Big Brother 13 Episode 7: Week 2 Live Eviction and HoH Results

Tonight on Big Brother 13 episode 7, the results of the second live eviction will be revealed along with the results of the third HoH competition. While we wait for the results join us on Facebook and grab our free iPhone and Android mobile apps!

I’ll be updating this post here with the live eviction and HoH results as they’re revealed on the show. Have your Live Feeds (not signed up yet? get the Free Trial) ready to go because as soon as the broadcast is over and the Feeds come back!

Meanwhile, join us in the Big Brother chat room as we watch tonight’s live show!

Big Brother 13 Week 2 Live Eviction voting:

  • Rachel: evict Cassi
  • Brendon: evict Cassi
  • Jeff: evict Cassi
  • Adam: evict Cassi
  • Dominic: evict Cassi
  • That’s enough votes for evictions. You won’t get to see Bikini Cassi anymore.

  • Daniele: evict Cassi
  • Kalia: evict Cassi
  • Lawon: evict Cassi
  • Porsche: evict Cassi

By a vote of 9-0, Cassi has been evicted. Shelly will receive a Golden Key.

Big Brother 13 Week 3 HoH Competition – ‘Big Brother Online’:

  • Round 1: Everyone is safe
  • Round 2: Everyone is safe
  • Round 3: Kalia is eliminated
  • Round 4: Jeff is eliminated
  • Round 5: Adam, Lawon, & Dominic are eliminated
  • Round 6: Everyone is safe
  • Round 6: Brendon is eliminated

Rachel is the new HoH. Listen in as Rachel pisses away this season of Big Brother, as she demonstrated she would during the live broadcast just after Cassi was evicted.

Once the eviction show is over the Live Feeds turn back on and we’ll have a brand new HoH in the Big Brother house! Make sure you’re ready to watch the house react to who is in power. The nominations are revealed Friday night, so stay close by!

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  1. Rachel hates Cassi cause she thinks Cassi wants Brendon. When she gets home, she will realize that her buddy Porsche has been after Brendon the whole season.

    On the feeds Porsche said to brendon that she is glad rachel is constantly looking at a mirror, that way rachel wont see her looking at brendon.

    • I agree, but she picked the wrong person to be partnered up with, She would have been better off with keith, She would still be in it.

      • I used the word “actually” in my comment..It is BB and u gotta do things sometimes that u don’t want to do to stay in the game and outta the line of fire..and please don’t call me idiotic..u don’t know me well enough to tag me..

  2. Ugghhhh cassi is so beautiful. Id take those looks over the million andlooking like rach

    • or dominic??? Rachel is such an out there in the bushes kinda person…u never know with her..

    • lmaoo, you could hear her peeing ! and then jeff came over to use the bathroom too haha

    • OMG I was laughing so hard. At first I didn’t know who it was until Jeff asked brendon if Rachael was still in the washroom LMFAO!!!

    • Yeah, they definitely forgot to turn it off. That was Rachel for sure. We heard Brendon talk to her when she came out and he went in to the WC.

  3. Yeah Rachel’s mic was on for her peeing. Ugh I thought her laugh was the worst sound ever, guess I was wrong. Can’t believe she won again.

  4. Okay. I’m officially done with this season. So sad! Can’t handle any more Rachel and Brendan. Ugh.

    • I thought I was going to watch another great season of big brother!
      Can’t stand Rachel or Brenden…done with show…..

  5. i hate this! rachel should not be the new hoh i dont trust her ! she might put jeff and jordan on the block ?

  6. Leave it to Rachel and only Rachel to get caught peeing after the live eviction. Turn off your microphone you stupid B…H!

  7. Wow this sucks, Rachel is HOH again.

    Oh a side note, I think Porsche would look better in a bikini than Daniele.

  8. Rachel and Brendan at least saw from HoH competition questions that America doesn’t think very highly of them. Brachel are like nails on a blackboard…..irritating as hell!

  9. I seriously just threw up on myself.. I can’t believe Rachel is HOH again… I think I’ll go stab myself in the eye a couple of times.

    • LoL! I hear ya. The only consolation is that the longer she stays in the house, the longer viewers get to see her continue to make an ass of herself. Small consolation I know.

      • Haha yea for sure. Too bad Ragan can’t come back for the week, so he can point out her “poor little weaknesses” everyday :P

  10. Thanks for the update. Shitty CBS channel goes completely blank ONLY when big brother is on.

    No surprise that rachel won hoh again….. I thought this would of have been a endurance hoh competition. Guess that will be next week

  11. That’s it, I’m going to watch the show on ABC, Expedition Impossible. No Brenchel there. I can’t take them for another second let alone a WEEK!!!! I’ll miss reading your blogs and funny comments.

    • all you haters need to grow up and take a chill pill. Just like last year it will be a boring show without bren and rach.

  12. What have I been saying all week? Rachel winning HOH is no surprise, this girl is a COMPETITOR!

  13. omg her again, this should be called the brachel show! now that she’s hoh it will be all about her..

  14. i hopecassi comes back i think she will becasue julie never said tune in tomo when ill talk tot the evicted houseguest on the early show tomo maybe shes not gone and coming back because dick walked leaving keith 2 nd evicted too many people lefvt in two weeks she coming back and will make it only two gone

  15. I am so happy for R&B. Please stop all the hating and recognize that her has skills. She gets on my nerves too with the laugh and bad mouth but the girl can play the game. She got J&J to get rid of Cassie which was good game play. Cassie was pretty and nice but we would not have kept her deal with the vets. She had to go!

    • Rachel & Brendon are fearce competitors but putting up Cassi & Shelley was good game play on J&J’s part, as BB After Dark revealed. Brachel are less to be hated than they are pitied. Can you say co-dependent emotional basketcases!! Ugh!!

    • Speaking of whining! This is a forum to vent “our” opinions. We’re just calling them as we see them, which is part of the fun in watching fluff TV shows like this. Don’t be a kill-joy buddy!

    • I wish Jordon would have put Rachel up! I hope she goes home Brandon bangs Porshe, and Rachel has to watch from home… hahaha

  16. Enough with the Rachel bashing. You may not like her personally but the girl is one heck of a competitor!!!
    Go Rachel Go!!!

  17. It would appear I’m in the minority here but I for one am rooting for team Brenchel and am happy Rachel got er done. :)

  18. Im not fans of Rachel and Brendan but they proved is the most dangerous players period.

  19. … I wonder what is hapening on Project Runway? Oh, and what is that irritating noise in my ear?

  20. I don’t think Rachel will go for J&J…. like Jordan said it is still tooo early to vote out the vets..Rachel tends to eliminate the strong ( now being Adam & Dom) who could beat Brendon in a physical comp. Lawon and Kailia (unless they keeping a secret) are no threat to her..

  21. Stop hating on Rachel. Yeah she can be bitchy at times but she’s a sweet girl. Plus she is one hell of a competitor. 4 HOHs in a roll damn

  22. Good Lord, Rachel can’t even be civil giving her goodbye message to Cassi, she is so ridiculous and catty. Grow up, Rachel, and now another long week of her being HOH, Brendon disgusts me more than she does. I wish Jordan could have put them up, but at this time, she just couldn’t. If Brenchel gets the bright idea of backdooring J&J, Jeff will be furious and make Rachel’s BB life a living hell!!

  23. I hope CBS is reading this! They have just lost a long time viewer. I wish everyone left in the game the best, but I really take anymore brenchel!

  24. Yes! Yes ! Yes! Twiggy is gone… Long live Rachel! Say what you want about her emotions, when the game is on the line, she is cold blooded.

    Also, I think it’s time for Lawan to have a “little talk” with Dom. Dom is a 25 year old virgin male model with a female best friend. See where I’m going with this. Hey, not that there is anything wrong with that, but Dom has all the classic signs of not knowing who he really is. Wouldn’t it be great thearter if Dom came out on BB?

    • ???? “Not knowing who he is?” By that you mean he has such a well developed sense of self that he doesn’t need immediate gratification to “define” him. How sad is that that having values and self respect results in accusations of being a closet homosexual. Get a life, buddy, and stop insulting gays and straights in the process.

      • I’m not insulting anybody. I’m just making an observation on the human condition. I’ve support Gay rights for years. How do you know I’m not gay?

      • Why because I think Csssi is a twig? Again, I’m just making an observation based on my own eyes. What is your conclusion based on?

  25. It sucks we have to watch Rachel prance around like queen freaking bee with everyone kissing her @$$ for another week.

  26. Wow. Just wow.

    Rachel HOH again? I don’t think Julie even wanted for her to win. This is terrible. So terrible.

  27. Dam it Rachel again? I’m declaring season 13 the crappiest season ever. And Shelly? Seriously? She looks and sounds like a crack baby and now I have to deal with her ass for at least 2 weeks. She is a lying whore and I wanted her out. She needed to leave. I’m gonna hate this season.

  28. Rachel Reilly is outrageous. anyone who can follow her convoluted rationalizations and justifications for her behaviour deserves a PhD. Have you ever seen a more insecure woman? Wow, totally classless.

      • wayne wake up!! rachel WILL NOT WIN no one in the end will vote 4 her & pussy brandon will get voted out

      • B&R will not make it to the end if Dani has her way…just keep watching and put ur ear to the door..

      • I think you crossed the line with that little description of Brendon being catlike. You need to be careful, this blog will ban you for words like that.

    • I agree! She and Brendan are co-dependent emotional basketcases. Have you noticed the way she contorts her face with, at the same time, her eyes (not head) looking to the side when she whines or cries. She’s annoying & entertaining at the same time. Still hoping Brachel get the boot soon. Backdooring them would be sweet.

      • I agree. That face that she puts on when she’s crying or whining…Ugh. Not to mention she looks like a 6 year old everytime she has that face on.

      • I did notice how she turns her eyes to the side. I think maybe she’s making sure the camera is on her lol. I also noticed that many of those times there are no tears at all. She’s so fake honestly she nailed it when she said America hates her. Her message to Cassi was awful, I wish CBS wouldnt have aired it, the only good thing is she once again showed the viewers how nasty she is.

  29. Rachel won? Vomit.

    Anyway, can we just go ahead and get rid of Lawon now? The dude is a complete waste of space. He’s funny occasionally, but other than that, it’s pointless having him there.

    • No, they need to get rid of Dom. He’s the strongest player not in the Vets pocket. Rachel knows this and he’s goin up. Only thing that saves him is the POV. Can he do it again? I say no way!

  30. J/J probably won’t get put up. Lawon’s out next. I hope a twist is coming up soon. Boring reality story line. By this time last year people won money and such. Need a trade a golden key for a trip or something. Alligiane may stay with J/J to negate Brenchel’s choices.

    No more eye candy for us guys anymore.

  31. I am not a Rachel and Brenden fan, but they definitely bring it. They have controlled the game from the get-go, although I agree that they are “co-dependent emotional basketcases”.

    It is important to remember that there is a lot more game to be played. We’re only at final 11 — Big Brother always finds a way to spice it up, so things will turn.

    In the mean time, I’m rooting for Dominic, Shelly, and Jordan. However, if Rachel ended up winning it would be hilarious. Lots of crap would have to go down in order for that to happen…

    • OMFheck.. I cant believe this!…All I can say is GROSS..burn the sheets again..Hope they are true to their word.

  32. So, we could all hear rachel pee . . . Thank god we couldn’t feel the burning sensation!

  33. Dear CBS…Did you not ask Hayden and Enzo to come back, I would take them way over Brenchel, even Lane. Anyone but those two, when they are in power, they are two of the most arrogant, nasty people and it really is not fun to watch.

    • Hayden and Enzo were both eligible to come back. They only got 6% of the vote and didn’t make the cut.

  34. Not watching another episode of big brother, I’m so over Rachel and you would think that Cbs gets the picture but they keep trying to shove her down our throats ( I would rather choke off my own vomit) than watch her another week.

  35. Just saw a preview for movie “Cowboys & Aliens” and Cassi looks just like cast member, Olivia Wilde.

    • The hottest girl is Porsche…Cassi had no shape…all made up she was somewhat pretty but without make-up she borders on hound dog…couldn’t be happier to see her go.

  36. I’m thinking Rachel is going to backdoor Jeff and Jordan. I think Jordan should have put up Rachel and Brendon instead of Cassi and Shelly. I mean, seriously. Does she think they are going to save her and Jeff? That’s a big no. If she had gotten Rachel out this week, then Brendon would have been lost without her. It would be easy to get him out. I can’t believe Rachel won HOH. That just means it going to take longer to get her out of the house. She’s annoying. I mean, she said it herself, she ALWAYS gets her way and Jordan just gave it to her. Rachel needs to know what it feels like to not get her way. She’ll know one day. Hopefully soon.

  37. yes Rachel is annoying, a drama queen and a big mouth. but she’s also freaking Awesome, love her, hate her, she is nearly unstoppable ay the challenges. who needs a social game when you can just win everything. besides this weeks veto she has won every challenge she’s been involved in.

    • You can’t win everything. she can’t compete in hoh next week and will be the main target. That’s the issue with her game. If she could just get along with people she wouldn’t need to win everything. It’s only week 3 and the target is getting bigger fast.

      • actually technically she could, if she wins all the HOH comps she’s involved in and on the off weeks wins Veto, she could sail through on competitions alone. in no way would it be easy, but it would be possible.

      • DJ.. Why is u and i are the only ones who see the Big Picture? This season is already over because of CBS. Guess i have to wait for the Amazing Race because this is a waste of time. I already see how this will play out too bad.

    • Yes Miz she does win all the time but if you notice she always get picked to play and they always have things she has won at last year. BB has a hand in m aking sure her games ate the ones sheis good at.

  38. I knew this was going to happen. I bet jeff and jordan are kicking themselves tonight. Rachel running the house for another week. This sucks a**.

    • It’s great for JJ. Confirms that JJ made the right decision in getting rid of mushmouth Cassi. JJ is safe again and in great position for the gang of 10.

      Rachel is not gonna backdoor JJ this week. She is gonna get rid of Dom.

      • don’t count on it, as i type Dani is already convincing Rachel to work with Dom.

        so JJ better watch out, Brenchel & Daninic Inc. are gonna get’em

      • I agree with you Wayne. Everyone kept wanting Jordan to put Rachel and Brendon up but it was too soon and see it payed off they should be safe this week. Also with Rachel winning Jeff will be able to play in the HOH comp next week which I’m pretty sure will be endurance.

      • Be Miz,

        It’s early, Rachel always listens and agrees with people and then she does what it best for her and her man. Dom is a srong male contestant. It’s in Rachels best interest to deep six him. She will figure that out with a little help from JJ and Brendon. Everyone wants to believe Rachel is stupid. You don’t get a grad degree in chemisty being stupid. Dom will need to win the POV again. You just wait and see baby!

      • wayne,
        if she was talking to anyone else i would agree with you, but i think she trusts Dani as much as Brendan and Brendan himself keeps telling Rachel she needs to stick with Dani, so i think she would take Dani’s advice. hell it was Dani who planted the sead of getting out Cassie and Rachel made that her mission

  39. I can’t believe that Rachel won HOH again!! I can’t stand that stupid laugh..I think the newbies made a bad mistake last week…I think I will skip Big Brother for a week….can’t stand Rachel strutting around..

  40. You have to give Rachel her credit. I am definitely not a fan but she is an excellent player in challenges. However, her social game is one of the weakest ever and will prevent her from having a real chance at winning BB. If she could just be cool and not make stupid comments she could have a cha but that will never happen

    • i agree,it’s her mouth that ruins her. And I am sure that winning this HOH is going to make her more obnoxious than ever.

  41. Okay, the way I see it:

    The Golden Key holders are safe until there are 10 remaining players. This most likely means that the team aspect of the game will be ended at such time.

    14: Dick (walked)
    13: Keith (evicted)
    12: Cassi (evicted)
    11: this week’s evictee

    10 players remain

    If this holds true, Rachel will not be able to compete in the next HOH comp, which will most likely be the first comp in a newly “singled” house. I would have to imagine it’s a no-brainer that she would be nominated and voted out no matter who wins, unless it’s Brendon.

    This can only be a good thing for the season. I can only hope that CBS counts Dick’s departure as a part of the rule. I can’t imagine why they’d give Danielle a key (instead of partnering her with an alternate) if this wasn’t the plan. Plus, it just makes sense with the numbers.

    Anyone have any thoughts?

    • You are right about Dick counting toward the ten, but Rachel is’t going anywhere any time soon. Why would JJ pull the plug on her before it gets down to six? She is too good of a player. JJ needs Rachel. You wait and see.

      • Also…Nobody would like for B&R to make it to the jury house…think about that one..

      • Why? Somebody has to be jury. The best player always wins. The jury always gets it right. If Rachel and Btendon ens d up on jury they will vote for the best player, just like they did last year. They both voted for Hayden

    • remember the Julie Chen said there will be an announcement next week that could change thing. i think that the announcement will be that since the game is sorta resetting at top 10, so the outgoing HOH will be allowed to compete, so that everybody gets a fair chance when the golden key people are able to play again.

      • I hope you are right, but I don’t think that’s the twist. Should be more shocking.

      • Sorry, but I hope you’re wrong about that. That would totally suck if Rachel got HOH again next week.

      • @Wayne u clearly weren’t watching last season when did big red and her dog vote for Hayden?

  42. Rachel was already cutting a deal with dominic last week, Which she excluded jordan out of.

    I think rachel is going to make a HUGE mistake and let her emotions get to her, Which will lead to a backdooring of jordan and jeff. The smart move would be to put up lawon and kalia, and get lawon out.

    • The smart move is to nominate and eliminate Dom. He’s the only newbee with any game.

  43. BB13 is ridiculous! How did Rachel win HOH again? I am beginning to thnk the game is fixed. Who would rather see Danielle in a swimsuit instead of Porche? Danielle looks rough this season. CBS changed the answer to that question. BB13 has officially become the worst BB ever! I hope a newbie somehow wins.

    • Beauty really is in the eyes of the beholder. I think this is the best BB in years and could even surpass the Evel Dick season 8 as the best ever. Forget the newbees. They ain’t got no game yo!

    • I completely agree! Once Adam Dom and Lawon had the same answer opose to R and B they changed the outcome. No way Dani over Por. Check all BB sites dozens of pics of Por in bikini hardly any pics of Dani. Come on CBS very disappointing

    • Keep in mind that it is BB fans that are casting these votes. Dani has a following and Portia hasn’t done much to earn too many fans yet.. so yes Dani got the votes.

      • Yea, but did we the actual voting results? No we didn’t, no matter the outcome the producers can change the vote because we will never see the results.


    If only Cassi stayed and won HOH. Would have been epic. :(

    • Cassi couldn’t even win a peeing contest with Rachel. One of the worst BB houseguests ever.

      • How, they chewed her up and spit her out? She was in so far over her head. Kalia is 5 times the player Cassi was. She is sailing along and Cassi will go back on the stroll.

  45. It’s hard to say who Rachel will put up. She would be smart to put up Adam amd Dominic and get rid of Dominic which would break up the Dani/Dominic alliance. But if she is working with Dominic and puts up Lawon and Kalia and they win POV who goes up then???

  46. .
    Sing this one to the tune of “We Are The Champions”
    by Queen:

    They’ve paid their dues
    Time after time
    Her laugh makes me gag
    But she’s committed no crime
    And bad mistakes
    They’ve made a few
    They’re known as Brenchel and throuout this race
    They’ve always come through
    (And they mean to go on, and on, and on, and on)

    They’re Head of Household, AGAIN!
    And they’ll keep on fightin’ till the end
    They’re Head of Household
    They’re Head of Household
    No time for floaters
    ‘Cause they’re Head of Household

    I just hurled

    They’re gonna take vows
    Then Niagra Falls
    They’re not my favorites, but I’ll give ’em props
    They win ’em all
    But it’s been no bed of roses
    No pleasure cruise
    They’re like a grain of sand embedded in my cornea
    I just wish they would lose
    (And yet they go on, and on, and on, and on)

    They’re Head of Household, AGAIN!
    And they’ll keep on fightin’ till the end
    They’re Head of Household
    They’re Head of Household
    No time for floaters
    ‘Cause they’re Head of Household

    I just hurled

    They’re Head of Household, AGAIN!
    And they’ll keep on fightin’ till the end
    They’re Head of Household
    They’re Head of Household
    No time for floaters
    ‘Cause they’re Head of Household

    • ROTFL I love it! Did you know that this sort of parody is called a ‘filk’? Just a little piece of useless information for you all! Thanks Rico!

  47. so did bb13 set rachel up to win?is it staged to make everyone feel foolish ?is it really scripted?who cares?

  48. Last season there was a link from this site where different people would type live what was going on in the house from the live feeds. Does anyone know if that site is up this season???

  49. Rachel and Brenden are NOT competitors! The only reason they won was because CBS set it up so they would. Rachel is hands down the worst player in BB history! I don’t know how she passed the psych tests to be in the show. Run Brenden!!

  50. Hmm. Well looks like brenchel are safe this week but for sure gone next week. It doesn’t matter who wins HOH (except maybe Porsche)

  51. Don’t know why everyone’s mad. R&B are on everyone’s radar. Give it 3 more weeks and everyone’s gonna gang up on them and gun for them. Rachel’s mouth will annoy anyone and Brendan is going back to baby mode. It’s gonna be epic.

  52. I think the big surprise will be an eliminated player’s return. Bring on Cassie!!! I would love to see the look on Rachael’s face when that happens. R is such an ugly person and I’m glad Cassie and Jordan weren’t afraid to tell her that fact.

  53. These people are morons. Rachel may know big brother like the back of her hand but she has no idea how to read people. Dani spends so much time with Dom. Now she is campaigning way to hard for Dom to stay. If someone was campaigning that hard to keep someone I would know something was up. If she was truly good at this game she would see this. Dani may just win this season.

  54. I for one am very happy that Rachel won! All the haters out there, give the girl a chance. She tries harder than anyone I have ever seen in Big Brother. Love her or hate her, you have to respect that. I hope she backdoors JJ, but for some reason, I don’t think she will. But I think if she doesn’t, this could cause problems for her and Brendon because JJ is going to be coming for them soon.

    • Well, if she really wanted them out, she could cut a deal with Adam and Dominic, and Lawon and Kalia. Put up one of those two duos, then make sure the duo that wasn’t put up wins POV (long shot, I know), and then there would be no choice but to backdoor JJ. And there would be little blood on Brenchel’s hands.

  55. If Rachel wasn’t so emotional. She’d be a damn good competitor. But congrats to her, I’m glad she won!

  56. I believe the big announcement is that they are going to bring one of the evicted players back. The reason I think that is neither Shelly or Julie Chen made the comment that she voted with the veterans on the first vote and the way Julie has been asking some questions this year I thought that would be a good one.

    • I agree someone is coming back and they will be moving to singles. CBS may wait a while longer to bring someone back but they well at some point

    • My husband thinks that BB offered Evel Dick a saboteur deal and that is why he left early on. He thinks Evel Dick will be the HG brought back and will get a deal for being a saboteur. He’s such a natural mind manipulator that it would be great to watch. I think its a very interesting idea. Two tricks/one stone :)

      • Your right on @ Merpai !!!! I also think that E.D is the one to come back ..just think how GREAT that would be!!!! CBS ratings would go through the roof !!!!! E.D. is who makes B.B.number ONE in the ratings. GO EVIL DICK !!!

  57. First off Rachel and Brendon have to be the biggest d-bags in reality television history, certainly BB history.

    Unfortunately Jeff and Jordan are probably going to go this week when the d-bag couple stab them in the back by back dooring them. They should have taken the chance to get one of them out this week and they didn’t.

    Also I guess people that compete for BB don’t actually watch the show or they would have known that Cassi was 100% correct and that Rachel actually does hate women and will lie and make up garbage about every women in the house to get them out first.

    Rachel isn’t a good competitor and anyone that thinks she is needs to grow up and get some sense.

  58. It is too early in the game to predict Rachel
    or anyone is going to win this! After the next
    eviction, they will be down to 10 so, the other
    house guests with the golden key like Danielle,
    Shelly and Porche will be able to compete for HOH.
    I think Shelly and Danielle could be very strong
    competitors in the coming episodes. The only
    reason the veterans are sticking together is it
    is too early to peel off! Even Jordan thought
    twice to backdoor Brendon and Rachel because if
    the veterans split—-the new house guests will
    smell blood and will go all out after the veterans
    as that is their best chance to kick them out!
    Wait till it goes down to 7 or 8 then, alliances
    could get frayed and split for good! Veterans will
    probably try to get rid of Dominic, Adam, Lawon, Kahlia because they are not in tight with the
    veterans. After that, they will peel off because
    the strongest players will be playing each other
    and you know someone among them is going home!

  59. I actually liked Rachel last year and I knew she was a good competitor. However this year I feel that BB is rigging all of the games for Rachel. 1st they get the worst cast of newbies; who cannot win competitions, then Brenchel have been chosen for every Veto competition so far and finally last night Dani over Porsche? I now dislike everything about Rachel, she purposely came back to be the villain CBS ,made her out to be last year.

    • Why does everyone keep saying the games are rigged? These HGs could have made the same choices – but they din’t. Rachel did not win last year and she will not win this year. She is good for TV whether people like her or not, but she cannot make it to the end. By the way I love when she went into the bushes to cry!!

  60. Yeah CBS set up Rachel for the win..and every week they set it up American Idol does too. lol get real.

    What makes the worse player the worse player. Only Evil Dick and Jordan were the only winners in the house. Brendan got further than Matt *guest on this site* and Jeff I believe. Either way he can claim to be as good of a player as anyone in the house other than Jordan..

    Ps: Cassi was boring.

  61. Did anyone else hear Shelly say she told Rachel to “wear underwear under her dress”? Apparently when Rachel won HOH and Brendon picked her up, her a** was showing. Really???? She has such low self esteem – always picking on everyone else only to make herself feel better – that is the description of a BULLY. Plus, she openly has sex (Jordan, Shelly and Kalia commented about them “doing it” without doors in the room, leaves dirty sheets with “stains” and simply has no class!! We should pity her for not knowing how to love herself. She is the most insecure person I have ever seen and her only way to feel good, is to make everyone else feel bad.

  62. I might not watch this weeks show because Rachel is HOH….she is annoying and she acts like my 9 year old when she does not get her own way….I am rooting for Jeff, Jordan or anyone else to win this game and to get Rachel and Brenden out of the house…

  63. I just quit watching this show. It basically has turned into the Rachel show and to be honest they ruined big brother this season. Oh well, this show was getting boring anyway, it’s just the same thing replayed over and over again with different people, except in this case, this time it’s most of the same people we’ve already seen… and people who already won too? At least when they brought Will back, it made a good season, why would anyone think Rachel should be brought back in the house? By the way has the show ever had a lesbian or bisexual? I can only recall femme gay men. Maybe next season it will be better, or better yet just cancel the show before it gets any worse.

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