Big Brother 13 Fight: You Are A Catty Catty Girl, Ugly Person Inside

Big Brother 13 Rachel crying

Fire up your Live Feeds and check out the first great fight of the season! Last night on Big Brother, about thirty minutes before BBAD started so you won’t be able to watch it there, Rachel and Cassi sat down in the Have-Not Room and things got ugly.

Flashback to 8:27 PM on Sunday (7/17) on Cams 1 & 2. Cassi sits down with Rachel and says she wants to know what’s going on and to clear the air between them. Rachel has other ideas. While Cassi remains calm Rachel quickly resorts to Emotional Rachel raising the volume and turning defensive.

Cassi asks what’s causing the grief between them and Rachel accuses Cassi of campaigning against Brenchel and Jeff & Jordan. Cassi claims she’s been totally honest with them (ehh, that’s kinda tough to claim). Cassi says she isn’t trying to rally the Newbs against the Vets. Neither can name names when it comes to backing up their “I’ve been told” statements. Rachel says Cassi has poor game play with her complaining and accuses her of pre-teen girlish behavior.

Big Brother 13 Rachel and Cassi argue

Things get really entertaining when Cassi says Rachel doesn’t like her because she’s a girl (8:33PM BBT). Rachel gets defensive and reminds her that she is a girl, so why would she not like someone because of that. Uhh, because you hate any girl in the game you don’t feel you can control or are better than. We all learned that in Rachel 101 last summer. The argument continues with wheels spinning and accusations flying.

Big Brother Live Feed Flashback time:
July 17, 2011 @ 8:27PM on Cameras 1 & 2
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The dagger moment hits 8:37 when Cassi has finally had enough. Cassi gets up, tells Rachel she’s catty, explains how she though Rachel got a bum deal last season, but now sees that everyone is right about her. She takes a parting shot with “I get it absolutely. You’re a catty, catty girl. Ugly person inside,” and walks out as Rachel just sits there on the Have-Not bed speechless for a good ten seconds before following her out in to the house and wanders around stunned at what just happened.

Our fun doesn’t stop there though. Rachel grabs Jordan and heads to the HoH Room for a crying session at 8:47PM BBT. Who needs enemies like Cassi when you’ve got friends like Jordan! Jordan tells Rachel the house is getting tired of her behavior and attitude. “Your mouth… is going to get you in trouble,” Jordan tells Rachel. Try not to say anything around other HGs, Jordan suggests. “You come across as… as kinda bitchy.”

Rachel’s pity party lasts over an hour and ends with Bookie telling her this is the girl he fell in love with and she’s never going to change. That might be the most terrifying part of the night, but perfectly sums up the pair.

I’m expecting more events like this through the week as Cassi knows her ticket is punched and she’s heading for imminent eviction. Watch it all on the Live Feeds!


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  1. I hope Cassie stays long enough to see Rachel leave the game!
    I love Cassie! She’s smart and tough, I really hope against all odds she gets to stay. I’ve had enough of Brenchel I don’t know why the producers brought them back but I almost want to stop watching because their fifteen minutes have looong passed and I’m sooo over it

      • AMEN to that! I am soo tired of seeing Brenchel on the screen when I watch BBAD…Every time I turn BBAD on, all I see is Brenchel, usually fighting or crying about pitiful Rachel…If they want the show to revolve around them, then They need to change the name from Big Brother to The Brenchel Show!!

      • so agree. why didn’t CBS just give them a spin off if they wanted them back on the air again? that way, the rest of us do not have to endure them. it is so pitiful. Rachel either does not see herself at all, or is really bad at pretending. i cannot figure out which.

    • no i dis aregg with u i like rachel and i hate cassie i hope she go home i cant stand her she a new be go home

  2. Rachel’s face here is almost as good as when Ragan totally blasted her when she came back into the house for 24 hours last season…

    “The only thing real about you are the pimples on your chin!!!” Hahahaha

      • Oh, if only he and Brittany came back instead of Brenchel…. then I would love this season regardless of the mindless newbies.

      • If another couple from last year came back, I wish it had been Lane and Britney or Matt and Ragan. Hayden and the ‘Jersey Bore’ Enzo would have been just as atrocious as Brenchel in my opinion.

      • Enzo was the most annoying person last year. He knew he wasn’t gonna win. He SUCKED at competitions.

    • emory that was the loudest i had ever laughed in my life when he made fun of her laugh

      • reading these comments i think i FINALLY understand why cbs brought bacl brenchel. the audience is likely prone to rooting for the veterans because we already know them. Danielle and ED have a split with love and hate. Everyone loves J&J, and everyone hates Brenchel (speaking in generalities). I think is was chosen this way to give the newbies a chance to be liked by the audience.

  3. Personally, I think Cassi is the catty girl. It’s funny that most of the girls don’t like her (hmmm…. wonder why). She comes across as the type of girl that thinks other girls don’t like her because of her looks and/or their just jealous but in reality it’s because the girls see her for I see….a total narcissist – not even that pretty either. Does it make her wonder why all the girls in the house don’t like HER but THEY all, for the most part, get along? Get over yourself Cassi – you’re nothing special!!

    • It’s easy to blame Rachel for this situation because there’s a built-in hate, but Cassi contributed to this more than Rachel did. Cassi hangs around 3 people in the house. She made no effort to get to know a single woman (outside of Shelly) in that house until her neck was on the line. She refuses to acknowledge that, and she refuses to see that Rachel gets along with every other female in the house BUT her. Cassi’s downfall is that her social game sucked, and her wanting to go back into the house if she’s voted out has NOTHING to do with wanting to win, but instead, her need to terrorize Rachel. The irony of her needing Rachel to still be in the house to get a chance to shine again is hilarious to me.

      • Rachel came into the house ready for a fight and should of came in with her mouth shut until she got to know the newbes!! She knows what she’s doing to get air time. I would like to know what Bardon’s family and friends think of Rachel.

    • I am not sticking up for Cassie but I had to reply to your comment. Did you watch last season? Rachel is the jealous one! No one gets between me and my Servant. None of the girls in the house liked her last season. But I have to say Brenchel makes drama which in turn makes me watch.

      • That was last season, i think cassi is the catty one and she does play the victim she tlks BS abt everybody and then says she is honest. I couldn’t care less for rachel either but i doubt she is jealous of cassi..

      • Most of the people on this board hated Rachel last season. I don’t see any changes in her. She’s still the same bi*ch that she always was. Her arrogance is worse than Cassi’s narcissism. I can handle Cassi’s “i think i’m beautiful” attitude. But Rachel’s “my man and i are in charge no matter WHO is HOH” attitude is disgusting.

    • Rachel “gets along” with the other girls in the house because they HAVE to. Did you not see Jordan tell it like it is to Rachel? Do you not see Dani riding her all day long then saying, “hahah, i am kidding.” and it is clear she is not. Kalia cannot stand her. Shelly cannot stand her. Even Porsche (or as someone else coined her Prius, ahahaha) is willing to turn on her. But, they all have to pretend for now. wait. just wait till all hell breaks loose.
      Rachel cannot be straight with herself or with Cassie. The true reason Cassie is going home is that 1) she is smart, 2) she is strong and 3) she is aligned with Dom and they need to split that up. What is really going on is that they need to get rid of her because she is a threat. Rachel should have said that. And, then said – “and I think your game play sucks because you did not even try to hide all these facts from us. if you hid this better, we would not even know what a threat you are and you would be floating along for a while.” If shelly the traitor and kalai the snake had not flipped, rachel would be on the block now. and, she would be hearing that her game play is terrible because she too does not hide anything well.
      But, i do think that rachel is threatened by cassie, not because she is pretty but because she is smart and chill. things rachel is not and cannot be. rachel has not learned yet that it takes all kinds to run the world around. that she can just be herself and be fine. instead she wants to be all things she is not and liked by all. hence all the plastic mentality and body parts. its sad.

      • First of all, the females in the house don’t hate Rachel. Jordan thinks everyone in the house loves her and hates Rachel, but that is not true. As far as Cassie, she is a lying b1tch. She did not even try to talk to any of the girls in the house until she got put up on the block. Are we watching the same show? As far as I can see, no female in this house likes Jordan, the only reason Shelly and Kalia talk to her now is because she is HOH,…duh.

    • I will give you a pass because you are a guy, but as someone who has been considered “attractive” their whole life as well as not being an air head this is 100% normal. Most women seem to have a huge problem in this area. Look at the social dynamic at your work, or back in University, or in high school. I think you will notice a trend of the pretty girl with brains being universally disliked (maybe not to their face) by most of the female crowd.

      This isn’t a Cassi thing, it is a female thing.

      • I like Cassie. She’s smart, pretty and trying to play a hard game with initial team players not so honest. Oh and yes Rachel did start this between the 2 . I was watching early on , Rachel is jeolous, as if that surprising. All Cassie did was stand up to her. Pathetic as Rachel is. In her childish mind, she probally thought Brandon looked at her or something stupid. Whatever, Cassie will be ok after the show, cant say the same about Brenchal

      • Jenny,
        You are 100% correct. Sadly, this female problem extends to far more relevant and important matters. It is also the reason it will be extremely difficult for a woman to be elected President of the United States. A very large percentage of women simply will not vote for a woman, given another option. Call it jealousy, envy, whatever. It’s a fact. Ask Hillary

  4. Hey Jordon, for once show that there is more that air in your brains by putting up Brenchel as the replacement. This might be the only chance to break them up cuz they are very good at comps. As soon as Brenchel gets the opportunity they will go after JJ so why not make the first move.

    • BG I totally agree! Unfortunately JJ are too nice to break the promises they made with Brenchel. And they still think it’s newbs vs. vets when it’s becoming a bit hazy in the middle. If they put up Brenchel I think JJ would still have the numbers to be safe for a long while.

      • Jordan played with the idea, but the overlying fear is that removing B/R as a target shines on brightly on J/J and they suck at competitions. J/J also fear that betraying their alliance paints them into a corner because it makes them look untrustworthy and no one will make deals with them, not to mention they’ll have to deal with B or R (who ever remains) as soon as immunity is over.

      • who r u tlc and i hate cassie she need to go home and i am tlc dnt be useing may name

      • Oh god please enough drama with Rachel she doesn’t talk to me boohoo, Brendon, go get her she looked at me the wrong way boohoo, and who the hell does Brendon think he is threatening people, to vote with him everyone one has the right to play their own game, get rid of brenchel, drama drama drama boo hoo

    • I’m sorry, but that would be a horrible move on J&J’s part. It would be a huge move but I’m afraid it’s one that would bury J&J 5 feet under. Jeff and Jordan are more social gameplayers. It would really turn things around and make it interesting and I’m sure production have tried to persuade Jordan to do so but it would be such a bad move even if it was a big thing.

      On the other hand, if Jeff and Jordan made an alliance with perhaps Dani, Dominic and Adam, then it would be a huge move because they know they have the votes to get whichever one they want out.

      • I agree it would be a risky move, but it could work if they played it right. JJ pretty much have Kalia and Shelly on their side. I also think Adam would vote their way (remember how mad he was when he saw Brenchel walk into the house). Lawon may be able to be swayed as well since Brenchel were so mean to his girl Cassie.

      • I agree, not a good idea to put up Brenchal, but in my opinion Jeff and Jordan don’t really have anyone in the house. Maybe people don’t watch BB after dark, but it appears that Brenchal have Dani and Dominique on their team. I doubt they side with Jeff and Jordan, especially Dominique with the way Jeff talked down to him before putting him on the block. In my opinion, Jeff and Jordan are way too cocky this season and should thank their lucky stars that Rachel and Brendan are even teaming up with them because they suck at competitions, Brenchal would murder them.

  5. My lord Bran is a poor excuse of a man last year he was ok .But he even tells Rachel he cant afford to support her if they marry why get engaged, maybe there bk 2 get money for wedding ,work is more safer is it not or may they get a little for something else if not for second place .But bk to Bran , hope his mom or dad don’t watch there son acting like an idiot

  6. I am 1 of the few that agree with you john. I think cassie is doing but rachel says she d_oing . Rachel is not perfect but neither is ca@ssie. What is up with jordanTelling Rachel that she doesn:t _need to win everything? Of course she does! Jordan let me remind you That you are there to win!

    • Totally agree, it seems Jordan may be hating on Rachel a bit when it comes to competitions, sorry u suck at mostly everything Jordan. But Rachel should try to win every competition there is, not everyone needs to socialize with everyone to win big brother.

  7. John, you are crazy man. All the girls like cassi except dani and rachael. Rachael is far uglier than cassi…. Inside and out. Cassi may be the most attractive big brother player ever. As for her game play, it may not be working but atleast she is trying. And rachael has no right to critique any ones game. She made it 5 weeks last year and will be lucky if she makes jury this year. She is good at comps but one of the worst players ever

    • Incorrect. Kalia Dislikes Cassi, Dani doesn’t want her in the game but has no personal problem with her, Rachel saw her as a threat during week 1 and has been right on about her suspicious despite people thinking she’s jealous, Shelly has bad mouthed her, and Porsche dislikes her but still tried to be her friend, and Jordan had no read on Cassi until they bonded over country music.

      BTW, why don’t the actual GAME PLAYERS have no right to criticize other’s game play when the fans do it every day? All the HGs criticize each other’s game while in the house. What a weird thing to say.

      • Why is it weird since it is true? In actuality the only player on there with the right to give advice on how to Win is Jordan since she WON. Everyone else is just guessing. Why would anyone want Rachel’s advice anyway? Unless they are looking to annoy everyone and alienate themselves from the rest of the house.

      • I don’t think anyone has the right to give advice on gameplay unless they were specifically asked. Rachel should not give advice to Cassie, even though what she said was true, Cassie does have bad gameplay. Furthermore, Jordan didn’t have the right to tell Rachel what she is doing wrong in this game because let’s be honest guys, Jordan won because she had a dumb cast during her season.

    • @ DJSkins, sorry I disagree. Most of the girls don’t like Cassi. John is correct. Cassi is the supposed “pretty girl” women don’t like because she’s too into herself, but she will think they’re just jealous of me and I’m better than them. As soon as she walked in the door you could tell she was a total narcissist trying really hard to tell us she isn’t the typical model type. Ya right! Cassi started it with Porsche.

    • I agree with u Cassie is the most attractive girl in that house by far!!! Big Brother is a joke for not making this a new season let there be new people! Rachel is insecure & Benson is a SIMP!! Cassie is the most beautiful girl to ever play that game by far to bad we won’t get to see her actually play because of all the idiots in that house. I’ve never seen such wimp on a game. Cassie & Dominic are the only one’s willing to play the game. Big Brother gave the newbies a disadvantage. There are people in that house that are fans instead of players! I’m glad Cassie is a rider actually trying to win too bad she gets hated on for being a beauty!

      • Dubbs…you definitely know what’s up. I agree on everything you say. Also, I admit I may have been wrong about who is hates Cassi (Kalia and Porche) but one thing thats for sure….more people in that house hate rachel….and for good reason (nothing is ever HER fault). Even her alliance dislikes her, they just know they need the #’s right now. Most overrated player of all 13 seasons.

  8. I think Cassi is a very pretty girl with just enough poise and intelligence to bring the hater out in a less secure woman (Rachel. Dani). I didn’t see the ‘fight’ but listened to both Rachel & Cassi’s versions several times during BBAD. After the smoke cleared, I’m definitely on team Cassi. Sad that her goose appears to be cooked as far as the game… but methinks we’ll be seeing much more of her in the future. Can you say: ‘A Star is Born?”

    • You probably should see the fight as both women exaggerated and lied about parts. See how Cassi blew her earlier tiff with Rachel in the HN room way out of proportion and talked about it for 4 days straight.

      • I’m sure you’re correct about that, “Right.” They say there are THREE sides to every story: yours, mine, & the truth. (smiles) These girls/women/women-children clearly don’t get along & that always makes for interesting viewing. Once Cassi is evicted some of that dramatic tension will be gone from the house. Hmmmm… Wonder who’ll still manage to keep the game interesting?

  9. OK John, you don’t think that Cassi is that pretty. Oy, don’t want to see your dates. Cassi is right, Rachel is jealous. It started on the 1st day she laid eyes on Cassi. I think Cassi handles it very well. I also fast forward through the Brenchel crap. My husband has stopped watching the show all together, he had enough last season. Jordan could really redeem herself as a smart human being by putting Brenchel up and lets get on with the game sans the drama!

    • Excuse me Riley, but John has an opinion about what he feels is not attractive and for you to attack his opinion by stating “don’t want to see your dates” suggests to me that you are CATTY also. Attacking an internet stranger, whom you know nothing about personally, is CHILDISH. I can see why you would like CASSI so much.

      • Riley is clearly a catty Cassi fan. I don’t think Cassi is that pretty either. Are you going to attack my taste in dates next?
        Rachel might be jealous but Cassi isn’t no saint either.

    • Jordan needs to make a move and put up Brendon and Rachel. I think it would be welcomed by everyone in the house. Brenchel wouldn’t be there long if they weren’t soo good at competitions. Now is the time for a blindside. Make a move!!

      • I think if Jordan put up Brenchel, then they would need to vote out Rachel because Brenden isn’t as good as competitions are Rachel.

      • Yeah she could do that, but the next week Jeff and Jordan would be on the block, guaranteed.

  10. I cant handle pimple face and her crocodile tears, and bookie! she deserves what she gets, big brother had the camera on them on Saturday bb after dark, I thought it was bookie and pimples after dark instead..

  11. Living in the BB house, 24-7, no contact with the outside world (except for the Chenbot once a week), confined to the confines of four walls and one window, no TV, no internet, no cell phones, being watched and recorded every minute of every day, seeing only the same faces and hearing the same voices day in and day out – good grief, no wonder these people start tilting towards crazy after a couple of weeks!!!!!

  12. I had Cassie figured out day one. The way she looked each & every girl up 7 down from top to bottom. I cannot stand Big Red Bottle, so the sooner Cassie & Rachel go the better. But would love Big Red to go first though.If b.b. keep’s bringing the past back watching it is over for me. B.B.’s is coming to an end there running out of idea’s, it’s the same thing year after year & the house guest know’s just whats coming. So it’s getting boring now. Nothing exciting anymore, like it was the first few year’s. Thay have it all down pat now. So if I miss a show no big deal to me. If something else is on like ” breaking new’s ” thats were I’ll be. Haven’t even gotten into doing this much either.

  13. Get Rachael and her puppet boy off the show-your losing alot of viewers by bringing them back.
    I don’t like the vets coming back to win MORE $.However love Jordan and Danielle. I love the newbies -maybe Shelly not so much???? Cassi go girl.

  14. I like how Rachel peeks at the camera when she’s getting emotional. I would tell her to be careful or she’s gonna pull a muscle.

    • I know that was SO funny. Oh, let me cut me eyes WAY over here to make sure my hissy fit gets on camera. She is so totally obnoxious!

  15. cassi is the best, rachel is a first-class idiot and shes completely annoying. jordan is the bestttt! its true what she said! i want rachel outta that house ASAP!

    • all in good fun. don’t take what i write to heart. whenever you see hoops mccann, just know that it always comes with a slight ;)

      • Thank’s, I,m an old 67 year old lady, so guess I should read between the line’s. :)

  16. Rachel last night was completely laughable. She is so transparent that it hurts. If she thinks a girl is prettier than her, then she is threatened.

    I couldn’t watch her whine session without wanting to vomit.

  17. Highlight of the season so far was watching Jordon tell Rachel about herself. Poor Rachel- “nobody likes me”

  18. Best case is Jeff wins HOH next week, puts up Adam & Dom. During POV Lawon wins and takes off Adam & Dom and Jeff has to put up Brenchel. Sweeeeeeeet. I can dream can’t I.

    Team ABR

  19. Looks like this could be it for Rachel. If Dominic and Cassi are really sticking together, he will take her side in this and use the POV. That girl really knows how to get knee deep in this jealousy thing. She is clearly mad that JeJo didn’t put Cassi on the block this week.

    • wait…what? Dom is on the block now. he is using veto to take him and adam off. cassie and shelly are replacement noms. no more veto.

  20. Reasons Jordan needs to put up Brenchel:

    -they are annoying!
    -they are at their weakest
    -who ever goes won’t be in the jury house
    -the rest of the house would be thankful thus securing mega votes and respect from who ever did make it to the jury house for smart game play.

    • Exactly.
      The rest of the house would be thankful and it would be much easier for JJ to win comps if they are not up against Brenchel.

  21. And to add to the Cassi is/isn’t hot over Rachel crap, remember that it’s what inside that makes you beautiful, and Cassi is truly a nice girl. She would never take the low road like Rachel always does. Rachel would hate her even more if she knew she was a model, just because she is jealous. She did the same thing to Kristen last season, when she had no reason to. She is trying to single Cassi out, and Cassi just might have the balls to fight back.

  22. i agree with Cassi 100% her and Dom are the best i hope they last a long time in the game :D

    i like pigs there so cute

  23. Wake me up when both Cassi and Rachel are out of the house. I can’t stand either of them.

  24. @ Cole, your 100 % right. Rachel is nothing but bad taste, low class. If they had a brain they would get married & get a everyday job & live a normal life. But going on Big Brother’s she think’s she is Miss Hollywood. She didn’t make it to Hollywood last year & she won’t this year either. Maybe a show bit now & then. But no big bucks.

    • Has anyone else noticed how Rache likes to interview the other HGs? I’ve seen her do it at least 3 times already. It almost looks like she is auditioning for some kind of post BB job. like anyone would watch? I keep wondering what her future inlaws REALLY think of her

  25. Can people please stop judging rachel based on her past and watch this damn season gEez!!!! Cassi is catty catty and dishonest, shelly threw her under the bus, kalia and dani hates her she goes about calling people fat and ugly she really has horrible game play , i would suspect why my partner is so safe rather than fight with BR, and people remember cassi is going home cause jj are playing their own game it has got nothing to do with rachel and btw dani is way prettier than dumb cassi!!

    • Now is that what were here for ? Our own thought’s ! So chill out miss lulubell. Don’t come on here & read it, & you won’t get your self all up in someone’s business.

      • I am a little bit confused abt ur comment but whatever…we are all entitled to our opinions…

  26. It figures. Rachel is such a idoit I want her out of that game sooo badly. She and Brendon think they run the house. It really seems like a continuation of last season with them on the show I really hoope they get some smarts an vote her butt out of the house. Cassi seems pushy just like Rachel and like shes not going to put up with all the drama from Rachel

  27. You ask us to plese stop judging Rachel, oh just reread # 32, you yourdelf was doing some judging. And you don’t get it !!!!! Go figure !!!! OMG, my neighbors house is burning down ,fire trucks coming from all over.

  28. The best part of BBAD last nite wast the pool game between C&R. The pool table is usually ff material for me. It was a gr8 finish to the “drama” as Dani called it. Common knowledge C is the better shooter…R miscues twice…C scratches on an easy 8ball shot…priceless!

    Looking fwd to the look on Cassi’s face when Julie tells her Shelly voted to evict Keith. {I don’t think she know that yet} Cassi’s gonna learn so much when she watches the recordings.

  29. My gosh! Brenchel make me sick…sick….sick. I want to throw something at the screen when they come up. I love what Cassi said to Rachel…she is a catty catty girl and an ugly person. I am only hanging on to see them finally get what’s coming to them…I hope someone finally tells them what we all think of them and they see how we see them…ugh

  30. Cassi is a total backstabber. By going home on Thursday she’s gonna get what she deserves. At least Rach and Brendon win competitions. What has Cassi done except be mean to the other girls in the house except Jordan because she is HOH

    • No, Rach doesnt like other girls in the house. we seen this last season that she likes to be the center of attention. she notices that Cassi is a very pretty girl and she feels threatened by her, just like she did last year with Kristen. I think jordan made a dumb move on putting Cassi up, because Rach and Brendon are not loyal with jeff and jordan. its gonna be another season of having to listen to Rach, and watching her get her way like always. This show is so rigged.

      • Yup, for sure, they get somebody on there that people hate & they bring them back, & I,m sure with all kinds of promise’s to Rachel. I cannot stand her & never could. Someday she’ll learn that she is NOT PRETTY. Jordan is a doll & has lost a lot of weight from last year. She might act dumb, but the girl has respect for herself.

  31. ok when girls start saying cassie is not pretty you know their just hating. i mean shes beautiful but besides that i think this show needs me on it i would be the greatest character of all time.

  32. God, shes so ugly in those pics. lol. And GO JORDAN! put that slut on the block and send her home. I dont think I can listen to her voice and laugh through another season -_-

  33. Ok, ok, we’ve all talked about Rachel until we’re blue in the face. We know what Rachel and Brendon are about. They love the cameras and they enjoy being in the spotlight. But can we be honest here, Jeff and Jordan are no different. They want to be on TV just as much as Brenchal, that’s why they were on Amazing Race. They want to have sex in the house too, but they are too afraid because America will turn on them. They are just afraid to put themselves out there like Brenchal because to be honest, they are fake. They have this whole America’s sweethearts image to keep, when in reality I don’t believe they should have that image, I think they are just pretending to be something they are not on TV, so America can say,…aww they’re so cute. I think they are full of big booty.

      • hey atleast the “America’s sweethearts” facade is working for them. unlike brenchel who should have had a better game face coming in.. or atleast a different strategy.

  34. Yes, it is true that Rachel seems to be trying to not make a complete fool out of herself like she did last season, but girls like her always let jealousy get the best of them. I’m sure she watched last season after leaving and realized she made herself look like a raging monster and wanted to try and put on a “you can trust me” fascade this season, but she can’t keep her cool. If Ragan and her really are friends, it’s because he’s too nice to hold a grudge and too intelligent to waste it on Rachel.

  35. Everybody hated Rachel and Brenden last season and this season also because they are great at competitions and are unashamed to announce their superiority, which makes them a continual target. I don’t think looks has much to do with it except for Porche. They got a raw deal last season because they were so good. I’ll give you that Rachel’s laugh is annoying, but at least she laughs! The whining is also annoying but alters nothing. You have to admit she is trying to reign in her overpowering personality this season, but Brendan is acting like she did last year! I admire their gameplay, but their social game is lacking. Dani is setting herself up to win the whole thing. She may be the smartest one of them all as far as gameplay is concerned. I don’t know why anybody would like Porche (glorified whore), and Cassi is the true hater and cannot get along with any woman except those whom she deems uglier than she is. Jordan is dumb but likable, and Jeff is smart and likable if a bit condescending to Jordan, who is too dumb to know. Shelly also has a chance IF she is good at competitions. Nobody so far views her as the very real threat she is. Lawon is flying under the radar, but when others realize it, they will eliminate him. I hope Rachel and Brenden will win because they should have won last year and would have if everybody hadn’t ganged up on them. Kalia is a snake in the grass; they’d better watch out for her. But Cassi is the real troublemaker; she’s got to go.

    • why do you think that people ganged up on them?? because they did not know how to act in a house full of people … just like this year. it is true that rachel is more standable this year than last but that does not mean that in the end she can win every competition she wants but her mouth (just like last year) is going to send her packing… but what a shame because if she would learn to keep her enemies close and not run her mouth all the time.. she would be unbeatable.

  36. is it me or am I thinking to much, but anyways wathch big brother after dark and it seems to me that Daniele flirts with Jeff?????????

  37. Rachel is to be pitied. Clearly she is insecure. She’s somewhat entertaining to watch (reason why CBS invited her back) but, my god she’s an emotional & needy basketcase more often than not. My husband & I can’t believe how over-the-top co-dependent Rachel & Brendon are. Love Cassie. She keeps it real. Dani is another fave.

  38. Rachel doesn’t like any girl that looks younger or better than her, she is one of the bichiest girls I’ve ever seen on BB.

  39. I have watched every season of big brother, and if it were not for all of the other people on season 12 i would not have watched it like i did. I was glad to see rachel go because she did not know how to play the game watsoever and that is what big brother is all about. this year brendon and rachel came into the house with their noses stuck in the air just because they thought they “knew” something about winning the game. If it was not for them the veterans would probably have a better shot in the game than they do now. As for the rachel cassie fight i think that both women were wrong for the things they did but by no means is rachel at all better than cassie. Cassie from day one was not liked by racehl because she didnt bend over for brenchel and she spoke out when others did not. also to everyone who says that rachel is not out to get cassie for her looks is dumb because from the day rachel became hoh she was obsessed with talking about cassies and her looks. rachel is catty and always will be there is no changing that..

  40. I’ve watched every single season of big brother, and let me tell you, once they put rachel on the show it has been so hard to watch. She is the most, obnoxious self centered, egomaniac, hard to look at, nails on chalk board kinda laugher that makes you wanna cover your ears. She’s hideous inside and out. Anyone who can read people can see that. She comes off as evil. And the way she acted like Cassi was so mean to her was a dam shame. Cassi kept it real and that was her biggest downfall. In the game of Big Brother you have to like and manipulate people and she did not do that, that is why rachel said she has a horrible game. because its true and that will be the only time i agree with something rachel has to say. They should have brought back my favorite player in the world Janelle. lol. And If you remember the episode when rachel and brendan got into over plastic surgery she straight up brought up cassi and asked if brendan thinks her nose is fake and she’s to pretty she must have had work done. That has Jealousy written all over it. Jordan And Jeff got me soooo excited when they considered putting Brenchel on the block. but of course things cannot be that awesome. lmao. I sure hope they leave soon which will probably never happen cause rachel is a beast on them games. : ( whomp whomp.

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