Big Brother 13 Episode 11 recap: Newbies evade the block

Sunday’sBig Brotherpicked up during the HoH competition fully equipped with Brendon and Rachel playing like sore losers as usual.

First to fall during the endurance competition was Adam and for that he gets to wear an elf costume for a week. I swear I’m starting to think Adam being in the house is some kind of Make-a-Wish Foundation grant. Lawon falls next and ends up as a have not.

Surprisingly, Brendon falls next. OK, it’s not that big of a surprise. If he falls he can compete next week’s HoH. So, in other words, he’s putting all of his trust in Jeff, Jordan, Shelly and Porsche. OK, that makes sense. That’s four people. So not that big of a gamble, right?

Uh-oh, Big Jeff falls next. He wins $10,000. Then Jordan falls. Then Porsche. So it’s between Kalia and Daniele, which is perfect for the two of them since the entire house is playing against them. Or is it the entire house? I’m not sure if Lawon or Adam are even really playing the game. I know Shelly is playing against them. Her true colors come out more and more every day. She even called Daniele and Kalia “classless.” Um, did she not notice her friends cheering on EVERYONE but Kalia and Daniele? That’s classless, Shelly. Go smoke a cigarette.

Daniele wins the competition and is the new HoH. The other vets immediately start sweating. Brendon gets to verbally abuse Rachel some more by telling her when and when not to be upset.

A little later, Kalia tries to apologize to Rachel and she takes it as an attack. It’s kind of ridiculous how Rachel translated that into something totally different. Then she and Brendon spend the next five minutes calling Kalia “crazy,” “loser” and “a nobody.” This was in addition to Brendon earlier making fun of Kalia’s “muffin top,” which is just a more insulting way of calling someone fat. Can someone tell me how these two are trying to improve their images from last summer? They’re failing miserably and I will NEVER understand anyone who is a fan of Brendon’s. I get why Rachel would have some fans, but Brendon’s a monster. Plain and simple.

Jeff and Jordan mope around and for some reason think they’re bigger targets than Brendon and Rachel. Seriously, JeJo, don’t flatter yourselves. Daniele knows what she has to do and it doesn’t involve you. Brenchel join JeJo in the have not room to do some more Daniele bashing and I’m about to throw my remote at the TV because I’m sick of watching those two. I feel like I’ve been watching them since last summer, non stop. Fourteen months of Brenchel. That’s what it feels like.

It’s time to see Daniele’s HoH room and to no one’s surprise, no one wants to see it and stays about a minute and a half.  Rachel makes a diary room crack about it and that’s that. But Daniele and Kalia are the classless ones, right Shelly?

Next we get a look at Lawon’s personal life when he tells his coming out story to Jordan and Shelly. When’s Shelly going to share hers? Shhh! I’m kidding! Seriously, it was nice to see a side of him that doesn’t include nodding along with everything everyone says or screaming in the Diary Room.

Jeff and Jordan make a deal with Daniele, which really only benefits her since they were way off her radar this week anyway. Brendon and Rachel try for the same deal and Daniele says she’s not really making any deals but will consider their offer.

It’s really no surprise during the nomination ceremony when Daniele puts Brendon and Rachel on the block. So here’s to hoping it’s Brendon who actually goes home. I think Rachel will become more tolerable without Brendon. I will, however, feel sorry for her after the summer’s over, because I’m sure he’ll take notes from home on how she played the game then use those notes to chastise her for the next couple of years.




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  1. Hi!
    Very happy for the result tonight! Daniel won! This is great, out of all people in the house,everybody want to vote her out of the house! I want ratchel or brandon out of the house. They look out of the other people in the house as a loser or nothing! They both are sucks! Huh! So nervous while doing the game, I though Daniel wont make it!
    But yesssss, she make it!

      • Hey Nick, can you learn not to be such an a hole? There are plenty of people who post worse than Fritzie and english IS their primary language. What was your point in making that comment, to make him feel bad so you can feel good about yourself? Fritzie is smart enough to speak more than one language, you haven’ even mastered one, so SHUT UP!

      • Hey Fritzie! I wasn’t commenting on you! I was commenting on the jerk who had the nerve to ask you (quite rudely) to use proper english and then couldn’t bother to use it himself! I found that quite ironic!

    • :) sorry Ashling, I did not read it properly… And thank you very much.

      Sorry guys, its my mistake to wrote a comment and did not checked it one more time…maybe Im overwhelmed about the result of big brother last night…hehehe sorry once again, its my mistake!

      • hey Fritzie, thanks for your input. I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself some American drama :D

  2. Jeff and Jordan avoided the block! Thank Goodness! They’re my FAVE! Danny, you’re Dad would be proud. Don’t hold back doll ;D

  3. My dreams came true tonight…I have been waiting for Rachel to fall on her butt and tonight it happened. Too bad it wasn’t in front of everybody. I don’t remember her being this annoying last time but WOW it almost makes me nauseous to see her and Brendon interacting. Please Brendon wake up and smell the collagen before it is too late. Hang strong Jeff and Jordan. My favorite is Lawon because he is so comfortable in his own skin and is very sweet and funny. I loved Adam in the Elf suit…he played it beautifully…and I have to say I really liked seeing him with hair.

    • I would have to agree with you on Rachel falling on her butt, but I will also say that I am starting to think that Brendon is just as bad if not worse. They are the worst sore losers I have ever seen for one. I would have thought the same about Brendon as you when you say wake up but when he made the comment about muffin top referring to Kalia. That changed my whole opinion of him. That was just plain dirty and mean. There is no need for insulting like that. He is definitely no gem.

      • Agreed – Brendon and Rachel are the worst kind of loser. Brendon is just a POS and a mental/verbal abuser. Rachel needs to run far, far away. I’m betting she is not nearly as annoying if she wasn’t with him. He’s toxic. I really wish he was the one going home this week. I can’t to see him voted out of this game. As for adam, he rocked the elf suit – and it matches that grizzly beard of his. He really made the best out of the situation and provided some comic relief. I actually think he looks better with the suit on! :)

  4. I like both Rachel and Brendon. They are great at the game but are lacking in opposite ways to have social skills. He is a diplomat, but doesn’t understand how what he says is interpreted. She is social, not a diplomat, and doesn’t understand the damage of what she says until it’s too late.

    • Good post! I think Brechel are good people at heart and are great value to the show, it would be boring without them (lets face it JJ are lovely but dont add much to the game of Big Brother). They should be given a lot more credit – people have done for Evel Dick.

      • I agree with u guys aswell. i personally like having brenchel in the game of big brother. and the only reason why they r such sore losers is because they know if they dont win they will be voted out. plain and simple. they r the best players in this crazy house!!!although i must say brendon became an asshole this season and is not as sentimental and sensitive as he was last year.

    • Agreed. Say what you want about me but I love Brenchel. They are competitors and the only real interesting people in the game. Their social game isnt there, but no body is perfect. Give them a break. I want Brendon to win, he deserves it more than anyone one else in the game right now.

      If Rachel doesnt like how she is spoken to then its up to her to stand up for herself. If she like it, I love it.

  5. Sorry, but I can’t stand Kalia – the new bit** and snake of the house. Amazing that she was called a floater and jellyfish. Her head should be cut off as a backdoor by Dani. I would she her walk over everyone. And, the Entertainment value would be less than watching Ronnie sit in HOH crying.

    I wish the vets could sell backdooring Kalia. There would be enough votes. Let the vets scare Dani that Kalia is more dangerous, not a team player, and completely untrustworthy.

    • I seriously don’t get it. What is the problem with Kalia? I keep hearing people call her a snake and attacking her but I have been watching the show and do not see it. She is playing the game. Maybe I am missing something. please enlighten me…

  6. Brendon’s a monster? Talk about over-reacting that label should be reserved for people who do a lot worse that get too involved in a series of Big Brother!

  7. Brendon is a disgusting classless masochistic pig.
    I’ve noticed all he does is pick on all the women in the game. Last year it was Britney,Monet, Kristen etc. Now its Kalia,Dani.. he’s just pathetic. Him and Rachel will never win the game of big brother because NO ONE I repeat no one likes them. Anyone next to rach/bren looks like jesus or mother teresa. Brendon is a sad delusional fool who keeps mentioning his phd and is a narcissitic douchebag. Rachel is a repulsively ugly witch with the iq level of a banana. I can’t wait for brendon to be evicted and for rachel to self destruct.. tick tick BOOM.

    • Let’s enjoy the game spirit!!! Let’s enjoy the game home strives to continue to make significant differences to make a Games that will lead to happiness! I would rather kiss brenchels ass every day than lister to Kalia and lawon – the fools.

    • Cassiefrench, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I have no respect for Brendon. He is like a little puppy dog, actually that is an insult to a puppy. Brendon is just a said pig.

    • Thanks Msdeborah…and I read a post earlier from Cassifrench unfortunately Big Brother is not game of being liked its about being competitive and having great game play by your post and they negative things you are saying towads Shell, Brendon and Rachel it doesnt appear you would last that long in the house either I am not sure what game you have been looking at But for the last 12 seasons it has been all about being stratigic, being a back stabber and scheming how else will you make it far in the game you have to turn on somebody at one point or your ass will be out the door smh its funny how people play this game so emotionally thats why they never last its a GAME!!! they are all strangers they dont have to be friends(it does help)but they dont have to get along. Look at all the people in past season who have won ummmi dont think evil Dick won on being honest or liked but he did….i dont think the Mike boogie nor Will who WON TWICE won by being honest. Get real.

  8. Shelly is such a snake. She says “im gonna show my kid that you can play this game honestly” yet she lies to everyones face and goes to whoever has power and throw her friends under the bus like trash. I can’t wait till she’s gone

  9. Shelly is the most classless,fakest, biggest snake/hypocrite alive. I can’t believe she can sit there and kiss Dani’s ass and suck up to Kalia and the other newbs but yet she called them classless? Shelly is an idiot shes never gonna win this game, she needs to start winning some comps because she is definetly a floater. Just because she promoted herself to lapdog doesn’t disguise the fact that she is the biggest floater. Shelly the sheman needs to be outed FAST. I can’t wait for Cassi to see how honest and classy Shelly really was.

    • Don’t worry so much about Shelley, remember Cathy, she didn’t go that far.

      • However, Shelly can actually do well in comps. 3rd in an endurance … If she turned it around in time she could be the dan geesling of bb13.

      • i loved how she told dani that she cant lie the people she works for wouldnt trust her and that wouldnt be good bla bla bla she is just as brenchel there catching on tho

    • Omg thank youu this woman is really irritating me because
      1) the fact that she started crying in the DR when her and Cassie got nominated when in fact it was her fault
      2) CBS for the most part edits her out to be this nice southern mom when she stabs legit everyone including her so call alliance
      3) Straight shooter my ass
      4) i’m going to lose my job if im not honest whaat? She cannot be serious
      I’m tired of her making the same points over and over again when she talks trash about everyone and fortunately when it is all over they will all see that she isnt honest.

      Kalia do us all a favor win HOH next week and put up brendan and shelly
      ps everyone needs to stop hating on kalia at least she was smarter than the other 2 and finally figured it out i give her her props

    • Don’t worry so much about Shelley, remember Cathy, she didn’t go that far.

      At 1ish am ptz brenchel did exactly what I suggested an hour prior in my comments. To ask Dani to join forces and backdoor someone else. My dream would have been horrid Kalia, but the chose Lawon.

      It to awhile for brenchel to explain the benifits of this for Dani to understand, or was she really that dim witted? She even claimed she didn’t think there was anything else she could do to change the course of the show, one of brenchel would go home??? Is she playing stupid, or really just can’t figure out how the game is played???

      With the vets reuniting they have the votes to make it to the end and one of them should win. Pitting vets against each other gets out strong players and let’s the newbies float to the top of the game.

      Vets should work on social skills to get votes from the jury house!!!!

  10. Please clarify the intent of the imperative “Go smoke a cigarette” directed at Shelley but not at Jeff or any of the other smokers.

  11. Rachel and Brendon just need to quit crying because they are on the block, they went against Dani and they deserve to be split up. Jeff and Jordon are my favorite, They were my favorite on their season to. Brendon is just a heartless person that needs to go home and watch the show from home.

  12. I’m so glad that Dani had the backbone to put up Rachel and Brendon. Some people on here talk about Lawon and Kalia, but are they playing any worse than Porsche or Shelly or Adam? I don’t think so. Lawon and Adam aren’t playing much of a game but at the same time theyare playing pretty much straigh up as far as saying mean things about the others….On the other hand Porsche and Shelly are both brown noses, with their heads so far up the vets a**es I don’t see why they haven’t died of suffication…Can’t stand either of them…Shelly is worst a real snake. Still laughing about her being a man.

  13. **** Ment to say Adam and Lawon haven’t talked or said mean things about the others***** Being so down on Lawon and Kalia for no reason Is Letting Your True Colors Show****

  14. Dear CBS ~ Please take note of the abusive, dominating behavior of Brendan… and give your BB fans a little gift by giving him some DR therapy. It is a very unhealthy behavior… and not good PR for BB. He needs help with it. Rachel behaves in a ‘reactive’ way as a result of his domination. It’s scary to think of them marrying without some help.

  15. So first let me say I do not agree with Brenden and Rachels attitude they are so annoying however aside that I love there game play those two are a very strong couple I would love to see them stay in the house and knock Dani out only because she was alone she turned on her alliance and tried to play all of them(jeff, jordan, brenden and rachel). The only reason she was gunning for Jeff and Jordan to be out was because Brenden and Rachel were HOH…I personally think that she shouldve tried to reconcile her alliance to get further in the game thats my opinion only looking at it stratigically I mean the numbers are just against Dani she cannot play for HOH next week so that leaves Shelly, Jeff, Jordan and either Brenden or Rachel to win and all of them are in a sort of alliance she shouldve played it one more week sucked it up to remain safe and then got them out….I love Jeff hes so vocal and he does get a bit of an attitude when people come after him kindve like Rachel and Brenden Jordan is just the quiet one they are very likable however that makes them a very big threat. I would like to see Dani put up Shelly or a floater like Lawon I mean really why is he even still there uugghhhhh…. I would like to see final four Brenden Rachel Jeff and Jordan then deserve it they have been playing this game 100% physically and mentally and still remained loyal to there alliance even when they could’nt stand eachother they are smart and thought of numbers and game play.

  16. I think that Shelly is a man and I have seen reference of this posted above. Does anyone know this to be a fact?

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