Big Brother 13: Vets Alliance Breaks Out In Fights

Big Brother 13 Veterans Alliance fighting

It was inevitable that we’d see fights break out in the Big Brother 13 house. With the realization they might not have the votes come Thursday Brenchel started to lash out and spark arguments with Jeff and Jordan. Well, it’s mostly Rachel agitating Jeff and him responding to her bait. It didn’t stop there though as Jordan got in on the fun later and started yelling at Rachel. Good times on the Live Feeds.

Last night Jeff revealed to Daniele they wouldn’t be voting for Brenchel to stay this week since the votes would have been split and allowed Daniele the chance to break the tie and evict Brendon. Jeff was worried this would put them in a bad position with the HGs staying in the game and didn’t want to risk their goodwill with those players. That news wasn’t delivered so well this afternoon.

Big Brother Live Feed Flashback time:
August 17, 2011 @ 12:55 PM BBT on Camera 3
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Jeff sat down with Brenchel and explained they wouldn’t be voting to keep Brendon unless they got Adam’s vote as well. Really this was a cop out because Jeff knows Adam won’t be voting to keep Brendon, but he tries to shift the blame over to Adam instead. Rachel starts giving Jeff the stink-eye and that’s enough to set him off.

Brenchel retires to the Have-Not room where they slam JeJo as horrible, horrible people. Flashback to 1:23PM BBT Cam 1 Brendon says he’d beat Jeff’s “@#$% ass” if they were out in the real world and not in Big Brother right now.

The fun doesn’t end there though. When Jordan tries to explain to Brendon why they have to think of themselves in this situation Rachel bursts in and says they would never abandon them like this. Jordan takes issue with that and starts yelling back at Rachel.

Big Brother Live Feed Flashback time:
August 17, 2011 @ 1:59 PM BBT on Camera 3
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When Brendon gets evicted tomorrow night, and it’s going to happen, Rachel will be fun to watch. Will she stick with JeJo and keep her targets on Daniele and Kalia or use her anger to guide the rest of her game and seek revenge against JeJo?


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  1. When this argument happened I wouldve been completely on JJs side because breaking deals is just part of the game but JJ always boast about them being honest, good, nice, moral players which is definitely not the case. It’s sad because BR really should’ve BD’d Jeff earlier on and I was hopin for DBR f3 with any of them winning I’d be happy, and now BR are getting screwed by JJ. If Jordan wins this season which she WILL then they should just cancel BB. and PRODUCTIONS perfect edit of JJ they could make Hitler look like Jesus.

    • How is Brenchel getting screwed by JeJo? If JeJo gives Brendon their votes he gets evicted when Daniele breaks the tie. If JeJo doesn’t give Brendon their votes he still gets evicted. Both paths result in Brendon’s eviction.

      Jeff talked with Adam the other night to feel him out for supporting Brendon and Adam wasn’t having anything to do with it.

      • I think Brendon is getting screwed beause he and Rachel kept J&J in the game from the beginning. You seem to be so blind with your dislike of Brendon and Rachel. I’ll get excited for you: “Yeah, Brendon is getting evicted!”

      • I agree, Brendon is going home reguardless, but why turn on your aliance (which will be on the jury) and keep the blood off Dani’s hands.

      • OMG! I can’t believe, everyone here is forgetting when Brenchel was throwing JJ under the bus. I saw on BBAD when Brenchel was trying to convince Dani to put them up and trying to cut a deal w Dani… Remember guys this is Big Brother, anything goes and at the end of the day everyone need to look out for themselves and the final goal is winning the money. At some point or another alliances do break…part of them game…

      • Did you forget that Jeff and Jordan had an opportunity to backdoor Brenchel before Rachel won her last HoH. JeJo did not turn on their alliance and would not be doing so at this point if things had gone in favor of thier alliance. At some point both couples would have to turn on each other in order to win. My bets would be that Brenchel would have turned on JeJo first…they had already discussed it with Dani early in the game.

      • Bridget,

        Jeff and Jordan began the backstabbing when Jordan volunteered to go on the block to ensure brendon was evicted. Jeff and Jordan need to be loyal and smart and make Dani be the deciding vote to evict Brendon because that will be the last thing Rachel thinks about once Brendon walks out the door. Instead, Rachel will be focused on Jeff and Jordan not keeping their word. Jordan, yes Jordan pulled a 180 and broke her work with Rachel that no matter what, she would vote Shelly out. Jeff and Jordan are making a dumb decision for the following reasons:

        1) They would have blood on their hands and do Dani a favor so she doesn’t have to break a tie to send Brendon to the jury house

        2) They would rather piss Rachel off than Shelly

      • Matt, I disagree. They’ve been together till now, and now since the odds are stacked against him they’re going to abandon him? Then what was the point of the alliance? For them to be all on Rachels butt when she was HoH, and now when they need them they’re out. Thats BS, JJ have a huge double standard.

    • Well now Matt says it is definitely going to happen that Brendon will be evicted so he knows.

    • idiot. of all the people in the house jeff and jordan are by far the most honest of anyone. remember it is just a game duh!

      • jeff and jordan are not the same sweet couple that they were back when .they are mean and they don’t give a crap for anybody but themselfs.jordan has changed so much I really don’t like her anymore .she is kinda of a floater .i don’t know where she gets off thinking that she wins all kinds of things .she has won one veto .and she has gotten really nasty .she talks crap on the the other girls .she was never like that before .I guess you do show your true colors.jeff is the same way .

      • Do you seriously think that you can play Big Brother and not go against your alliance at some point…If you were playing, would you say, “oh well, you are my new best friend,and if someone has to go, I will keep quit and I will stop playing and give you the $500,000 that I came to play for”. IT IS A GAME!!! The point if the game is for YOU to make it to the end, not play to get your friend to the end.

      • Katie,

        Do you believe that Jeff and Jordan can go up to Rachel and say, “we know we voted Brendon out but will you work with us to take Dani down?”

        Jeff and Jordan broke the alliance but want to keep Rachel around because she is good at comps…. They told Adam and Shelly not to even use Rachel as a pawn…..

      • Here’s the thing though. Jeff could have won the POV and kept him and Brendon safe. He could have just told A and S that he had to win just in case Dani tried to backdoor him. Jeff doesn’t understand that once Brendon leaves, he will have no one but himself. He just lost Rachel. Adam won’t win HOH on purpose. Shelly won’t win anything. Jordan, well enough said. Jeff will actually have only himself to rely on to win comps. He might have f’cked up this week. But we’ll see.

      • Everyone seems to forget that the downside of JJ voting to keep Brendon is that EVERYONE is going to consider them the strongest pair left and they don’t need any more reasons for the remaining HGs to make breaking them up a higher priority

    • Are you kidding me…are we even watching the same Big Brother! Dani and Brenchel have been throwing JeJo under the bus since Evil Dick left. The only reason Dani is voting out Brendon over Jeff, is because she knows Brendon is NOT to be trusted. I assure you, if someone other than Shelly or Adam were on the block, Jeff and Jordan would keep Brendon! It would be stupid for JeJo to take two strong players to the final four…Duh, this would only give them a 50/50 chance for final two…Maybe even less considering the number of comps Brenchel has won….Just saying!

      • Katie,

        Jeff and Jordan drew the first blood when Jordan volunteered to be the pawn…. You are confused about Brendon and Rachel throwin Jeff and Jordan under the bus when Evil Dick left because they saved JJ to evict Dominic which is why Dani is so pissed at them…. Please get your facts straight ok? Thanks!

      • The problem is that Adam and Shelly may be of no help to JJ to get to final 4. It may have been better for them to use Brendon for at least one more week, then get rid of him. Every one keeps talking about final 4, final 2. But people, we still have 5 more people that need to be evicted before we get there. I think Jeff is jumping the gun on this one. He might have f’cked up his game this week. I just think he messed up.

    • One needs to remember too that Jeff lost the POV in purpose which is the reason Brendon is the replacement nominee. When Brendon gets evicted, he will see the complete picture and the same goes if Rachel goes to the jury house. Seriously, why would you want hostile jury members when you will need each one when they vote who gets $500,000? A newbie may end up winning which is not a bad thing. I actually like that scenario because that would teach the 5 veterans a very important lesson in this game. You win by sticking to your alliance until the end when you are all there. Then, it would not matter if you backstab each other or throw each other under the bus. Doing so, in this stage of the game makes it likely that the veterans will evict each other and the newbies like Kalia, Porsche, Adam and Shelly having a chance to win that $500,000! Have these veteran house guests not seen the brigade last season? The lesson is simple and yet, obvious!

      • How ANYONE can still “support” Brenchel is a complete mystery to me! They don’t need to be on a reality game show, they NEED separate Psychological Session, for YEARS!!!

      • Totally agree with you Richie. With all the backstabbing going on that started with Dani, it just seems that the vets will keep getting each other out and newbies will be left to battle it out in the end. All the vets had to do was stick together until final 5. Dani messed up by trying to backdoor JJ too early. JJ messed up by not doing anything to help in the BRJJ alliance and by putting A&S before BR. BR may have thrown JJ under bus, but that was only after they realize that JJ are not looking out for them. I am predicting an underestimated newbie will win.

    • When you think about it JeJo are being honest in telling BR what they plan on doing… they could easily do what most others would do in this situation (BR included) and tell brendon he has JEJo’s vote and then just vote him out…

  2. well at this point JJ A and S unless one of u wins HOH I think u will be next
    Danny is going to use this against them with Rachel she is going to fill her head up so she will be in her corner Dumb move u had the numbers why is everybody playing with their emotions instead of their heads????

    • Didn’t Dani say that she is coming after Jeff next. So what makes jj think that she is on their side? I don’t gt it.

      • Jeff did this on his previous BB he belived something Nat told him and the week after he got evicted
        Last year the 3 stooges who stayed true to their alliance made it to the end

      • Exactly, this is a dumb move the same way Danielle peeled off the veterans alliance too soon! Danielle has an advantage of the loyalty of Kalia and Porsche. Jeff has Jordan, Shelly and Adam can flip at anytime and Rachel will be out for revenge if she can focus enough and not be an emotional wreck like the last time Brendon left.
        And Rachel will be coming after Jeff and Jordan given the chance to win HOH and POV so, Danielle must be loving every minute of this. Now, the target is off her back and she gets another safe week!

      • Dani thinks she has Kalia and Porsche. The newbies are just sitting back and watching the vets self-destruct. Kalia and Porsche will not win HOH on purpose. They don’t want any blood on their hands. Rachel wants to back door Dani next week. Jeff also wants to get Dani out. Likely one of them will win HOH this week. So Dani’s situation is not looking good.

    • it seems they are all dumb this season Jeff is making the same mistake he made the first time what’s that saying the more thing change the more they stay the same

      • with you a MILLION times over…..ALL we are going to see is that annoying woman cry over and over and over again…..GOD I want to kick her! hahahahahahaha really I do :-l

        the shoe is on the other foot…..SO BYE BYE Brandina!

  3. i hate the vets alliance. all 6 of them haha.

    jeff and jordan get on my last nerves. they have no social game (jeff’s a hot head and has narrow vision of how the game works, and jordan is an idiot.) because they get GREAT edits, and for some reason everybody loves them (including america) nobody wants to put them up, AND they are guaranteed america’s player.

    its so ridiculous. shelly and jeff has to go, but jordan is the biggest threat non threat. she is the biggest threat because she’ll take ur money. if she is in final two, she will win NO QUESTION which a true shame because she’s just a mid class floater lol.

    but at the same time she isnt a threat because unless someone throws her comps, she wont win any.

    shelly is pathetic. crying over how rachel is lying, i dont know if she now really believes she’s not in a final 3 with JJ or what. she’s acting like she isnt. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE CRACK HER and stop trying to make good with her? she is SO obvious.

    i wont waste any time talking about B/R. and btw, brendon was hittin it last night, and not to get graphic, but lets just say… he finished ON THE SHEETS. what a great guy.

    line of the day;
    kalia to daniele just now as im typing this

    “‘do u know who waka flaka is?’
    ‘is that a real question?'”

  4. seriosuly, jeff and jordan are the bad guys, not danielle. when rachel was talking during the week dom got evicted, in the hosue meeting, when she was explaining that friends backstabb you, and dont shed a tear, or even vote to keep their friedns. danielle took offense, but jeff and jordan were liek rachel is right. now theyr exactly what they didnt like. seriosuly i used to like them, but they throw people under the bus as much as everyone else. and at least brendon and rachel would have been nice enoguh to vote and keep jeff if he was in this situation

      • Becuase BR knew that with their votes and Adam, as well as Jordan Jeff was safe. Adam is more loyal to Jeff (especially since Jeff gave him the veto) than he is too Shelly

        JJ should have told Porsha and Adam about Shelly’s plan to nominate them if she wins the HOH…. Oh yeah, they don’t want to piss off Shelly. Insteaqd, they want to piss off Brendon and Rachel…. Jeff had a blonde moment he will later regret.

    • I agree Brenchel honors alliances. Brandon honored his alliance with his season they turned on him. They refusd to turn on JJ also even if they talked about it the truth is they have yet to vote against an alliance. Love em or hate em they have shown the most integrity and I use the word loosely, in the game.

    • In my book, Danielle is bad and nasty too. What has changed? She is playing better I will grant her that but, I still don’t like the way she has played this season. I’ll be rooting for Rachel to evict some people and if that fails, I will be rooting for Danielle to evict Jeff and Jordan and then, I will be rooting for the newbies to evict Danielle! If a newbie wins, that would be great and teach the veterans a lesson they will not soon forget! A $500,000 lesson in testimony to their combined stupidity!

      • The dumbest members of the vets were Jeff, Jordan, and Dani. All of them turned on Brenchel. If they just would have stuck with them. But I really think a newbie will win. It’s a shame because the only vet that knows they’re not winning is Rachel. The others are so convinced they will be in final 2.

  5. This is fantastic news! If everybody plays smart, the target next week should definitely be to break up Jeff and Jordan.

    • Yes, and I will enjoy watching them get a taste of their own medicine because I love Brendon and Rachel!!!!

      • than you see something in them more than I do! I just can’t see anything good about them. Their mean hateful brats thar think everyone should be on their side and do what they want them to and if you don’t agree then your stupied. NOT MY KIND OF FREINDS.

      • well if Brendon gets evicted I hope he comes back into the game in Pandora’s Box to Piss all the HG’s off. I am now behind him and Rachel all the way to the end.

      • I would love it if Rachel made final 2 as well. But I can’t have her next to Dani, it has to be someone else.

  6. At least Jeff and Jordan were honest with them….Rachael has been doing everything possible to cut a deal with Dani all week to get Jeff out……They do what they have to do to stay in the game! Why else would they be there! Brenchel’s attitude has always driven me crazy and how they make there decisions…..Rachael always wants the females out that she feels threatened by. Honestly I feel sorry for her, she is very insecure and Brendon treats her like they were back in the 50’s!

    • Yeah, Rachel threw JJ under the bus because she was trying to sway Dani against putting B up. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. But hey, you’re right, everyone does what they have to in order to stay in the game. The problem in this case is that keeping Brendon not only helps BR, but it also helps JJ. With B gone, Jeff becomes the number one target. JJ already feels that Shelly is slipping away. How long will it take for Adam? Even if Shelly sticks with JJ to the end, what is she worth? She doesn’t do anything but straight shoot all day. This is no help to JJ. I think JJ will soon feel the pain of not voting to keep B. I know for sure that Jeff could’ve bullied Adam into keeping Brendon.

      • I 2 feel like Jeff could have been more persuasive with Adam. Then again Jeff deals with men differently than he deals with women. He has a chauvanistic repect for Adam that he does not have for the women. He was all he-man with Kalia and Dani. He berates Jordan,Rachel and Shelly. Y does Jordan love him again? Right shiny things get her attention and she is bedazzled by the twinkle in his eyes.

      • If Jeff did not deliberately lose POV then, we would not even be discussing this as the veterans alliance would have been intact and strong for next week when Danielle cannot play for HOH! Danielle is probably laughing her head off for this 2nd gift from Jeff. The 1st gift is his throwing the POV competition to win the little prizes!
        Uttterly pathetic!

  7. If Rachel and Dani team up after thursday, JJ are getting kicked to the curb. JJ should have just kept thier mouths shut and let it [play out naturally. But since Jeff’s a meathead it doesn’t suprise me.

      • ya, not to fond of JJ and they would be the last ones I would want to take to the jury with me.

      • I don’t know. I want Rachel to get Dani and Jeff out. Dani is so cocky when she is the one that screwed up the vet alliance to begin with. Jeff is just dumb and he has the nerve to call Jordo dumb, what an idiot selfish jerk. Throwing all these comps will get JJ nowhere. Rachel will at least make it to final 5. I hope she makes it past that, but I’m not sure the newbies will let her.

  8. The funny thing is that before Brendon got nominated as the replacement, Jeff jumped down Adam’s throat to make sure if he (Jeff) went on the block, he (Adam) would vote to keep Jeff over Shelly. So, it seems to me that if Jeff really cared about Brendon going to jury, he would be threatening Adam as usual. But somehow now, he just asks Adam calmly if he’s voting to keep Brendon. Come on Jeff, use your bullying tactics to make Adam keep Brendon. When Brendon gets evicted, Jeff will actually have to start fighting every week like Rachel to stay because he becomes target number one. Next in line is Dani. Then Rachel. So if Rachel could calm down and think for a moment, she’d realize she may very well be in a good position in the house once B leaves.

    • If Rachel can control her emotions then, she can do real damage do Jeff, Jordan and even Danielle and give herself an outside chance to score an upset! The odds are long though, as the newbies if the veterans get booted out will probably join together and boot the last veteran in the house whoever that veteran is!

  9. JeJo needs to go he won lots of money and she won on Big Brother.I like Jeff but come on someone knew in house should win BB.

    • Could this fight have been staged to get Dani to think they are turning on each other? I don’t know. I don’t watch BBAD. Just asking?

      • How are they going to manipulate the votes when it is cast? When the votes are in, the evicted house guest gets sent to the jury house. Brendon is going home for sure because Danielle already has 3 votes in her pocket which is Porsche, Kalia and Adam. In case of a tie, Danielle will break the tie as HOH so, Brendon is going to the jury house.

      • Richie, 2 things come to mind. Maybe Jeff was able to convince Adam to vote to keep Brendon and they dint want Dani to find out. Or they want Dani to believe that Rachel will be on her side next week and she rally won’t.

  10. Of course Jeff can bully Adam the sheep to vote to evict Shelley. JJ wants Brendon gone because they(Brenchel) will be hard to split up later which is great gameplay for JJ. So what Jeff is feeding Brenchel is total bullshirt.

    • Agreed…but so many think that the J’s are honest, loyal and full of integrity. Hmmm…me thinks not. Rachel is slammed for being so emotional and hard to get along with. Sure. Jeff comes unglued about as often as Rachel cries. But, everyone excuses the hot head (Jeff).

      • Thats because the hg*s can do or say anything they want and it is ok ,But when REachel & Brendon do the same thing it is a crime

  11. all I can say is I can’t wait for Thursday…I HOPE so bad rachel wins hoh and noms jejo…I really really liked them. But they are just pathetic to me now.

  12. JJ did flip on BR but can you blame them, have you seen “The Brenchel Show”? And its not like BR didnt know it, they already told Dani that JJ didnt have their backs anymore (STUPID). JJ had their back-up aliance with AS and I feel their better off with them IMO. Now once B leaves we’ll be left with Team Jeff (JJAS) vs Team Dani (DKPR). Pick a side, HOH is gonna be HUGE!!!

  13. I believe a person is still honest if he/she tell the boss he/she will go along with the boss as far as possible, but not to the “friends”, backdoor them and squeeze some tears. I felt, it is horrible!!!

  14. The big difference is that people in the house kind of like JJ. They HATE BR. So it’s not the same thing when Rachel says she wouldn’t do this to JJ. BR NEED Jeff and Jordan. They don’t NEED Brendon and Rachel.

    • Dani is playing her game on all side, get Brendon evicted and Rachel angry with JJ, kept Rachel for a while to throw out JJ, then Rachel, keep one of the floater to the final end. If this can go as planned, she’s for sure getting the jury’s vote to win the $500,000.

      • It’s a good concept but things haven’t worked out as planned since – ironically – Dick and Dani. Dani needs to make friends with Adam now. She needs the numbers and Adam is a free agent. Plan a final four with Adam, Porsche, Kalia, and her. It’s really her only option. She can’t trust BR, JJ, or Shelly at this point.

    • Yes. They do. Watch what happens next week. If Rachel, Kalia, Porsche or Adam win HOH next week, there is a very good chance Jeff and Jordan are going on the block. This all plays to DAnielle’s hand because of Kalia and Porsche being on her back pocket.

  15. true colors are coming out and let the fire works begin. like i blogged before rach and dani together seems to be the way of the future. jeff just sealed his fate and jordon with him. not voting for bren,what suck wads.anyhow next week should be interesting, dani still in control and told rach she has her back if they work together.dani is carving up the house,brillant game play. jeff next to go, he better win hoh or see ya would not want to be ya.he has money get out next let jordon wine to shelly.what dummies,rach still would of had their back not now.

  16. jordan reminds me of jessica simpson !!dumb !!! i dont think jeff really cares about her.he looks at her like she’s stupid

    • They’re keeping their relationship at arms length for sure. Maybe they’re just good buds outside of BB. Very little affection is shown between them.

      • Jeff still lives in Chicago and Jordan lives in North Carolina. They may have a long distance relationship. But that’s the primary reason Jeff said he went back to BB to spend the summer with Jordan.

  17. I cant believe Shelly! Is she for real ? I just watched her yet again lying making Rachel look back when they showed she said what she was accused of!
    What is she going to tell her daughter who is watching this

  18. i really have to wonder about J&J they show no affection what so ever I think Jeff is gay and we are in for a big shocker…… I havent even seen them kiss this season what do u all think

  19. its funny thursday when brendon came back the 6of them was doing a happy dance and now they are going to throw brendon under the bus…and jeff needs to practice what he preach he wants to get floaters out!!!! well brendon is not a floater and never done nothing to you jeff….i think you are yall need to get a clue and go with your alli…not danille or what the floaters think..

    • I agree I do not know what to think maybe they are drinking the same water Lawon was
      Dumb on so many levels they just handed D with the money

  20. Jeff and Jordan made a big bonehead move again and it only favors Danielle. While, I was rooting for the veterans to win, this development which is a huge blunder on Jeff and Jordan will only cost them that $500,000. Now, they not only have to worry about Danielle, they also have to worry about Rachel should she get her act together and win HOH and POV! The best move of Rachel if she wins HOH next week is to put both Jeff and Jordan on the block and if one gets off, put Danielle in as a replacement nominee! That would almost guarantee that Jeff or Jordan gets evicted! I will be rooting for Rachel first then, Danielle second if Rachel is evicted then, I will be rooting for the newbies left to win it at the end! That is the best result and will teach all the veterans an important lesson that—-you do not betray those who have taken you far in the game UNTIL there is just your alliance left then, you can fight it out amongst yourselves! Or is that simple fact lost on
    these house guest veterans? They should know better as they have played this game before!

    • Making reference to a deal is not the same as having a deal..Just ask Brendon and Rachel who thought because they did not go up on the block that they had a deal with Dani..They got fooled..Dani always choses her words very carefully when a “deal” is made…Did u hear Shelly , Brendon, and Rachel confirming a deal?? U gotta hear both sides of the conversation to make a honest judgement..

      • Shelly, Brendon and Rachel did comfirm their deals and CBS showed it twice…. Are you watching the show with your eyes open? L~O~L!!!

  21. Question for anyone

    *** Does anyone believe Dani will honor her final 3 deal with jeff and Jordan?

    1) I say no because she knows they will both choose each other over her and are more popular than her

    2) Dani will be able to beat Dani or Porsha even easier than Jeff or Jordan

    *** Does anyone believe Jeff and Jordan will honor their final 3 deal with Dani?

    1) No because Dani will be the hardest person to get out in a final 3

    • Danielle is making promises left and right. She does not trust anyone with good reason as they do not trust her too! Jeff and Jordan and Rachel and Brendon are also lying about their deal with Danielle. Who wouldn’t? That said, I hope all the veterans get evicted except one then, the newbies will win this!

  22. Jeff says he didn’t nominate Brendon…. L~O~L!!! He did when he decided to give Adam the Veto and not make Adam vote his way!!!

    • Not direcly he didn’t but, indirectly, he had a big hand in it! His stupid move cost Brendon plenty and when he sees it in the jury house then, he can figure out that he had been bushwhacked. Jeff and Jordan lost two votes in the jury house so, how stupid is Jeff and Jordan? Plenty stupid I reckon.

      • JJ will probably even lose BR’s votes to Dani for 2 reasons

        1) JJ didn’t vote to keep Brendon over Shelly

        2) Dani is a way better competitor and was won challenges and in the end will call JJ both floaters.

        THis won’t be an issue because no way in hell does Jeff make final 5 and Jordan will get to the end unless they both get Dani out before she takes Jeff out.

        Adam, Shelly, Kalia, Porsha will go to whoever has the power/ The vets are doing all the dirty work while the newbies reap the rewards!

  23. With this move unless Rachel wakes up Danimal will take it
    It was already leaked anyway that she will win

      • As much as I will want her not 2 she is going to win
        This is not BB13 is Danielle Donato show from start to end
        I hope I am wrong I really want to be wrong on this one

    • That would be a good move if Rachel wins HOH. Nominate Danielle and make her use her veto card and put Jeff on the block too! If one gets off, put Jordan as the replacement nominee! That would guarantee either Jeff or Jordan go to the jury house! And if Danielle or Jeff both do not win the POV then, Jeff will go home as Danielle has Porsche, Kalia
      and maybe, Adam. Jeff has Jordan maybe, Shelly. So, he will end up being evicted!

      • Jeff versus Dani would be great

        Jeff has Jordan and Shelly

        Dani has Kalia and Porsha

        Adam would have to decide who he will support…..

  24. Maybe thats why her father removed himself so she can win this time
    If she does then I know the game is fixede

    • Adam, will never take Jeff, Jordan, Dani to the finals because he won’t beat them. JJ are too popular and Dani has won so many comps…..

      Dani and Jeff as well as Rachel are the biggest targets with both alliances focues on the other alliances top brass.

      Team Dani will target Jeff and Team JJ will target Dani…. They are all underestimating Rachel

      Remember Big Brother 9 when everyone thought Natalie was done because Matty was evicted? She won the next HOH and ended up evicted a member from Team James.

  25. I have no problem with JJ voting out Brendon. They were trying to get Dani to backdoor one of them. What goes around comes around.

    • I agree! These people are nuts! I watched the whole meeting between danimal and brenchel. They worked the backdooring Jeff angle for a long time.

  26. I still love JJ, but for the life of me can’t figure out why they were honest with Brendon and Rachel about their votes!? They had to know it wouldn’t go over well! LOL

    And let’s face it, at some point one couple was going to have to turn on the other and I don’t blame JJ for jumping ship. If roles were reversed we all know Rachel and Brendon would have been more than happy to say good-bye to Jeff.

    And as for all this integrity talk going on here…who has it and who doesn’t. Last I checked integrity was something all the players left at the front door. It’s part of the game and they ALL knew this going in! I don’t understand all the debate about it!?!? It’s a freaking game!!! LOL Some of you take this WAY TOO seriously! LOL

    • Kris, you are 2 weeks late…. JJ screwed BR 2 weeks ago when Jordan volunteered to be a paen to get Brendon evicted….. JJ still want to keep an alliance with Rachel to get Dani out….. JJ are becoming Shelly. Shelly has rubbed off on them huh? LMAO!!!

      • Don’t much care Leo! LOL All this debating you all do is silly to me! I enjoy the show, but some of you take this WAY too seriously!

      • Kris, not taking it seriously…. Just want people who post to actually know what they are talking about….. There is a saying that says think before you speak…. People should think before they type, so they can post accurate information ok? L~O~L!!!

      • Beth, Dani said she woul;dn’t nominate Jeff or Jordan and when Brendon won the POV she was scrambling to get a replacement. Jeff and Jordan let her off the hook of nominating someone else when Jordan volunteered to be the pawn.

    • My guess on this is that they wanted to be honest with th because they are in their alliance. Also wanted to give Rachel her chance to fly off the handle and then calm down again. Remember this is BB and until the vote is actually in you never know what is going to happen!

  27. I personally don’t think anyone’s heads is screwed on right in this game! At least the last time Brendan got evicted, Rachel had JJ. But now she has no one & will get evicted next week if she doesnt win hoh. They’d…all of them would be better to let her float a week or two more cause no matter what, I highly doubt she would win or even get final 2. While I like Jordan, I’m not sure exactly what she’s really done in this game???? Has she actually even had a strategy? Dani has created a little army & with the vets crumbling, she has rule of the house with votes. The only problem is, the people who have her back can’t fight their way out of a paper bag. So, she has to win everything against JJ & R.

  28. NO lie if brandon goes home me in my family in my friends in all those people that voted brandon in are going to literally stop watching BB why do we vote to keep him here if he is just going to leave??? SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME WHY my birthday is this saturday in if brandon walks 1 foot out the door i am literally going to have a bad day i will go off UGHHH im am going to have to pray for him to stay!………….): or you will lose alot of unhappy fans

  29. Jeff and Jordan are trying play like they are the nice couple- when they are just as bad as the rest of the House Guest. Jordan is a floater, but No-One in the house will say it aloud cause their all afraid of Jeff.

    Jeff is just chilling like he’s on vacation and hates hearing anything kind of talk that either he or Jordan is going up.Or back doored.. I hope one of them gets evicted next week.

  30. Matt (moderatpr) and everyone else

    Do you think it will be an endurance comp since there is an indoor lockdown?

  31. Guess who is complaining on the live feeds?

    Not Rachel….

    Dani is complaining to Kalia about an endurance comp because it is not fair and hurts her chance (her alliance), so they can;t win HOH comps….

      • Are you dilussional? Dani has had a great comp to suit her with the first HOH and is luxky the endurance comp is this week and not last week with Brendon still playing… Dani should be thanking BB for keeping it for this week.

  32. The simply fact is nobody can work with Rachel.This more than anything is what killed the veteran alliance.Jeff has put together his own alliance with Adam and Shelly and now will go after Dani this week and Rachel next week.His focus is winning the nextHOH. I think he’d like to keep Brendan but trust Shelly more.

    • Loui, Jeff and Jordan told Adam and Shelly they need to keep Rachel around for a couple weeks to make sure certain people are gone first…. Hence, Dani, Kalia and Porsha…. JJ asked Adam would he nominate Porsha, and Adam said yes…

  33. Omg Shelly is absolutely evil. It’s one thing to lie to the HGs, but to lie to the camera in the DR – which is lying to us – is evil. Does she think we’re not watching the show? Her overreacting to rachel is just nuts. Great example for her kids.

    • I can’t wait until Julie Chen and BB show her making the deal with BR on the reuinion show and JC asks if she wants to apoligize to Rachel….

    • From what I saw Shelly asked BR “Would you guys consider taking me to the final three?” and Brendon replied “Oh Absolutly” How is that making a deal? I felt it was just a simple question that CBS replayed so people would misunderstand the conversation and run with it and make drama for viewers. Guess it worked. LOL

  34. Shelly’s at her best again with her latest lie to ruffle feathers in the HoH room. She told Dani and Kalia that Porsche told her about the conversation with Brend and Rach in the purple room…that B and R were going to do everything possible, to get Porsche out. NEVER happened and Porsche never told Shelly that. What’s wrong with these people believing this lying woman?

    • You know Dani and Kalia are going to asdk Porsha about this….. Shelly will be outed again…. Who do you think they will believe? Shelly or Porsha? L~O~L!

      • I’ve been watching and listening, so far, that hasn’t happened…dang it. I want them all to find out what a liar she is!

  35. ANNY is a EVIL as Bitc- have the nerve to call BRANDON a ZOMBIE. DannyBoy should look in the mirror She isn’t a beauty queen a fabulous manipulating spoiled “BRAT” No wonder her (Daddie) couldn’gt put up with the Tigrant

    I am hoping the table turn turn turn on her AS- and BRANDON is saved by Porche Wishes do come true


    Forgive me for the language America I can’t stand a convinning whor- backstabber nutcase need to come to the insane asylum

  36. Matt (Moderator)

    Porsha is telling Dani and Kalia that she got caled to the DR for something good, but can’t talk about it…. Do you think she is lying to act like she has a special power?

  37. Rachel and Brendon started this garbage when they started making deals with Dani to backdoor J/J!! So sick and tired of Rachel’s whining and Brendon’s stupid mouth. Jordan had to babysit Rachel after Brendon got voted out and was her only friend but they sold out J/J to Dani first chance they had and now it just came back to bite them in the butt. Cannot stand either Brendon or Rachel. Hope Rachel goes home next week so I do not have to look at her face anymore. Makes me want to GAG!!

    • You won’t be so lucky because Team Dani aqnd Team JJ will keep her for the reasons I stated in an earlier post!

  38. LEO….Porsche is white trailer TRASH and yes she is lying ….she a clepto.. alcholic.. white piece of you know what…….but the scary thing is she keeps slithering closer to the end and nobody seems to concerned about it….

    • The sad thiing about this season is that at least 2 of the 4 newbies will make the final 3 because the vets will take each other out. I say 2 out of 3 because Jordan will work her way in there…. I predict Adam and Kalia with Jordan in the finakl 3 if not K, P and A. Dani, Jeff will be kicking themselves when they are in the jury…

  39. ISAY,

    You are funny…. Have you been watching my posts? I have made it clear that I am for Teamm JJ and Team BR.

    Now if you really believe Team JJ aren’t as fast to backstab or throw people under the busy, you are living in denial. They want to vote Shelly out and keep Brendon…. They don’t have the votes…. They are going to throw Adam under the bus with Rachel and blame him for Brendon leaving…..

    As long as Dani doesn’t wib I am happy.

    For you to sound so ignorant with this post, you really need to look in the mirror and ask yourself who is taking this too seriously ok> LMAO!!!

  40. Dani’s original plan was to get Brenchel and JJ to turn on each other. It backfired and got Dom evicted. Fast forward a few weeks. It looks like her plan is now working and this time she stands to benefit.

    Dani is the best player in the game right now.

  41. Hey Leo how will DANI able to beat DANI…comment 26…that doesn’t make any sense just like you don’t …sorry but you know it’s not personal….hahahahaha!

    • Good catch….. I meant Dani will be able to beat Kalia or Porsha easier in the final 2 than Jeff and she won’t beat Jorda. Dani and Kalia are basically Dani and K is Dani 2 the clone aka mini me…

  42. Alright I’m takin bets lol. Who wants to bet that by tomorrow, all will be well and jejo will not only keep brendon, but also talk adam into keeping brendon?????????? They’ve gotta be stupid not to. What the hell will shelly do to them if they vote against her? And in getting rid of brendon, they are most likely dumping any chance they have at brenchal voting for them in F2 whereas shelly would probably forgive and forget.

    • I hope this happens. If it does, I can not wait to see Dani’s face. Her gloating in HOH with Kalia and talking about how her everything is going planned. Did Dani tell Kalia the hole conversation she had with B/R? Or just partial?

  43. Can someone please explain to me when honesty became a requirement in this game? Shelly is lying, doing it well, and coming out ahead – that’s her strategy. It’s a game. You do what you think is best to get ahead. Lying and backstabbing are not off limits.

    • What my problem is with Shelly is shhe actually believes she is not lying when she looks at the camera in her DR and claims she has never lied…. Who is she trying to convinc3? We the viewers know she is a liar. Shhe is trying to convince herself…. Dr. Will and Mike Boogie lied and were’t ashamed of if…. For Shelly to belittle Rachel because Rachel put Shelly’s lies in the open is a joke!

      • You’re right – there are so many other valid reasons to belittle Rachel. Shellyshould have chosen one of those.

      • I am so sick of everyone in this house except J/J ..shelly is so delusional i have never lied blah blah blah…cry…cry…cry. They are handing the game over to shelly if they keep her she will win guaranteed. And I am so tired of dani thinking she is running the whole house she can’t always be hoh and eventually she is gonna have to put her foot where her mouth is. And Adam i worked so hard to win the veto, b/s it was handed to you. And Kalia and porsche ughh they are pukes and i am tired of looking at there faces.

      • Leo, I agree. I was starting to like Shelly, but now I don’t. She’s nuts. She believes her own lies. She must be an unbearable boss. I’m still hoping that something saves BOOKIE but it doesn’t look good.

    • Shelly, should not be a hypocrite….. She either needs to lie and play dumb or not lie…. Don’t lie and try to make other people look like liars because your lies are catching up to you.

      • Actually, I’ve noticed that Shelly is not lying 100%. She never asked anyone to be in the final 3 with her. She states it as “Do you see me in the final 3 with you”. She is very good at manipulating words (the truth). The question is whether or not you believe lying is not telling the truth and/or withholding enough information which distorts the truth and might not considered a lie.

      • Kevin- she has said plenty of times….”I would like it to be us in F3″ I can specifically remember her sitting in her grey sweatshirt and black wind breaker pants, on the couch in kalia’s HOH room. She also says a lot. “I could see us in F3 together, that’s my goal, that is what I want”. Pleaaaassseee! Spare me! She is absolutely lying..she is not manipulating any words, she is lying period. She is a delusional, bipolar person. Not because she lies, but because she believes her own lies. And she lies soooo much she forgets who and what she lies about. And she goes to dr and cried and continues to lie to America and herself. I mean really???!!! The worst part is her flying off the handle saying rachel is gonna have her scrubbing the entire floor cause she’s so pissed, and calling rachel a bitch. Yeah rachel is, but call her one for a valid reason. Also, she cried and cried and cried over it, when it wasn’t even a valid reason to cry. Unless she was crying because she knows she was lying and didn’t know what to do with herself, and then bitched about rachel crying…lmao, she is a fricken mess…she needs to self-evict. She ain’t playin the game well, her stradegy blew up in her face already and there have only been 4 people evicted! Jejo will be so dumb to keep her.

    • But Shelly goes into the DR, looks into the camera and says what a horrible person Rachel is for telling lies. Rachel was being honest and Shelly was lying to us and herself. It’s not Shelly’s lies in the game that make
      her nasty. It’s the fact that she is delusional and believes her own lies. THAT is why she is very unpopular.

      • Please keep in mind that part of Shelly’s game play was to make Kalia belive that she was on her side in order to get infomation needed for her alliance…Brilliant, however, after saving Rachel’s behind by manipulating Kalia into putting up a floater,to save Jeff,Dani started to pick up on her game play. Shelly knew her alliance had the numbers to keep Rachel if her plan worked…Well, Lawon went packing and Rachel is still in the house…Rachel is only in the house because Shelly, Adam, and JeJo need her to help evict Dani, Porshe, and Kalia.

  44. Could anyone really know if Shell really is loaded the way she talks about all she has is not normal for people that are wealthy, and the way her hubby and daughter looked very nice but not money people, my opinion

  45. BB is on TTYL everyone no hard feelings…love you all…your just as crazy as Iam about this stupid game…if I could’nt follow it live I would’nt watch it …it’s the only reality show I follow because I can watch it live….goodnite all…;-)~

    • Were you watching last night? About 10:10pm on Camera 2 Shelly and Danielle were in the kitchen and they were talking about Evil Dick leaving. Shelly asked if he had a brother (I think!) and Danielle said not that he had talked to in 30 years. Then a couple more things were said and Shelly asked if Danielle really knew why he had left, it had to have been something big. Danielle said she was pretty sure it had to do with family. And boom, we were on “Be Right Back”. The minute they were back I instantly went to Flashback to see exactly what was said between Shelly and Danielle and the conversation was gone. None of the feeds showed Shelly and Danielle talking at that time and it’s no where on the FB feeds. I’m not losing my mind. My husband heard it too. We just weren’t paying close enough attention because we didn’t realize the live feeds were being edited and deleted when something was said they didn’t want us to hear. Did anyone else hear that conversation???

      • Beth,

        Same thing happened with a conversation between Dani and Kahlia in which Dani told Kahlia after Dani won HOH the last time “That is the way production wants it and she (Dani) wasn’t going to go against production’s wishes”

        I commented on this right away after I heard Dani say that and one of the commentors called me an idiot and a liar for saying that because he said “Why would Danielle come out and say that?”

        I went back to prove exactly word for word that it was actually said and that too was not there anymore.

        At least I know it is not me as you had the same thing happen!

  46. I don’t understand why everyone is not allowed to play the power of veto competition? That was really lousy luck Brendon and Rachel were not picked.

    • I said that a few nights ago. They should be able to play just like they do in HOH comps. This way everyone can defend themselves. I also felt bad that B?R have been playing hard in comps and the one they did not play, was a comp with prizes

      • I also think that they should bring all the chips with the names on them and everyone watch as the HOH puts the chips in the bag. JJ has played in every comp.

      • Excellent point, jif. I was wondering that exact thing last night–if it was just dumb back luck that Rachel and Brendon were not able to play for the Veto or if their names were even in the bag. The producers should have a holder, like the game of Scrabble has, showing a chip for everyone and then the HoH slides the chips in the bag. That way, we all know that everyone had a fair shot of playing for the veto.

      • Remember you it used to be nominees HOH and whoever they chose to help them. Then Nakomis came up with the six finger plan and set up the first ever backdoor. Since then they had a random draw to give you a ‘chance’.

  47. Rachel will cut you and stab you in a blink of an eye. Her and B have already throwed J and J under the bus. Rachel and Branden are so jealous of J and J because Jeff has already won 15 grand and Jordon has already won the game. Personally I don’t see why J and J was brought back into the house. CBS could’ve gotten other vets other than these too. There is no mention of Danielle and Evil Dick. He won it in their season and I’m wondering if Evil Dick gave Dani any of the winnings. Everybody in that house lies. I do think that Shell is on J and J’s side. The only reason she is still playing the other side is because it will keep her in the house. That is all I have to say.

      • @Leo…totally agree…she is right up there with the ability to turn on the tears…with Rachel. Her scheming will be exposed and it will be interesting to see her response…

      • By that time, I don’t think anyone will really care anymore and will just want to have fun because some of the people playing just want TV exposure and they got it, so they will probably just eat, drink and put it behind them… I can dream!

  48. I just have to get this off my chest! If Rachel uses the phrase “Brendan and I” out of context ONE more time I will scream!! Thanks for listening!

  49. So, Jeff threw the veto competition but, it takes seeing to believing. In effect, Jeff listens to Danielle which is the biggest threat to take out Brendon who is allied with him. I said before that was stupid now, that I see it—-doubly dumb of Jeff to do so! Does he really think Danielle will not take him and Jordan out? He has to realize that Porsche and Kalia both puppets of Danielle will put him up if Danielle demands it! Rachel will figure out that Brendon has been backdoored and will go after Jeff and Jordan. So, it is a no win situation embraced by Jeff. Talk about dumb!

      • I don’t have the live feeds but, watch the TV show so, I was surprised that Danielle had a big hand in Jeff deliberately losing the POV on purpose!
        That was a shocker in that Danielle has been a big liar in this game this season yet, Jeff believes her? If he won POV, all of them would have been safe! And Danielle could have backdoored Jeff if she wanted too! Now, that would have been funny. LOL

    • @Richie…that might be true about the Rachel going after Jeff and Jordan, but it was interesting that Rachel and Brendon offered Dani the solution of backdooring Jeff or Jordan. So, really, that alliance turned against themselves to protect themselves…

      • You are forgetting that Danielle is HOH this week. Even Jeff is quivering and so afraid of Danielle that he threw the POV to Adam. How dumb is that? If he won POV, he would not need to beg Danielle for safety as the veterans alliance will be intact! He also could have saved Shelly against Adam. The problem is he was intent on losing POV despite, being the best player on that game as Danielle said so herself. Any agreeements struck with
        Danielle was for survival except in Jeff’s case, he believed Danielle despite, Danielle’s numerous lies and that Danielle already backstabbed him and Jordan and Brendon and Rachel and raised alliances with everyone in the house! That alliance was pretty much solid as it saved Rachel last week and could have gone longer and protected the players. So, Jeff threw his alliance under the bus because he believed it was in his best interest.
        Actually, Danielle got a 2nd gift with his and Jordan’s vote for Shelly. The first gift was the deliberate loss of the POV! Danielle is licking her chops right now ready to vote out Jeff and Jordan and got an unlikely ally in Rachel because she is probably going to go try and evict Jeff and Jordan if she wins HOH!

      • Yeah and Jeff threw the POV because Dani him he and Jordan were safe. He made sure that she was indeed going after BR. So, really Jeff screwed the alliance before BR threw JJ under the bus. Jeff could have won POV, saved himself, and saved Brendon. He just didn’t care, which is fine, but it will hurt him in the long run.

  50. I have a stupid feeling that Rachel will walk out with Brendan to the jury house if he is re-evicted tomorrow night.

    • That will depend on which Rachel shows up for the HOH and POV competitions. The moping, crying pity me Rachel or the Rachel that knows how to compete and win HOH and POV competitions? If it is the Rachel that knows how to win comes out and plays her heart out then, watch out for fireworks because Jeff, Jordan or Danielle cannot be assured of safety next week! Then, it gets interesting because Rachel can guarantee that one of the three goes to the jury house if she wins HOH next week! Or maybe, it may be double
      eviction week which should also be interesting if it happens!

    • No reachel will stay and try to win HOH, And if she does all h ll will break loose, Jeff is really dumb, Because if he or jordan don’t win I see him going next if dani as anything to say about it. yes jeff dani got you to be the bad guy, So now the target is on you, Dumb Dumb Dumb.

    • I would love to see it too. Simply because it’d be funny.

      But CBS would never let that happen, and I bet they aren’t to happy about Brendon’s eviction either. Truth is whether you hate them or not, they will and always will bring better ratings then Shelley. There is more drama in the house with them. Shelley would be a bore to be honest. For some reason I think Rachel will win HoH tomorrow just so that there can be more drama in the house. Hell, a Pandora’s box will probably be dropped in too and give her some special powers.

  51. Gawd, I hate whining and crying… is this real life??? I never thought I hated smoking until I watched it happen on this show. Guess it is time to tuneout again as my choice at watching this show was bad. The last time I watched BB was when dickhead was on it… and I didn’t know he won the show until he showed up on this one. Him being on BB again should have been the deciding factor but guess I hoped for something diff… oh well, cut my losses… seeyaall.

  52. Wow, this season is getting stranger and stranger.Dani’s butt is too tiny to hold the size of that target on it. She better pray JJ and thier groupies don’t win HOH on Thursday. Jeff’s foaming at the mouth to put her on the block.

    • Jeff just showed what a wimp he is begging Danielle when he could have won POV and saved himself and his alliance. Instead, at Danielle’s urging, he went like a docile puppy and threw his alliance under the bus! Talk about slitting one’s own throat—-how stupid is that? Try jumbo stupid!

  53. I really wish Kalua would get up and help Shelly do some cleaning instead of sit there and yawn what a lazy ARZZ

  54. I really wish I could say something good about Kalua and Pooorchass but I just can’t find anything to say…

  55. Everyone is forgetting one thing, Brendon isn’t going “HOME” he’s going to the jury house and no-one is taking that in to thier plans, You want the people in the jury house on our side so they will vote for you, Not hating you, I don’t see dani getting B/R’s vote or JJ’s if she backdoors jeff.

    • I think B and R would vote for Dani. Although, you never know. Brenchel truly belives the Winner should be about who plays the game and works for it. They have to gives Dani props for that. Then again, the could use the emotional side and not give her their vote because of Dani getting Brendan evicted. (This is all assuming Dani will be F2, which is a good possibility)

  56. next week i think rach wil win hoh,lets see how they gona kiss her a$$ all of them ,they wil be scared specially dani ,jeff but she wont nom j\j,how i see she is going after dani ,she wil backdoor for revenge,dani has a pass for a veto to play but that doesnt guarantee her to win pov,if she didnt win pov,she is gona be with b in jury where she wil be regret, how she played the game,,,,,anyway whoever win hoh if not rachel either way rach is gona be save,she wil be playin both sides but jeff is not,he better win or he is next one,cant wait tomorow hoh,,,lol

    • I think she will be more mad at j/j than dani. At least with dani she. Expected that much. But not with jejo.

      • She is equally mad at Dani and JJ. But she remembers that she has to play the game, so I think she will put up floaters to try to stay good with JJ and Dani, then she will backdoor Dani first. Believe me, after Dani, then she will plotting against JJ.

  57. Also the only reason Jeff told Brendon that they couldn’t save him was to make it look like it wasn’t them doing it, So rachel wouldn’t come after them.

  58. I don’t know why Brenchel’s getting so mad at Jeff & Jordan just because they told them they cant vote for Brendon? he doesn’t have the votes to stay w or without them! They have to play for themselves too! Jeff better win HOH Thursday!

  59. tonight they show the veto com,how jeff threw the pov,jeff\adam ask dani and she said he is not his target,if he didnt throw,he could hav won and nom wil be the same, then in hoh room dani says to kalia ,if she win hoh put j\j in the block,dani is lies to j\j ,i hope they dont believe her,,,lol

  60. I really don’t understand how Rachael makes everything a personal attack. She is such a hypocrite. Last year I kind of liked her but this year she is almost unbearable!

  61. Now I know about editing. When Jeff was in DR right before Veto comp and he said it made him feel like taking a hayride with my little cutie Jordan (something like that) Then Jordan said something cutesy. All scripted for America’s couple.

  62. When Brendon walks out that door I’m done watching Big Brother… I don’t wish to sit back and watch Dani win…

    • I agree. I’m not gonna say I won’t watch, but at this point all these other losers should be going.

      • i don’t think dani will win bb already knows who they want to win and they will rig it to make sure that happens. Dani is just a snake in the grass and she better watch herself especially after she leaves the house i believe all of america would love to shove her under a bus.

  63. i dnt think rachel is as bad as they show but the way they edit make her bad and they make j\j the nice people on this earth may be jordan butjeff is not ,,,,lol

  64. People need to get it straight when people say I can see us in the final 2/3/4 can you? They mean ” TAKE MY DEAL OR I COME AFTER U” shelzheimers needs some medication

  65. Aghhhhhhh no one to root for in this game I hate JJ this season even more than BR last season. PORSCHE AND SHELZHEIMERS I choose you to be final 2 with Porsche winning

  66. Honesty or lying is not the point. Jeff and Jordan need Daniele out before Brendon goes. Brendon as a target protects them. Brendon has better chance for HOH; Shelly can’t win nothing. Jeff, Jordan, Brendon,and Rachel need to stong arm Adam to vote Shelly out. Get him in a room and say if he doesn’t he goes on block with Daniele and if she wins veto he is out. After Brendon gone Jeff is soon to follow and sweet Jordan has to go for she will get the votes.

  67. i agree with you,jeff ,adam are close and jeff give the veto to him,so adam wil do what jeff told him to do but the way i see jeff doesnt wona sav brendon,he also knows he is next ,,,,,lol

    • Adam is his own man. He never bowed to the veterans and even Danielle for that matter. While, he has not done much on the game, atleast, his is man enough to stand on his own! Jeff was a wussy begging Danielle for safety when he could have won POV easily and saved his alliance! Even Danielle said, if you are not with me then, you are against me!
      Adam is playing for Adam and although, he begged Jeff for the POV, once he got it—-he did not care about anything else! Not even a thank you and certainly not a vote for Brendon after Jeff asked him for that vote! Yes, Jeff is a wuss and a dumb one at that!

  68. Has anyone considered that Shelly might have forgotten she made a deal or that she might have not thought of that moment with BR as a deal?

    Either way she is DEFINITELY lying about her and J/J not making a F3 deal. She made one last week before the veto, when Je/Jo questioned her loyalty. She said she wants to win that veto and save Jeff, because she wants them to be in the final 3.

    • From what i saw, Shelly didn’t make a final 3 deal – she just asked Brendon and Rachel if they would consider taking her to the final 3. I didn’t hear of any deal being made. It was just a question.

  69. 1st of all shelly is a dyke and a lier and needs to go with her manly lookin self, an if rachel stays which im sure she will i hope like hell she wins hoh an puts up kalia and dani an bust that shyt wide open then we will have a bigbrother game to be played.

  70. I really hope they vote out that smoke stack Shelly, boy she could play a role in the soaps. I vote for Adam to win BB. He acts like he just don’t give a shit. Go Adam. He is going to sit back and watch these idiots fight, and then he is going to walk away with all the money.

  71. Why would Brendon and Rachel be mad at Jeff and Jordan? Brendon was there two nights ago with Jeff and Jordan and Adam all trying to convince him to keep Brendon. They know they fought to keep him. Granted Jeff should have won the veto and kept the noms the same, but I think he thought he might be able to convince Dani into putting Rachel up. He tried, but Dani wants Brendon gone.

    • And now, Jeff and Jordan are going to vote to evict Brendon which will only make Danielle happy! So, Jeff and Jordan sacrifice two votes in the jury house right off the bat to save Shelly. How stupid is that? If Jeff won POV then, it would have been Shelly against Adam and Shelly had a chance to get off and the veterans alliance would have been intact! Even Danielle wasn’t intent on evicting Shelly so, she probably would have been safe against Adam! Jeff just put big targets on his and Jordan’s back. If Rachel, Kalia, Porsche wins then, they could get put on the block! Even Adam who does not even show any appreciation of the POV Jeff threw at him could put Jeff and Jordan in the block if he won POV and it would serve Jeff right for being a wussy and a traitor all in one!

      • I agree with you. Jeff and Jordan should at least vote to evict Shelly and force Dani to break the tie, but then that puts a strain on them and Shelly. Glad I’m not in the house. I would be terrible at it.

  72. I just wanted to say this but…

    If Brendon and Jeff got into a fight in the “real world” brendon would get his ass handed to him on rachels fat ass…

    Point is Jeff would kick brendons ass

  73. danielle just won the game, her alliance with rachel will keep her till final 2 with rachel being runner up. after brendon shelly and adam will be the next to go. And btw i wanted rachel and jordan final 2 before, but for supposively be so nice and honest, they screwed their own alliance over. EVERYONE THROWS SOME ONE UDNER THE BUS. throwing that pov just lost jeff and jordan 500k, and put dani in a winning position. hopefully we have 1st dani, 2nd rachel, 3rd porsche, 4th jordan

  74. Maybe I’m might be a little confused here, but I can’t understand why everybody is slamming Shelly. I haven’t seen her lying. Other than to Dani,Porshe and Kalia. To be honest Shelly is better than Dani and Rachel and Brandon. Dani is a snake in the grass. She is going to sell out Porshe and Kalia before the end. R and B is another set of lying pieces of crap. Let me in on what everybody is seeing about Shell. I don’t see it.

  75. I am glad Jeff told Brendan and Rachel to their faces that he would not be voting to keep Brendan. It is time to break up that duo. Dani is playing the game how she knows best. Glads she trusted her gut and not Brendan and Rachel. Good bye Brendan. Next time we see you, you’ll be in the jury house.

    • I think that says a lot for Jeff at this point even though it may not be a good move, he at least was man enough to tell Brendon face to face – no matter what his “reasoning” was to not save him. Jeff could have told him he was saving him and then send him off on a bad note! I think that would have been worse.

  76. Then the newbies can belittle themselves some more no one stands out right now at all!

  77. Let’s try something a little different here, instead of all the bashing, how about some fun things. The “date” with “Philip and Elizabeth” had me laughing out loud – it showed the HG’s can have fun. The hot dog eating contest brought EVERYONE together, if for only a few minutes. And last night in the living room, everyone except R & B seemed to be enjoying themselves talking and playing guessing games. These few things are what makes it interesting to me. The fights and disagreements are okay and expected, but the fun things are the “UNexpected”. Just saying…..

    • I think the house guests have their guards up and are cautious and when they try to have fun that is still in the back of their mind and they don’t really let it all rip! I can understand that too! Loose lips sink ships!

      • Feather, I completely agree they still have their guard up, what I’m saying is, it was nice to hear what was being said (no whispering), see laughing instead of crying and them just trying to be “normal”. They themselves have said how boring they are, at least they are trying to do some fun things.

  78. Jeff is a bully and a liar, Jordan is worthless, Shelly must be nuts to go into the bb house and play for Jeff and Jordan, and it sucks that they are all going to vote Dani out. Why didn’t Adam and Shelly join with Dani’s aliance so they could have a shot at winning the game?!

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