Big Brother 13 House Pics

Here we go! Here’s your first look at the Big Brother 13 House! It’s kind of a beach theme this year with bright, summer colors and surfboards mounted to the kitchen walls, but it varies around the house. Definitely won’t be dull to watch!

Perhaps most important is the kitchen table and memory wall both featuring space for fourteen houseguests! I love big casts for all the extra opportunities of drama.

Yahoo!TV’s Matt Whitfield reports the house has 9 sleeping spots on the first floor, a fortune teller machine in the lounge room (which probably explains the skeleton poster), benches by the HoH door, and a mysterious, locked back bedroom (Have-Nots!).

What do you think of the new house? Compare it to last season’s house. I’m excited!

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Update: We’ve got even more pictures from the new Big Brother house posted and will continue to add more as they appear over the coming days.

Update 2: Even more pics from CBS! Now we can see the backyard. It looks great!

Update 3: Reader Topher noticed there are 2 different versions of the HoH room. Very interesting. Take a look: HoH Version 1 & HoH Version 2 but which is the final?

Update 3.1: A mysterious tipster “confirms” the orange version of the room was the final HoH room design. Tipster also notes the secret room we haven’t seen yet is a “Clue” like library room. Very cool if true!

Update 4: Canada beat us to it! Julie Chen’s video tour appeared on ET Canada tonight. Video courtesy of Big Brother Access is below the pics.

click images to enlarge

Dynamic duos from the past? I’m hoping that doesn’t mean people who were former HGs. I want some new blood in the game!


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  1. Looks really awesome and 14 house guest will be very nice. Can’t wait now to see who these houseguest are

    • I can’t wait either. We should get that news tomorrow morning and I’m going to be actively watching for it to post as soon as it’s available.

  2. There is usually 14 slots on the memory wall…but I believe they keep the center slot for the BB logo and just have 13 HG’s. At least if I remember correctly, that is how it was last season.

    • Last year they had 14 spots in the Memory Wall and they actually had 14 HGs planned for the season until one female HG dropped out at the last minute. At that point they didn’t have time to rebuild that wall.

      Of course it’s all just speculation (and like last year, things can change) until the HGs are revealed and in that house.

  3. ya, they always have 14 picture frames on the MW, but there are 14 plates so i guess that means 14 houseguests :)

  4. The house looks awesome except for the candy looking room(what the heck is that all about). Love, love the kitchen with the red accent. Now bring on the HG’s already.

    • IKR? I love this new house but the HOH room looks smaller? The bed does, not liking that.

  5. The BB13 house reminds me of the BB4 house, especially with the circular bed in the HoH room.

  6. Oh I can’t wait it has been to long. I’m excited to talk to everyone again. bring on the summer Drama!

  7. I am so excited for Big Brother to start I cant stand it. Big brother once a year is not enough. The year they had a summer show and a fall show was great. I love Big Brother. I wish they would not tease us with just a little information here and there. Bring it on Big Brother we are ready. I am so excited to be able to communicate with other Big Brother fanatics like myself.

    • Also the lounge room is my favorite part of the house so far; better than last years. Maybe the skeleton is part of UNlucky 13?!!!!!!

      • Exactly what I thought, Jamie – the number 13 could play a big role in this season.

    • yea I’m not really liking this HOH room, I like the big bed from the past, circle one makes room seem smaller too, not a fan of this HOH room, liked last year much better, I do like the kitchen tho.

  8. Looks like the pics on the wall in the lounge are that of Tarot cards….hmmm….and a fortune telling machine located within the house? Looks like they will be playing up the superstitious season 13…Can’t wait!

      • Yep, the Skeleton picture on the wall in the left of the picture is the Death Card or La Mort card. The others in the back are to hard to make out clearly without guessing. Hmmm

      • They are Tarot cards (I recreationally study it). On the back wall, it looks like the Rider Waite “Hermit” card. The one on the right looks like it could be the “Temperance” card. While the skeleton is not from Rider Waite deck, it does look like the “Death” card. As for the one on the left, I am unsure, but could be “The Lovers”

  9. Love the house. appears to be much nicer at least in looks than last year or any year for that matter.

  10. Its a really nice change from other years…did u notice there are no single beds? only double beds.. does CBS want to form showmances by forcing them to sleep together?….nice, lol……

    cant wait for the TV Tour Julie gives us… :-)

  11. The first bedroom with the single beds and wood flooring is by far my favorite room, well based on looks. Very modern, very classy. But, my favorite room overall is the lounge room. There is always major game talk in that room, and the superstitious accessories will just make them that much more paranoid.

      • No problem at all. Worth noting that the first time of BBAD might not start until 1AM ET (but still 12AM PT) because of the later premiere time this season. Otherwise a 12AM ET BBAD premiere would overlap with 9PM PT broadcast premiere. Usually they wait and start the live feeds after the west coast premiere is over, so I’m guessing they’ll synch BBAD w/ it.

  12. i have been waiting all year for the new bigbrother show now it is here and i know that i will watch everyshow.

  13. I just want all the hg’s to be strangers!! no one knowing anyone else in the house :P

  14. Whats with the bikes in the kitchen wouldn’t they place them outside maybe decoration or maybe something else what ya’ll think?

    • Wondering the same thing, Taylor. Not only are the bikes there, but they have a bike rack as well. Don’t remember bikes from past seasons. If they road the bikes in the backyard that would be like going in circles!

      • Oh i didn’t even see the alarm, the bikes are gonna have too do with something either a challenge or i don’t know lol i’m excited too see what the house is like when everyone is in there and the twist cant wait till those are reveled !

    • Taylor, look closely at the wall by the bikes. There appears to be some kind of bell or fire alarm.

      • I think the Bikes do not move…they are there prolly for the Theme(whatever it is)…but the Bikes will not move… :-)

      • Good point, HoH8. There are numerous bikes hanging around on the walls, etc. The bikes, the fortune teller and Taro cards, surfboards – all interesting. What could the theme possibly be??

      • Julie confirmed the Theme is “Venice Beach”….so everything u see in the house thats looks weird, it has to be connected to Venice Beach… :-)

  15. I was wondering if there are dvd’s that we can purchase of the entire show from Season 1- Season 12??? I would love to reminise and compare seasons

  16. Wow so close from here! Does anyone know how long it takes CBS to post the episodes online? Thanks

    • @Malik….u will be able to find the epi’s on CBS after midnight after it airs or most prolly by the morning… :-)

  17. the house looks really nice! My favorite room is the ice cream room.. And guys the cast will be revealed Thursday morning on The Early Show it has been confirmed by @wlbb

  18. It would suffice to say that this being season 13 with 13 normally being associated with bad luck that this season will have some very over the top bizarreness and weirdness as indicated by the creepy fortune teller machine and the skeleton poster. I bet the Have Nots room will be the worst and scariest ever. BB has definitely injected new vibrant life into the house itself. Very visually vibrant and bright. I also predict we’ll see a challenge or two related to sand, beaches, and surfboards. I believe that this will be the most bizarre and twisted season ever!

  19. A little over a week and it’s an exciting time. I like the new looks…. But I have to ask, did the design team use to work at TGIFridays?

  20. I love, just love the vibe of the house! Me and my BB friends just can’t wait till the fun begins! Bring it on!!!!

  21. Dont understand the cage around the staircase but i guess im not supposed to since the season hasnt started yet. really LOVE the look of the house although it seems a bit tight fit in some of the bedrooms.

  22. I wonder if the HGs get to eat ice cream in candy room? Also LUV the festive backyard!!!

  23. I like the house but wish they would of went with a different theme. Agree with the HOH room. The round bed makes it look smaller. Just as long as they put a lot of characters in the house, I’ll be happy. Big Brother don’t disappoint & please NO more Jesse!!

  24. I’m wondering if they will have a pool table this year since I didnt see one in the pics, did I miss it?

  25. Take a look at the HOH room pictures. They are different, very different! Two HOH rooms perhaps? The one with the blue wallpaper matches the pictures of the HOH bathroom, however the other picture seems to fit in better with the theme of the house. Maybe why there is a cage/fence around the staircase; to separate two groups? Interesting….indeed!

    • Wow! Great, great catch. I didn’t notice at all. I wonder which one was the final design? Since it’s a fixed studio set I don’t expect there to be 2 HoH rooms. Very cool!

      • Maybe 1 HOH nominates 1 player & other HOH another 1 player. Who knows?!!!!! Oh yea, the producers know. Haha!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • On cbs web site, they posted pics of new house also. they only have the blue HOH room not the orange and blue HOH pic. I think the blue one is actually the HOH room only since they have no pics of orange and blue bed on the web site.

  26. there ARE two different rooms. Look at the walls with windows. Totally different.Unless one picture is an old one.

    • It’s certainly possible that there are 2 HoH rooms, but due to space restrictions of the set they’re on I’m guessing one pic is old and was redesigned. Can’t wait to find out for sure though!

      • Because of that pandora’s room or whatever it is what if they moved the wall and split it, they did make it look like it was a smaller HoH room with the round bed maybe it is 2 HoH rooms!!

  27. this is really off the wall but remember the room next to HOH’s room? what if they took that wall and made the room bigger or split? maybe like an evil twin/HOH partner.Circus freak kind of thing cause i get like a circus vibe

  28. On the preview for tomorrows ET, it showed Julie and said one of the main twists is that a power couple from a previous season will play a large part of the game!! Jeff and Jordan? Brenchel?

    • Ragan said “no” to that question on today’s Rumor Control. The Candy room is last season’s Sunset room (orange colors).

      • After watching the video of the house, I see it IS the former have nots room, the room on the far wall of the main bedroom. The sunset room was the room to the right of the main bedroom. Shame, shame, Ragan.

      • I know! Oh my foolish trusting of Ragan just because I believed he had an in-depth understanding of that layout and would be a reliable person to recognize what was what.

        You were right after all!

  29. I think the dynamic duos means former HGs who are NOT there to play, ONLY to mess w/ HGs as part of UNlucky 13!!!!!!!

    • Jaime…Julie confirmed the Twist

      i think the duos will be either couples, 2 men or 2 woman….and like u said i think they will be part of that double HOH room and not be playing….its gonna be Fun !!! :-)

    • I think you may be right about that because apparantly there was not going to be any houseguests from the past, it was supposed to be a completely new cast. Plus having dynamic duos from the past would be unfair because they would run the game…

  30. Earlier I wrote that you could get all the complete seasons of BB from a site called classictv4u and have found out that they no longer exist. I did however find a site called that sells them including the UK version and the Austrailian versions for under $20.00

  31. I think there are two HOH rooms… It would be the twist of the season. :)

    Orange HOH room is the perfect match for the theme, the blue one reminds on last season’s HOH room. Same colours… We’ll see.

    • Considering the two rooms are identical in layout in the pictures, I strongly believe it’s just a change in decorations and not a physical separate room. We’ll just see one HoH room this season like normal.

  32. Can’t wait to see the houseguests!

    I agree with Matt, if it were two separate rooms I doubt the structure and placing of fish/mirrors/bed/etc would be the same.

    Remember guys, the look of the HOH changes a lot, remember how in season 7 how everytime there was a new HOH they completley changed the room 100%? They might just be testing different looks for the room.

  33. Okay so the twist this year is dynamic duos!! So I thinking that evil dick and his daughter will be part of bb13. The announcement said that past player’s will have a significant part in this years bb13

  34. When do they announce the cast and what exactly is the theme? I can’t wait until 7/7!! Seems long overdue, yes/no?

    • They will probably announce tomorrow because Julie is announcing the cast tomorrow on the early show and the theme is Venice beach I also can’t wait

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