Big Brother 13 Episode 5 recap: More newbies put on the block

Sunday’s nomination episode of “Big Brother” picked up right after Keith’s elimination. The newbies are confused about why two of “their own” voted against their plan to send Porsche home. Really? They’re confused? Have they seen this game before?

Anyway, after some sassy Lawon talk and typical seven-year-old-like bullying from Rachel, that drama is shaken off and the show’s focus turns to some real game play as Adam and Dominic, separately, try to get in with the vets.

Finally, the newbies are starting to play the game. Now if we could just get some play out of Lawon and Kalia, we’d be good. Jeff and Jordan kind of tell Adam and Dominic, separately, the same things, so it’s not clear what their thinking is. A little later, Jordan does make it clear that her nominations will be based on what’s best for her and Jeff, and not Rachel’s high school dislike for Cassi (Kristen deja vu from last season anyone?).

Enough mature game play, CBS wants embarrass the houseguests with another ridiculous have/have not challenge. This week the HGs get to dress as ants and crawl around on a giant picnic blanket as ketchup and mustard is shot at them. I’m only going to say this one time this season, but imagine how many more people would watch Big Brother or respect it if they’d make the challenges less cheap and childish. Don’t get me wrong, I love the show, but a lot of people judge me for loving it because of challenges like the one tonight. That’s all. Just had to get that off my chest.

So Brendon and Rachel win the game, of course and they pick Dominic/Adam and Cassi/Shellyto eat slop for the week. Oh and I think maybe Kalia died or something during the challenge. I’ll have to check the Live Feeds later to see what they do with Big Brother dead bodies.

By the end of the episode, we’ve got Adam, Dominic and Cassi  on board with the newbies. There’s been no talk of putting up Lawon or Kalia (I’m guessing because they’re barely even in the game). So we know the nominations will be between only two pairs. We get little reaction from Jeff and Jordan about what they’re thinking. Daniele is pushing for Dominic to stay. And the thing with Daniele is you can never be sure if it’s because she has a crush on him or if it’s really part of her smart game play. Rachel wants Cassi out, but it’s Jeff’s Jordan’s decision.

During the nomination ceremony, Jordan reveals that Dominic and Adam are up for eviction. Do they want to give Dominic the next golden key and send Adam packing or vice versa? As we all know, you never know what to think about this game. You can cut to the Live Feeds or After Dark at any given moment and watch plans and loyalties change right before your eyes.

So we’ll find out Wednesday how the nominations play out after the veto competition. Or if you’re into spoilers, you can find out who won the PoV here.


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      • Brendon is the dumbest doormat I have ever seen. What on earth does he see in that sniveling, mean-spirited red-headed wicked witch of the west?

  1. Hello Big Brother. Me and my family have followed big brother for a few years now, and I can say we have enjoyed the old shows very much. But, season 13 has disaponted us so far. Branging old members of big brother back to a new and fresh season takes out the fun and excitment. Old house guess are just taking over the house and the newer house geuss doesnt stand a chance with the veterians. A new season should be a new season not a recap of who already one the money before or who’s the most popular from old seasons, we believe it’s just so unfair to not only the newbies in the house but to the viewers. It makes it hard to watch, it’s like almost watching a bunch of repeats.

    Just our opinion,
    Thank you!

    • I agree. I want to see fresh faces and a new dynamic of how they relate. Plus having the houseguests work as teams and be put up as duos seems like there’s half as many people in the house. The two dating couples will always be together and won’t be much of a mix up even after they play as individuals. Hope some new twist comes into play that will liven up the season.

  2. I think Rachel and Branding cheated for the hoh competition, she was half way out of the costume so it made it easier for her and Brandon to manover!!!!

  3. Brenchel= garbage gameplay and immature highschool jealousy. Just because Rachel is an ugly cow and Cassi is as beautiful inside as she is outside Rachel is jealous. Brendon is rachel’s echo so of course he’s going to go with w/e she says. They are truly disgusting players and sore losers. I can’t wait until they get evicted. Dom/Cas for the win! (Heck anyone but b/r)

      • Rachel an ugly cow? LMAO!!
        Cassi beautiful on the inside AND outside? ROFLMAO!!
        Cassi is the ugly cow with garbage game play and immature high school jealousy… Porsche. I’d take Rachel or Porsche over Catty Cassi anyday.

  4. Cassi is not faithful as she looks.
    She got onto dominic bed because she saw him to be a good partner to get further into the game. He is good looking and talks alot… but doesn´t say anything.
    He is kinda Jeff… with a little change that he hops into the train instead of pushing it up the hill.
    So don´t trust Cassy just because she is good looking and tries to dodge all the bullets.

  5. “Imagine how many more people would watch Big Brother or respect it if they’d make the challenges less cheap and childish”…… Ditto!

  6. Cassi is a lying 2 face bitch. I can’t wait for her to go home. BYE BYE! I wish she shut her mouth. I can’t stand her voice and she is not that good looking. I would like to see Rachel and Brendon win!

      • Obviously you two are delusional like Rachel is. Smartest couple? They make the stupid moves in the game and Rachel doesn’t know when to shut her mouth. Brendon is like a lost puppy dog. The only reason they stay in the game as long as they do, is because miraculously they win challenges on a regular basis.

      • Thank you, Chris, for having some sense about yourself. Rachel and Brendon are not smart. They play a horrible social game and only make it as far as they do because they win competitions. Cassi is not a “lying 2 face bitch.” She hasn’t lied or backstabbed anyone really.

    • Cassie is a very beautiful girl & I don’t see her lying or trying to hurts people’s feelings. She could’ve made this season very interesting. Rachael gets threatened by the pretty girls & becomes a catty b*****

  7. I have been a loyal Big Brother fan for years, but, no more. This is the DUMBEST season ever. Can’t watch this dribble anymore.

  8. are you guys watching the same show as me ??????
    my question is how smart are you to think brendon and rachel are smart , you must have all gone to the same “smart” school together… i do agree however that they should have had all new faces and not bring all the ppl who couldnt play last year, and if anything i would have liked to see someone fun and who played the game like a grown up.

  9. Big Brother has last it’s ump. I think there sinking fast. Don’t care to watch anymore, guess Nacy Grace looks better yet. B.B has the same-o-same-o, same games, same crap over & over. The house guest even know whats coming up the following week. I have lost interest. I,m going back to Nancy Grace @ 8 p/m & on Thurs. it’s back to Dr. Drew. Now thats exciting LOL.

  10. Who will replace Dom and Adam, i know is this afternoon. Someone please let me know Thanks

  11. Just commenting on the part about Dani. I think she’s a really smart player for getting close with Dominic, and in a way pairing up with him as her duo. It’s smart for her to have someone on her side, especially since her Dad left, for when it comes down to the Vet’s alliance to start offing each other. I think the showmance aspect is a bit like Boogie’s with Ericka.

  12. Dani’s dad left for a reason, he’s smart, he wanted to make sure she got one of the Golden Key’s. I do like her, & yes she is smart. Hope she goe’s a long ways.

  13. Cassi is 2 faced. She lied about what she said about Porsche. She did say they all didn’t like her. I think you need to watch that episode again.

  14. I do agree Rachel does need to be more discreet about what she says and not open her mouth so much. I am sick and tired of everyone talk about what happened between Cassi and Rachel, over and over again. Move the hell on! Talk about something else.

  15. JJ picked c&s I cant believe that Shelley was crying and Rachel is dancing mmmmm sad.. but that’s the game lets see what happens.Jordan had a bad time putting Cassi up She did like her.

  16. I just watched Cassi and Rachel’s big “Fight”. I don’t know if I saw a different fight than most, but I saw Cassi attacking Rachel on a personal level, while the worst comment that Rachel made was that Rachel did not like her game play. Cassi has acted like a little prima donna spoiled rotten brat this last week. I liked her the first week. Then I saw her true colors.

    • I totally agree with you. She lied and said she never said that they all hated Porsche to Rachel after Keith left. She is 2 faced. Can’t wait for her lying ass to go home!

  17. I have watched every BB show from the beginning but now I am very disappointed with bringing back the “veteran” players. All the newbies are being manipulated and will be knocked off one at a time. Not fair to them. Come on CBS you could have done better.

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