Big Brother 13 Episode 1: Twists Revealed

Big Brother 13 Premiere

Big Brother is back! We’ll be right here on this post discussing the “three shocking surprises” and revealing who are the Dynamic Duos from our Big Brother past. Get ready for some exciting news! I’ll keep updating this post throughout the broadcast.

First aspect of the season’s twists: the new HGs will have to pair up from the start. Wow, we see the 3rd hidden room and my inside source was real (see Update 3.1)! The mystery room is a library like I posted ten days ago. Allison Grodner tweeted that room wouldn’t last long anyway, so is it set to become the Have-Not room?

Julie reveals to the HGs that they’ll need to immediately pair up. Which ever pair wins the first HoH both of them will be safe. They will have to then nominate another pairing who will have to campaign against one another to avoid eviction.

Big Brother 13 HG Pairings:

  • Keith & Porsche
  • Shelly & Cassi
  • Adam & Dominic
  • Lawon & Kailia

The new 8 HGs swear allegiance to the group against the inbound former HGs.

Big Brother Dynamic Duos:

  • Brendon & Rachel
  • Jeff & Jordan
  • Evel Dick & Daniele

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The first HoH competition has the pairs hanging on to a giant banana. The look pretty slippery, so this can’t be easy. Last pair with a HG hanging wins HoH.

It comes down to Rachel, Daniele, and Evel Dick… Grab your life vests because Rachel wins the first HoH. Julie promises us another twist to “shock” the game.

Okay, this is a big, crazy twist. I think they outdid themselves this season. Here’s how it works. The HG who survives eviction wins a “Golden Key” and becomes immune until there are only 10 HGs left. You can no longer put up 2 people you definitely want to leave because 1 is guaranteed safety for several more weeks. Golden Key holders can’t even participate in any competition until they reach the 10-remaining point. Craziness.

Don’t forget that starting tomorrow morning we’ll have a former HG reviewing the season for us right here on the site. The first article from this mystery HG will be posted Friday morning so be sure to check back in tomorrow.

After tonight’s west coast premiere ends the Live Feeds and Big Brother After Dark will launch (that’s 1AM ET / 10PM PT) so get your BB live feed account signed up and ready now. Reminder that you’ll be able to start using your iOS4 devices tonight (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch), but CBS has delayed the Android app until Friday. Good thing you can download our free Android App right now from the Android Market!

As the show closed we got a quick preview of what’s to come in the next few episodes and it looks like it didn’t take long for the shirts to come off and the bikinis to come out. We snagged a few quick screenshots over on our Big Brother NSFW site to help get the season started over there. Looks like a good summer for uncensored live feeds!

Check it out! The Live Feeds are now on and the game is running. Evel Dick is missing, but he’s not eliminated, just out of the house for some event. The HGs are getting alone surprisingly well and are playing pranks on each other.

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    • im picking Kaila and Adam to role with this season i think, well i think its Adam, its the heavy metal guy. on a side note this is probably the ugliest cast of any tv show ive ever seen. my goodness look at Lawon. WEWWWWWW! haha.

      • I want the pairing of one of the oldies to win it. One who hasn’t won it before, actually either Brandon or Jeff.

  1. I’m like screaming at my tv Right Now, I seriously think porsha is the new Rachel cocktail waitress and her laugh is almost the same

    • I agree is why I want one of the oldies to win it. Atleast there isn’t going to be a new showmance this season. Or who know…lol

  2. Predicts that Shelly & Cassi’s gonna hook up by the end of the season lol!

  3. Great, we have another week of Rachel’s horrible voice, guaranteed. Why….

  4. Very good premiere. I just don’t understand if lets say Jeff and Jordan are up on the block and Jeff wins veto what happens then???

    • My guess is they r both off the block then. I’m also thinking that this partner thing won’t go past the 4wks anyway.

  5. God no not rachel again…… why did they have to put her in this season. I dont know how people cant stand her but then they put her in again.

      • Yeah well she is a good competitor, its just her voice and laugh that are annoying as hell.

        If anything she can walk away with this season easy.

  6. ehh. it will take me a couple episodes to get in-trenched in this season. cast is kind of hard to like. lawon is a total character which is will be fun to watch. with all the twist, especially the last one the game is confusing as a viewer. whoever wins the last gold key will be a huge target. AND i have a hard time believing Dick and Danielle havent talking in 3 years. why would she do basically the same show all over again?

  7. Am I happy that Rachel won HOH? Never thought that would happen. Hopefully, Rachel will be smart and take some of these newbies out. Hopefully Dominic goes because he seems very cocky and I don’t like that. Can’t wait to find out the noms!

  8. So now if they cant participate in any competitions what about the have/have nots? Will they automatically be have nots? Or is that an exception hmm.. I’m confused

    • More than likely, who ever get to stay and has the key is an automatic have. And since they cant get nominated again then that would basically cover all games which are the vito and have / have not.

  9. So now if they cant participate in any competitions what about the have/have nots? Will they automatically be have nots? Or is that an exception?

  10. Rachel and Brendon? UGH I guess so. This season looks like a keeper on the other hand though.

  11. Julie said there was another twist I bet u win veto and are replaced with a new couple

  12. What is the real purpose for the returning
    Probably because they are the only people worth watching

    • Probably a failed attempt at the so called BB all star season that was suppose to happen, but a lot of people didnt want to come back. I guess they just put them up as a sub to the all star season that was going to happen.

      • I would rather watch them then the newbies…..but then again who knows…..that guy with the mustache thing going on has got to go…..a Evil Dick wannabe.

  13. Who’s idea was it to bring back Rachel?? She has the most annoying laugh!! Gets under my skin!!

  14. So when do the live feeds start? i’m new to the live feeds and i’m DYEING to know who Rachel put up. It better NOT have been Dick and Danielle!!

    • Hey, the live feeds are great, they come up at 1am est. I know you will enjoy them :). I don’t want her to put up Dick and Danielle, but the thing I want the most, is that Jeff and Jordan stay.!

  15. Rachel & Brendon; Jeff & Jordan and what is this Lawon person? Won’t be watching much of this season. I do like Evil Dick, but don’t like his daughter. What a waste!!!

  16. My predictions for the dynamic duos were right. But ugh Brenchal. I think they are both great competitors, but her voice kills my ears. And I don’t think Evel and his daughter have not spoken in 3 years.

  17. Gosh, where to begin, my worst nightmare has come true, Brenchel. I have never used the mute button so much in my life. It was tricky timing but I only heard that cackle once.
    I like MOST of the new folks. A couple are over the top but they’ll calm down…. Or will they? The new twists are different, remains to be seen.
    If looks could kill, Evel Dick would be dead. His daughter could use 90 days of family therapy.
    Finally, my hope is the when ED holds Rachels head under water in the pool, that CBS airs it for all to see.
    So glad BB is back!!!!!

    • Amen to that….. If they dont get rachel out soon then I will need to get a new remote. Since the mute button will be worn out.

  18. ewww why why rachel and brenden i really hate them. and she wins hoh god this sucks. i knew there had to be a twist about what would happen when a partner is evicted. I thought it would be that the person would not be able to be nominated again until all the couples were gone or something like that. but when she said the partners would be going against each other it didn’t make since to me. cause then there would be 1 person and then they wouldn’t have anyone to go up against for nominations again.

    • The remaining player is safe until final 10 and can not be put on the block. As for after that, I’m pretty sure when it comes to the top 10 the pairs will be broken up(the implied answer by Julie I think). It’s kind of like the clique twist in BB11. Then they split them up.

  19. I’m bracing myself for Rachel and her “Egore” Brendan…. I thought I had survived that, however I’m going to enjoy Evil Dick putting an end to her nonsense hahaha

  20. Best twists ever, and even though i hate rachael I was kinda rooting for her. We’ll see what happens though. All the new house guests seem kinda boring, though, and where’s the token gay guy that’s always in the house, did i miss him?

  21. Won’t the nominations be made already, and won’t we be able to figure out which duo is nominated tonight on After Dark / live feeds?

  22. K, damn.. forgot how frekin annoying Rachel is. She’s definately pissing alot of hgs. kinda wish britney was here to taunt and humour brenchel.

    Oh and!! why is Danielle not speaking to her dad again?! WTF, thought they were all good ages ago.. they even went to disney together.

  23. So this golden key twist must end in 4 weeks then they split the duo and go solo??

  24. Of the 3 duos I am happy to see Dick and Danielle. OMG Brenchel is the same as last season..that laugh is too much. I guess Rachel will go on her power trip this whole week. Good start to the season so far. Luv. Luv the new power key twist.

    • I did hate her so much last season but you have to admit she does liven up the place…..cough cough…… I am waiting for one of the newbies to break them up. He is too easily swayed……lol

  25. I am so waiting on Showtime after Dark and the live feeds. Bring it on……..Jeff and Brendan….two eye candies for the ladies….oh yeah!

    • waiting right with you. I love the new twists and with cbs I think they will have even more knew ones as the season goes on. Love it!!

  26. I forgot gotta type livefeeds like that. Not like seperate…gets you in moderation.

  27. Just when u think that ED will take down the squawking red bubble they show a clip (pretty sure that was her) with them playn around. I really hope he tells her to STFU. I didn’t realize or even think that they would still be Brachael. What a sap that guy is!

    Happy to see the old school tho – even if Rachael is a part of it, not that BB could have left them out… the luv/hate fan thing adds to the drama.

    And as a brunette, I do apprecite dark hair but geeze —- it is NOT working for Danielle.

    I was glad to see the southern girls pair up but I’m not really sure who I’m liking on just yet.

    • Just by first impressions, I think Shellie (or is it Sherrie?, the older blonde chick – u know -looks like a lady, acts like a man ((yeah she said that)) and works like a dog) she has a chance out of the newbies.

      Old school picks, Jeff or Dick.

  28. Hello to everyone again this season.

    It is no great surprise that Rachel is HOH right off the bat. Who do you think she will nominate? I believe it will either be Keith & Porsche or Shelly & Cassi. Based on her previous actions, she always went after women who she thought of as competition in the looks department and both Porsche and Cassi have her beat by far.

      • I agree, you got that right! I also think Evil Dick and his daughter are talking….they used this trick the last time. Didn’t any of this HG watch previous seasons?

      • Me neither Nadine. Um even Rachel’s. Awwww come on, she even made fun of herself with “my man” thing…instead she said banana but….lol

  29. I think the producers made the best decision on choosing the house guests.(sorry brenchel haters)Think about it Rachel and Brenden are a power couple and even though Rachel is so annoying she totally makes good telivision. Dick and Danielle are another obvious choice because with ED in the house you never know whats going to happen! Rachel and ED we all love to hate! Last but definatly not least, Jeff and Jordan. They are americas favorites! They are both sweet, genuine, funny people. On cbs they blew away the competition with votes. BB would be stupid not to bring them back.
    I know some people are mad they are bringing in old houseguests but I’m excited. Frankly the newbies are BORING!Jeff and Jordan all the way <3

  30. YO Mat !is this normal that i have to put my name and email address every time i want to post something ?

    • Nah, that shouldn’t be happening. It’s a setting I toggled and now I have to find out how to extend the duration. I’ll work on it.

  31. This is going to be one cutthroat season. The newbies don’t know what they’re in for.

  32. If Danielle didn’t accept the deal with Rachel I’m pretty sure she would’ve won HOH. I remember her being good at endurance competitions. I’m shocked that Dick and Danielle hasn’t spoken in 3 years.

    • Rachel is good at endurance competitions too. But if Rachel doesn’t keep her deal Evil will make her life miserable, more so than Brit did last season. Evil Dick is the master of that!

      • I think its a ruse, they r smart I think not only have they talked they got a plan to win!

  33. oh boy…. another season of “go Jeff and Jordan” I like them and all, really I do, but I feel like I got enuff of that already.

    TG the Brachel Parade isn’t marching yet!

    Either way soooooo happy to start the season! And looking forward to all the BBN chats for shizzle~

  34. I think Jordan and Jeff will go up. Jordan already won. If they stay in, one of them will get Americas vote for more of an advantage. Jeff can win competitions and carried Jordan 3/4 through the game the first time. With him gone, she will not be a threat. J and J better make a real or fake alliance with the evil with quickly.

    • nope WATCH the feeds it’s a new couple not Jeff and Jordan plus ED won bb too:)

  35. I’m so glad I decided not to buy the live feeds since Rachel is back.
    There are so many other pairs that could have been on, and they choose Rachel and Brendon? come on!! what about Jannelle and Howie??

  36. So sad that rachel is back. Almost decided not to watch because of her.
    When do the live feeds come on??

    • i totally agree. then when she won hoh… sickening. i roll my eyes everytime she laughs. UGGH!!!

  37. Julie made it sound that if you won VETO and used it you would have to take off the pair, to be replaced by another pair. As there are only SEVEN pairs to start the game. The available pairs will be very limited in weeks three and four. With two or three pairs broken up, the HOH pair safe, the VETO pair safe, the pair coming off the block. It will be down to ONE or TWO pairs left to be put up. Who can you trust. The mind games have only just begun.

  38. Not even on the in the west yet, but I’m convinced CBS hates us. We’re gonna watch and they brought back the worst. Kinda like getting sick after a mexican vaction – coming home to a tequila scented bed.

    I hope the bring Kristen back for future a competition sending Rachel (at least) home!

  39. Hey everyone! I’ve been lurking this site since last season when I started watching Big Brother 12. It was my first time watching Big Brother. I love the site it’s very informative! Keep up the good work Matt!

    Anyways, I see that a lot of people here hate Brenchel, but to be honest that’s the reason why I got hooked to Big brother in the first place! They made the show interesting and once they got eliminated it got boring and I stopped watching until the Finale where they came back.

    So yeah those are my two cents right there. Brenchel make this show exciting to watch! I was so happy to see them back!



  40. So far… umm… I don’t know. Porche’s good looks should keep her around, even though her personality is terrible!! I’ll see after Showtime who I might root for. :/

  41. I want the Deacon gone like Yesterday. I mean talk about a convient fence straddler. How are you scared to show you being a “Christian” but show you a bold flirt/freak? Yuck!!! :( #downwiththeDeacon
    Hoping Rachel never says “her man” so I won’t puke.


  42. Had class tonight so just got done watching it. As much as I hate Brenchal they will provide tons of entertainment guaranteed.

    My only other thoughts (at least right off the bat) are that I feel very sorry for the newbs (especially if the 3 “dynamic” duos decide to just ally to the final 6 (I mean why not…that would certainly be the no brainer safest way to do it.) They certainly have the newbs out gunned. The heavy metal guy seems to have some brains but he’s so outnumbered. And you can see the playboy/deacon guy coming from about 10 miles away. But I definitely would not want to be in that house against those teams.

    If I was a newb then I’d lie, cheat, steal, whatever I had to do to pit Brenchal against ED and Danielle (plant ED’s cigs in Brendon’s stuff maybe?). That would be a fun collision to watch but I bet they take the safe route.

    Anyway on account of the great “bikini’in” that I think will be going on, I actually splurged on live feeds so should be an exciting season fellow fans. Looking forward to it.

  43. I like that whoever is not evicted from the nominated pair, gets immunity until the Top 10. Last season got very predictable when Brenchel didnt win HOH because you knew they were going on the block. This year, the whole house can’t keep going after the same pair. Last season, people would nominate Brenchel just because that’s what the whole house wanted.

    • I know right? I like the idea too Jon. I know alot hate Rachel but it would be boring without her there. Love all the oldies. Take out the newbies and fight for it oldies…..Going to love BB this year

  44. Evil Dick and danielle Are probaly pretending not to Talk to each other so that they seem like they dont like each other thats what they did before

  45. I am watching BBAD right now! Looks like someone is trying to sabotage Dick/Daniele!

    • The HGs are saying he’s out on some event. Evel definitely wasn’t eliminated, just away from the rest of the HGs right now.

  46. Really Rachel and Brenden again? Please get her out of there fast. Love to see Jeff and Jordon again. Can’t wait to see E.D. in action again.
    Still out on the newbies – not sure what I think of them yet.

  47. Is anyone have a problem with the audio on the live feeds? It seems that the audio from one room is overlapping into another. Also the words are repeating.

    • Yes, it’s a $9.99 3-month fee or $5 month fee to get the mobile access add-on. CBS is charging for the licensing so we have to pay extra for it.

      • Well I guess I’ll just have to stick to watching the regular live feeds. Atleast for now.

  48. i love brachel! sooo excited theyre back. rachel makes it interesting and brendon is hot!

  49. I actually love Brenchel!! Despite her annoying laugh, Rachel is an amazing competitor, as is Brendon, and I would rather see her win than someone like Jordan, who hides behind her sweet smile and Jeff.

  50. Okay… so where is Evel Dick??? There are rumors FLYING around on the live feeds chat….so can anyone clear this up?!?!?

    • He left the game for unknown reasons. People are saying that its all part of a twist that BB is cooking up, but I don’t believe that, because they already gave Danielle the golden key.

  51. OKay guys, just speculation but here is a legitimate guess as to what happened to evil dick…… A video has surfaced of evil dick explaning that he had be selected for the show among other things….. Could this be a breach in his contract???? Has he been removed due to this?

  52. On the block in pairs
    Survivor is golden
    Who should win all?
    Newbie or Olden?

    Brenchel is back
    Floaters beware
    Evel Dick is missing
    Danielle doesn’t care

    Casting seems normal
    Bros and hoes once again
    But the twists are intriguing
    A nice way to begin

    A new season has started
    BB addicts rejoice
    We’ll be glued to “The Network”
    Our BB website of choice!

  53. I kinda wish they had done Matt/regan, Brittany/Regan, or Brittany/lane if they wanted a season 12 duo, but I get that brenchael is more dramatic. Though it seems like rachael calmed down a lot compaired to last season.

  54. I have to say that I was pretty stoked that Rachel won. She seems much mellower than last season. Plus, she is guaranteed to keep things interesting.

    My favorite newb is LaWon. Dude seems like he is certifiable, and I love it.

    Super major bummer that Cassi, who I originally adored, dropped a gay slur tonight on AD.

  55. I love how everyones like anti cassi cause if the gay slur thing, but u know I’m gay and say fag, and that things are gay, so if Ur around people like that all the time who use that word with each other then I can see saying it out of habit.

  56. From what I’ve heard evil Dick left because of family problems. Not sure if it is true but that is what I heard.

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