Big Brother 13: Week 2 Sunday Live Feed Highlights

Big Brother 13 is cranking up the heat on the HGs! We’re finally seeing more than just bikinis, not that’s there’s anything wrong with that, as the claws come out. With the Veto competition results over the weekend the path to Thursday night’s next eviction became clear and one HG wasn’t going to take it sitting down. Instead of filling the night hours with cheers of “Big Booty!” the house was filled with tears. Welcome back, Big Brother!

Things are only going to get crazier on Monday though with the Veto Ceremony on the Live Feeds. Stay close by and we’ll have those spoilers for you this afternoon.

Read on to find out what happened yesterday on the Live Feeds.

Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – July 17, 2011:

10:00 AM BBT – Brendon and Adam talk a little light game. Adam is glad he’ll be safe this week, but does wish he had been the one to win the Veto.

12:15 PM BBT – Time for a little sunshine and chit-chat. The ladies break out the bikinis while they guys ditch their shirts for some tanning.

12:30 PM BBT – Cassi talking game with Adam. She’s upset that she’ll be going home before certain other players. I’m guessing this is directed at Porsche.

1:00 PM BBT – Dominic and Kalia talking strategy. Their first target after the Golden Key phase is to target Brenchel. Dominic thinks he can draw in Adam. Kalia wants them to team up with Daniele. Kalia wants to work with Jordan, but Jeff has to go first.

3:00 PM BBT – Jordan retelling her discussion with Cassi to Jeff. They had a serious talk. Cassi promises her support to Jordan by targeting Brenchel rather than Jeff and Jordan. Jordan explains she wishes they had talked sooner, but she’s not left with any real options. Jeff reminds Jordan that if things were flipped around (if Brenchel were original noms and then won the Veto) it’d be them up on the block.

4:00 PM BBT – Daniele and Dominic tell Brendon and Rachel that Porsche is suggesting Brenchel go up on the block. Steam is pouring out of Rachel’s ears.

6:10 PM BBT – Something for the ladies: Jeff takes a shower in the HoH Room and shows off his bare behind.

7:00 PM BBT – Jordan and Kalia talking about who is the biggest threat. Jordan really wishes she could have eliminated Dominic this week. Both agree that Brenchel need to go as soon as the pairs split. Kalia points out how eliminating Brenchel at this stage would leave Jeff and Jordan as the biggest target in the house.

8:00 PM BBT – Brendon and Daniele meet up in the Storage Room. Daniele wants him to trust her and join up with Dominic.

8:27 PM BBT – Flashback moment of the night. Rachel and Cassi talking in the Have/Have-Not and things go downhill fast. Cassi wanted to clear the air, but ends up telling Rachel she’s a catty, catty girl and an ugly person inside. Rachel says she doesn’t have a problem with other women in the game. Hah! Rachel is obviously threatened by other women on a terribly insecure level and targets them as a result. We’re seeing it two seasons in a row.

8:45 PM BBT – Rachel heads to the HoH Room in tears and cries/whines to Jordan. Jordan doesn’t hold anything back. Tells Rachel she’s catty and rude to the other HGs. She needs to stop acting the way she’s acting or she’s going to ruin the entire alliance’s game. Wow. Jordan is being brutally, brutally honest with Rachel.

10:00 PM BBT – Brenchel hold their nightly cry/whine fest. Rachel cries. Brendon whines. They tell each other how wonderful they are and how much the other loves them. Brendon even claims Jeff and Jordan are jealous of their relationship. Err, rrright.

12:15 PM BBT – Daniele and Brendon find dirty, stained underwear in the Candy Room. They don’t know what to do with it. Daniele wants to embarrass Dominic about them. Brendon just wants to throw them away.

12:26 PM BBT – Everyone gathers in the Storage Room to see the dirty underwear in the trash can. Brendon shows them. Squeals ensue and the crowd runs. Jeff admits it was a joke that he planted. Finally the HGs decide to plant it on Dominic’s clothes in the Have/Have-Not room for fun times later.

It was a crazy day in the house. Pressure over re-noms coupled with Cassi and Rachel duking it out was explosive. Wrap it all up with some chocolate covered underwear and you’ve got the Big Brother game we’ve all come to expect.

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  1. nailed it on rachel. all she does is target the women in the house and look nasty. same thing with kristen last year, monet, britney (although she failed getting her out) i mean she has the rep of being a jealous b*itch because… she is.

    some of newbies better start winning HOH or its going to be a boring arse. re-do of seasons past… with houseguest i cant stand.

    • Exactly.
      Can’t stand the vets except for Dani. They are so cocky, demanding for the rest of the house not target them…hellooo it’s a game and couples are the biggest threat. Rachel is a bit*h and even Jordon her alliance told her the truth. Cant want for the four of them to go bye bye.

  2. Idont think its really fair for couples to come back who are use to each other and can play the game as a team and the newbies are paired up not ever knowing each other enough feel comfortable to play the game together. The older teams has too much of an advantage . They are get rid og yhe new players before we have a chance to cheer them on.I’de rather see new members play.

    • I thought that at the start, but if you really think about it things were kind of fair. There were eight newbies at the start versus the six veterans. When ED left pre-maturely, the playing field was leveled even more. The thing that really affects fairness now is the Golden Key because even though these players can vote with regard to the noms, they cannot participate in the critical competitions.

      • the golden keyholders has already been brainwashed by the veterans.The veterans has know each other for a year or more. The newbies are strangers and clueless

  3. Racheal got sooo jelous when cassi was talking to Brendon! You never see that with JJ. She is so pathetic you would have thought she learnd from last year. She’s gross.

    • Yeah I like that about Jordon. She is very confident in her relationship with Jeff so there is no need for the jealousy.

  4. They could have done the duos thing and the golden key twist with 14 new houseguests. It would have been more interesting than bring back old ones.

  5. If Dominic has any sense, he will save himself (and Adam???) and not believe Brenchel and Team JJ that they will not nominate him.

  6. I’m still not sure about Danielle. I hope she is not stringing Dominic along … Danielle thinks she has power being with the veterans … but when it comes down to it … when they get down to 10 people she better start winning some comps … or she is going home (well – to the jury house!)

  7. Last night when Jordan told Rachel that she is bitchy it was awesome. She said it over and over I loved it.

  8. PFFFT! Screw Rachel! She thinks Jeff and Jordan are jealous of their relationship… HA! Brenchel needs to go. From what I have seen from her on the show and After Dark, shes a jealous and insecure bitch. I seriously hope Cassie sticks around just so she can continue to make her life miserable. Brendon is just a douche bag.

  9. The newbies are so amateur and it’s frustrating. They needed to stick together and now that they didn’t, it’s obvious the vets are going to rule the house.

    My only hope is that Jeff and Jordan begin to hate Brenchal and team up with some newbies. Dani is sitting pretty and that’s a little frustrating for me to watch, too. If I were in the house, my first target after the golden keys would be Dani.

    Rachel is obnoxious. I can’t stand watching this girl. There’s something seriously wrong with Brenden and Rachel. Like, they have a social disorder or something.

  10. Please send that narcissistic, catty B***H Cassi home. My friends and I can’t stand her. She has some nerve with some of the s**t she says about the other girls when she should look in the mirror. Cassi isn’t even good looking. Bleh!

    • You are so right on, Mike. Cassi is completely narcissistic and definitely the most catty of the women. She is relying on the bad rep Rachel got last season to divert attention as to who the worst girl in the house is. So happy to see her leaving this week.

  11. I want Jordan to put that stupid red head bimbo up for eviction! I watched the footage and Rachel is a dead set bitch.

  12. How many people have to keep telling Rach. to watch her mouth? Does she think everybody else is wrong and only Bren. and herself are right? She really is a joke.

  13. Matt, I guess I will have do the live feeds. I woild love to see me some Jeff but lol. Thanks again.

  14. I like Daniele’s strategy so far. She’s keeping a low profile, which is one of the smartest moves to make. Sit back and watch the drama unfold, there might not be a tv in the house, but who needs one with Rachel around stirring things up? That’s how Hayden won.

  15. Cassi talks all day and all night about how “smart” she is. Maybe if she gave us any reason to believe that, she wouldn’t be going home. Less talk more action, girl.

  16. Cassi spent her whole two weeks(nice run, lol)in the house trying to convince everyone that she is smart. Why is there no footage to back that up?

  17. Looks like Cassi will be going home this week. Rachel might be getting what she wants, but now everyone knows what she’s really about, and she’s going to have an even bigger target on her back.

  18. Cassi planted a seed in JJ’s head and at least she
    left with her dignity and pride. It won’t be long until Brenchel will be joining her. Karma’s a b**ch Rachel!

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