Big Brother 13: Week 1 Eviction Predictions

The first eviction of the Big Brother 13 season has arrived so let’s hear some eviction predictions! Just like last season I’ll be receiving predictions from other great Big Brother websites and sharing them here with you each week. So check out all of our Big Brother predictions and then share your own in the poll below.

Big Brother 13 Week 1 Eviction Predictions – Keith or Porsche:

Big Brother 13 Keith
Big Brother 13 Keith
Big Brother 13 Keith
Big Brother Access Big Brother 13 Keith
Big Brother 13 Keith
Zap2It Big Brother 13 Keith
Big Brother Live Big Brother 13 Keith

Whoa! 7-0 against Keith. Now what do you think? Share your guess in the poll below!


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  1. Being too over confident is a way out the front door, we know from past bb that being over confident and cocky will always take the hg’s down. ED was not overly confident he just knew how to play….too bad he had to leave….Danielle will the one to beat now.

    • I agree with you 100%. Danielle was just as stong as Dick was there season. Everybody really needs to watch out for her and I dont think the new house guests will not realizing she is as strong as she is.

  2. I agree I hope they wipe that smug smile off of his face. On another note man I am truely dissapointed in Jeff and his homophobic comments :):)

  3. Keith is driving me crazy. He is coming on really strong really quick. His over confidence is just making people mad and people against him. I really hope to see him walk out the door tonight!

  4. I think Keith was trying to be too much of himself in the house and he came on way too strong in the beginning.. people should know once you come on strong in the beginning your a big target.

  5. I do believe Keith is going home, but the newbies should really talk it out and realize that keeping Keith, although annoying would be good for their game play. Plus it would be good for Big Brother to expect the unexpected.

    • I agree. Porsha is already playing for Rachael. The newby’s should get rid of the oldtimers as soon as possible. RR

  6. Keith is so annoying he makes Rachel look good. When he celebrated ED leaving because of a family emergency was the final straw for me. He is supposed to be a christian, I find that difficult to believe due to his tacky behavior & his attitude in general. Hope he’s gone tonight. Dick called that one correctly!

  7. I figure worst case scenario 5-5 with votes and Rachel boots Keith. I don’t think it will be a tie but we know vets have four and only need one to tie it and I feel at least Kalia is voting that way so there’s 5.

    • do you like or don`t like keith i don`t. but i like rachell and jeff and jorden and brenden.

  8. What actually happened to Evil Dick? What did I miss? He was the “show”. His decision or BB’s?

    • Dick left because a long time friend was ill. As much as I hated to see him leave knowing how much he loves this game and how good he played it. His decision to leave shows how loyal he is to his friends and I have great respect for that..

  9. i saw the explanation of evel dick and i totally understand his situation. yes it would’ve been a better season but that’s neither here or there so onto tonight’s eviction i sort of liked keith at the beginning but after his meltdown and acting crazy and his own paranoia i’m not gonna shed a tear and i’ll be smiling for a short time when i see his smirk turn to disbeilief. for the hoh competition i hope jeff or jordan wins it and keep it with the veterans for a little while longer.

  10. I want Porsche to go home just to shut Brenchal down! Keith will take care of himself later.

  11. I am not pro keith or against Keith at the start of the season everybody focuses on the wrong things and miss the really big things like the conivers the ones who think they run the show and they make me mad because they are quiet and sneek up on everyone they sit back dont contribute and go farther than they should I think if he can survive the bald guy should win. I’m just sayin

    • He is trying to play the game he talks to everyone he listens and he plots and he joins whatever is going on and he is not to boastful

  12. If Keith gets kicked out tonight it is his own fault for acting so crazy!!!!!!!!!!! I will be glad to see that smug smile wiped off from this mouth too!!!!! I’m just not sure if the voting will go that way or not. He is truly a liability.

  13. Dick is gone, Brenchel are morons and can’t play HoH next week, Jordo is a dingbat and Porsche is obviously working for the vets who have drawn a clear line in the sand about getting all the newbs out. So of course the newbs will vote for Porsche to stay.

    Just another year with nothing but airheads in the house except for one or two. With as complicated as the selection process is to get on the show you’d think they might throw a quick IQ test in there so we wouldn’t have to see dummies like Brenchel play the game bad all day and night.

    Dr. Will, where are you???

    • Rachael plays out of jealousy not as a smart player. She wants Cassi out because she doesn’t make a fuss over her. It is her downfall. I think Brandon is starting to realize. But, she doesn’t listen to anyone.

  14. I think Keith should go…then the newbs should band together and get Brnchel on the block next week. Rachel gets on my nerves!!

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