Big Brother 13: Who’s playing and who’s not

Big Brother 13 cast in swimsuits

Now that we’re into the second week of Big Brother 13, we’ve all gotten to know the house guests so it’s time to take a look at how everyone is doing and who could end up making it all the way to the end.

I’ll just go ahead and give you a complete rundown of all the HGs and my thoughts on them:

Keith: He played a terrible game and is gone already. There’s really not much else to say. BUT, there’s talk that he’s in sequester, which leads to more talk about the possibility of a returning house guest later in the season. There’s a good chance for this to happen, especially since its been done before and since Evil Dick had to leave the game early.

Porsche: There’s not much to say about her yet. There’s not a lot to like about her but also not much to dislike about her. She did do something right the first week (align with the vets) and that got her the first golden key. So she’s here for another couple weeks. Don’t expect her around much longer than that though.

Cassi: I like her. Not only is she beautiful, but she’s strong and smart. Her only mistake so far was getting on Rachel’s bad side. But much like Kristen last season, I’m not sure if that was avoidable. I don’t know why Rachel hated Kristen last season and I don’t know why she hates Cassi this season. Some things Rachel do are impossible to explain. I’m hoping when she goes home Thursday (it’s pretty certain she will exit the game this week), she’ll go into sequester and be the one to return later in the season. I think she could play a mad game if she just had more time.

Rachel: Since I had already started talking about Rachel, I might as well continue. I like Rachel better this season. I wanted Rachel gone every single week last season. I hated seeing her on screen, I hated hearing her laughter. I even crowned her Worst/Most Annoying Reality Show Contestant EVER. And I’m not one of those people who buy that she was edited to look that way. I watched the Live Feeds. I watched After Dark. Obsessively. So I know there were NO editing tricks. I do understand that the house changes people and brings out the worst in you. So I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt there. It’s so easy to get sidetracked when talking about Rachel. So back to Season 13 Rachel. I do like her more this season. She’s toned things down a bit and is coming off much more like I imagine her in real life: sweet, genuine and loyal. BUT … she still throws in too many jabs at people and displays too much of her unhealthy relationship with Brendon. She’s also talking A LOT about how she was bullied last season by Ragan, Kristen, Britney, etc., while leaving out the parts  where she started those wars. Especially the fantastic  and epic fight between her and Ragan. OK, I could go on all night about Rachel, so I’ll stop.

Brendon: Unlike Rachel, my feelings for Brendon haven’t improved. But the reasons why I still don’t like him are different. Now I just think he’s mean to Rachel and is the driving force behind their VERY unhealthy relationship. For him, she dropped the Vegas, she moved to Los Angeles, she left her job. And he treats her like crap. Sure it looks like he’s head over heels for her. When he’s not making her cry. Or calling her stupid in some really underhanded way.

Jeff: Ahhh, Mr. America. I wish I saw what America sees, but I don’t. I think he’s a good Big Brother player, but I don’t see the charm that a lot of other people see. In just two weeks, he’s said things that could easily be considered homophobic and even racist (if you want to get super politically correct). I also think he’s pretty good at making Jordan seem dumber than she is. What is it with these unhealthy relationships? Must be the editing (insert eyeroll).

Jordan: I thought it was a bit unfair for a past winner to be in the game, but I’m over that now. I think Jordan is a fantastic game player. Her social game is impeccable. If we could create a Jordan and Rachel hybrid they’d be unstoppable. I mean, with Jordan’s social game and Rachel’s physical game … it would be insane. I also gained A LOT of respect for Jordan when she talked to Rachel on the Live Feeds about how she comes off as mean to people. Look for some of that conversation to likely air Wednesday. It’s good stuff.

Shelly: I can’t even type this one’s name without laughing. I think she’s hilarious and I’m not even sure why. Maybe it’s that husky voice. Or those silly faces. Or the constant stream of cigarette smoke from her mouth. Or the fact that she’s flying so far under the radar with her backstabbing it’s amazing. Whatever it is, I want to see more of her.

Dominic: At first, I thought he’d be annoying. I’m usually not a fan of the straight pretty boys of Big Brother. But he’s really grown on me. I appreciate his immediate game play and he hasn’t let up yet. After his PoV win this week, I imagine he’ll be the first newbie to win HoH.

Adam: Ugh. Do. Not. Like. I get it: you’re a rocker who loves bacon and 90210.

Daniele: I think Daniele might be the best player in the game. I’m going back and forth between her and Jordan. I love Daniele’s bluntness and tough love. I’m glad she’s got a couple weeks of safety with her golden key. I still can’t figure out if her thing with Dominic is game play or a blooming showmance. At any rate, I think she’s smart enough to balance a showmance without it effecting her game.

Lawon: When is this guy going to start playing the game? And when is someone going to burn his clothes?

Kalia: Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk. Zzzzzzzzzzz. I wish I had more to say, but she’s almost as non-existent as Lawon. I do think she’s trying to play the game, but isn’t exactly sure how.

HGs most likely to make it to the Final Four: Jordan, Daniele, Dominic, Jeff.

Other thoughts about how the season could play out: I think Jordan could win this show again. Even if she doesn’t win, I do think she’ll outlast Jeff. I also think, unlike last season, Rachel will outlast Brendon. Even though I think Jordan could win, I’d rather see Daniele take it. As crazy as it now sounds, Shelly stands the chance of breaking Top 5 or even Top 4. I still have a feeling someone will return later. And I still hope it’s Cassi. If Cassi returns, she too could make it far.

Much like the show itself, look for my opinions and predictions to change constantly this season. These are just my early thoughts. What are yours?

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  1. If Cassi comes back, she could make it far or she could be knocked right out again like Kaysar. I really hope Brenchel get knocked out soon, preferably at Daniele and Dominic’s hands.

    • I hope Rachael and Brandon get outed qwick. I feel it was nohing but flatout jealousy on from rachael that she went after Cassie! Brandon does tend to treat Rachael like crap that I will agree with. I hope Cassie is brought back so we can see the game she could play I think she would play a good game. Rachael needs to grow up for god sake how old is she?? Jeff and Jordan are a fantastic couple and I hope they make it to the end.

  2. Okay I think you are spot on but I think Jeff is flighty and doesnt realize what he is saying sometimes. Just my opinion I love Jeff and Jordan.

    • @Beth I always agree with everything you write. I love Jeff and Jordan right along with you.

    • I agree too! haha. you said exactly what I was thinking. And Matt thankyou so much for saying Jordan is a good player! i’ve been trying to tell people that forever now! she deserved to win and she could do it again!

  3. I REALLY appreciated your comments about Brendan and how he’s the reason behind the terribly unhealthy relationship between him and Rachel! He beats her up emotionally worse than if he were doing it physically!
    Rachel is more tolerable this year and it’s not because of Brendan, but in spite of him.
    Thanks for your work!

  4. There’s a term for the way Brendon treats Rachel: passive-aggressive. He breaks her down and then builds her back up leading Rachel to believe she can’t be happy without him. They have a classic case of a co-dependent relationship and the only people who can see it are outsiders. Hell, Brendon probably doesn’t even realize what the hell he’s doing unless he’s been to a shrink before.

  5. 14th: Dick
    13th: Keith
    12th: Cassi
    11th: Adam
    10th: Lawon
    9th: Brendon
    8th: Porsche
    7th: Dominic
    6th: Kalia
    5th: Shelly
    4th: Jeff
    3rd: Danielle
    2nd: Rachel
    Winner: Jordan

      • I would love that outcome as well! Only I would like Adam to go next, he is annoying. He actually compared himself to Evel Dick. No one should ever compare themselves to Evel Dick, he is a classic!!

    • I would also like this outcome except for Rachel and Jeff. Rachel 4th and Jeff and Jordan the final two!!!

    • It would be super smart of Jordan to keep Rachel around till the end because the jury would definitely make sure Rachel did not get the half million dollars but I am not sure they will be able to keep her. Especially if when one of the first four out comes back in the game because they will all be newbies and if a newbie comes back in the game they could swing the balance of power.

  6. i think a final face off in final three between dani/jord/rach would be great! three powerhouses!

    • I think Jeff is all he appears to be…super sweet and chill. I absolutely do not think he makes Jordan look dumber because she does not appear dumb to me she just seems dingy and carefree…nothing wrong with that. Sweet charming pair!

    • Erin I was thinking the same thing. Jeff amd Jordan appear more affectionate friends than lovers. I think Jordan is much more reserved than Jeff. There were times when Jeff checked out Cassi. I think Jeff’s libido is higher than Jordan’s and I have to wonder if people are not seeing what they want to see in thier relationship.

  7. The one’s with the golden key are people that I don’t know what they are capable of. They are just sitting on the side lines. I have never seen Danielle in action, except for the first HOH comp. and she gave it to Rachael. I know it is also gameplay and not just comps, but I don’t get live feeds I have no way of knowing.
    I don’t think it is wise for Rachael and Brendon to try to get rid of Jeff and Jordan right now. It is way too early for that. I do think Jeff and Jordan should start forming some allies with the newbies, because the time will come when they will have to turn on Rachael and Brendon.

    • Now was the time to backdoor Brenchel. They may not have another opportunity. I just hope somehow they come to thier sences and send Shelly home this week.

    • Danielle is in action right now. She was to first of the vets to befriend the newbies. She has cultivate a relationship between herself and each of the newbies. She fought hard for Dom not to go on the block even if she lost that fight.

  8. Couldn’t agree more about Adam and Kalia – some really bad casting. Kalia is a BORE and Adam, well, I’m sick of the “rocker yell”. UGGHHHHHH. I want both of them out next.

  9. I appreciate the insight… & it has more weight coming from someone who has been there & done that.

    re Dani & Dom:

    Since there aren’t any professional actors playing the game (as far as we know), I feel that Danielle genuinely digs Dominic & she is crushing on him pretty hard. It isn’t purely gameplay… check out the awkward smiles she shoots him, and that giggly way she has whenever she’s around him. Some things can’t be faked. She’s down for a showmance. It’s quite possible that she digs him more than he does her. With him, I feel he’s more suspicious of her true motives. Sure, he’s flattered by her attention because she’s pretty and a demi-celebrity now.

    At least, as a watcher & a student of human behavior, those are the vibes I’m getting.

    • @Big Brother Lin I totally agree with what you see between Dani and Dom. I think it is more on Dani’s part so far. I watch BBAD and last night you could really see it. I am sure that he is flattered by her attention and the fact that she said she would do what she could to save him. I think Dom of all the newbies has the greatest game play.

      • @ Gail:

        Dani sometimes allows her emotions to rule her game-play, & maybe that’s just human. No one can concentrate on the game 24/7. Together she & Dom would make a powerful twosome.

        & I I agree. Dom definitely came to play the game, & much of it is social & that part is not only necessary but a crucial lynch pin to who eventually prevails.

  10. I agree with everything you wrote with one exception. I still don’t see a big difference with Rachael this year. Don’t like Brendon and think their relationship is toxic. I like Cassi as you do and I don’t know why Rachael targeted her except I find Rachael has a lot of insecurities. I think what Jordan said to Rachael was completely right on. She still comes across as “in your face”. She adds these comments that just annoy people and are completely unnecessary. I do not like Porche at all. Just her personality seems none existent to me. I still love Jeff and Jordan together. I like Dani and Dom. The rest can go. I thought I really liked Shelly until she turned on Cassi. I hope Cassi is a returning guest.

  11. I’m really starting to dislike Jeff. With his homophobia and all. I love Daniele and Dominic! I hope they trump out Brenchel and Jeff and Jordan. I’m starting to think that it wasn’t that America loved Jeff and Jordan, I think American just hated everyone else, (Jesse, Natalie, Russell, Chima, Ronny, etc.)

    • I think Jordan not only has a great personality, but is a lot smarter than people think. Look at her shot when they played in the golf competiion. In her season Natalie was smart, but when the questions were asked at the end Jordan showed she knew how to play. She wins when she needs to along with getting people to like her. I do agree that I did not like Jeff’s homophobic remark.

  12. I agree with most, the only part I’m not 100% behind is the Dominic thing. I’m not liking him as much as the rest of you. I think he is too eager to jump from person to person and I don’t think his feelings for Dani are genuine, just game play and I really hope she doesn’t get hurt. I hope we are all wrong that Cassie doesn’t leave yet. But, if Adam and Dom are off the block, it is almost inevitable unless Jordan puts up Lawon and Kahlia. Thanks for the awesome commentary.

    • Why do you care so much about the feelings of a houseguest on Big Brother? What about when Dani hurts someone else’s feelings, which will most certainly happen at some point?

    • I totally agree with u Kristina bout Dom and hurting Dani’s feelings…BUT i think it will work the other way…Dani is the one thats playing Dom, Dani is playing like the way ED wouldve been playing…real sneaky, lol.. :-)

      LOL at,talk,talk,talk,talk so funny Matt…i had just posted something similar in the Forums, lol…i loved ur remarks bout the HG’s….. :-)

      • Hi HOH8, been a couple of days! Still haven’t had time to go back on the forum, but I’ll try again maybe tomorrow! I definitely just don’t like people using someone’s true emotions to hurt them, so if it is game play both ways, I’m good with that. Hope that answers Hoops comment to me too! I’m referring to the difference between Big Brother game play and genuine heart feelings – that’s what I meant. I still like Kahlia – but I’m wondering what was the deal with the big ants costume competition – was she really scared or just wanted to be a Have for the week? Talk to you soon HOH8 – thanks for checking in.

      • Hi Kristina…yea i started liking Kalia also but after that food comp i changed my mind…that injury was so FAKE…i saw in the feeds after she came back inside that she was just fine and didnt complain…ur right all she wanted was to not be a have-not.. and plus u should see her in the feeds, she is a non-stop talking machine, lol…omg i cant take it any longer, lol…hope to see u in the forums tomorrow….. :-)

      • I would much rather Jordan put up Lawon and Kahlia then – if it is true Dom and Adam get POV. I would rather see one of them leave than Cassi or Shelly. I like reading the commentaries and also the information people who have the feeds give us here. Yes, I will attempt forum again – never fear! See you soon.

    • lol…don’t forget whose daughter Dani is..the apple don’t fall far from the tree…Dani is a con and manipulator just like DAD..I wouldn’t worry toooo much about her getting hurt..I feel for the people she steps on in her effort to stay in the game..

  13. Thank you Matt for validating what I’ve been saying about Brendon for the last two seasons. (I’ve been boo’d out of many a chat room trying to explain why he’s so abusive, lol). He may not consciously wake up every day thinking “How can I completely break Rachel down today so she’s more pliable to my own narcissistic needs, but he “knows” what he’s doing. (If that makes any sense in the written word?) He’s so emotionally manipulative of her that, like Mary and James said above, he is a mental/emotional abuser. I literally can’t stand to watch what he does to her on a daily basis.

    I too have a hard time with Rachel, but I can also see the scared child in her. She seems like she is a good person but the nervous ticks come out and get her every time; her laugh, snide comments, valley girl talk etc. When watching the live feeds I sometimes catch glimpses of her when she’s totally relaxed and I can see the real her come out. If she could just find her own strength and see that she is OK without Brendon or anyone else, I think we’d all see another person completely. The girl must have had some things happen to her as a child to make her be so insecure and unloving of herself. My heart goes out to her, she reminds me a lot of myself in my early 20’s. I was hoping last year that she would go back and watch how Brendon treated her so she could get an “outsiders” view, but unfortunately that and him cheating on her didn’t break his hold. I hope someday she’ll get the help she needs so she can be more happy with herself.

    As for likes, I’m surprisingly really warming up to Cassi. I thought from her pre show interview that I would despise her because she’d never watched the show and was hand picked by the producers, but d*mn she’s awesome on so many levels. She got even more brownie points from me for the conversation she had with Rachel the other night. She kept her cool and acted like an adult throughout. Too bad she’s going but I can totally see her coming back. (Please God, not Keith!!!)

    I could go on, but I see I’m pulling a Kalia so I’ll shut up now, lol. ;oP

    • Cassi is leaving Thursday, so warming up to her now is sort of futile. I like her too, but she got played by Shelly and thought she didn’t have to talk to any of the vets the first week. Bad move on her part.

    • I really liked what you wrote about the Rachael Brendon thing. I am one of those that did not like Rachael at all last year and when I saw her and Brendon come back my thought was I don’t think I can stand another season of them. Maybe you are right and without Brendon she would be different. I just think the two of them are toxic.

      I agree with you about Cassi and hope that if she goes that she will be the returning guest. I thought Cassi kept her cool while talking to Rachael, but Rachael ran to Jordan and then to Brendon. She twisted a lot around and those are the types of things she does that makes me not like her. I was glad that Jordan was not afraid to tell her that what she is doing is very annoying and that is what makes people not like her. I just wish Shelly had not turned her back on Cassi and would love it if they voted Shelly out. I don’t trust Shelly. Our only hope is that Cassi returns and I agree not Keith!!!

  14. I think Rachel has some serious mental health problems and that Brendon is very much trying to mold her into what he wants her to be. He is smarter than he appears. As for Jeff and Jordon, I I didn’t know better I wouldn’t even know they are in a relationship. I see little affection shown I know Jordon is pretty self conscious about that stuff. Call me crazy but has anyone noticed a little chemistry going with Jeff and Cassi. It may just be game play.

    • Yes, I have, Even with Dani. Maybe he is just friendly. I am starting to think JandJ are just friends. They have nothing between them.

      • No that is not true! Jordan is just extremely conservative! I don’t blame her, she does not want to go on this show and embarrass herself or her family and Jeff is totally respectful and supportive of this. Love it, LOVE IT!!! I want them to marry on TLC!!!lol

    • Erin I wroyte about the lack of affection between Jeff and Jordan yesterday. I think they are pretending to be a cuople to keep up the America’s sweetheart persona. In afterhours Jordan went to hug Jeff then put her arms down. I’m confused about their relationship and I have noticed the attention Jeff has been giving Cassi bur he trying to be low key but the camera busted him checking Cassi out.

  15. I totally agree with you. But i dont agree in regards to jordan. I hope dani takes it or favs.

  16. jordan is not a good game player to me at all. her social game is because of how she and jeff were “portrayed” in their season. well maybe i should be giving them credit for it. but no she doesnt know how to play the game. only reason why she won in the first place on the votes was because of the dislike of natalie which came from lydia making sure she wouldnt win.

    anyway im with u on jeff.
    cassi i like but dont like. she doesnt know enough about the game and i dont see her winning any comps.

    i freakin love lawon’s clothes. its so ridiculous u gotta love it. oh and i found his youtube where he post videos of himself… talking in his car. its called CarSations if anyone’s interested.

    • I agree with everything you just said. I think JJ’s season had a lot of big personalities and many houseguests that had it in for eachother, which I think is what allowed Jordan to win because she flew under the radar and didn’t have major tension with anyone.

  17. I was wondering if anyone knows what was ment by our votes online would impact the next hoh?

  18. I wish Jordan would of put up Lawon and Kalia after the POV was used. I think her and Jeff should of teamed up with Shelly and Cassie. I don’t trust Kalia at all…I think she’s sneaky. The only reason Jordan put up Cassie and Shelly was because that’s what Rachel and Daniele wanted. Those two are jealous of Cassie and now there just going to stab Jeff and Jordan in the back. I have a feeling there’s another twist and someone will be coming back.

  19. It just makes me laugh because if Dick was here he would have run the house all season long.

  20. I hope the game turns out how Matt predicted it to. I agree that Rachel is not is bad this season and Brendon is just as bad if not worse.

    I love Jeff and Jordan!!! I have always rooted for them.

    I also like Danielle and wish Evel Dick didn’t have to leave because he and Danielle created such an amazing season in the past and I’m sure this season would have been great too.

    I don’t mind Dominic or even Shelly, but I wish Cassie would stay this week. I would be extremely surprised if she didn’t get booted out on Thursday.

  21. Agree about brendon and rachel. Terrible relationship.

    Jordan is not a good game player. To be honest, i don’t really think she really has a strategy, but she is very likable.

    Jeff is playing solid and can be a little rude sometimes but overall he is a nice chill guy and a pretty good big brother player.

    To me, Dominic and danielle are playing the best games thus far. My dream final four would be just like yours (but the chances of that are slim).

    By the way, am I the only one who thinks Dick is the most overrated player of all time? Not saying he is bad or I dislike him, but let’s be honest, he would have been gone very early if it weren’t for america’s player. The only reason his strategy worked was because america wanted him in there. He isn’t anywhere near the players dr. will or even dan.

  22. Am I the only one who is tired of listening to Cassi talk over everyone. She has a way making every conversation about her or her life. Not exactly what I consider a “sweetheart”. Though, she’s only a self proclaimed sweetheart.

  23. I can understand why BB would bring some old players back, especially considering the crew they DID pick, but how fair is it to bring back 2 people who’ve already won!??? So now they have ANOTHER chance at winning again. That’s striaght up B.S.

    • From what i saw in other bb sites, they were voted in by America. the other candidates were Jessie & Natalie, Hayden & Enzo and I think Dr Will & Boogie. Somebody correct me if I’m wrong!!!

      • By the time the poll surfaced the CBS site, the housemates were ALREADY in sequester, that means that Grodner picked the couples herself.

  24. Are you really serious?!?! Jeff and Jordan’s relationship unhealthy?!?!
    Are You on @$#%^#% crack!!!!1

  25. #Jackie I’ve seen Jeff checking Cassi out too. Brendon to. Please don’t get me wrong I love J and J too. But some of Jeff’s actions are questionable. But again, its hard to tell what is game play and what’s real. Jordon is a sweet girl. Com and Dan I are the ones to watch, I’m never really clear on what either of them is planning. It’s going to be an interesting week in BB House this week.

  26. i love jeff and jordan and i dont think they will break up they love eachother. they just dont want to be making out for the whole world to see!

  27. The houseguests that go on BB think that when they get out of the house, the world is going to fall at their feet and they are going to become instantly famous…anyone heard of Hayden Moss lately? I just heard Cassi say that she wants to go on CMT and do the video thing..I guess that was her plug to them..let’s see if is happens.

  28. The houseguests that go on BB think that when they get out of the house, the world is going to fall at their feet and they are going to become instantly famous…anyone heard of Hayden Moss lately? I just heard Cassi say that she wants to go on CMT and do the video thing..I guess that was her plug to them..let’s see if it happens.

  29. 14.Evil Dick

  30. Daniele-Dominic are my final two. Their relationship seems to be strong, at least, so they seem to be the final two in my eyes with either Jordan or Brendon joining them in Final 3.

    14. Dick
    13. Keith
    12. Cassi
    11. Lawon
    10. Porsche
    9. Kalia/Rachel
    8. Kalia/Rachel
    7. Adam
    6. Shelly
    5. Jeff
    4. Brendon
    3. Jordan
    2. Dominic
    Winner: Daniele

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