Big Brother 13: Week 1 Nominations Revealed – Spoilers

It’s the first day on Big Brother 13 and we’re already getting spoilers on the Feeds.

Rachel won the first HoH competition on the premiere show and was then informed she’d have to nominate one pair of HGs. Of course that all happened days ago in real life and once the live feeds turned on and we discovered who had been nominated. Read on to find out who was nominated and get your first peek at the Have-Not room.

Big Brother 13 Week 1 Nominations:

  • Keith
  • Porsche

We came to this conclusion because these two were paired as part of the twist and now both of their house keys are missing from the Memory Wall while everyone else’s can be seen on the wall. Big Brother tradition follows that when someone’s key is withheld during the nomination ceremony it stays in hiding for the rest of that week.

These nominations will be officially confirmed on Sunday’s Big Brother show, but this seems pretty solid. Of course there’s still a Power of Veto waiting to be won.

There is a bit of a mystery tonight with the vanishing of Evel Dick. When the live feeds turned on at 1AM ET, Evel was no where to be seen. Close to 3AM ET someone noted Evel Dick had been gone for six hours and they no longer believed he was still in the Diary Room. Evel was last seen being called to the DR but has not since returned. We’ll keep watching and waiting and will post any news we hear.

The other big reveal tonight was the Have-Not room. Earlier on the premiere show we finally saw the 3rd bedroom which was a Library theme (as my insider told me and I shared here 10 days ago), but as Allison Grodner tweeted, that didn’t last long. Now that room has become a padded, asylum-looking bare bones Have-Not room.

Have-Nots look to be Shelly, Cassi, Kalia, and Lawon. They’re sleeping in the Have-Not room and complaining about being really hungry today. Though Lawon mentioned having just a few chips and salsa. Maybe they’ve relaxed the rules even more this year…

The Power of Veto competition will be probably be held very soon, possibly Saturday or Sunday, so stay close and keep checking in here for those spoilers too. Join us on Facebook and get our free email updates to find out as soon as the Veto results are in.

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  1. So it looks like she is going to try to get rid of the new people first. Some how I think that this might just be a set up to back door one of the bigger targets.

    • I don’t think so. Rachel is most likely taking out the new houseguests first.

      • hopefully someone can take her out soon sghe will ruin the summer mis the evil dick already

    • backdooring only existed in season 6 when it was possible for someone to have NO CHANCE at all to play POV. Remember, in that season the two nominees and the HOH PICKED who played POV with them… so in an attempt to get out JAmes (one of my faves), the houseguests didn’t nominate him and did not pick him to play POV. Therefore, he had NO CHANCE to save himself. BB changed the rules next season and now it’s completely RANDOM who plays POV. THEREFORE, Back-dooring does NOT exist because EVERYONE has a CHANCE to play POV and ensure their spot next week.

  2. Seems like a reasonable choice. I wonder if the previous players have formed an alliance?

    • I would expect them to feel some sort of camaraderie since they’re all former HGs. I’d bet that if a new HG had won then we’d see a former HG duo nominated instead.

      First noms are always tough. Hard to really know enough so early on. Still got that Veto to play though.

  3. So they form new couples with the POV since the winner will always save themselves.

    • So, if they take themself off, they come off the block as a couple, right?

      Otherwise, the golden key thing wouldn’t work properly.

    • Yes hopefully, I don’t like when they play in pairs. However, it makes sense considering that the popular pairs from the past could get out first. This allows the popular pairs of America to have at least one person from the pair still in the game.

      • i hate the new format with the pairs like the old one better hate that the cackle is back wish she went awol hope evil dick comes back review season 8 and you will know he could have been best thing this summer exceopt for jordon and jeff

  4. Evel Dick is still missing
    Danielle’s freaking out
    Production’s not telling
    Leaving houseguests in doubt

    The season has started
    With surprises galore
    But I’m not sure I can stand
    Rachel’s laugh anymore

    Looking forward to more
    Of the drama to come
    I can already tell
    I’ll be a BB watching bum!

    • Yeah Rico and his rhyming is back! I never thought I would see anyone like Rachel but apparently Danielle does. Why all the hate on Porche though? I see it is now Brendan acting all crappy and Rachel is telling him to cool down? Is it just me or is the HOH room gotten quite smaller and not just alittle bit?

    • Rico glad to see you back this season. Look forward to more of your post each day.

    • well said bring back evil dick if for nothing else to torment rachel and her cackle until she is forced out loved to see these twop go at it

  5. What, did they all not bring clothes?? The girls are all in the same shorts and Flashdance tops, and they guys are in the V-neck T-Shirts again? Calling BS on Danielle.

    • I think Cassie and Dominic are “hooking” up. Doesn’t Cassie look like that girl on House who plays 13?

      • I think Cassie is feeling him, but is not used to rejection, or guys not immediately jumping on her. But Cassie seems flirty in general. Did you see Keith double hug her? She likes attention from all the guys.

  6. I agree that Dom and Cassie definately have a strong, visible attraction. DIdn’t Dom say he was a virgin in the opening of episode 1?

    • Yeah he did say that. Now he has them believing he is only 17 or is it 18? I am liking Rachel so far. It seems like Brendan is “crushing” on Danielle…..oh no!

      • Oh – so he’s doing the Natalie? that back fired on her once they found out! No tears lost for her loosing!

  7. So all of a sudden Danielle got callaed to the DR and now the live feeds arent working….GREAT!

      • No nothing yet and the feeds have been down for like 45 min already :( im tired of waiting aswell!

      • Me too. This happened alot last season. Mostly when there was a Pov compete or HOH…..but don’t know why it is out now. Unless it has to do with Dick. Guess we will find out later on the feeds or after dark. I am tired of waiting…..bed I go.

  8. Hey guys is there a site to watch BB episodes. Can’t use cus I am in Ukraine for the summer

  9. Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but is anyone having trouble signing up for the mobile feeds on their iPad. I’ve tried and keep getting, “Technical Difficulties – We are currently experiencing technical difficulties and are unable to complete your order.” I’m hoping someone can shed some light!

  10. Maybe Porshe was nominated because she was the last of the new ones that was hanging on the banana?
    Still confused how pov works this season. If one of the duos gets the pov they can take both of them off?

    • Porshe was nom because she has big boobs and is pretty, remember who is making the selections?

      • I totally agree with you on this one! Rachel is as annoying as ever! Would have loved to see her cower from Evil Dick!

    • You got that right. Brendon probably let his look linger a little too long and the red head caught him and that was enough to convince her. She has better boobs, plain and simple.

  11. Good to have you back matt. Missed you. I love this site because you always seem up to date on everything.

  12. I almost lost my lunch when that skanky redhead walked in with her puppy trailing behind. That fake laugh makes my skin crawl. And let’s be clear, she didn’t win, Dick and Danielle gave it to her. I wanted them to bounce that screaming metal head out. He is gonna get old fast! Kinda bummed that D/D haven’t been able to stay civil. That is unless is all a ruse to further their game play. Love that J/J are back too!!

  13. I think with POV. Where they are playing as duos, you can’t split them up unless one gets evicted right? So i think which ever team win’s POV can take the nominated team off and then the HOH team has to nominate a new team. Does that make sence? it does in my mind

    • I’m wondering too, this means I will get NO WORK done today continually checking to see what’s up!

      Someone plz post as soon as they know. Prob will be a while since it looks like everyone stayed up late watching the feeds!

  14. One thing that stuck from last year (around my house anyway) is when Rachel busted in the door w/ “I’m back bitches”. I was so wanting to hear that when the door opened!

    Not to dissapoint she said it in the diary room clip! Wonder how long before we get the “MY MAN”

  15. Dick has left the show for reasons not known. Something happened outside the house but doesnt involve his immediate family.

    • Thanks for the update! Sad to see him go because he would have definitely caused some great uproars.

      • R U SERIOUS!!!!!???!!!

        They were my FAV old school duo!
        I was really looking forward to him terrorizing the house. I hope maybe this isn’t true….

        Did anyone notice that he looked very tired and not really into it?

  16. I just found this site for the first time this year. I am a huge BB fan. Unfortunately we couldn’t afford to keep Showtime, so we are going to miss After Dark this year. I will be faithfully checking this site to see updates. Please keep the Evel Dick drama updated!!!

    • I feel ya Em, This site is a great and has kept me in the loop even without the other stuff!

    • Oh Emily, it’s bad Evel news. Check out the front page for more details.

      Glad you found our site!

      You should try checking w/ your cable provider for any free Showtime promotions going on. I was able to get 3-months of it free to try it just by calling and asking Verizon.

  17. Awhhz dicks gone?
    Brenchel isn’t bothering me this season..yet
    Lets go veterans!
    * especially Jordeff!

    • give it time sara but i agree i like having jordeff back but hope the evil one comes back wiould have loved to see the fireworks between him and rachell might have been beast thing all summer in the house anyone know why the evil dick is gone.

  18. I was looking forward to evil Dick giving Rachel a run for her money.I hate she won the first HOH but I just kew this was going to happen even before the comp. began. CBS don’t want her to leave right away because she brings drama to the show and that means good ratings.I feel CBS controls more of the show then we know.

  19. I really dont want to watch big brother at all this season anymore, because Dick is what made the season really good.. disappointed :(

  20. I think having Brenchel is back is masterful, they incorporate some drama, these new people look boring, sorry Evel Dick left, he would have been exciting to watch..Love, Love , Love J & J

  21. The houseguest are already playing both sides of the fence.Keith’s goose is cooked,he’s on his way ov.

  22. I was so addicted to BB last season that I was up most of the night for nothing watching them play pool and whisper so low you couldn’t hear them.I loved the final four but don’t they tell these people to pick up after them selves? What Pigs absolute slobs.They must have live in help at home.

  23. I do not like the fact that they brought back Rachel. Her laugh makes me nuts, it works on my last nerve. Want to rip her face

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