Big Brother 13 Adam

We’re another day closer to the next Big Brother eviction and the votes are even clearer. Yesterday I wasn’t certain where all the votes stood, but after a few late night discussions things look pretty solid for one HG taking a seat next to Julie Chen on the couch Thursday night. Read on to see whose fate is sealed.

At last count I had five votes for sure against Cassi, which is all you need to be evicted at this point, three votes unsure, and one vote likely to support Cassi. Those uncertain votes are now pretty much solidly supporting Shelly making things just that much worse for Cassi as she attempts to stage a comeback in Big Brother 13.

Yesterday’s three uncertain votes belonged to Kalia, Lawon, and Adam. Kalia and Lawon had initially encouraged Cassi to campaign to stay in the game. Turns out that support went up in smoke and both now plan to support Shelly to stay in the game. Adam was even less committal when he told Cassi that he would vote to keep her if Shelly told him that’s how she wanted him to vote. That won’t be happening.

So now we’ve got eight votes against Cassi with only Dominic floating out there. Dominic has been very close to Cassi since the start but even he might be ready to jump that sinking ship and vote with the rest of the house. Considering Cassi isn’t going to the jury house it won’t really make a difference, but toss the girl a bone and don’t let her go home without a single vote of support.

Do you think the house is making the right eviction? Should it be Shelly going home instead of Cassi? Just one more day until Thursday’s live eviction and then we’ll get a new HoH and the cycle starts all over.


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