Big Brother 13: Week 1 Wednesday Live Feed Highlights

Another day of lying and scheming in the Big Brother house as the vets secure votes to evict Keith and the newbies scramble to plead their case to get rid of Porsche.  Jeff goes off on Adam when he doesn’t say he will jump over to the vets and Cassi sits down for a good long time with Brendon to tell her side of the story about what went on between her and Porsche a couple nights ago.  Who is in position to remain in the game and receive a golden key?  Keep reading to find out…

Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – July 13, 2011:

7:00 AM BBT – Brendon is up after going to bed two hours earlier.  He wants to practice the new golf game the hg’s received from Big Brother and gets Rachel up to help him.  Shelly wakes up and joins them.  Brendon complains about Cassi practicing all night and not letting him have a turn.  Are we in second grade? Rachel wonders if Cassi is going to try and win HOH.  Of course she’s going to try and win!  I don’t think she’s a floater at all.

8:15 AM BBT – Brendon tells Rachel she needs to practice because it could be the POV competition.  She sends all three balls through the hole.  Lol that doesn’t sound too good.

11:00 AM BBT – Shelly and Keith are in the storage room and Keith is happy because he thinks everyone is on the same page to vote out Porsche.  Little does he know that he only has 4 votes as of this time because Shelly and Kalia are voting with the vets.

1:30 PM BBT – Jeff and Brendon talking about Adam.  Jeff told Adam earlier that he knows if Adam wins HOH he’s putting up him and Jordan.  Adam didn’t deny it so Jeff says when he gets HOH Adam’s going on the block.  Jeff says the newbies think there is a mole feeding info to the vets.  Shelly and Kalia and even Adam have fed info to the vets but Shelly is the worst.

1:50 PM BBT – Kalia gives Jeff some dance lessons in the bathroom and Jordan tells Porsches the votes to keep her are solid.

2:10 PM BBT – Brendon and Cassi talked for quite a while.  She tells him all the reasons why Porsche should go and Keith should stay.  She tells him that Cassi asked Keith why he was campaigning against her because Rachel told her she had the vote to keep Porsche.  Brendon said he would talk to Rachel and get back to her before the vote.

2:40 PM BBT – Cassi tells Keith and Shelly that she doesn’t know how the vets are voting and that they (the vets) will talk to everyone individually tomorrow.  Keith is like WHAT?? He totally objects to his side meeting with them.  He said the vets were filling everyone’s head with bologna.  Dom has joined them and Keith is trying to get him to confront the vets.  Dom says he doesn’t want to do that yet.  Keith is pretty much freaking out.

3:00 PM BBT – JJ and Dom talk game.  Dom is asking if they could make a deal not to put up him and Adam if JJ won HOH.  Shelly and Keith are listening in the have not room.  Jeff said if he did put up Dom and Adam that Dom wouldn’t be the one going home.  They teased Dom saying he is trying to showmance Cassi.  Keith went straight out and told Adam everything that Dom said.  I dislike both Keith and Porsche.  I wish this was a dual eviction.

3:30 PM BBT – HOH lockdown.

7:00 PM BBT – Cassi is defending Dom to Keith and saying it was just BS talk between Dom and Jeff.  Keith wonders why Kalia spends all her time in the HOH room.  Keith tells Cassi and Shelly they are the easiest targets next week.

7:40 PM BBT – Keith is now talking to Dani and says things are weird because Porsche isn’t packing her stuff and everyone is playing scary.  He is trying to get Dani on his side but she is totally playing him.  He gives her his hat and says he knows he is going home.  He thinks Cassi and Dom have made a deal with Brenchel.  Is this guy paranoid or what?  Geez!

9:30 PM BBT – Brenchel in another argument about the game.  Rach now doesn’t trust Shelly because she overheard her promise Keith she would vote to keep him.  Brendon is getting loud about Porsche following Rach around.  Rach is telling him to stop yelling.

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  1. need to even up these teams this is not far to the older group i dont blame them for being mad after dick left should have gotten another oldie to play whats up with that

  2. I thought they would bring in Chelsea when Dick left. Which WOULD HAVE BEEN FUN!!! What were they thinking making it so lopsided. Why make it so unfair? UGH I wish I was running the show…common sense is in short supply all over this country!!

    • LOL I think losing ED DID even things up. The vets are going to steam roll the newbs…even one man down.

      Most of the newbs are clueless.

  3. Can you be objective with your write ups instead of telling us who you dislike and want gone. The house guests are playing the game the best way they know how. You don’t have to dislike them for it.

    • Sorry, but this is a fan site written by fans. Opinions are going to come naturally to any discussion about events and HG strategies. Things would get pretty boring otherwise.

      We would never ask you to not have an opinion or share it here.

      • I agree that everyone should be able to have an opinion but also agree with former marine that sometimes people get a bit crazy on here with them. :)

  4. The newbies are so stupid. Why would u team up to eliminate the vets. No chance a newbie wins the 500K. Just like Survivor, experience always prevails when dealing with rookies. Way to go Kaila and Shelly

    • The only vet that has a real chance to win is Dani and my money is on her. Brenchel is acting just like last year – STUPID and JJ are just annoying! For the newbies maybe Dom or Adam have a chance to win.

  5. Alright, so I was without Internet for a while, but now that I have the feeds back, this is what I think of everyone:

    Rachel and Brendon are playing pretty much the same game they did last season.

    Jeff and Jordan I can’t really see any difference in yet.

    With Dick gone, I feel we’ll see Dani play a totally different game than BB8. She’s her own competitor now and she knows what she’s doing. Even if she is coasting the first 4 weeks, she’s a very big frontrunner in my opinion.

    Cassi really annoys me. I feel like she’s putting on a façade and has her own agenda. Shelly however I really like even though she’s playing both sides.

    Keith dug his own grave through paranoia and Porsche will float through until the first opportunity the vets have to evict her.

    Dominic annoys me as well, mainly cause he didn’t know who Dick and Dani were. Adam seems like a cool dude, but he’s got to be able to prove himself in competitions if he wants to win.

    Lawon and Kalia seem like a huge floater duo to me. I don’t know why but Kalia seems like she’s trying to play the game but very poorly and seems like she could go next.

  6. I think that Shelly and Kalia know that it is their only chance to stay short term but are not thinking about long term. I am for the vets though. They are more interesting than the newbies.

  7. And that’s why the newbies r dumb. U can’t think short term in a long term game. The regulators was such a stupid Idea. Every week one of them could potiential be up for elimination. Hell Keith is gonna be gonna be gone after week 1. They are all rookies n frankly its unfair that the vets get to play with them. How dare the vets cry foul about Evil Dick leaving. They don’t need him, in fact he would have won if he would have stayed. With ease…its like Rob v. Russell all over again. The winner is almost certain to be a vet.

    • BB would be off hook with viewers if when ED left they brought in Boston Rob to take his place and partner with Dani… Rob is a master game player and would have figured out the bb game fast… What a power team that would have been… They would have all the survivor viewers watching too… I do not agree that the winner will be a vet. Remember it looks like only team JJ can compete in the HOH this week against all the newbies how is that fair….. They should have replaced ED with another vet the vets were down in numbers coming in with a target on their back.. so what if they played the game before. Many of the newbies have watched all seasons of BB they know how the game is played!!

  8. I think Dick going homes does even the playing field a little. All of the newbies had four big disadvantages to the vets to begin with. 1st – they have never played the game before. 2nd- they did not know they were going to have to play with a partner. 3rd – they did not already know their partner. 4th – they had know idea about living with anyone else in the house. The vets had all of this prior knowledge.

  9. I laugh when Rachel calls people in the house “floaters” when she comes equipped with her our floatation devices! Basically, her and Brendon are total idiots with no common sense whatsoever. Now that the brains behind their operation has stepped out, they are making deals that aren’t making sense, and screwing up Dick’s leg work. I really was hoping for a newbie to get HOH because with the exception of Dick and Daniele, the veterans are some of the weakest players in BB history.

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