Big Brother 13 Episode 6: Thoughts From Former HG Matt Hoffman

Matt Hoffman (BB12) returns with his review of the latest Big Brother episode. You’ll find him here at BBN each Thursday & Friday all season. Read Matt’s past articles.

Matt Hoffman Big Brother 12

Based on recent comments that I have received on my write-ups, I’m beginning this week’s recap with a disclaimer that remains valid throughout the entire season:

I do not legitimately “hate” anyone on “Big Brother 13”. I am personal friends with several members of the cast, so I am not “jealous” that they are on and that I am not. I am quite happy for those that got selected, in fact. My brand of humor and writing style is snide, cynical, and sarcastic in a purely non-serious/ball-busting manner. It is your choice to either read my recaps or continue to be an ass-face.

Allllllrighty – now that that’s out of the way, let’s get started with the Wednesday night episode of “The Brenchel Show” “Big Brother”!…

Jordan’s nominations have been made and Rachel (wearing her best kabuki gown…yeah, go back and look…super weird) expresses her distaste for the people selected. Adam runs upstairs to get his orders from Officer JeJo who tells him that he must throw the veto comp. Then Adam babbles about something in the diary room that isn’t important, but what is important is that he’s wearing yet another bacon-related shirt. These newbie DR’s are killing me. We get it, Adam – you love bacon. Okay, Lawon – we know you’re gay. Yes, Kalia…Kalia? Who?

Cut to what may be a dream sequence, because we’re in Opposite Land where RACHEL is saying that Cassi is “not good at playing this game”. Yes, Cassi is probably going home this week. But being evicted does NOT necessarily make you a bad player. Being a raging lunatic with the inability to conceal any of your emotions, evicting people on the sole basis that they’re better looking than you, and occasionally seeking refuge in fake plastic shrubbery (more on that later) makes you a bad player.

The next day, the Cassi witch hunt wages on with Brenchel trying to convince Daniele that Cassi needs to go because Cassi is “running around the house and lying to everyone”. Or, as I like to call it, “playing Big Brother”. Once Daniele has heard enough, Brenchel takes the crusade outside to JeJo, who agree that Rachel is “exaggerating and being a little overdramatic”. Rachel? Dramatic? Blasphemy!

This insightful epiphany about Rachel causes Jeff to ponder marketing a product called “Rachel Off”, which is essentially a bug spray to get rid of pesky Rachels. Sorry, Jeff – it already exists.

Upstairs, Cassi pleads her case to Jordan as to why she should remain safe this week. Being that we’re nearly halfway through this episode and the entire thing has been about evicting Cassi (who is not even on the block) makes it pretty clear that Dominic/Adam are getting pulled off the block this week and Cassi/Shelly are going up. Nice try, CBS, but you can’t pull one over on this guy! (or any guy…or any animal)

So since we sort of know what’s coming anyway, I’ll just zip through this veto comp. Basically the houserats need to chew a bunch of gumballs and stick it to a wall. The only redeeming part of the comp is getting to hear Jordan say, “if I had more balls in my mouth, I’d look like a gerbil”. No, Jordan – you’d look like Shelly. (I am fully aware that this jab makes no sense, but I’ve picked on Rachel enough, so I needed a replacement)

Rachel foolishly volunteers for two weeks of eating slop (because she’s such a GREAT player and not at ALL like stupid CASSI), and then follows up her rock-solid decision by immediately failing out of the comp and spending the rest of the time playing the role of “cheerleader from hell” that I am all too familiar with firsthand. Dominic blocks out her shrill encouragement and wins the competition (surprise!), and then Jeff gets into a fight with Rachel causing her to run and hide in the artificial trees that are set up in the back yard. This whole sequence is pretty much too awesome for words, culminating in Tarzan Brendon chasing after Jane Rachel into the deep backyard woods and consoling her while she cries about being terrible at Big Brother.

The jungle couple takes their pity party inside, and we find out that Rachel is embarrassed because she fell. Really, Rachel? THAT’S why you’re embarrassed? Just now, because you fell off of a beam?! Then Brendon ironically plays the moral voice of reason, telling her that “two wrongs don’t make a right”. You hear that CBS??? Casting Brendon and Rachel a second time does NOT make it right! In a rarely captured moment of self-awareness from Rachel, she declares “no wonder America hates me”. I almost begin to feel sorry for her here…almost.

In the HoH room, Jeff complains that “this is turning into the Brendon and Rachel show”. Jordan replies that “Rachel is freakin’ nuts”. It’s not often that out of a random sampling of 12 people, Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd would be ranked #1 and #2 for intelligence. But here we have it, folks. It’s gonna be a helluva summer.

(oh yeah – and then Cassi and Shelly go up on the block as replacement nominees, which you would’ve known within 10-minutes of watching tonight’s episode…blah)

Matt Hoffman
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  1. You sure did have quite a few crossed out words in this post. Did you hear, they invented a backspace button on the computer? You should check it out during your next write up.

    Love your stuff though, keep it up.

      • “My brand of humor and writing style is snide, cynical, and sarcastic in a purely non-serious/ball-busting manner.”


    • I hope you were joking? Matt did that for humor sake, it definitely flows with his article.

      Nice write-up Matt!

    • Seriously, Phillip? The strikethroughs are intentional and part of the joke, which apparently you missed.

      Do you really think Matt thought the show was called “The Brenchel Show”?

    • that is either the silliest comment orrrrr one of the worst attempt at sarcasm. If you are going to try and be sarcastic maybe you should practice on your stuffed animals fist. You know just so you don’t fail horribly on a public site and end up that guy on the thread everyone is laughing at…. oh wait.

      • oh phil… you are obviously a great judge of humor….cause you get it and all. just thought i would throw in the explanation so you weren’t confused….

    • that is either the silliest comment orrrrr one of the worst attempt at sarcasm. If you are going to try and be sarcastic maybe you should practice on your stuffed animals fist. You know just so you don’t fail horribly on a public site and end up that guy on the thread everyone is laughing at…. oh wait.

  2. Brendon: “You need to keep your emotions in check” Rachel: “I am. That’s why I’m hiding in the bushes”

    Matt I always love your recaps, hilarious!

  3. There was only a few bad comments against your last article. Who cares. When you are hated that much it’s because you were an awesome player! You will see because I know my girls will also write nice comments to you. We love you Matt!

  4. Matt, have you been watching the live feeds at all?? Rachel is not wanting cassi gone cause of her looks. That was all jordans mouth. Which she apologize to Rachel for. Cassi from day one targeted all the vets. She’s a liar, manipulator and whiny. Though lying to get ahead was cool with you last season. CBS portrayed cassi as a victim which she is not. My money is on dani

    • Chris you are right on the money. I’m sick of people buying what Cassi is selling. She is NOT the poor little victim and she is NOT all what she makes herself out to be. I don’t believe for a second that any of the girls are jealous of Cassi. Cassi is delusional.

    • WOW… Remember Kristen?? Of course she want Cassi out because she’s cute aaaand she talked to Brenden the controling f#$#!I dissagree about Cassi. Once again Rach. gets her way!

    • I agree. Cassi has been trying to start something conflict among the players from day one. Dani wants Cassi gone because she wanted Dom to herself. Dani’s decision about Dom had absolutely nothing to do with Rachel. Dani is weaving her own web. I thought Rachel had learned her lesson from BB12 and would think with her head and not her emotions but I was disappointed in her behavior during the Veto Challenge. It was absolutely unnecessary for her to take 2 weeks of Slop….However Matt, I know you hate Rachel and Brendon but please could you keep your biases out of your commentary? I do like Rachel and Brendon–they are human like us all. Remember Matt how you lied to everyone from the very very beginning about your wife?

      • Holy balls, people…for the last time, I LIKE RACHEL AND BRENDON. I goof on them TO THEIR FACES as well, and I HOPE they end up reading these recaps because they will LAUGH (as they know my sense of humor in regards to them). It is all in GOOD FUN. I make fun of MYSELF too ALL THE TIME. You Brenchel fans are rabid! Hahah.

      • I think they are funnier than heck, these write ups. Being a dedicated BB watcher, I wouldn’t expect you to write any differently than you act in person Matt. There’s always going to be some things taken the wrong way by some folks. I take it with a grain of salt – it’s good humour as far as I’m concerned.

      • Isn’t the friggn REASON that Matt was chosen to do this is so he could bring in his opinion? Which I appreciate BTW!

        GEEZE ‘behind the door’, are you the only person who can express an opinion? and “Behind a fake name” might I add.

        @ BB12 Matt – We wanna be gremlins luv u! Don’t even bother explaining yourself! If they don’t get, well chuck ’em. Minus the ‘ch’ & throw in a capital F.

      • You don’t write about Jeff or Jorden the way you do Brendon and Rachel. To me, you are being phoney because you are writing in the way you think the people who are against Rachel and Brendon would like to read. If you really liked them then you wouldn’t be putting them down. I don’t see you putting down anything anyone else was wearing. I always thought you were phony during BB12 so I don’t care for your personality–that is my opinion and you are all welcome to yours, remember?

      • Nicely said Matt. When are people going to get over that lie. I don’t think it was a big deal at all.

      • When are people going to get over Rachel and Brendon? Because you happen to like Matt you want to excuse his behavior but can’t excuse someone’s behavior you don’t like such as Rachel and Brendon.

      • So, because Behind the Door likes Brenchal, Matt is _now allowed_ to speak badly about them. What about those who don’t like Brenchal? You know, he can’t keep everyone happy. Just me. If Matt wrote an article about just Jeff and Jordan, there would be nothing funny to talk about. They are civil in their ways. With all the emotions that pour out of Rachel and the drama that goes on between Brendon and Rachel, there couldn’t have been a better topic to talk about. Crying about Matt’s posts won’t justify anything. They are his, not yours. If you don’t like them, don’t read them. @Sammie: I’ll not get over Brenchal until they are voted off. The only person that should be mad about Matt’s lie about his wife, is his wife. Even if Matt absolutely hated Brenchal, this is still funny, fun, hilarious, and a good read.

    • i don’t tink matt watches the show if he did he would know danielle trash talked cas so she would have dom to herself she said that in a dr that they showed last night so if he watched the show he ignored that fact and jordan said rach must hate pretty girls not knowing danielle out of jealousy put rach on the warpath so matt don’t start with a antihater disclaimer and then hate

  5. Jordan is such an adorable little ditz! C’mon, Matt, you didn’t mention the BEST line of the night (or ever, maybe?)… Jordan saying in the DR that she would do well in this competition because “I walk and chew gum all the time.”

  6. That was hilarious! Everything from the disclaimer to rachel crying in the plastic bush. LMAO- Enjoyed reading your posts very much.

  7. Once again, Matt – another fab column! I love your cynism, sarcasm..all of it.. Great recap..

  8. First of all, periods go inside the quotation marks.

    Secondly, does James Rhine ever give you shit for the comment you made during your season about how you weren’t going to be like him or those other losers who make BB their life after they get out of the house?

    You do the RTV show, Jokers chats, Twitter about nothing but BB, post at Sucks, write this column — have I missed anything?

    Pretty funny.

    • LOL – I know. A year ago the bloggers and live feeders were pathetic losers or something like that. Who’s pathetic.

      • I never called bloggers/live-feeders “pathetic” or “losers”, as I don’t even feel that way, nor did I ever. I called them “huge nerds”, which I still stand behind. And I feel that I can safely say that, as I am a huge nerd myself. We can smell our own. Suck it.

      • Don’t ya just luv when they have nothing real to say and bust on ya for grammer and spelling? “?” Talk about pathetic losers!

      • LOLOL! You guys are rediculous. I don’t think that Matt is catering his articles to the anti-brenchal movement. Keep up the good work Matt. Your sarcasm is epic. Good job at getting the Brenchal fans all riled up. They’re so mad that they are correcting your spelling and grammar. UMADBRO?!

      • Actually Matt has been using quotation marks correctly. Punctuation is used outside the quotation marks when the quotation is part of the overall sentence. For example:
        Cassi needs to go because Cassi is “running around the house and lying to everyone”.

        For all we know, that might not have been the end of Rachel’s sentence, we just know it was the only portion of it that Matt used. The period was used to end Matt’s sentence.

        Anyway, I don’t usually comment on these things, but I am also a bit of a nerd and I don’t like it when people start picking on people for stuff like this. Especially when they’re wrong. Disagree with Matt however you want, even call him on his bull. But check your facts before you make a low blow.

      • Sunshine, that’s why you have that as a sign in, it fits what you have written. It is pretty comical that the on-line folks are so concerned about grammar and I’m glad you set them straight on it once and for all in a nice way!

  9. Love these comments Matt…I look forward to all of them to come! You were my pick to win last year, a local guy to where I live! Glad we still get to hear from you…..keep up the GREAT work!

  10. Can someone explain to me why Jordan didn’t take this op to get Rachel out? Who did she think would be mad at her except Brendon? Would have made for a more interesting game.

      • Jordsn knows Rachel won’t put up JJ till after the split. Rachel is nuts, but she is loyal to what she agrees to in the end. After they stop playing pairs it is anything goes. JJ would have gotten a bad rep by breaking the alliance as well as Brendon gunning for them. Getting rid of Twiggy was the only thing to do.

    • J&J are not sure who they can trust right now..B&R need to stay for at least one more elimnation if not 2..I know it don’t make sense..but it’s all about the #’s and trust and staying in controll of the house.

    • Because right now Brendon and Rachel are huge targets. If J&J removed one of them, guess who now becomes public enemy no. 1?

      That’s right — the other couple — J&J themselves.

      I’m surprised Matt doesn’t get this, since Ragan gave him a long lecture about it when Matt was HoH last season. “It’s as important who you LEAVE IN THE HOUSE as it is who you evict.”

      • I totally agree Marty. They are just waiting for the right time to get out Brendon and Rachel. You sure do need the numbers on your side for now!!! I hope Rachel and Brendon don’t get a chance first though. I would like to see Jeff win HOH and get rid of Dominic. Then next week a twist and Cassi comes back and puts up Rachel and Brendon. Would love it!!!

    • I agree that the Big Red and Bookie nom would have been a bad idea! Not as bad as the Shelly/Cassie nom though.

      Still sticking with the opinion that she (Jordan) should have put up Kalia & Lawson and kept a loyalist (Cassie) on their side and in the house!

      Really SUCKS to see Jordan doing Rachel’s dirty work!

      • I agree with you. To bad Jeff & Jordan didnt see that. I understand why Kalia is off limits to the vets because Racheal is controling Kalia just as she is Portia but they could have voted out Lawon. I like Lawon but J&J would have had Cassis loyalty and had they C&S won HOH they would have put up mouth and her pet Brennden.

  11. Love reading Matt’s recaps! Funny stuff! And some of us *do* get that you are just being funny, snide & sarcastic…but thanks for explaining for those who needed it. :)

    I just wish someone would explain to me how America voted Brandon & Vegas in over Dr Will!!?

    • America DIDN’T vote anyone into the house. It was just a fruitless poll about who America THOUGHT would go in.

      • oh *bleep* yes, I see that now! Sorry about that, I thought it was America voting for who they would like to return. Now it makes sense. lol Thanks for the info.

    • I assume you’re referring to the poll before the season started.

      That was only a poll, it was not a vote. It had nothing to do with which couples returned.

      Just CBS trying to drum up interest in the twist and the season.

  12. I wish the show wasn’t so obviously edited in Je/Jo’s favor and showed more of how all the women except Shelly pushed for Cassi to go up and out, and how all of them, including Rachel, had valid points. Regardless of all of that, Cassi is a bad game player because all she’s done this week is cry, whine, bash rachel, and not shower… in an non-entertaining manner. :P

    When the diary room is giving you hints that Shelly is shady, and every one is giving you clues that Shelly turned on you, and you’d rather bury your head in the sand, then I don’t know what to call it.

    • I agree100%. CBS has once again made Jeff jord look like saints. They would not dare air his anti gay rants from the live feeds. … And they also portrayed cassi as a victim. She’s as much a liar and manipulator as anyone. And she whines so much. All she does is bad mouth rachel to everyone all day long. No game at all.

      • I agree and this is the way I see it as well. Cassie wanted to encourage people to go against Rachel and fight so the focus would be off of her. She was lovin’ it when Rachel had meltdown in front of everyone. I think Kalia is sneaky as well.

  13. Ithink its funny how rachel says that certain ppl in the house are playing the victim role when its actually her. All we hear is how everyone picked onher last season & how america hates her. Now that is truely playing the victim role. Btw, will somebody wake porsche up & tell her she can still play the social part of this game. She is literally the worst player. What was dick thinking recruiting her. Regarding jejo-u can only edit with the material u have & jordon is geninue so that’s why its in the show.#getaclue#

  14. Matt..Love the comments! The only problem I had was that you have picked on Rach. Enough..really is it ever enough? Her and her plastic Keep up the good work!

    • I’m pretty sure he picks on them the most because he knows them personally, and is good friends with them.
      Ever heard of “mocking someone out of love”??
      …. (yea, neither have I, but I know there’s a saying somewhere along those lines out there) lol.

  15. Why can’t Rachel just act like Porsche? Wear a bikini around, show off the goods and SHUT UP. Her popularity would skyrocket.

  16. OOOOOO, What about Rach. Purple shorts she keeps pulling out of her crotch?? GROSS!!!

  17. The rachel comment in the comp was stupid on her part. Didnt they want Jeff and jordan to lose the competition so the nominations would change? Why would that bother rachel so much that jordan wouldnt keep going in the competition? I think Rachel doesnt have a clue about Big brother.

  18. Why exactly did they not put up Lewon and Kalia?? I am confused. If Jordan did not want Cassi/Shelly up, then put the other two up!!!!

  19. Danielle will win Big Brother, she is playing a perfect game right now. She’s right in the middle of everything yet she has no target on her.

  20. Matt….you are the best…i look forward to hearing from you each week!! Keep up the awesome insults!! Freaking hilarious!! :D

  21. I really wished that CBS would have put the talk between Jordan and Rachel. That Rachel needed to shut the hell up on the comments. Jordan gained respect for that in my book.

    • they should show it tonight that conversation took place after the replacement noms

  22. Matt, do you honestly expect us to believe that your articles are written in good humor when you also told your fellow houseguests that your wife (God help her) had some disease?

    If you really aren’t serious with your comments, you wouldn’t have to get so defensive with your disclaimer and your responses to the two comments here.

    • It’s a strategic show where you are trying to win money. The people on the show got over his lie, so should everyone else.

    • He’s not getting on the defensive. He is clearly trying to shut people like you up, who continuously bash him over his comments. He put them there so that the less intelligent people who read this are aware of his personality type. Matt like about his wife to play the game. My question is, did it work? I think so. He was basically in the BB house til the end. When I found out he was lying, I lost respect. About 10 seconds later, I reminded myself that it was all a part of his gameplay. The respect I lost was no longer there, and I got over it. You should do the same.

  23. Every blog you write makes me love you even more!!! Keep putting your thoughts out here….I’ll keep reading and laughing my ass off.

    • Yeah like I said ignore the hater comments. The majority of us all enjoy your articles.

      • I think that the haters commenting only makes it a better article. Keep on hating, haters. When you get thirsty from all that hating, drink some haterade.

      • Haterade, that’s so funny – as funny as Matt’s comments. This seems to be going into the wrong direction with more comments on Matt’s writing ability than the show. Anyhow, during the HOH competition did anyone notice how Rachel rolled her eyes when Julie asked which one would be more likely to steal another girl’s man? Just trying to get back on topic here. Love Matt’s comments.

    • Well said Kathy!Everyone seems to have forgotten what a weasel Matt was.He makes my skin crawl!

      • I didn’t forget what a weasel he was. You can’t tell me that wasn’t really him throughout the show. Leading Reagan on and starting the show with a huge lie about his wife. If people say get over his lies then why can’t he get over his distaste for Rachel and Brendon? Instead of him regurgitating everything everyone has seen how about some predictions and strategy? How about his opinions instead of his childish rants?

      • If Matt is a weasel, he is an epic level 85 weseal with over 9000 int and all epic gear.


        Unless you know for a fact that Matt hates or has complete distaste for Brenchal through some kind of psychic knowledge or a lie detector test or you are always around them to witness it yourself, you don’t know for sure.

    • Matt has too much time on his hands, yet you have the time to read his article about a T.V. show that you are not a part of? Maybe you need a Job? I want to assume Matt has a job. I mean, how hard is it to write an article once a week?

  24. Matt: I wish they had casted you instead of the maniacal couple of Brenchel. Love your recaps!

    • It’s all about ratings. Rachel brings in higher numbers because people hate her.

  25. Matt, your writing is spot-on. I enjoy your humor and though you probably don’t need me to tell you, these haters are going to say what their tiny little minds tell them to no matter how simply you explain yourself. Always remember, it is impossible to have a battle of wits with unarmed opponents. Keep up the good work.

  26. Matt is a weasel.He was a weasel when he “played” and still is.He must be seething that the BB13 powers did NOT select him to play!!!LMAO!!!!Any way,I truly hope that Cassi gets to stay because she definitely spices up the game by driving Rachel nuts-short trip-which in turn gets Brendans’vINNER-NEANDERTHAL raging!Personally I would have put up Rachel and Brendan,got rid of Brendan and had a week of Rachel self-destructing on national TV!Now that would be funny!

    • Peggie’s post goes against the Posting Agreement. She is insulting the author. I want to see BigBrotherNetwork ask Peggie to write her articles next season. Oh wait, they won’t. She’s not important. <3

  27. I love how they title this, “Thoughts From Former HG Matt Hoffman”.

    Stop just recapping the show and give us your thoughts. This is a boring read.

    • Matt’s thoughts were included in his recap. You just have to read between the lines.

  28. I happen to be a Brendon and Rachel fan, and I also happen to love these articles. I think Matt’s humour is funny and if you don’t like it don’t read it.
    Matt makes fun of all of them, and that is why he is being asked to write this article and not you, because people want to read it.

  29. Matt, I enjoy your write-ups very much and look forward to them. Big Bro picked the right person for this job.
    Wish I could say the same for the Cast in the House. Think Big Bro filled this season with too much “trickery.” Golden Keys, Couples-on-the-Block, Oldies and Newbies. Not working for me yet.

  30. Great recap Matt. Dick’s T-shirt said it all “Sarcasm is the body’s natural defense against Stupid.” Keep on doing what you’re doing.

  31. Great job Matt!! Every hg plays the game their own way. Sometimes it works for them…sometimes not. But every hg lies at some point also..even Jordan who i now have respect for because of the way she deals with Rachel. But a lie of omission is still a lie. So im curious as to how many people think that there’s at least one hg over the years that played the game without lying. I think Evil Dick came closer than anyone.

    • Evil Dick did tell a few little fibs, but you’re exactly right.
      Rachel wanted Cassi out for lying? Kay, then let’s just not have a show, okay? Because EVERYONE WHO HAS EVER PLAYED LIED AT LEAST ONCE!
      And the ones who didn’t, were out the door the first couple of weeks.

  32. I cant not not say anything anymore! After 2 seasons of seeng the cow named Rachel two thoughts come to mind. #1 I waited with great anticipation for this season to start. Once it started and I saw the trailer trash named Rachel I almost threw the remote at my TV. I gave it a few weeks….#2 I am done with this season. Thanks CBS. After only a couple of weeks I cant take it anymore. I see Rachel and all I do is wish horrible things would happen to her which is not in my nature. I will be so glad to hear that this season is done because that will mean the cows 15 minutes are over. Last thought, did CBS pay for Brendans penis rermoval surgery? What an embarrasment to the male species.

    • LOL! Don’t stop watching, man. The Cow makes it interesting. (Although, when the Cow is ranting — especially in my live feeds, I change to a different camera.

  33. Hey, not to be mean or put you out there, but commas and periods come before quotations.

    For example: Or, as I like to call it, “playing Big Brother.” Once Daniele has heard enough, Brenchel takes the crusade outside to JeJo, who agree that Rachel is “exaggerating and being a little overdramatic.”

    Big Fan, btw!

  34. Hey Matt,

    Thanks for answering my question from the last article! I really appreciate it. & I’m glad to hear that you don’t hate Rachel and Brendon. I thought that after last season, there would still be some bad blood between you and them (Hopefully, the same can be said with the other housemates from that season… i.e. Britney, Monet, Ragan). & Again, great recap! I did not intend to be an assface to you. It was a legitimate question from my own curiosity. I don’t hate you. You were actually my third favorite player from last season. My favorite being Rachel (because she was hilariously nuts in a LOLWTF-is-she-doing-kind-of-way) and Britney (because she was ace in the Diary Room). You were a smart player and amorally conniving in the game, which I really appreciated it. I only wish you would have allied yourself with better people than the “Bergade.”

    Anyways, thanks for the hilarious recap. Keep writing your articles! They’re a blast to read.

  35. It isn’t that we want to be ‘assfaces’, but we just simply don’t like you Matt. You have a horrible game play, and that is why you didn’t win. Now, I am done with you, and wouldn’t like to hear what you have to say anymore. Can’t we find someone other than ‘Matt’ if that is his real name after all, to write updates? Clearly, people don’t like Matt. That takes away from you Big brother network, aka the other Matt. You are not thinking right to keep him as a writer.

    • If you don’t like his opinions, then, for lack of a better term… GTFO!
      EVERY BB game player has haters. It’ll be impossible to find one that everyone loves to do recaps.
      Go ahead… Find one.

    • The fact that you ‘assfaces’ don’t like Matt, is a perfect incentive to keep Matt as a writer. If you are done with him, stop reading his articles. Click that little [X] on the top right-hand side of your browser window and… wait, no, don’t do that. Just click on another link. Let’s keep traffic to the BBN site coming!

  36. Matty, let me just say…
    By responding to some of these asshole comments, you’re giving them attention, which is what they want.
    Also, the fact that they’re reading articles written by someone they claim to dislike really shows their character.

    • What about trolls who are fed by trolls who get fed? What are we supposed to do? Feed the trolls people, for the trolls feed me.

    • LMAO, just because we have some disagreements with Matt makes us trolls? GTFO loser.

      • While some comments are simple disagreements, others are obvious trolls. I believe Yeup said “By respondong to _some_ of the comments” He said some. Not all.

  37. I thoroughly enjoy reading your thoughts Matt. This season really is turning into “The Brenchel Show”! *Vomit* I thought Cassie was very classy in how she presented herself this week. It’s a shame that Cassie left the show. Too bad Evel Dick isn’t around to rip Brenchel a new one. =/

  38. I normally try to find the good in people but i’m having a hard time doing that with Rachel. The best i can say about her is that she’s good at comps. But that alone will not win her the game. It’s not possible for her to play in every single comp. If it was possible to play for HOH every week (and its not) or get chosen to play for veto when not a nom, she could stand a fighting chance. But at some point she will have to atone for her actions. Karma’s a bitch.

  39. Great review! You actually overviewed some curious news on your blog. I came across it by using Bing and I’ve got to admit that I already subscribed to the RSS, it’s very great :)

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