Big Brother 13 Episode 7: Week 2 Live Eviction Show Tonight

Big Brother 13

Big Brother is back tonight for the second live eviction of the BB13 season when either Cassi or Cassi, I mean or Shelly.

Based on the polls CBS posted last week I’m expecting tonight’s HoH competition to be a “majority rules” type game, but instead of HGs, America is deciding the majority. I’ll be here posting all the results live during the East coast broadcast show so keep checking back for the latest Big Brother 13 spoilers.

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    • the only newbie with a chance of winning is Dom and if the Vets get a chance, Dom is the first out of the competition. So unless Dom has a horseshoe up his a$$, it’ll be a Vet who wins again

    • if they win tonight, I will truly wonder if things are a bit fixed…these new hg’s can’t be that lame to not win an HOH. I think Dom has shown them it can be done…so they should all stop standing around in awe of the vets or be too afraid to fight for a win. I hated that last year when no one really tried to compete for fear of putting a target on their backs….just floating along can do the same thing…why not be in charge and call the shots for a week? Sorry rambling, cheers all!

  1. If Brenchel wins tonight I will STOP watching this season!! I am so sick of them two!! I hated watching them last season, and really hated it when they walked threw that door! .If they win tonight, I will say the show is fixed for the two crazy people, and never watch again

    • Tracy Rachel is annoying but her strategy is good wanting Dom to save himself. Dom is the only one that has a reason to put up JJ. JJ are threats to Brenchel and everyone like them Brenchel would not get votes against them. Brencel can get rid of JJ without getting their hands dirty.

  2. yes these people are really dull. the producers need to really mess with their minds please! obviously we can’t rely just on Rachel “I’m Bat Sh*t Crazy” to provide the sole entertainment. Jeff is awesome when he goes off on her though. Who are the newbies? Blah1 and Blah2 and Blah3. Come on producers light a fire under their butts.

  3. I wish J & J would of put up Brenchel as the replacement nominees! I thought I could handle them, but NOT!

    • I’m so sick of the j & j butt kissing! Ya the hate mob loves to hate Rachel. But in the mean time dopey dumb Jordan and rude passive aggressive jeff will float right to the win. I’m sick of Jordan playing with her hair. Grow up. If these people have kids that’s scary. At least with b & r u know what u get. A controlling Neanderthal and an attention starved woman. Jeff is not hot and his voice drives me up the wall Jordan ugh. I can’t stand her play dumb act. It makes all women look bad. Danielle is the only one truly playing a thinking game without hating and mob mentality. Even tho I have heard her start things that Rachel gets blamed for. I hope j and j don’t win!

      • Like it or not but Jordan is playing one hell of a game so far. She nomitated 4 people this week and yet…No-one is angry with her. Coincidence? No. Jordan has the ability to have everyone like her (in person atleast) and despite popular opinion that is still playing the game. Right now she may be the toughest to beat. She may go on the block with Jeff but Jeff will go home and people will think there are bigger threats than Jordan and she will skate through to atleast the top 5.

      • Jordan is NOT playing a good game! She shouldn’t have won last year because she slid by everything and didn’t even win any competions! I am not a Jordon fan. She should have put up Rachel and Brendon on the block when she had a chance and instead put up Cassey one of the people who was on Jordon’s side!!!! DUH!!! After Rachel made her comment about Jordon during the POV competion…that should have been a BIG RED LIGHT for both Jordon and Jeff! Light bulb off there. It’s going to cost Jordon because Rachel will stab her in the back just like she would have if Rachel won the POV and was going to put up Cassey. DUH!! That’s my comment about Jordan! Now we have to put up with Rachel’s insanity for awhile longer and hopefully someone who knows how to play the game will put those two nut cases up, Rachel and Brendon.

      • I don’t want Jordan to win either, because she already won and she has no game. She needs others to think for her. I don’t think she has the balls to make a power move thats why I’m not a fan of hers. I prefer Danu over her.

      • You may not like how jordan plays but it works. getting everyone to like you in BB is both a good strategy and very difficult to do. You can’t win BB by fluke.

  4. My comment is about Kahlia – does she EVER shut her mouth. If she’s not constantly talking (which drives me crazy), she’s stuffing it with food. Every time they show her she’s jamming something into her mouth. Last night alone she munched on jelly bellys, grapes, cheese and crackers – and worse yet, she talks while she eats!!!! And the bowl of jelly bellys, who would want to eat out of it – everyone is always digging their hands into it and playing in it with the “spoon” looking for their favorite flavor…..yuck! Okay, I’ve said enough………..

    • Everyone answers a question Julie asks, and if most people say A, you will stay in the game if you said A. However if you say B, you are out. You must answer with the majority.

      Rachel won this competition last year so I wonder who will win this time … hmm…

      Can’t wait until Daniele can start competing! This girl is a FIGHTER when it comes to competitions!

      • Competitions like Cassie? Not she has Dom all to herself. She should have joined with Cassie and kicked some butt!

    • Tonight one more key will be given out and next week another will be given out. After that the game will most likely go into singles with no more duos, and everyone with a key will finally be able to play.

  5. Brendon talking in that annoying voice is making him about as tolerable as Kalia. Please stop!!! And what is with the sunglasses?

  6. I hope anyone but Rachel or Brendon win tonight. It would really suck if they had power again this week. I just want them to be scared for a change. Let them know what it feels like to not be in control of the situation.

    • I’ll be pissed if they win. If they do get out on the Block they will probably win the veto! Keeping my fingers crossed that they lose hoh comp.

    • LOL I’m with you Chick. Rachael’s cattiness and arrogance are on full display when they are in power. However, when she’s not in power she just cries and plays the victim (sometimes involving shrubery!). So I guess regardless of who wins HOH we will be annoyed by Rachael. lol

      • That’s true, but I would so rather watch her cry in the plastic shrubs. LMAO

  7. Brendon and Rachel are always scared. Most people want them up in the house, similar to last season, these two can’t catch a break. America always hates them and so do houseguests. Jeff & Jordan are very annoying, I am tired Jeff walking around like he owns the house and Jordan thinking that they are untouchable because Brenchal will always be a target over them. Jeff and Jordan don’t compete, they just play social game. I for one would like to see someone that wins this season that actually competes in the comps. Tired of people skating by doing nothing. I am a fan of Brenchal because they always fight to stay. Go Brenchal!

    • I must disagree. The greatest BB player of all time never won a single competiton (Dr. Will). The real game IS the social game, not the competitions. You shouldn’t need to win comps to avoid nomination/eviction if you are playing the game correctly.

      • Basically my point is you can win BB without winning comps but you can’t win without a social game.

      • You are right DJ. I forgot about Will. He had game. He would see through Shelly and Kalia. after all he does not stab you in the back he stabs you in the front. When he delivered that line to Janelle I became hooked on BB.

    • I agree that they are good competitors, and I would like to see someone who actually plays the game win, but NOT Brenchel. I don’t like her because of her mouth. If she would shut up with her rude comments and nasty attitude I probably would be rooting for her too. And Brendon is an ass, that’s all I can really say about him, but he is a bit more tolerable this year than last. I have no idea who I would like to see win this year because half of them haven’t even started playing yet.

      • I’ve decided and I’m rooting for Dom. that kid is smart and he’s playing the game better than the rest of the newbs and some of the Vets as well. I think the fact he didn’t watch the show is an advantage to him this particular season as well, he’s not trying to be friends with the vets like most of the other newbs. He is also a funny and entertaining dude, which always helps. lol

      • Its like I wrote that myself. Bravo. My only issue is that I have a soft spot for jj. I can’t help it! I love them. I think Jordan is playing a better social game this time. I just feel like the newbies aren’t really playing.

    • Seems like we are on the same page. I like Brendon and Rachel. I agree she gets caught up in the game, something she admitted on CBS tonight. Watching the editing tonight, why does CBS only show the negative of B/R but not the positive- like her admiring Shelly. But J/J or Cassie is only the “good” side.J/J can be spiteful and I know catty girls like Cassie Go Brendon and Rachel!

  8. Shelly’s game play got me to thinking. Does the way a person plays the game speak to their character outside of the game? Does a person want to be told to truth and feel bad or lied to and feel good? Rachel and Dick are not nice on the show but Rachel has said that is all game. Shelly and Kalia have shown traits that show them to be deceitful liars. Shelly is nice but she is deceitful. Rachel is not nice but she is more transparent than alot of the houseguest. Just because someone serves honey with their arsonic is it not just as deadly?

  9. I know that someone probably already said something. I’m watching after dark and how can porshe be wearing that pink sweatsuit again. Doesn’t she have nag clothes. Should we send her some.

    • If I am not mistaking, I understood she had more clothes,jeans,shorts, etc in another suitcase, but it had been misplaced. I am thinking she said this last week when she was packing to leave. Did anyone else hear this.

  10. I really hope that Rachel, Brendon and Shelly get booted!! Shelly is back stabbing and decietful and does not deserve to be Cassi’s partner. I know it’s a game but, I think you can play and win with some integrity and honesty.

  11. Poor Cassie not even a sympathy vote. It would have been good if one person would have voted against the house to throw the vets off and cause suspection. These people have no game. This would not have been good for Dom’s game but Lawon could have saved himself with this move.

  12. Yikes so sick of Rachel. Yuck Yuck this game is nauseating. I miss Britany and last year finalist at least they got rid of the witch

    • me too … so sick of Rachel … her head is getting bigger & bigger… hurry get her out b4 she wont fit… That was like the last person in the world I wanted to win hoh

  13. not liking JJ this year Jordan xtra dumb birds tweeting over head and Jeff attitude seems like everybody liked the a**hole last year so lets turn it up a notch. But he’s still fine

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