Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Week 4 Monday Highlights

Nerves are running high this morning in the Big Brother 13 house. Everyone is anticipating what Dani will do if the pov is used. All possible scenarios have been discussed. Deals have been made and broken and quite possibly one of the dynamic duo may be walking out the door Thursday night. How does the house react to the replacement nominee? Check it out!

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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – August 01, 2011:

9:50 AM BBT – Rachel says if Jordan goes up, Rach will go home.  Bren is telling her she can’t trust people.  He says she has to be smart and think logically.  I’m sure Bren wishes he could get into her brain and think for her. Bren tells her she can only trust Porsche some and stop acting like she’s her best friend.  He does tell Rach she is a good player.  I’m sure she appreciates the props.

10:45 AM BBT – Bren asks Dani to put up Lawon and she says she can’t.  He says he still loves her and then we get trivia for the pov ceremony.
11:45 AM BBT – The feeds are back and we find out Bren has used the veto and saved Rach.  She is crying.  Jordan has been put up as the replacement nominee.  No more bullying from Brendon!! YAY!! LOL
12:00 PM BBT – Rachel and Porsche are talking about the rough road ahead of them.  It’s them against the house once Brendon leaves.
3:15PM BBT – A paranoid Rachel tells Brendon she doesn’t think she can trust Porsche because she saw Porsche whispering to Lawon.  Rach doesn’t know who she can trust and Bren is soothing her by saying we’ll see by the end of the week.
4:05 PM BBT – Brendon tells Shelly he respects her the most in the house.  Why? Because she’s a liar and did what you wanted her to do?  UGH!!!
4:30 PM BBT – Brenchel telling Porsche, JJ will not come after her for voting to keep Brendon.  They think they can somehow keep Brendon.
Rach says she’s not speaking to Daniele the rest of the summer that she crossed the line.  I bet Daniele’s ears are breathing a sigh of relief lol.
5:00 PM BBT – According to Brendon, Daniele is the biggest liar in the game.  Hmmmm I guess he forgot about all the lying Shelly has done to help them out.  At least Daniele says it all to their face and not behind their backs.
5:40 PM BBT – Kalia wakes Dani up in HoH because they are on an outside lockdown.  Kalia tells her Jordan is scared she is going home because Brenchel has made deals.  Dani said Brenchel are liars and they shouldn’t make Jordan scared like that.
7:00 PM BBT – Brenchel in the hammock.  Bren thinks Rach can make a deal with Dani because they’ve both lost their partner (after Bren leaves).  Rach doesn’t want to cause it’s “making a deal with the devil”.  Brendon is stressing to Rachel NOT to trust Porsche cause she runs her mouth.  Rach is wondering if Shelly will ever win anything.  They are trying to figure out what to do once Bren is evicted.
7:10 PM BBT – Dani tells Kalia she wants Rachel gone next week.  They both agree that Adam will put Rach up if he wins HoH.  That’s a big if. I hope they’re not counting on a win from Adam.  Geez!
11:00 PM BBT – A real cute strip tease act from Adam and Porsche for the bachelor/bachelorette party.  Pretty funny to go back and watch on the feeds.

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  1. Thanks Chloe…I look forwarda to reading your summaries …keeps me in the know and makes me smile.
    I think the next two days are going to see tension build and am quite sure another housefight will occur. This is what BB fans have been wanting. Should be a bumpy ride for those in the house and the fans too.

  2. If I have to hear Shelley mention how she is so great with her daughter I will freaking puke. This woman is a natural liar..she lies effortlessly. I know BB is about lies and backstabbing but when she continuously uses her daughter to support her lying is just repulsive.

    • I can’t stand her with this great mother routine. I see the newbies just all attaching themselves to whoever is in power. The only way I can see of getting rid of Dani now is for Rachel to win HOH, nominate Dani and Jordon and Dani not win POV but someone other than either nominee. What do you all think about how to get rid of Dani?

      • Sorry Franis, but Dani is my favourite in the house right now. She is not afraid to put her azz on the line to make a big move..cant say the same about the rest of them.

      • I agree BG and she has done this from day one. She often stated how she wants to play to leave a good impression on her daughter. Oh well, good game play if she’s trying to teach her how to snitch, lie and be cowardly.

      • I can’t stand ole’ Shel either, never did. The biggest snake ever. She too old for that crap. Yes Rachel could possibly put Dani up ‘if’ she won hoh but if she’s smart(and we all know…), she needs to swallow her pride and try to work with Dani, they could make it to the final two. JJ are going to drop her like hot coal. They’ve said once before that she gets on their nerve.She would need Dani to help her get rid of JJ.
        Go Dani Go.

    • BG I think you have hit on the crux of what annoys people most about Shelly. She is doing what Matt did when he lied on his wife. I don’t know if it is superstition or what, but people draw the line at lying on loved one. The thought of the lies coming true is at the corner of people’s mind. Heaven forbid if Shelly’s daughter starts to resent her for her hypocrisy on TV. As a mother of a teenager I have experienced that they look for a reason to rebel, with their hormones and insecurities they are all over the place and want to do their own thing anyway. Everytime she tells her daugter to write lines for lying she going to tell her you first. Unless she told her daughter not to watch and she mentioned that she did’nt want her daughter to see her smoking so she is watching, Shelly just brought herself a world of troublen at home.

      • Shelly the crab lies so much , does she really have a fam. now she says she wants to take them to indonesia something is going on with the snake she is not what she claims to be . Just saying

  3. Brendon and Rachel have the votes to evict Jordan (since she has already won BB). I think they can get Shelly, Porche Lawan, Adam and Brendon. that’s 5 votes and Jordan is out the door. Thats leaves Dani, Kalia, and Jeff . Only Kalia and Jeff will vote to keep Jordan. jmo.

    • I am not convinced that Shelly will vote Jordan out…and the boys may not want Brendon around especially if there are more physical comps. But things can change from minute to minute in this house. There will be a lot of deals put on the table in the next few days.

    • I think it comes down to Shelley and Adam for the votes. I think if people are smart they will start playing the game and if Jordan is around at the end she will have the votes. Brendon although good at competitions(??) they would definately not vote to give him the money.

    • Shelly will not vote out Jordan! Brendon has Porshe’s vote. They are the two lap dogs.

      I think Adam is the only one that could flip, but I dought that too!

      It’s bye bye bookie! AND I am one of many that will be grinning ear to ear when he walks out that door!

    • Shelly is a JJ groupy I would be super surprised if she voted to evict Jordan. I believe if they told her to drink battery acid to help them out she would. Also Lawon and Adam were talking game on the couches after Brenchel’s wedding. Lawon reminded Adam of the newbies promise to stick together and their wanting to not be remembered for being the vet’s pawns. Operation floater is in full effect. If a newbie wins HOH all you haters there’s a big bowl of crow for you to eat.

      • In conclusion the newbies are going to vote out a vet. Their game play is low key but they are still in the game. I want to see where Porche lands after this week then we will see if she has game. Kalia is a flip flopper. I respect Dani because she takes a stand and fights for it. In BB and life one wants fighter on your team because a person cannot be on all the time, on ones off days or win HOH cant participate the following week, there has to be someone to keep the ball rolling. Kalia has been working out time will tell if she is useful to Dani. Dani is rightfully doubtful of Kalia. When she had a chance to solidify her alliance to Dani and give Dom a sympathy vote she did not. It would have shown she has enough confidence in her game to make a play and back if up. I person who does not make a stance lacks confidence and is unreliable. Dani needs to work on Adam as security in the likely event Kalia does not win HOH by telling him about Shelly’s duplicity.

  4. if I was a newbie in the house I would vote Brendon out. Because I would have a better chance of making it to the end by breaking up the vets.

    • It doesn’t really matter which veteran goes
      home at this point. Next week, another veteran could go home so, there would be 3 veterans versus 5 newbies in the house. A newbie wins HOH and if they put two veterans on the block then, another veteran yet again goes home. Then, it is down to 2 veterans versus 5 newbies. The veterans best chance is to have stuck together but, Danielle decided to break off too early and she and the other veterans will pay a very high price for it!
      I cannot wait for the newbies to take charge when it happens and the look on the veterans faces when it happens!

      • I agree, the vets had their best chance by staying together and Dani screwed that up. I think Jeff and Jordon will definitely want to go after Dani once Brendon’s eviction happens.

      • Dani did not break away too early. The vtes would have run thru the newbies then her. She was smart to strike while she had non vet numbers to work with. She was 5th with the vets. If she would have waited she would have had a more confident vet front to go against. Now they have they newbie to win over and not just vet votes. They are more vulnerable now. Dani is playing brilliantly. She was the first vet to embrace the newbies and not ostercize them which was Brenchel’ s game plan. She has shown forethought. Also, the newbies do not have a solid front. Kalia campaigns against Lawon every change she gets. Shelly never was on board from day one and Porche and Adam are neutral and playing their own game. The newbies have been playing an individual game from the start. There is no newbie vs vet as far as the newbies are concerned the vets still have a chance.

  5. Newbies will not take control of the game because they are too stupid. I dont consider Shelley a newbie..she is JJ’s tool.

    You know what, I dont understand all the hate in the house for Lawon. He is the biggest floater but he has not said a bad word against anyone in that house..yet Brendon is always calling him stupid and a nobody in or outside the house.

  6. this is awesome big bully (waaaaandon) brendon will be gone and leave poor (retchel) ratchel all alone and up the creek without a paddle because do one likes her she is the most stuck up person i have ever seen and she’ll be a real bad wife and doesn’t have the tools to be a good mother bottom line she’s just bad and her sister at least i think it’s her sister is a dancer at sapphire a gantleman’s club in las vagas and she’s from vagas so it’s one in the same she can go back and work for tips as she shows her tits.

    • Josh, Rachel and her sister are from NC. Also, bringing someone’s family up on a comment section of a website is inappropriate. Let’s try and keep it classy shall we. If you don’t like how she acts on the show or her game play that’s fine but there is no need to make comments about her being a terrible wife and potential mother. Thank you.

  7. Once the veterans get broken up, this game could get really boring. We all hate brenchel, but they give us something to talk about.

  8. All I gotta say is that Dani better hope and pray that Jordon stays..Cause if she don’t Dani will have Rachel and Jeff both to fight…not sure that she could win against both…This may get really interesting in the next 48 hrs..Jeff has indicated that a blow up between Rachel and Dani could happen at any time and he does not want hisself or Jordon to be put in the middle. I have to say that right now Jeff is playing it fairly smart as he is keeping his mouth shut and his temper in check. Next week would really be awesome if Rachel and Dani were on the block..sitting side by side..glaring at each other. That would be a week to remember or maybe look foward too.

  9. I think Jordan played it right. She is probably trying to give Dani and Kalia a false sense of security that her and Jeff are willing to work with them. I hope the pawn doesn’t go home. I don’t think the newbies will go against Dani and vote her out. Or maybe she volunteered so Dani wouldn’t put up Jeff. It’s going to be hard for Jeff and Jordan once Brendon is gone, because they are the last couple. I think Brendon and Rachael showed that they aren’t trusting Jeff and Jordan by surprising everyone at the veto ceremony. Maybe JJ are having second thoughts about teaming with Rachael because of this.

    • No, I think ultimately JJ and Rachel will keep working together. Rachel obviously understands that Jeff would never evict Jordan just like she wouldnt evict Brandon. I hope Dani is sent to the Jury next week though! All the Branchel haters don’t realize that by Dani flipping so early in the game, no vet will win bb13. Evil Dick would not have gone after the vets so early in the game!

  10. I think that Shelly is really “Buck” from United States of Tara. If you hear her talking but she is not on camera you would think it’s a guy. Then you see her in the jeans and baseball cap and you just know it’s Buck!

  11. Dani is a very good player but she’s not thinking about the end game. The way I see it Dani will not have enough votes in the jury house to win all the money.A newbie will win the money.

  12. The strip show was kind of fun, but BBAD stuck with only one cam through most of it. Didn’t want to show a gyrating Elf I guess, haha.

    Plus, I think Dani got a liiiitle too tipsy last night. Any idea what she was whispering to Kalia after Porsche left?

    • She probably should’ve whispered stop flirting with Jeff and following him around the house before Jordan kicks her butt. Jordan watch Porshe she’ll take your man!!!

  13. @trev i agree of the pics that i saw the were funny and it’ll be greater to see (waaaaandon) brendon go home and to see a long goodbye until julie says for brendon to leave the house PUKE!! it’ll be good not be skanking up the jury house together (retchel) rachel can do that on her own she can also cry and sulk alone for a week. at least she’ll get to drink all the wine because she loves wine

  14. Gosh, I had no idea until now that so many of you love Dani and hate Brendon and Rachel. I like Brendon and Rachel. From what I have seen, Brendon and Rachel honored their deal with the vets to stay together. Dani, Jeff and Jordon have not. Am I the only person who sees this?

    • Brendan and Rachel blew that back door scenario up too much. It was Rachel’s HOH and all she had to say to Dani is no, I’m not doing that this early in the game. She and Brendan didn’t have to say a word to Jeff because it wasn’t going to happen. Jeff and Jordan thought about backdooring B&R when Jordan was HOH but dropped the idea. They acted like kids on the playground going to Jeff. Dani had no power to BD Jeff, what the hell was the purpose of stirring the pot?

      • No Francis. You’re not the only one who sees this. But lying is part of this game, and like it or not, that’s exactly what Dani was doing…. playing this game.

  15. I agree Rachel and brendan ar strong competitors, but they act like children. Something’s very off with those two. Arrested development type of stuff. Don’t know how they have jobs in the real world if they act that way in the house. Would you want to work with those two?

  16. Do they know who is the liar in jury , i cant stomach that crab of a Shell wander if she really has a fam. have seen liars in this game sometimes they have to but this girl is a conniver she is for no one not even a bit of remorse.

  17. I cannot stand Rachel and Brendon both are the biggest bullies I have ever watched on television. Also, Rachel is a cry baby. Every time she loses Brendon has to find the pacifier. I like Dani, I hope she gets rid of Big Bully Brendon this week, so Rachel can cry and be depressed and lose hoh next week. Boo Hoo Rachel.

    • I just PRAY Rach doesn’t win HOH. Because then, she will be unbearable! I want Dani and the newbies to rule the house.

  18. i know im a bit off topic but you guys should give us some nsfw action on danielle the chick looks good..that all :)

  19. I absolutely LOVE the drama Brendon and Rachel bring… makes things so much more interesting. Looking forward to what Rachel will do after Brenden is gone. But my faves will forever be Jeff and Jordan-

    too bad Evil Dick had to leave early because I have a feeling he would be DOMINATING the game right now- and I CANNOT stand his daughter- she is a good player- she’s just such a lil hussy!!

  20. Glad to see Rachal and Brendon break up. Although good competitors and stir the house up, they are sore losers and give the give the show a bad name. Wouldn’t mind if Dani, Jeff or Jordan won since the new people are not doing anything but seesawing. They messed up the first week when they did not stick together in my book.

  21. My god the the shell of a microbe is going to vote Jordan out. after she claim she liked the Js her skin is going to shed the snake! i have never seen a dirtier person in BB before

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