Big Brother 13: Week 1 Tuesday Update – Who Has The Votes

Big Brother 13 Porsche Briggs

As the first eviction of the Big Brother 13 season draws closer the pressure turns up on the two nominated house guests. One will leave and one will earn a Golden Key, but both think they’ve got the votes to stay another week. Read on to find out today’s update from the Live Feeds on who has the votes and who is going home.

The day began with Adam and Shelly, two of the earlier risers in the house, discussing votes for the eviction. It’s as though neither wants to reveal their intentions, but is trying to feel the other one out. Adam says he’s nervous the house may decide to keep Porsche and boot Keith. Shelly notes everyone gets to make their own vote, but Adam replies that he wouldn’t want to shake the boat if that’s what the house has decided. Sounds like he’s looking for Shelly to pat him on the head, tell him to vote out Keith, and everyone will still like him. He doesn’t get it exactly, but close enough.

Midday Keith corners Rachel in the Storage Room and asks for her vote. Rachel side-stepped making that promise, but told him things were still up in the air and anything could happen. When someone tells you that it means you’re not getting their vote.

Just an hour later in the Lounge Room, Porsche and Jordan sat down for a quick talk (Live Feeds Flashback to 4PM BBT). Porsche is very concerned that she might not have the votes like she was expecting. She seems to be baiting Jordan for that conversation of confidence and she gets it. Jordan tells Porsche she definitely has the votes and not to worry. Porsche is sure Dominic and Cassi will vote against her. I would agree considering Dominic continues to say Keith is definitely staying. Jordan assures her that they’ll have at least five of the ten votes on Thursday and if it comes down to a tie breaker then Rachel will vote to keep her.

This still remains a very close vote for Thursday. Unless Dominic and Cassi get scared they will vote against Porsche. Lawon and Kalia are posed to do the same. With the Vets aligned to keep Porsche, the swing votes remain with Shelly and Adam. Since both are being wooed by the Vets I’m expecting Jordan’s scenario to play out and Porsche will be safe. But don’t count out the fear vote just yet. Many early votes are block voting and it could happen again when the Newbies realize they’re not going to get their way. Shhh, no one remind them they have the numbers to do whatever they want.

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  1. Last night during the after dark music show? Whatever I thought brenden had crazy eyes as he was leading the band. I was waiting for the chanting to start and then for him to piss all over the place.

  2. I am going to have my finger on the mute if Rach starts chanting big booty !!!! argggggg!!!

  3. The newbies game play is so damn infuriating! At this point, I am actually rooting for people who have already won serious money in the game.

    I expected Porsche to be an idiot and fall all over the veterans, but it’s disappointing that Shelley and Kalia seem to be falling for it too.

    The newbies do not stand a chance if they fracture this early. As soon as they stop being a united front, they might as well hand the money over to past players.

    • completely and totally agree! That’s what I’ve been saying from Day One! They need to stick together or there’s no chance. The vets will walk all over them like they seem to already be! The season will be so dang boring if the newbies won’t have any FIGHT in them!

  4. The newbies are totally gonna be wiped out regardless if Keith or Porshe goes home. It all depends who is Head of Household. The whole game depends on who is in power.

  5. seriously – if the newbies get “scared” and vote out Porche – this will seriously be the most boring season ever… There’s no FIGHT in them then. The newbies can just keel over and let the vets boss them around. I really hope to see a Porche eviction on Thursday.

    Please newbies – be smart and stick together. The only power you have now is YOU HAVE THE VOTES!

  6. I don’t like the newbies I like the vets now that dick is gone I want jeff/jordan to win I’d rather see keith gone don’t like either one but keith is a dog

    • Dick disappeared into the DR on Thursday. When he hadn’t come back out by the next morning, Danielle was called in and was told he was gone and she was getting a golden key. That’s really all we know, other than it wasn’t because of a family emergency.

  7. If it were up to me I would nominated Adam and Dominic in the hopes that Adam would be evicted…he is beyond annoying – I think he has done too much head-banging! Has anyone noticed the demented looking photo Adam has hanging?

    • Nope, Adam is tight with the vets. No way Rachel would put him up unless she knew for a fact she could oust Danielle.

      Porsche was already sided with the vets, getting her a golden key will really secure her loyalty and Danielle gets a partner.

  8. Hmm I haven’t really been watching BBAD or the live feeds but I thought Lawon was anti-Keith and had decided to get him out over Porsche.

    Apparently I missed something.

  9. Newbies have to stick together this week to have a chance in HELL! Please, I was hoping for some people with some brains……I am thinking that Jeff and dumb, dumb will be the winners if the newbies split there votes this first time. Jeff is the only one with a chance. Brandon walks around looking like a stupid HOT HEAD! Rachael is as stupid as her mate and the only thing they have going for them is the newbies are scared of them and that will be good for them to win HOH and POV’s because of it.

  10. Keith is a big mouth and cocky, but he’s right about Porshe. If she stays, the newbies are done. I like how he called out Kalia, that made her fall back into line for now. I really hope they aren’t scared or Rachel and Brendon, cuz all you have to do is nominate them and they will shoot themselves in the foot, and when one of them goes, the other is useless.

    • When he called a newbie meeting. Kalia wanted to consult with the vets to see what was going on and he accused her playing both sides, which who knows I don’t get BBAD, but he’s trying to keep it together.

  11. Its going to be tough for the vets in the next HOH competition. Jeff and Jordan will be the only couple from the vets that will be allowed to play. Giving the newbies the numbers. If Jeff and Jordan lose, then one of the couples will be broken up. Unless the vets can get into the heads of the newbies. Stir the pot.

  12. I am so sick of Mr. Youth Minister thinking he is something special. He is a bomb ticking..I hope he gets booted off tonight. Would serve him right…I think Dominic has bitten off more than he can chew..he best watch himself over the next couple of weeks….

  13. With Danny the nut diddnt fall from the tree,on dick it looks good,on Dannie not so much.

  14. Hey all
    The nut doesn’t fall from the tree.on dick it looks hoopoe but on danni not so much.

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