Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Week 9 Friday Highlights

Big Brother 13 had a busy day on Friday what with nominations and, oh, just making dreams come true for one appletini-sipping, 90210-watching, metal fan. (One of these things is not like the others…) Pandora’s Box struck again but the wake left behind didn’t rock the house in the same way as it did the week before, though it did enough to leave the last male frolicking in the Storage room.

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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – September 2, 2011:

8:50 AM BBT – Jordan relaying to Rachel her late night discussion with Adam. Adam was offended by Kalia’s vote against him, especially after Shelly’s speech.

10:40 AM BBT – HGs told to get dressed and ready. Live Feeds go to Trivia.

11:50 AM BBT – Live Feeds return. HGs have piles of new clothes. Rachel was trapped in HoH with Jessie. Other HGs got to meet Tori Spelling and get free clothes. Pandora’s Box struck again.

12:30 PM BBT – HGs still excitedly discussing the events and getting to meet Tori.

12:57 PM BBT – Adam goes to the Storage room so he can dance around in celebration. Not kidding.

2:20 PM BBT – Porsche talks game with Rachel. Porsche is throwing Kalia under the bus and driving all over her.

4:00 PM BBT – Rachel, Jordan, and Adam talking game. Their target is Kalia, but if Kalia wins Veto then Porsche is going to Jury.

4:15 PM BBT – Adam warns Kalia and Porsche they’ll be nominated. He tells them he’d save one of them if he won the Veto to force Jordan up on the block, but is he lying to the Newbies?

5:30 PM BBT – Live Feeds return. Kalia and Porsche have been nominated.

7:00 PM BBT – Adam takes a turn poking around at the Fortune Teller machine. Big Brother yells at him to stop it.

11:50 PM BBT – Jordan and Adam talking game. Jordan is worried Adam has a deal with Porsche. Adam promises he won’t screw her over.

The HGs are sweating the upcoming Veto competition on Saturday and they still have no idea someone will be evicted early next week. We’ll keep watching to find out who wins the Veto today and whether or not that will bring a big change to the nominations.

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  1. First, does anyone know how this week will play out? Not who goes, but as far as Wednesdays eviction. Is it live? Did Julie say there will an eviction or that a HG will be leaving?
    Second, please, for the love of it all…I wish people would get over the rigging crap. We have heard all the points for and against. It’s gotten old.
    Third, just from MY perspective, because in no way am I a rule maker here, if you want your point to be heard..keep it short and sweet. Not many people read the loooonnggg posts.
    In conclusion…to all my fellow BB fans.. have a great weekend!!! I am gonna miss all of this when its over!!!

  2. Above it says that Adam told Kalia&Porshe that if he wins the veto,he will save one of them.The only reason he told them that is in hopes that they will let him win the veto.I don’t believe Adam will try to go after JORATCHEL till next week.But if that is the case,it could work for Jordan and Rachel,because as they said”know one knows about the early next week evection yet.Go Rachel,and win the big prize.Then i would like to see Jordan get America’s choice.

    • If Adam uses the veto on either K or P then he has to be STUPID. Because if J and R because of Adam’s backstabbng both end up in Jury they control the votes and that means that Adam would of screwed himself out of any chance of winning the $500,000. ADAM is an Idiot if he does that!

      • using the veto would be the best thing to do for adam. then the 3 newbies will face off at the next hoh competition and try to get rachel out next. The only way he could win is to go to the final with any of the newbies… but i don’t think he has the balls to make big move. he doesn’t deserve to be in the house… such a boring player. if everybody is playing save for like adam, i think that this show would be very sleepy.

      • @Sheri, R&J should let Adam know now,that if either or both of them get evicted because of him. They would make sure he didnt win the money.

      • Well said Ashanti!!! I think Jordan would be great on shows like bachelor, but not big brother. Big Brother edits her romance and her cute side… but I don’t care I want people who can win challenges and make big move. Otherwise it would be too predictable for viewers.

    • If Adam wins and uses the veto Jordan will probably go home and if he decides to save K or P he will likely vote with the other to send her to the jury house. He has to make a move sometime or nobody will vote for him if he makes the final two. I hope he stays in the background and doesn’t win the next veto comp because even if P or K win it and he goes on the block R & J will save him.

  3. For people who dont think Jordan should win. Rachel wouldnt be there right now if Jordan hadnt kept her from losing it.Dani &Shelly wouldnt be where their at either if they had listened to her! Lol! She is the one who told Jeff to call out Dani. She might not have won much,but a social game she has had. She deserves it more than A,K,P. And its alright to go for someone good people!

    • Right on J&J Alltheway!! I agree that Jordan has played a great social game. She has been involved in the game, just not up front like some of the others who won more competitions. She has warned others about consequences and everryone should think back to how she supported/encouraged Rachel to pull herself together ……otherwise she would have been evicted long before JH!!!! Don’t sell her short, she has abilities that many refuse to accept or recognize. Jordan & Rachael F2!!

    • Come on B 4 REAL!!! Jordan should not win. She already has, let some 1 else win. It really funny how when Porche used pandora box it was bad. SHOCKER!!! But when Rachel used it, it was a lux??? WOW C…B…B!!!

      • The fact that Jordan has already won should have no bearing on winning again. The decision should be made on how she has played this time. Some love her game play, some hate it, some say she has none…but fact is she is still IN the house unlike some others. I don’t think the Jury members…also known as the votes that count…will base it on the fact she has already won. Time will tell.

      • So, Jordan shouldn’t win just because she has won before? In that case, for example, no professional sports team should ever get to play in their playoffs once they have won before either right? That (in my opinion) is the stupidest reasoning I have heard. And if people really don’t want her to win AGAIN then when it comes to F2 they shouldn’t vote for her to win.

      • Here we go with the rigging of the game again Keisha!!!! Jordan does deserve to win! Who says u have to be a a— and a cry baby and a nut to win Or evil heartless piece of crap like D to win this game? If Jordan makes it to the end she deserves to win!

      • The producers changed the order of the 2 last competitions in order for rachel to win the veto and made the show more interesting. Everybody on earth knows that Rachel would win the hoh comp before it started. It would probably be Porshe if she participated but the producer can’t let her win if it was the veto instead. The parachute comp does not look like a veto comp and the donut comp does not look like a hoh comp. The producers want Jordan to win since she’s america’s sweetheart.

      • @Jojo – How do you know they switched the comps? Also, addressing the veto comp, Porsche did very well in the first hoh comp, and most everyone said they threw the first hoh comp. So what proof do you have that this is true?

    • I agree jordan has played a great social Game, but to say rachel is only there because jordan held her down…is absoltuely absurd.

    • I want Rachel to win. If it wasn’t for her she and Jordan would have gone to the jury house immediately after Jeff. She got Jordan calmed down after Jeff’s eviction then won the veto and HOH and is pulling Jordan along with her whether she wants to go or not.

  4. For people who dont think Jordan should win. Rachel wouldnt be there right now if Jordan hadnt kept her from losing it.Dani &Shelly wouldnt be where their at either if they had listened to her! Lol! She is the one who told Jeff to call out Dani. She might not have won much,but a social game she has had. She deserves it more than A,K,P.

  5. OKAY….post above says that R/J/A know about the Wednesday eviction…How do they know?? I say again Adam better hope he don’t win “this” VETO and that Porsche is the one to evict this week..She is a bigger threat in playing mind games with Adam than Kalia…I understand the strengths and weaknesses of both…But the bond Adam and Porsche have is a bigger threat than a questions comp that Kalia might win..

    • Who said they know about it? I wrote they had no idea about it.

      HGs have mentioned they’re wondering about an extra eviction to get rid of the additional HG, but they don’t know it’s happening Wednesday (it’ll actually be Tues, but shown on Wed).

      • That’s what I post above says that they know..SOOO they are just now realizing that they have an extra HG??

      • Ahh, gotcha. Yeah, I don’t think they know.

        I guess it’s easy to lose track of where things are in the game. I know I had to go back and compare numbers to past seasons to be sure they had an extra vs previous seasons.

      • Well, in theory, yes, but here comes the stinker. Last time they shut down the feeds for a day to protect the secret. No word yet on if that will happen again. Keep your fingers crossed.

    • Rachel has said it to jordan..this much I know, she didn’t say it for sure, but she said there has to be a fast foward or. Dbl eviction this week cause we still have 2 many players

  6. Rachel is so stupid for even thinking about taking Jordan 2 the end. Hell nobody should want to take her 2 the final 2?? They just need 2 go ahead and give her the money.

    • Find it hard to believe that any group of people would award Jordan the big prize again.It’s just not human nature. As Jordan likes to say, Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.”

      • When Jordon makes it to the end that’s exactly why she will when cuz shame on them for being fooled twice! Fooled Enough for her to get to finals. That’s their faults so she deserves to win! Yea!

      • Some of us viewers do NOT like backstabbing, which is why we like Jordan. She is sweet & has a good social game and really tries to help and point out what could happen. She has been thinking things through, which many HG have not done. I have no problem with her winning, however, if she & Rachel make it to F2, the jury might vote for
        Rachel. Anyway, (my opinion) no one else deserves to get to F2 other than them!

      • What Jordan has going for her is she is well liked by everyone. In contrast, Rachel with her conflicts with Danielle will not get Danielle’s vote as well as her puppets, Shelly, Kalia, Porsche if they are in the jury house. Adam would probably vote for Jordan too because he is close to Jeff.
        Rachel’s best bet if she manages to get to final 2 is to take Adam. The contrast would be huge and Rachel might get one of the Danielle puppets to peel off and vote for her. If not, she still gets $50,000 for her efforts.

    • I dont think so Keisha.I am a Jordan fan but I dont think that anyone but Jeff will vote for Jordan to win. Unless Rachel is evicted by someone other than Jordan.

  7. Um, at least Jordan did win HOH once this season, which is more than what we can say for Adam and Shelly….and she has a better social game, so I wouldn’t mind seeing her win. and Kalia, well I just hope karma bites her in the arse ;) Too bad most of the females played the game out of 1) emotions or 2) “its what Dani would have wanted”…..

  8. Why is it when I use the flashback tool to go back to the times you have listed none of the same stuff shows up?

    Your times showed are the times on the flashback tool right?

  9. 10:00 a.m. BBT — Jordan said she did not know who David Hasselhoff was when he came in to the house. Wasn’t she the one that guessed Hasselhoff before he came in? Please, correct me if I am wrong.

  10. @Matt BBN is there a problem with the site? I keep getting kicked off and a message saying that there was a problem with the site. Anyone else with live feeds having this problem?

  11. @Matt~

    Pretty funny that the pictures above show all the HGs happy, moving around, actively engaged . . .

    except Porche and Kalia. ZZZzzzz

  12. This whole game was rigged by production to make sure adam would make it to this point in the game and see tori spelling. Anytime someone like dani posed any kind of risk to adam production would throw a twist in to get rid of those people. Now that the ultimate goal has been achieved nothing else in the show really matters to anyone

    • @JohnnyD~

      You’re whacked, man, to think it was about Adam and Tori Spelling.

      The TRUTH is

      They wanted to help Porche with her wardrobe and give Kalia incentive to fit into a new wardrobe.

      It was all in the name of public service, dude.

  13. I have no desire as a true fan of BB to watch Adam Kalia and Porsche be the final 3 players of the season..That would be a slap in the face to ALL PREVIOUS HG’S (winners & losers) that were ever on the show..

    • I was just thinking about that
      There is no way that I can bear watching if they are final 3
      CBS will have even lower ratings then last year boring final 3

  14. Any idea on when they will play the veto comp? Just trying to plan my “college football – beer drinking – BB watching day.”

  15. Call me crazy, but……first-I think adam will not even try to win, he doesn’t want that kind of decision. Second- I think todays veto will definitely be OTEV…I honestly hope kalia wins, because I want porsche gone..but I will still be happy if jordan or rachel wins…third- I think the fortune teller has no special power she’s passing out, I think someime in the next couple days she will spit out a card, probably after rre-noms..letting them know 2 people will be evicted this week. I don’t think there will be anymore HOH’s besiides the final comp…I’m thinking it will definitely be the picture morphing comp and whoever has the slowest time, goes home…I dk I’m probably wrong, but this is just my though

    • I think Rachel and Jordan should take out Porsche to make sure Adam does not double cross them. They should have more faith in their ability to win questions against Kalia…they are psyching themselves out about her….she is the new one, the pressure will be all on her if Porsche is gone…and Adam does not care much for Kalia so he would be more willing to “stay” with Rachel and Jordan if Porsche was gone

    • I agree that Adam will not try that way his hands are clean with either side
      I am trying yo remember what Julie Chen said on thursday her exact words do u remember?

      • @ doni..I agree 100% that is why I want porsche gone..I think porsche stands a good chance(nott as good as rachel) in the final. HOH as long as she does well in the questions round….which you can get lucky in, and I agree aboout kalia, I think kalia has gotten lucky in the questions twice, even she has said she had. In rachels 2nd HOH this season, she won that questions game, whereas kalia was actually the very first one knocked out. Rachel was really good at questions last year too, I agree they’re psyching themselves out. Also, the final HOH is skill endurance and questions..I think. They stand a huge chance against kalia.

        @ ella…to my recelection and I’m not positive cause I’m at work right now, so I can’t rewatch..but julie said tune in Wednesday for a special eviction episode(don’t remember if she said live or not) then she said tune in Thursday, where another hg will be sent packing and the final HOH comp will be held. That is why I don’t think there will be another fastfoward week. They usually say double eviction episode if it was…how can it be a fastfoward if one goes weds, the other goes Thursday? Or maybe they just play the other 2w comps I dk anymore lol…

      • Thats what I thought People here are saying they will tape the show on Tuesday and air it on Wednsday
        So my question is on Wed is it one of Rachel nom going home? It has 2 right?

  16. trying to decide on votes:

    Adam V Rachel
    Rachel: Brendon, Jeff, Jordan, Dani
    Adam: Porsche, Kalia, Shelly

    Jordan V Rachel:
    Rachel: Brendon, Dani, Porsche
    Jordan: Jeff, Shelly, Kalia, Adam

    Porsche V Rachel:
    Rachel: Brendon, Jeff, Jordan, Adam
    Porsche: Kalia, Dani, Shelly

    Adam V Jordan:
    Adam: Porsche (she already won so should not again)
    Jordan: Everyone else

    Porsche V Jordan:
    Porsche: Kalia, Dani
    Jordan: Everyone else

    • Alright here goes mine…(you forgot kalia btw lol)

      Rachel vs jordan-
      Rachel-everyone else, because they think she played a good game.

      Rachel vs Adam-
      Rachel-everyone, because adam did nothing all season.
      Adam-no one, same reason.

      Rachel vs porsche-

      Rachel vs kalia-

      I’m just doing rachel because I want her to win…I thin the only chance she has to lose against someone in F2 is porsche…but you never know. Note* I think dani will vote for kalia or porsche no matter what if one of them are in F2…because she will say she “coached them, and they learned so well and played the game well”

      • @ finale night kalia and porsche will have had a few weeks without danis manipulation and will be able to make their own decision..and they don’t know who’s in the F2 until right then and there they do not get to discuss the voting out loud..have you ever watched BB?

      • have you ever seen big brother? every season besides the last two the jury members had at least a week before finale night to decide who they want to vote for.

      • I truly believe Shelly’s one truth she spoke all summer was that she would NEVER vote for Rachel. So she wouldn’t. I left out Kalia cuz it would be a shame if that woman won for eating and sleeping and TALKING endlessly all summer and playing for Dani. Kalia – would not beat Jordan or Rachel..IMO.

      • @ animal…no they don’t there are 3 in the finale..whoever wins the final HOH makes their decision right then and there..they walk out the door to juulie and all of the other jury members…they have a seat on the jury and the hear what final 2 have to say..then they all vote..why do you think there’s 3 in the finale? Why do youuu think the last 2 were like that? Because that is how it is now… do you think they just did it twice for fun and now they’re switching back?

  17. I think the fortune teller will predict another houseguest’s departure this week. That is all. Nothing impressive.

  18. I don’t care if Adam using the POV to save Porsche or Kalia is a bad move, I just want him TO DO SOMETHING!

    • I dont think he can
      is to preoccupied with making people mad and jury votes so he does nothing hoping that nothing will get him somewere

  19. If Adam back stabs R & J and pulls either K or P off the block it’s a bad move. Remember the last two HG that felt they had to “do something” and make a move…Dani & Shelly? Where are they now? That’s right, say it with me, Jury House…Nope. I say, “Adam, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Although it would kill me to see such a non competitor win, he’s in a great spot no matter what happens. Go Jordan or Rachel! (can’t believe I’m rooting for ‘crazy’ to win but she’s really kicked butt)

    • non competetor all rachel has won as many as adam 4 for both do you people even watch REALLY NOW no hoh yes but FOUR VETOS

  20. Did I miss something? I did not get BB on my coast (west)until , like 1:27am…? Thursday.
    Now, the last I saw was the donut comp. Who won that…Anyone?
    I did not see the After Dark show either…AARRGGHH.
    Any tips would be appreciated!

    • Rachel won it. Noms are P/K

      They had Pandora’s box.. Rach opened it and spent time with Jessie whil rest of HGs met Tori Spelling and had a luxury comp for clothes.

    • I don’t understand people who do this.
      All the info is right there in the articles posted on this website and summarized on wikipedia and similar websites. Just go look at those posts to find out. You clearly have an internet connection so what gives?

  21. THANKS!
    You mean she(Rachel) won the veto AND the HOH?(Donut comp) Opened Pandora’s box again and spent time with Jessie, the ???body builder from the previous shows?
    WOW. Thank you Becky.
    IS there a twist? They all get clothes except Rachel?

    • They were all able to choose clothes with the exception of Rach. But, I think the other HGs got her some as well.

  22. For those that asked this is what Julie Chen said about the upcoming week.

    “I will be back Wed. for a Special Eviction Episode where the final 4 will be decided, then on Thursday at 9:00 another HG will be sent packing leaving the final 3 to battle for the most important HOH of the season. It will happen live next Thursday.”

  23. I think the eviction for this round will happen either Monday or Tuesday to show on Wednesday and the HOH will be on there as well. Therefore, Thursday live show will be only the eviction of that round to the final 3 and then an endurance comp of the final 3 that will take us out of THursday show.

    • I’m not so sure doni. Julie said she will be back on Wednesday this indicates that it will be live on Wednesday.

  24. Ok, so I really what to know if it just Kalia and/or Porsche fans that are crying about production interfering in the game? In my opinion, it is just absurd. IF you think the game is rigged, do you have actual facts?

  25. they all play the game i think that kalia play a great game .rachel play great game but she was whinny child most of the time whenever she win its ok but when she lose she gets all rude. these two couples was looking out for themself, why mad with the other guest for fighting or what they want to

  26. sack up adam take K off vote J out deal withP and K backdoor rachel and you will win its common sense got a brain dude USE IT NOW if you wait your toast

    • @Mizboots: On one hand, I get what your saying but let stop and think for a minute. If Adam does go against Jordan and Rachel and uses the POV, then there will be hell to pay. As much as I want to see Adam make a move, its too late now and it would not benefit him. Here’s why: Assuming Jordan goes home b/c of Adam and in Rachel soon follows… Adam looses all the vet’s votes(Rachel,Jordan, Jeff, Brandon and Daniele). Daniele would never vote for him and the other vets would vote personal. That’s why its safer for him to not use the POV.

  27. Yes does anyone know who got the veto ? I’am hoping Rachel gets to final 2 She does deserve it so much. Yes she cried and suck but Shelly was a big cry baby Jordon cried, Kaylia cried, So Rachel isn’t the only pain in the behide

  28. OK reread some of the stuff know who got veto now You are right mizboots except don’t backdoor Rachel shes the player on there You got to admit that for sure

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