Big Brother 13: Week 1 Tuesday Live Feed Highlights

The big news of the day for Tuesday’s live feed highlights for Big Brother 13 is Brendon’s pet turtle “Franklin” has gone missing.  When the hg’s woke up they found Franklin gone.  Rachel is accused of hiding him and has hired Dom and Lawon as defense attorneys.  They claim Rachel is being framed as different clues pop up later in the day.  Read on to see what happens during the social big brother trial of the century. The vets have remained in the HOH on and off all day because of an inside lockdown.  They think the HOH comp could be “extravagant”.

Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – July 12, 2011:

9:00 AM BBT – Wake up time for the hg’s.

9:45 AM BBT – Shelly and Adam are talking and he said it’s a forgone conclusion they were getting rid of Porsche this week.  Shelly says she hasn’t heard for sure but says Porsche shouldn’t isolate herself from the newbies.

10:45 AM BBT – Brendon and Rachel start their argument back from last night.  He said he was going to throw the HOH so he can go home.  Said he didn’t want to come back this season and did it for her.  He tells her she’s making the same mistake as before and doesn’t want her to look like a lush on tv. Too late Brendon.  Us live feeders saw her shaking her @$$ in Lawon’s face and acting stupid with her girl Porsche.

11:00 AM BBT –   Cassi interrupts Brenchel to talk about some kind of incident that went down between her and Porsche which must not have been on the feeds or I missed it.  Apparently both the girls said they didn’t get along and Porsche didn’t want any animosity and wanted to be able to coexist.  Cassi said she was apathetic towards her more than anything lol.

11:15 AM BBT – The fighting continues and Rachel tells Bren she doesn’t need a dad and he returns with “well I don’t need a ******* kid. They kiss and make up about ten minutes later.

11:34 AM BBT – Shelly confirms with Brenchel that she is for sure voting out Keith now.  Big sigh here.  I’m not a Porsche fan at all.

12:00 PM BBT – Franklin the turtle has gone missing and Brendon is requesting help from the viewers to get him back.  He wants us to write a letter demanding Frank’s safe return.  The other hg’s say Rachel took him because she was jealous of Bren’s affection towards him.  Dom agrees to be on Rach’s defense team.  The trial is set for 9 PM.

1:00 PM BBT – Rach and Dom search Jeff’s bag for evidence of Franklin and find turtle flippers.  Jeff is saying they were planted.  The Franklin plot thickens…

3:00 PM BBT – Rach tells Keith in the kitchen that he is always welcome to come talk to her and they discuss the game a few minutes.  She goes up to HOH and is pounded by Bren for talking to Keith without him.  Says he’s going to get Dani to talk with them.  It’s odd he would go get Danielle from laying out to listen to he and Rach argue about Keith.  Maybe Bren has a little crush or something.

3:10 PM BBT – Dani tells Rach that Porsche follows her around like a puppy dog.  Bren immediately jumps in saying Rach should distance herself from Porsche and it’s a bad move to hang around her so much.  Rach disagrees with both of them.  Jeff comes in and when asked for his opinion he says he doesn’t see a problem with Rach and Porsche being friends and the convo changes.

4:00 PM BBT – Bren is now getting onto Rach for playing too much of an emotional game.  What is the deal with this guy?  He knows how she is and still all he does is bitch at her about something.  It’s getting on my nerves.

5:40 PM BBT – In the HOH room the vets plus Kalia and Dom talk about sex in the house.  Jordan says she never would, that she’s not an affectionate person. I feel you on that one Jordan. Rach admits she and Bren already have.

6:46 PM BBT – In the HOH room talk turns to the Harry Potter books and Kalia says Dumbledore was written to be gay and Jeff doesn’t like this at all and he and Kalia go back and forth.  Jeff starts cussing and tells her not to give her PC views for television with a few f bombs thrown around.

9:00 PM BBT – The lockdown is over and the hg’s have a mini golf set to play with and they take turns practicing.  Looks like the trial has been postponed.

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  1. Just wondering if there are any “older” watchers out there or am I the only one????

      • I also do not think that brenchel’s relationship will make it through bb. Rachel is who she is and he isn’t going to change her.

      • I’m taking it when you put 39? that you have had that birthday several times. Good glad to hear it!!!!

    • Well, I can tell you that I am 63 and my husband is 64 and we have watched every season. A group of us get together every season for the first night, have dinner and drinks and pick our favorites. So yes there are some “older” watchers out here.

      • That sounds fun. My husband and I watch with friends sometimes. I wish they would put more older people in the house.

      • So glad to hear it!! I am 60 and have watched it ever since it started also. Just seems on all the chats and everything it seems everyone is in their 20s. I sometimes felt like I was to old for the whole think, but I really enjoy it. Sooo glad to hear I’m not alone!!

    • Honey………………lie and deny LOL I have watched every season!!!! I will be 39 again this December. HAPPY NEW YEAR !!

    • I’m 54 and been watching since Eddie walked out on crutches in season one. I think the veteran watchers expect/hope for fireworks like years passed and we are let down when it doesn’t happen right away. Give them a chance to really get on each others nerves and step back and watch the fur fly. Rachel will be good at that. I expect to see them breakup soon but who knows, or cares. I admire Danielle for forging ahead alone and think she’ll go far.
      No matter what I’ll keep watching and keeping up with the threads. Sure isn’t anything else on TV to watch anyway. I’m ready for Survivor!!!

  2. I am also an older viewer (45) and I have been watching BB since “Chicken George” and I used to love this show. I understand the ratings and money aspect of network tv, but I am getting tired of the “All Star” shows, and the bringing of past members back. Be it BB, Survivor or The Amazing Race. Get 14 strangers, put them in a house, watch them 24/7 and entertain me. Anyway thank you BB for bringing back Rachel and Brendan you saved me $50 for the live feeds and countless waisted hours on after dark episodes. Maybe next year?

  3. This is strictly a knee jerk guess, but Shelly, Jordan and maybe Cassi were talking about what production does if someone steals something from another HG on BBAD just the other night. Is it more than just coincidence that the turtle goes missing after this discussion? Maybe one of these three are behind it. Seems rather odd to me.

    • every year I can’t wait till bb is on, Im 55 and have been watching it since the first one with chicken george in it. Im addicted to it but I wish they would have more older people on it, and new people not all stars

      • I’m so glad to hear it! I’m 60, but every time I’m in the chats or wherever it seems everyone is so young. I have been watching since the first time chicken george was on. I really liked that year because they did have older people along with the younger and that’s what I like. Plus, I don’t like to see all the young skinny girls who sit around in their bikinis all the time.

  4. never liked jeff on his season and after reading AND watching the “blowup” he had at Kalia we find out he’s got some homophobia in his game. well hey maybe my intuition is just spot on. Anyway Keith from what it looks like is as sure as a lock to go home as ever. And he’s still trying to flirt heavy with Porsche. DUMB DUMB DUMB… DUMB.

    Am i the only one who sees Daniele lasting a LONG time? for some reason she is not looked at as a threat in the house because her dad isnt there yet u still feel some HG are scared to put her up because of her POV numbers. i love me some Dani, but if i was playing i’d put her up as soon as i could. she is too dangerous. too sneaky, and its damn near impossible to tell if she’s lying. She is way more of a threat then JJ which shows how pathetic they are but JJ’s eviction will come in good time.

    • I read somewhere else that Jeff made homophobic comment(s) in his first season, is that true?

  5. Porsche needs to go, she has no perdonality. Dani follows Brenden around like a puppy dog and he clearly has a thing for her..poor Rachel..Dani doesn’t like her but she is trying so hard. And yes, In the book Dumbeldore was gay. They wanted him to have a romantic encounter in the movie but jk said, no,he is gay. I have no idea what she was thinking on that one ! Sorry Jeff.

    • Whats wrong with Dumbledore being gay? Everyother character is straight. Geez, open up buddy, we live in 2011.

    • No they are not going to make it. There are rumors that he cheated on her before they were engaged. Not a good start. Marriage takes work.

      • I cannot stand Rachel and Brendon! I doubt they will last. I don’t know if he cheated, but he did post a pathetic apology to Rachel on, I believe, YouTube awhile back. When they showed possible pairs returning I was torn on who I liked least Rachel and Brendon or Jesse and Natalie. But alteast I can fast forward through most of BBAD and saved money by not getting live feeds.

      • I honestly don’t know why everyone hates rachel so much. She’s a skillful physical competitor, she’s great at mental challenges, she’s entertaining. She has everything big brother needs. I really love her, even though she has the craziest laugh ever. And I heard Brendon cheated too. Have you seen his rated x photos too? Unprofessional, but not bad, not bad at all.

  6. I watch taped after dark too. If they aren’t talking about game play it’s ff for me.

  7. It’s a serious bummer that Jeff is just a homophobic tool. I didn’t find out about the BB11 stuff until way after the fact, which is annoying. I really wish CBS would air people being racist, homophobic, or misogynistic.

    I really hope Shelley changes her mind and votes out Porsche. The girl is amazingly annoying.

  8. I’m older (in my 60’s) and I love watching Big Bro to study the nature of humans in captivity. Isolation skews the human mind and makes people unduly suspicious. Season 12 was my favorite Big Bro. I was hoping Britney Haynes would be back; I wonder what’s happned with her. (?)

  9. I am 63 and am a faithful bb fan — have watched every season since the beginning and watch showtime after dark every day since last season also — I also think rachel and brendon won’t last — love jeff and jordan though —

    • Glad to hear it Joanne!!! I’m 60 and just always feel like i’m the odd ball here, but I really like it. I watch showtime also and I get the live feeds===I’m hooked!!!

  10. Keith is a big mouth and cocky but he’s right about Porshe and I think him calling out Kalia put her back in line for now.

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