Big Brother 13: Where Shelly’s game went wrong

Shelly, the best social-game player in the Big Brother 13 house, said goodbye to her housemates this week as she headed off to jury. Week after week, Shelly played all sides with her lies and deception and went most of the season un-noticed. So what finally went wrong with her game?

Despite what Julie Chen thinks, Shelly’s game did NOT go wrong by making the move to get Jeff out too early. Does Chen not realize there’s only two weeks left in this game? Weirdo. And not to get off the subject, but Julie’s obvious dislike for Shelly was apparent. That doesn’t make for a very good host/journalist/interviewer, there Chenbot.

I think the only thing Shelly’s game lacked was physical ability. When her lies starting coming out she needed to step up her game and win something. When your first strategy fails, you have to move on to another. And that didn’t work for her.

I’m sure most of America thinks Shelly’s game went wrong when she turned on America’s sweethearts, but they’re wrong. Actually, most of America probably thinks Shelly didn’t play a good social game while Jordan did/has. Being nice and honest ONLY works for Jordan in this game (and in the real world, I imagine). Jordan’s kind of an enigma. She, by all standards, really needs to be shaken and sent back to elementary school. But then you realize how sweet she is and all is forgiven.

Shelly, however, played the game the best way she could. And she did it well. I know people don’t like liars or backstabbers. And before I’m called out for my “obvious Shelly obsession,” please know that I spent most of the season quietly hating her. I can’t stand how she calls her husband the boss of her house or how she thinks all the girls in the house (minus Jordan) are sluts. She’s too righteous for me. But I’ve always stood by my thoughts on her game play.

For a minute there, I was thinking Shelly had the chance to sit at the finale as one of the final two. I never thought she’d get the votes to win the whole thing, but I thought she’d manipulate her way there. But then Porsche and Pandora’s Box happened and the rest of the season was handed over to the boring half of America … they/you can now enjoy two weeks of boring, drama-free shots of Adam eating bacon, Kalia sleeping, Jordan trying to remember what 2+2 is and Rachel winning Big Brother 13. Example: Right now, on Big Brother After Dark, they’re talking about prom. Grown women. Talking about prom. Enjoy, America!


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  1. The problem with shelly’s physical game is that the duct-tape she used to hold up her balls from dragging on the ground chaffed her man-gina.

    Let’s not beat around the proverbial bush here.

    • OH YEAH.. and one more thing. She constantly referred to her family as her #1 alliance.

      But, yet, she even threw her “#1 alliance” under the bus all the time by saying “I swear in front of my kid and my husband… ”

      Kharma is a massive, massive b1tch.

      She disgusted me.

      I understand you have to lie… but when you start swearing on your loved ones.. the ones you actually respect, that does it for me.

      She is probably no different in real life — people can’t act like that just because “it’s a game”… it’s just disgusting.

      • Did anyone mention not only is Shelley a backstabbing, liar who is also a THEIF? Attractive? What? Ewwwwww!!!!

      • I agree she offered herself up that was the problem then she was pissed cause of what position she put herself in, and please Ill take a idiot sweet Jordon over those sleeping eating farting burping fat hanging over their pants loosers in that house

      • Andy…very well said! ALL of your comments! Karma is a bitch and yes, she is very handsome! And in all honesty, if there were more “Koreans” in the world, it would be a much nicer place, including this forum!

    • I wish you haters would keep your nasty, negative comments to yourself! Great! You didn’t like Shelley. That is obvious however, STOP insulting her! However, while we are on the subject let me give you MY opinion!!! Shelley is a very attractive woman! And is probably a wonderful person! She played a great game and I only wish she would have been able to step up her physical game when needed. So PLEASE stfu regarding YOUR opinion of her appearance!

      • Ohh sorry kissa–, oh I mean vtaylor1160. Shelly was up J&J butt so far they couldnt pull her out! She only switched when someone else was hoh and that didnt happened right away.She didnt start play until late in the game. She was just a liar not a game player.Then when she starts to et loud everyone says shes playing. Wow !

      • Oh.. I’m so sorry… Shelly is very handsome and played a worthy game.

        Does that make your internet feelings feel better?

      • If we kept our negative comments to ourselves, this would be a really quiet thread. First, unless your idea of attractive is a bony-kneed, chain smoking, older-then-she-looks, gravely voiced bottom feeder then she was the best looking woman in the game. Finally, if she played a great game, she wouldn’t have turned on her alliance when she did. She’d still be sitting there and you would be able to continue salivating at the TV screen.

      • Who died and made you boss of this site??? Anyone who signs on the line to become a contestant, agrees and knows that they will be scrutinized…Physically and mentally!
        If you don’t like it, scroll down, or don’t post!!! sheesh…..

      • Here’s the problem with the posters of this site:

        A) Few who post ACTUALLY want to talk game, strategy, and not dribble in personal attacks on other posters or the contestants. They usually get shut down and don’t want to bother talking so the original point of the site gets lost.

        B) Some posters will occasionally talk game but then by the end of the post go into personal attacks on the posters or contestants therefore eliminating everything they just said about the game and get sucked into to dribble that surrounds this and EVERY other BB site.

        C) Majority of the posters just want to scream and yell and bully and make every personal attack on anyone who agrees or disagrees with them. They don’t read any posts….just look for ones that disagree with them and attack that person for it. They don’t care what they say because no one can see them so therefore they never said it…..basically be a bully, get away with it, move on to the next day.

        Question is: Which one are you?

      • You forgot type D.

        D) Some people come here to critique other posters comments and try and degrade them which, in turn, makes them feel better about the fact that anything they have to say no one really cares about.

      • If I was as beautiful as Shelly, I would walk, talk, and act like a man too.. Just To Keep The Stalkers Away.

      • @Andy….how was I degrading anyone? I didn’t attack anyone. I pointed out how these boards go and how it ruins the game aspect because people take things way to seriously and instead of talking game people attack people and forget at the end of the day this is a game and that these people don’t (and shouldn’t) affect our daily lives. It’s for entertainment purposes only….unless you are on the show then you are trying to win $500,000

      • Dude I’ll agree that some people are taking their hate for Shelley a little too far (death threats and everything) but how the helll can you find her an attractive woman!? It’s questionable whether she is a woman at all haha.

    • Sorry, but I defitely think Shelly got rid of Jeff to early. There were so many other people to get rid of because with Jeff and Jordan would of protecting Shelly. She also had a horrible social game and in the end no one liked her. A good social game is where people still like you when you get to jury and there is no way Shelly had that; all of her lies caught up to her.

      • I agree. If she’d stuck with Jeff, she’d have gotten to F4, and from then on out, alliances don’t matter.You just have to fight as hard as you can for yourself.

  2. I agree that Shelly played a good game, I just don’t like her for her huypocritical DR sessions where she talks about being such a moral and honest player. Own your devious play! If I were in the jury, I couldn’t vote for anyone who didn’t lie. That is part (best part) of the game. My problem with Shelly is when she keeps saying how honest she is, (in the DR where houseguests can’t hear her). I am so glad she is finally gone! I never thought I would ever say this, but I am actually rooting for Rachel! :(

    • Gina, I agree, but I wondered if Shelly remembered making the deal with B/R, because she kept saying over and over again that she didn’t. I mean she played so many games and lied so much, maybe she just forgot some of the deals she made. I don’t believe she would have kept saying over and over Rachel is a liar and coming to the DR and saying the same thing. Rachel is the only one that deserves to win, and maybe Porsche, Adam and Jordan totally useless. Kalia will be gone this week. Rachel already know what the Veto game will be because she said it yesterday, so I guess she will win. So much for reality tv.

      • There was no actual deal with R&B..Shelly ask R&B if they would be interested in a final 3 with her…R&B “just” listened to what she had to say..There was no agreement..There was no deal..

      • READ THE POST…please…Shelly ask R&B if they would consider being in a final 3 deal with her…Rachel and Brendon “did not” and I repeat “did” not make any kind of final 3 deal with Shelly..They agreed to nothing..When Rachel ratted her out for offering the deal Shelly said it was a lie but Brendon knew that it was not a lie…

      • Where do u get anger in the post?? U ask me a question and I answered it..And if u didn’t read the post why ask me a question??

      • You know why she doesnt remember? She wasnt playing the game! She was just lieing left and right because she didnt know how to play! At first she stayed undet J&J even when they wasnt in hoh! She didnt know nothing.

      • Because when you typed read the post the typed it in capitals, people type like that when they are mad or shouting. I apologize if this is not what you meant.

      • I think Shelly didn’t think that was a deal….I think Rachel thought it was a deal she tried to make. I think what it was is Shelly trying to feel out where she should go and who with…..I don’t think that it was a deal but I can see why B/R thought it was.

      • There couldn’t be any misunderstanding bt R & S bc when Shelly overheard K & S mumble about the deal. S tried to called out the liar and got everybody together. P said it was R told her, but R also told P she didn’t accept the deal. And, in the presence of SPRJJ, R said it right, and she even had told Jordon. So, crystal clear S was lying, and because of that, she called R a liar to cover her trash.

      • So Shelly overheard herself and Kalia? Wow that takes talent. I’m sorry had to point that out. It didn’t make any sense. What I was referring too it the “flashback” they did sitting out side and it was Shelly, Brendon, and Rachel. That is what I am referring too.

      • u don’t sound convinced that I am unhinged..Stick around during a crucial period in the show..Then u may see me get “unhinged”

    • I am with you Gina I have never liked Rachel. I have ALWAYS been a Jeff and Jordan Fan, However Rachel HAS had to fight EVERYDAY in that house just to stay alive! I would love to see her take the 500,000.00 and Jordan win the 50,000.00. Rachel has become an interesting, enjoyable, attractive(without all that crap on her face for bren-an)person to watch.

      • I also think Rachel deserves to win. She has overcome so much more than anyone else in the house. She wins competitions, and makes the show interesting. She is the one you love to hate!

  3. You act like Shelly added so much entertainment to the show? All she did was float her entire way through the game lying every second she could get. She couldn’t handle it in comps or anything and literally provided us with one memorable moment of Jordan going ape shit on her. Shelly should have been sent home way earlier in the game instead of Cassi. She would have never made the final two but would have been an easy pick off right at the end for everyone except Adam because he’s about the same just with a penis, or wait, maybe vagina? Shelly is Sheldon right? Regardless she’s now in the Jury house and will be voting for someone much more deserving of the title.

    • Actually it was her doing the dirty work for Je/Jo that saved Jeff in week 3. Had she not blown the plan……Jeff’s very well could’ve been backdoored. Rachel and Brendon were REALLY considering it and were just waiting to see if there were votes or not. Shelley blew that out of the water and turned the targets onto Daniele, Kalia, and Dom. So Shelly had a big part whether anyone wants to admit it or not

      • I agree with you Le sigh. Shelly was doing all the back and forth work that helped Jeff at the time. I wonder how the game may have played out differently if Shelly had not done that.

      • Everyone loved Shelly when she was working for J/J, once she got Jeff out she suddenly became the worst player, because she started playing for herself.

      • Maybe, maybe not! BR was always talking about putting vet alliance first, even BR feeling kind of insecure. BR might want some alliance. But when Dani pushed too hard to keep Dorm, R started to question Dani’s allegiance to the vets and smelled sth not right. If you had watched the show, Dani even caught BR in the HOH room talking about ditching Dorm before the DD plot of turning Vs the couples dished out. The fact is, in DR Dani did said she would target the “kings & queens” after Dorm off block!

      • Umm Pearl….I do watch the show….hence why I reference specific things in it, flashbacks, and “talks”. If you ever heard there comments to each other they seriously considered it but Shelley came up right away when she heard the plot to get out Jeff and immediately got quiet. Rachel even said her biggest mistake in the game was not keeping quiet about the Jeff plan.

  4. shelly waaaay overplayed her game… at least she played instead of coasting like most of the rest of them…

  5. In that u think Julie showed her dislike for Shelly..Julie made her dislike for Nasty Natty very apparent..That was soooo obivious ..

    • Hey now people leave Julie alone.I think u have to be a cold fish not to hate Shelly and her righteous talk at the beginning. She said she would never vote for her friends J&J. She isnt that kind of person. Their her friends and she will be with them until the end! Blah! Blah! Blah!

    • Julie also made her love for evil Dick, so apparent, she almost wet herself, when talking to him…..(FYI Julie, you married a rich old goat, so try to act
      really in love with him)!!

  6. I was team Shelly from the beginning. I think she played the best SOCIAL game this season. You are right, she lacked in competition, so she made up for it socially. Racheal should take notes. She competes well but her social game stinks. I was sad to see Shelly go. Love her or hate her, give credit where its due…she played a fantastic game to get as far as she did, work people and not really be a floater. Adam is a floater in my opinion. He flip flops to where the power is. Shelly actually played the game.

      • NOT…she is nothing but a lying, backstabbing, Theif with a terrible case of OCD. I’m not surprised she climed, stepped on people, backstabbed people in the real world to get where she is in the real world. I would be asshamed to know her and I think she is discusting. She is NO better than Matt on BB 12 when he tried to use his wife’s illness to get to the end by using “Josie” to try and make people think she is this wonderful mother trying to help her daughter…instead, she made her daughter the laughing stock of all of her friends and as a mom I think shelley is an aweful person for using her daughter…Tony is a grown man and can deal with being used but a little girl…pathetic!!!

    • Shelly gets credit for NOT thinking through her game BEFORE. Her lies & deceit caught up to her and was a detriment to her game. However, the worse price to pay will be AFTER BB is over………..because she has shown the world what kind of a person she really is. One CANNOT get that good at deceit & lying without a LOT of practice, which she has apparently had!! Don’t you think that BB & Julie know that and know that Shelly’s life as she knew it IS OVER??? The cost will be huge, she just doesn’t know it YET. She is untrustworthy……I know, this is a game, but as I said before….she has had a LOT of practice,

      • I highly doubt that her life is over because of her playing a game. If it is then what does that say for this country on people who can’t separate the difference between a game and real life? Not much.

      • Agree with you, and you have to remember nothing in this game happens by coincidence, this is a scripted reality show.

    • Eileen her social game is what got her kicked out! If you want social game then Jordans the one!

      • You mean if you want to watch paint dry, Jordan is the one. She’s done nothing all game, except ride her alliance’s coattails. She’s still riding Rachel’s tail. I have no respect for her “game play” and hope ANYONE wins rather than her.

      • Scott, so true before Jeff protected Jordan now poor Rachel has to worry about herself plus Jordan.

    • Your right Eileen. Shelly is way more phoney than Rachael. Rachael hasn’t had the life experience that Shelly has.

      • Scoot ,sandy,did u listen to the game and watch it or just watch it. Because of j D got outed and it divided the alliance that eventually sent her hom and $he kept R from blowing her game to hell. She did when something. She also had opinions for jeff that somtimes he followed. Shelly did for jeff and jordan untill she started following hohs. She only played when she was pushed too. Stop giving her credit.

    • Social game is one thing, lying would be another. Your wife may ask you if your new dress sexy, your boss may ask you to work OT, you might not like it, but you might just say “yeah..yeah…” We don’t like people lying in reality world, why should we like it in reality show, taking lies as legitimate game play? Shelly didn’t lie, she swear in the name of her husband & daughter, her parents, her integrity, her job, her grandma and her wedding ring…. If it is not too much, what is? After the show, I don’t really feel I hate Shelly bc she is nobody to me. But the lies are really appalling.

      • How do you not expect lying and backstabbing on a gameshow for $500,000 dollars? A game show on CBS is not the real world no matter how much you compare the two. If thats the case I would hate to see what Dr. Will is like as a doctor…with all the lies he told….I would hate to see how he is as a doctor. See how you can’t compare the two? Please separate the two….reality tv is not real.

      • Finally pearl someone who believes in truth. Shelly didnt lie to play the game because she told america she would never do that and she could never go against jeff and jordan because they were her friends. She didnt have them around in the diary room but she lied to us. She a snake

    • Ya think? I think she flipped so many times, she could not remember who her alliance was. Oh, I forgot, her alliance is Tony and Josie. When did they become BB house guests?

  7. You know who Shelly reminds me of? Amber from season 8 although with less crying and more backstabbing. All Amber ever did was cry 5 times a day and swear on her daughters life that all her lies were true. I have no idea how she got so far in the game.

  8. What about America’s sweetheart ? She is just as hypocritical as Shelly. Jordan is following Adam around 24 hrs a day. She is obsessed with them following Dani yet she wants Rachel and Adam to worship her. She had the nerve to say Porsche should not win any more money. Jordan won 500,000 and I guess she forgot Jeff winning 15,000. I did not like shelly but after following Jeff and Jordan around maybe she decided this was America and she had the right to win too.
    After watching Jordan and Adam last night,
    I hope Rachel or Porsche win.

    • George! Do you watch the same show im watching? Jordan hasnt followed anyone around.Trying to find out info is different from following someone around. She came on the show just like everyone else and anyone could have gotten her out. So if shes there in yhe end then she deserves to win! Mainly because them dumb a–es didnt bother to evict her.

    • I think you are watching a different BB than I am. Jordan doesn’t follow anyone around…if anything, she stay’s to herself. I would love for her to win the whole thing again but if Rachel does, that would be fine too. Jordan didn’t make anyone mad in the house…Shelley was mad at herself for what she did to Jordan. She is luky Jordan is the sweet, wonderful young lady that she is…anyone else would have torn into Shelley. Jordan has the best social game play of ANYONE in the house…Go Jordan!

    • I don’t know why no-one sees this but DANI got to Shelly just like she did all of her other puppets. Dani played an excellent game and had she not jumped the gun in the beginning trying to backdoor Jeff way to early IMO Dani would have taken this game without any effort had she just hung in there a little longer to show her whoop ass abilities. But she unleashed her comment about you all are just signing Jeff and Jordans paycheck for the summer and a light went off in Shelly.Too little too late!

      • I don’t feel Dani had run a really good game this season. I do admire her wits and her winning comps, but her craving for the limelight got her voted out. Her devotion for big moves just got her. Even Dorm not voted out, DD might still replace BR as the biggest target. Of course, who knows!

    • dude Adam spent a long time in the purple room with the fortune teller last night and Jordan was no where around. She went and started cleaning the house. Then adam cleaned the kitchen and she went to the bedroom. Then she listened to the rascal flatts cd by herself. WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!?!?!?

  9. Totally agree, I am hoping Rachel and Porsche are there at the end. Jordan and Adam are pathetic as players.

    • Jordan is also the most beautiful person in the house, inside and out and I do realize that people are jealous of her but that’s life…get over it!!!

      • Most of us don’t know Jordan as well as you do. Right or wrong our opinions of her her come from what we see on tv. Some of us like her and some of us don’t.

      • Who cares if she’s pretty to look at or she’s a nice person? Some of us that follow the show actually want someone that’s played the game to win it. Jordan has coasted up until now and had others do the dirty work for her. You cannot even say she got others to do it, because she’s not smart enough or crafty enough for that…she’s just there, sweet yes, but not a master manipulator or great game player.

    • sandi why is jordan pathetic? She has saved rachel from herself.Porshe deserves it cause she got lucky.Hell the girl was froze most of the game. Jordan has a social game! It is no coincidence that jordan is in the same place she was when she won.

  10. Initially, I liked Shelly.

    Initially, I was impressed how she stayed in the middle.

    Initially, I was impressed with how she could smell a rat and get to the facts, take Lawon and Kalia for instance.

    Initially, things looked good for her to be in the finals.

    THEN . . .

    She completely lost it like a raving lunatic or an alcoholic who was Jonesing.

    The woman is a basket case.

  11. if shelly would have been good at competiions she probably would have won the game and be one the best players in the big brother history.

    • So we have two Dans, eh? With two opposing points of view.

      Sounds familiar. Where have I seen this before?

    • Marcus totally agree with you, Jordan is the most boring player. She adds nothing to any conversation. If she wins she should take the money and enroll in school, very sad her vocabulary is at the level of about a 10 year old.

    • I agree Marcus. Jordan barely talked to anyone in the beginning except Jeff. Now at the end she is forcing herself to be social and admits she hates it.

  12. I’ll be honest. I had never thought of it like this until I read this post. I thought that by making the “Jeff move” that she opened all her lies to the world and got caught. When the “two sided” players get caught they go home. That being said, most of these players go home very early so I thought Shelly was playing a good game until she got caught. BUT, the lack of any physical ability as her downfall makes sense now. Had she won a comp or two, Jordan or Rachel would be going and it would be a 4 to 1 game.

  13. I disagree with the comment about Julie’s dislike for Shelly. She was nothing but kind to her and asked the same general questions that she does of previous houseguests. And I agree I think Shelly turned on her alliance to soon. She would of still been in the house and not out at 6th.

    • @Karen, I agree with you. I didn’t think Julie showed any dislike for her at all. I also agree with you that it was too soon. I still say it’s a matter of timing and she showed her hand too soon. I do agree with the idea of not winning anything being a nail in her coffin, but only after she revealed herself to be a lying dude. Oops, meant liar. She turned on her alliance too soon. She should have gotten out one or two players first. Then, it would have been a great move. Instead, it was a premature e-jeff-ulation.

      • Absolutely, JJ always wanted JJSA. So, in any ways, one J got HOH, if S/A could get a veto and kicked out one J, SA can still go to F3, and one of them would go to F2. Honestly, no comp won, the runner-up prize would be the best bet for them.

  14. I found Shelly Boring.. she lied and do you not think people discuss game plans with one another and I was amazed at how conversations seeped through walls.. I had never noticed it before.. Shelly when she was called on her lies started crying and swearing on her husband .. daughters life.. All she proved to me is she is good at Lying and Crying.. Adam won because they let him.I still amd Rooting for Jordan and Rachiel To Win..

  15. Oh and also every season is boring when it gets down to only 5 players left in the game. So it doesn’t really matter who was left it would be boring!

  16. shelly was social misfit. she is a non issue at this point. i agree about racheal winning bb 13. she would deserve it,if she made it to the finals. all others boring and useless bb back drops.

  17. Yeah, and if pigs had wings, they would would fly…Shelly is a horrible person, inside and out. I agree that you just don’t sink to that level over night. That girl has had some practice. So glad she’s gone. Only wish we had “live feeds” in her house when she gets home and realizes what a fool she looked like.

  18. There is nothing wrong with women taking a trip down memory lane and comparing notes about their prom. We all recall fond memories of our school days. I don’t think Rachel and Jordan are boring at all. I hope Rachel wins because she is really fighting and has been fighting from the beginning. So what if she had crying spells, whining spells, etc. She is tough and when she needs to be she is a fighter in the comps. Everyone in BB whines and they cry, etc. It is obvious you have a bias against Rachel but she is a winner to me and I hope she does win BB. I don’t think BB is fixed for Rachel to win. As for Shelly, everyone has their own way they think they should play the game. After all, it is a game and I don’t feel I can say personally how Shelly is in the outside world. Once you are in that house, you won’t get anywhere by sitting around not doing anything; but, maybe you will–look at Adam! Adam has come pretty far for not doing much of anything. Go Rachel!

    • I agree! Say what you want about Rachel but she’s played as awesome game this season. She’s won when she’s needed to win and I think has definitely proven herself as a much better person than she was portrayed last season which I’m glad. Yes she’s over the top and yes, can be catty. But this season has proven Rachel to be a good person. I loved seeing her there for Jordan right after Jeff was eliminated. I hope she takes home the win this season.

  19. I was not a Shelly fan at first but I agree she played BB like it should be played with risks, lying when you need to etc…its nothing personal nor does it reflect who you are outside of the house you do what you have to in order to get to the end..she played good socially her inability to win comps is the reason she is in jury

  20. Well, appears you are one of the tiny few in America,
    maybe the world that likes Shelly. You’re the weirdo, not Julie and the rest of us. Shelly is by far the most disturbing HG ever to cross the threshold of the BB House. NO SHE IS NOT A GOOD PLAYER. You can not bring person things into the game. People have moral and standards and there are lines they just do not cross, Shelly crossed them all, daily. Her preachy attitude about integrity when she clearly had none, her offering Jeff a six figure income to keep her safe, taking Rachel’s dog and her refusal to return it even when Rachel begged, her wish that Rachel fall down the stairs and miscarry when Rachel thought she was pregnant, her phoney promise on a phoney ring….and on an on. She lied when there was no reason to lie. Why? Because more than likely this is how she climbed the corporate ladder. This is why the country is enraged against her, it was a disgusting display of cruel and manipulative behavior. Anyone can just throw away eveything they have ever been taught in how to behave in society and grab and claw your way to the end of the game, Evel Dick did that, it takes no effort. The game was meant to negotiate and finesse your way through with some comps thrown in for fun. Jordan and Rachel together have played the perfect duo, Jordan has a strong social game that few can beat, Rachel has a strong physical game and with her there are few that can beat her in comps. Because they are so excellent in their areas, they really lack in the other, but together I think they will be unstoppable. Few people get that about BB. Dr Will was perfect in both, that’s why he has become the gold standard. He played an excellent social game and was good in comps. When Dr Will lied he did so about game things…”yes I’ll vote your way” he was awesome! Dr will is how the game should be played, not how Shelly and Evel Dick played it…that’s just ugly…and a cop out.

  21. Shelly’s not a bad person by any means. In this game at some point or another of course you’re going to have to lie to someone. Big deal. Shelly’s screw up was her constant lying – about things that made no sense. She definitely overplayed her game. To see people thinking she deserves to have made it to the end is ridiculous. Shelly wasn’t a coaster. A coaster is someone who doesn’t have an alliance to anyone and pretty much coasts to the end without anyone else noticing. Shelly’s a floater, just like Adam. They are on whichever side the power is on and that’s how it’s going to be.

    • I think she should’ve made it to the end……but only because she is “hated” by the other HG’s. Why not bring her to the end and then bring up all of her lies and how she played everyone. I know its all about gameplay but everyone votes personally….very few vote based on gameplay. I would’ve taken her to the end and be completely shocked if she won.

  22. I agree that Shelly’s undoing was her lack of ability to win any comps. But I don’t think any
    player in thie “game” deserves to be so horribly trashed by anyone unless they were playing the
    game with that person and undergoing the daily stresses each player endures while the game is in
    As for the “I am such an honest player”, I did not
    like the inability to admit when she wasn’t honest.
    However, Jordan has done the same thing over and
    over and is never critisized. It seems many just
    overlook anything that Jordan does that is unattractive and this season I have seen another
    Jordan playing this game. I was such a fan her first season, but I won’t be ever again. If Shelly
    is to be accused and found guilty, then so should
    Jordan. Everyone has lied in this game. None are
    free of taint from their lies. But that is just my
    opinion and not worth any more than anyone else’s.

    • I dissagree with your assesment of Jordan 100%. She has the best social game and she doesn’t make it a point to backstab people and jump for one alliance to another. She is extremely loyal and I for one think she deserves to win…again :)

      • i agree that Jordan was loyal from beginning to end. That is the absolute opposite of a floater.

      • Floaters are more of people who haven’t done anythign in the game. Everyone has alliences in the game, no matter what. Floaters are people that float on by in the competition by doing nothing. Which is exactly what Jordan does. She hasn’t done a thing with mentioning in any of her seasons, besides sitting back while Jeff carries her.

      • Being a floater is not about winning competitions or not winning them. Floaters are people who float back in forth from alliance to alliance depending on who is in the power at the time.
        No way anyone could ever say Jordan does that.
        She is not a floater.

      • Beign a floater is about sitting back and letting other play. Jordan doesn’t do anything in the game. At all. She allows Jeff and now Rahcel to fight her battles for her. As forth mentioned, everyone has alliance. It doesn’t matter how loyal you are to them if you just float by in the game without doing anything.

      • Sorry, Lola, but JohnnyD is correct. The term “Floater” in Big Brother means moving from power to power. Changing sides when it best benefits them rather than sticking to your alliance through thick and thin.

        Jordan has always been w/ the Vets. That’s not floating.

        Porsche was with Rachel for the first several weeks when she had power. Then Daniele and Kalia came in to power and she jumped over to them. That’s floating.

      • Your analysis is flawed if you think Porsche is still a floater, Matt. She changed sides definitely, but so did Dani. Porsche is no longer a floater, because she’s now in opposition to Rachel/Jordan. The only floater left in this game is Adam.

      • The termonolgy is incorect, but it still doesn’t debunk what I’ve been saying about Jordan being a useless player.

    • Um could you please let us know what it is you think jordan did tht she should be criticized for?
      Cause i haven’t seen or heard her do anything even close to what shelly did.

      • There’s a few things that taint your “pure” image of Jordan. She suggested she be put up against Brendon to make sure he was voted out, a direct betrayal of her alliance, but apparently only Dani or Shelly can be criticized for that. Her and Jeff lied straight to Dani’s face on two separate occasions about a truce, yet who cares it was Dani right?

        That’s the problem with you Jordan crazies, you love to point and scream about others lying and backstabbing, but refuse to admit your precious duo has done the exact same when they had to. Personally, I don’t care, I just don’t like hypocrisy. Admit they lie and backstab too, and I have no problem with it.

      • Scott, She volunteered herself to go on the block against Brendon because if she didn’t Jeff would have been the replacement nominee and he could have gone home. If she hadn’t volunteered herself and JEff had gone on the block you would be here posting about how she betrayed her alliance with Jeff by not volunteering. Choosing between two people who are in your alliance is not betraying your alliance.

        And yes she most certainly did lie to Dani because at that point Dani had already betrayed their alliance by trying to have Jeff backdoored. Dani was an idiot if she believe a word they said at that point. No one ever cliamed she hasn’t lied. If Dani had not betrayed them they would not have lied to her.

        That’s the problem with you Dani crazies, you love to point and scream about others lying and backstabbing but refuse to admit your precious Dani brought that on herself by betraying the alliance first. Personally i don’t care i just don’t like hypocrisy. Admit Dani drew the first blood and i have no problem with it

      • No, she chose to go up against Brendon because it would insure he went home. Go watch it again, she suggested it for that reason. If she was going to stay true to her alliance she could have refused to go along with anything and make Dani go against what she’d already said about nominated Jeff/Jordan. She chose to go up because otherwise, Brendon would stay. She betrayed him.

        As far as your rewording of my last paragraph, good work. However, unlike you, I have no problem admitting that Dani brought everything that befell her on herself. She did set herself up as the foil to the vets and thank god she did, because otherwise this game would have been easy to predict. Now, that you got a Dani fan to admit she started it all, go watch your precious little couple lie, backstab, yell, and coattail their way to where they got. Just don’t have the guts to admit they’re like everyone else in that house, because we all know after all; Jordan/Jeff are the second coming right? lmao

      • Brendon was found questionable,which was true and Dani was untrustworthy herself. So lieing and trying to make it against those people dont count. SCOTT!

    • @Sherry I agree with you. I loved Jordan her season as well as Jeff. Not this season at all. They both played a very different game this season. Her season Jordan was sweet and social. IMO not this season.

      • Gail you have to be kidding me! They started working as soon as they got there.Jeff hasnt been mean either except when he got upset when his friends screwed him.

    • yes they ALL have lied but Shelly did somethings in the house that had nothing to do with the game like stealing, hopeing Rachel would loose her baby (when they thougt she was preg.) and makeing fun of people with disabilities so sorry i dont think you can compare her to Jordan.

  23. Shelly’s game went wrong when she began to think that she was smarter and more manipulative than the rest of her fellow houseguests. She felt that she could talk herself out of any situation she found herself in, and in doing so make her opposition look like a fool. She never fully understood that over time the strategy would backfire on her, and it did.

    • Jammer, you are right about her. She lied her way right off the BB show. Something odd and scary about her thinking process and a little twisted…

  24. My biggest problem with Shelly, among many, she brought a fake replica ring into the house? For what purpose? To try and get votes from people?Lyling is one thing, but that is just sick, twisted crap !!! I think this lady has many, many issues !!!

  25. Just prior to the comp Rachel could relate a “lie” to KALIA .. example>> telling her that Porsche wanted a final 2 deal..then go tell Porsche the same thing with Kalia wanting the final 2 deal..Rachel needs to shake them up prior to the comp so that their mind is not completly on the business at hand..

  26. All this talk about Shellys lies,Matt from last year told one of the worst and he is now commenting on here,so doesnt seem like such a big deal one year later.Maybe we will have Shelly next year.A new trend get the biggest liars to work for the site.

      • Not me.

        Just goes to show that some nasty ppl end up beong “loved”.

        Not sure how that works but it does.

      • The BIG difference with Matt is…. he did NOT go into the DR spewing the lie. He told America he was lying unlike Shelly telling us over and over how she doesn’t lie qnd plays with integrity!

    • I thought Matt’s lie last year was bad until the dispicable Shelly came along. She always talks about how much she loves her daughter…look what she is teaching her. Actions speak louder than words. She can say whatever she wants to her daughter, but what she is really teaching her is that all integrity can go out the window when money is involved.

  27. omg…Rachel & Jordon are talking about the extra HG…Jordon is the one that brought it to Rachel’s attention..Finally they see the issue..

  28. I just read on a previous comment from Sept.2 that Adam told Porche about using the veto,although he told Rach he wont.Does he really think he will win,why now.That would mean Jordon would go.Gues she does have something to worry about and thats why she keeps following him around,keeping an eye on him.

    • A is telling P Veto BS he is keeping P in line as he may need her.He will not win the veto and once again he keeps his hands clean and still has P

    • jordan isnt following adam! Jordan has been called a floater! People say she hasnt done anything to win,which I dont agree with. But when she tries to talk they say she is following adam. You pepole cant make your mind up.

  29. I don’t think Adam will even try very hard to win
    the veto because he doesn’t want both sides to see
    he is aligned with both sides. To win he would have
    to make a decision and come off the coattails of
    everyone in the house. He will let one of the others win and take the risks. Even if he has to be
    put up for a replacement, he feels safe that the
    other one on the block will go.

    • No, Jeff is for sure. For both of his seasons he bullied women and by the time he was kicked out he was walking around like he owned the place. Shelly just lied.

      • Jeff definitely gets the crown as the biggest bully. I don’t think any guest past or present could top him.

  30. I am reposting this here as on the last post people were wondering how this week would work. This is what Julie Chen said – just copied it from the live show on Thursday.

    “I will be back Wed. for a Special Eviction Episode where the final 4 will be decided, then on Thursday at 9:00 another HG will be sent packing leaving the final 3 to battle for the most important HOH of the season. It will happen live next Thursday.”

    • That doesn’t include tomorrow where we will see the regular show showing what happened this week since last Thursday’s live show.

      • @ellablue I have no idea I just went to my DVR and copied down what Julie said. She only mentioned the final 3 playing for the most important and final HOH of the season on Thursday. Maybe Matt knows. Sorry, I couldn’t help more.

  31. Can people like seriously stop with the hate filled comments? Not liking someone is FINE but when you use every single nasty word in your [often times limited] vocabulary to describe someone, it jsut makes YOU look petty and immature. You don’t like someone? That’s fine. I don’t like a lot of the house guests, but I don’t go throwing around such cruel and hateful words. No matter what anyone says, this is only a GAME, and these are real feeling people. No one deserves the kind of treatment that’s being thrown around. It’s disgusting how nasty Big Brother fans can get.

    • Acknowledging them, promotes them.

      Also, calling out trolls is . . . trolling.

      Buggers exist on the net. Fact.

      Some of those buggers wouldn’t behave that way if they were facing you in person. Fact.

      The best we can do is carry on despite those buggers.

      In the name of carrying on:

      GO JOCHEL!

      • Excuses. Saying that trolls are trolls and will always be out there does not make the behavior acceptable. It’s not trolling to state that we should please be civil to each other.

        By allowing this sort of behavior to go on we are promoting unnessary hatrage. We’re allowing people to believe that it’s okay to dehuminize people because of their choices in a game, and that’s completely unacceptable.

  32. Your blogs are soooooo lame…so biased….so much hatred for jejo and’ve never posted one good thing about them. All you do is talk about them and insinuate when the direct bashing doesn’t fit. Shelly was whack, her whole game was whack…Rachel called her out weeks ago..but hey! No credit there right?

    • Probabaly because they aren’t any good qualities about those four. They’ve alreayd had a chance to win this game, they shouldn’t have abnother. Jeff and Jordan aren’t the wonderful sweethearts that CBS wants you to believe they are. They don’t have good gameplay. And, like it or not, Shelly did have an excellent social game. She lied more than anyone else in the house, and it took this long for her to be called out on it and voted off. That was spectacular. Just about anyone else would have been caught in the first month.

      Rachel may have called Shelly on things, but Jeff and Jordan didn’t do anything because they were still beleiving what she was saying. Which either reinforces her skill, or shows how dumb they are [probabaly more of the latter].

      And a note on bias, of course his blogs are biased. Everything you’ll ever read is bias to some degree or another. It’s just a fact. If you ever took any sort of higher level wiring or journalism class, this is the first lesson you would have learned.

      • Good post MickeyL. The whole concept of giving them another chance was wrong from the beginning. It they wanted to give them another chance bring them back as All Stars and then see just how long they would last. If they won in an All Star game then I would applaud them.

      • Thank you my dear. =] A show should never bring back old players unless it’s for an All-Star season because it’s unfair to the new players. They shouldn’t have to go up against expierenced compeditors.

        Survior does the same thing nowadays and it’s just as frustrating.

      • Thank you MickeyL. I am a Survivor fan also and agree it’s not fair. At least Survivor only brings back two.

        BB brought 6 back in the beginning before ED left. That was way to many.

        Maybe it’s a CBS thing. lol

    • It’s a blog. Do you even understand what that means? Of course there’s bias, because his opinion is showcased in the post. Just like the visitors of this site have to sift through your biased comments every time you post. No real difference.

      Well, except the obvious, ie that Brendan is at least articulate and doesn’t believe three periods mean anything…or…do…they…?

      • I wasn’t talking to you, MickeyL. That’s why my comment is on the same indent as yours, I was replying to vet fan.

  33. I think everyone has missed the main reason Shelly messed up her game and it comes down to one thing in my opinion. Jealousy! When she felt like Jeff and Jordan were gonna keep Rachael safe over her, she changed her game plan. She truly has a dislike for Rachael and if you remember the night she went in to talk to Jordan she as much said she didn’t like feeling left out to Rachael. She truly felt like it was her that saved Rachael and felt like Rachael didn’t give her the credit. But if jealously had not come into play Shelly would have come in 2nd or 4th not 6th! So Shelly made her own bed! As far as Dani goes, she has to go down as B B dumbest player ever! Had she been as smart as she thought she was, she would have won the game. But her hormones came into play like the last time, and she couldn’t control her lust for Dom! She wanted Cassie out because she didn’t want to have any competition! Jordan has the best social game in BB history because no one can pull it off like she does! And some of it has rubbed off on Rachael! I would love to see Rachel win and Jordan come in 2nd! And last year with the bro-gade was the most boring season ever when it came to the final 4! People knew the first week who was gonna win last year! So Go Rachael and Jordan!

    • It wasn’t jealously that caused Shelly to turn on her alliance, it was that she felt like Rachel was a liar. She thought that Rachel had made up their final-whatever deal and when it looked like Jeff and Jordan were starting to doubt her, Shelly finalyl turned on them first.

      • Apparently, you don’t watch BBAD, because when Jordan and Shelly talked in the room, she told Jordan as much. So she may have felt that Racheal was all that, but she moved way too soon to make it to the final two!

      • MickeyL I agree, but Rachel and Jordan fans will never see it, and I watch BBAD and have the live feeds with flashback. Regardless, Shelly provided J/J and Brenchel with information from the other side that helped them stay in the game. Starting back in week 3. If she had not done that none of them may be in the game right now. Why do you think Jeff kept her as long as he did? For information. IMO

      • Agreed. Shelly was basically loyal to Jeff and Jordan untill she flipped and chose to vote him out. She saved Jeff week three, and even though she played the entire house she was trying to get information to farther THEM in the game. America’s so-called sweethearts wouldn’t have lasted as long as they had without her.

    • No, I don’t watch Big Brother After Dark because I have more to my life than Big Brother. Still isn’t wasn’t jeasously but frustration that lead to the initial freakout. It’s odvious if you watched the episode. Shelly might have tried saying it was jeaslosuy to try for a better apology.

    • And LOL. I just read the rest of your block paragraph post. The enter button is your friend.

      Dani is an incrediably smart player, a lot smarter than Jordan. You’ll never see Dani having an intense converstation over how to pronouce a word. Dani made bold moves in the games and won a lot of competions. Jordan jsut sat back, looked pretty, and allowed for Jeff and now Rachel to carry her.

  34. It is very apparent that the author of “Where Shaelley’s Game Went Wrong” obviously has an issue with Julie Chen, I do not think Julie treated Shelley any differently other then any other evicted house guests.
    I mean, really? Julie has less then 2 minutes to interview each person, so of course she is going to ask the most direct questions as possible that answers the biggest questions.
    Also remember, that in the allotted interview time, they also have to fit in the taped goodbyes from the HGs
    I think Shelley played a very badly performed back stabbing game,lied and lied and lied some more
    A person who does not routinely lie would not be able to pull it off so easily in a game,so it makes you wonder hmmmmmmmmmm,
    I mean, one of her lies included her saying she would donate the money to St Judes. How low can you go??

  35. No shelly’s game did not go wrong with her not being able to win a comp its because she played the game to fast and her social game couldn’t keep up. If you think about it if she woukd have never traded on jeff n jordan she still might have been in this game.she did the same thing danielle did but just a lot later. The thing that she should’ve learned to do was to succesfully trade on your alliance and make it. Yes she would’ve made it further if she won a comp but she didn’t which if her social game was as good as bbn makes it out to b that shouldn’t had been a problem.

  36. Definitely agree. Shelly is the only member of this cast that should be brought back for All Stars. There were some really annoying things about Shelly; she believed she wasn’t a liar and she was too conservative for my taste, but I loved watching her lie and manipulate people. If she comes back, she has to really step her performance up in competitions.

    • Clayton.
      Surely your comment was tongue in cheek, Shelley “Should be the only All Star”? L0L, The All Stars have had some sort of game, yes some were liars and manipulators but none were as big of liars and truly hurtful.
      Shelley has absolutely No game to think BB would want her back, 1)It is evident her social game is non-existent and now she has been on any future cast willbe on to her from the get go, as she will never have a chance to prove she can be trusted ( she showed she can’t)
      She does not have a mind game as far as memory,estimating and she 100% has no physical game.
      BB/CBS I doubt will touch her with a ten foot pole with the death threats to her family, they would be foolish to set themselves up with any suvch nonsense in the future
      As long as they do not bring Jessie back either, then I am good!

  37. @flyonthewall…. You really need to post more. When I get here late I look for You or Matt(BBN) and read back from there. That is usually enough to get me completely caught up.
    Not because I always agree with either of you, but following posters that are on topic makes catching up so easy. I would be wiling to bet that I am not the only one.

  38. Ok author of Where did Shelly’s game go wrong. It is quite apparent you don’t know what you are taking about. Shelly did go wrong by voting jeff out so early.She could have made it to the final 3 and she had a chance to make it to final 2,even though it would have been a slim chance,because of her lack of comp skills. Anything happens when you get to final 3.When she turned on JJ,did she not think the other girls would just get rid of her. If you turn on someone,they would think well she would turn on us too. So she had no chance when she voted out jeff.Everyone saw that,but evidently you didn’t,Author.Julie was just stating the obvious too.She saw what we saw and understood.So don’t say America was wrong in thinking that.Sounds like you need to learn how the mind thinks.

  39. Big Brother is one of my favorite shows along with Survivor. I think it would be great to have a season with the the shows most notorious players competing against each other. Can you picture Evil Dick and Russell on the same show !!!! WOW

    • I would absolutely LOVE that.

      I like Evel Dick.

      I did not like Russell — at first, then I fell in love with the guy!

      I was disappointed that he went so soon laswt season, but his traitor team got what they deserved. Voting him out was their big mistake.

      Evel Dick, Russel, Rachel, Brendon, Jeff, Jordan and Coach — oh my gawd, I cannot stand Coach — and what was the black girl’s name that went so far one season and was out quickly the next?

      Let’s put them all on Big Brother with immunity idols and no electricity. LOL

  40. Let’s be honest. Nobody since Dr. Will and Boogie has played the perfect ‘social game’. Who can forget their phony calls in the DR after they knocked someone else off? And with smiles on their faces. If you cannot play the tough social game without breaking down into tears everytime you step on someone, don’t even try.

    • I have never liked Rachel because she is mostly annoying well all the time actually but she is playing a good game and she does need the money Shelly didn’t but that is not what it is about it is about who plays the best game as Shelly did play a good social game until..she crossed the line like Matt to me..maybe wrong might would do the same for half million but think I would have handled the deception a little smoother as not to tick off all America, and clients in her business who could trust her after this it is ok to lie in a game but she went above and beyond the call of duty of game play she actually at one point swore on god, and her family then turned to the camera and laughed about how she was manipulating Rachel and Jordon that is just wrong in my world sorry not a goodie two shoes but that is as close to evil as anyone who has ever played BB

      • While I might be thinking of a different instance, I’m pretty sure the diary room entry they showed after Shelly’s chat with Jordan and Rachel went down like this:

        – In the diary room, Shelly talks about how she’ll tell Rachel and Jordan absolutely anything to “stay in the game”
        – The camera cuts away from the diary room, and you hear Shelly saying “I would never take those two to the final two with me” (or something close to that).
        – Your inference is that “those two” were Rachel and Jordan, but the camera had cut away, so you can’t be sure that Shelly even said those words in that diary room visit — I believe the producers spliced in those words from a *different* diary room entry, and they had to cut the camera way because Shelly would have looked different (cloths, hairstyle, etc.)

        Don’t believe everything you see on Big Brother. As others have discussed here, it is clearly edited together (and even rigged in some cases) to provide for maximum drama, since the drama is what will keep viewers comin back.

    • Big brother has turned into wrestling, staged. Yah that’s right production does what they want. The right the ending now. Shelly had it squared away. After she turned and voted and completely turned the game by herself for the newbies, production turned the game back for the second time this season setting up the veterans to win the money. The first they fucked with the game was when they Said America voted brendon back in the game. What a bunch of shit. Nobody wanted brendon back after the way he treated people. They were dictators telling everyone what to so, say and think. Last season I wanted beendon and Rachel to win because they were the underdogs, fighting by themselves for a cause. But this season they turned into everything that made me lobe them last season. They were the biggest bullies and plane nasty. Back to the point. The point is that America wanted dominic back, the underdog this year with his partner Daniele so they could turn the house and the newbies favor. That is what this seasons theme was right? Veterans against the newbies? So that wa the first time production fixed the game, with shelly and the duo twist for a week was the second te production fixed the game. What is it with big brother they don’t want a black person winning big brother? Kailua should have been final 3. How come they always wnt the all American white girl to win. I don’t even know I’d it is worth watching big neither anymore since the ago is fixed now. Big brother is suppose to a game, a competition not a fixed show like wrestling or jersey shore. No fun I agree.

      • I voted for Brendon to come back, as did my whole family. I knew if he won, it would provide another week of entertainment. Everyone there has their OWN mind and could vote any way they wanted. The vets did not hold a gun to there head and say that they had to vote a certain way.
        In Daniele season, I cheered Dick and her all the way. They were my favorites the whole time.this season, Daniele thought she was all that. Her father got her through the game last time. And speaking of Dick, everyone thought he and Daniele bullied their way to the final 2. So there is no difference this season with the Vets.

      • I would have liked for Kalia to win BB13 too. After she won her first HOH I cried tears of joy for her. I was just as happy as she was. But the sad fact is Kalia has no idea how to play the big brother game or the game of life, period. She has no inner voice directing her. Most people have the ability to read others, she apparently did not develop this skill. There is no voice of common sense speaking to her. You cannot talk about your strategy to everyone in the house. People only share their secrets with an alliance or a friend. It seems she is use to sharing everything with everyone. This is a definite flaw and has been her downfall. Kalia has been her own worst enemy in this game.

        I cant see her being taken off the block by Adam because she have brunt so many bridges no one trust her .. maybe Portia, but she cant help her this wk. She lasted a long time but I think it ends Wednesday.

      • It is blatantly obvious to me that most people voted Brendon back in, not because they liked him, but because at the time it looked like Rachel was going to be evicted and everyone thought it would be uber entertaining to watch Brenchel have to battle it out between the two of them. Furthermore,Shelly’s game fell apart not when she lied, but when she got caught lying and refused to come clean like the others did when they got busted. Shelly is like the wife that has an affair and rather than admit it and apologize, she actually tries to convince her spouse it was his fault….THINK about it guys.

      • I voted for Brendon 10 times every time I could! And everyone I know did the same thing so Adam, you are wrong, AMERICA did want Brendon back! Every poll I saw had Brendon in the lead. Check your facts before you said what we (AMERICA) want!

  41. My reality tv show would be similar to BB, but no have nots and no block. They would compete for the Luxury Room (HOH) and losers would have to do crappy jobs ie. the toilet, dishes, etc.. All exits are voluntary. It would go on until the second to the last person quits. I would call it BQ – Big Quitter.

    • On a more serious note… BB would not get so boring toward the end if the hg’s were evicted from the game, but not the house. They could still stir up trouble.

  42. If Shelly’s game play is considered the best social game, then maybe I should watch a different show next season. I didn’t like Dani’s play and yet, I did have to hand it to her about how she worked the house. Shelley also worked the house, but there was just something really bad and wrong about what she did. Her way was too painful for the two people who trusted her most, especially Jordan. I am glad Shelly is gone, but only wish she left much sooner so she would not be in the jury.

      • I think Shelly deserves the social player of BB 13..She fliped,floped, played every player,waited on every one of them hand & foot and laughed and enjoyed them all.Until the nice little girl in a womens body went off her rocker when her free ride Jeff,was booted out. Other HG took pity on her and booted Shelly..Shelly played one Darn good game..just saying

      • The reason I dislike Shelley so much is because she acted so self-righteous and then ended up lying and backstabbing and proving how deceitful she is. I have no problem with people like Dr. Will, Danielle, Rachel etc… who admit that they lie to get what they want, but Shelley tried to come across as so loyal and honest. Also, what is the point of having alliances if you end up turning on them while there are still so a number of non-alliance people still in the house?

  43. Lets be honest, shelly (despite winning absolute nothing) outlasted brendon, daniele, and jeff. Some of BB’s smartest/strongest competetors. Was she perfect? The same answer to are you? No. Nobody is. So what if she ‘backstabbed’ jeff? Someone had to. Theres no way she’ll win america’s vote – but who knows? Maybe she’ll win a spot in the next all star season?

    All we can say is shelly’s done more than the majority of us on this site. -she’s actually played* big brother.

    *playing as in both sides and a social game.

    • No one said she was perfect or that we were. Just stating the obvious that she had a far better chance staying with jj and getting to final 3 and at least having a chance.The way she did it cut her throat right after she voted jeff out.

  44. Branden, you are way off base on this one. Shelly’s play was horrible and she deserved to be dissed by Julie. Will and Boogie wrote the book on how to play the backstab game successfully and their key was that they were always loyal to each other. Dick and Danielle, same thing. If everyone in the house sees you as a backstabber and you do not have a loyal partner, you are not going to go home with half a million. Shelly’s best move was to stick with her original alliance, hope that she was left around because she was not seen as a threat and get lucky in the final comps. Boring, maybe, but a far sounder strategy in the end.

    • No Julie should not put her personal feelings of who she likes and doesn’t like on the game. She is the host and should be neutral.

      • This is not like a real sports event, its entertainment. Julie is free to have her opinions if it makes for more interesting tv. If anything, she needs to do more of that, like Probst on Survivor. She didn’t get the name Chenbot for no reason.

      • Julie can have her opinions….but she shouldn’t make it clear her like or dislike of a contestant. I mean if she wants to have her opinions…cool….but why wait 13 seasons to start showing her opinions? Remain a neutral and leave the like/dislike of contestants to the home viewer. There is a HUGE difference between sporting event homers and reality game show homers. Thats apples and oranges.

  45. They are saying that the hg’s are playing a secret game and the results will be on the tv show. Does that mean we won’t know who won or is this what all the live feeds say when they are playing a comp?

  46. Shelly’s game went wrong when people started catching on to the fact that she was playing all sides. The straw that broke the camels back, so to speak, was when she openly voted out Jeff and chose sides. Then she tried to insult Jordan and Rachel’s intelligence by telling them she was only thinking that she had to put her alliance/family first, then turning around and swearing to do the opposite. Of course, showing the fake ring and offering it up for collateral was beyond insulting, and really desperate. Sure, everyone lies to each other in the game, but not in the DR. Not Shelly. I liked her game too. She played aggresssively and got caught up in her own lies. Oh yeah, they weren’t talking about the prom, they were talking about the shopping yesterday and it led to them talking about prom DRESSES, all the different ones they wore to proms and different formal occasions.

    • I agree with everything you wrote except your opinion about her game play (that you liked). I hated her game. I found her to be a dirty player, playing and lying to everyone’s face with the rhetoric that she was honest and had integrity…including her DR sessions of lies to America. I’m glad that her dirty little game became obvious. If she was so good, she’d still be in the house.

  47. 1. I totally disagree that Shelly had great game.

    2. Rachel and Jordan thought the veto would be “OTEV”.

    3. Rachel needs to start counting jury votes, when deciding who to evict. She will have three votes if Kalia is evicted, Jeff and Shelly. She only needs four. Adam is wild but may follow Jeff. Porche should be in the final three with a deal from Rachel, hoping for her vote and her encouraging Dani and Adam to vote for her.

  48. Scott, Jordan volunteered herself to go on the block against Brendon because if she didn’t Jeff would have been the replacement nominee and he could have gone home. If she hadn’t volunteered herself and JEff had gone on the block you would be here posting about how she betrayed her alliance with Jeff by not volunteering. Damned if she did and damned if she didn’t in your eyes. Choosing between two people who are in your alliance is not betraying your alliance.

    And yes she most certainly did lie to Dani because at that point Dani had already betrayed their alliance by trying to have Jeff backdoored. Dani was an idiot if she believe a word they said at that point. No one ever cliamed she hasn’t lied. If Dani had not betrayed them they would not have lied to her.

    That’s the problem with you Dani crazies, you love to point and scream about others lying and backstabbing but refuse to admit your precious Dani brought that on herself by betraying the alliance first. Personally i don’t care i just don’t like hypocrisy. Admit Dani drew the first blood and i have no problem with it

  49. J&R are concerned that he will make a deal with P.
    Finally maybe some drama will return to the BB13 house/LF!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thank goodness, would be nice if the players would do the unexpected. The game is so boring and predictable.

    • he doesnt win anything all season and HE WINS THIS ONE????? gimme a break….. cbs WE ARE NOT that stupid….

  50. Strange that my reaction to this article is a mix of both agreement and disagreement. I understand there’s little time left in this game, but I still think Shelly made her move too early. It’s an unusual circumstance to say ‘too early’ with two weeks left, but in this case (also as this article mentioned) Shelly would’ve been better off finding some intestinal fortitude somewhere in that smoker’s body and won something, especially once her lies started pouring out rapidly. I maintain that Shelly wouldn’t be gone if Jeff was still in the game, as he would’ve been a vote for her, and so would Jordan have been, who voted to evict Shelly. The right move would’ve been to play it out longer until others were removed, and then again, actually win something with 3-4 players remaining, and make her move then if she was so adamant getting Jeff out was the only way to the prize. This article forgets to remember that Shelly first planned the turn-around by siding with Daniele, but had she been successful, could she have beaten Daniele anymore than she could’ve beaten Jeff, competition-wise? We all know the answer to that, and Shelly didn’t have trust from Daniele to play off of.

    • But who is to say she would’ve won anything? Maybe thats why she made the move because she knew she wouldn’t win anything and take the chance now. Why leave it for another 2 weeks and it never show up again and then bash her for being stupid and not getting Jeff out when she had the chance? If a chance comes up you have to take it.

  51. Kalia asking adam if he will use the POV on her or Porshe…he is saying he has 2 days to think about it..(he is smiling like the cat that ate the canary! lol)…She is drilling him hard reminding him that he and K had a final 2 deal..and he is saying why didnt you vote to keep me last week??

  52. Dam these people..I do not lie to u I swear I do not lie to u..and they lie again..Kalia is asking Adam to use POV on her with Porsche listening..These are 2 crappy bitches..seriously…

  53. Adam & Kalia are having a somewhat heated conversation.
    He does not look like a happy peson for having finally won on his own.
    He will maybe begin to play the game and forget about being liked by others!
    He looks rather stressed.

  54. I hope Adam doesnt use that Veto.. He’s got to think that P n K together are more dangerous then j n R. Also he must think that if he uses it n Jordan is evicted he will not get JJ vote at the end. So I don’t think he will use it. Besides he has a f2 deal with J..

      • flyonthewall..

        its true he has had a deal with every1 but he has been loyal to JJ for the whole season. so i doubt that he will use the veto.. However its BB n all bets r off.

      • but J & R saved him, (they voted out S and K voted for him to go), I think he’ll stay with JR and keep’em the same, that way he won’t have to pick between the 2 of’em

  55. kalia adam convo (cont)K:is it because people found out about our final 2, that makes you question me
    A:and you didn’t vote fore me to stay
    K:bc I thought it didn’t matter, not because i wanted you gone
    A:well then why didn’t you vote for me
    K:bc I promised shelly my vote

    K:I didn’t know you were that me at me
    A:*shrugs it off*

      • Kalia’s problem is she is just a stupid player. She didn’t understand why Shelly was talking only to J&R last week, and she didn’t realize that by casting her vote to evict Adam she was making a fool of herself to the entire viewing audience! Shelly just dissed her on national TV and she vote to keep her – why???

        And now Kalia is just becoming aware of how much her vote ‘hurt’ Adam’s feelings. She just doesn’t get that she is a HUGE pawn, just doing what she thinks others want her to do and never thinking on her own with her (huge) gut.

        She also said that she voted to keep Shelly because that’s what Rachel told her they were going to do, and K wanted to go along with R and J because she is a sheep!

        Then BAM. They vote S out and there sits K not even knowing that she’s been used again! I love that K thinks she’s ‘been busting her butt’ as a serious competitor on this show. She is pure comedy! P though is dull and lifeless and reads in that awful monotone voice!

  56. It is great to see J&R worried. At this point BB13 has been boring and no one has really played a winning game.
    Lets hope last two weeks gets up to a game playing event.

  57. just a thought if he uses the veto n safes p J goes up n when it comes to voting P votes J out n A returns the favor to K by voting her out. Guess wat we have a tie n R get to break it by sending K packing.. just food for thought

  58. Shelly’s game went wrong when Porsche opened Pandora’s Box. Grodner felt she needed to calm those Jordeff fans down, so she ensured Shelly would be on the block.

  59. 3:42 PM A tells Jot that is he wins HOH and veto next week, he tells Jor that he will give her power to decide who stays or gos NT

    3:45 PM Jor tels Adam that if it is her, Adam and Porsche in F3, she is def taking him. A/J talking jury votes in HOH NT

      • Uh, stabbing R in the back? The hypothetical was that if it was J, A and P in the final three. If she saved A, how would that be stabbing R in the back?

  60. So you never really said where Shelly’s game went wrong. Unless you’re saying it was when Porsche opened Pandora’s Box which is dumb. Anyway Shelly’s game went wrong when she tried to get Rachel to keep Dani which was a ridiculous proposition to try and undertake. If she didn’t tell Rachel Jeff threw the cornhole POV Rachel never would’ve went to Jeff which started the ball rolling in exposing Shelly’s deceptions. Dani ended up going home anyway so it didn’t help her there. And she still could’ve voted Jeff out anyway but in secret without all the drama and would’ve had a good shot at pinning it on Adam.

    PS Why would BBAD be anymore interesting if Shelly was still in the house?

  61. If she’d have been the ”best” social player she wouldnt’ve been caught. Actually, a lot of people suspected of her so it was just a matter of time until she was exposed. And she was. So yeah, not really deserving of a ”best social player” title. In my opinion. Oh, and i really didnt see Julie as hateful towards Shelly, at all.

  62. MEMO to the author:

    That IS exactly where Shelly’s game went wrong (screwing over Jeff).

    However, all too soon.

  63. I didn’t like Shelly at all from the start. She kept tearfully saying how she had to make this decision for her family; the problem with that is: she had no shot at winning because of her deceitful play; so it really wasn’t going to benefit her family anyway. Just sayin…
    I don’t want it to sound like I don’t like deceitful play (Loved Will & Boogie), but they were up front and told people “of course I’m going to lie to you”, they never professed to be anything they weren’t. Shelly would not only lie in the game but in the DR too; I’m watching her attach Rachel and then she does it to the camera in the DR – I’m like “Hello stupid; you know we have been watching”. Her own daughter said that she needed to to stop lying so much.

  64. am i the only one finding BBAD….boring! all they do is eat, talk ,and sum smoke. this is showtime 2 most weakest sunmmer airing ever! as for game play i could care less who gets evicted and who win…let the snooze fess be over already.
    maybe we all should audition for big brother 14, i think the people on here would make much hgs…lol

  65. shelly played this game the best! Its not about friendship its about how to get to the end to win the game.Clearly she had to position her self where ever it looked good. Jeff is so revengeful its scary, Jordan has to watch out.As to Rachel she is crazy God bless brendon he needs all the blessing in the world to make a commitment to her.There is no man on earth who could keep up with that woman, thats a fulltime job.

  66. Agreed. I really dislike Shelly for a majority of the season because of her holier-than-thou mentality. However, I really have to hand it to her. I probably would have voted for her in the end because she was involved in every major power shift in the house due to her manipulations. Plus, people knew she was playing all sides and STILL kept her in the loop. It takes a special talent to be seen as non threatening when you’ve done so much damage.

  67. I watch the BB after dark & I’m almost 100% I’m right on this fact but just in case I”ll ask the world out here lol. When someone win the POV & uses it to save someone else.Isn’t it true that same person can be on the block if the HOH choose so? I ask this cuz K told Adumb he couldn’t go on the block if he saved her….. I think she is wrong. Go RACHEL.

    • Kalia is correct. If you are not on the block and you use the Veto to save someone, you can not be the renom. Otherwise, very few would use the Veto because it would just open them up to danger.

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