Big Brother 13 Episode 18: Week 6 Veto Show Tonight

Power of Veto

Tonight on Big Brother 13 we’ll get to watch the latest PoV competition where there were finally prizes for the HGs to collect. Well, some non-prizes were handed out too so that should be fun to watch those get passed around. If you’ve got one of our free Big Brother mobile apps then you probably already read how the competition and ceremony turned out, but if not, then you can go ahead get all those Veto spoilers.

We’re just another day from the next eviction and it looks like things are getting worse for one of the Vet couples as a new alliance may be emerging from the past. This will be one to keep an eye on and see if it lasts more than a week or if everyone gets right back to turning on one another.

Update: Vet alliance imploding this afternoon with JeJo’s announcement of how they plan to vote this week. Rachel is furious. Flashback to 12:55PM BBT for the action.

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Check back in tomorrow morning for another episode review by BB12’s Matt Hoffman.

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  1. I think Dani was a bit of a loosey goosey last night and is lucky she has a free pass to play in the veto comp as she may need it. Since Brendan is going home the only two players who can really trust each other are JeJo – the rest of them will just have to trust their gut instincts and hope for the best.

  2. her dad was less than pleased on twitter…… EvelDick Evel Dick Donato
    Nice job Dani, get drunk as sh*t & tell everything to Shelly… great game plan. What the hell is wrong with her? Shelly of all people, ugh

      • But do we know how it can be used? Can she use it on someone else should she not go up or wins the veto comp.?

    • I believe she can use the veto ticket to play if she is not up for eviction. I have also read that it has an expiration date where it must be used in one or two weeks from the time she won it but I am not sure about that.

  3. Danimal is making some risky moves.
    It’s bad strategy.

    She should have kept her deal with Brenchel
    They win challenges and the house hates them.
    Fine 2 is a definite win for Danimal!

    If she ends up with JJ in the finals she will lose to either one. Hope she still has time to work with Brenchel before it’s 2late

    • Brendon had a shot at getting Adam’s vote until the argument happened..Brendon and Rachel were hinting that Jeff and Jordon would be responsible as to Brendon staying..Jeff told him that he needed to talk to Adam..He told Rachel to stop looking at him with squinty look..( I think that is how he phrased it) Rachel will not quit till she causes a major blow up..She tried last nite and she is trying today..stay tuned it’s gonna happen..

      • Jeff n’ Jordon told Brendon and Rachel that if they could get another vote to keep B in that they would vote to keep him ..If B&R can’t get the vote they will go with the house..In short Brendon and Rachel copped an attitude with J&J..

      • Well if Jeff wouldn’t have thrown the POV today, he could have saved himself and Brendon. Because if Jeff won POV, he wouldn’t use it, so nominations would have stayed the same and Shelly would have been evicted. But obviously, he didn’t care because he was trying to get Dani to put Rachel up. The problem is I don’t think Jeff realizes how bad of a situation he will be in once Brendon leaves. Adam will not win HOH purposely. Shelly won’t win for shit. And you just pissed off Rachel. So, basically Jeff will have to rely on himself to win this HOH which is not something he is used to. Luckily, I think Kalia and Porsche will throw the comp as well, so the HOH comp will probably be between Rachel and Jeff. I don’t know, but Jeff might have f’cked up. But I’ll wait and see, he could possibly survive.

    • I don’t think Rachel wants Brendon there. I think she wants to play without him,win the 5000,000 than dump him and she goes back to Vegas

  4. Well this is like watching ground hog day the movie we are back at 2 weeks ago
    I dont understand what was the point in bringing him back just to have him get out again
    Very dissapointing

  5. J&J did tell Brendon that they helped Rachel the entire week he was gone. And told him that Shelly was the reason Rachel did not get voted out..Funny..Cause Rachel told him the complete opposite..He knows now that she lied about certain things..

    • I was sorry Brendan came back at all… Rachel was just coming around when he came back and she’s been stirring the pot since he walked in the door with all these tall-tales on how mean JJ were, the bit about Jeff coming on to her in the shower… this girl needs major help! (can’t believe even Brendon would buy that one). Hope I get to see it when it all goes down. I love Jordan’s good nature & kind heart but she can be a little dynamo when she finally does lose it (like with Russell). Rachel definitely needs to send that control-freak Brendon packing…if she does have PTSS it’s due to his mind games & abuse.Hope he leaves & the vets get HOH at last ! Go JJ! Hope Kalia or Porsche go up soon.

  6. I love the show…I’ve followed it since day 1 BUT it’s turned into the Rachel and Brendon show. We could see more of the competitions etc. if they’d stop showing Rachel whining…..

    I like Jeff and Jordan too but in the future I hope BB doesn’t have oldies come back with newbies….have a winter reunion show or something but leave the summer show for all new people.

    Just my 5 cents,,,,,,,,,

  7. i hate shelly she has made deals with everyone in the house and then lies even in the diary room about not playing a dirty game she cant even win any competitions she is the ultimate floater and i hope when the season ends they put her on the spot and show the footage of her lying. I also believe she is bisexual and has a crush on jordan thats y she pretends to be her friend.

    • I used to like Shelly. She says she has never lied. She did want a deal with brendon and rachel.Maybe her being in the house so long has given her amnesia. She is the liar. Rachel should have gone off when she was confronted.Shelly is the one who needs to go.

  8. I cant wait till dani leaves. I cant stand her! She is a ***** And it looks like she is on crack!

    • I agree. I cant wait til she leaves. I just want to slap that smile off of her face. It will be soon.

      • I know. I was rooting for her at first, but she has gotten so cocky lately. I hope Jeff or Rachel wins HOH tomorrow and puts her ass up. If that doesn’t happen, I need Rachel to at least bitch slap that grin off her face.

    • Baby you ain’t kidding. Hopefully she goes soon. She has been very lucky. Other than the comps. she isn’t playing well.

  9. Lol Danielle is very funny she always has some witty comments.I see why people would hate her she has so much swagger its not funny.Lol @ calling brendan a zombie and rachel the zombie bride LMAO

  10. I looked up what Durian is-America’s vote for have nots. According to the dictionary it is a fruit with spiky skin it is suppose to have a delicious flavor but has a horrible smell. This on top of slop. OMG!

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