if Rachael wins HOH again, one of the best POV players (ugh I hate saying it) is gone and Dani has a good chance.

    • If Rachel plays her card right, then she will likely backdoor Dani. The vets can be stupid enough to give Dani a chance at saving herself.

    • Dani is a pretty damn good pov player herself when she needs to be. Lets not forget she won half the pov competitions her season. Shed probably win even with brendon playing….

      • That’s why I’m saying that if the vets are smart, they won’t nominate Dani rite away. Instead, they can backdoor her, so she won’t be able to save her self. Do u get what im trying to say?

      • I agree, if Dani can win veto I hope rachel does get HOH. She will put up Dani/Kalia, Dani wins veto and then her replacement nom will be Lawon? LMFAO

  104. Jake, BB will probably bring him in sometime later in the show just to create some drama. They’ll reunite the loooong lost toxic twosome..LOL

    • Toxic twosome~ LOVE it!! Now there is a tshirt Rachel should wear instead of I love my hubby.

  105. Love is blind, brendon’s dumb***. Rachael can’t win with any jury especially the one this season,her social skills suck and that is a big part of game. Right Matt?

  106. I think this would be a good week to get rid of Jordan. This is not because I do not like her but because of game play. Jordan making it to the end will be good for Jordan but not for anyone else. I think if Rachel does it right she can get the votes to get Jordan out this week. The question is does Brendon want to stay or go home to study.

  107. I’m cracking up listening to Shelly bold face lie to B/R outside. I can’t believe that any house guest believes her. She’s leaving a trail of lies every time she opens her mouth.

  108. Screwed… If Jordan ends up leaving instead of Brendan… , we the viewer don’t know, host Julie don’t know, JeJo don’t know, Dani don’t know, the rest of the housebee don’t know… if Breanchel had another set of plan… bad move to volunteer Jordan…. Uh remember Brendan did not safe himself… only Dani & Kalia wants him out… the rest prefers to bomb Rachel out cuzz she can win HoH again and again.

    • Not true, the entire house is tired of Brendan’s macho “I rule this house” attitude along with his fiance, I suspected that if either of them were still on the block they would be gone no questions asked.

      The house guests like Jordan way to much to vote her out now. One can only hope that anyone BUT Rachel wins HOH on Thursday then she will be going to Jury all by her lonesome self.

      I bet that Jeff & Jordan do manage to make it to final 2 unless Dani wins HOH again (in two weeks) and or Kalia wins. If they control the power they will go far.

      Game over for Brenchel, FINALLY!!!

      • which is why they should suck it up and bring either Rachel or Brandon to the end. That guarantees them winning bb13

  109. Jeff claims he went back to BB to spend time with Jordan,he is so rude to her.seems this season Porche has his attention,hope she opens eyes soon

  110. Hey, just letting everyone know that everything is going just fine in the Big Brother house and that Brendon won POV and took me off the block.
    No one comes between me and my man! Floaters!

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