Big Brother 13 Twist: Dynamic Duos

Big Brother 13 twist

Julie Chen has made the Big Brother 13 twist official after an appearance last night on ET Canada’s debut of the BB13 House tour (see video below). Our favorite reality host let the annual summer mystery be at least partially resolved with this comment:

“Dynamic Duos from the past will have a significant role this season.”

A common reaction to Ms. Chen’s statement was that we’d be seeing past Big Brother houseguests return to Big Brother 13, but I’m taking this in another direction. I think it’s more likely we’ll see pairings involving friends from outside the game similar to BB6’s twist which featured seven pairs with secret alliances, each thinking they were unique in their advantage. As always, that’s just speculation on my part and we’ll have to wait to see just what “dynamic duos” will really mean for this season of Big Brother.

The Big Brother 13 cast will be announced on Thursday morning as part of CBS’ The Early Show, so we won’t have to wait much longer to have this mystery solved. I’ll have all the cast pics and bios posted early tomorrow with an alert on our Facebook page.

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  1. i didn’t get what julie ment with dynamic duos does she mean house guests with secret pair alliances or does she mean past pair house guests who return to the game ? can u explain plz

    • We’re not sure yet, but take a look at the second paragraph above for my speculation.

      We’ll have to wait until more details are released. I’m hoping the cast reveal tomorrow morning will answer some of these questions.

    • I’m thinking maybe Batman & Robin, Lucy & Ricky, Puss & Boots, etc., somthing along those lines. Since most (if not all) of the BB twists have proven to be huge failures I wouldn’t put too much faith in these “dynamic duos” suddenly changing that trend. I’ll definitely be watching but not expecting much from the “twists”.

      • Agreed. I love Big Brother for Big Brother, not its twists. I think they’ve M-Night’d these twists to death.

        But maybe they’ll prove me wrong and deliver a great one this year.

    • No they will to bring back Jesse AGAIN, but maybe you will see the redheaded house-guest from last season.

      • If I have to watch rachel again Hopefully they Put Russel back in the game he would keep her in check!

  2. “Dynamic Duos” not sure what his means yet, but I like it. OMG cant wait until tomorrow to see the players. Thanks Matt.

  3. I had an idea, what if the house is split into two “cliques” like season 11, and the two cliques are led by powercouples, and it’s powercouple vs powercouple. Jeff and Jordan vs Brendon and Rachel?

    I would love to see anyone from Season 6! That was one of my favorite seasons, love Janelle!

    • Or maybe two “tribes.” One could be led by former contestant Boston Rob and the other by former contestant Russell…

      I hope CBS doesn’t repeat themselves like that.

      • i dont think jeff and jordan like brendon and rachle bc of that one time last season when jeff and jordan hosted the game and brendon threw a bowling ball thing at them… that would be really good tho!!!! i have a feeling this is going to be a great season!!! can not wait!!!!! and i was just woundering does anyone know if brendon and rachle and jeff and jordan r still together????

  4. @Jesse does that mean the powercouples are the HOHs for the whole season?!!!! Also it has to be duos we already know since Julie said,” From The Past.”

  5. yeah i think jeff and Jordan are coming back for sure, and for sure im not watching Big Brother cause im sick of them.

    • You know that even if they come back your still going to watch it your addicted like me otherwise you wouldn’t be posting comments on this website 1 week before the show starts lol

      BB Fan 4 Life

      • Only thing I’m not sure on is when BBAD will premiere for east coast that first night. Live Feeds shouldn’t launch until 1AM ET since the premiere is an hour later this year. So if BBAD isn’t allowed to start until the feeds do then just the east coast on the first night won’t start until 1AM. West coast that night would still be 12AM. We shall see.

  6. All i know is if they put brendan and Rachael or Jessie back in i will very much dislike this show those are the worst 3 players in BB i can’t stand them! But would love to see Janelle and Kaysar come back!

  7. I personally wanna see house guests play the game like how it was played from Big Brother 2 to Big Brother 8, those seasons were the best of best and had amazing people play the game, from Big Brother 9 to Big Brother 12 all it’s been focusing on i the arguments and the a’holes who don’t deserve to play and/or win! They need to find people like janelle, kaysar, evel

    • I agree with you 100%. These past few seasons have not been good at all. I wish it could go back to the old Big Brother. I have to agree that season 8 was the last best season. It seems nowadays that they are focused more on showmances and arguements and it doesn’t even seem like the old Big Brother.

  8. Dick, Danielle, and many more from those seasons from 2-8 but that’s my personal opinion, I love the show no matter what and always will, as it’s addicting and amazing, the only reality show that aint stupid or running out of ideas. Anyways cant wait for Big Brother 13, its Gunna be awesome!! :-)

    • i thnk if they do another all stars its going to be all bb 8-13. Because everyone else had a chance already and having more of them would seem kinda like over kill

  9. I heard its pb&j!! It kinda makes sense if it is, you know how bb takes things literal

      • Hey HOH8 you’re back, you and BG – looking for Jeanne, I think she has a different name on this site! Good to see you all again, I can’t wait until next week. I would love to see Evel back on with Rachel instead of the way they have them paired.

      • Wow Kristina…ive been looking for ya all over the place….asking everyone but nobody said nothing….yeah Jeanne is here as “Roxie”…glad u was able to stick with ur name….

        a pretty busy day today watching all the new HG’s….it looks it might be a Fans vs Favs like Survivor…so lets see how they start playing the game next thurs….

        great to have u back kristina…are u gonna post in the Forums also?

      • I know, it took me long enough and yes, fortunately I figured out how to do my name! How do I get to the forum you are talking about? If I’m not blocked I’ll try :)

      • the Forum is easy..just go above and click on Forum, once there just register and ur in…its alot of fun there… :-)

      • HOH8, I did enter the forum and then they said they would send me back confirmation via email – but they never did. Maybe they don’t want me :(

      • Oh Dear Kristina….check ur spam folder in case…believe me they want you, lol…idk what happened? but listen Matt(BBN) reads these comments, maybe he could help if he reads our comments….

        Matt…can u help?….TY HoH8

    • HOH8 – How could they not want me (ha ha ha) don’t they know I’ve watched and recorded every episode since the very first and I’m one of their biggest fans? Maybe they can approve me with your help and Matt’s help, I don’t know what else to do on that! It didn’t end up in the blocked emails.

  10. I don’t think they will be doing it where everyone is a duo. They did this with season 6/9, I think this time there will be 2 duos from the past, fighting to win, and the houseguests are split helping them.

  11. I’m betting that when Rachel (BB12) heard about the “dynamic duo” she immediately thought there were talking about her implants.

  12. Oh Dear…who will be the Dynamic Duos?, will be the main topic till premiere night…i just Love this Twist…it will make the HG’s heads spin like crazy, cause they will all hate it, lol… :-)

  13. Dynamic… twins are dynamic… ?

    Twins, unlucky 13?

    Many previous house guests had twins in real life, such as Diane for S5/Allstars.

    • maybe not regulars twins but the twins that actually appeared on the show were pretty dynamic … oophs, I mean pretty dramatic.

  14. I hope that when you think of Dynamic Duos people think of past players. That doesn’t mean they are a blast from the past. Think of the house. Julie said what is inside is what is really outside, and what is outside should be inside. So what if, that’s just like the people also.

  15. This is so cool won’t be able to sleep tonight. And whoever the H.G.’s are we got to realize that we can’t compare them to other seasons because each one has their own dynamics and even if we don’t like them we will still watch because we are all B.B. JUNKIE’S.

  16. I thought of an idea when I heard dynamic duos.
    Basically, there are 5 pairs of partners from each others pasts(forgotten high school friends, parent kids separated at an early age etc.) Then, there are 2 pairs of ex-house guests that either got along(Jeff and Jordan, Mike and Will) OR that didn’t(Russell and anyone, Dick and Jen.) If they make it to final 2, the prze money will be doubled like season 6. I know it sounds a lot like season 6 but what do you think?

  17. I think CBS knows how the season tanked last year and this year they will do everything they can to make it a non-stop fun filled summer.

    Season 12 was SO boring. The last few weeks with just Britney and the Brigade in the house were torture, SOOO boring!

  18. Someone just said Jeff & Jordan are coming back. Is this true? I hope so, I really enjoyed their season.

  19. Here’s my thoughts on “dynamic duos from past”…..7 pairs of duos from the past seasons! Only problem with my theory – why the casting calls? But I can dream, can’t I?

  20. The “dynamic duo’s” twist could probably work if they find ways to make it different from season 6 and season 9. In season 6, the houseguests had secret partners and in season 9 they played as couples for the first part of the game. I am wondering if the dynamic duo’s will play as individuals or if they will play as a duo. Can’t wait for the season to start!

  21. could it be possible that they have half old pairs playing together and the other half new ppl playing as pairs??? but i dont think that would b e possable bc that would be to many ppl lol but it would be prety cool….right

  22. everyone seems so convinced of an allstars happening this season……this dynamic duo thing doesn’t sound like fun. And if they do do another all stars i think it should be only people from bb8-bb12/13 eeryone else has had a shot at an allstars

  23. When people keep talking about season 8 everybody keeps talking about Dick & Danielle (I know they were the final 2 and all) but was I only one that would really rather see Eric and Jessica return instead, also if it is an all star season you need to include Mike and Will (or just Will but he needs to come back)

  24. This twist will be. New vs fan favorites!! Can’t wait to see big big big brothers fan!!

  25. The “duos” have already been chosen and have nothing to do with the “suggestions” posted on the CBS website – those is just possible pairing and several of those people have already indicated that they are not going to be on. It’s just another one of those “twists” (smoke & mirrors) that BB uses to make the audience think that they are somehow involved in the decision making. See, if the duo thing flopped (like virtually every twist BB has tried in the past) then all they need to do is say the the online survey indicated that the people selected were the most popular. I hate the twists season after season but I keep watching – as long as they don’t bring back Regan from last season I can pretty much tolerate anyone else.

  26. Please dont bring Rachel back. Her voice is like nails on the chalkboard. Who wants to hear vegas again.? Or how she is a chemist but works as a cocktail waitress. No let me explaine it. She went to school got passed by sleeping with teachers and cant get a job as a chemist bc she is stupid. So she, like a hooker, uses her body, not pimpled out face, to make money. If she comes back i will stop watching until she is gone.

  27. hello everybody i can’t wiit for thursday for Big Brother 13 wow! i applaud all from the people at the top to all of the competitors. as far as the duos go i DON’T want brenchel because i can’t stand rachel her laugh makes my skin crawl and it pierces my ears and i’ve heard many a annoying laugh in the past. and as for brendon he’s just a walking neanderthal. but i still can’t for thursday one last thing it looks like that BB will be shown in HD which is awesome because i didn’t like changing my format from 16:9 to fullscreen to get rid of the black side bars.

  28. My guess as who the duo’s will be returning tonight are:- Brendon and Rachel, Evil Dick and Daniele and Jeff and Jordan—–and if Rachel acts up like she did before then Evil Dick will put her in her place—should be interesting—can’t wait to see if my 3 guesses are right.

    • I agree Glenda, Evel Dick vs Rachel would be hysterical! He would so iritate Rachel and intimidate the s#%t out of Brenda

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