Big Brother 13 Week 4: A Veto Of Plans

Big Brother 13 Daniele pulls the trigger

It’s as cliched as “expect the unexpected,” but few things go to plan in the Big Brother house and this week is no different. After yesterday’s Power of Veto competition the new Head of Household was hit with that reality and left scrambling to find a way out of this mess. Read on to find where things stand as we head toward Monday’s Veto ceremony.

With yesterday’s Veto results everyone knew Brenchel would still be split up, but the choice was no longer left up to the house. Now things are even more complicated for Daniele since she found out from Shelly (Flashback to 8PM BBT 7/30) that Brendon would be saving himself and not Rachel as most HGs had expected.

Daniele’s target for eviction had been Brendon since she found his Veto-winning skills more threatening than Rachel’s HOH-winning skills, but she seems to be more than happy to settle for seeing Rachel go home. Now she just has to make sure that will still happen despite changing the match-up for eviction.

Her main two options are Jordan or Porsche. Daniele now hopes to work with Jeff and is worried that renom’ing him would be too risky while Jordan is well liked enough to, Daniele hopes, survive a face-off with Rachel. Then there’s Porsche who Daniele recognizes as an ally to Brenchel. By putting Porsche up she’d be taking away a vote in Rachel’s favor should the house decide to try and keep her in a last minute switch-up.

Daniele is very nervous about putting Jordan up, but appears to be leaning in that direction. Flashback to 1:30PM BBT today and you’ll see Daniele having that very discussion with JeJo. I think it’s a terrible idea to ever volunteer to be the pawn, but that’s exactly what Jordan is doing. Daniele says if Jordan is sure she (Jordan) has the votes then she’ll do it. Oddly enough, Jeff seems to be okay with it and tells her if they get through this week then he’ll return the favor.

Keep in mind that there’s no tie-breaker this week, so after Monday’s Veto ceremony Daniele is a lame duck HoH. Whatever at least four HGs decide to do is what will happen. Jordan believes she has votes from Adam and Shelly while she obviously would have Jeff’s support. Kalia should most definitely support keeping Jordan as that’s what her ally, Daniele, would want. That’s four votes right there which look pretty safe. Well you can never be too sure about Shelly, but I think we can trust her on this one.

What do you think? If Daniele wants to make sure Rachel goes home, then who should she put up as the renomination on Monday?

Update: Flashback to 4:40PM BBT to hear Porsche telling Rachel she’d be okay going home this week if they promise to go after Daniele. Keep in mind that Porsche wants to go home before Jury because there aren’t cameras in the Jury House. I’m not kidding.


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      • Why are you guys against Dani…. She is just playing a game as a single player. Not afraid of doing big moves.. Breaking the couples power and trying to reach to final..

    • If it were to be Porsche, i could possibly see her leaving over Rachel. I would think Jeff and Jordan would keep Rachel over Porsche, and i also think Shelly would keep Rachel just because she would vote however J/J would vote. If Danielle is smart, she will put Jordan up as the replacement. But who knows.

      • I agree, the only reason D didnt go home last week was bc she had a golden key. So the couples went after the next best thing, PT. Dani’s only hope now is if they target Kalia first. Or a MAJOR twist.

    • If Porsche gets put up she’ll end up going home. Jeff, Jordan, Shelly and Brendon or Rachel (whichever comes off the block) will all vote to evict her. If only Jordan didn’t volunteer Dani may have ended up screwing up royally and the power couples would still be sitting pretty.

    • If Porsche goes up, she will be going home.
      The veterans stay intact and they can nominate or backdoor Danielle next week! If Jordan goes up then, Rachel will probably end up going. Watch next week because Brendon will be coming after Danielle. Jeff/Jordan would be double stupid to trust Danielle if she puts up Jordan even as a pawn. Once the veterans are sent home one after the other, the newbies have the upper hand and can continue to send the veterans home one by one if they win HOH after next week’s eviction if
      another veteran, say Danielle gets evicted.
      That would make it 3 veterans versus 5 newbies. And people nominated do not have votes unless they get off due to POV but, another veteran can still be put in their place guaranteeing another veteran goes home!
      Jeff/Jordan should stick with Brendon or Rachel whoever remains in the house. Trusting Danielle is a very bad move on their part. Danielle needs them more than they need Danielle who cannot be trusted!

      • But, how many people are really still on the “newbie side”? The newbies never had a solid connection and most of them are playing for the veterans. I don’t see much of a chance that they will use their numbers the second time around either (if they had the chance), even though it would be the smart thing to do. For example, even Shelly, who initiated the newbie alliance, jumped ship the moment she could be in with the powerful veterans.

      • So what happens when Brendon finds out Jordon volunteered to go up to assure Rachel went home?

      • The thing is and I agree with Disco is Jordan offered to be a pawn not like she was told she offered so they obviously have like 70% trust in Daniele because she didn’t nominate them the first time. And Brendon is bound to find out what JeJo did to keep themselves in the game one more week and he will be pissed and probs go after them cuz apparently no one gets between brendon and rachel. Plus the numbers game which normally works in every other season doesnt work in this season because ppl like porsche and shelly aren’t smart enough to realize regardless that the newbies have the numbers and always have. The newbies aren’t going to win HOH back to back if comes down to 3 to 5 because they didnt win when it was 8 to 6. Jeff and Jordan have the numbers on their side if they go against brendon they would have 5 other ppl backing them so it is in their best interest to stick with Dani because everyone like Jeff and Jordan as opposed to Brendon and guess what JeJo havent won anything ya Jordan won hoh but that was thrown to her.
        plus dont forget the big twist which someone is coming back and I bet that it’s going to be Dominic and watch him probs win hoh and put up one of those 3 anyways

        Brendon doesn’t win HOH’s so like thats not even like a big deal what is is the POV which he alwayss wins
        I’m a bit biased tho because I’m on team Daniele all the way so ahahhah

    • If Porsche is nom’d – she will evicted. Rachael will stay . . .
      Jeff & Jordan would have to vote for Porsche, because if they didn’t – it would break their entire alliance. I’m sure JJ wants the BR couple to be broken up – by having Jordan go up, it forces Jeff’s vote and keeps their alliance. It’ll assure that Rachael goes home, which Jeff probably is hoping for. (Don’t forget, Jordan was used successfully as a pawn several times in the past – still won.)
      Jordan vs. Rachael: Jordan 2, Rachael 5 = Rachael evicted

    • I disagree, at this point you should also start worrying about who you’d want to make the finals with. If you end up in the finals with Jordan you would never win the game. Everyone loves Jordan. It would be best to blindsight her and get her out of the house. If any of the house guests make it to the finals with Rachel or Brendon they might still have a fair chance in getting jury votes. Most of those votes will otherwise go to Jordan, and that doesn’t win you 500.000 dollars.

  1. D! No one is going to trust you after this! Don’t you get it? If you put up Jordan, Jeff will hate you even more. I never did like you or your dad, and I still now am dealing with the same reaction. I just simply don’t like you. You have horrible game play. No one trusts you. Only people whos backs are to the wall! Wake up. You should of put up someone other than the four who trusted you. You should of made a deal BEFORE nom. You have no one. Byebye D.

    • First Dani did the right thing r\b or jj would of put her up before porcha or Shelly. they were already talking about. It’s easy to say how to play this game when your stitting at home with all the info.

      • There was no plan to backdoor her. For
        one thing, the veterans are stronger
        together but, with Danielle’s move to
        peel off to soon, she slit her own
        throat and possibly the throats of the
        other veterans. Only the newbies stand
        to benefit from the veterans going after each other or is that fact lost
        on you? Do you really think that Danielle is better off aligned with Kahlia who just waiting for her shot
        at that $500,000? Or Adam who has been
        going to the veterans to beg for his
        survival while, going against them?
        Once a veteran leave this week and
        possibly another veteran next week—-
        the veterans will be outnumbered 5 newbies versus 3 veterans and if a
        new houseguest wins HOH then, another
        veteran will be sent home! Do the math.
        Nowhere does it benefit Danielle in any
        way, shape or form! Newbies should be
        thrilled though because Danielle may
        have just given them a good chance at
        $500,000. Only chance of the remaining
        veterans is to stick together excluding
        Danielle and win the HOH and veto if
        they can!

    • JJ talked to Di and agreed to let Jordan be pawn.
      They aren’t angered at her – they are playing good game.

      • They cannot show anger because Danielle
        is in charge this week and has power.
        Next week, Danielle is powerless and
        can be put on the block or backdoored.
        Wait and see what Jeff/Jordan does if
        they win HOH. My guess is they will
        backdoor Danielle. That way, she will
        not be able to control her fate!

  2. She should put up Jordan if she wants to get rid of Rachel. If she put up Porsche then Porsche would go home not Rachel. I wish Jeff would go up. I used to like him but now I like him a lot less. I want to see Brenden and Jeff gone.

  3. What was thing that Julie was talking about how the fans can impact the game or something?

      • If that happens, I will vote for Keith.
        I do not wish Cassi or Dominic to come
        back. Then, again it might be a double eviction one after the other like in last season. That would be better as we
        do not have to wait next week to see if Danielle gets evicted. It could very well happen this week!

  4. It ain’t over ’til it’s over. I watcher ED & Daniele slide out of some very tight spots. Dick never broke a promise & he even took Daniele off the block when both were up & still got people to keep him. I don’t think her game is as good as Dick’s but I guess we’ll just have to see. I believe Rachel will have a problem with Brendon for keeping himself safe. He’s not very lover-like in MHO. Maybe she’ll kick him to the curb when this ones over. Interesting happenings at least.

    • I wish he would do the chivalrous thing and take her off so that she could go home next week and then J/J/D would go to final 3.

  5. This is what I would love to see next week…
    Brendon takes Rachel off the block… Rachel wins HOH then she puts up Kalia and Lawon,, Rachel wins POV takes Lawon off backdoor’s Dani…. BYE BYE Dani… lol.. perfect. After Dani thinking she was so smart hooking up with PT… and Then watch Kalia… she only goes where the power is..She will really be crying then..

  6. Porsche should be put up… Nobody give a crap about her except for Rachel. Plus, Porsche is bitch. And boring. The house wouldn’t miss her.

    • Dani should have put Shelly & Porsche up. Shelly is a bitch and I can’t stand to hear her talk. She sounds like a man with that gravel voice.

  7. If Jordan told Dani she would go up as a pawn then I would go with Jordan. Otherwise, Rachel would end up staying. I still don’t understand why so many people are against Dani. She made the boldest move in the game so far. The newbies had their chance with the numbers and did nothing. Dom, Cassie and Lawon were the only ones who stayed with that plan. Thanks to Shelly and Kalia who blew it. If Cassie and Dom were still in the game we would be watching a better game.

    I am hearing some people talk about how great Brenchel are this season with the comps. Think about it – Rachel won the first one because Dick offered her a deal. The next one she won Brenchel had all the newbies throwing it. Same with the POV comps this season. Dom won his first POV by not throwing it. He threw the second one. Dani won HOH on her own merit and Kalia was second. Both built very differently and yet everyone else had an excuse that it was not made for them for one reason or another. Example Brendon and his large feet, etc. I don’t know what the latest POV that Brendon one was about yet, but until this point I do not see where Brenchel has been superior with their winning because so many people have thrown the comps. Easy way to win when people are throwing it. Just my opinion.

    • People are against Danielle not because
      she made her move but, she affected the
      chances of the other veterans without
      improving her own chances! Very stupid
      move on her part! Only the new houseguests
      benefit from the veterans voting each other
      out. See, Danielle is able to send Brendon
      or Rachel home. Next week, it is going to be
      Danielle’s turn on the block and if she goes
      then, there would be 3 veterans left versus
      5 newbies. Guess who has the upperhand now?
      If she waited another 3 episodes then, she
      would be in the catbird seat with a good
      chance at that $500,000. Now, she may have
      handed that $500,000 to the likes of Lawon,
      Kahlia or even Adam when these guys have done
      diddly squat! I don’t like her gameplay and
      she betrayed her alliance despite, the fact
      that she was never put up or in danger of
      being booted out! Very stupid move! Now, she
      needs to sleep in that bed that she made!

      • Well stated. She deserves what’s coming her way for screwing up. Everyone says that she was the only one besides Dom and Cassi to stand up to the Vets. SHE IS A VET. If only the newbies could’ve seen that they never would’ve trusted her in the first place.

    • But see that’s what the genius of Brenchel is. They get others to do what they need them to do. Manipulation is a key component to winning the game. Ask Will and Boogie(the 2 best players the game has ever seen)how manipulation is such a magnificent tool in the game. They both have won. Manipulation if done well will get you the victory.

  8. personally i think Dani should try to make a new deal with brenchel, we all know that Jeff is not going to stand by the “deal” he made with Dani, he has said it himself on live feeds, i think Brenchel might be a little more forgiving if she gives them a chance to stay together in the house. Plus i think deep down Rachel does like Dani, it’d been more Brendan not trusting Dani.

    so i’d put up Jeff and split J&J, she has the vote to do that for sure, votes to evict Jeff would be Brendan, Porche, Adam and Lowan is easy enough to scare into voting your way

    • Why would anyone trust Danielle at this point?
      She is two faced and betrayed both Brendon/
      Rachel and Jeff/Jordan. The other veterans
      would be doubly stupid to trust her now! What
      Jordan should have done is not allow herself
      to be made a pawn by Danielle. Let her nominate one of the newbies. Then, vote that newbie out! Then, backdoor and evict Danielle
      next week!

      • what show are you watching? how is she “2 faced”?

        She did betray JeJo, but she wasn’t betraying Brenchel. She was actually helping them

        why can’t all you get it? it was Brendan’s paranoia that cause all this, if he would have listened to Dani, Jeff would have gone home, Dani would have won HOH and Brenchel would be on up in the HOH Room with Dani and Dom and have no worries till final 4. instead it stands a good chance one of them is gonna be watching from home next week.

        what’s bigger is the fact that there will be another twist and before the HOH comp started Julie Chen said this would be the most powerful HOH of the season, so who knows, maybe if the have a returning HG, maybe she alone will get to chose who it is??? with how “rigged” this season has been, some how i think Dani will be safe next week, either Dom or her dad maybe returns and wins HOH or she get veto. thats just how BB works, they try their hardest to leave drama in the house

      • danielle is more than two faced,she was betraying brenchel telling her crew she wasnt here to pay for a dream wedding, even in her diary sessions she admitted all this while she was sending cassi home to make her move on dom and play her own game, she wasnt helping their game she was helping herself..

    • At the same time, she was allied with
      Jeff and Jordan, she was moving to backdoor
      Jeff! In the case of Rachel/Brendon, Daniel
      was asking Dominic and now Shelley to vote
      out Rachel and Brendon and that act is not
      two faced? She betrayed everyone and when
      caught red handed was denying it but, damage
      has been done! Anything is possible in the
      big brother house and who knows, they might
      bring another veteran in who is just as good
      as Brendon and Rachel. Or maybe, it may be a double eviction night which means Danielle will not be competing and she might get evicted right after Brendon or Rachel. I believe that happened last season so, is a huge possibility! Whether the competition is rigged, who knows? I do know that last season
      was the absolute worst season of big brother and I give Big Brother credit for bringing
      the veterans in guaranteeing everyone plays to
      win or go home! Newbies can still win this although, not readily apparent at this time!

  9. Would love to see Kalia on the block and voted out!! Really tired of hearing her play the RACE card! Can we ever play a game when SOMEONE doesn’t have to play the race card! It is really old. I wish I could of reached threw my TV and slapped the shit out of her and told her to grow up!! Whenever it don’t go their way some of them always has to say its because OF THEIR COLOR do they really know how stupid they sound! I don’t like calling people that but that’s the only name I can say up here. They need to stop! What about when things don’t go the white people want or how about when whites are talked down to are they being racist against? Racism isn’t only in one color and its not just because what happened in slavery days, get over it those days are gone!!! And hell Kalia wasn’t born then so what the was she talking about?

      • Everything is not a racial issue, very true…. What happens though is that when u r in an environment and not well represented by the numbers; things make u more sensitive… Think, board rooms, police officers, firefighers… which are historically jobs for men and the environment make women in those jobs more sensitive in their positions…. Have u ever seen a mainstream reality show where most of the contestants are of color… NO… Why is that????

      • What did I miss? I’ve don’t recall hearing Kalia refer to race…besides she voted Keith out and she is the only newbie that isn’t totally sucking up to the vets. I also concur with Eugene’s comment regarding people of color on mainstream reality shows.

      • I was the only black person in my graduate class, kalia shouldnt pull the race card at all personally i think she talks too much and most of the time crap..

      • Ttigier if u watched afterdark this past weekend then you would of heard her talk about it. And yes she voted out keith and the reason she did is SO she could get in with the vets! Have you not been watching. the show?

  10. Hope dani makes a decision that jejo and brenchal agree to then turn around and back door her butt. Dani needs to get to the jury house as her game play sucks! She is only a legend in her own mind. Either way the vets still have the numbers to target the other crybaby: kalia. Hope the vets sweep all the newbies out as they are all worthless floaters. Big brother don’t screw this up let it play out naturally

    • Only way the veterans get to stay is if the
      replacement nominee is Porsche, Kahlia,
      Lawon, Shelley or Adam. Then, the newbie will
      be voted out. If Jeff or Jordan go in as
      replacement nominee then, one of the veterans
      goes home guaranteed! I am ready for Danielle to go home next week! She got lucky this week but, next week could be the time to backdoor
      her and put her out! Veterans do not need and
      should not trust Danielle at this point. She is two faced and backstabbed both couples!
      Jordan should not have agreed to be a pawn
      and let Danielle nominate one of the newbies.
      Then, vote the newbie out. The veterans stay
      intact and they can return Danielle the favor
      next week when they backdoor her! That would
      be justice right there!

      • JeJo don’t truly want Brenchel around either. JeJo talked about backdooring Brenchel during Jordan’s HOH. They decided it was just too early!

        This is the perfect time to get rid of one of them! Brenchel drives everyone nuts. They are poor losers and even porer winners! Brenchel need to go!! If they aren’t in power they play the victims! If they are in power then woe be to all who fail to bow to their whims! They play a poor and mean spirited game. They play it all emotionally and have poor game! Rachel is playing for ratings, just like in BB12!

        Brendon is a bully and a loudmouthed creep! For a “rocket scientist” (physicist Ph.D. candidate), he is one dumb Mo’ Fo’!! Rachel is nothing more than a Vegas sugar baby wanna be with bad taste in clown-like hair color preferences, over enhanced collagen inflated lips and a whine for every occasion!

        Dani has at least the brains and nerve to split Brenchel up while repairing ties with JeJo.

      • I know some don’t like Brendon or Rachel or Jeff and Jordan but all the newbies suck its gonna make for bad TV if its them in the end atleast if its all vets we will have some better TV to watch then the newbies

      • I know some don’t like Brendon or Rachel or Jeff and Jordan but all the newbies $uck its gonna make for bad TV if its them in the end atleast if its all vets we will have some better TV to watch then the newbies

  11. If Porsche don’t mind going home I’d put her up why keep someone who doesn’t care if she wins or not why keep someone who’s not there to play the game geez that’s ridiculous forget Rachel atleast she wants to be there and fights good to be there she should get to stay over porshe then

    • Cannot agree with you more. However, the
      Big Brother game does not work that way! It
      is capricious, will nilly at times and the
      HOH can make such stupid nominations to
      sooth their egos. At lot of times, they
      end up hurting themselves like Danielle in
      this case. None of the scenarios favor her
      because she did not think her strategy
      clearly and elected to evict the very people
      who will protect her and carry her further
      in the game! Talk about sheer irony! She
      eliminates those who can protect her and carry
      her further in the game and give the floaters
      a huge opportunity to win!

  12. Rain sucks!! We are “searching for satellite” 5 minutes before big brother comes on! Not fair.

  13. she will put jordan up to make sure rachal goes home. Jeff and jordan know they got the votes. Rachal is much better player then brendan so you don’t have to worry about him. Dani is really the only one to cheer for left, There are so many unlikable quests this year this might turn into season 10 which sucked. Porsche is not going up that is all hype i hate her but she is just a floater not a threat

  14. Porsche is not going up she poses zero threat. jordan has the votes for sure. It’s a pretty easy choice at this point. Bye bye rachal

    • I agree. It’s the only way to be certain that one of them go home.

  15. I think Jordan is the better choice, and I feel like Jordan will be pretty safe sitting next to Rachel. Either way it helps Dani by having one less vet on the jury and give her a better chance should she make it to the Final 2.

  16. Any talk of putting Porsche up is crazy talk, and if Dani goes for that “safe” choice, she’s fallen for the B/R, J/J axis of power. People think Dani messed up trying to break up the veterans’ alliance. She in fact was smart to go for it. She’s the only vet without a partner–that’s why she was lobbying so hard to keep Dom and backdoor the J/J darlings. Sure, a Porsche pick is great for B/R and J/J but the longer the B/R, J/J alliances stay intact, the worse it is for everyone else, including Dani. She would be so stupid to backdoor Porsche, who has absolutely no power in the game. What’s the point?

    I think she’s made a fatal mistake by avoiding a Jeff-Brendon eviction choice–it’s the veteran guys who are running things, and if Dani were smart, she would have tried to work everything so that the house’s only choice would be to get rid of one of them. Now, she’s working it so that Brendon and Jeff stay, but Porsche or Rachel leave. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Dani, it’s the DUDES. Even if you’re lucky and get rid of Rachel and/or Jordan in the next couple of weeks, Jeff and Brendon are going to punk you out of existence. And it will be their pleasure to do so.

    And for those bitching about the weak and boring newbies, you can blame CBS for making them weak and boring. Not only did they bring in successful veterans, but they brought them in as couples. The newbies have had no chance in this game. It’s been set up so that the veterans would rule. I guess I have no problem with that in principle but for two issues:
    –Why have any newbies in the first place, then, to ensure that crabby fans will have no empathy or respect for them?
    –Am I really going to have to endure another Jordan “I’m confused by the big-hand and little-hand thing on a clock” victory? She is by far the luckiest BB contestant EVER. EVER. And she’s still at a tremendous advantage in her second season of playing because she’s got her “What? You didn’t walk in exactly the manner I told you to? You dissed my girlfriend by not kissing her toes? You’re GONE!” boyfriend running bully-interference for her…AGAIN! I hate those two as much as Brendon’s “Mine is the far superior intellect, and I will crush you for trying to play the game in a way that displeases me” arrogance.

    Dani, you had your chance to get rid of at least one of the bully boys, and it looks like you’ve blown it. I don’t see you going much farther in this game.

    • It is way too early to count the newbies out.
      See, if Brendon or Rachel go this week, that
      leaves 4 veterans versus 5 newbies. Next week,
      it is very likely another veteran will be voted out. It might be Danielle so, that would make it 3 veterans versus 5 newbies then. If a newbie wins HOH, they can put two of the veterans on the block. He or she gets off and the other veteran gets put on the block and two veterans CANNOT VOTE! The veterans would be down to 2 then, against 5
      newbies so, who is in charge now? It may not be apparent as of yet, but, the veterans getting rid of each other works to the newbies benefit!

    • Why keep people in the game to even have a chance at 500ks because Rachel or whoever is a threat thy are Just carrying the newbies they haven’t proved themselves worthy of anything but going on the block. Jordan wasn’t a threat so people kept her around her season she won obviously she was a threat her kind sweet outgoing personality is a threat cuz her against anyone in final 2 she’s got all the votes she befriends everyone.

    • Why keep people in the game to even have a chance at 500ks because Rachel or whoever is a threat they are Just carrying the newbies they haven’t proved themselves worthy of anything but going on the block. Jordan wasn’t a threat so people kept her around her season she won obviously she was a threat her kind sweet outgoing personality is a threat cuz her against anyone in final 2 she’s got all the votes she befriends everyone.

  17. Let’s evict Obama!!!

    All he does is talk! I think he talks more than Rachel!!!

    GO BACK to regularly scheduled programming!!!!

    • I agree!! First the rain messing up the satellite, now Obama? you have got to be kidding. Seriously, something does not want me to watch BB tonight.

      • C’mon already!!! Go vote on the damned thing!!! STFU and do some work!!! DC pisses around for years and then MIGHT do something in the 11th hour!


      • U really ain’t missed much..Rachel is whinning and Dani is

    • I agree!! first the rain messing up the satellite, now obama? Seriously? Something really does not want me to watch BB tonight.

      • OK, sorry about the repeat, lol. I didn’t see the comment a while ago. Woops

  18. I think Dani is crazy to even want to go after the vets to avenge Doms name. Think about it, Dani could’ve used the HOH to bring the vets back into her corner but still getting out people they trust, IE Shelly or Porshe, either way, that’s one less vote for JeJo or Brenchel and Dani keeps Kalia who’s her only ally. If Rach goes home, Brendon or JeJo are sure to go after her considering she already broke the deal with JeJo “I don’t put you up this week and you won’t put me up next week” if she decides to put up Jordan. Dom was a strong competitor but Karma is nasty. She got Cassi out on purpose and Dom out on accident. Either way, Dani’s days are numbered and if there is something spectacular that happens that Brenchel stays intact, Dani might as well pack up and leave the house. Of course, Dani will say that she was robbed of the money, AGAIN!

    • I think Danielle has already lost the chance at
      $500,000. If the veterans go home because she
      sent them home, they would be hostile to her
      come jury time for the final two. Now, if all
      4 veterans get booted out, Danielle will not
      get their votes for the $500,000 assuming she
      gets that far. Although, I believe she will be
      evicted maybe, next week! Or maybe, a double eviction this week and she gets sent home after Brendon or Rachel. Now, that would be a
      shocker but, they did that last season if I am not mistaken.

    • i think dani should send home a vet they played the game before lets have a newbe win bb. come on bb lets get new people on the show.these vets are getting old.

  19. Just sent Porsches home now… why put Jordan in danger…, eventhough it looks safe for her.. We can never know what happen in the big brother house before hand… haha… are we even sure that Brendan is saving himself not Rachel !?

  20. Normally when that awful woman shows her face on the show I hit mute, look away and count to 10 before looking back. Tonight in a weak moment, I muted but looked at the TV screen only to see that cry baby face and a question came to mind I hope someone can answer….does Rachel have braces on or does she just have gray teeth? Inquiring minds want to know….we now return you to your regular comments.

  21. Aww, kind of upset CBS didn’t show Dani do the fake gun to head when Brenchel left the room. Heh :(

  22. Okay so the reason why brendon and rachel are in this position is cause they stood up for their alliance i.e jj, but jeff and jordan have no problem whatso ever to make a deal with dani to send rachel home. I hope someone like lawon or adam wins this big brother, so much for jeff and jordan being honest complete BS!!
    It’s gonna get boring from now on i hope dani goes home next and please someone send kalia to the diary room and never let her come back in the house.

  23. “Bring the vets back to her”? People, let’s review:
    –Brendon/Rachel: veterans and partners.
    –Jeff/Jordan: veterans and partners.
    –Danielle: veteran and alone.

    Who’s the fifth wheel? Uh, that would be Danielle. It’s simple, kindergarten math. And that’s not even taking into account the major piss-bomb the Power 4 wants to explode on Danielle for personal reasons. Whether it’s for calm, cool, and strategic reasons or Old Testament wrath, there’s no reason for any of the Power 4 to keep Danielle around. She has to take a slice to them this week. It should be one of the dudes, but it’s got to be one of the 4 at the very least.

    The math is why Danielle was lobbying B/R last week to backdoor J/J–and if they were smart, they would have taken it. It would have helped Danielle, but it would have helped B/R even more so. B/R act as if they can take J/J in an even fight or vote. They’re delusional. Anything that goes down to a vote, J/J win. It’s that simple. They should have been clued to the quiz question about Jordan or Lawon being the preferable one to cheat off of. As one of the players put it, if people get to vote on ANYTHING and Jordan’s name is a choice, Jordan wins. Same goes for the players–Jordan will win any House vote.

    I’m not a Danielle fanboy. I just see the logic and the numbers. And yes, I hate Jeff and Jordan lol

    • Actually, Danielle’s early move to peel off
      hurt her chances as well as the chances of
      the veterans. Let us go thru the numbers.
      Once, Brendon or Rachel is evicted this week,
      that would leave 4 veterans including Danielle
      and 5 newbies. Next week when it is very likely Danielle will be backdoored, could make it 3 veterans versus 5 newbies. If one
      of the newbies win HOH, they can nominate two of the veterans. If one wins veto, nominate the other veteran and suddenly, it is 2 veterans left versus 5 newbies! To suggest Danielle helps her and Brendon/Rachel is funny. Why would it help them when, the veterans are less in number and will be very
      vulnerable to the newbies! And even if Danielle was able to vote out Jeff and Jordan
      out or Brendan and Rachel both—-the math does not change! Veterans still come up short.
      And I doubt those allied with the veterans will stick around if they see opportunity to vote the veterans out because that is their best chance to win that $500,000!

    • It is going to be probably Jordan because
      Danielle wants to destroy her alliance.
      Problem for her is she also destroys her
      chances of going futher because the veterans
      in the game still will go after her next
      week. Even the newbies if they win HOH might
      put her up because they could care less who
      goes home when they want the veterans to
      evict each other.

  24. i just want a vet to go home i dont care who it why do people want dani to go home?she is the only one who makes this game interesting people want to see things happen people get angry and go crazy not four vets making it to the end without any considerable challenge whatsoever.
    I hate this season these people are so boring last two years were great but this season fails

  25. Most powerful HoH of the season… Hmmm… it probably meant Dani gets to be HoH for 2 weeks, which most of we hope not.

  26. Brenchel should get together with JeJo and trick Dani into keeping them. They should say they all have learned that the best plan is the first plan which is vets to final 4.

    They should convince her to nom Porshe and say that this would get them back on track.

    Then, with Rachel safe they should go after Kalia next week. Once Kalia is gone if Dani wins HOH the vets can pretend that all is strong and target a newbie, if Dani does not win HOH they should get rid of her.

    Dani should go, but in two weeks so they can use her for numbers.

    • Danielle is playing for herself and will
      throw everyone else under the bus so,
      should not be trusted! If Danielle makes
      the mistake of nominating Porsche, the
      veterans should take it and backdoor Danielle
      next week! Four veterans will still be quite
      strong but, three veterans are very vulnerable
      if a newbie wins HOH!

      • they havent bcause jeff and jordan are selfish and stupid dani is coming for them next dumb asses they already made a deal with her..

  27. Dani can also backdoor Kalia,who seems to be annoying her.Then climb back in the good graces of the vets by helping them pick off the rest of the newbies starting with Lawon.This would keep her in the game for 2or 3 more weeks.

    • No way the veterans will trust Danielle after
      this week. Why would they when she was the
      cause of a veteran being booted off the show!
      She already stabbed both couple in the back once. Why would they trust her now? The other
      4 veterans do not need Danielle the way Danielle needs them! She should have thought
      about that before betraying her alliance which
      would have protected her and took her farther
      than she could do on her own! The newbies could care less which veterans get booted out
      but, will be happy to lose two veterans back to back which can happen if Danielle gets
      backdoored next week!

  28. Help! The news cut into the program and I don’t know who was nominated. Could you give me the answer?

  29. One other thing that Danielle has not thought
    thru even is she succeeds in booting out all the
    veterans excluding herself is that they will be
    part of the jury. So, she can have 4 hostile jury
    members which will be a majority come the finals
    even if she is able to get the newbies all to her
    side and manipulate them and reach the final three!
    So, even if Danielle gets lucky and makes it all the way to the finals—-the other veterans she
    evicted and deprived of their own chance to win will not vote for her when it counts! If she waited
    then, there would be no hard feelings and she would
    have those votes. Aside from the fact that her
    chances of making the final three would have been better!

    • Actually at the most there can only be three Veterans in the jury house. If Dani makes it to final two.

      and if the the mystery vote thing Julie eluded to last week. Is a vote on a returning house guest. Depending on who wins the vote and HoH. Could actually leave only two in Jury House.

      • The veterans might vote for Dani over a newbie because the newbies are just floaters…they don’t deserve the win.

  30. I luv D- thinks she ha guts and aint afraid cant stand b/r shelly keeps sayin d lie so does she i would luv 2 see r go if they put up jo and brendon is such a cry baby ohh tear jeez d is there 2 play the other were there to spend the summer 2gether

  31. The game of BB is played 24/7…The show is edited 3 days a week and what u see on TV does not give u enough insight as to what is really going on in that house…There is BBAD and it is a live uncut version. But the TV shows cannot compare with the live feeds. Except for last season which was a major fiasco I highly recommend a true BB fan spend the money to get the feeds. I say that cause u will know the real deal as to what is happening and why. The TV show only hints as to the what where when and why but the feeds give u the total guess work. So for the peeps dishing Dani and her choices or bashing Shelly for her backstabbing or Kalia for her racist attitude u need to get the feeds to get the truth..It makes a big difference in ur judgement of the HG’s and their game play. I was lucky enough to see the first big fight of the season last week (all of it)..I got to see Rachel and Cassie’s war of words.. Just get the feeds and u will know better as to the why and how the “big decisions” are made.

  32. Dani has to put up Jordan to make sure Rachel goes home. If she pulls this off and sends Rachel home that would make my year!!! I can’t stand Branchel! I’m so team Jeff I hope he wins he is a very classy trust worthy guy and Jordan is very lucky to have him!

  33. There is tenison in the air right now…via live feeds…Rachel is getting that look in her eye and making catty remarks…We could possibly see some action before the nite is over between Dani & Rachel. Possibility if they are allowed alcohol later that there will be a confrontation.Just a guess on my part..have to keep watching..

      • Yes!…My DVR didn’t go into overtime…They need to break those two up and get on with the game! They only say what is convient for them. They could careless about Dani.

  34. It’d be smart to get rid of Rachel now, because then she can’t vote on the jury. Porsche wouldn’t stand a chance against her, but I wouldn’t mind seeing her out of the house either. Jordan has a stronger following in the house, but I can’t imagine anyone volunteering themselves to be put up, and that’s a risky move. I don’t think Brendon will be able to come after anyone if Rachel leaves. Once Rachel is gone, he’ll be headed to the jury house. He’s sort of arrogant and I feel like over compensating for something. He reminds me of my puppy Bleu, a Brindel pit bull who barks when I say “No bark” or when he wants attention, but his whole butt is wagging at the same time. He can’t stick to his point and he’s a lot louder than he is tough.The only difference is that Brendon is nowhere near as cute- which makes him more annoying. Which makes Danielle better off in gunning for Rachel in my opinion, because Rachel would go crazy if someone booted her man off first.

  35. Dani must go home soon. She talks about her father being the bad one but the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!! Don’t like her at all.

  36. Really don’t like Jordan going up, even as a pawn, especially after Dani promised them safety this week. I trust Shelly but don’t trust Kalia. If she votes Rachel out, it won’t be due to any loyalty to anyone but simply to further herself. If Dani wants a pawn, Kalia would be a great choice! Kahlia for the free bus ride out!

    • I’m with you. She ruined the chances of the
      veterans still in the game. And for what?
      It did not help her further in the game and
      just placed a target behind her back. The
      newbies are the only beneficiaries of her
      very bad move and they will take it! It
      becomes easier now to get rid of the veterans
      once they go after each other! The newbies
      probably are laughing at these developments.
      Talk about gifts that keep on giving! That
      would be Danielle. The newbies will win
      without really doing anything at all! The
      veteran split and now tit for tat will
      guarantee that veterans eliminate themselves.
      Then, the newbies will pile on to finish the

      • I don’t think Dani will make it past this next week. She only has Kalia…and OMG can that chick TALK or what!

  37. Once they get rid of Rachel this week then Brendon next week then Adam Porsche Lawon go in the next 3 weeks. Then Shelly goes next, then Kalia.
    Final 3 – Jeff, Jordon, Dani

    • I think Adam will win the game. He’s so under the radar. Second best odds go to Jordan bc it’s looking like the hgs are going to be putting her up as a pawn and she’s the pawn that wins.

      • I’d say you have to at least win one comp before someone can claim the ability to win the game.

    • Danielle will be the target next week. I
      would say that is a pretty good guess with
      her betrayal of her alliance. There is no
      reason to keep her in the game for the
      veterans as she may well have cost them their
      chance at that $500,000. Very stupid game
      play by Danielle. How did her gameplay really
      help her go further? The newbies I am sure
      are salivating at knocking off the veterans one by one. If Danielle goes next week, all they need to do is win HOH and nominate the
      veterans. Another veteran could go after Danielle and there would be 2 veterans against 5 newbies so, we may be left with newbies at the end. A number of them floaters, LOL.

  38. Even if Rachel or Brendon leaves this week they are just going into sequester with Dom, Cassi, and Keith. So Brendon or Rachel could be right back in the house as soon as they are evicted. Just in time to see Dani go out as the first eviction in a special double eviction week. Dani won’t even have a spot on the jury. The first spot on the jury will go to the second person evicted during the special double eviction week.

    • If they do bring someone back they won’t have the double eviction week until after next week. It’d be too much to fit into one episode: bringing someone back and double eviction. They will wait and do it so that no one has to be alone in Jury for but a day or two.

    • This next eviction goes home like the rest. They aren’t sequestered. The jury gets sequestered and the first jury member is the evicted guest next week. So, whoever leaves this week misses jury by 1 week.

      Since Dick left the game AND they had evicted Keith in week one, there will probably be no double elimination this season. They are already a week ahead of schedule from a HG count point of view. If they have a double, they will be short an additional house guest.

  39. If rachel is evicted plz vote her back in if the twist is bringing someone back. She is one of the best competitors in the house and deserves to at least make it to jury. Love her or hate her she is good tv and deserves to come back instead of noobs. Dom didn’t even watch BB until he got picked for the show. He is clueless so don’t bring him back, he is only trying to promote himself 4 his modeling career.

    • I agree, I’m from Chicago. I will vote early and often for Rachel if BB has a vote to bring someone back and Rachel actually goes.

    • Honestly, she is a great competitor, but I can’t respect her for the fact that she is a sore loser. When she loses something she cries and moans, gets in a fight with Brendan, or hides in a bush. It shows a lot about her character. Just because you are good at competitions does not mean that you should win Big Brother, as it is also a social game, and Rachel’s social game is TERRIBLE. She did the same thing this year as last year, makes everyone hate her by acting like she owns the house and that she is the only one allowed to win competitions. I don’t think for one second that she deserves to win this game.

      • @ThePonz – I agree completely with you regarding Rachel, but don’t like Brendon either. They talk behind everyone’s backs just as much as everyone else does. It’s just when they do it that’s fine. This season I can’t even say she is a good competitor. She had the newbies throwing the game for her. Even Brendon had everyone throwing the POV so he could win. Dom won one POV on his own merit. Dani won her HOH on her merit. Since we have not seen the POV this week I can’t speak for that. I am just saying this season and what has happened so far.

    • Social game? These people are all crazy with various peronality disorders. Rachel just doesn’t hide her emotions. I find it refreshing and down to earth. You sure can’t call her a phony like Jeff or Dani.

    • There is a good chance of that. Brendon is gonna win HOH. I still think Dani might back door Shelly at the last minute. She could make the alliance work again.

      • brendon wont work with dani ever again his ego is too big, and hes going to have to win hoh to stay in the game passed next week. Dont count kalia out of it, she hasnt done anything yet, but she did show at the last hoh comp that she has the ability to win competitions…she isnt smart enough to play the game, but she can compete

  40. How could anyone even want to see Rachel any longer? She is a discusting human being, she is a cry baby suck. If she doesn’t get her way…she pouts and I cant handle it. Ahhhh NEVER HATED A HUMAN BEING AS MUCH AS I HATE THAT COW

    • Totally agree. What does Brendon see in her. I would think after living in the same house with J&J it would open his eyes as to what a normal relationship would be like. Happy, joking around with each other and not taking everything so seriously and not moody all the time. That would drive me crazy. If you can’t laugh at yourself, then you will be miserable in life.

      • J & J aren’t romantic with each other at all. It all just seems so platonic with them. Whatever else you want to say about Brenchal, they are sexually active with each other, fight, and are gooey/lovey together. They are at least a real couple unlike J & J.

      • remember that they are stuck in a house away from everything that the real world is, we have no way of telling how these couples are outside of the game….that house because of the nature of the game, gets to people, and makes them do odd things

  41. I think that the only way that Rachel is going home this week is if Jordan goes up. Matt is right, she should have the votes.

    • I totally agree. I so want Rachel or Brendon to go home. Looks like Brendon is going to save himself. I just hope Rachel is not voted back. I keep remembering last year when she came back for a day. I couldn’t even stand her for that day. I know people like her, but I’m not one of them.

  42. Can anyone read lips?!!! Why does Brendon always think that he has to mouth his conversation. I don’t believe anyone could hear him whisper through the HN door!!! Oh yes, thank you BB voice for asking Brendon to move his mic up!!!!

  43. I’m so tired of Raqchel being a sore loser. When she is HOH she flaunts it, acts all high and mighty and doesn’t give 2 $%^&’$ about who she puts up. When she is put up for eviction she pouts, whine’s has a pity party and thinks “how dare they”… Rachel— What makes you so special!. Please vote her out this week.

  44. What is wrong with you Rachel lovers. She is PATHETIC. It is OK to put everyone else up but Heaven forbid her and “her man” get put up. And when she loses a competition OMG the world comes to an end. If you have been reading closely Brendon is taking her off the block this week and keeping himself up there. So it is his ignorant butt going home, not Rachel. They think they are so much better then everyone else. Newsflash…THEY ARE NOT! Rachel will crumble without Brendon and I cannot wait! bring back Cassi or Dom. The vets had their chance to win during their season. Now it’s someone elses turn.

  45. I am a bit biased but for someone who was on team Brendon and Rachel in season 12 to someone who can’t stand Brendon I think I’m gunna put something out there.

    The newbies are pretty dumb because shelly and porsche who jumped ship w/in the first few days are now becoming targets. If the vets specifically brendon and jeff hadn’t spent most of their time strongarming ppl to doing their bidding they wouldn’t be in this situation. I really wish Dick was in the game still because the way these people are personally attacking dani is ridiculous. The fact that Shelly and Porsche think that these ppl have their back is pretty funny. Because if either of them go up their going home because the 4 couples are gunna stick together no matter what at least voting wise.

    The people who don’t like Dani for whatever reason I don’t think some of you may have watched her season because so far everything that has happened in the house is a repeat of season 8. Whoever between Rachel and Brendon is gunna end up having to work with her. Im hoping that Rachel stays personally because I like her a lot more than Brendon. what needs to happen is danielle needs to get rid of every single alli that rachel has therefore forcing rachel to work with her because she would have no other choice. Keep in mind that someone is coming back and its my guess gunna be Dominic because they need someone to make the show more interesting and between keith and dom they had the most controversial evictions. Then after this week they can send J/J to jury because then they would have achieved their goal and no one shuld feel to bad about it. I dont think Jeff is gunna backdoor Daniele because he’s a lot of talk but not much action so like whatever.

    Also this couples alliance is like the one they had in season 3 with lisa&eric and roddy&chiara someone is gunna stray out of the 4 i bet and they’re gunna work with someone else and the other ones are gunna go home one after the other. So Dani isn’t going anywhere anytime soon

  46. daniel is a premadonna, who thinks shes better than anyone in the house, jeff and jordan are twofaced and should be voted out. final three, shelly,brendan, rachel if porshe goes up on the block. otherwise porshe is the 3rd person in final 3

  47. It is true Dani made mistakes… however, no one mentions that having lost ED she ended up number 5 of the vet alliance and would’ve been the first to be voted out. So she had to play the hand dealt at the time in order to benefit her game. It was just unfortunate Dom tried recruiting the wrong person but you gotta give Dani credit for taking risks no one else is taking… she is the true underdog. Go D…

  48. I think the veterans should have never returned, they’ve had their turn. Yes, the newbies are coasting on sucking up and drama. The final 3 will be Lawan, Shelly and Jeff. Winner, tattletale Shelly.

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