Big Brother 13 Episode 11: Week 4 Nomination Show Tonight

Big Brother 13

Big Brother 13 is back tonight for episode 11 where we’ll watch the endurance competition playout and the house react to the new Head of Household and nominations.

If you can’t wait for Julie Chen and company to deliver the latest BB13 news then you can go ahead and take a peek at the endurance comp results and HoH nomination spoilers. But wait, there’s more! The Power of Veto competition has already taken place and we’ve got those PoV spoilers for you too if you really want to get ahead. We’ll keep you on top of all the latest Big Brother spoilers.

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  1. The live feds are unreal…lol..cannot believe the bashing Brendon (with a few comments from
    Rachel) on what a poor player DANI she takes all things emotional she 2 faced she is..what a big ego she has..THESE THINGS COMING OUT OF BRENDON’S MOUTH..WHO IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST EMOTIONAL, EGOSTISTICAL and VINDICTIVE PLAYERS ALONG WITH RACHEL THAT HAS EVER BEEN ON BB…They are in fact describing themselves…it is unreal..

    • Well, I for one agree with Brendon. I mean come on? How dare Dani do this horrible, horrible thing! And for no reason!!!

      Hopefully, a “production” “miracle can happen and Rachel can stay. Long live the Queen.

      • After thinking about this your not on med’s -but you need them if you really want R/B to win! Please tell me it’s just a joke (because I like your comments if your just kidding around)

      • Zig, I’m not really sure what I want. I don’t think I want either of BR to actually win any money, but I’m not ready to let go of either of them yet. I’m sure I don’t want Dani to win any money. I hope Dani backdoors Shelly and the whole BRJJ+Dani circus rolls on another week.

      • I can’t wait 3 CBS 2 loose viewers due not only 2 Dani noms but Evil Dicks Self Evict ~ Way 2 produce the show CBS ~ The Danotios have blown ur ratings this season, guess that is why it’s season 13 Enjoy I’m out & I feel a bunch of others will stop watching Showtime should ask 4 a refund when Rachel or BRENDON leave we get 2 watch Dani ~ Lawton ~ Kalia ~ Shelly ~ Adam J&J oh it will be like watching paint dry Remember when Dani & her Dad we the final 2 Showtime TOLD her 2 get out of bed & do something & Dani was such a brat ~ This is the best people they could find ~ CBS RE-THINK this “J”

    • @flyonthewall – I don’t get the live feeds so appreciate your update. I so agree with you regarding Brenchel. They were that way last season and I don’t see any difference this season. Rachel came in saying she wanted to be different and make up for last season and her image. For me, she is the same and Brendon has gotten worse. Didn’t think that was possible.

    • I was thunking the same thing. How do they explain themself to family and friends when they get home? If I was related to them I’d disown them. They have to be this way outside the bb house no onw can act like that and say it’s the game that makes themact that way. I feel sorry for anyone who knows them. I’t not that I hate them(I don’t hate anyone)but they scare me.

    • Salley, not fixed, but very controlled. Dani got lots of help this week. She is no Phoenix. I still see Rachel staying, with a little more “control”. Maybe the door won’t open if they do vote her out. ED leaving early should cause something with the numbers. Instead of bringing someone back, just let Rachel stay. Works for me and a lot of other people.

  2. dani is amazinggg and she knowss how to play this game. brendon and rachel dont…they lied to dani and they sent dom home not dani so dont blame dani because she is an amazing person, and she is a great player in this game

      • @Becca – You obviously never watched Danielle during the season she was on with her father or you wouldn’t say she is an amazing player. ED carried her all the way to the finals and she still didn’t have anything nice to say about his loyalty to her. She also had a showmance during her season and humiliated her real-life boyfriend who I gather is no longer in the picture. Dominic got off lightly – it could have been worse for him if he stayed on longer.

      • I don’t know how you can say that ED carried her. She won five Vetoes. Danielle has won HOH’s. She’s just as much a competitor as anyone else in that house.

    • becca Dani does have great game play. Brenchel did lie. JJ would have been up last week if it were not for Shelly telling Dani’s plan to Jordan then Jordan brilliantly saving herself by telling Rachel. Brenchel would have went against their alliance so all this hate towards Dani is uncalled for. I LOVE Dani’s game play.

    • lied to dani? what show are you watching dani lied to everyone she tried to play both sides they were going to keep dom until they figured out what her and dom where up to ..pls send all the vets home and see how many pple stop watching this damn show!

      • oops no caps. i mean thank you kl.
        you are correct. dani (eval dickette) brags about manipulating the hg into believing it wasnt her who got dom to evacuate..jeesh people…

    • I’m sure your prediction would make Brenchel very happy but even they would have to admit that possibility is futile. Dani has already nominated Brenchel and since Brendon won the veto one of them will come off the block and Dani will choose one other house member to replace whichever one that might be. It is pretty unlikely that both members of Brenchel will remain in the house after the eviction unless Dani does something stupid like putting up someone like Porsche.

  3. dani is a better strategic player i agree, brendon will better off once rachel goes although it all depends on who dani puts up as a pawn, she claims she wants to rock the boat and ruffle feathers, lets see if she does or if its all talk…does she think she won the house over b-c she put up the B&R…i highly doubt it….we shall see…interested in seeing how the endurance comp played out in real time…and whats this thing about kalia adding to the chemicals in the spa tub….bathroom is around the corner…gross!

  4. I have’nt watched bbad..But what little bit I did Kalia to Lawon is pulling up the black card??! WTF? To me Kalia with the way she lies is pobably bff with a girl in Orlando Fl.!! She makes me sick!

    • No way. They showed her talking on bbad for an hour complaining. It was like pulling teeth to watch. Someone called her a b? T, h and she basically played the race card

  5. hey brendon, rachels an idiot and you need to go, i cant believe people actually like u guys. u guys suck bigtime, brenden proves that any idiot can have a phd.

    • agree and…jejo already won money and already semi-famous for reality shows. brenchal already won and are known. dani-already known…i dont want any of these guys to win..i want a newbie to win…maybe lawon cause he’s about the nicest newb there?

  6. Why would u do that? Sorry an OJ thing? She was welcome.d. I shouldnt say that but when u r going to “black Card ” So be it! Whatever or should I say “you know what I mean?” She is a joke! Can’t wait for her blog(sex) Really? B friends with Orlando(not guilty girl)

  7. Here’s what I predict….Brendon takes himself off the block. Jordan gets put up in his place and Rachel cries weeeeeeeee all the way home.

  8. Agreed with Wayne, really would like Brendon and Rachel to be in game. I was not able to watch last time, why was Jordan came crying to Dani after HOH. Remember how she won 500,000 last time, when will this show reward Brendon and Rachel who has been the best players of this show. When will this show improve the game on rewarding the good players instead of rewarding those that are just nice nice. JOrdan and Jeff were the one who turned on to Rachel and Brendon, just do not why Rachel and Brendon kept trusting those two. Brendon and Rachel might be emotional but they are sincere and really in love. I cannot understand why so called sweet couple J & J still not married when Jordan alreday won 500,000. Wish that big brother can help R & B to stay in the game.

      • NO!NO!NO! R/B are like childern you don’t reward them. They are not the best players maybe the best whinners and bullies and bad losers. and as for Jordon she used the 500k for her family -just like she said she would. jj has a better chance getting married than r/b(that one will never take place)

      • Ziggy, Rachel and Brendon will use the money to end world hunger, balance the budget, and irrigate the entire third world. I swear to GOD THEY WILL!

    • I don’t think Jeff is as committed to Jordan. They have an unequal long distance relationship. Jeff controls Jordan and that is not healthy. Jeff was totally checking out Cassi. I would not be surprised if he cheats on her after all they stay in differrent states and is seems he takes her for granted. I honestly believe he is contiuing the relationship because America like the JJ brand and he is cashing in.

  9. To Charanne52, you probably made an error on your response to me as my comment never mentioned Dani is an amazing player. She is not and still not. She makes others do her dirty work. I just could not undertand why R & B who seems to be very smart and keep on trusting Jeff & Jordan and Dani, before when they played with them and saw the rerun of their game before and still did not learn not to trust anyone. I am not a fan of Dani. I like Rachel and Brendon.

    • That was to Kenny. J & J play so much better than Mr. and Mrs. Whiner………………

      • Mr. and Mrs. Whiner win hoh and pov… what do Mr. and Mrs. Retards do? (aka J&J) All they do is talk bout farting and smelling lol

      • Kenny, no need to insult the mentally challanged by comparing them to JJ. That was uncalled for.

  10. To Encor 13,

    I do not think so, R & J won more competitions, however, you are entitled to your own opinion. Thanks. Peace.

  11. To Wayne,

    Yes, let us hope that BB will wake up and find a way to keep R & B. Thanks Wayne.

  12. I’m watching last nite’s BBAD.
    Does K ever shut up???
    The look on her ‘captive’s face is a hoot.
    Feelin sorry for L. Looks like he wants to escape.
    K is is the HOH more than Dani.

  13. I like R or B to hopingly win this time but anyone may win, except Jordan who already won before without much effort. I do not dislike her but she is not a strong player and certainly does not deserve to win again.

    • I would rather see Rachel stay than Brendon. She has a good mental game without him, he controls her a little too much and her insecurities with him are what makes her act the way she does. She would have a much better game if Brendon weren’t there.

  14. ummm Jeff and Jordan are amazing players ! These two are the only ones who play the game right, and they have to deal with cry baby brendon and loud mouth, annoying Rachel ! Did dani win HOH ?

  15. To Julia,
    Agreed that Rachel seems to have a better mentality minus the wining lol but she needs Brendon to calm her down. Let us hope for a miracle that R & B stay or if one goes she or he can come back later. BB should think about this because these two make this game more exciting.

  16. From the remaining players, I feel like the most best players are as follows…

    1) Brenchel
    2) Dani
    3) Jeff
    4) Adam
    5) Shelly/Kalia/Lawon/or Jordan

  17. For those of you who think Brenchel has the best game because they win comps. Go back on the past 3 seasons winners and see how many comps Hayden, Jordon and Dan won, not counting final 3 comps. Thats Game, and maybe a little luck.

    • Hayden – 3 HOH 1 Veto
      Jordon – 1 HOH 1 Veto
      Dan – 1 HOH 2 Veto

      Also the common denominator (yes I said De-Nominator) is they were all liked in the house.

      • That’s right I would rather have someone win that didn’t walk all over everyone to get to the top(in game and life) that’s a leason R/B will never learn. Because everyones wrong and mean but them boohoo

    • Hayden basically floated towards the end of the season till it was only the brigade left. Then he won. Thats called floater. How were jordan and dan good gameplayers? OH WOW! 1 Hoh’s!

      • My point is that you dont need comps, u need freinds. Something that Brenchel will never have because of the way they treat people when they do win and gloat about how they win everything.

  18. About Kalia using the “black Card”. I dont agree with her using it in this case. Brendon had no right to call her a b*tch, but he didnt use the N word, but he did react to a incident that Rachel was pushing up and only knew Rachel’s side. Typical Brenchel. But in her defense it was just said between her and Lawon as she was venting to another african american. Its not like she went around the house saying it to everyone to get sympathy, Rachel

  19. Missed the ending…urrrr! Thanks for letting me know who was put up! Send Rachael home for goodness sake! She drives me crazy!

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