Big Brother 13: Week 4 Tuesday Update – Who Has The Votes

Big Brother 13 Brenchel

Big Brother marches on to its next eviction and while things may have changed up during yesterday’s Veto ceremony it looks like Daniele will still get what she wants come Thursday night. Of course nothing is ever certain and it’s never a good thing to be a pawn in this game no matter how many votes you think you have locked down. So just how solid are all those promises for votes? Let’s take a look.

This week it will only take four votes to evict out from the seven HGs voting which also means there’s no chance for a tie-breaker. Both Jordan and Brendon start out with one supporting vote each: Jeff and Rachel, respectively of course. If Daniele wants Brendon out, and she does, then she’ll be able to influence Kalia and Lawon to vote in her favor for Brendon’s eviction. That right there puts Brendon on the ledge with three of the four votes necessary to evict.

Porsche, Shelly, and Adam are the remaining three votes this week on Big Brother. Porsche is clearly in Rachel’s corner, but is she willing to risk going against the majority and coming out on the short side of things if she votes against Jordan and she stays? I’m not so sure, but that doesn’t stop Brenchel from trying. Yesterday afternoon (Flashback to 4:30PM BBT) the potentially doomed couple attempted to persuade Porsche by promising her Jeff would not be upset if Porsche voted against Jordan (liars!). Whether or not it’s just lip service, Porsche seems to agree Brendon has a shot. If she stays with them that’s a second vote to keep Brendon against three to evict.

Shelly and Adam aren’t quite so clearly in one camp or the other when it comes to the Veteran couples. Both have remained semi-neutral and it’s serving them well at this stage. Flashback to yesterday at 5:30PM BBT and you’ll find Shelly and Adam agreeing that whatever they do, they have to do it together (vote the same). Later the two Newbies have a brief talk with JeJo. Shelly confirms to JeJo that she’s convinced Adam to vote to keep Jordan. Adam said she didn’t have to try too hard to convince him.

If Shelly and Adam stick to the plan then we’ll see Brendon evicted from Big Brother 13 by at least five votes to two. Should Porsche learn the odds are stacked that high against Brendon then I’d expect her to flip her vote and go with the house. Either way, it looks like we’re in our final days of Brenchel.

What do you think? Does Brendon have a chance or is Jordan safe?



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  1. I don’t understand why “floating” is viewed as bad. Don’t these people realize that, while being an obvious strong competitor in the real world may be admirable, in the BB house it is a very poor strategy. All it does is put a huge target on your back. Wouldn’t it be better to “float” a little, compete when necessary, NOT have a target on you, and actually make it to the end? It’s be proven time and time again that you can’t “win” your way through the whole game, nor can you make it all the way on your own. You have to do a little of everything… social game, competitive game, float a little, strategize a lot, trust someone, lie to someone, etc., etc. You can’t expect to make it to the final two just by winning every competition.
    So… along this line of thinking, here is a little song to the tune of “Tracks Of My Tears” by the great Smokey Robinson:
    People say I’ve the life of a floater
    ‘Cuz I lose a comp or two
    Although I might be comin’ under the radar,
    I’ll still make it through

    So take a good look at my game
    You think my “floating” looks kind of lame?
    If you look closer I’m here just the same
    Believe your worst fears

    I’ll beat you… beat you.

    Since you won, you are seen as a bigger threat
    I look like I’m havin’ fun
    You’re gone, you put that target on your back
    And, baby, I’m the permanent one

    So take a good look at my game
    You think my “floating” looks kind of lame?
    If you look closer I’m here just the same
    Believe your worst fears

    O-o-o-oh… I’ll beat you… beat you.

    Outside I’m masquerading
    Inside your hope is fading
    Just a clown oh yeah
    Since you put me down
    My “floating” will wake up
    But not ’til the “shake up” for you…

    Baby, take a good look at my game
    You think my “floating” looks kind of lame?
    If you look closer I’m here just the same
    Believe your worst fears

    [repeat chorus]

      • Have to disagree in some respects with you there. If you float ALL of the time, then yes you are correct. But a truly good player knows that you need to do both to win. Look at Jeff this week. Up until now, he was fairly active in the game. This week he is laying low – floating more or less, but it is a smart game move just for this week.

      • i agree, if u can get by “floating” more power to you!!! i think people are confusing floating for people who just suck. some of these games are so dumb and random anyway! i swear i wouldnt be surprised if adam won hoh this week. anyway love big brother! been watching since season 1!!!!

    • Floating doesn’t mean u don’t win at competitions. Floating means that u have no strategy and therefore u float from power to power so there’s also no true alliance. Floaters are not necessarlely bad competitors but with no strategy and no alliance they would want to be kept under the radar. I recognise a floater when i realise that if this person was not in the game, the game wouldn’t have changed. so Dr. Will for instance in his 2 glorious seasons won only 1 competition i think, but he’s not a floater because he was a master strategist and eventually everyone in the house did what he wanted. I don’t like floaters because for me, as a big brother fan, they put no effort into it at all, without them the game woulod remain exactly the same

      • I meant with them or without them the game would remain exactly the same, they don’t influence the game

      • Hey if floating got me 500k….consider me the ultimate floater. I will take my “floating” to the bank while you are crying at your job! ha!

      • Sandra…
        I agree with a lot of what you’re saying here. However, I don’t get the feeling that the houseguests (i.e., Brenchel) have the same definition of “floaters”. To them, it seems to be all about competitions.

      • I agree, floaters aren’t a bad thing. I think that its smart if you really don’t have to play (for real), flying under the radar and not being targeted to get farther in the game. However in Shelleys’ case she is a suck face,lying, backstabbing, butt kisser thats riding coat tails. She’s probably to lame to know how to be a floater(with her want to be intelligent behind).

    • Floating only became a stigma because Brenchel labeled it with “Hate Super-Floaters”.

      I don’t have any problems with people who are really not quite in with anyone (yet) and tries to get along with everyone.

      My issues begin when you make a promise to stick together within the first 5 min (especially when you initiate it,,,,, Shelly) and then the first chance a bus comes by you start slinging your “best friend” right up under it!

      I agree it takes a little of everything to win. But you don’t have to be an @ss kissn rat and run around telling everyone’s plans.

      Summary – a true floater, not a prob
      -faking like one just to be a traitor to a “friend”, not so much!

      • BTW I also consider Floating a social element. I in no way think that because someone is a bad competitor they are a floater.

        They may just suck!

      • yes, I think Shelly is the lowest form of player. She has been on BR coattails while acting as if she is a newby. Then playing the motherly part. Also hasn.t won anything, just cleaning.

    • Floating is a natural strategy for playing the game. If you can make it to the end by “floating” then you deserve it.

      • Well said, Paul! Floating is a valid strategy in the first couple weeks to a month or so in the game. After that, if you can’t get it together, the exit is waiting…

    • OMG LMAO that was great. I’m going to hoot and hollar if Lawon makes it to the end. If he does a Jordan and save it to the end that would be hilarious, LOL LOL LOL!!!

    • One of my all time favorite songs…and now just for Big Brother…they have to publish this somehow! Good job Rico love your lyrics~

    • Good Job Rico!! Love this song, love the Big Brother lyrics…I say you deserve a kick back- good move for BB to publish this~~

  2. I would like to think that Brendon and Rachel might put in their ear they would have a better chance to win against them as opposed with Jeff and Jordan since they play a better social game. With the way this season is going it will probably be Brendon, but lets hope some game playing goes on within the next 48 hours and shakes up the house so the houseguests can play BB and the fans can have a little more fun.

    • Oh no, please let Brendonleave before the shake up. I can’t look at that morons face. He thinks he is God of BB

      • oh what a finish to a good week if rachel was gone , i am tired of all her wining and brendon i feel sorry for you if you think she wont try any trick in the book to get her own way when you finally decide to marry.

      • Please Please let Brendon leave and somehow someway Rachel next week, then the real game can begin. Go Jejo go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Floating is BAD because you are not playing the game so GO HOME. If you want to play then you need to work it. Not sit in the back and do nothing and wait for others to make the moves. No guts to work then you do not deserve to win.

    • if floating got me 500k then so be it. maybe its the SMARTEST move… not always the quantity of fights you pick and comps you win but the quality of game…

    • Its hard making floating look easy. LOL. Give Lawon some credit. Lawon is doing the best impersonaltion of Switzerland I have ever seen. Floaters Adam, Porche and Shelly each have crossed house members at one point. Shelly crossed Dani and sent Dom home as well as the newbie alliance. Adam crossed the vets and did not vote for Keith when he said he would. Porche was flirting with neanderthal man and maybe turining against Rachel and voting with the house. Kalia’s non stop chattering annoys house guest but atleast she is trying to win comps with can only improve her game at this point. Kalia like Shelly told the newbies they had her vote so the remaining newbies have a legitimate game oriented gripe against her. Besides floating Lawon has not made a faux pas, if her makes it floatong is his only offense and it worked for Jordan.

    • Floating is part of the game. Not every episode everyone is going after each other. It has not happened even in Survivor so, it will not happen in Big Brother. There is also strategy involved. Like the move by Danielle. Danielle fans say she made her move and it was good. I beg to disagree. Not only is it a bad move because she cost her and the veterans their chances at that $500,000. When
      the veterans go after each other—-the newbies who are mostly floaters stand to benefit. If another veteran, maybe, Danielle goes home next week or even another veteran—-the newbies will have the numbers
      and then, if they win HOH the next week can nominate two veterans and guarantee a third
      veteran goes home. So, what chances does the veterans have if it happens? Strategy matters
      in this game so that, floating or doing nothing is part of that strategy. You do not want to rock the boat just for the heck of it.
      After all, there is a $500,000 check waiting for the winner and everyone who joined Big Brother was aiming for that! They are not there just to throw out people left and right then, having themselves thrown out right after! That would be a dumb move.

  4. It was a bad move on Brendon’s part to take Rachel off of the block. Brendon would have had a much better chance in the rest of the game than Rachel will have. If he wanted a chance at the money for the two of them, he made the wrong decision. You don’t leave someone in the house that everyone can’t stand on a personal level.

    • I disagree, Rachel will have a really good shot at going far. She will still align herself with JJ +Shelly, that’s still a 4person alliance. JJ will stay with a player who can easily win a HOH. Daniel is left with Kalia. Adam and Lawan are super floaters and will side with power. She has a shot

      • Never mind the fact that Jeff can’t stand her and only tolerated her for Brendons sake. Jeff knows she wins comp and is a threat he will get her out as soon as he can.

  5. I got a feeling Rachel’s gonna be pissed and Porshe is gonna be real paranoid after wed.

    • YEP – I agree. One of my fav sayings:

      You never want to be on the good side of “crazy”, because eventually that “crazy” goes bad on you!

      And sorry folks, she is a little nuts!

      • I am going to have to borrow that saying. Hopefully Rachel is not that crazy in “real” life. She does seem strange and juvenile though.

      • Sure thing Kami!

        You never know about Rach outside the house. According to some prev HG she is alright IRL from what I hear.

        You gotta think being in there must really make for quite a “peanut butter factory” (props to jubjub)

  6. I didn’t like danielle the first go on Big Brother, and i can’t stand her on this one!! But It sure does seem like this whole Big Brother was dreamt up for her and Evil Dick. As soon As Evil Dick heard of the Golden key, you know he threw that to Dani!! They best do a twist somehow this week because i don’t think it will keep me watching with people like Brendon or Jordan leaving!!

    • At least danielle is not whining in a high pitched little girl voice like the last time she was on the show. She made a big mistake choosing Jeff and Jordan over Brenchel. Kalia can’t win anything, neither can lawson or Adam. jeff and Jordan will turn on her. So bye bye Dani…

    • I don’t think Dani should have gotten the golden key because Dick leaving was his own decision. So, right there that was not fair in my opinion.

      • My thought exactly. From the start by them doing that I think that it would have been fair not to have had the elimantion(sp) that week.

  7. I can’t wait to see Brenden leave the Big Brother house so that Rachel can have a nervous breakdown. She sucks and I wish she was still on the block. I want her to shake and tremble in fear until next week when she’s voted out. Beeotch!!!

    • Your forgetting the fact that she is one hell of a competitor. Like many on the bb house, I dont like the girl on a personal level but she sure knows how to win! :)

    • I can’t stand Rachel, but she is a good player(especially physical), but I hope that they don’t show her. I do not, I repeat, do not want to see that ugly mug with the fake crying, moping around looking uglier than ever and saying how mean Dani is. Who cares.

  8. Just for the record I hate Shelly and can not wait til she leaves and Im very happy that Brenchel is leaving….they blame everyon but its their fault the backdoor Jeff plan shpuld have been kept hush until after HOH but they cant shut up and now they will pay for it and Porsche has been faithful to Brenchel and they talked to Dani and threw her completely under the bus!!! And now Rachel wants Porsche to throw HOH they are a piece of work I’m sure CBS wont use them again….hopefully…

    • Oh, unless a miracle happens there is no doubt it wil be Brendon. Although, I do like Rachel and Brendon and I am very much in the minority, I guess.

  9. brendon probably took rachel off the block so he could go home and cyber screw some twitter whore..

  10. Scene: Brendan talking in DR about his strategy to save Rachel and take his chances on the block…

    I’m her knight in shining armor,
    Protecting so no one harms her.
    If Jordan goes home,
    Rachel won’t be alone.
    Brenchel will redeem our honor.

    • Ahhh… very nice, Q!
      Where you been? I made a feeble attempt at one of your limericks a while back, but couldn’t keep up with the master!

  11. Bye bye Brendon!!!

    I really can’t wait until he is gone. I am so tired of his condescending attitute. Also i really want to see how Rachael will do on her own. I have always wondered to what extent Brendon has affected her game play. We have never seen a Rachael w/o Brendon.

    • I agree… i think she will play a better game without brenden. She cant be depending on him. I think she’ll make at least top 5 before people need to get here out before she keeps destroying them in challenges. It’s not fair when your HOH, next week you can’t compete, so the new HOH takes you out.

  12. Floating is a strategy. It might be a good one too. It only became a bad thing because Rachel said it was last summer on BB12. Brendon says it too because last summer he agreed with Rachel, unfortunately that was so he could get into her pants and really had nothing to do with the game.

    So that means that “the art of floating” is only a bad thing if you are a fan of the flaky redhead.

    I am really sick of their act, when she was HOH, she acted like a queen and Brendon acts like it is his HOH, not hers, then as soon as she is not in power, they criticize the exact things they were just doing themselves.
    He is constantly up her butt to make sure she doesn’t say the wrong thing when all he does is say the wrong thing. He is the most condescending SOB I have ever heard, (and I should know because I have the same problem). I will be surprised if any of the HGs ever speak to either of them again after they see this season.

  13. Shelly, Please don’t tell anyoneelse that you are from LA. You’re a disgrace to all competitors.

    • Shelly has been a super floater but i think she has played that floater card well. Right into JJ’s arms. She has good social skills and people like here. She can stab them all in the back and then smile and they believe is was not her. She is good and being secretly very bad.

      • I am not a fan of Shelly. One thing to be a floater another to be a tattletale and to act like she is mother of the year. What an example to set for her daughter. I will never forgive her for what she did to Cassi. Crying in the DR – you would have thought she had learned her lesson. Wonder what Cassi thinks or will think when she finds out.

      • True, she has lied to Newbys twice and they still don’t wise up to her.I wouldn’t trust her at all about anything

      • I agree but every season has their BIG LIARS and Backstabbers. Matt from last season, Dr. Will, Evil Dick… Sometimes it gets you far and sometimes you go out early. Shelly seems to be doing it well.

      • Crazy thing, I REALLY like ED, Matt and Will for their mastery. ED & Matt are my two fav in fact!

        But for some reason, I seriously can’t stand Shelly. Mostly because of the way she did Cassie. One thing to lie for game, but I think she really portrayed herself as a ‘friend’ to her and I felt like it was personal to sell her out like she did. I think Cassie will be really disappointed when she finds out the truth.

      • Yes Nadine those guys that you mentioned had master skills. All though they lied and conned other players, it always seemed to be something humerous about it. Shelley is just pathetic. She tried to tell Keith how to play the game, guess she wanted him to be an a– kisser like her. Yes, she’s still there, he’s gone but at least he went with some dignity. She’s only going to leave with sore lips and a bad taste in her mouth.

    • Please. She is not a reflection on my state. Trust me we are not proud.

  14. If jordan gets voted out I think Jeff will aline with dani to get out Rachel and Brendon again but I doubt it since brendon is a super douche :)

    • cant wait to have brendan and the winer[rachel] in case anyone doesnt get the drift gone so we can watch how jordan and jeff can run things. go jeff and jordan .

    • Jeff will be stupid to align with Danielle.
      How many times do you have to thrown under
      the bus? Danielle has proven to be two faced
      and stabbed both couples although,she had
      that very strong alliance. I don’t think Jeff
      will align with Danielle. Whether Jordan stays or goes—-watch Danielle get backdoored next week. Everyone is going to
      go after her including the newbies. After all,
      she is a veteran, good at competitions and one
      less threat to worry about! Newbies have not
      peeled but, just sitting in the cat bird seat now. Once, the veterans get booted out one by
      one starting with Brendon then, the veterans get weaker each week until the newbies take
      charge by winning the HOH! Newbies have a good
      shot at winning that $500,000 now. The veteran
      back stabbing has hurt their chance although, it does not seem apparent at this point. Wait two more episodes and if another veteran goes home next week, maybe, Danielle—-the newbies
      will have the incentive and advantage to kick out the remaining veterans from the house!

  15. I can’t wait to hear Julie Chen say, “Brendan, the Tribe has spoken.”….oh, sorry. Wrong show….

  16. In the “State of the House” section on the main page, why is Daniele’s picture the one from season 8, not 13? It shows her as a blonde…

    But to get on topic, I can’t wait to see Brendon leave. I wonder how Rachel will be without her man. But I’m Team Dani, so I want Kalia to win HOH on Thursday. :)

    • I don”t think Kalia can win. JJ or Rachel will win, maybe even Porsha. If any of those 4 win it’s a Dani or Kalia bye bye scenario.

      • This week seems like it was perfect for Danielle. I am almost positive next week Rachel Porshe or JJ will win and put up Kalia and Dani

    • Because CBS took forever to release their BB13 pictures and I wasn’t going to redo their pics from what CBS released at the beginning. All the veteran pics are from their original series.

      Either way, it’s the same person and everyone knows who they are.

  17. Sofar all the newbies are floaters. That is why I dont understand why Rachel and Brendon singled out Lawon. Now of the newbies have won a game he is socializing same as the rest. Maybe his social skills are not as good, but he is doing something right he is still there. I agree I see nothing wrong with floating for a while.

    I hope Brendon is out this week and Rachel follows. I think she will do bad in the game without Brendon. If she dont win every game she will be toast. I see no one that would be willing to carry her.

    • JJ would work with her. They can switch off winning and they are golden.
      Lawson is not a target because no one feels like he can win anything, during the entire first 3 weeks it was never Kalia or Lawson on the block because they can’t win. So people thought, keep them they’ll be easiest to beat later. Being the weakest in the house is sometimes best for your game.

    • Jordan and Jeff will still work with her. The vets(minus Dani) are sticking together. Rachel knows Jeff would have never evicted Jordan. That’s why I believe she won’t see it as a personal move against her.

      • Even if R&JJ (eventhough they said they woundn’t)work together next week to try to get Dani out, they wound so turn on each other. Let’s face it, seems as though in R’s greatest words ‘america hates me’. She maybe right.Nobody likes her. She needs a attitude transplant, not adjustment. Sometimes I even wonder if Bren likes her as much as they try to pretend.

  18. It’s time for Brendon to shut his pie hole & step out the BB House! If you feel it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure things out, then why didn’t you have this figured out a week ago? Karma’s pretty crappy huh? Your opinions rank like your a$$! Go find your Buddy’s Couch! Poooff! Be Gone!!!! Don’t come back!!!!

    • I agree!! Pain in the ass!! Big Brother needs to bring Dick back and never bring back ndan abd Rachel she is a pain in the ass just saying!!

    • Totally agree with you. Not only his condescending ways in the house which I don’t get. You would think he would be low key after what he pulled in his personal life. He talks bad about so many people and his actions outside the house made me think he may have come back a different person. He has gotten worse.

  19. Ya know after watching the BB after dark; I’m still @ a toss-up 4 whom I really want to leave, but 2 float or not 2 float this is the ultimate question… I say why can’t U do both? Floating is obviously necessary to eventually win the game I think anyways… But yes I must agree W/Alex, I.E. being Team Dani


  20. How can you be so sure about Brendan going. Porsche, Adam and Shelly have been voting with BR. They should take him out. But they are not the smartest group. Starting with the first vote on getting the vets out.

    • Porsche will vote with Rachel to keep Brenden. I think that Adam and Shelly will vote for Jordan. They are portrayed as the Golden Couple, so I’m sure the “Villains” will be out… Adam is not thinking to clearly about who he should align with, he is a floater with no where to go. Shelly is in love with JJ… so Sadly it’s bye Brenden.
      So let’s see how Rachel does on her own. She will be stronger.

  21. wouldn’t rachel’s best move be to team up with Danielle with the inevitable result of Brenden being sent home. Of course she will be to emotional to do that and will end up pissing everyone off and be sent to jury next week.

    • It would have been the best move if they would have backdoored Jeff and worked with Dani and Dom. Then they would not be nominated this week and Kalia would not be Dani’s new best friend.

      • Rachel has to stay loyal to JJ until she can’t move further in the game. So she can make her final argument that she was a beast in challenges and loyal to her alliance. Only then can she win those jury votes. It will be better for her if Brenden is not in the Jury house either. He might keep running his mouth there too.

      • I think Rachel is to true blue. She went to JJ and told them what Dani wanted to do to Jeff and she wouldn’t backdoor Jeff and look what she got in return. Jeff said he didn’t get mad at Brenden trying to get votes because he wasn’t trying hard but you see Jordan has her girl Shelly trying to get the one vote (Porsche) Rachel thinks she has for Brenden. Now whos being the dirty player? I’m shocked there not trying to get Rachel to vote against Brenden.

    • Why would she align with Danielle when she
      was betrayed by Danielle and Danielle has
      shown that she will betray everyone? Remember
      Danielle tried to backdoor Jeff at the same
      time he was getting Shelly and Dominic to go
      after Brendon and Rachel. Rachel, Jeff and
      Jordan have to stick together or they are all toast! The newbies will make their move once, another veteran goes home next week. I am rooting for Danielle to go because her gameplay hurt the other veterans chances as well as her own! Newbies will make their move just wait and see! They have already seen the veterans taking each other out starting this week. Wait till next weeks eviction because the next week could find the newbies in full control of the big brother house!

  22. I wish big brother would do a real wedding for Brendan and Rachel- CBS did one for survivors rob and not sure if it’s amber or Amanda. But I would watch a wedding for people I know from bb. I like wedding shows always a happy ending.

  23. When did Brendan get some skills? The last time he was on, he rode on Rachel’s coattail – time for both of them to go. I hope a newbie wins then the game will be left to those who hadn’t had a chance before. Floaters, so what, they’re still in the game. The vets are handing them $250K.

    • Now I’m no Brenchel fan, but Brendon has won 3 of the the 4 Veto comps this season. That’s pretty skillful whether you like him or not.

  24. I wanted to like Shelly bc she was from Louisiana. I just can’t do it. My first time watching BB was season 12. I can’t stand Brenchel. I love me some Dani tho. I can’t wait until Khalia wins HOH shocking everyone next week. Then bye bye Rachel. Jj dani and k final 4!

    • Khalia will not win. Very small chance. Maybe if she would shut up she would be able to do better in the game.

  25. The vets are ignorantly taking out each other instead of focusing on the floaters of the house. Kalia runs her mouth constantly about NOTHING. Lawon is strange and has zero to contribute. Shelley and Adam are useless. And Porshe is a lapdog! If the vets were not playing this season there wouldn’t be a GAME. The money should never be awarded to anyone that doesn’t work for it. Guts, being a target, winning competitions, knowing your opponent – playing smart.

    • If the newbies win Big Brother this year then,
      they deserve it! Veterans still have a chance but, they have to unite. That is Jeff, Jordan and Rachel. Forget Danielle. They should backdoor her as she probably cost them their chance at that $500,000 with her stupid game play! The newbies just need two veterans to go home then, win HOH the next week and nominate two veterans on the block. If one gets off, nominate the other veteran left and now, 3 veterans sent home back to back and there will be 2 veterans versus 5 newbies and they will have the numbers to wipe the remaining veterans.

    • Actually the beauty of BB is winning no matter what. There are lots of other shows based on winning due to competitions alone. BB is interesting because it shows how different strategies can be used. It’s almost a tortoise and hare type game.

  26. first off @rico very impressive and i’m a lover of smokey and the miracles. now i’ve been just ecstatic that waaaandon will be going home but i got a little nervous when i read the who has the votes but i read it all and team bretnchel will be broken up serves them right i even wasn’t ahppy that they got voted back at the beginning of the game and i was thinking hey maybe they’ve changed and it looked like they had but as the game went on they turned back to the snakes that they were.

  27. Seriously it is a game and if floating gets you to the end then so be it and who cares what the definition of a “floater” is. Also if you can play both sides lie to both sides and get away with it then so be it do it.. That is what makes a great player.. Not everyone can be just plain loved like Jeff n Jordan. Everyone will and does play the game different some go in with a stragedy and other maybe not but at the end of the day what works in the momment is what they all do..You have to switch it up cause your alliance will not be in power all the time so do what you have to do…

    • Yes!!!! The name of the game is do whatever you have to do to win. Float, win vetos whatever…

  28. Who watches BB After Dark? Jeff is a bad guy but not an idiot like Brenchel. Lawan is saving all his energy and letting the drama go on around him. Kalia is a ‘wanna be’. My question is what?

  29. Did Dani made the wrong move nominating Breanchel ? Is JefJo jeopardizing their chances by making deals to be pawn ? Did Brendan made the wrong decision to remove/veto Rachel instead of himself ? A lot of unanswered question at this point.

  30. The only request that I have today is this: Guys in the BB house, please remember to take your microphones off BEFORE you go in to take a pee!! That’s all. Thank you.

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  32. Floating is for losers, Brendan and Rachel actually deserve to win. The minute they lose 1 competition they’re on the block. Its sad cause it shows the level of stupidity of first off Dani and anyone else who doesn’t try to deal up with Brenchel. Why would you want to be on the opposing side of Brenchel? They’re the strongest but yet most hated people in the house. But they are also loyal to you if you don’t try to go against them, so they’re strong enough and loyal enough to take someone to the end but at the same time hated enough to probably not snag the votes in the final. Let’s face it the only reason they are in the situation they’re in is because they protected jejo from Dani. They deserve to win, rachel is an amazing competitor and I cannot wait to watch her win HOH next week and send Danis bum ass packin.

    • I agree with you. But actually if Rachel wins she should try to put up jeff and jordan because they are the most liked in the house. It would be smart to keep Dani because people already don’t like her.

      • I agree with both of you. Brendon and Rachel are serious about the game. I really like watching Brendon and Rachel. Yes, they did stay true to their words to the players: Porsche, Adam, Jeff & Jordon. They wanted to include Dani in their group of 5 vets, but Dani wanted to work with Dom so that was her decision. Now, Dani is spiteful because Rachel didn’t play the game for just Dani and not the other 4 vets. I also think Dani is jealous of anyone who is a couple. I see a very vindictive, screwed up person (about her relationship with her Evil Dick Dad). I read some comments where she was a whiner and a crybaby the last time she played but I didn’t see that season. She is pretending she is being upfront and direct but she has shown she can’t be trusted. The newbies all seem to go with whoever is HOH!

  33. Please Jordan get evicted this week, I can not stand her and Jeff. Honestly I hope everyone comes to their senses and vote out Jordan. She is a massive floater and is liked to much. She Is A Bigger Threat Than Brendon! The newbies should be like “Uh maybe we should vote out Jordan because she will never be voted out and Brendon already has a huge target on his back”. Come on newbies take control of the house and get rid of Jordan.If they don’t she will win again.

  34. Baton rouge boy! I agree! Everything thinks jordan is just so sweet and nice. But she’s just as big of a backstabber as anyone else. And she’s way worse than rachel cause rachel will tell you to your face how she feels. Jordan will act like she likes you then talk all kinds of shit about you behind your back. Cmon newbies, you wanted power now take it!

  35. Baton rouge boy! I agree! Everything thinks jordan is just so sweet and nice. But she’s just as big of a backstabber as anyone else. And she’s way worse than rachel cause rachel will tell you to your face how she feels. Jordan will act like she likes you then talk all kinds of shit about you behind your back. Cmon newbies, you wanted power now take it! I liked jejo and brenchel as an alliance but every. Chance jejo gets to do some backstabbing, they do it.

  36. I see what your saying but if she doesn’t put up Jeff and Jordan they will most likely keep her around when they win comps…(well jeff). But Dani is going to try and get Rachel out every chance she gets. I’m hoping for some twist for brendan and rachel to make it to the end. As sickening as they are whining and pouting, they are true competitors who try to capitalize on every chance to take their fate in theire own hands and not bank on people liking their personality like Jordan is.

  37. I see what your saying but if she doesn’t put up Jeff and Jordan they will most likely keep her around when they win comps…(well jeff). But Dani is going to try and get Rachel out every chance she gets. I’m hoping for some twist for brendan and rachel to make it to the end. As sickening as they are whining and pouting, they are true competitors who try to capitalize on every chance to take their fate in theire own hands and not bank on people liking their personality like Jordan is. They deserve it.

  38. If jeff and jordan were smart they’d stop trying to turn on her and play with her. She is far better at competitions than them. People this season as well as last season have spent their time being to scared of how fierce they are and not playing with them. Who cares if they’re annoying, they’re amazing competitors, they came to play.

    • That is the way I see it as well. Brendon and Rachel are doing nothing different than everyone else in the house except they are winning comps and they are telling people to their faces what they think. Everyone has to try and work out deals because that is part of the game. Jordon puts on this soft and sweet act but she is not to be trusted as she has shown to Rachel an Brendon.

    • Notice I didn’t use the word “assume” but “judge”. My point isn’t as black and white as you are making it out to be, Mandi (and I also use proper grammar, as a side note). I didn’t say to choose between being a competitor or a floater. I’m saying that sometimes you have to play it safe by stepping back for a little bit and trusting every once in a while. People who play on the offensive, like Rachel and Brendon, will never win. Also people like Lawon, who float throughout the game without lifting a finger, they also never win. This is because they use the strategy I suggested. You need to sense when it’s time to step back. Clearly you would be too agressive for this kind of game.

      • I totally agree. Notice that so far no one has taken home the $500k who won most competitions nor has a complete floater won. It’s been 12 seasons and things will probably not change this season. I know that some feel that this isn’t fair but all is fair in the BB house.

  39. Charlotte, your completely right. Dani is only trying to be. Vindictive and is scared of such a dominant force like rachel. I really hope with the brendan most likely leaving that rachel doesn’t get pouty..but instead turns around and has a fire lit under her ass and gets danit out. Dani wanted them all to play for Dani. Brendan and Rachel would not be in this situation had they turned on their alliance. Instead they stayed true to their word.

  40. Floating is actually a good thing, especially in the beginning. Floating doesn’t necessarily mean “doing nothing” although there definitely have been floaters that don’t do anything. Some of the best floaters have actually won Big Brother or have gone really far in the game (Dr. Will, Jordan, Enzo as examples). The real key is to realize when you should back off, judge whether or not you will be safe that week so you don’t put a target on your back by winning HoH all the time. Anyone who thinks floaters are the worst need to learn a little bit more about that game. Rachel and Brendon have been doomed from the beginning due to their big mouths and constant fighting for HoH.

    • Dr Will was a floater but he made himself the most hated and seen as the least likely person to win the game. He also controlled others through his alliance and got them to do what he wanted.he is an evil genius

      Jordan on the the other hand coatailed Jeff and did nothing.

  41. Please Brendon has to go home this week. And Shelly has been kissing his a$$ all day. She better vote him out. This will totally suck if he stays.

  42. How can you say. Anoyone who thinks floating is bad needs. To learn more about the. Game? anyonw who thinks its ok to just. Assume your safe needs to learn a lot more about the game. As we have seen season after season…even twice this season already with keith and dom throwing the veto comps. You can never just assume your safe and you won’t go up…or that you’ll go up as a pawn and make it down safely. The pawns usually go home. So to each its own, but some people take their fate in their own hands while some others decide. Id rather be the one to control mine…and that is what winning comps does for you. They just need a couple of people to have the. Balls to back them on the rare occasion they don’t win.

  43. that is exactly right baton rouge. Because, I think jordan stupid ditsy I. Am everyones bestfriend role is actually by no means a stradegy I think she’s. Like that in real life. People say she’s smart. Cause its her stradegy. Doubt it. Also to the person who said the vets will go one by one…I think its very likely for the vets to win with next few comps as long as the remainder of jordan and with jeff and rachel and get daniele out. Its not about vets vs newbies anymore, daniele is clearly on the same side as the newbies. And if she is the vet that wins I would rather see a newbie win. Hopefully the remainder of brenchel and jejo can get it together..even though I think jordan is a worthless player.

    • I don’t think the newbies believe for one
      minute that Danielle is on their side. They
      must know that Danielle betrayed her alliance.
      After all, if Danielle is not allied with the newbies, who is she allied with? The also now know that Danielle cannot be trusted to keep her word. The remaining veterans should backdoor Danielle next week and try to win HOH the next week. If they do, they still
      have a chance. If the newbies win HOH then, the veterans are toast because a veteran will go home again for the 3rd straight week and there will be 2 veterans left versus the 5 newbies. The newbies will join together because getting out all the veterans means one of them wins the $500,000. I have no problem with a newbie winning it because
      the veterans should play smarter and if they don’t like Danielle—-they deserve to go home! Danielle did not win Big Brother 8 because she does not think clearly and relies
      on pure emotion like falling for Dominic and wanting to exact revenge. Stupid move on her part.

    • Bye Bye Brendon and now we will get to see what kinda player Fake Face and Breast Rachel is without Brendon as a wing man

      Time for a newbie to win HOH and throw the entire show a curveball

      • I so agree W/ya Ghandi… that’s what this game “finally” needs is a newbie to win HOH and turn the house inside-out!!

      • I agree. A newbie needs to win hoh excluding suck-up Shelley or pig out Porsche. But has anyone noticed that it seemed a bit like Porsche was gloating when Rachel was complaining about being evicted? Sorta’ seemed that way to me. Porsche might be getting a bit tired of her ole’ pal and hoping that she goes and Brendon remains. I don’t know… as I said before, Rachel better watch her.

    • @Mandi…. I’m still not 100% clear on Y it is that Rachel is so looooved bye everyone?? 2 me she is 1 of so many things, A. a whiner (if she doesn’t get HER WAY!!),B. a sorry-as# biat^% when she does get her way.. point N case… like last nights After Dark and the fake wedding to the only one who “over looks her MAJOR Flaws” *hats off 2 ya Brendon* all though I feel some sympathy 4 ya.. (giggles here)

  44. I think getting along with people is a great strategy, actually. It’s called a “social game” which is necessary to go far in this game.

    • Ever heard of Evil Dick, Dr Will, Janelle? They are the best players of Big Brother and half the house hated them in their seasons. Being friendly is for floaters and coatailers.

      • Dr. Will is closer to a floater than an aggressor. He rarely won any comps and used his social game and manipulation skills. That is technically a floater.

        Janelle did not win BB, but was one of my favorite competitors of all time. Evel Dick was a rare case in which an aggressor won BB. Have you ever heard of Eddie or Maggie?!?

    • Anyone can win this game besides Rach and Brendon….I wish Big Brother would allow other people to play this game, besides the ones that have played before. I look at it like they have had their chance to win this game once and shouldn’t get a second chance,just sayin’

      • Having the veterans does not affect the newbies chances anymore than the house guests being all newbies. The last season was the absolute worst with the brigade with an alliance of 4 voting everyone else lockstep all the way! Who wants that? The newbies of this season started the same with their 4 person alliance and if the newbies stuck together then, it would have been bad for the veterans. The veterans make the game honest by making everyone play to win or go home!
        If Danielle is backdoored next week or another veteran is sent home next week—-the newbies can easily take control of the house. All they need to do is win HOH, nominate 2 veterans and put the other veteran if one wins veto and presto, the veterans will be down to 2 veterans versus 5 newbies!

    • I agree 100%. She needs to find a bush to climb under and act like the beauty queen that she thinks she is.(sm)

  45. @ lee. My phone is adding periods in on me, I’m not an idiot I too know proper grammar.For you to get that mad that you feel you need to try and personally attack me, maybe you should consider when a good time to back off is..especially since we’re not playing cyber BB. Or anything but clearly you take this chat and game very personally. Bottom line is purposely not winning so you don’t “shine” which is what you insinuated jordan is doing, is exactly that…assuming your safe, anytime you do not win a competition because you didn’t try to, is assuming your safe. Clearly in this game, you’d be a floater and end up like Brittney or Regan lol, thinking you had an alliance but never making your moves. Sorry if my “go getter” personality offends you.

    • I’m not mad at all, actually. I’m actually not taking anything personally. I’m just making statements about Big Brother, and the fact of the matter is that people like Rachel (who I assume you are a fan of) are going to get kicked out of the house for being too aggressive. If she’s your favorite player, then I’m sure you agree with her game play, which I think is very careless. If you are commenting on this board, you need to realize that people aren’t going to agree with you all the time.

      • I so agree W/ you Lee, in the fact that “Rachel” although a pretty good competitor will be leaving the house sooner than later. And @ Mandi, personally I feel that the one should be on the look-out is not Jordan as much as Porscha or however U spell her name.

  46. I don’t get why everyone says that Kalia and Lawon are “floaters” especially Kalia. Correct me if i’m wrong because i have missed episodes. But, I have only seen 3 ppl win HOH. Rachel(2), Jordan and Dani. Not Brenden, Jeff, Or ANY of the newbies I saw Kalia tie for second in the golf challenge and she came in second to Dani….everyone was booted on the same question when Rahcel won the second time. I haven’t seen Kalia play POV so her competitive game play can’t be judged off of that. From what i’ve seen she is more capable than Adam or Shelly and If I were Lawon I would let all the crazies take themselves out before I got involed too. Sometimes it’s better to just lay low and strike when ppl least expect you too……

    One last thing….lol. I really don’t care who wins this game as long as it is not Brenchel. I believe Cassie when she told Rachel she was very ugly inside (outside too if you ask me) People keep saying they don’t think BR would act this way out of the house but the game is bringing it out of them but honestly if it isn’t in you NOTHING can bring it out of you. They are very sad ppl. They are the sterotypical bullies that pick on ppl to turn the mirror away from themselves. Rahcel fake cries like no tomorrow and she does it naturrally. I would not want to be their friends because they are slimy ppl and do not deserve free money.
    THey are all floaters becasue thenicfally the are getting $500k for really nothing. I have to work damn hard for my money so if BR hates floaters so much then get a job and get off BB.

    Done…sorry for the long post

    • I agree. Brendon is the ultimate bully.

      As for the floater issue, I think everyone has a different definition. My definition of floater is someone that doesn’t try to win every competition. Then there’s Rachel’s definition of floater, which is basically everyone in the house except for Porsche haha.

      • And P.S. I think Shelly’s game play is the best out of anyone in the house. I wouldn’t be surprised if she won the whole thing.

      • I repsect you definitioin but how can you say that any of the current ppl haven’t tried to win everytime except the ones that said they are going to throw a game? Not winning does not equal not trying. what some may see as floating i see as common damn sense. Why make myself a target before I have to? Self preservation. To many ppl play this game for the next house guest to win instead of themselves.

  47. Thank you Baton Rouge Boy! I totally agree..being a floater is for lame asses…everyone says look at will and jordan in season 11 blah blah..yeah jordan was an ultimate floater, she doesn’t even play a “social game” like people think she does, she is just randomly walking around talking to people like their friends. Its not like its an actual plot. Will and Boogie sat up in the dr laughing at everyone they were completely fooling. Janelle on the other hand is completely clueless. She’s lucky she at least has Jeff to think for her. Winning competitions thrughout the entire show is a true winner.

  48. @ lee. Your exactly right, I’m commenting on this board like everyone else is. But you made it a point to come straight after me because I disagreed with you. I said I don’t agree that floating is a good game, and you took that personally, but a lot of people have stated they think floating is ok, however they did not feel the need to come back at me the way you did. On the other hand I am here to discuss BB cause I’m bored and I can. I do not necessarily think Brenchals social game is the best, however you can never knock someone for winning too many comps, that’s an absolute guaranty for you. As I. Stated before I apologize you feel differently I’m just stating my opinion. And as far as brenchals “social game” they have stayed true to their alliance. Playing both sides like jeff jordan and danielle will catch up to you it always does.

    • I have never taken a single thing personally thus far. Don’t you think it would be quite silly to take a poorly thought out message board message seriously? I mean, come on. Looks like you’re the angry one here. Lighten up a little, it’s big brother!

    • And i’ve never once said anything about “playing both sides.” I think that it’s important to not put a target on your back. Do you really think Rachel will win Big Brother the way she’s been playing? I think someone like Shelly, who has floated for much of the game, and who will most likely win competitions at the end (not blaze through the house like a chicken with her head cut off, like Rachel), will ultimately win Big Brother. You have to be cautious and smart, not mean and loud.

  49. It seems like every person that has won you try and twist the reason to fit your theory. As was stated wills social game was what won him the game, because he was aware of what he was doing and not only that but him and boogy came back and did the. Same exact thing a second time..except with boogy winning..that’s. No coincidence. Jordan won’t be so lucky.

    • Will barely won competitions though on his season. When he came back for all stars, he won a few and got voted off. You are the one twisting your argument. You are claiming that you need to win all the time, mandi. Will did not do this. He had a social game, which is typical of floaters like Jordan.

  50. I believe that Brendon will be going home. What a dumb move to leave Rachel in the house. BUT, I Would love to see Big Brother throw in a big twist this week…would be great if they let the viewers pick the nominees for eviction…HOH coulds still do all other duties including replacement nominee if someone uses POV and tie breaker if votes come that.

    • I have a feeling they will bring someone back. Apparently they have been keeping the evicted houseguests in the sequester house, which is only what they do for top 10. I hope they bring back Cassi to really piss off Brenchel!! :-)

      • PLEASE BRING BACK CASSIE…she got screwed and with Brenden gone she and Rachel will give us a good show.

      • That’s what I’ve been hoping for. For them to bring somebody back whether its Cassie, Evil Dick, Dom or even Keith for that matter, to stir things up a bit and give Dani some help. Wouldn’t even mind looking at Russell from previous season(ha). Just not muscle Matty( I think that was his name).Basically someone that won’t be punked by so-called big J.

  51. Lee, you can’t flip my words back to me..geesh were not 5. I tried to tell you to calm down before I see that doesn’t work for you, so ill just. Not disagree with you anymore, to make you happy. I will disagree with others k.

  52. You can’t just say she will most likely win comps at the end. She hasn’t done anything to show she’s good. I would rather be winning than assuming…that’s all I’m sayin.

    • It’s evident that you have good morals and don’t like people who backstab or who float through the game without winning competitions. Now I have this same philosophy about life in general, which I think is a great moral to have…to work hard for what you want. But you need to leave your morals at the door in Big Brother. You need to be deceitful, sneaky, and cunning. Winning competitions can actually be your downfall if you win too many too early on. This is evidenced by Rachel and Brendan being put on the block this week. No one wants them in the house because they win everything. They will never win Big Brother.

  53. Omg lee..I dk why you don’t see that we just disagree. Your becoming to obsessed. I never once said you “need” to win every competition. I said “I would prefer to, because your ensuring your own safety” which is what brendon and rachel have to do. You really need to come up off it cause now your just getting redundant and irritating. I didn’t come here to argue with you, so start refering to someone else’s post, and get over yourself.

  54. @ sahsa I agree..cassie and rachels “differences” would make a great show lol. I also agree that Kahlia won’t win a damn thing, she will kick her damn self out if Dani told her to lol. But we never know Brendon is not gone yet, someone might get the thought that they should eliminate Jordan.

  55. Floater: A player who does absolutely nothing competition wise or social wise. A player who becomes friends with everyone and is usually used as a pawn and evicted around weeks 5,6,or 7.

    • Not necessarily true. According to CBS, the definition of a floater is different for everyone (if you read my previous posts, I have mentioned this a bunch of times).

  56. Yes, you mentioned everything a bunch of times, your point has been made clear and we see you dislike when people don’t view things the same way as you. However, just like you said the definition of a floater is whatever you think it is, so there you go..that is batons definition of a floater, which they. Are entitled to. And as far as your. Comment about brendon and rachel being on the block this week because they’re strong competitors is crap, its only because they didn’t go along with Dani’s plan to oust Jeff. Haven’t you been watching? And people may actually vote to keep Brendon because if Jordan. Is sitting in that. Final 2 she will beat any one of them when it comes to votes.

    • Actually, the reason why they are on the block is not only because they did not follow Dani. Brendon could have also won HoH. They could have also not tried to call out Dani. It’s important to make relationships with other people in the house.

      I can defend my position all night without getting mad. I am confident in my position. You are the one getting mad.

    • i think they are on the block because of they are asses. They got beside themselves and the one person they didn’t need to win did. Dani had every right to do what she did and I don’t see how it was a dumb oe Too any ppl give BR redit. They havent won BB so why was she wrong for putting BR up? What have I missed? Who the hell is Brenden and Rachel that they can’t take they ass home?

      • I was so sick of BR telling everyone who to nominate. who to vote for, when to throw competitions etc. I was just glad that someone finally stood up to them. It was getting pretty predictable and boring otherwise.

  57. I definitely agree that Jordan should be eliminated. She is definitely well-liked whereas Brendon is not. He will always be a target, whereas Jordan could definitely win the whole game again.

  58. @MATT(BBN) sitting here laughing my ass u understand why I got irrated last nite..When one person comes in the forum and their opinion is all that counts and they are always right it tends to turn other people off and nobody wants to be here..

    • Because someone has an opinion and likes to debate? Isn’t that the whole point of a message board?

      • I love a good debate. I like to talk to ppl that have their own opinion and can argue there point.

  59. @ jim. I never said that you cannot win the game being a floater. Or that you can win the game being a dominator. Although the odds are stacked against her, rachel has this season and last season won every single HOH comp she has competed in. So for her it is not impossible to win them and the veto every other week. And for her she at least has porsha on her side, so if porsha wins rachel would be safe that week as well. And this coming week, assuming jordan stays I think her. And. Jeff, if they win, will go after Dani for putting. Her up, even though they made a deal with her, they still don’t trust her and we all know they don’t care about staying true. To their word. So I. Would not count rachel out yet, as. We’ve seen. Before with. Evil dick, she may just make it to the end and win because people will respect. Her. For being that damn good. However. I do. Agree that. Porsha down the line will be. One to watch out for, I. Mean for. This week, now will be a. Great time. To get rid of jordan. Again excuse all the periods…stupid phone

  60. Lee…I don’t understand why your still talking about getting mad and all that. It was. Dropped quite a. While ago. How. Am. I. Getting mad? When I too. Am. Voicing my. Opinion. Just. As. You are. I say your getting mad because you continue to randomly come at me and won’t drop it. So that. To me indicates your mad. But anyhow, like I said there are 2 kinds of people in this world..the go getters, and the ones picking up what’s left behind..I’m just saying.

  61. Of course she had every. Right to put them up..obviously that’s. Your. Power as HOH. And as far as brendon having. A chance at the HOH for whoever wasn’t. Watching that hoh. Was completely. Geared toward the. Smaller people..hense all the men falling first.

  62. I like when you say silly goose…cause. my. Sister says it all the time..see I’m not mad

  63. I wasn’t saying that you aren’t a go getter..I was arguing my point of brendon and rachel in this game. I would rather seal my own fate then let it rest. In the. Hands of everyone jordan and kahlia and so on and so forth. At least if brendon. And rachel don’t win we will know its because people. Were scared. Of them, not because they were non factors

    • what is you beef with Kalia…I think she can be a strong competitor she and Dani stayed up there over 1 1/2 hrs and you really believe it was because she was short with samll feet? GET THE PHUK OUTTA HERE!! SHe was determined. Keep sleeping on her if you want she will be the first BW to win BB. Rachel and brenden are not go getters. They are stupid. Go getters know how to shut the phuk up sometims and let things come not try to snatch and grab. You better be the baddest one on the block to play the way they do because if there is ONE person willing to stand up to you then it is over.

      • Apparently they are horrible people outside of the house. He cheated on Rachel with a girl over Skype! Brendon gives me the heeby jeebies

      • It’s so funny. Almost everyone in the BB house hates Kalia most of all. Dani makes the move against BR but everyone hates Kalia and criticize her the most. What is that all about? They are also against Lawon when there are clearly other floaters in the game.

  64. @ Jim lol..that was funny. I can’t speak for everyone only myself.. I feel like the people who do like Rachel so much (like me) are people who look at it totally at a competition game playing level. As a person, hell yes she is extremely annoying and the “love” between the 2 of them is sickening(booki) lol. But on the other hand, people like Jordan so much cause she is nice to everyone but she is such a backstabber. I respect Rachel so much more A:because she is amazing as comps, if you watch back you’ll see she has never lost an HOH. B: she. Has never gone back on alliances with people, when she doesn’t like someone, she is not afraid to call them out. Although that may not be the brightest idea, with all that being said, I said she DESERVES to win. Not that she WILL win. So I dk I guess personally that would be the best explination I could give you myself.

    • Actually whoever wins deserves it because different strategies work for the BB game. Whatever it takes to win the $500k. That’s the way BB works. No rules that say you have to float or that you have to win all of the competitions.

  65. @ Kami. That is completely true but it all goes back to what the definition of a “complete floater” is. I think. If your a. Floater your a floater there is no “partial floater” or “complete floater”

  66. I mean I think it’s great to have morals in the real world where you work hard for the things you want. The Big Brother house is very different though. Those morals need to be left at the Big Brother door before entering the house.

  67. They. Are the baddest ones in the house..period…are you kidding me? Lol. I am sitting. In. My. Seat laughing my ass. Off. Brendon and rachel have dominated almost every competition. And. People. Are. Just scared of them. Kahlia “almost”. Winning doesn’t. Quite. Count. Lol..that was. One competition of. How. Many? And. Yes. The competition was completely geared toward being small. Although thin shelly is very tall and although small jordan is very weak..who does that leave? The two short girls with a little muscle..rachel. would have killed that competition.

  68. I agree. But I’m not talking morals. I am talking about game play. If they had morals they wouldn’t emberass themselves by. Talking the way they. Do to eachother lol. But I wanna know why people keep saying brendan and rachel had their chance and they shouldn’t get. Another one. As did jejo and dani and dick. But I don’t hear anyone saying that. About them. And at that jordan has already won.

  69. Uugh btw haven’t anyone notice yet, Rachel’s dirty… her whinny ass in case have not figure out.. is her stinkin’ plan for her the biotch and Bren… tryin’ to beg stay… uuh and cuzz the newbiees are disturb they start throwing away challenge… that it is so … it on purpose goes Rachel way being so the plan Brendon wins POV and Rachel biotch is safe. Dom & Keith became early victims. And possibly JeffJo… and Dani if she is not carefull with her harsh plan.

  70. My bet is on Danielle, in her season with Evil Dick, she won alot of competitions…. She also is playing a really strategic game…. She showed us how determined she is in the endurance competition….

    • I agree. I think Dani will recover from all the crap that went down at the beginning. All I have to say is BRENDON better go home tomorrow. As for Shelly, she’s playing too many people right now and I think it will backfire on her soon. She seems to be social gaming too much.

  71. Woah..very hard to understand that. But keith choocing to throw the comp and dominic choosing to throw as well is far. From a victim. If anything dom was a victim of daniele. And if we all hadn’t. Noticed its not like brenchel needs people to throw the comp. They can still win.

  72. @ lee, I dk. It never turns out the way anyone thinks it will. That’s why I say who I feel deserves it vs who I feel will. I honestly definitely don’t think it will be Dani. She has crossed too many barriers and her 2 strongest allys are the weakest players in the house. I wouldn’t mind seeing Rachel or Jeff win. I think that if brendon stays this week. He and rachel have a great chance because they can snag a couple ppl on their side. They’ve already got porsha, jeff will be gunning for dani if jordan goes, and shelly will float right back over to being with them. So I think they stand a good chance if that were the case. But, its most likely that brendan will go and ppl will be killed by jordans kindness, and then she could win all over again.

  73. Haha…wow lol…totally figured you were a guy. Well I guess there are no morals in the BB know where I’m going with this lol. Jk

  74. @ kami..I dk what the deal is with lawan he hasn’t done anything to anyone..but I think people hate kahlia because they hate dani and its even worse when someone follows the person you hate around like a lost puppy. And maybe they hate lawan cause he’s alligned with kahlia.I dk but jeff made a referance about that on bb after dark lastnight about kahlia not having her own mind just following dani.

    • people don’t like Kalia because she faked an injury in the competition, and then she was perfectly fine afterwards.

      • Some of us dislike Kalia because she never shuts up and is a kiss-up. She’s a major barnacle.

  75. I guess it’s something when newbiees and vets are put together… and the vets gets tooo much control… it looks like newbies are slopping around feeling scared and throws away challenges that they are capable of winning, so so that they became floaters and victims.

    • It is amazing to me that the newbies act as though they didn’t come to win. All the newbies act as though they want a veteran to win. Heck, if I go on BB, I want the $500k for myself.

  76. For a long time I was the only one who was here representing Louisiana. This is kinda crazy to see a Baton Rouge boy and a louisiana gal in the house. LOL

  77. @mandi –> Is it just me or does Lawon kinda creep you out? I don’t know if he is strategizing in his mind or just weird or something.

  78. I have mixed feelings about Shelly. I think that she is two faced and dirty but it seems to be working. Everyone seems to trust her. She just might walk away with all the marbles (if she wins competitions when appropriate).

    • I thought it was working too for a while, but I think it will eventually blow up in her face. She’s been playing too many people, and they are going to start talking soon.

  79. Wow I can’t believe the amount of people who want Jordan or Jeff to win. They sneek around like their all that. Jordan already won and who cares if she is the nice one so boring the best move would be to get them out if anyone wants a chance at winning. The houseguests are so lame, they don’t realize that these two are the biggest threat because they are all scared to get rid of the little sweet couple. Go Rachel!

  80. @ Kami. Yes lawan does infact creep me out lol @ denise..I am with you all the way sister! Give it to someone who came to compete..everyone is proving my point for me. They hate brenchal but yet they hate that the newbies aren’t competing..well hello! That’s what I’ve been sayin brenchel are the only ones competing. And dani too but she’s competing to avenge dominic otherwise she would not have put up brenchel, then jordan. And she was stupid to do so, not ballsy because she was sitting in a great position. The strongest players in the house had her back and everyone else would have gone on trying to evict the couples she would havre flown under the radar. Now ballsy would been to put up lawan and let the others be pissed that she didn’t oust brenchel.

    • You have to admit. It is a little more interesting since Dani shook things up. It was getting boring watching the newbies get picked off one by one.

  81. How many people will be watching the “trashy” wedding tomorrow night? LMAO Thay are decorating right now.

  82. I do admit that. But it was no shocker who she put re-align with them would have been a bigger shocker…and if Jordan actually goes home Thursday…that’ll be the real shake up..then things will start getting good. But with brendan gone it’ll get righ back to boring.

  83. Wouldn’t a great twist in the game be that all of the HG’s are told to pack all their stuff, then are whisked away blidfolded? They wouldn’t know where they were going, until they ended up on a beach removing their blindfolds to see… Jeff Probst. Houseguests, you will now finish the rest of the game on Survivor!

  84. oh my Goodness…that man is going on with a wedding with that girl. Look at her…she is ugly!!!

  85. Kaka and lawon are pretty boring, they should be expelled and then Dick and Dominic come back.

  86. Kalia is the complete opposite of a floater!
    1st HoH competition: She was the last newbie standing.
    2nd HoH competition: She tied with Dominic for 2nd.
    3rd HoH competition: She was 2nd to Danielle.
    PLUS she has proved that she doesn’t care to speak her mind and put people on the spot, a floater is someone who floats their way through the social game, which is not what Kalia does.
    Besides, whats the big deal over floaters? I think floating is a better strategy than being a big-headed jackass like BR and Jeff.

    • Kalia is not the worst player ever, she’s just obnoxious. She can go after Dani…PLEASE SEND JORDAN HOME! SAVE BOOKIE!

      • LOL. Bookie’s going Bye Bye. Hope there’s a plastic bush somewhere near, Rachel’s gonna need it.

    • Correction: Porsche was the last newbie standing in the first HOH competition, not Kalia.

    • Yeah, except Kalia ONLY spoke her mind AFTER being called out. That’s exactly what floaters DO in this game. They keep quiet and to themselves until they are caught and then go on a rampage about how they’re not floaters and then once the spotlight is off them, they go back to it. Just watch, as soon as someone else starts making waves she’ll shut up pretty darm quickly.

  87. Kahlia being the last newbie to hang on the banana isn’t saying too much. She wasn’t even close to being the last person hanging on the banana..which is what really matters. She won’t get a prize for being the final newby. That’s HOH 1. HOH 2 she did tie for 2nd with Dom. However Brendan and Jeff were set to go after Jordan, but they threw it so jordan can have Kahlia could have easily ended up tying for 4th..which was likely and nothing to brag about..then HOH 3 was actually won bye Rachel once again and Kahlia was infact the first one to be knocked out of that comp. Then HOH 4 was when she finally showed up. When I was 16 I worked at Culver’s as a side job from school. When they assigned you the. “Floater position” it meant you had to run back and forth from position to position covering every area, but never really having a place to stand on your own..that is exactly what Kahlia has been doing.

    • Nice floater analogy. Floater seems to apply to all the newbies except Dominic and Cassie.

      Now that I am reassessing your floater definition. A floater seems to be pretty strong. It’s more difficult to cover several positions versus being able to cover just one. It tales more skills. So the jury is out on this one.

      • It’s just sad that floating as a strategy has been given such a bad stigma, despite it taking a lot of skill to maintain it throughout the game.

      • When someone says something about floaters i attomatically thing of kathy from last season ,and how weak she was..

      • I guess there are two kinds of floaters… 1) Floating as a strategy, 2) Floating because you have no game.

  88. Rachel will be upset, but they’re prepared they already know he’s most likely gonna she’ll get up and win yet another HOH like she always does and take Dani out.

  89. If rachel wins this game I will be soo happy. I dont care what people think, shes a very good gampelayer and can go far without brendon. I mean look at last year, rachel did all the work while brendon just won like 1 POV.

    • I agree. it would be great to see her win. I think that when the house guests get fewer they will all want to bring her. She gets a bad wrap, so people think if they sit next to her in the end, they can beat her. She’ll make it

      • I totally agree with the both of you to….I know most people don’t like Rachel and Brendon but I love them lol..She may cry alot but that don’t stop her geat gameplay at all and someone like the both of them that win almost everytime at something deserves to win this game..Personally I hope they take dani out and then Kalia then I dont care who is next lol…

        I thought I was th only one. I want her to get Dani out of there! She is so spiteful!!!!

  90. Alex. I totally agree with you. Except last year brendon won more than that, but even so, rachel has NEVER lost an HOH not I too think she can make it far. She definitely deserves to win

    • I also agree, i really want to see her go faaar in this game. Last season i remember hayden won the first HOH and she wasnt on the winning team. and i really hope this doesnt get jinxed!

    • CBS should never have allowed the veterans in the house with the newbies. Did they not learn from the last season of Survivor, that it is a very unfair matchup that gives an extremely great advantage to the veterans.

      Strangely, when Brendon and Rachel were on there season I was totally on their side. Now I get to see the really UGLY side of these two people and I finally understand why the HGs in their season hated them.

  91. No, the analogy of the floater was just an example that a floater floats. In kahlias case she is floating from one power line to the next is all.. how hard can that be? Floating is the easiest thing to do because you jsut stand by on the sideline and watch for the most part.

  92. Did anyone else catch Danielle mention that she and her dad went to the Minnesota NFL game where the stadium collapsed? This happened December 12, 2010; when is the supposed last time her and her dad talked? Did she let too much slip after having some wine?? How come the houseguests didn’t pick up on this one?

    • I didn’t, but I have always thought they lied about their relationship to help them in the game. Maybe not the 1st time, but this time yes. If they have lied they did well in not sharing the lie in the diary room

    • During a DR session this season Dick said that they hadn’t spoken in 3 years.

      Interesting. Never thought that they would lie about that but I guess it would help game play.

      • In a video posted by Dick on after his departure from the game, he stated that he and Dani had not spoken in 3 years. I don’t see why he would lie about it when the lie would no longer help with ‘game play’. It’s not like the public can tell the HGs it’s all a lie…

  93. im glad people are getting on the brenchel wagon seems like alot of houseguest are affraid to do dirty work rachel plays hard yes her laugh is a little irratating and there kinky side is a little too much but they play because they love the game they are very good compettitors and i somehow hope brendon gets another chance i would vote him back in before any of the newbies dani has done something even dick wouldnt of done and split the veterans up before jury congratulations dani you have three votes against you and five newbies in jury real smart as for the hating on rachel just cause people liked monet and britney didnt mean rachel deserved the things they said about her rachel is a fun bubbly girl who is facing an extreme amount of insecurities because of nasty remarks she has showed no meaness like nat or ronnie ever did and everybody knows kristen was no better than her and rachel got belittled for liking brendon does anyone remember kristen had a boyfriend oh and how convenient was it for britney to win jury prize right after her house burnt down lets also remember brenchel is on the block for not backdooring jeff dani got dominic evicted not brenchel people can say what they want but there is two couples in the house and dani meant to split them up yet her and dominic are not a couple they just flirted whoopie at least hayden didnt take it that personal all that brenchel wanted was as least jury as well as jeff and jordan its mean spirited to break two people up when they would of had your back it was just a personal attack for dani not getting her way ;go get her rachel:ps i cant stand kalia hope she stops playing the race card

  94. I was always team Rachel. She’s a great player and always does her best while Jordan very much relies on Jeff. I’m glad Brendon saved Rachel since she’s the better player!
    I hope Jordan goes home but the chances are very slim!
    I want Dani out, ASAP!

  95. First off: I have NEVER in all the years of watching Big Brother (yes since season one) seen such an uninteresting bunch of players such as the newbies. In my book they are all duds and they all need to start playing the game. Second: If the house was smart, which they aren’t, they would vote to save Brendan. Between him and Rachael, they will get Jeff, Jordan and Danielle out of the house. The sad thing is that the longer they leave Jordan and Jeff in the house, the more that takes away the winning title for any of the newbies. Does Adam, Shelley or Kalia think that if they make it to the final two against Jeff or Jordan that they will win? No. Jeff and Jordan put themselves in that position that everyone LOVES them and that they can do no wrong. Now here comes the lack of smartness among the newbies. If they voted to keep Brendan this week then that would mean that they would be safe another week or two because B&R would go after J&J and Danielle. PLUS anyone of them would more then likely win in the end if up against Brendan or Rachel. The newbies definitely hold some power this week and they should stick together and use it to save Brendan because that would be the smartest thing to do. The newbies need to step it up and make a move that will benefit them. Rachel is going to be on the war path and she will without a doubt back door Danielle and I will LOVE it! I will make sure to tape it so I can play that over and over again :) Sometimes I wonder if the people who apply to go on this show actually watch the show? Seems like they dont because they have no game play. By a vote of 1 to 0, if the game play doesn’t pick up in the house, then this veteran Big Brother watcher will more then likely skip the rest of the season for the first time ever.

    • The newbies are in the cat bird seat right
      now. With Danielle destroying the other
      veterans and her chances as well—-the newbies can only benefit. How could the newbies not benefit? Consider the following:
      1) Brendon gets eliminated tonight which leaves 4 veterans versus 5 newbies
      2) Danielle or another veteran gets evicted next week and we are down to 3 veterans versus
      5 newbies.
      3) All the newbies need to do for the week after is win HOH. Nominate any two veterans. If one veteran get off, nominate the third veteran
      4) After that week, there would be 2 veterans left to face off against 5 newbies who will be more than willing to vote out the rest of
      the veterans.
      5) Veterans still have a chance but,they have to keep winning HOH week after week otherwise, the newbies can take control right after Danielle is backdoored!

      • Sorry newbies aren’t that smart and they can’ win anything. The newbies are simply wanting others to do the dirty work.

    • Even if Rachel backdoors Dani, so be it. It was going to happen sooner/later anyway, but I hope it doesn’t. At least Dani had the guts to make a game changing play. Something that chicken Jeff,Jordan, Brendan & Rachel didn’t have. They all mentioned evicting/backdooring each others duo, but didn’t have the nerve and using ‘it was to early in the game’. If the vets were as great as they think they are, then they wouldn’t have had a need to depend on each other so much throughout the game. If Rachel wins hoh(I hope she doesn’T), then she needs to concentrate on getting JJ out. She would only be helping them win the money if she doesn’t..

      • “Game challenging play”? Daniele’s move to put both Rachel and Brendon on the block was strictly vindictive. She was angry that her “friend”, Dom, was voted out. Everyone agrees that the alliance would eventually have broken up; but Daniele should have stayed cocooned within the alliance for as long as possible (safety in numbers) instead of encouraging backstabbing amongst the pairs. Daniele showed her cards much too soon and I truly hope she gets her butt kicked for that move.

  96. If porsha self evicts before Thursday, will BB still proceed with an eviction?

    Porsha was talking about leaving if she wasn’t going to be filmed. She isn’t likely to win. But this should change the course of the show?

      • That girl is just blowing smoke. Did they put her on slop or something? She’s enjoying herself eating up everything. Appears that might be her main reason for being there. Her only focus is eating, sucking up to Rachel,eating, being the third wheel, eating, watching Brendon and eating.

    • Lauren, I am interested in your comment. Is she upset because she doesn’t get air time on the show…how would she know because of editing she would have no idea how much air time she would be getting (hg’s don’t get to watch the show, right?) Other HG’s get very little air time as well. I agree that B and R get way too much and J and J quite a bit too. It is a shame that we don’t get to see all equal and get to know the quirks of all the players…..especially those of us who don’t get feeds or BBAD.

      • This evicted ( self evicted ) player doesn’t go to the jury house and won’t have the burden of being filmed every day. Some players, hg’s always say they aren’t filmed in the jury house, but they are film ( just not as frequently. )

        Correct Matt???

      • dose anyone know if the vet’s are getting paid to be on the show? Someone said they we’re getting 30k and last nite on after dark Rachel said something to Brandon about getting money.

  97. Could someone tell me what season it was when an evicted hg was kept in the game because the door wouldn’t open? Maybe that will be what is going to happen to Brendon since they are short one person.

    • Season 9 ( till death do us part) I believe it was a couples thing. Allison and Ryan? I think. They were evicted together and went to the door and the door wouldn’t open. A horn was blown and the hG went to the living room and was told by Julie that the new twist to the game was they would no longer be playing as couples, and that only one out of the couple was leaving instead of both. The HG had to revote between Allison and Ryan and Allison was evicted. ( you can double check this- I think I remembered it right)

  98. I just saw it on youtube. They didn’t say what season it was, but they were all playing as couples also. One was evicted instead of the couple.

  99. Did anyone see the “wedding” last night on BBAD?
    So funny! Hope CBS puts it on Wed. or Thurs.
    Hope Rachael, Dani and Jeff stay for awhile.They keep the drama comming!!

    • i have a strong feeling that brendan is going home and jordan is staying because in the next HOH compitition one of the veterans must win so they can put up dani because she just isn’t worth it and she shouldn’t have put up jordan because now it’s gonna be war.
      i really want jeff or jordan to win it!

      • We all know how the pawn works (sometimes they go home), however Dani feels that the majority will vote out Brendon over Jordan. If she had put up anyone else Brendon would have the votes to stay and she does not want both power couples on her back next week.

      • Jordan offered to be a pawn. Dani put her up I think so no one would be mad at her. I don’t think she would put her up if she thought she would be evicted. Dani really wants Brendon to go home.

  100. What is up with Porsha wanting to leave if she is not filmed? How would she know what is being shown to the public – does not make sense?

    Why do so many people hate a player playing the “floater” game? Everybody cannot play the QB position. There are other positions you can play to win the game so crying about the “floater” makes no sense. I somewhat like the dynamic duo of Brenchel but when they are not in power or their alliance or they do not win a competition check out what the do. When Dani won the HOH (don’t call it deal making) they floated up to the HOH to ask for forgiveness. Earlier when the did not win a POV Rachel went to the bushes to cry because she thought someone else with power was picking on her. Everybody needs to remember that this is a game and each player is gonna do what the late Eddie Guerrero said – lie, cheat and steal to win!!

    Oh and one other thing – I find it funny how people get on here and say such mean things about the people playing a known game of where they will need to lie, cheat, backstab or you name it to win and then call them bad names. Remember they are in a house vying for $500,000 saying what they say and we are on the outside saying the things that we say…………….hmmm.

  101. The real object of the game is to be strategic. That to me encompasses a variety of tactics. Just floating and not having a voice or stance in the game is irritating. Just following and never leading is also irritating. All floaters need to go home…this is not a vacation it’s a game with a lot of money on the line. If you are winning comps and become a target and survive…that emphasizes your ability to be strategic.

    Strategy isn’t always that revealing, but you should lead in someway and not just float your way through.

    • Floating is a strategy when it comes to BB. Whatever it takes to win is a strategy although it seems a bit unfair. All is fair in the BB game.

      • Yes…floating is an approach. However, to be truly strategic in this game, you must adapt to the change of the game. Floating is one-sided, obvious and should only get you so far.

  102. However, if floating is your best strategy then take it as far as you can. I could be wrong but Jordan played that game and she won. Jeff kind of carried her along until the final 3 or 4 and she then won 2 HOHs and a POV. So whatever gets you to the end gets you to the end. Everyone does not have to bark the loudest in this game to win even though it worked for Evel Dick. It would be great if CBS chose all of the HGs to be as competitive as Brenchel, however we are left to watch and enjoy what they have given us. I am not sure if the game would be fun to watch if everybody was as relentless as Brenchel.

    By the way I am waiting for the newbies to no longer be in awe of the veterans.

    • Well said. It might be interesting to see totally competitive players go at it but the producers probably don’t won’t this type of scenario. I am sure that they screen personalities and ask about strategies up front. I believe the premise of the show is to see how players can get to the end under different strategies and not just by winning competitions. If winning $500k is just from competitions only, BB would probably be just another game show.

  103. Brendon/Rachel really seemed to be getting through to Shelli this morning…of course, I never feel like Shelli can be trusted, but if she can swing Adam….GAME ON!!! I love Brendon & Rach….they wan’t to compete and win! Jordan seems 2 just wants time with her boyfriend! Does not mean I don’t think she is adorable, but the show will be better without her and way worse without Brendon!

    • I have to say I really appreciate the competitive spirit of the two of them. It would be a definite twist to see Brendon stay.

      I’m tired of Jeff and Jordan too. Jordan’s reasoning for being there is to spend time with Jeff this summer – no good.

      • It would be a better game move for por, adam, and shelli to keep Brendon…I just am not sure that they see that!

  104. Did anyone see after the ‘mock’ wedding ceremony when Rachell mentioned to Bendon getting married in September, Brendon’s reaction? I bet they won’t get married. What would a PhD do with a ‘winer’?

  105. kalia, amazing as it is being as fat as she is, is definatly a floater. That dumb biatch never shuts up. I hope she gets evicted next week and then gets hit by a bus walking out of the studio. Even then I’m sure her mouth will never stop moving. Funny how she talks about working out at least 4 days a week. lol. the only thing she works out is her mouth.

  106. What do you think about Kalia’s nomination speech? I think she took a stand on principals vs. opinions. Way to go! Lawan, Shelli, Adam & Portia, what are you made of?

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