Big Brother 13: Week 2 Tuesday Update – Who Has The Votes

Big Brother 13 Cassi and Lawon

In just two more days a second Big Brother 13 Houseguest will be evicted. There are only two options and just five votes to make it happen. One HG had been resigned to eviction but has now decided to fight. Read on to find out who has the votes.

Giving up in Big Brother is never a great idea, though clinging on to hope in Keith like fashion until the bitter end doesn’t serve one terribly well either. So after an initial state of defeat, replacement nominee Cassi has decided she’s ready to fight for her BB13 life and try to stay in the game. Is it too little too late?

Cassi is crediting Kalia with this inspiration after a conversation last night where Kalia reminded her she only needs 5 votes to stay in the game. She was further inspired by a very, very late night conversation with Lawon (Flashback to 4AM BBT – Get the Free Trial) but was worried about hurting Shelly by campaigning against her. Cassi is going to feel like a fool if she sticks to that and gets home and sees what Shelly has done.

Instilled with a sense of direction Cassi sat down with Shelly (Flashback to 11:45AM BBT – Get the Free Trial) and asked for permission to campaign. Shelly of course obliged and acted as though she wouldn’t have it either way. Then as soon as Cassi left the bathroom you could tell Shelly had a moment of concern when she asked Porsche which way she was voting. Porsche says she’s solidly in Shelly’s camp and doesn’t care if Cassi campaigns or not. Matter of fact, Porsche expects it to be a unanimous vote. Now I don’t know about all that, but lets run through the numbers.

Here are the votes as they stand this afternoon. Supporting Shelly: Jeff, Brendon, Rachel, Daniele, and Porsche. Possibly supporting Cassi: Dominic, Kalia, and Lawon. Adam isn’t on either list because honestly I don’t know where he stands at the moment. Will he support his pair-mate and vote in line with Dominic or go with the seeming majority and support Shelly. I’m not even terribly convinced that Kalia and Lawon weren’t just blowing smoke at Cassi. In two more days this could end up being 8-1 with only Dominic remaining in Cassi’s corner.

No matter how you slice and dice the votes, I don’t see Cassi having a chance. She’d have to get Porsche or Daniele to flip and neither will want to do that. Daniele passing up the chance to have Dominic all to herself? No way. Porsche going against her mentor, Rachel? Even less of a chance.

Heck, even Dominic is now telling Cassi he’s got a “bomb” going away message for her. Sorry, Cassi, but you’re about to follow in Keith’s wake.

Once Cassi realizes she’s doomed I’m hoping for even more fights with Rachel like the other night. Crank up your Live Feeds (3-Day Free Trial) and be ready to see it all live and uncensored!



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  1. neither of those two dont seem that they would make it that far anyway so im not much into who is going home this week. The other is sure to follow soon either way

    • jordan should have turned on rachel….. plus shelly voted with the vets. cassi didnt

  2. I am really looking forward to getting this eviction over and done with. I’m so over hearing Cassi talk about how great she is . . . When she talks it feels like an eternity . . . feel the same way about Kalia. Can’t wait to see her go next although I think she will last a while longer and it will be maybe be Adam next. Either way, glad to see Cassi outta there!

    • Both of those remarks are WAY OFF base. I have followed the game since day one on the BB Live feeds, and Cassie is one of the more Humble HGs in the house. You just about can’t get more humble. Anything contrary to that fact, is just straight up jealousy, which is a DEADLY sin. Stop hattin’, it’s annoying.

      • Your right i see after dark everyday,and Cassi is strong but humble.and Shelly shes not cleaning that much last night Porsha and bran cooked and clean too Shell just said call me ill clean dat , there still waiting shes is a sure she told JJ that she is not doing bad things because she wants people bk home to know how honest she is OMG.

      • @ Jonathan LOL. Are you Cassie’s friend in real life or something? Yeah, two guys are JEALOUS of Cassi….Yeah that’s it! LOL.

      • Jonathan — WRONG! I to am watching the feeds and BBAD and humble is not a word to describe Cassi. No, I am not jealous of Cassi in any way and neither I nor the others are hating on her. We are watching and commenting on a game as we see it, which is exactly what this forum is about. You have your right to come here and express you view as well — so your posts of how humble she is are welcome — It adds to the entertainment value of this thread! Yes, I find the comment that she is humble absolutely hilarious!!!

  3. Well you know how fast things can change but I don’t see it happening. Shelly is the house maid and you know they don’t want to lose that.

  4. Quit raggin on Cassie. They don’t like her because she’s intelligent. (Porche, Rachel and Brendon? Not a brain among them.) Adam & Danielle – who knows! Kaliea and Adam will be tripped up soon. Not exciting yet- hope the pace picks up!

    • Not raggin’ on Cassi–just expressing MY opinion that I can’t wait to see her go. Never questioned her intelligence — just said I personally (not speaking for Rachel, Brandon or others)am sick of her telling us on the live feeds how smart, sweet and great she is. REITERATING WITH GUSTO THAT I CAN’T WAIT FOR HER TO MAKE HER EXIT. For me this is something too look forward to and about as exciting as I anticipate it getting this week. Go, Cassi, Go!

      • I’m not on live feed this time so didn’t know Cassie was so out-spoken about her merits. LOL about it being about as exciting as it gets this week.

    • I think they should keep Cassie because she can distract Rachell by keeping he pissed off. It would atleast be entertaining for me.

    • Quit buying into they hate her because she’s supposedly beautiful and intelligent. Cassi isn’t liked because she’s too into herself. Yap, yap, yap, trying hard to convince everyone she’s this awesome person when most people, at least who I know, think she’s a catty, self centered twit. She’s not even hot, she looks more like a guy.

      • ROFLMAO @ Ty

        She does look masculine and has a boyish body. Wears too make up on her face too.
        Tranny Cassi. Love it! :)

      • i would say that she is really pretty. However, she came into the house saying she isn’t going to be “one of those petty, catty girls and throw personal attacks.” Then she turns around and starts hating on Porsche, saying she’s stupid, and hatin’ on her for no apparent reason other than the pretty girl syndrome (where one can’t stand the other). She apparently “hates” her without much interaction with her. Pretty but petty.

      • For all those out there….Keeping Cassi is the smartest thing to do. Dani, Dominic and Cassi need to form a bond and get the fake red head out. Back dooring her would be awesome. “Brenden” in her whining ass voice, why does everyone hate me? Why? 1. I would rather have needles stuck in my eyes then hear Rachels laugh.
        2.No one is going to mess with me and my man..Really Rachel? Who would want him is the question I have.
        3. Ever noticed the shape of her lips? WTF.
        4. Rachel does not like other women. She is all buddy buddy with shelly because shelly sounds and looks like a man. Plus shelly is pistal whipped. If Rachel asked her to jump shelly would ask how high.

  5. If Cassi stays we will have a good time with cat fights . Other players are dull unless Rachael starts with Jordan lol.

    • I totally agree with you!! It would definitly be entertaining to watch them fight!!

  6. i hope Cassi stays and Shelly goes home!!

    Cassi is real and she is playing the game

    Shelly is a old bitch and she does nothing at all, also she is a ass ksser

    and think about it people what does Shelly do? she does nothing she is boring and annoying

    • Cassi is an awful BB player and sore loser/quitter. She doesn’t deserve to stay and she can campaign all she wants to. Too little too late. She’s going home and will be quickly forgotten.
      Shelly on the other hand is playing smart. She aligned with the right side, is well liked and she acts like a mom. Of course they’ll want to keep her around for awhile.

    • I concur 100%! Shelley is a sneaky little ass kisser who has a wormy approach in the house. She’s a kin to Porcha. Imagine how boring the house would be with only coat-tale riding ass kickers like them in the house. Ugh!

  7. the irony here is that RACHEL and BRENDON should vote to keep cassie. Shelley is so far up J7J’s butt its silly actually. She is a vote against them in a few short weeks. But, Cassie will be so grateful and under Dom’s control that she will agree to whatever is necessary. Dom should pull Brenchel aside and remind them that the REASON shelley is slated to stay is because she is J&J’s puppy. if brenchel, dom, kalia, lawon and dom voted for cassie to stay, porsche would come along too and so would adam. IF ONLY someone would tell Dom that Shelley is the traitor, this could go down. but, i do not see it happening. brenchel only has to gain from this, and J&J to lose.

  8. It truly would shake things up if Cassie could pull it off. I don’t think she’s all that genuine but her “partner” hasn’t been either! It would be fun to watch the scramble and I like Shelly. but I’m all about expecting the unexpected.

    • I agree — I like Shelly too and it would be more entertaining to see her become more active instead of slinking around “backstabbing” behind the scenes undetected. The game is underway and should get more entertaining by week’s end.

      • I agree and let’s face it what Shelly is doing in playing the game of BB….if everyone were straight up and nicey nice, it would be boooooooring. Go Shelly!

  9. Bye Bye Cassi. We sure won’t miss your terrible game play and annoying voice repeatedly saying how awesome you think you are. Get over yourself.

  10. OK – this is exactly what I was worried about when the vets came in. Just like ED said, one by one.

    Rachel is such a large personality already and now that she’s a BB star (I’ll admit it) it just makes it harder to beat her if she has decided that you are her enemy. (Truly I expected her to hate Porsche but I guess you never know, she must think she’s dumb). She even has Jordan doing what she wants. Whatever.

    These vets have played the game and know that sticking together is the Golden flippn Key. You don’t switch until you’re down to the just original tribe, oh I mean alliance.

    Then begins the pecking order. Wonder if CBS was really that desperate to think that NONE of their shows would work EVER again without a returning player.

    Big THANKS to CBS for making this feel like Survivor, NOT! And let’s throw in a congratulations to for another BB turned into the “Rachel Wants” show….

    I’m losing interest and that totally sucks! Can we actually get a group of NEW people next time?

    • I agree. It’s like a fans vs favorites although many of the newbies have barely seen BB and the Vets are certainly not everyone’s choice of favorites.
      They should have done an ALL Stars 2 (with the Dynamic Duo twist maybe?)or put on a brand new cast.
      I hope they don’t have a returning player come back in the house this season either.
      Not impressed with the casting this season.

      • IDK that the newbies didn’t know BB. There is a Big thing going on about Porsche knowing ED outside of the house by affiliation. We all know Adam is a huge fan and so is Shelly.

        You are right on the All-Star thing it would have worked well with the Duo.

        The Gremlins are keeping me interested!

        Really hoping for CBS to step it up!

    • This sure beats the lame ass Big Brother
      of last season where the brigade voted
      lock step every which way which settled
      the matter so, very early, I just stopped
      watching! I commend Big Brother for bringing
      in the veterans otherwise, we would have
      the same fiasco as last season. Viewership
      dropped towards the end because who wants
      to watch the brigade compete against each
      other? LOL Also, this season has barely
      started. Wait till it gets down to 7 or 8
      house guests then, it starts to get more
      interesting. Now, is just the time to weed
      out the weakest and lamest house guests in
      Big Brother with the best episodes yet,
      to come!

      • Good point Richie! I was a bit cranky yesterday, thanks for keeping a positive spin on it =)

        Still not sure about the vets being a good idea, but you never know!

        I keep switching who I’m pulling for.

  11. Cassi voice is to monotone no expression. Kailia is as bad & mother hen just puffs away. I am willing to have all of that to get rid of Las Vegas & Brendan

  12. I HATE SHELLY. She is annoys the hell out of me -_-

    Honestly, I wish Cassie would stay. That way that shelly can walk out the door and the monster that is brenchel will be outrageously pissed =D

  13. I watch after dark and so far mostly all are bk stabbin, what i did not like about Shelli is she stated the same day ,She did not give Cassi a chance to show her she was her friend or for that fact no one she just bk stab every one like if she was planing that ,and new who to target. she is the only one that is really sneaky and not a player she let Cassi carry her in the slop comp, did not help Cassi .But may the best win,not the vets its not fair,just saying….

  14. ive been so blinded by cassies beauty that i forgot she is a good player, and has been making it clear she wasnt going to kiss ass or get bullied. unfortuanetly she will probably get sent packing, but with eds departure we can almost bet someones coming back or some crazy episode, i mean we pretty much lost a week, anyway i guess im rooting for dom now since cassie is getting kicked out so early, at first i was team vets, but i guess im bouncing back and forth with whoevers the underdog, dom just got a new lease on life,and stop being mean to rachel people lets grow up, shes not perfect but im sure if any of u were on tv, people would find something about u they dont like, and then write a whole bunch of nasty things on a blog that these people are likely to read.

  15. I am so ready for some sort of twist. This key thing kinda sucks. I wish ED was still there. There would be drama for sure.

    • Ha ha I wondered too. They say a player will be put back into the game. Keith or one of the next few voted out. I hope there is a better twist than that.

      • Where did you hear thst? That would be cool> Anything to shake this bunch up. They really need to start making some moves that count.

      • They did not let Keith go home. He has been in sequester in case they decide to send someone back in. I suppose it will be the same for the next few evicted players. And than maybe they will ask America to vote on who they want to send back in.. That is just what I am thinking since they are not sending them home…

    • I don’t want Keith to return either because he seemed a little confused about what show he was on (Big Brother, not the Bachelorette). He was also a bit immature when he was put on the block.

      However, I unfortunately don’t think that Dick will come back this season. Last Thursday, Julie said that he wouldn’t be returning, which makes sense because he’s home (not in sequester). It just wouldn’t be fair. But hopefully he’ll be back some other season. Preferably sans Danielle. :)

    • Chick from louisiana, I totaly agree. Dick would eat Rachel and spit her out. Dick would be man enough to put Rachel in her place.

    • Ok, yeah I read that. I hope they don’t bring him back though. We need a better twist than that.

      • I know. It won’t be dick because he is not in sequester. Too bad we are missing so much drama without him

    • Keith is useless plain and simple. He did not have any game what so ever. Jordan, Jeff, cassi, Dani and dominic should come together and back door Rac and bren. Now that I would love to see. Can you picture the look on Rachels face? Maybe all the pimples would explode …

  16. If cassi was smart she would have tried to get jordan to put up lawon and Kalia, Keeping kalia (Im pretty sure Kalia has even said to the vets that she is willing to go up to get lawon out)

    • She’s not smart. She played a terrible game. Cassi’s too focused on how she looks and how she wants other people to think of her. Sorry but I don’t buy what she’s selling.

  17. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone shove gobs of food in their mouth like Brendon. The look on Danielle’s face says it all…..gross.

  18. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone shove gobs of food in their mouth like Brendon. The look on Danielle’s face says it all.

  19. On Thursday I hope Julie comes on and says nobody is leaving the house because Evil Dick left early. That would be so great because Rachel would be so mad that Cassie got to stay!! I would love to see that reaction from everybody!! There would definitly be alot more drama in the house which would make it entertaining to watch. That is just me wishful thinking.. You never know what can happen in the Big Brother House!!!!!

  20. Hope Cassi goes and doesn’t get the chance to come back. She annoys the heck out of me with her constant talk of how great she think she is. Her voice is more irritating than Rachel’s laugh.

  21. A person who is smart and attractive often is greeted with animosity from those who are not smart/attractive. This was the plight of Kristin last year and Cassie this year.

    • LOL Don’t go assuming the attractiveness/intellect, or lack there of, of anonymous strangers on the internet whom you know nothing about.

      • I Concur Jen.
        The plight of Cassie and Kristen is they suffer from ‘pretty girl syndrome’ and has nothing to do with jealousy.

    • I never thought Kristin was good looking! But I do think Cassie is, guess I’m a little off of the common opinion.

    • Some people who are attractive assume that they are entitled to everything! Most attractive people get the breaks in real life and they have shown this on TV however, this is a game and if you cannot play then, you need to be booted out! Cassi had numerous opportunities to improve on her gameplay but, she does not have the smarts to play this game. Her attractiveness has nothing to do with it!

  22. My god did Kaila come to BB to eat them out of the house and home ,lady they don’t come sloppier she is disgusting for a woman bad excuse, she gets me sick, and i am a nice person lol, and don’t compare her to Oprah she should of gone before Keith .

    • lol…saw the HG’s during dinner last nite…unreal…These peeps do not know what a “bite” is..most of em need a shovel not a spoon..for adults they are somewhat disgusting at meal times…lol

  23. I don’t even care about tonights eviction. I just can’t wait to see Rachel leave. I am sick of her crying for everything.

  24. After the Golden Key I would just love it if Porche wins HOH and put Jeff and Jordan up, Jeff wins pov and they backdoor Rachel and Brendon. Vote Brendon out.

  25. I watched tonight and I thought Jeff came off worse than Rachel she was upset and made one comment and it was not that bad then Jeff turned into a total bully… I think Jeff was pissed because dom won so he took it out on Rachel I am not a huge brenchl fan but in is case Jeff went went to far over one comment. And Rachel was right the only reason Jordon was HOH is because the guys threw it. It is possible that Brandon could have won hoh if they had not LET her win. Jeff and Jordon were the ones that did not stick to the alliance when they put dom/adam on the block instead of cassy/shelly….like the rest of their alliance wanted and than they say they don’t trust the others to look out for them!! They new Rachel was right about cassy coming after them if Cassy stayed she flat out told them that.. And they still would not make a deal with dom…I think jeff is starting to look like a total ass……..And they were one of my favs in the beginning now not so sure Jordon can’t tell when she is being played…And Jeff is turning into a bully!!

    • I agree 100%. Not only that it seemed Rachel walked away after the first comment made by Jeff. But he went after her and continued attacking it. Of course CBS does not show the negative side of J/J or Cassi. Just Rachel and Brendon

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