Big Brother 13: Week 1 Monday Afternoon Update – Who Has The Votes?

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For the past few days the new Big Brother 13 HGs have seemed more interested in getting a tan and hooking up than playing the game. Thankfully they started talking a little more strategy today. Read on to see what HGs are saying for Thursday’s eviction.

This morning Keith came back to Shelly and told her he decided he wants to stay in Big Brother after all. Brilliant choice, Keith. He asked if he still had her vote and Shelly agreed. Well, kinda agreed in a way she didn’t have to flat out say “yes.”

Later in a discussion with Daniele, Shelly acted aghast at the idea of keeping Keith a day longer than they had to. Daniele is confident Cassie strongly wants to keep Keith which means Dominic would be on the same page. This vote could be close.

Kalia had an interesting talk with Dominic with no one else around. She’s decided she doesn’t really want to be here in the game anymore. Kalia is more interested in her home life and friends. She felt bothered by the drinking games last night when some of the other HGs (Porsche, Rachel, Adam, Brendon, and Dominic) were playing around and being silly. Now maybe Kalia’s just talking up a fake attitude to get Dominic thinking she won’t be a threat, but considering her wet blanket persona so far this may be true.

On a lighter note, Jordan had some fun at Rachel’s expense by the pool this afternoon. After getting Brendon’s approval Jordan turned the hose on a sleeping Rachel and gave her quite a shock. Good news in the Big Brother house. You can catch the fun on the Live Feeds Flashback at 1:35 PM BBT (use the Free Trial, if you haven’t signed up yet).

Meanwhile, in non-feeds news, CBS posted its best ever first-Sunday of a Big Brother season. There was a 5% boost in households and 4% in the 18-49 age groups. Outstanding! I hope that means we’ll be seeing season twists implode for at least another thirteen seasons!

Update: Brendon and Daniele are reviewing the potential vote counts in the HoH Room right now (3:40 BBT). Brendon is confident they have the votes to send Keith home. Daniele wants Cassi gone next week over Dominic. They don’t trust Adam either and believe he’s playing both sides. Even Cassi and Lawon draw complaints.

Right now Brendon and Daniele expect a surprise 6-4 vote with Keith leaving, but only if they get Shelly and Kalia on their side. If they flip back then Porsche goes home.

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    • I’m LOL too, but I can’t take that laugh of Rachel–everyone makes fun of her.
      But I do love Jordan and Jeff. Jordan is still a nieve ,innocent, country girl, a breath of fresh air.

  1. If they send keith home then thats it for all the new people.I hope they can keep him so the numbers dont favor much of the older people. Pretty much just might as well tivo until the four weeks are over

  2. i am so glad that dick is gone i hated dick now its time for daniele to play her own game without him she is the best competitor in bb history she should have beat him in bb8 i am so glad she has the golden key and she is putting herself in the prime position with aligning with jeff, jordan, rachel and brendon and playing both sides go dani,d for allstars

    • Are you kidding me! I like Danielle but the only reason she went half as far as she did in season 8 is because her Dad Dick (that you hated) kept saving her or she would have been voted out half way through. You need to watch that season again she was so caught up with that guy she hooked up with her head wasn’t even in the game till he got voted out. The only reason she made it to the end was because of her Dad.

  3. It’s early so far, but I’m liking the season. I’m a fan of the partnerships. Jeff and Jordan were two of my favorites when I started watching two years ago and I was annoyed when Brendan and Rachel ostracized themselves.

    In reality, the Regulators are the ones who need six votes. In a tie Rachel gets to choose. The vets need one swing vote, either from Adam, Shelley or Kalia.

    • hi
      I believe the vets will get their swing vote .
      I also think so far Porche is being voted out

      • How would Porsce get voted out, and the vets get their swing vote? The vets want Porsche to stay, or so I thought.

      • isn’t porche and her partner on the block and the newbies want porche out last i heard them talking but things do change in a heartbeat

      • and the newbies want her out so who has the numbers? who’s going over to vote with the vets? no one i hope, it would be great to get her out

      • @Matt
        no I didn’t! I missed that, too much too read, watch , & listen . lol. so even if the 2 don’t swing to the vets it’s 6/6 and rach is hoh and decides right? balls! I wanted Porche out sooo bad. well, never say never I learned. thanks for the heads up Matt.

  4. I hope Shelly and Kalia are just fooling with Brenchel. Why would you align yourself with those two. It will be obvious if Keith gets voted out to the others and they will be targets, because they will have to continue to side with the Reruns.

    Brenchel did not win BB12, they should stop kissing up to them. Kalia and Shelly have fallen for the okidok.

  5. i would vote myself out if i had to deal with Porsche & she’s really not that pretty..& i watched the late night feed on showtime i was shocked that shelly threw cassie under the bus ..that was really messed up

  6. Has anyone noticed the way Jeff and Danielle are always together….uh oh Jordan, you better stay up a little later at night…lol

    • Even the way he is always looking at her. I completely think he has the hots for her… Poor Jordan!

      • Really? I don’t have the feeds so I hope they would show some of this on future episodes.

  7. It doesn’t really matter who stays or goes this week. They both come off as morons who talk way too much. However, if the vets win the next competition, they are going to go after one of the two people with an actual spine – Dom or Cassi. At that point, one of the vets will coast to a victory, as the rest of the newbies seem like [retty useless

  8. Does anyone agree with me that Cassie looks like the actress Olivia Wilde? So pretty.

  9. OMG! Porsche is good to look at and all, but, if shes going to be catty with Rachel and be stupid trying to hide behind pillow in a building with cameras all around?!! HAHAHA! Go home Porsche!!

  10. okay, is it me or does it seem like Jordan just doesn’t want to be there? she seems so disinterested.

      • I agree Matt! I don’t think it’s her intent to look disinterested. God bless her fuzzy little heart, she is probably just still confused and a bit clueless!

      • no , she was up and perky , and happy to meet everyone and telling stories. being this is not a new experience for her she just seems blah. i love her don’t get me wrong , she’s just not that bubbly girl i remember, it’s like she’s there cause jeff really wanted it so she did it. just sayin

      • I’ve always seen a little shyness in Jordan – small town country girl. And, bless her heart, she is not the brightest bulb in the box which can limit her conversation range. Just my opinion.

  11. Okay, to me Rach is AS bad as last time with the laugh but, if i hear her sing that Big Booty song one more time on after dark . yikes my ears !!!! seems more she drinks more obnoxious she gets . I guess some things don’t change.
    Anyone see Evil dicks tape of why he left? 9 min long in what he could have said in 1 min. another joke….. just saying

  12. I think the newbies are so boring. On Showtime i DVR it and I skip thru them b/c they talk about nothing. It seems like they do not know what they are doing. I am with the vets.

  13. So far this has been a very boring start.

    I mentioned this before but wondering if anyone else thinks there’ss an eerie resemblance between the older woman, I think her name is Shelly and the murderess in the movie Monster?? Everytime the camera is on her I can’t help but see the uglified Charlize Theron character in that movie. Would love to see side by side photos, LOL!

  14. With Evil Dick departure from the show, CBS should bring another past guest into the show, someone who can stir the pot, so far I hope Keith is out.

    • its too late to bring anyone back, if CBS had alternates in sequester they could….

      Keith might be out but dont be too sure yet, the newbies have the numbers to keep him.. :-)

  15. i dont think they should of given dani the golden key.I think she should of paired up with whoever doesnt get evicted. She didnt earn the golden key. Do you think evil dick left so they would give her the golden key?I also think porche will turn on the new ones in a heart beat.

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