Big Brother 13: Week 1 Wednesday Update – Who Has The Votes

Big Brother 13 Jeff Schroeder

Is it eviction day yet? The Big Brother 13 HGs are restless as paranoia sets in and the backstabbing continues. Unless some players gets two votes on Thursday night then somebody is lying about how their vote is going to go.

Read on to get today’s update from the Live Feeds on “Who Has The Votes.”

Flashback to 1:31 BBT, Camera 2, to hear Jeff and Brendon do a rundown on the vote-scape. First up Jeff recounts his conversation with Adam. After a failed attempt to flip Adam to the Vets’ side Jeff tells Adam his offer is retracted and sends him in to a frenzy. Jeff tells Adam half his crew (the Newbs) is with the Vets so they don’t need him and he’s now their target for next week. Wow, talk about aggressive strategies!

Brendon lets Jeff know that he’s talked with Kalia and she seems to be on their side. Kalia is telling the Vets she will give lip service to the Newbs but then flip and vote out Keith when it comes down to it.

Sounds like Shelly is still on board with the Vets. Jeff wants Shelly and Kalia to keep their betrayal votes secret so the Vets can continue to crack the remaining Newbs trust for one another with unassigned blame.

Jeff is really sticking it to Adam. He wants to try and flip Dominic since they’re partners. I don’t think they’re close to having Dominic even consider that right now, but Jeff seems very confident he can make it a numbers game and convince him.

Brendon wants to talk to Cassi, but Jeff is nervous about alerting her to Shelly’s betrayal. They want to get Cassi out but only if they can guarantee Shelly’s safety come vote time.

Jeff runs down the vote count as he sees it now. Voting with the Vets: Jeff, Jordan, Daniele, Brendon, Shelly and Kalia. Voting with the Newbs: Dominic, Cassi, Lawon, Adam. Even if the Vets can only convince either Shelly or Kalia, not both, then Rachel will be the tie breaker and send Keith on home. So things still look bad for Keith. He could really use those Angels he had hoped to find in this game.

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  1. I’m really disappointed with Shelly; Cassie has been upfront and honest with her …& Why cant Kalia and Shelly do simple addition?? they obviously have the numbers& they dont need the “vets”…so annoying

    • Mmmmmm……..wrong cassi has a side deal that shelly doesnt know about or did I not see that one …..???????

    • Mmmmmm……..wrong cassi has a side deal that shelly doesnt know about or did I not see that one …..??????

  2. Who has the votes?…very simple the Vets do, they have 4 votes within themselves(dani,j&j bren) then they add Shelly&Kalia..its 6-4 vote to get Keith out……even if its a 5-5 vote then rachel has the tie-breaker and keith goes 6-5….. :-)

  3. I can’t understand the newbys, They have to get Rachael and her boyfriend out. They just seem to always run the house. This season and last time. Not winning, but always threatening. I think Jeff and Jordan should even get Rachael out. She is like a mother in law always running things.

  4. Don’t be too quick to credit the reruns! There is still Dani who does not have to prove her loyalty to them and could flip to keep Dom, Lawon, Cassie, Adam, on her side.

    Kalia has Jeff’s atittude still in the back of her mind. Not really a lock.

    Shelly can’t run and clean or avoid game talk with the RealCast forver and might get scared into voting with them.

    Even if Keith goes, if a RealCast member gets HOH, watch the above run back!

      • I do hope all is well with him and his family…. first of all .. but do you think it is part of the game????

  5. Wow things change fast in BB. I figured Adam would stick with the vets but I guess not. Thanks for the updates!!!!

  6. can anyone tell me why we did not hear why dick left like they said it would be tonight… ????

    • Evel left for personal reasons which means CBS can’t make them public. Only Evel can release that info and he has said it will remain private.

      • My apologies if this has already been addressed: If you go to (Evel Dick’s website), he posted a video about his reasons for leaving. He’s adamant about the person he cares for — and thus the reason he left — remaining anonymous. However, he clears up other rumours.

  7. I hate how cocky the Vets are, ESPECIALLY Brendon and Rachel. Keith thinks he is going to be safe because he thinks the rookies are all going to vote to eliminate Porshe. Lawon already mentioned he wasn’t voting for Keith. Which I believe they are all stupid because they NEED to get rid of the Vets. Porshe is deff working with them. With her still in the house after elimination, I don’t think the rookies have a chance. Ughh rookies don’t know anything about this game!

  8. *Repeating a post reply, in case anyone missed it:

    My apologies if this has already been addressed: If you go to (Evel Dick’s website), he posted a video about his reasons for leaving. He’s adamant about the person he cares for — and thus the reason he left — remaining anonymous. However, he clears up other rumours.

  9. Not sure what happened to my comments, but here they are again regarding Evel Dick:

    My apologies if this has already been addressed: If you go to (Evel Dick’s website), he posted a video about his reasons for leaving. He’s adamant about the person he cares for — and thus the reason he left — remaining anonymous. However, he clears up other rumours.

  10. Okay, now all my comments seem to be back — at least temporarily. Either my computer or this site is on on crack tonight.

    Apologies, apologies, apologies for the repeat comments — I couldn’t find a delete for the first two.

  11. The newbies seriously suck ass at this game. The regulators are the only ones who are playing. Shelly, Adam, and Kalia are really just kissing the HOH’s asses.

  12. Is brenchal that stupid, they actually thought they won the veto because they’re great at the game? Duh the other two threw it, not to much to compete against.

  13. This season could be way, way better than the
    lame ass Big Brother we had last season. The
    veterans should stick together because the new
    house guests are bound to stick together. Keith
    is way too arrogant and I hope he is the first
    to go! I think putting the veterans back is a
    good move of Big Brother because the new house
    guests might have done the same thing and had
    a brigade voting out the other players. There
    should be strategy and cross alliances which I
    believe is possible with the present set up.

  14. I hate to say it but I’m rooting for brenchel, they seem to be the smartest game players so far, I hate all the newbs so far. Jeff and Jordan don’t be trying or at least Jordan’s not. And I honestly am not a fan. Dani could be good but since she can’t compete ill have to wait and see. Kylia might be cool if she starts playing.

    • I am also rooting for Brendon and Rachel. So far they are the only ones acting like they are in the game and with the intention of winning. Originally I was pulling for JeJo but Jordon is not even in the game just taking space. Kalia is annoying to me. I’m hoping Adam aligns with Brendon and rACHEL.

  15. And i hate the regulators, new bb rule don’t give Ur alliance a stupid nickname

  16. I want Jeff to win. He seems to be the only rational one who knows that this is week one. I hope Brenchal goes down in a humiliating ring of flames exactly the way they did last year.

    • I love Jeff and Jordan. If I was in the house I would be dumb enough to work with them.

  17. Will E.D. be back?…I think not! The only way I see that happening (since he now has had access to the outside world…with all it’s insider info.), is if the HG were given a rite to vote…and the votes were unanimous for him to come back in ‘knowing’ everything we know! Could be interesting!!!

  18. If they are working in teams and Rachael won HOH so Brendon is safe, does he get to play for HOH this week? I shouldn’t think so, but sounds like Brendon is planning on it.

    • I also wonder whether Brendon gets to vote this week. Do we know that? Similarly, do we know whether Dani gets to vote this week? We know she wont compete for HOH and POV, but they havent said anything about voting, AFAIK. I guess voting is likely, but I dont know if it has been said for sure. Certainly, they all act like they are voting.

  19. I have a feeling it’ll be Porsche going home. Have you noticed that the pain in the ass people end up sticking around for a loooong time? And Keith is one HUGE pain in the ass.

  20. Keith made a lot of mistakes, but if he is not kicked off he could really help the newbies. Like Matt said he came into the Big Brother house the same way. So Keith calm down. You notice every black person ever on big brother except for Daniel went home early.So play a smarter game. The vets have the upper hand because they really know how to manipulate other cast members,but if the newbies had any heart they would get rid of porsche stay together and work together because the vet are hard core and they will be hard too beat!

  21. Yes, we all knew Keith had no game, not with the ladies or the show. I intially thought when it was announced they would be playing in teams that the better strategy would be the most unlikely. For the veterans to team up with a newbie instead of who they would obviously choose. That would make it easier to go against their partener in the end, and to work another side with their boyfriend, girlfirend or daughter.

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