Big Brother 13: Week 1 Monday Live Feed Highlights

Things heated up in the Big Brother 13 house during the wee hours of Monday morning between Brenchel.  It didn’t take long for them to get it on under the covers in the HOH room.  Still a lot of game talk going on between everyone.  Rachel is determined to get out Cassi next but I’m hoping Cassi will step up and win the HOH competition or push for someone else to leave.  I don’t know if it was the smartest move on her part to hang so tight with the “regulators” after pledging loyalty to the vets.  We’ll have to wait until Thursday night to see how everything plays out.

I’m not real happy with any of the newbies.  At least with Brenchel around we get a lot of game play.  Shelly and JJ are all serious floaters but that doesn’t surprise me and Dani is sneaky.  People need to watch out for her.

Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – July 11, 2011:

3:35 AM BBT – Turn your live feeds back for some HOH love making.

8:40 AM BBT – Wake up time in the BB house!

8:56 AM BBT – Adam wishes his best bud Chris a happy birthday and is blowing kisses to his fans.

9:03 AM BBT – Brendon and Shelly talk about not trusting Cassi, Dom and Lawon.  Bren worried he and Rach are going up next week but Shelly says she for sure won’t put them up and she thinks JJ will go up before them.  With all the strategic game play going on around them I think JJ needs to stop playing the perfect nice couple and start playing for half a million dollars.  I don’t think Brenchel with let them get away with floating.

10:00 AM BBT – Shelly and Adam talking game saying they have each others backs and discussing Porsche and where her loyalty will be at final 10.

11:53 AM BBT – Keith thinks he has the votes to stay and lets Shelly know. This is after Brendon told Shelly they were going to make Keith think they were voting for him.  He’s going to get blindsided.

12:20 PM BBT – Brendon and Kalia now talking game.  Kalia tells him people want to put up JJ and backdoor him and Rachel.  He seems a little concerned about that.  Kalia wants the vets to put up her and Lawon and then send him home. She’s going to act like she wants to be sent home.  Not a real good history for the pawns in this game.

2:30 PM BBT – Dani and Shelly are now talking about Cassi.  Saying she runs the other side of the house and they don’t understand why she’s doing what she’s doing.  IMO, she wants to stay true to her first alliance of the regulators and would rather lead the newbies then be Brenchel’s puppet.  She needs to win some comps.

3:00 PM BBT – Kalia puts her plan into action and starts talking about missing home to the other hg’s.

3:45 PM BBT – Dani and Brendon in HOH talking game.  Dani says she wants Cassi gone next over Dom but Bren doesn’t agree.  She also says there are only 3 golden keys. That the fourth one doesn’t mean anything.

6:05 PM BBT – Adam and Jeff are working out and discussing who to keep, Keith or Porsche.  Adam says most will do what the HOH wants.  I don’t understand when this game changed to let’s kiss the HOH’s ass and do whatever she/he wants.

6:25 PM BBT – Rachel and Bren in HOH bed.  She’s playing with his hair and rubbing all over him.  They are going over everything that’s been done in the house by which day they were there.

10:00 PM BBT – The HG’s are playing their drinking game Big Booty.  Rach and Porsche are getting drunk.

11:30 PM BBT – Rach is drunk and Bren is NOT happy at all.  Porsche said Dick was the only who knew her and she missed him. He knew you for a week girl get a grip.

1:30 AM BBT – Brendon is in HOH with Rach coming down on her about the alcohol.  He says she will not act like this when they’re married LOL.  I’m out!

Game talk has almost stopped as the day has dragged on.  It looks like a long summer of laying out and napping.  It’s time for some drama and some fighting.  Come on Rachel, you know it’s time to go off on someone.

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  1. I miss ED and I hope he somehow makes it back, if only for a day. And I would bet money (if I had any) that BB will see the first breakup in their history. Brendon is a smart (book) guy and he has to see his ties to that cackling red head aren’t good for either. They can BOTH do better.
    I think Keith gets the boot this week. I hope it gets better after that, kind of boring so far.

  2. Can’t stand Kalia, what a tool.. feeding info to the vets. Helloooo, anyone who alligns with the couples are not playing to win. Hope Cassi or DOM win the next HOH so that Rachel and her lapdog can go on the block.

    • Kalia reminds me of Oprah – she’s all rah rah rah and blah blah blah and she has an unlimited supply of it, soooooo annoying!

  3. Oh I tell you, one thing I could not stand about last season is the whole Kiss HOH Ass and,,, do whatever they want. Looks like based on the update these ppl are falling right into that. And that mess gets old QUICK.

    I’m pulling for Thirteen, I mean Cassi to get her act together. I understand she wants to be true to the Regulators but I’m thinking her game play will suffer from that. I really hope she doesn’t throw the next HOH. Having her in power could really shift things.

    Rachel is sitting on her purch up there sucking in all the power and the ass kissing she can muster out of them. I would have rather seen her drop and Dani get HOH. The last thing that this red cackle needed was a boost in power and the ability to make safety deals. I can feel her head growing from PA!

  4. So far this has been one boring start. Hey, anyone else think there is an eerie resemblance between the old broad and the murderess in the movie Monster?? I look at here and see the uglified Charlize Theron character. Would love to see side by side photos, LOL!

      • Well she looks much older — why so touchy Lynn? Too much time in the sun yourself? Lighten up. This is supposed to be fun — but, you can’t deny, old or not, she is a twin for the character in Monster — which movie is awesome btw!

    • LOL! She totally sounds like a man, and I agree, she is a skinnier version of her. I was wondering if she hadn’t had a sex change operation, she’s so “manly”.

      • I think she is one of the few newbies who might have some game in her. Hope to see her get through a few weeks. :)

  5. Anything new on the Evil situation? Inquiring minds need to know! The focus this year HAS to be getting rid of Rachel. Please!!!!

  6. I am watching the live feeds, tuesday, july 12th, with Brendon and rachel outside, once again, Brendon is scolding rachel for embarrasing him last night when she was drinking by calling him her pet name of him, which is evidently, “Bookie.” This guy needs to get a life, he acts more like her father than her fiance, she better run away quickly, any man that is constantly trying to change his soon to be wife, bad news. But, I guess it was okay for him to run around the yard the other night in his stupid superman tights or whatever that was. He is such a jerk. Tries way too hard to control her, run, rachel, run.

  7. The newbies are making my head numb. One being paranoid and three of them being so obvious. WoW really. But I knew the “partner backstab/all about me” Regulator was not going to be a good idea. But of well as long as the Deacon goes home this week s o he can be back in time to lead Sunday Morning devotion It’s all good.

    • cece, my head is numb after watching last nite’s BBAD. I’ve seen better drum circles in a class of 5yr olds {and more creative intruments too}. Evidently “jumping” isn’t the only thing white men can’t do!

      K or P gone…good either way.

  8. Ohh the Newbies are making my head numb. Between the paranoia, obvious secret alliance, and the HOH tattler I wish they restart a the season with a new group. This group sucks. I knew the “Backstab my partner/All About me” Regulator alliance was a bad idea would implode like it has. Shelly and Adam are the only newbies that amke some sense. Sometimes Kalia but if she keeps spying & reporting I will put her on the list with Portia. Oh well as long as the Deacon makes it home in time to lead Sunday Morning Devotion this coming Sunday I will just fine. Because I want Keith Gone!!!

    • All things considered I guess I’d rather see P get the ‘golden key’ instead of K.

      When it ‘like’ comes ‘like’ to Kalia, It ‘like’ drives me ‘like’ nutz every time she ‘like’ opens her mouth…

  9. I really want Jordan to stop floating. It would b nice to see her making some serious moves instead of what she is doing now which is nothing. I agree the ass kissing of the dca makes me I’ll.

  10. Jordan acts like she really doesn’t want to be in the house. She seems quiet and bored. Jess is personality plus and adds some interest in the house. It’s always boring at the beginning of the season.

    • @Carol, I totally agree with your assessment of Jordan, all she does is sit and twirl her hair and seems like she does not want to be in the house at all.

    • Your right she does act like she doesn’t want to be there. After Thursday the game will get going.

  11. @Richard123….it was very disrespectful to call her an “old broad.” and, no, I haven’t had too much sun.

    • Why does he need to respect someone he will never meet? Aren’t we, in a sense, disrespecting all of these people by treating them like hamsters? Watching them have sex, hoping for a boob to pop out, and so on…

      • As an “old broad” of nearly 50 I do no see anything disrespectful in the term. Compared to the 20-somethings on the show she is the older more seasoned female. And, btw good call on the very strong likeness! It’s almost as though she’s practices Charlize’s characters movements for sure. Like Richard, I too like Shelly and hope she hangs in the game for a little while!

  12. I find the show slow and boring. I have the show time night shows. I would have liked to see a newby win HOH and put up Racheal. I like to see her and her boyfriend squell

  13. I am 100% sure a house guest will be brought back. If a house guest is brought back it will be a huge twist and huge boost for BB if done properly.

    The show is 1 week behind with Dick leaving, so to make up for it the only thing they can do is cancel a double eviction. But the double eviction episodes are always so popular, so they will probably bring back someone.

    If a popular veteran is evicted in the first few weeks they will most likely be brought back.

  14. Speaking of past hg I thought Matt from bb12 was doing posts for this site. Haven’t seen anything from him since ed left. Hmm…. Returning hg????

    • Matt Hoffman will continue to do guest posts here, but his posts will be on Thursdays and Fridays.

      He is definitely not going back in to the house to replace ED.

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