Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Week 9 PoV Competition Results

Power of Veto

This week’s Big Brother 13 Power of Veto competition is over and we’ve got the results. With the house split along two sides and one player straddling the fence both sets of HGs had their eyes on the Veto prize. No Pandora’s Box meddling this time around, just a good ol’ fashioned battle for control.

Read on to find out who won and what that means for the game this week.

Big Brother 13 Week 9 Power of Veto results:

  • Adam won the Veto.

I’m very surprised Adam put himself in this position, but here he is. Now he’ll have the option to take off a nomination and potentially evict Jordan. Will he?

Right now Kalia is grilling him and he’s just smiling back. Is he ready to exact revenge for her vote against him last week? Keep watching to see.

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Only five HGs remained so everyone played in today’s competition.

The Veto ceremony will be held on Monday. Stay close by and we’ll let you know as soon as that happens, but the real action will be the on the Live Feeds (Free Trial).

What do you think of the PoV Comp results?



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  1. If screws Jordan, he will be lucky to make the Final 2 because Kalia and Porsha are sticking together. If he does, he will lose Jeff and Jordan’s vote. I am glad Adam finally won a comp.

    • What was it about?
      I don’t why I felt that maybe he was throwing some comps up until it’s important in the game
      Now let’s see if he’s true to Jordan or will he help Porsche?
      Cos as he kept saying he wants K out, so no need to use cos they all want K out unless he’s a better version of Shelly?!

    • If he uses the veto he is STUPID because if all vets are in the jury and he makes final two they will make sure he does not win by screwing them over. At least if he plays with Rachel and Jordan and makes the final two, he has a chance at winning because there will be more newbies in the house and he will have a shot at winning but if he screws Jordan and Rachel over he is DONE for.

    • Adam will be lucky to make final 2 in any case. Do you honestly think that Jordan or Rachel would take Adam to Final 2 over each other? And also, if Adam sticks with a Veteran, he loses the other veterans’ votes regardless. Overall, Adam won’t make final 2 unless he wins the final HoH competition and whoever he’s with has a much better chance of winning than he will in any case.

      • Adam has at a minimum a chance at that $50,000 for coming in 2nd. He will not get a red cent if he gets booted out before he gets to final 2. Aligning with Rachel and Jordan gives him that chance. If Rachel gets to final 3 with Jordan and Adam, I believe she will choose Adam over Jordan because she does not have a chance to win against Jordan but, could have a slight chance of winning a squeaker if it was a choice between Rachel and Adam for that $500,000.

      • Sheri I agtee with you 100% oy your outlook of the adam delemia and he will stay true to Jordan he would know he would loose 2nd place and 1st if he does, at this point keep the nominations the same and leave the veto in the box adam thats your best bet.

    • If Adam plays the veto he will definately loose Jeff and Jordan’s vote but he will have Dani’s, Shelley’s, Porshe’s, and Kalia’s vote. Adam would be a fool not to play it. Alliances can only take you too far and can cost you the game if you don’t at some point break them. If Adam remains loyal to Jordan and Rachael he might make it to the final 3 but will not have a chance for the final 2. Now is the time for Adam to make a power move. I hope he does it.

      • Adam’s only chance of winning would be up against Jordan…Dani would vote for Rachel, Kalia, or Porsche over Adam. They played a better game than Adam. Rachel will win if she makes it to the final two. Dani loves the game too much not to give the money to the most deserving player, and we all know that Kalia and Porsche will vote however Dani tells them to.

    • Kalia is crying because she knows she is going home. She ask Adam if he was going to use the veto…He mentions the fact that she voted for him to go home. He also told Porsche that she is safe whether he uses it or not. At this point it seems as though he will not use the veto. Hopefully they will have the veto ceremony soon, before he changes his mind. Eviction will be Tuesday.

      • Suck it up Kalia, that’s what you get for not winning when your back’s against the wall, aka crunch time. For everyone who called Jordan a crybaby when ‘things didn’t go her way’, let’s hope you follow suit and get on Kalia’s case for the exact same thing right now.

    • If he doesnt screw jordan there will only be one person left in the house he could beat at the end.

      As for losing jjs votes, he cant beat rachel in the end anyway, jj would still support him over porsche, and while k probably beats him if he makes a big move he can at least make aa case against het sinceshe made tje worst move of the season.

      Ditching kalia is his best shot at f2. Ditching Jordan is his best shot at winning. But hes a coward so hes gonna keep playing for that 50 grand.

    • What was the competition about? Smoking cigarettes or eating? If Adam won if had to be
      one or the other.

      • Kalia would’ve crushed Adam if it was an eating competition. It could’ve been 4 against 1 and Kalia would still win.

    • What does he need to do besides not use to save ms wide ass. If he was smart he would trust Jordan and Rachel that they want Cowlia out.

  2. This is the worst season of Big Brother ever! Absolutely pathetic! The whole season has been ridiculous! CBS has completely ruined this game for me. Not one player is deserving of the money, least of all Rachel. That thing needs to crawl into a hole and die. It is a disgrace to America.

    • yeah you need to chill and if you don’t like the outcome then STOP watching it. get over it it’s just a damn game.

    • at least Rachel is playing the game and hasnt been floating like all the others. And it is just a game, Amber.

    • We all know now, Jeff screwed up throwing that shoe out and not realizing it, I was so pulling for Jeff to win this game. But since he is out, I feel Jordan deserving of winning this game and EVEN THO I CAN’T STAND Racheal, she is ONE HELL of a player winning just about every comp being played. If Shelly hadn’t gone out that door, that would’ve been it for me this season. I can stomach Rachael over Shelly by all means. Shelly is the biggest back stabber of all times.

    • Amber then do not watch big brother if that is how you really feel, Its a game and someone has to win or lose and CBS does not pick the winner, let the cards lay as they fall and stop complaining. Please.

    • Amber don’t you think you should play the game and stop complaining, did you ever hear the saying do not complain until you walk in someones shoes? Its a game girl, one you do not understand.


    Ok fine Jordan is super awesome and cute, but she is a floater and this is Adam’s second Veto win so he is at least winning SOMETHING.

    • Jordan formed an alliance at the beginning of the season and she has remained loyal to that alliance all through the season. This is the opposite of a floater

      • she didnt form no alliance. she was naturally in a alliance by default because she’s been on the show before. and she would have got rid of brendon/rachel if daniele wasnt so open about doing it

      • Yeah, Marcus is definitely right, the veterans were plopped into an alliance at the beginning of the season, they didn’t form jackshit. And Evil Dick was the real leader of the alliance, he set everything in motion with Shelly, Porsche, Adam etc. Jordan sat back eating cookie dough and crying.

    • as much as i want he rout because she does nothing she would never leave this week.

      adam is going to vote with the power and in a tie its porche/kalia going home

      • OMG – I want Jordache gone so bad. She is a do nothing – no personality dimwit. Adam needs to wise up and realize that no one is taking him to final 2 and if Jordache is up with anyone – she is going to win. This will be the 2nd biggest BB injustice.

      • Adam is going to “vote with the power”?

        as surprised as i am to say it, Adam is the power as of now. Rachel has no more power after veto(unless she had won it)

        i still think he wants a newbie to wins. before veto he had to suck up to Jorchel, now he can go back to newbie’s

      • the power as in the numbers. rachel/jordan will have the numbers, he will roll with them, do what they want, and be with the power for next week.

    • Umm, yes he won two the first of which was handed to him. I’m guessing this one was as well. HE didn’t “win” them. I would be embarrased to call him my “man”.

    • well no he was given the last veto, and that was when Brendon got sent packing the first time. so this veto would be the first.

    • Not sure what Jordan has done to deserce to win other than float through. She hasnt won anything the entire season.

      • i know right. yet everybody considers her a saint and loves her. she’ll win america’s player and take home 25K for doing JACK SHET

  4. I do not think Adam will use the POV. I think Adam is a smart guy and his best shot is stick with Rachel and Jordan, as they have had his back all along. I think he is loyal.

    • really? Adam should use it… if he goes to the final two with either vets he has no chance in hell of winning the 500,000$.

      • Who says that he won’t win the final hohs, you never know. Or that both vets will make it the final 3 anyway. I personally hope Rachel takes 1st prize, don’t really care who is 2nd.

      • Nor will he win the $50,000.

        His best bet is to take Porche off, vote out Jordan, and try to make to the final three with Porche and Kalia.

      • If it was Adam/Rachel or Adam/Jordan final 2, how could he not get 2nd prize at least? I think he could trust J&R over K&P for sure, 100%.

      • He might not win the grandprize but with final two he will at least come away with the second prize which is better than the final 3 which is the best he can hope to do if he doesn’t finally make a power move.

    • They didn’t “have his back”,they used him for his votes,so THEY would get farther in the game.Then they would put him up and vote him out. IMO.

      • If his alliance didn’t have his back, then Jeff would have taken the cornhole veto (which he threw to Adam), and Adam would be evicted instead of Brendon. Maybe the first couple weeks he was just a vote but it grew into a strong alliance. Jeff & Jordan definitely had his back, and I think he will remain loyal.

      • Jeff let Adam win because he didn’t want to feel obligated to take Brendon of the block. He didn’t let Adam win out of loyalty. If you have all the shows DVRed watch it again so that you can hear Jeff say why he really let Adam win.

    • I sure hope you are right. It is funny how that the only person that didn’t need to win the veto did. As much as I love the show, I am beginning to think it is a little staged or a lot staged. He will be on my **** list if he uses it to pull off one of those goofy girls!!

  5. Porsche is Adam’s buddy, sure, but he doesn’t have to use it to ensure her safety. The target is Kalia, so tell Porsche that because at the end of the day she only truly cares about her own safety. Don’t burn bridges this late in the game Adam, do what you’re used to doing, which is nothing. Float on for another week and maintain the status quo.

  6. Wow – if he uses it. Jordan goes up and leaves for the jury. Then unless Rachel wins the veto next week she is gone too, since she can’t play in the HOH.

      • unless the 2 HG leaving this week means we dont have another HOH til final 3 …. then rachael has a good chance

      • That was my thinking 2 I know I keep repeating my self but Julie C never said it was a fast forward week have they ever had A 2 day only HOH reign?

      • I’d be very happy if it was a sudden twist where they decide both on the block are gone, no voting, but only if Adam in fact doesn’t use it and then Porsche and Kalia are gone. Would’ve happily settled for Kalia leaving, but Porsche too? Maybe dreams can come true…

        That being said, I doubt this happens.

  7. wow kalia and porsche or even rachel/jordan couldnt beat adam? that dont sound right. maybe rach and jordan threw it to him? idk but adam is the worse at comps.

    not that it matters but he’ll be exposed as a liar not that we didnt know he was already. he wont use it, which he said he would but ALL THAT doesnt matter because porsche/kalia were going home anyway

  8. It wouldn’t shock me if he uses it. Taking out Jordan is dumb. Kalia and Porsche are tight. They are much more of a threat to him then Jordan is.

    Amber I bet it always sucks when things don’t go the you like? And it’s always fixed when things don’t go your way. Happens every season.

    Porsche and Kalia will be all over him as will Jordan and Rachel. He wasn’t going anywhere. This was the one to throw. He is now going to piss someone off.

    • I am wondering if he didn’t have a choice but to go for it, maybe Kalia or Porsche were in to win if he didn’t, I guess we’ll know sunday.

    • Couldn’t agree more, of all comps to throw this was it, and he doesn’t do it…

      Way to go, Adam, either Jordan/Jeff/Rachel…/Brendon will be pissed at you, or Porsche will be pissed at you…weren’t smart enough to throw the Veto, let’s hope you’re smart enough to piss off one person vs. pissing off four.

      Only upside to winning this Veto is to up his win count so jurors/houseguests have less of a reason to say he’s doing nothing.

      • I think possibly Kalia or Porche were still in the veto comp therefore he couldn’t throw it unless he wanted to go up on the block. If it would of been him and Jordan in the end he would of thrown it to her.

  9. HOLY SH!T!!! This is good stuff. I can’t wait to see what he does. This could make or break him.

  10. how convenient that adam won the veto, this is a comp i gotta see, are there any feeds on it yet…was it the infamous otev comp….surprise surprise, just what the network wanted adam winning veto so that he can make the ultimate decision that will make or break his game…if he uses it and out goes jordan so does 3 votes on the jury potentially 4 if rachel goes the next week….and thats 4 votes for the winner so he better think twice b-c kp are together they are not splitting up! will adam keep his word to jordan…hmm…

    • I know, I gotta see this competition, too!!! I hope he doesn’t use it. I don’t think he will, especially seeing how Dani acted too early and Shelly acted too early and they are livin’ large with Bookie, lol.

  11. I am pulling for Rachel, but honestly if Adam uses the veto and pulls P or K off the block, Jordan goes up and gets voted out. Then Rachel can’t play for HOH, so she is automatically put up no matter who wins HOH. Her only hope would be the veto comp. It would be a huge move by Adam. I don’t think he has the balls.

    • @Ken that is exactly my thought. I just don’t think he can stand to rock a boat.. It will be interesting to see what he does. When the house guests talk to him about gameplay, he never gives a straight answer to anyone, he always dances around the issue. So it should be real interesting to see how frustrated Rachel gets with answers that .

    • @Ken~
      LOL Do you realize what you said?

      “I am pulling for Rachel, but honestly if Adam uses the veto and pulls P or K off the block …”

      “P or K” –> PorK. LOL


      I want PorK on the chopping block!
      I want PorK on the chopping block!

      Surely Adam knows PorK on the block is one step closer to Bacon for him! All he needs ins the brine.

      *This little piggy cried ‘wee wee wee’ all the way home.*

  12. Jordan is not a floater. She doesn’t go to whoever the power is. She has been on side from the beginning. Learn what a floater is. Adam and Shelly were floaters going with the power.

    And Adam has said he would and wouldn’t use it so either way he is lying.

    • there are two kinds of floaters. jordan is the floater that does nothing, but gets carried to the end. probably the worse kind of floater because they actually dont play the game, they dont even lie, they just sit pretty for how ever many weeks they are in the house.

      shelly wasnt a floater. she was with jeff and jordan until her lie came out last week. she worked everybody (not named jeff and jordan) for information, (saved jeff’s behind by running her mouth about the backdoor plan) and reported it all to jeff and jordan

      • There are not two kinds of floaters.
        A floater is someone who floats from one alliance to power depending on who is in power.

        If you don’t like people who win comps and you wanna come up with a new label for those people that’s fine then go ahead by all means do that but they are not floaters.
        O and remember when you come up with you new label that Dr. Will Kirby who won season 2 and came in 4th at all-stars never won a single HOH or POV

      • Jordon is a coaster/coattail rider not a floater. A coaster is a person in an alliance who just basically flies under the radar and lets her alliance do all the work.

        The reason alot of fans misused the word floater is fact. Those playing BB misuse the word all the time.

        The only true floater throughout the season probably would be Adam

      • Ok Sean i can go with that DR. WILL KIRBY bb2 winner and 4th in BBall-stars is the BIGGEST COASTER/COATTAIL RIDER EVER!!!

      • i stand by what i said. and if u believe otherwise the bottom-line is she hasnt done jack shet to deserve to be in final 5.

  13. Can someone explain what the OTEV comp is? I don’t really get it and everyone else seems to know exactly what it is..

    • it’s the one where some big talking head or clam tells them to search the yard for hg names, last one back with a name is out

    • OTEV is a talking display that asks the HGs questions about prior or current HGs. The first HG to go find the correct name hidden in the yard somewhere and bring it back to OTEV wins that question.

    • Like Be Miz said, it’s a largue statue with a wide gaping mouth (often sings what it says) and it gives clues as to what HG name it’s looking for, HG’s run around the yard looking for cards/whatever other objects (one year it was voodoo dolls) with the corresponding HG name on it, then run back up a hill (usually slippery) to OTEV’s mouth and tell him what name they brought back. There’s always one too few spots on the hill, so each round the last person to make it back with the correct answer is eliminated until there’s a winner.

    • Its veto spelt backwards, I think backdooring someone? I dont really know either so dont feel bad, Im just guessing

      • Kathy, it is veto spelled backwards, but it is the name of the ‘character’ used in this comp.

  14. Adam has to get Jordan out now. He stands no chance in the final 2 with a vet.

    On the other hand, Jordan is nice to have in the final 3 since she can’t win anything, but not in the final 2 since she’d win.

    • Funny thing is, even if he made final two, nobody would vote for him. This year cast made it too personal. Gaurentee thier votes will be based on butthurt feelings instead of gameplay. He should get rid of Jordan, that’ll be the way to get Rach, if your trying to take out Rach, it’s a good move, isolate her, but he hates Kalia just as much, so it’ll be interesting to see what he does.

      • Even if nobody voted for him in the final two he would still win 50,000.00.
        Better than the nothing he would get if he made final three. Adam needs to make a big move now that he has a chanc to do so to open up a final 2 seat for himself.

    • remember though thats how she made it to the final 2 last time, and ended up winning. If adam wants a chance to even win, i agree he should get rid of jordon now. he will have no chance of winning if he goes to final three with 2 vets. no matter how anyone see’s it adam will always be the odd man out.

  15. all i have to say is i knew it, i said it on here the day Rachel won HOH and Adam has to use it, this is his last chance to make a move, by not using it, he stays a floater, if he uses it, Jordan goes home on Wednesday and Rachel could follow on Thursday. that would be the biggest move this season. and he could use that as a reason he deserves to win.

    now please, JeJo/Brenchel fans, don’t just down my throat, i’m thinking of it in Adam’s point of view, not J or R’s. if he doesn’t and make final 2, he has got nothing, he’s just a floater in final 2

    • If he uses it he just lost 4 votes cuz if r is evicted as well they wont vote for him.. N D wont vote for him either.. his best bet is to leave the noms as they are no need to tick JR off since he knows that the target is K..

      • he stands a better chance sitting next to another newbie(Porsche or Kalia) up against Jordan, he loses and up against Rachel he loses. if it is him and Rachel in f2, Daniele will vote for Rachel. so he stands no chance of winning against the vets.

  16. Will Adam use the veto to safe either of the ladies on the block ? If Adam uses will he be in jeopardy ? Or will Rachel in turn smack Jordan ? Are we ready to see either Porsche or Kalia at the jury house ?

  17. Saying that Jordan will go home if Adam uses the veto assumes that Adam will also vote against Jordan.
    I could imagine Adam saving Porsche, then voting to evict Kalia rather than Jordan. Then Kalia would leave after Rachel breaks the tie.

    • All he’s gonna do with that move is make both sides hate him, but I do beleive he’s dumb enough to do something like that.

    • that would be a pointless move, if he uses it, he can’t go half ass, it would a waste, it would just make 2 enemies, if he evicts her he only has to deal with Rachel and she can’t play in hoh

    • Adam doesn’t have the balls to use the veto. He will just let the vets win and Rachel will have her wedding with the winnings.

      • i think alot of people are really underestimating Adam, Daniele planted the seed in his head before she got evicted that he can’t win without making a move and his response was, he wasn’t ready yet. well this might be his last chance to make that move. i see him taking it.

      • I think that Adam doesn’t care if he wins now. If he got to meet Tori Spelling than his life is complete!

  18. Adam has managed to float and go further than expected. You have to ask what was he thinking? Why would he win the competition now then, be forced to decide which side he is on? If he helps either Kalia or Porsche get off the block, Jordan will be on the block and he will lose the veterans votes. Two, if Rachel winds up in the block next week then, he would be the one going home if she wins POV and both of them on the block! Of course, he could win HOH next and he would have power over Kalia, Porsche and Rachel.

  19. He already told Rachel he will not use the Veto … but you never know … stuff changes in that house EVERYDAY! Jordan said yesterday that Adam and Porsche have some kind of connection … now I’m saying … what if Porsche was really Farrah? LOL!!! :oD

    • Adam can keep Porsche safe without using the Veto, he’ll just have to explain to her why her “BFF” is going to have to leave the house instead. Explain to Porsche it’s not in his best interest to turn on Jordan, but he’s still looking out for Porsche, and she has to respect that. Adam’s vote then goes to evict Kalia, Jordan follows suit because Kalia’s the target, and if Jordan flips (I just laughed out loud) then Rachel still breaks the tie and can evict Kalia.

      This isn’t hard Adam, keep your buddy without burning a bridge. Don’t screw this up, too many juror votes at risk.

      • Too much logic for these chicks. They too emotional. Either way, he’s screwed. Nobody would vote that dude the 500k, that’s everybody’s worst nightmare.

      • If he makes it to the final two he will at least win 50,000.00 but really wouldn’t count Adam out if he does step up and make a ballsy move.

  20. Adam will get third place and it’s more than he deserves.

    Jordan will win and Rachel will get $50K. Count on it.

  21. adam wants kalia out and will not use veto. everyone and there brother will try and get adam to use it. adam no dummy will keep noms the same.

  22. When Kalia and Porsche were playing with the Bendaroo buttons and playing their game “worst case scenario” … I don’t remember Kalia saying what if we are *BOTH* on the block? Kalia probably saw that but didn’t tell Porsche …
    I want to see the Fortune Teller come into play … if it follows the UK version of BB, an evicted guest gets to choose who receives a good fortune or a bad fortune … maybe Shelley chose someone to give a good or bad fortune to … we only have 14 more days!!!!

  23. I want Rachel to win the game, but if Adam decides to go ahead and take all the newbies to final three with him, he’ll the veto on porche, and this will force rachel to put Jordan up. Jordan will get voted out. Then Rachel will get voted out. That leaves porche, kalia and adam in final three. LAME! (Unless CBS has anything to do with it)

  24. Alliances mean nothing at this point, it’s everybody for themselves and Adam knows it. I think Jordan goes, it’s a big move and he needs a big move in his resume. Nobody wants to take him to the final two, he has to make his own moves now, or he just fades away.

    • Adam wants a big move on his resume, I’m sure, but I bet he settles for upping his win count, which he did with this Veto. Drive some confidence into him and let him believe in himself he can win the next HoH and/or the final HoH and then not only get to choose who’s sitting beside him, but then nobody can say he did nothing. There’s too much at risk if he uses it, he risks as many as four jury votes. Jeff, Jordan, Rachel for turning on her and Jordan when he swore he wouldn’t, and in turn, Brendon. Even if Rachel stays and that’s his final two partner, it’s three votes he won’t get, Jeff, Jordan for turning on them, and Brendon clearly votes for Rachel. Cutting it close to know right off the bat that he won’t have three votes when all you need against you to lose is four

  25. But the final 3 have to play endurance … Kalia won’t win … it will be Porsche and Adam final 2 … If Adam goes final 3 endurance with Rachel and Jordan … he will get to final 2 … Jordan won’t win endurance … so in Adam’s mind he win’s either way … BUT if he is with J or K at the end the vets will not vote for him … The vets will have power … 4 against 3 … Adam better just not use the veto …

  26. The fortune teller still has to come into play plus they dont know that 2 are going home next week
    Julie C never said it was a double eviction week but 2 are going home If it was a fast forward wouldn’t she have worded that way?

  27. Adam will do whatever production convinces him is best for his game. He has no mind of his own. If he did, he’d realize that Jeff, Jordan and Brendon will never vote for Porche or Kalia to win no matter who they are against. Adam is odd man out with Rachel/Jordan and Kalia/Porche so he has to count votes.

    He can’ beat Jordon (Jeff, Rachel, Brandon, Kalia and maybe even Dani will not vote for Adam).

    He may be able to beat Rachel (Jordon, Jeff and Brendon will be the only votes for Rachel).

    He can beat Kalia (J/J/B/R will for for Adam).

    He can beat Proche with the same votes (forget that I’m not voting for a floater crap).

    • I think you are mistaking

      Rachel beats everyone (Brendon, Jeff, Dani, either Jordon, Adam, Ms.Wide Ass((P)) will vote for her because she playied a hell of a game.

      Jordon only beats Adam, Ms. Wide Ass and Cowlia.

      Cowlia only beats Adam, Ms. Wide Ass.

      Ms. Wide ass only beats Adam.

      Adam will only get the 50k mark my words. unless he wins the next hoh and sends either Jordan or Ms. Wide Ass out. Then he chould beat The other one that stays.

      • @Michael

        I agree that R beats every1 but Adam will win against P or K. depending ofcourse if he backstabbs JR then no he wont have a chance but if he is in the F2 with either K or P he has JJBR n even S vote..

      • Adam can beat Porche, actually. JJ hate her (ironically for being exactly like Jordan in S11 minus the showmance and assist from america).

        As of today he cant beay anyone else. But if he made a big move for once it would improve his shot against kalia. Nothing he does will let him beat jr.

        He is dumb and thinks hell beat Jordan. He might not get a vote in that f2

  28. Why does everyone keep saying Rachel can’t play in next HoH. I thought for sure in past season once they hit 5 people. The Hoh can compete in every HOH

    • It’s once they hit 3 people. In the week that there’s 4 left, the person who won HoH can play HoH again after the next eviction, because that’s the final, three-part HoH competition. That’s the only time an outgoing HoH can play in the very next HoH competition…

      I’ve typed “HoH” too much for my own liking…

      • Yes but 2 are going home this week and it was said that after wed show another HG will leave on thursday DE OR FF was never mentioned O I think Iam grasping at straws

  29. lol Adams using that POV to take porsche off then roachel will nominate jordan (lmfao) and adam and porsche will vote to evict jordan :) can’t wait till wed. It’s funny that jorchel fans are trying to convince themselves that adam wont use the veto.
    Team Dani!

      • @ animal…are you kidding me? Adam 100% will not use the veto, he doesn’t give a shit about kalia and he knows rachel and jordan want kalia out…so why use it? He will instantly lose 3 jury votes if he does…I promise you, you will not see him use it.

    • Adam wont use the veto,cause i think he is going to keep jordon and potsha save . oh ya dani is gone so ther is no more team dani

  30. So, do we know anything about the veto comp? I don’t watch live, I just read all these comments.

  31. adam gave jordan his necklace from. Farrah and told her to hang on to it, so she knows his F3 deal with her and rachel stands. Adam may concider using it is rachel was at stake, but not jordan, he absolutely will not do that to jordan.

    • I see Adam shared more than just smoking in common with Shelly…offering up valuables to hold on to…come on

    • Hopefully Adam will grow a pair of nuts and get rid of Jordan :) otherwise he is an emotional player, the worst kind you kind be :P

      • At mj and animal…adam is in a position where he doesn’t need to use the veto, he already told porsche today(after he won the veto) that they’re voting out kalia so don’t worry. Then he went intostorage room talking to himself saying f*** yes…..I am not using this veto, I am sticking to my word to jordan. He’s not going to sacrifice jordan he wants j in F2.

      • I’m glad you caught that on the feeds, I don’t have them, and it helps reassure me that he’s not going to try anything funny, like I hoped all along. Not going to celebrate prematurely no matter how sure I am, but Kalia gone this week is just about the best thing that could happen.

      • Well. Mj..I wanted porsche out just because I know adam does have a thing for her…but even if he. Wants to have something with porsche(F2 possibly?) Then why wouldn’t he want. Kalia out now? He knows as long as kalia is there she comes first in porsches picture. But anyhow I will definitely take kalia being gone too! Lol…also adam has been saying all week they have to get kalia out because he fears she will beat him in questions coming up.

      • Exactly, it’s hard to say I speak with zero bias when I’ve made it clear I want Kalia gone as bad as anything, but unbiasedly and strategically, a question/answer game is right around the corner and she’s won that type of contest, twice. She needs to go immediately. Porsche can follow her thereafter, just like she’s followed Dani and Kalia in the game, she can follow them to jury too.

    • Yea actually, to up his win count because he knows it’s an embarrassment that he hasn’t won anything (other than the Veto he was assisted in winning when Jeff and Dani both threw it to him). He doesn’t want HG’s and especially jurors to use it against him that he didn’t win competitions. Anything to increase his totals is a good thing to him.

      • I agree. he needed to win a comp, but don’t think he’ll use it. Then he’ll vote out K for voting him out last week, he looks good in P’s eye as well as keeping his deal with RJ. (OMG, he’s got to be tired of hearing K’s voice and nonstop talking.

    • i agree with Dan, he had no worries, why win it. unless the last 2 were him and either nominee, then he might have won it to save himself, if one of them used it, Adam would go up. but if he was against R or J and won, using it is the only reason to win it

      • He did have. Worried…he repeatedly said last week, I need to win some comps, I need to get to the end by winning, I need this for people to vote for me. He also. Told jordan and rachel he will win…they precisely said “adam,no more coasting and throwing comps, you. HAVE to step it up and try”…he said “I WILL win this veto to PROVE to you I’m with you guys” he also said to himself in storage “f*** yesss! I am NOT using this veto, I’m sticking to my F3 with rachel and jordan” he also gave jordan his neckalce from farrah and said “this is for you to hold on to, so you know my F3 deal with you guys is solid”. Why would he do all that? If he was gonna send Jordan home it wouldn’t mattter, he wouldn’t need to do any of much as people think Adam sucks, he to me, has had the best social game, there is no one. Ever mad at him, nobody thinks about getting rid of him..and he is very straight-foward. When he wasn’t voting brendon to stay he said “no, I am not keeping him” and stuck to it. When he said he was voting Dani out, he was firm and didn’t flinch, clearly had not one thought of keeping her. Kalia has been badgering him to use it on her since they got done with the Veto and he basically told her no. He said “you voted me out” she had all the excuses and he said “it doesn’t matter, you voted me out” he said the same ting he said to dani, I still have a little time to go over things…then kalia went to porsche crying saying”he’s. Basically confirming that he is with jordan and rachel” and that’s when porsche came out and he said “porsche don’t worry, were voting kalia out”. Adam has wanted kalia out all week and they are getting her out now, why waste it on getting out jordan? He will still have porsche and jordan(his 2 closest allies) without using the veto.

  32. Quelle suprise, Adam actually won! I expect he will not use the veto. I believe he will ask Jor/Rach for a promise to keep Por. Bye Bye Kalia!

  33. Adam doesn’t have the guts to make a move he will do nothing, I wonder how he will feel when he reads comments. Take Jordan out she will win no matter who goes up next to her. Should have been called Jordan Big Brother 13

    • Agreed. This is Jordan’s game unless they take her out. But I don’t think Adam has the balls to make such a big move.

  34. all of this could make the feeds watchable again, i bet a lot of game talk over the next couple of days

  35. i cant believe sum of you thinking that if adam stays with jordan and rachel that he will win sumthing.. how will he win?? rachel and jordan will knock his ass out.. he is better off with porsche and kalia the reason beening that he has a better shot winning over one of them and making it to the final two then jordan or rachel.. and when it comes down to the voting 50,000 i sure would be happy with that i wouldnt care if i came in second… but theres no way he will get any $$ if he stays true.. time for adam to grow a pair and go balls to the wall and shake shit up

    • Rachel, Jordan and Adam if they are able to reach Final 3, I see Rachel taking Adam if she wins HOH for Final 2. Rachel cannot win against Jordan because everyone likes Jordan including Danielle. Rachel in contrast is hated by Danielle and her puppets including Shelly so, odds favor Adam when he sticks with Jordan and Rachel. Jordan has also promised him F2 so, that will guarantee him atleast, $50,000 to reach Final 2. In the case of Kalia and Porsche, those two will probably keep each other till Final 2 so that,
      Adam will not get a chance if he keeps them.
      He will get put on the block and evicted! Who do you trust this late in the game? The obvious liars like Porsche and Kalia or Jordan and Rachel. I will take my chances on Jordan and Rachel and Adam will have made a smart move if he sides with Jordan and Rachel!

  36. He would be better off not using it……Porsche and Kalia will not take him to final two………both have a 50-50 shot against each other……taking Adam with either them doesnt help either of them getting a better chance…….Jordan and Rachel on the other hand stand better not against each other but by taking him instead

    though what i would really like to know is how he won the veto…………has he been playing lame……if he has and he starts winning a bunch of comps now he deserves to win……if he played strong in the comps earlier they wouldve taken him out along time ago

  37. Where’s Leo at? He always has good comments, like what his opinion on this would be and also Matt give us some feedback

  38. Adam’s best move would be to use the Veto on Porche, and then vote for Kalia to leave, Porche will for Jordan, it would be a tie and Rach will vote out Kalia, that way, its him and Porche against Jordan and Rach, it shows he made a move, and its a win win for him, he breaks up the K/P party, and if he makes it to the end, he will get all the vets votes.

      • Come on Adam KEEP Jordan in the game get rid of Porshe or Kalia!!!!!!!!!!!! Those people needed to already be gone before Jeff or Brendon!!!! Still team Jordan and Rachel final 2!!!!!!

    • Can’t say for sure until I see how this competition went, and if Rachel and Jordan were in the running before he won it, but as it stands right now Adam won with Rachel and Jordan playing. He doesn’t need to go 2 on 2, not saying it would be a horrible thing for him, but he doesn’t need to. I believe he wants a final two with Jordan, and I hope he’s building some confidence that if the final three is him, Rachel and Jordan, then he can win that final HoH competition and handpick the final two.

      He also doesn’t need a huge ballsy move to win, he just needs more competition wins. He technically has two now (yes I know one was with great assistance, but it counts) and if he wins that final HoH, then he can garner votes. Jordan in season 11 won the final HoH and that proved her worth enough to win it all.

    • This is so ridiculous!!!! This is a game for half a million dollars!!! why would you take someone to the final 3 that has already won? ADAM is a dumb ass if he doesnt use the veto to get rid of jordan. Actually this is a group of dumb asses for even keeping jeff and jordan (who, again, has already won). THIS IS A GAME! Its clear that the newbies dont get it. Unless Adam is fooling us, he is clearly an idiot and he clearly does not want to win! This is embarrassing!

      • how is it smart to keep Kalia and Porche. Kalia is good player in hoh quizes and endurances challenges. Porshe is good at competions that are physical. Jordan sucks at competions. So in finals against Jordan all you have to do is beat rachael. Which is possible to beat.

      • I do not think Jordan would get the vets except for maybe Jeff, Brendon and Rachels. I think the rest would vote for Adam just because Jordan has won before. I think it is a very smart move to go to the final 2 with Jordan because Jordan will come in 2nd.

    • OK people, that would be terrible for Adams game. He would be handing the money to J or R. I know everybody loves J, but his choice will tell us if he wants to win or be there. J or R in the finals will beat any of the HGs. We find out this week if he’s smart.

    • Well it was about time he finally did something as I know he could use the money he needs to step up to the plate more and more

    • I actually thought that was a good idea..but then I thugh that makes jordan look expendable to him and I don’t think he wants that

  39. Im gonna be so pissed if adam doesnt get rid of kalia shes so chatty I cant stand how she holds food in her mouth then talks or what about all the farting…really? gotta go kalia try charm school next!

    • Can you believe she use to do beauty pageants, and act…at least that’s what’s she’s been saying.

    • Monkey-face Kalia… Really? & in regards to all the ‘farting’ you mentioned, if you have the live feeds you’d know that Jordan is notorious for letting’em sail whenever she gets good and ready. Now seeing that she’s this angelic blond-haired cutesie chick & not ‘monkey-face’ Kalia, that may be a hard one for you to grasp…. but it’s true. Check your facts.

      • I love Kalia

        she played hard to get there
        I hope she wins the whole game

        And jelous people like you?/ OHH whaetverr

      • Fabio, this was a reply to Nano who has a thing for calling Kalia names. Oh, & discussing her bodily functions, though people like Jordan have done this regularly and openly through-out. C’moon now…

      • Who cares that people fart? The issue comes back to Kalia’s behavior — ALL of it. She is rude and crude.

        Eating while farting and talking about it
        Farting while eating and talking about it
        Talking while farting and eating . . .

        She’s just gross.
        She’s just rude.
        She’s just arrogant.
        She’s just hard to like.

        And . . . monkeys don’t deserve to be slandered that way.

      • OMG, I think Kalia is pretty,I just want to grab her by the shoulders, shake the crap out of her and say, STFU…my god she drives me crazy,no wonder everyone in the house is crazy,you can’t think straight with her in the room…she won’t shut up.She talks so fast you can’t understand half what she says. No she doesn’t deserve to be in the game,she made the dumbest move in BB history. Jordan is smarter than you give credit, and plays the best social game of anyone…that is her game,because she is not that good at comps.

      • Robin…yes she does who cares, she doesn’t go to the diary room and say I swear I. Don’t pass gas…that’s such a turn off, humans pass gas period.

      • Just because someone was chosen to be on Big Brother, does not make them better than someone else, or classier for that matter. No offence, but every year they have to pick at least one person who is pathetically annoying….this year it was Kalia (and kinda Rachel)… hey maybe next year that person can be you! :)

      • Agreed, they purposely pick at least one or two that even they probably find insufferable, because they want the viewers to have someone to hate. Granted not everyone dislikes her, but many do, and in a cast of 14, you need the variation and that’s what they aimed for. It may be a lot of negative talk, but we’re all talking about her aren’t we…the system sadly works.

    • Really nano….A monkey faced girl! That is the most ignorant statement you could make! It is absolutely on the borderline of bigotry and BBN should ban you for your racist remark!

      • There is always someone trying to make any comment a racist one.

        The thing is, Kalia is disliked for her behavior NOT her skin color.

        Trying to make her immune from criticism by playing a race card is lower than racism.

      • Actually Dan, the original comment that called Kalia monkey-faced is racist. I’ve read numerous comments on this very board that were similarly over the top because people didn’t like someone. Whether that person was Dani, Shelly, or now Kalia. However, people still have to be held accountable for their stupidity. If someone makes an ignorant statement, they need to be called on it, although I personally wouldn’t call for a ban over this. Just point out how ignorant the poster is, then move on.

      • I do agree about the “monkey faced” statement..howeverr, I don’t feel its cause she is black that the statement was made, I think she literally looks like a monkey too..but it could still sound biggotory, bad choice of words

      • @Scott~

        I don’t know what “original” comment you’re referring to and you didn’t cite it.

        Nevertheless, my comment is in reply to the one I’m actually replying to.

      • come on julie ! I am so sick of everything being racist! We are commenting on a show! I say things myself not thinking sometimes. There is someone out there that might think its racist,but really im not.. When it comes to the show we are all about the individual players and who we like and dont like and whats been going on in the game. So if we say kalia looks like a plump prune cause she eats to much.I just dont like her!

      • come on julie ! I am so sick of everything being racist! We are commenting on a show! I say things myself not thinking sometimes. There is someone out there that might think its racist,but really im not.. When it comes to the show we are all about the individual players and who we like and dont like and whats been going on in the game.

    • out of everyone thats left right now kalia and racheal are the only two i think truly deserve to win, and its so easy for you to hide behind a computer and talk all that crap about her when you haven’t even met her in person once… you dont even know her. if adam was smart he would’ve thrown this veto so he didnt have to pick a side.

    • why dont you just call her n…r,or ape,thats what you all mean by monkey face and all the other names.a lot of racism going on here,because the girl is playing a good game.and about farting jorden does it all the time,farted all the time while in bed with jeff.

  40. Never liked Kalia from the start and she did nothing to win me over. Same with Porche, she really thought people would be impressed that she was a hostess? Adam is a nut, but at least he seems to be a nice guy. I think he did all the competitions before he got on the show, by losing all that weight. Don’t think he will win, but at least he worked hard to get there.

      • She meant he worked hard to make it onto the show by losing so much weight, he used to weight like 300 lbs and he knew he couldn’t do anything physical on the show at that weight, and probably would never have been cast. He’s auditioned in past seasons, maybe that’s why.

        I don’t think sis of four was referring to him working hard while on the show, but he did just to get casted this season

  41. Looks like on Monday, we will finally know what side Adam is on, hope it is the vets, if Jordon goes in, she will be gone come Wednesday’s eviction.

    Also if the teller gives a special power, I hope either J or R get it.

    • i am sure production will step in and tell him not to use the veto…

      it sucks…because dumb jordan should go home

      • Production doesn’t have to tell Adam whther or not to use the VETO…he just gave his word to Jordn that he won’t and besides Jordan, I think he is the most honet person in the game. I hope it’s Adam, Jordan and Rachel in the final 3 and although I am rooting for Jordan all the way because she has plaed the BEST social game, let the chips fall where they may when it get’s down to final 3…BTW Fabionerd…Jordan is not dumb…she won her season and probably this one too so that would make her a MILLION dollars richer than YOU..hehehe!!!

      • And Fabionerd…my computer keys are having issues but just to let you know…I’m not dumb either and I am blonde like Jordan :)

      • I agree, Production will step in & probably pay him not to use it so that Jordumb or Boy George wins it all. Sucks too! Jordumb has done NOTHING this season! IF, Adam had any balls at all, which we know he does not, then he would use it to take Porshe off and they Boy George would have to put Jordumb up, then she would go home!

      • Are you not the one that just got upset with another poster for call names? Why call Jordan dumb? She is IMO pretty smart after all she has one this once already. Give the girl some credit.

      • Lisa im on your side girl! At least she can speak game. She has won! Social game is game.

      • Wow..set it up and tell him not to use the veto…you mean just like jeff said. On the live feeds production tried to get him to not bd dani, but he doesn’t care, he’s still doing it???? Yeah they can’t force hime.

    • the only way the teller will have a speacial power is if Jordon goes on the block. They want (BB) want r\j in the final 2.

    • he only has chances having final 3 with kalia or porshe

      Only someone stupid would go to the final 3 with no people that alreday has 1 vote for sure in the final

      • But he is the same whether the F3 is with R/J or P/K. The only difference is if he screws R or J he won’t get enough votes in F2 with anyone. His shot at winning the final hoh is the same either way. So he is only playing for 2nd at this point. So again I ask how is he benefited from using the veto?

      • Yeah and I’m pretty sure Danielle would be voting for whichever one of the girls in her alliance was in final two (not Adam) hence its the same thing no matter where he goes. At least if he doesn’t use Veto, and keeps Jordan safe, he may get some brownie points from Jeff and Brendan

    • He’s not…they’re just hoping, but it won’t happen. He’s gotta know that if he votes her out he loses 3 votes…and if rachel goes too..that’s 4 and he’s lost the game.

      • seriously?, say your logic is right, Adam get to the final 2 with either vet, are the vets in the jury gonna vote for him? NO, their vote will go to a vet.

        on the flip side, he gets the vets out and is in final 2 with a newbie, he may not get all the vets vote, but Jeff or Brendan might vote for him, just because they don’t like K or P.

        plain and simple, it’s in Adam’s best interest’s to use veto

      • @ be miz..I think if adam makes it to F2 with jordan, he will have dani kalia porsche and shellys vote…I honestly don’t think adam stands a chance to win against anyone else..and the bottom line is that adam is gonna stick to his deal with jordan..he is very straight foward and has never gone back on what he has said he will do.

      • at vet fan, you could be right, but after not flipping for Daniele to stay, Dani will never vote for him, not even against Jordan. he is exactly the kind of person Dani doesn’t want to win BB.

      • I see your point bmiiz, but you have to remember dani is all about “the game” if adam makes it to F2 that means he most likely will have won another. Comp to get there and she will have more respect for him now that he’s winning stuff, whereas jordan hasn’t won much. Dani will not vote for jordan if she is carried into F2

    • You are right, he is no better off with Kalia and Porsche. He would be smart not to use it and hopefully he will not. How in the world did he win anything? What type of POV comp was it? Details, please someone.

    • Adam’s much better off in the final 3 with Kalia & Porsche.

      First, he’ll have an easier time beating K or P in the remaining competitions than he would trying to beat R or J. Especially R.

      Then, if he makes it to the final two, he’s more likely to get vet votes (even if he uses the veto this week) than K or P, except for Daniele’s vote. He’s likely not getting any vet votes if he’s up against R or J in the final two.

      It’s complete nonsense when players on BB or Survivor want to take “the best competitor” with them to the final two. That’s a recipe for coming in second place. You want to take someone against whom you can win jury votes.

      It’s not rocket science, folks. You’d have to be a Neanderthal (or NeanderTALL, if you’re Brendon) to take a strong player to the final two.

      • This is why everyone wants to take Jordan to final 2, bcuz she already one BB before and they think no one will give it to her again, and they all think they can win against her in the final 2 bcuz of that…we are not voting or in the BB house, you have to think like the players,what would be best for them…whether you think she deserves to be there or not,I would take her to the final 2.

      • I disagree with you one two points. First, it wont matter if he can beat kalia or porche in f3 cause if he doesnt stick with deal he made with rach n jordan then they will never give him the 500,000, neither will jeff or brenden. So, he will lose. Second, I dont think anyone believes rachel would win cause they mostly didnt like her, so even though shes a great competitor, ppl assume she wont win the money. I disagree with that though. Whether you like her or not, theres alot to be said for someone to be targeted every week and win comps and stay true to an alliance. Rachel is by far the most deserving. So any way he goes, I dont see how adam wins big prize.

      • I disagree with you one two points. First, it wont matter if he can beat kalia or porche in f3 cause if he doesnt stick with deal he made with rach n jordan then they will never give him the cash neither will jeff or brenden. So, he will lose. I honestly dont see anyway adam walks out with big prize.I dont think anyone believes rachel would win cause the jury mostly didnt like her, but I believe she is most deserving.

  42. Adam needs to use the veto if he wants to win the game.

    In the final 2 he was chances to win first with…
    1 – Porshe
    2 – Kalia
    3 – Rachel
    4 – Jordan

    he has no chances against Jordan in the final 2, so why not getting ride of her?
    Only if he is stupid he will not vote her out now.

    2 – Next week Rachel can`t play HOH, that ,means kalia, Porshe or Adam you will.
    That means, those 3 only need to play hard for HOH, if they win Rachel goes home.

    3 – Even if Rachel wins POV, she will vote Porshe or Kalia out and not Adam.

    4 – Final 3 with Jordan and Rachel ? both wont take him to the final 2

    5 – Final 3 with Porshe and Kalia, there`s chance where both might take him to the final 2

    Anyways….Adam now has a chance to make his first move ever…. will he do it?
    Probablly not,,,why? He is scared of Jeff, so he wont vote Jordan out.

    • You can continue to dream…but he. Will not get. Rid of her, he’s already making plans for next week with her. And he probably figures people look at jordan like she’s won before and hasn’t done much this season…he WANTS to sit in that F2 with her.

      • @tot, Rachel cannot play in the next HOH. The person who wins HOH next week will get to play again but not this week.

      • @ tot..not the next one..only time they can compete twice is final HOH if they had won the one before that. Also, next weeks hoh doenst matter at all,its all about who wins the veto.

    • but he’s always said he wants a newbe to win also I think once your down to four it’s everyone for themself amd all bets are off. Jordon didn’t tale the guy she said she’d take so how can she get mad at Adam? He still will have a better chance winning 5000,000 with k\p

      • The point is, adam doesn’t want kalia o advance and he can effectively get her out and keep porsche without using the veto, while making nobody mad….so why use it?????

  43. Well the dumbest thing he could do is use the veto. Hes not gonna get taken to f2 by any of girls. If he wins final hoh, he cld beat k or p, possibly. But, if he screws over r n j, he loses no matter what. They,b, and j would not vote for him if he screwed them. 4 jury votes nails your coffin or signs your 500,000 check. he should keep noms same play it out wth jo n rch, n keep his fingers crossed.

    • Why do people keep saying he’s screwed if he doesn’t take j or r? He may win again and be able to decide for himself…and no matter what you say if he is in final with r and j he would not win…if he is with kalia and porshe he could get votes from Jeff and brendon and racheal and Jordan…why wouldn’t they vote for him? Because he grew balls and voted them out??! When he needed to?? And it’s not like Shelley where she told them she had their back 100%…they knew Adam went to whoever was in power so it’s nothing new…he flip-flopped the whole game but people still kept him why trust him now?

  44. This is a little off topic but wouldnt it be awesome if they had a celebrity big brother?! they need to have one!!

    • I’d prefer a Celebrity Drug Rehab BB.

      They take all the junkies from Dr. Pinsky’s show and put ’em in the BB house cold turkey.

    • They do it in the UK all the time.

      While VH1’s “The Surreal Life” covered similar territory, that was a weekly, heavily-edited half-hour show without the sort of live feeds or BBAD broadcasts which give you more insight into the houseguests. Plus, it wsn’t a competition.

  45. I didn’t hear anything about about double eviction special but I did an extra HG goes home wesenday and thay didn’t say anything about a whole weeks comps in 2 days either. I do think it’s kinda unfair that the final 5 HOH can’t compete and not beening able to defend his/her self. This is just me but the final 5 hoh should be able to compete or be safe from eviction but not beening able to vote either and The final 4 hoh make the chioce of the other 2 to take to the final 3 HOH comp.

    • No one goes home wed and another on thursday
      and yes DE or FF was not mentioned so either the fortune teller comes into play or something else not even HOH comp was mentioned for after Wed eviction

  46. his plan was to put up rach and jordan last week…i really thing he is guna pull Porsche off and those to will vote out jordan

  47. The best thing about Kalia possibly leaving is that she is taking that voice and those weired sounds that she makes with her..I thought nothing could be more annoying than Rachel’s laugh (has toned down) and then along came Kalia…Her voice just grates like chalk on a chalk board…sooo annoying….

  48. Who cares that people fart? The issue comes back to Kalia’s behavior — ALL of it. She is rude and crude.

    Eating while farting and talking about it OR
    Farting while eating and talking about it
    Talking while farting and eating . . .

    She’s just gross.
    She’s just rude.
    She’s just arrogant.

    She’s just hard to like.

    And . . . monkeys don’t deserve to be slandered that way.

  49. Adam became very tight with Jeff, and seems to be looking forward to maintaining their friendship when BB ends. Unlike Shelly, I don’t see Adam jeopardizing that friendship by backstabbing Jordan…

    I don’t think he will use the veto = kalia goes to jury.

    • I agree with CT 100%. Adam will never do anything to cause harm to Jordan and not just because of Jeff but he and Jordan have built a friendship and he truly respects her…

      • I think so to he is a fan and as a fan he has met some of BB stars in his eyes and yes he had built a bond with Jeff

      • And, he can thank Rachel for his visit with Tori Spelling. I don’t think Adam will go against Jordan. I agree with you all that he is way too much in awe with Jeff to do anything to get Jeff angry with him. I do think that Adam would get rid of my favorite, Rachel, if he had the opportunity.

  50. Adam, needs to think strategically. This late in the game he needs to consider the consequences of his actions as it applies to the jury house votes. So he should not use the veto.

  51. adam knows it does not matter if he uses veto….he knows he has the argument in F2 that he stuck with his “true” alliance which was lead by Jeff and at the end he stuck with him after a momentary buttheaded moment when the double eviction happened. He can claim he won 2 vetos. He can claim he did not play the backstab game which is why is stuck with J & R.

    That said – once Kalia is gone (please CBS, have the eviction for taping on Sunday so we can be rid of the woman once and for all…her constant talking, singing, noisemaking, LIKE LIKE LIKE talk is drivingt me insane!) the only thing that matters is Veto….tho I do not want to see Porsche win HOH so she is guaranteed F3. I fear if Rachel loses Veto she is gone…including if Jordan wins Veto. Jordan would rather go with Adam and Porsche (If P wins HOH) for her own shot….but then again, she has really taken to Rachel since the whole double eviction thing. who knows!!

    • Jordan will never backstab Rachel…she would rather come in 2nd place. Beleive it or not, some…well one or two people in the house actually have a heart…game or no game!

      • Yes, Rachel has been very loyal and has saved Jordan and herself from eviction. I am glad Rachel and Jordan have become close. Jordan knows she can’t trust Kalia (please let her leave) and Porsche. Porsche has shown that she can win physical comps if she puts her mind to it so she can be dangerous. I still can’t get a feel for where Adam truly is but I don’t think he will turn on Jeff in regards to Jordan. I don’t completely trust Adam. But, please get Kalia out of the house. She is nasty to look at with her face so full of food. I’ll be she asked production if she could have the left over doughnuts from “Rollin in the Dough”.

  52. First I was thinking Adam should have continued his nonwinning streak. This way he wouldn’t alienate either team. But had P or K won he thought he would go up as a replacement. This wouldn’t be so scary if he was trustworthy enough to R and J. Because he would know he wouldn’t be voted out, which is what he had been told.

    There is no more rest for Adam. If Rachel can play in the next hoh, she may vote him out if he votes Jordan out. Rachel will see red and vote emotionally and skip over Kalia.

    • My thoughts exactly, this was the perfect time to throw a Veto and Adam does something he’s rarely done all season…win. Nice going. Now, like you said, he’ll get blood on his hands. Don’t use it, and Porsche stands to be upset (if she was rational she wouldn’t, she’d respect that at least she’s kept safe, because Kalia’s the target, but she’s not rational, flashback to week 1 where she cried upon being nominated even though they said Keith was the target) and if he does use it, Jordan goes up and there’s even more blood on his hands. He didn’t need to win this, now he alienates somebody. Only upside for him is increasing his win total to try to rally more jury votes in the end, should he make it that far.

      • See but adam told porsche today, “don’t worry,were voting out kalia” to me that indicates he will not use the veto. Also he told rachel and jordan he’s done laying low and hiding, he will win this veto and PROVE to them he’s on their side…so far he’s doing that, let’s. See what happens Monday

      • See but adam told porsche today, “don’t worry,were voting out kalia” to me that indicates he will not use the veto. Also he told rachel and jordan he’s done laying low and hiding, he will win this veto and PROVE to them he’s on their side…so far he’s doing that, let’s. See what happens Monday ….

  53. this is worse case, Adam could go either way with this. I would like to see Porche go only because, like it or not, Kalia has played a better game. And as much as I would like to see Rachel and Jordan go to the last 2, at least I feel anyone of them left winning would deserve it.

  54. First, I was thinking Adam should have continued his nonwinning streak. This way he wouldn’t alienate either team. But, had P or K won veto, he thought he would go up as a replacement. This wouldn’t be so scary if he was trustworthy enough to R and J. Because he would know he wouldn’t be voted out, which is what he had been told. 

    There is no more rest for Adam. If Rachel can play in the next hoh, she may vote him out if he votes Jordan out. Rachel will see red and vote emotionally and skip over Kalia. 

  55. Wow, it takes a real gem of a person (Cowlia) to make Rachel look good to all those previous haters, just sayin.

    • No, next HoH there’s four remaining. The following HoH there’s three left, which is the final HoH competition, a three-part where one person has to win 2 of 3 rounds. Win round 1, you get a bye to round 3. Two losers of round 1 square off in round 2. Winner of round 2 faces winner of round 1 in round 3, winner of that of course is final HoH and handpicks who to sit next two on finale night.

      Sorry if I added too much additional info that you may have already known. Just wanted to be thorough.

      • @ mj..what do you think of this? I don’t think the fortune teller will give a special power, I think she will only give the info of the eviction of weds and another on thurs. I feel like they won’t play and HOH and veto in the meantime..I think there’s a possibilty they will do the face morphing comp(there will be 10 faces and they always do it with 10 faces) and whoever has the slowest time goes home??? Just a thought.

      • Hey vetfan…I also don’t think the fortune teller is going to hand out a power. Not sure if it’ll do what BB UK did, but if it does give one person a ‘fortune’, I also think it’ll be some form of hint or clue as to what’s going to happen next/soon. Informing of the details of the next double eviction this week might just be it. I just really hope that creepy thing doesn’t speak, just spits out a card to read like the Zoltar machine from Big (Tom Hanks movie).

        However, I also think it could be something ‘juicier’. If it was just that, then whoever found out doesn’t have much of a reason to withhold the info from everyone else. Unless they think ‘hmm I won’t be blindsided by this, I’ll have time to think and plan, nobody else will’ which isn’t unlikely. Maybe just let their partner in on it (Kalia lets Porsche know, vice versa, for example)

        No idea what ‘juicier’ info could be given if it’s not this…

  56. I guess all you Porkrind/Cowlia lovers are just grasping to anything in hopes they are not put out to pasture.


  57. oh, and off topic:

    anyone noticed how since Dani left with all her negativity and snotty comments….and then even more so after Shelly and her nasty comments…that those left are gowing to really appreciate who Rachel is and she is no longer “the hated one” as far as personally?? Dani and Shelly jumped on the Brittany hate train from last year and thankfully it appears the hate train is at the station for good!

  58. Damn, if Cowlia is evicted next, they’ll have to pay someone to cut the lawn.


  59. i’m seeing the same thing from alot of people(mostly Jorchal fans). they are saying he is NOT using veto because he is worried about losing the Vets votes.

    that makes no sense what so ever. if he is in final with either vet he why would he protect them now? ONLY way he can get Vet votes is if he sits next to a newbie.

    Adam against Jordan in F2 Jordan gets votes from Jeff, Brendon, Rachel and Shelly(we all know she vote for Jordan to make amends). that’s all she needs.

    Adam against Rachel in F2, Rachel gets votes from Brendon, Jeff, Jordan, Dani(this would be for not keeping her.

    Adam against Porsche or Kalia in F2 is a toss up. but a toss up is better than NO chance at all

    • The only person Adam had a chance of beating in the F2 was Shelly. That house has no respect for him. He’s just a vote and that’s it.

    • if Jordan is evicted because of Adam and then Rachel goes if he is sitting with Porsha or Kalia the 5 vets will vote for either one of them and not him And P and K will take each other to final 2 he stands a better chanche with JK

      • I don’t think so all of the vets hate k\p and they’ll have time to relax and get over being mad at him it’s happened before. He should use the veto!!!

    • Every vote counts in the jury house considering it is split between the veterans and Team Dani members. Adam’s best shot is to get to final 2 first. Then, he gets atleast, $50,000. Porsche and Kalia will stick to each other knowing that both of them will win atleast, $50,000 at a minimum if they are in final 2 and one of them wins $500,000. Why would they bother taking Adam with them and risk Adam winning that $500,000? Compared to Kalia and Porsche, Adam has played more cleanly and less abrasive than those two!

  60. Well I think Adam will not use the veto.I think he will stick with JR.Just a Hunch,but you never know.

    • come to think of it.You are prob right BE Miz. Adam and Porsche or adam and kalia, he would win 4-2, but he might not think too clearly lol.

      • now that i think more about it, Adam probably won’t use it, not because he wants to be final 3 with R or J, but because is loves Jeff, he will piss away any chance of final 2 to keep a friendship with Jeff after the show.

      • Why try when you had Jeff carry you for more than half the game and you now have Rach and Adam taking you to the end? Her momma didn’t raise no fool.

  61. If we are looking at votes count, Porsche will not get any votes to win with the jury in right now… why an HG like Adam and/ Rachel might want to keep Porsche around becuz they have good chance at winning the game cuz P is a floatie, if Kalia or Jordan is one of the finalist K or J has pretty good chance to pass their gas ass of smackin’ Adam & Rachel to win their way.

  62. omg! why cant jordan step it up and WIN something!?!? seriously! it seems like its always jeff or rachel doing all the hard work and competing! she gives up so easily and still talks about others not deserving to win because they havnt done anything.. uhm, neither has she! She better win the next HOH to keep rachel safe cuz we all know that rachels gonna go home if jordan doesnt win HOH! Just like how rachel is keeping her safe, jordan needs to do the same and keep rachel safe!

      • yes of course, but its seriously getting irritating! As Kalia would say “I GENUINELY like jordan” but girl, u need to get ur head outta ur ass already and win something! i mean its not like shes physically not capable! heck, Kalia held on longer to the dummy than jordan did, and kalias definitely not the most fit person in there!

      • I’m beyond irritated with Jordan, not only for the fact that she can’t win, but she acts all bigshit kingmaker and says that other’s aren’t playing the game and they don’t deserve to be here. I hope if they bring vets back again, bring her back without Jeff, let’s see how far she gets.

    • Jordan seems to have given up, IMO.

      Her last “emotional” gasp was to get rid of ShellHe. Once he was gone she quit.

      • im pretty sure jordan hasnt given up, cuz shes still talking game with adam about not using the veto and all, but thats all she does.. shes good as a social player, but that can only take u so far, and she hasnt given up, she just cant win sh*t and gives up so damn early!

  63. Didn’t Julie say something about someone getting evicted on Sunday? Perhaps I’ve just lost my mind, very possible, but I keep thinking she said that someone would go home on Sunday.

    Anyone know?

  64. I am team Rachel/Jordan but I thnk it would be best for Adam’s game if he DID use the veto.

    I mean the biggest threat competition wise is Rachel, and if you take out her only ally (Jordan) Rachel has absolutely no one playing in HOH, and she is the only one playing for veto, yeah Rachel would be in a really bad spot.

    I think if Adam could even try to make a case for himself for the 500K, it would have to be through making a game move.

    Unfortunately for Adam, & fortunately for Jordan/Rachel Adam is not someone to make a game move. I think Adam will continue to float on by and not use the veto.

  65. I totally disagree K n P r stronger comp then J n R its better to go to final 3 with j n R since he really only has to worry about R cuz we know the J is not that good in comp. Now when it comes to K n P both of them r comp K has proofed it in endurance n questions. P is good in physical comps so he is better off going to f3 with JR and as far as if he was in F2 with J I think it would be a toss up ultimately coming down to D to make the F decisions

  66. My fear is that Adam is such a floater that he will take Porsche off the block and Rachel will have no choice other than to replace her with Jordan. Adam is unwilling to make ANY moves on his own, he simply wants to side with whoever is in power at the moment. He puts Jordan up, she’s voted out, Rachel cannot win HOH the next time, it will be one of the other three newbies and Adam will be afraid to not be on the side of the new HOH. At this point, Rachel can be mad at him, what can she do to him, he probably has the numbers on his side.

    As much as I thought Shelly was a hypocrite, I would much prefer seeing her in the final 2 than Adam, I hate the idea of one of the biggest floaters of all time even going to the final 2. If Rachel cannot win, I want Jordan to win (again)!

      • I always thought that when it got down to 4 that everyone competes.

        I’ll need a BB expert to verify that. :)

      • of course we know Rachel can’t play in next HOH, why would she be allowed? ONLY time outgoing HOH can play is in Final 3.

      • If Adam removes Porsche then Adam votes to evict Kalia, and Porshe votes to evict Jordan, its a tie and Rachel breaks the tie and out goes Kalia, so Adam should NOT use the Veto and Kalia goes home and he is still in good with Jordan and Porsche…He goes to F2 with Jordan and Rachel…

    • But if Adam did that , he could vote for Kalia and Porsche for jordan, then it is a tie. Rachel votes kalia out. I know, then why would he even bother using the veto. well maybe he thinks it makes him look good, strategizing and all.lmao yeah right. Or sending message to Kalia he voted her out,like she did Jeff his bro. lol

  67. what she said was there will be a special eviction episode Wednesday, and another will be sent packing Thursday.

    • yes but will there be HOH and veto as well?
      Or does something happenes for the next HG to leave?

      • i think, someone goes home Wed, they play hoh same night, then on thurday they play veto and then vote someone out. maybe we’ll get the first part of the final 3 HOH or at least the start of it.

      • @shellysucks1 Thank you I do not know why the wording is bothering me so much but it is and by the way great name I like it

    • With the actual eviction taking place on Tuesday. That means Weds show will be taped. I guess with no Julie?

      Odd. Not a live eviction.

      Can anyone verify this?

      • I thought Julie said join me for a special eviction night on Wed but yes it will be taped on Tuesday

      • The eviction is on Wed and from what we are led to believe one on Thursday. The fortune teller is most likely going to play a role in one of these evictions.

      • she did said “I’ll be back for a special eviction episode wed, and another will be sent paking thurs”. So I guess it will be live.

  68. Like it or not, Adam’s best game move is to *not* use the Veto. Let’s recall: Rachel is HOH, so she can’t play in the next HOH competition. If he gets Kalia or Porsche, two strong competitors mind you, evicted, that’s one less person he has to deal with if he wants to try to win HOH and guarantee his spot in the final three.

  69. I hope adam uses the veto and jordan goes home. I think both Kalia and Porsche have done more in the game than Jordan has and deserve to win more than she does.

    • Agreed, Jordan is playing less of a game this season than she did in her season. at least in her season she tried to win, she gives up too easy

    • Adam’s got a school girl crush on Jeffy. He ain’t doing it. He’s gonna catch major hell for it when he gets back in the real world.

    • I dont think they do.Grant you Jordan only won one HOH,Kalia 2,both questions with Jordan in 2nd. Porsche won HOH ,veto and has come in 2nd on comps too. Social game,maybe edge to Jordan. She has talked to Hg on numerous occasions, and strategizing just as well as the other two. So she is still in the game as are K and P. So they have all have gotten this far,so Jordan is deserving as is all of the remaining HG.

    • Jordan may not deserve to win but I keep her right now she’s clearly the weakest playa at this point.

  70. if you think about it Adam would be stupid to go with Kowlia and p,because if he evicts jordan and rachael the jury will have 4 votes that are vets and he will never win.If he goes to the final 2 with rachael he has to be thinking the newbies will never vote for her, because they hate her. if he goes with Jordan he has to think they will not vote for her because she has all ready won and she does not deserve the smart play,really the only play is to leave the noms the same.offcourse if he goes to the final 2 he will loose.

  71. Another reason I don’t want Jordan to be blindsided (put up if Veto is used)…because if she goes that would be one KRAP final four!

    haaa! ha…you see what I did there? ohhhhh shoot me in the face I don’t deserve to live

  72. if it comes down to Racael and Jordan i think Jordan wins again.Racheal should win but i think she has burned to many bridges.Rachael is the player of the season this year she is a fighter.i never liked her tell Branden left now i think she is pretty cool.

    • i was just about to say i think Rachel would win against Jordan in final 2, but then i realized i would be wrong. but it would be 4-3 for Jordan.

      she gets Jeff,Shelly, Adam and Kalia’s vote. Rachel gets Brendon, Porsche and Dani. yes i said Daniele. Dani sees Jordan as a major floater, only way Jordan gets Dani’s vote is if it’s Adam vs Jordan, he’s a floater, plus he sent her home

  73. it’ll be funny when Adam doesn’t use the veto and then after the show Jeff still want nothing to do with him.

    Adam just doesn’t seem like someone Jeff would hang outside of the house. they might hang out during BB related stuff, but i can’t see him going out for a beer or just hanging out.

    is this really enough to give up $50k? to hang out with someone once or twice a year?

    i want him to use it simply to heat up the feeds, can you imagine if he uses it, it’ll be a bigger explosion than the Shelly incident.

    as long as Rachel or Porsche win BB13, i’m ok

    • Yep, you see it the same way I do. This guy ain’t playing the game, he’s kissing up to Jeff. They would never vote for him to win. That jury house has to be disgusted that he’s even still there.But he’s screwed either way.He trapped himself into not getting past the F3

  74. I hope RACHEL WINS. So she can spend the 500,000 to get plastic surgery on her face so it wont be so painful to look at. ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!

  75. LOLOLOLOLOL at people discussing ADAMS BIG MOVE. no matter WHAT he choses, Adumb has no chance at winning this game. what a failure -__-

  76. Yall keep saying get rid of Jordan bcuz Jordan will get all the votes if she’s final 2…NO she won’t… she has alrdy won once NO ONE but jeff is gonna vote for her. If Adam is smart…which he isnt he will keep Jordan and go final 2 with her, it’s the only chance he has of even winning anything it’s to go against someone who has alrdy won.

    • That’s why when Kalia’s gone, she’s the next target and Jordo will be on board. Rach has to win the next pov no matter what.

      • yeah she wins when she needs to that pandoras box picked up her spirts and won the veto and hoh back to back but hopefully there isnt another hoh the racheal cant play in because i think there is a chance she might be leaving right after porcha

      • Agree, 100% Rachel has to win the next POV because she cannot take the chance of being backdoored so late in the game.
        Win POV and go to final 3 where it counts the most.

  77. This is an easy decision fo Adam. He shouldn’t use the veto…period. Why?
    1) It keeps the vets happy in case he needs their votes later.
    2) He argues if he needs to that Kalia and Porsche
    he felt were bigger threats than Jordan-possibly gaining a vote or 2.

    If he uses the veto his chances are very slim of making it to the final 2…and even slimmer in winning the game.

    Just think —If Adam wins—what a waste of a summer…

    • I think he should use the veto to get Jordan eliminated, but then work on Rachel to align with him. He’s the odd man out in either scenario of “final three”, so his only chance of winning is to replace someone else in a scenario of “final two”. Plus, this way Rachel won’t get her hands dirty when Jordan is eliminated, so it would be a win for her.

      • If Jordan were to be eliminated, that would pit Adam against Porsche and Kalia with the odds stacked against Adam winning HOH! Adam and Rachel will be on the block and if Rachel manages to win POV then, Adam is going to the jury house! Adam’s best move is not to use the veto. There would be one newbie on the other side, Kalia or Porsche against Adam and Jordan for HOH! That is much better odds wise to get to final 3. Rachel if she wins HOH will probably take Adam to final 2 because that is her best shot at that $500,000 and guarantees that Adam gets $50,000.

      • Adam’s best move is to used veto and try to get rid of Jordan. Side with the newbies and play like hell to win HoH or more importantly POV.

        If any newbie has a chance to win, they MUST get rid of Jordan now and Rachel next. If Rachel gets POV Adam’s gone and so is his dreams of final 2.

        If Adam does not use the POV, he virtually guarantees a Jordan or Rachel win. He absolutely has NO CHANCE of better than a top 3. (Unless he sweep wins to the end. Highly unlikely to happen.)

    • If adam wants to win the game, he HAS to use the veto. Its a big move he can point to, and he has better odds against kp in the end.

      He would never beat Rachel. He thinks hell beat jordan, but jeff, br, and dani are guaranteed votes against him.

      Hes trying for f3 of porsche, him, and jordan because he thinks both would take him and he can beat them. Ill laugh if he gets that f3 and j or p vote him out. Thats what the coward deserves

      • I agree, if he doesn’t use it to take Jordan out, he’s a dead man walking and throw the money right at Jordan. He will never beat Rachel in a comp if it’s them in f3. His chances r better with Kalia and Porsche in f3.

  78. LOL Jordan is now more usless then Adam becuase at least he won somthing….unless if they juat let him win but that would be a stupid move for everyone

  79. Jordan shook hands with Adam on a Final 2 deal after veto. She is looking real nervous right now as Adam is talking to Rachel and her and just said who makes a final 2 deal with someone and the whole house finds out about it. He was talking about his final 2 deal with Kalia. He is mad because Kalia didn’t vote for him.

    During veto Adam finished first, Porche 2nd, Jordan last. Don’t know between Rachel and Kalia who was 3rd or 4th.

  80. OK sorry to be so daft,but if eviction is really a taped show,then we will know it Tues.night on BBAD when Kalia is gone,correct.Then the real live eviction and that will be because everything else happened on Wed?Oh my Im confusing myself.Help please.

    • Never mind I found out on another post.They will probly black out all live feeds so we dont know until the show airs on Wed.I do remember it being off last year.

  81. My cousin just showed me this site, so I apologize for intruding when I haven’t been here all season long. Moving on…

    Jordan has not played a great game. When she was HoH, she did whatever Jeff told her. Her only claim to being a good social player is that everyone likes her because she’s nice. That does not earn someone a second half million dollars in my book.

    Rachel has not played a great game. She has had the benefit of production (she won the banana competition, of course she was going to win the parachute POV) and is only still there because they were afraid she would come back and so the house voted Lawon out instead (another production intervention).

    Adam has done nothing except play for third place all season. He’s like the geeky kid who does whatever the cool kids tell him to do in hopes that they let him hang out with them later. And they never do. He probably has convinced himself that he can win the final HoH, take Jordan, and win since she already won. But Rachel, Jeff, and Brendon would all vote for Jordan, so she would only need one more. Shelly? Likely.

    Porsche gets blamed for doing nothing all season but remember when she was making deals with the veterans in week one and getting herself a golden key? What about all the competitions where she came in second? She wasn’t out first like Adam usually was. And she wasn’t floating. She was pretty obviously in Daniele’s camp for a while. Just because Jeff said she didn’t do anything because he didn’t like her, doesn’t mean she actually didn’t do anything.

    Kalia made a deal with the veterans in week one to vote out Keith, too. She was in the middle of the Daniele/Dominic VS Brenchel fight. Her mistake was playing up to Jeff the first time she was HoH and letting him bully her. She isn’t very good at physical races, but she has endurance and she does well in mental competitions. She played, in my estimation, the strongest game of anyone left. Unfortunately for her, Jeff doesn’t like her, which is going to make it tough for her to get votes at the end.

    Adam would be guaranteeing himself a third place finish if he does not use the veto. If he uses it, he stands a better shot against Kalia and Porsche in the final HoH and in the final vote tally. Kalia and Porsche are disliked by a lot of people. Jordan and Rachel are liked by a lot of jurors. It’s in his best interests to use it and it’s the fairest thing that could happen for those of us who appreciate “Big Brother” over the “Big Jeff” show.

    • The exact reason you don’t want Jordan out…
      She probably won’t win a comp…The next HOH
      Rachel can’t play in…Why would he go up against Porsche and Kalia…and lose the chance at the vets votes for backstabbing?

      IMO he should go against one newby/Jordan and himself…Then no matter who wins he gets to final 3…and possibly has no blood on his hands—where he can get votes from either side.

      • Ain’t nobody gonna vote for Adam if he makes the F2. His best chance of winning left when Shelly did. Like the poster above said, he’s gonna be crushed when Jeff disses him after the show is over.

      • Gene—I disagree—if Adam doesnt backstab. Gets to final 3. Let’s say Rachel or Jordan go home at #4. leaving jordan/Porsche/Adam…final 2 end up adam/porsche—he may get the 4 vets votes for no backstabbing. something like that. Or if he is up against R/J final 2 the newbies may vote for Adam out of spite or not wanting Jordan to win again.

      • Gene–also, Jeff can say all he wants. Adam can just respond-you’ve had 2 chances and i got further than you did with the 1 try that you say I stunk at when competing.

      • You make a good case and it could well go that way, but my mind tells me that they’ll pull the he didn’t play the game card and justify that. My whole angle towards the whole thing is that unless it’s Rach/Porshe or Rach’Kalia, it’s gonna be based on personal feelings instead of gameplay and influence of gameplay. In that case he’s screwed, he was looked at as Jeff and Jordan’s poodle. The house really doesn’t have too much respect for him as a player. I think he’s playing a decent game, if he didn’t he wouldn’t have gotten this far, pure and simple. On the block 4 times and escaped, he deserves props for that, but they’ll ding him for not making a hard desicion. If he gets rid of Jordan, that might help his cause a little bit.

      • If he says that to Jeff, he will lose his vote. Jeff is one butthurt individual when things don’t go his way or when he get’s shown up.

      • If Adam had the nerve to say that to Jeff then he doesn’t deserve his vote. Nevermind being a Jeff fan, that’s not what this is about, it’s about the fact that Jeff helped protect him and carry him for a lot of this game. Jeff hasn’t gotten as far in his attempts because he won competitions and placed a target on himself by being a threat, hell, Jeff is seen as a threat before Adam before the game even begins, just due to the differences in physical shape they’re in, it happens all the time, Keith was pegged as ‘he’s gotta be athletic’ by looks alone since he didn’t get to prove it. Adam floated for weeks, to do that you need help and protection. Who else provided that more than Jeff? I also find it funny that nobody thinks Jeff would hang out with him outside the game, if they don’t it’s probably because New Jersey and Chicago aren’t close enough to each other, but other than that I do believe Jeff considers Adam a friend. He wants Adam to be final two with Jordan, and sure, go ahead and say it’s because he thinks Jordan would win against him. That’s most likely the case, but I don’t think for a second that it’s not also because Jeff would like to see Adam get $50,000, and because Jeff would know that no matter what happens somebody he likes wins the game.

    • I agree with everything you said :)

      But you should know that crazy jordan and rachel fans live here, and they hate people with different opinions then theirs.

      So if anyone one of them leave a hateful replay don’t respond :)

      • Really? This coming from the person who said were all sucking jeffs D*** just cause we like. Him???lmao

    • Kind of sounds like a cover up of someone who really just doesn’t like Jeff and likes Porsche and/or Kalia, but you back up your points well, so I respect your opinion. You say Porsche made ‘all those deals’ in week 1, I remember her crying because she was on the block and not understanding she wasn’t the target. Rachel wanted her safe for four weeks. After getting her golden key, she fell asleep until day 50. Let’s face it, between the two points she really wasn’t doing anything, not even talking game let alone playing it, because in her words ‘I don’t want to talk game I just want to hang out’. These her words after she signed up for Big Brother…

      With houseguest numbers dwindling, she was finally able to win something, but I don’t credit her for two of her three 2nd place finishes. In the Veto she finished 2nd to Brendon, she didn’t do anything, she didn’t write down a time that would’ve made her play the challenge, did that through all rounds including the last one where Brendon completed the challenge. She sat on the sidelines.

      Her 2nd place HoH finish to Daniele deserves only slightly more credit, but not much more. It was a counting game that any viewer and all houseguests know was largely based on luck. Even Dani, who won it, was surprised because she’s not normally a good counter. She was way off on the first question, but was lucky Rachel lost her mind and guessed 1500 somehow.

      Porsche’s only legitimate 2nd place finish was to Jeff in his HoH win. Full credit for that one. And as it stands, she has two wins. As many as Adam after today, as many as Kalia, only one more than Jordan, and obviously Rachel leads in this category.

      Kalia (all personal disdain for her aside) was absolutely floating for the first chunk of this game, until Brendon confronted her about it and lit a fire under her. It was only after then she finally won something, and it wasn’t ‘pretty obvious’ she was with Dani for a good part of the beginning of this game. Although, once she went to Dani’s side, she never floated back from it and still hasn’t, that I will give her. Kalia also admitted she was lucky to win her first HoH, but ever since acts like she’s the biggest gift to the game, a super strong competitor, etc, and it’s nauseating. I’d say that for anybody constantly tooting their own horn (Porsche’s done it) because there’s such a thing as humility.

      I can agree Rachel’s wins were too far apart, won early on, nothing for weeks, and now I guess she’s got her groove back, and while I won’t yell ‘RIG!’ I agree she’s had some production assistance…just like Dani got some when she was on the block before she was evicted. Rachel isn’t the only one who’s had a scale tipped in her favour.

      • @MJ

        I agree with everything except for 1 thing.. The Veto that P won was by accident. Had Jeff noticed that he had thrown his clown shoe out he would of won that Veto. So I actually only give her credit for her HOH won with the snake eye..

      • Fair enough, team JR. Glad someone’s on the same page as me for the most part, and you’re right, Jeff had that Veto for sure, it’s a shame he got bit by such horrible luck. (And no, follow-up commenters, I’m not making excuses for him or saying ‘it’s not fair!’ or anything, it was just bad luck, so go the breaks)

      • MJ-yea, too bad for Jeff’s ego too since he’s such a good loser. Lol. The problem is he thinks he has every one in the bag and he blew it. I really can’t call Porsche win’s a accident tho. Good luck for one and bad luck for the other, so call it even ?? Sry but you had to c this one coming….

      • See what coming? Yea you’re right, I saw people taking my comment as sour grapes that Jeff is gone, even though I clearly stated ‘I realize it was just bad luck, so go the breaks’. Not calling conspiracy or crying foul. I don’t think he was seeing it as having everyone in the bag, and even if he was, he was the best competitor at the time and even his haters can’t deny that. Rachel only woke up again after he left. And I keep saying it, I don’t see anything wrong with how he handled the loss, he just couldn’t believe he threw the shoe out and messed himself up, and didn’t like Dani rubbing it in, but he didn’t lose it on her did he? Didn’t tell her to shut up, nothing, he grinned and beared it. People should bash or praise based on facts, not bias or assumption or anything. I’ve pointed out Jeff’s faults despite him being my favourite, but I continue to see him bashed for things that aren’t even deserving.

      • @MJ, What did Dani get from production when she was on the block? In any case, it wasn’t enough since she got evicted.

        Brendon confronted Kalia in week three. She was arguably “floating” until then, but really, it was just a matter of her not being a puppet for the two couples like Adam and Shelly were at that point (and Adam still is).

        I would be ok with Jeff and Jordan in the abstract if it wasn’t for the fact that it was becoming the “Big Jeff” show and he was sailing to the end with Jordan. I do like Kalia, but mostly because, like I said, I think she’s the best player left. Rachel has no social skills. Jordan has no strategy, she’s just nice. Adam is the outcast who wants to sit at the popular table and has no social game and his strategy is a losing one. Porsche failed to make any sort of impact on the players and so, they think she is weak.

        On a separate note, I don’t understand the anti-floater sentiment. Some of the best players of all time were floaters (like Danielle from season 3 or Alison from season 4) and the best seasons are filled with floaters. Polarized houses make for more predictable and therefore boring seasons.

      • @Kevin11,

        Very good, valid points made. I’m not sure about anyone else with the anti-floater sentiment, but I personally just prefer competitors, I would even vouch for an All-Competitors season if that were even possible to pan out, which I know it isn’t, but I think it would be the best television to watch a competition involving several players who are really trying to win, and all have a real shot at it too.

        That being said, I can also appreciate the other sides of the strategy of this game. I liked Dan’s play from season 10, and he clearly wasn’t a monster in competitions, so it’s not just black and white.

        To answer your question about Dani’s assistance, Jeff was being prodded not to backdoor her, but of course not forced and Jeff said ‘Sorry, but no’ to their wishes. When he put her up, production was trying to get the votes for Dani to stay. I’m not one to fall for speculation or call ‘rig’ but unfortunately houseguests have big mouths and have let this info slip on the live feeds. Dani for example has let it slip that she’s good friends with someone in production, which to me is a breach of game integrity as it’s a clear conflict of interest. But like you said, it didn’t work anyway, she was evicted.

        But on the same token, Rachel had a scale tipped for her, but wasn’t clearly guaranteed that Veto. It may have been geared towards her, but unless people think it was an act to make it look believable (and I’m sure many do) Rachel did have her struggles in staying up, she re-positioned several times, and Kalia (despite the horrible all-arms method she used) gave Rachel a run for her money.

        Kalia I hate to admit it actually is one of the better players left, only Rachel can really be considered, but I strongly think that speaks more towards the weakness of the remaining players than it speaks for Kalia’s ability and gameplay to this point.

    • Kalia and Porsche will not take Adam to final 2. Why would they? They have Danielle’s vote and the vote of the veterans because one of them must win! The loser gets $50,000 just the same! On the other hand, if Adam is in the final 3 with Jordan and Rachel, Rachel if she wins HOH will take Adam over Jordan because that is her only chance at that $500,000. It might be a tight vote but, Rachel can win it 4-3 if either Kalia or Porsche vote for Rachel. Rachel played the game much, much more than Adam so, I see one of the Danielle alliance peeling off to vote for Rachel if that is the case. And if Danielle and her puppets all decide to vote for Adam then, he can get all 4 votes of the newbies to win that $500,000! Adam’s best chance is with Rachel and Jordan. If he evicts Jordan, he will not make it to final 2!

      • Rachel will not take Adam to the Final 2. She’s loyal to a fault in this game. She flirts with the idea of betraying her alliance all the time, but she never actually does. If the final three are Rachel, Jordan, and Adam, Rachel will win the final HoH and vote out Adam. She could throw it and let Adam win, but he would keep Jordan.

        Adam’s best chance is against the weaker competitors: Kalia and Porsche. His only chance of sitting in the Final two is to win the last HoH and his best chance to do that is against Kalia and Porsche.

        Unfortunately for Adam, I’m pretty sure his only shot is against Porsche and that final 2 is unlikely at best.

  82. Lets think about this. If Jordan goes to the final two she has a great chance of winning. She will have 3 automatic votes and I have a feeling Shelley will vote for her too. That is four votes right there. To take Jordan to the final two is not going to work. If Adam did choose to use the veto that would be a major game changing move and I believe he would gain the respect of many of the other houseguests. I think he has a better chance of winning if he uses the veto and puts Jordan up.

      • ADAM has not been in the room with K/P FOR QUITE SOME TIME NOW..THE POSTER SAID that Adam just had a conversation with K/P..I was wanting to know when they talked cause A/R/J were in the purple room for almost an hour…

      • No he didn’t on bb online they have him with JR and apparently he told them he wasn’t going to use it and then they showed kaliah crying saying how they always bet so close to evicting a vet by one vote. Porche telling kaliah that she doesn’t get why adam wants to work with RJ. Also adam told jordon now for the 100 time that he is team jj and always has been (notice he didn’t say RJ) jordon thank him.

        Not that i ever saw him getting rid of jordon maybe if it was rachel but why would he keep the weaker player and not take out the strongest. As it looks now he is not going to use it

    • who knows wat side he is playin cuz he shook hands n gave J Farrah necklace to her telling her that she was safe n he was not going to use it..

      • Hey what happened to all the Jordan fans. Come on people! It would be nice and funny as hell if she won.And the Jeff haters ,he had every right to be pissed. Dani had a smug attitude.Alot worse than Jeff but no ones talking about her.

  83. Strategically, he should NOT use the Veto. He’ll lose Vet votes in the Jury and this year the Vets control the votes so he shouldn’t do that. Plus, Kalia and Porsche and much bigger threats than Jordan and at this point, competitions are crucial and thus need to be won. However, it would be excellent TV to watch Jordan get evicted by Rachel as HoH. Remind you of anything? Kalia evicting Lawon much?

    • Lurker, I agree that Jordan is not much of a threat. The thing is Rachael her partner is. Rachael will be subsantially weakened if Jordan gets evicted. It will also leave her vulnerable to be evicted next since she cannot play in the HOH comp. By using the veto he would be eliminating a huge threat.

    • Actually Jordon is the biggest threat out of all of them, listen….
      1.Jordan is getting a free ride to the final 2
      2.She never lied or backstabbed so bitter jury members will vote for her.

      Adam vs Jordan:jordan wins
      Rachel vs Jordan:rachel wins
      Kalia vs Jordan:jordan wins
      Porsche vs Jordan:jordan wins

      get the picture?

      • @animalarsen

        I think it would b a toss up if its J n A in the F2 cuz they have both played a similar game n in actuality A might win cuz he has more wins this far over J.

      • I think he does.. By him winning this veto he has just gotten D vote granted that he is in the final with J. U know D ppl will vote with her n as for Shelly she would be the toss up cuz Shelly has been close to both of them.

      • Actually Rachel vs. Jordan in Final 2 will be won by Jordan. Danielle and her puppets will vote for Jordan because she is well like but, not Rachel. For Rachel,the best move if she gets to final 3 is pick Adam over Jordan for final 2 as Adam has done practically nothing in this game. Rachel might be able to win 4-3 with Kalia or Porsche voting for Rachel over Adam. If not, then, Adam will win that $500,000 but, Rachel atleast, gets that $50,000 for 2nd.

    • Christy609- you say give Jordan some say shes’s smart because she won already.. That credit should be given to the people who carried her though the WHOLE time which was Jeff the first time. Altho, not a big fan of his because of his arrogance. He bullies Jordan around like a stray little puppy, and he loves it. I think she’s too naive to see it. Anyway, everyone keeps talking about her great social game ?? Oh plz ! Compete yourself to someone you work with. Let’s say you work a lot harder but she has a more likable personality. Do you think she should get paid more than you because of that ? I would say probably not. So Jordan doesn’t win comps but likes to just talk, play with her hair, and do whatever. But you rather hand over the money to her than to someone who puts a better effect into winning physical comps ? Oh ok..makes sense ! NOT , IMO

      • The term bully has been thrown around extremely loosely this season. People seem to have lost the concept of what it even means, and even those who haven’t, last I checked this wasn’t a schoolyard.

  84. Yay…go Adam all he has to do now is make a big move and earned respect from the other house guests. Used da veto send Jordan packing…that is da smartest thing to do.

  85. you people may think jordan is not playin the game but she has the best social game in the house she one once and is this far a second time so she is a really good competitor and deserves to be there

    • I think that Jordan is playing the game-weakly. There is more to the game than being sweet to everybody. For much of the game she didn’t do anything but hide behind Jeff and has not performed in the competitions since he left. She doesn’t even seem to give much effort in the comps. She shouldn’t win the game just for being nice.

      • @herself, she won 500k doing that last time, why change now. And the sweetness does win her enough protection from america to keep on floatin.

        Apparently her massive hypocrisy hasnt dented her popularity

  86. Adam told rachel and jordan “with them (p and k) I never know when they’re lying, with you guys, I know I’m good.” He is also making plans with jordan for next week, telling her if he wins HOH and VETO(obviously getting well ahead of himself lol) he will let her decide what they should do. He was saying to the cams alone last week “jordan is the sweetest person, how could anyone ever turn on her”? Sorry folks(team dani fans! Whomp whomp whommmmppppp) I just don’t see this one happening for ya.

    • lol Adam winning both HOH and POV, this boy is crazy if he thinks he can do that.
      Adam is such a pussy, letting jordan decide everything.
      Jordan is not the dumbest person in the house, wow I thought I would never say that.

      Win or Lose, Team Dani 4 Life! shocker

    • I think Adam should leave well enough alone and vote out Kalia then it would b 3 to 1 against Porsha,A/R/J final 3

    • not to mention it doesn’t really benifit him to backstab jordon and before they played he told rachel he wouldn’t use it but with porche he never answered her when she asked. Not to mention he has wanted kaliah out for long time and in the hoh room with RJ he told them they can do what they want but he is voting out kaliah

      • Exactly halie…he wants kalia gone, and he can get that without using the veto…so why would. He?

  87. Guys I know that most of u want A to use the veto but its not going to happen.. A has been loyal to J n he is not going to backstab her that way.. So as things stand now K will b going to the jh come Wed..

    • Why do people give the floaters credit fo saying nothing most of the game.Dani got herself evicted bcause shemade moves to early! Which was dumb.Kalia followed her. Porshe acted like a Zombie the whole show with her accidental wins.Shelly stuck her noes up J&J a–.Ohh she got scared with they didnt have control and lied and went to the other side.After her self righteous act about not lieing,not just to the hg but to the world in the DR.Adam has been doing the same thing. And Jordan talk to Jeff about those crazy alliance members. She also told him what to do.For example she is the one who wanted a meeting to out Dani. So Jordan has had her head in the game since she ca me in.

  88. Regardless of who Adam decides to send home this week, the odds become 3-1, with Adam siding with the two he saves. The best move for him is to get rid of Jordan, regardless of how it makes him feel, because that puts him with Kalia and Porche. Come time for HoH, the three people competing are the three newbs. They can easily pick Rach off, she’d not have a chance except Veto. Even if she won Veto, she’d eliminate Kalia before anyone.

    By just eliminating Jordan, Adam coasts into final 3, maybe final 2, and at least with no vets next to him, he stands a chance of winning. This isn’t me playing favorites, this is a near fool proof plan Adam could follow.

    • @Eric

      It would make it much more for A to win a comp with K n P cuz both of them r comp if he goes with JR then he is really only competing only against R cuz J is not much of a competitor. its easy to go 1 on 1 then 2 to 1..

      • As of right now, all three newbies have won a comp each. So with an even playing field, he has just as good a shot as the other two. Plus with Rach not being able to play, and Adam betrayal landing him with the newbs, it’s a garentee HoH for the newbs. Even if Adam didn’t win the HoH, Rachel would clearly be the target.

  89. Yay…go Adam all he has to do now is make a big move and earned respect from the other house guests. Used da veto send Jordan packing…that is da smartest thing to do.

    • first off the dumbest thing he could do you don’t take out the weakest player you go for the strongest and if people weren’t so anti jordon then you would see that. Also he has a better shot at beating out jordon then kaliah for hoh next week

      • @Hallie
        Actually it is the smartest thing he can do. Jordan is the weakest, but unfortunately ppl are bias towards her so he has a strong chance of loosing votes to her. She might be weak, but she is a vote stealer who ppl will vote for regardless of her floater status

  90. Whocares? Adam is a joke. He was the pet for the HG’s this Summer. I swear if he says that he has played a good game one more time. I may find Tori Spelling, and well……nevermind.

  91. I feel a bit sorry for Rachel…she seems to want it to be her and Jordan for final two, and Jordan has a deal with Adam?! Please correct me if I’ve got this wrong

  92. I find it hilarious how much of a contradiction to yourselves all you “team dani” fans are…lmao. every SINGLE one of you say “jordan is the biggest floater/coaster/coattail rider” whatever you want to call her. And kalia is actually a good competitor and has a shot to win. But yet this is adams chance to “make a big move” how in the hell(based on all f your guys’ theories) would it be a good move to keep “a. Competitor” and get rid of a “coaster”? If jordan is such a non-threat, then why would it benefit him to get rid of her? If kalia is so good, why would it benifit him to keep her? This is Adams chance to make a “big move” for kalias game, not his own.

    • You just said it, they’re Team Dani fans, so they want the remaining members of that team to get their way. Clearly evicting Jordan is great for Kalia and Porsche, Kalia’s even said this to Adam on the feeds. Like you said, big move for her game, not his own, that’s why Team Dani fans are all for it.

      I can see the logic in why they try to justify it being a good move for Adam, but there isn’t nearly enough logic to back that kind of move. His chances are fine against Rachel and Jordan, no worse than they are against Kalia and Porsche…

    • @ vetfan, yep, this is what happens when vets are mixed with newbies! yes? We will see if adam has balls. I personally think jordan is a coaster. That is whole new show. ” BB and VETS and the COASTER that accidentally won”!! yea

      • ive said this once and ill say it again…Jordan is not a coaster. and quite frankly i dont feel like getting into it with u so im just gonna leave it at that