Big Brother 13: Week 2 Wednesday Update – Who Has The Votes

Big Brother 13 Adam

We’re another day closer to the next Big Brother eviction and the votes are even clearer. Yesterday I wasn’t certain where all the votes stood, but after a few late night discussions things look pretty solid for one HG taking a seat next to Julie Chen on the couch Thursday night. Read on to see whose fate is sealed.

At last count I had five votes for sure against Cassi, which is all you need to be evicted at this point, three votes unsure, and one vote likely to support Cassi. Those uncertain votes are now pretty much solidly supporting Shelly making things just that much worse for Cassi as she attempts to stage a comeback in Big Brother 13.

Yesterday’s three uncertain votes belonged to Kalia, Lawon, and Adam. Kalia and Lawon had initially encouraged Cassi to campaign to stay in the game. Turns out that support went up in smoke and both now plan to support Shelly to stay in the game. Adam was even less committal when he told Cassi that he would vote to keep her if Shelly told him that’s how she wanted him to vote. That won’t be happening.

So now we’ve got eight votes against Cassi with only Dominic floating out there. Dominic has been very close to Cassi since the start but even he might be ready to jump that sinking ship and vote with the rest of the house. Considering Cassi isn’t going to the jury house it won’t really make a difference, but toss the girl a bone and don’t let her go home without a single vote of support.

Do you think the house is making the right eviction? Should it be Shelly going home instead of Cassi? Just one more day until Thursday’s live eviction and then we’ll get a new HoH and the cycle starts all over.


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      • I agree that Wayne must be blind since Cassi’s hot as hell but that is going way too far Jerome. All you had to say was you disagree.

      • WHOA… NOT COOL. 1st never use the “N” word it’s 2011 let’s leave that word in 1877. 2nd Why rob a store? I am assuming you said this because your guessing he is “ghetto” (another word that should be left alone). This is Big Brother not an excuse for your to be a racist ignorant jerk.

      • that was totally unnecessary Jerome. and extremley offensive. Go pitch a tent in the highway.

      • Yes, we do moderate the site. As much as I liked to read every single comment before it publishes that isn’t feasible. So instead we have filters set to catch comments like that. The offending user obviously anticipated that and disguised the words.

        Instead of uselessly leaving complaining comments here you should use the Contact page and alert us to the issue. If I haven’t yet seen the offending comment, then you can be sure I haven’t yet seen your screaming response.

    • I agree I hope Cassi goes home,I can’t stand her
      and for me she is ugly honestly whats the deal on saying the chick is pretty ewwww

      • Really ? Wow – she’s being sent home because the rest of the skanks are jeolous of her. Sorry I thought Danielle was better than that …

    • actually i say, send that woman-who-is-really-a-man- shelly back to wherever the heck she is from. her voice is way too weird and deep to be female!

      • Shelly is not feminine at all. I expect her to grab her croutch at any moment. That walk is the worst, she could definately do with some poise classes.

    • You will not regret that choice. I have watched all 13 seasons but never had the feeds until season 11. I still regret not getting them sooner. Live Feeds are where the real game is. The CBS show is a great summary but they miss too much.

      • I hope you are right, cause i got the three month deal and not the one month, lol. But yeah it’s a lot better than just the summarized version.

    • I will admit some days are better than others but i guarantee you will get a kick out of watching the feeds and then seeing the conversations you saw on the CBS show. It makes you feel like an “Insider” lol

      • I keep superpass all year long so I don’t miss anything relating to BB. Also mid winter watch past seasons on flashback.

    • DJSkins is right. I think you’re going to have a great time getting to see how the game really plays out instead of just snapshots on BBAD and then however CBS edits it (they often totally change things around and use things out of context, etc.).

      • sorry, I’ve never had them before so I had to try it out to see what all the fuss is about, lol

  1. OMG!!! After reading some of the comments, There are some rude & nasty people out there. Cassi, well even though she is a southerner like me, picked the wrong side to start with. Thats why her fate is sealed. Shelly chose the right side. Man i love this show!!

  2. Is anyone else developing the habit of changing the Live Feed camera every time Kalia enters the room? lol

    • Yes, I’ve been on live feeds for a total of maybe 30 minutes and she’s already on the nerves. Not only does she talk alot, but really really fast

    • I do I do that woman gets on my nerves. It’s funny how she talks about people gameplay she doesn’t have any

  3. I thought dani and dom were hooking up, what the hell is doing braiding cassi’s hair?

    • We’ll find out tonight actually but apparantly she made an a** of herself during the Veto and got punished. She’s on slop for 2 weeks

  4. I can’t wait to get this eviction over and done! So been looking forward to getting Catty Cassi out of the house. Let the real games begin! Things should start stirring soon!

  5. As always people in that house play with emotion instead of strategy. I will miss Cassie & no the cattyness will not be gone because the main insecure cat is still in the house! It’s like a loooonnnng bad video with the same ol story. It’s funny how people play that game. Now I have to endure idiots for one more season. Maybe next yr we can all have a new cast with no retreats. Cassie made the right choice but “Newfans” don’t really want to play they want to be friends instead of competing to win!

  6. As always people in that house play with emotion instead of strategy. I will miss Cassie & no the cattyness will not be gone because the main insecure cat is still in the house! It’s like a loooonnnng bad video with the same ol story. It’s funny how people play that game. Now I have to endure idiots for one more season. Maybe next yr we can all have a new cast with no retreats. Cassie made the right choice but “Newfans” don’t really want to play they want to be friends instead of competing to win.

  7. I have a feeling this will not be the last we see of Cassi. If it’s true that Keith is in sequester, I really believe that’s where Cassi is going.

    • I hope it’s the last we see of her. She has no problem targeting people, but when it comes back on her it’s boo hoo! boo hoo! She doesn’t know the game and she adds nothing.

    • Unfortunately I think you’re right but hopefully whoever comes back in will be going right back out a la Kaysar.

  8. Tired of watching cassie honestly its getting so boring!!! Shelly is so smart luvs her…someone please shut kalia up she talks too much, too fast… i like the way everyone is backstabbing everyone…i hope Daniele wins she happens to be playing the game so well…

      • hahaha…I mute my laptop when kalia talks now and funny how all d cams go to her when she and jordan are having their endless convos, so tiring to watch :(

    • i wanted shelly out also but she does play a good game,just wait they will figure out she was one of the two who voted against the young guy who got kicked out last week,oops forgot his name.

  9. would be smarter to keep cassi. It will keep the target off everyone else for another week. It will make that annoying bitch rachel so mad that she will be dead set on targeting her again.

    • I disagree. At this stage of the game it’s smarter for the Vets to keep the player who’s with you, not totally against you (as Cassi has been from the start).

  10. Cassi told Dominic to stick with Shelly and that Shelly is the only person in the house that she never had second thoughts about. Cassi says Shelly is the only person to trust? I wonder how she’ll feel when she’s out of the house…..:)
    Shelly is looking pretty good to go far as long as Brenchel doesn’t start seeing her as a floater.

    • me too!! I cant wait for the expression on her face when Julie tells her Shelly was the second person to vote..priceless :)

      • I doubt Julie will say how the votes were because I believe someone that has been evicted in the first four weeks is coming back in the house. There will be more twists. There’s going to be something with the fortune teller too.

  11. So funny how jj are paranoid when they are the ones trying to backstab BR already lol…Dominic should please win this HOH and split one of these couples it would be more interesting..

    • I agree the couples should be split up, but Rachel and Brendon were backstabbing too. I think all the couples should be split, get rid of the keys and let everyone play their own individual game.

  12. Anyone know somewhere I can see the big brother episodes other than on cbs. Channel always is down when big brother is suppose to be on and im basically missing all the bb episodes because of there bull.

  13. Who saw the showtime feed last night when brendon put on a facial mask, unitard, cape & bug hat? He looked like the lovechild of the burger king & the joker on crack!

  14. okay so when Rachel says dom is someone they can get Jordan disagrees but when kalia says the exact same thing then its okay…lol funny kalia is the one thinking of forming an alliance with him and dani, it just keeps getting

  15. I’m 90 per cent sure Brendon will call off the wedding when they leave the house. Rachel is nuts….and he knows it!

  16. just got done watching bb and I always liked jj but now I hope this comes back and bites in the butt. WRONG MOVE ON HER PART.

  17. they should of backed door brenchel,ugh can’t stand them..i think the show is fixed sometimes.they just like drama

  18. Okay, so whose first thought when upset is to run into the bushes!?!?! I LMAO when Rachel went into the bushes to cry. And Jordon…ugh what is she thinking!? She should have put the Nut and her Honey up!! I am so tired of Rachel ALREADY!!!! Different game same damn drama. How the heck does Brendon put up with her!?!!?

    • They can’t put up Rachel and Brendon yet…they need to keep there alliance until singles and then go after them.

      • they can put them up they was ready to do thing there way. if things dont go their way then they are read to be on their own

      • I disagree Karen. I think Brendon and Rachel are going take them out the first chance they get. I think Jeff and Jordon would have been better off without them.

      • Kris, If Jordan would of put up Brendon and Rachel who would they have on there side playing in the next HOH??? Kalia sure isn’t any good and you can’t trust Lawon and Dominic is sure not with them so the only person would be Jeff all by himself. I know Brendon and Rachel will eventually want them out but there not stupid either they know they need each other for a little while longer. But your right I hope Jeff and Jordan get them out first.

      • Only time will tell, Karen. I sure hope that you’re right and I’m wrong, as they are stuck with Rachel and Brendon for at least another week now.

  19. i think that jordan made a bad move. this was her chance to get one of them out cause racheal hets on my nerves her and her fake tears. brendon knew she was wrong. she should go around the house staying things and getting away with it.

      • dom won pov and took him and adam off. rachel and jeff argued because of the comments that she was making toward jordan and cassi and shelley is on the block

  20. also i think that dom is the only person who have the guts to put up one of the veterns and i really hope he do it. jordan made a bad move and it will be good to get rid of racheal but the sad part is that brendon will get the key

    • If Dom wins HOH he will put up JJ not Branchal… He know JJ wanted him out and Dani assured him that Branchel would have taken him off the block if they had won the POV.. I think Jeff is getting a big head he was a bully tonight. I understand Rachael getting upset..she made one comment (that was not that bad) and Jeff blew up and went off on her. I think he was pissed that Dom won and took it out on her.. Jeff is starting to act like an ass and Jordon can’t figure out she is being played by the newbies… I just hope Dani can make it to the end an win she is the only one right now that seems to have a good chance…

  21. I’m glad that Dominic won the P.O.V. I really would like to see Shelly go home, but that isn’t going to happen. There’s something about Shelly that gnaws me the wrong way. Danielle and Dominic would be a great couple to go to the end.I also agree that Kalia should go, she is not a good player, just a floater..Rachel may be bad, but she makes the show interesting .

      • Rachel may be nuts but she creates drama, I would think even more if Brendon would let her be her. I would like to see Brendon out before Rachel, then she can be her and her mouth will get her the boot

      • That’s true Sands!! I think Brendon is the only thing that keeps her in check! I mean look at how she ran into the bushes to pout! LOL I have to admitt that was entertaining!! I couldn’t stop laughing!

      • Rachel isn’t nuts she is bipolar which is a chemical imbalance in the brain not a personality trait.

  22. Wow!!! This season is boring!!!! They might as well have teens age 12-18 on the next season. I would love to be on this show because I would play a truthful game. :)

    • Yeah, I wish Jordon would have taken the chance and shook things up!!! I know she and Jeff are going to regret missing this chance to split up Rachel and Brenden!

  23. I was only slightly surprised by Jordan’s decision, but I don’t think she and Jeff want to keep them around forever. Just hope someone puts Brendan and the nutcase on the chopping block, because anyone keeping them around for too long is asking for trouble. That being said, it sure would’ve been interesting if she back-doored Brendan and the crybaby…

  24. I would love to see Jeff get HOH get Dominic out which would break up Dani and Dominic alliance then bring back Cassi when it’s singles, Cassi win HOH and put up Rachel and Brendon. Rachel wants Cassi gone so bad I would LMAO if Cassi came back to bite Rachel in the @$$.:)

    • I would LOVE that Karen!!! LOL Voting tomorrow should be interesting! I think Dom might just vote to keep Cassi as his alliance was with her first and Dani second. We’ll see. I just hope Cassi stays and gets a chance to stick it to all those that hate her.

  25. This is the boering Big brother in History, never should bring the veteran really stupid and makes no sense special Rachel but it looks like like the producer ran out of ideas so will not watch anymore I cancel my subfor watching all the time

  26. nothing says “beautiful” like a bag of bones.

    I don’t understand why people think that’s beautiful. good riddance. she played a terrible game.

  27. I can’t stand Rachel and her drama anymore, she sucks hell and its happening the same thing it happened on Week 2 last season, Rachel taking out the pretty girl no matter what happens.

  28. Well now the congrats go out to Jordan, for making the stupid-est move she could have. Damn didn’t they almost have it figured out. So let’s spell it:

    Shelly = Team Brenchel Cassie = Team JJ

    Not that confusing, where’s Jeff when you need him to think for the team? Why didn’t ANYONE even suggest Kalia & Lawton? Safe evection there, since they don’t do anything and wouldn’t be that missed.

    So J&J have taken down someone who would have done the dirty work for them to get out those bushn’ bookies!

    I take it that everyone who is happy Cassie is leaving must be Big Red and Bookie fans? When it comes to the team vets, it will break down to how many they have playing with them.

    Seemed pretty simple to me. Guess that’s my view from outside the fish bowl though!

  29. So jeff thinks that brendon should bedazzle rachel?! Didnt brendon already do that to rachel last week in the hoh bed?!

  30. I think the rachOFF comment was pretty hilarious too. Jeff says that rachel is like an annoying gnat. He wants to get some rachel Off spray

    • LOL, I love his comments about her! I am So glad we are starting to see that he can’t stand her! It would have made me think less of him if he’d thought she was great! LOL

  31. Cassi is getting on my last nerve. So tired of listening to her talk all high and mighty about herself. It’s her favorite thing to talk about by FAR! She thinks that just because she’s ok with wearing sweats and no makeup on tv that makes her a cool down to earth person. That’s not the case! Someone who really was that cool, down to earth, and classy wouldn’t have to spend her days trying to convince everyone else that’s who she is. Note to Cassi: We’ll start to believe you’re all of those things when you actually start to act that way.

  32. The house would have changed if Jordan put Brendan and Rachael on the chopping block. The new players will back door them when they win HOH

    • Rachel and Kalia dig in the jellybeans with their hands even after being given a spoon. Kalia even pick one up then threw it back in the bowl, digged in her teeth to get food out then digged in the jellybeans, poor hygiene all the way around. I pray everyone washes their hand after using the washroom. Cassi admits she only washes her hands in public, such a pretty skank.

  33. It wouldn’t be a good time to back door BR because only Jeff could play in hoh, and if a newbie won they would be the Target. Though if BR wins this you they might backdoor JJ. So who knows.

    It would be best to wait for the golden keys to be gone before the vets Target each other.

  34. I really hope the house guests surprise me and send Shelly home. I find her to be kinda annoying. Plus, I sincerely think she just wants to hand the money over to JJ because of many things she has said to them.

  35. Isn’t anyone dissapointed that Jordan didn’t backdoor Brenchel??? I mean how many years do we have to watch this show to know that if you don’t get the competitors out when you have the opportunity they WIN! I would be sick if either of those two annoying people won!

    • I agree 100%!! I was upset when Jordan didn’t jump at this chance and I worry now that she and Jeff will pay for that mistake…and soon! :( I don’t know if I can handle another season of Rachel!?

      • I for sure can not watch another 10-12 weeks of Rachel whining and crying…She needs to go! It would only help Jeff and Jordan as I guarantee they could make a much better alliance in the house with some of the newbies!

  36. I would love to have Jeff and Jordan put up Rachael and Brendon, but they can’t. I wish they put up Kalia and Rawon? Sorry, I don’t know his name. They could of told Rachael and Brendon that if they want Cassie out then to win HOH and do that themselves. Then if they do win HOH next week they might want Cassie out more than Jeff and Jordan. I think Jeff and Jordan had better start forming some alliances before it’s too late. Rachael, Brendon, Dannielle and Dominic I think are already an alliance. That’s why Danielle pushed Rachael and Brendon to get Cassie out. Now Danielle will have complete control of Dominic.

      • I totally agree that Dani will most likely win the game…she is playing it right. However, I think she has some competition with Shelly..she is also playing BB very well…let’s face it backstabbing, sneaky traits are good to have to get you further along!

      • Annie you are unfortunately right. Shelly’s backstabbing has furthered her in the game, but Kalia is running a close second. She is working Dani and Jordan, lying to Cassi telling her to fight while behing her back campainging for her to go to Dani and Jordan she said she was going to be subtle and she is. Everyone mentions her name but keeps thinking they can get her at anytime, so they work on more immediate threats. That is what everyone said about Dick and he came up and won the whole thing.

  37. What is going on? Rachael is now telling Porsche that they have to get Dominic out next week? Is she for real? All this drama this week and Rachael now wants Dominic out. I wish she was gone.

    • Rachel sees that Dom is a threat and tje vets don’t trust Dani they want to throw off her game. With Dom gome the double “D” alliance is over. Dom winning veto shook up the vets they are not so confidant anymore. All that talk about running the house has quieted down. Dom has shook them up thats why he needs to stay he is the only newbie that has won anything and can keep they vets in check.

  38. I would much rather Shelly go home than Cassie, but that doesn’t look like that’s going to be happening. Cassie was the only person who I could actually stand watching in the house. Lawon is entertaining, but he barely gets air time.
    Now there isn’t going to be anything going on in the house other than Rachel and Brendon’s hissy fits.

  39. I think Shelly is too much of a fan for JJ. She’s telling Jordan she will ensure they don’t go up. She loves tJJ more than Cassi. Her game play has cost Cassi her shot at the prize. I do not believe Cassi and they rest are not paying attention. Lawon cried over Keith, probably wanted to be his boo, so they should count him as a vote for Keith. Dom was told by Porche that Adam voted for Keith. Dom knows he voted and Cassi can’t stand Porsche, so who does that leave. I cannot believe they are not thinking. Cassi is not a fan so she does not know about the deceit of the game, but Adam should be able to put two and two together he’s a fan. In the past deceit has been used as a reason not to give votes. People are already mad that they are not in the running anymore and if her deceit caused them the game they will not take kindly to her.

  40. And again Porsche is in the pink sweats, that makes three days that I can remember. I hope she has different pairs.

  41. Why is everyone hates Cassi – the person they should hate is Shelly & Kalia for jumping ship. Newbies should have stuck together. Dom should stick with JJ and get BR out cannot stand the voice of Rachel – Dannie is just using Dom for her own purpose to win

    • Op I agrre with all you said except the JJ alliance with Dom. Jeff is very threaten by Dom so he would not work with him because Dom could win against Jeff and ruin his game. Jeff believes he could beat evety other newby except Dom. I have always said Kalia and Shelly broke too soon. They could fly under the radar and one of them win it all though and if they do brilliant strategy. I just don’t like Shelly playing up on the wholesome all American routine and being deceitful to people who she says she wants to be friends with after the game.

  42. Shelly’s game play got me to thinking. Does the way a person plays the game speak to their character outside of thr game? Rachel and Dick are not nice on the show but Rachel has said that is all game. Shelly and Kalia have shown traits that show them to be deceitful liars. Shelly is nice but she is deceitful. Rachel is not nice but she is more transparent than alot of the houseguest. Just because someone serves honey with their arsonic is it not just as deadly?

    • This is a game after all and when it is
      over, a number of these house guests will
      be friends outside of the show! Even Survivor
      which has a lot of intrigues and twists, there
      is always going to be someone being betrayed by someone because everyone wants to win! If you are being goody feel good—-you will lose
      because others will not play the game the
      same way! I do not think that the antics on the show reflect on the house guests outside the show because I am sure the show producers
      ask the house guests for some outrageous behavior to stoke ratings which they need to
      compete for sponsors. So, whatever the house guests do, it is all an act except, the desire
      to win. After all, there is a $500,000 prize waiting for the winner!

  43. well guess what folks our favorite person (Rachel)ha ha … is AGAIN H.O.H. I cannot believe that she once again is the BIG QUEEN… the newbies better watch out, as we all know that she will be after them.Is Rachel still there to create tons of drama to hold us all captive??? I hope not and wish that someone else would take charge.I would love to see Adam as H.O.H. What do you all think ???

  44. That self serving Shelly is the pitiless person I have ever seen !!!! The least she could have done, was tell Cassi the truth on how she voted in week one. Than she puts on this big act on how truthful she is with her daughter and sits there and cries !!! I sure hope that the H.G. wises up to her..She needs to go out the front door, and soon !!!

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