Big Brother 13: Where Daniele and Jeff’s games went wrong

In the most exciting week yet in the Big Brother 13 house, we saw two veteran houseguests exit in a special double eviction episode. Jeff and the vets finally got their revenge on Daniele, sending her packing first. Then the newbies honored their fallen queen (Daniele) by sending Jeff out the door behind her.

So now it’s time for me to analyze how the evicted houseguest(s) game(s) went wrong. Which means it’s time for you super fans to tell me how stupid I am and how you want me dead and can’t believe I’m allowed to write about this show. I think I’ve been watching too much Rachel. Anyway, let me get on with it.


We all know where Daniele’s game went wrong. She jumped the gun WAY too early by leaving her alliance with the other veterans and working to get out the one person she knew she could never beat – Jeff. And while she may have acted too early, her reasons for wanting Jeff gone were 100 percent true. America loves Jeff and half the house love(ed) Jeff. I’m pretty sure Adam has a Jeff tattoo somewhere under all that hair. So Daniele’s reasons were there, but again, she moved too quickly.

She told Julie during her exit interview that she made the move early on because she got bored. And I believe that had a lot to do with it. She was a strong player sitting back holding a golden key watching everyone else play the game she loves.

Daniele could have made it to the final two (again) had she just waited a couple weeks to make her big move. And in the meantime, maybe Adam could’ve been sent back to New Jersey to watch the Live Feeds with a box of tissues on hand.

She also could have rebuilt her game had she convinced Brendon and Rachel to work with her (at least for a little while). But we all know Brendon and Rachel are way too paranoid to trust anyone other than each other. So Daniele took her only other option and that was to work with Kalia and Porsche. That worked for about a week or so, but in the end all she accomplished was training Kalia and Porsche to get closer to the prize money.


I’m not one of those rabid “Big Jeff” fans, so when I say this, I want no accusations made about me: Jeff’s game never really went wrong. He played a pretty solid game and stuck to his guns. But it’s obvious the houseguests (minus) Adam just didn’t want Jeff and Jordan to win more money or get more airtime from CBS. They’ve had enough of JeJo and hopefully America will eventually have enough, too. That is after we all award Jeff the fan favorite at the finale and send them our first-borns.

I do think Jeff could have lasted longer had he not been working with Brendon and Rachel. I think there was a pretty easy chance for him and Jordan to re-team with Daniele, which would have put Kalia on his side along with his already-built army of Adam and Shelly. Sure he couldn’t trust Daniele beyond the evictions of Brendon and Rachel, but two weeks are better than nothing.

Maybe he just think he played the dignity card a little too much. Sure, America loves a good strong man’s man with muscles and Christian values, but winning $500,000 is more important than what this stupid country thinks. Just ask Shelly.

What are your thoughts?



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  1. Dani was in the best position in this game! She could have won this game so easy! But like she said, she got bored and wanted to make a big move or something desperate i guess.

  2. Jeff’s game went wrong when he lost the veto because he through his shoe out the ball pit. We wouldn’t be here talking about him if he wouldn’t have attacked the ball pit.

    • I just did not understand why he threw his balls out in handfuls and not sift threw it. I was yelling at him that his show was on the ground. Yes, His mistake was like Danny’s she didn’t win the VETO and neither did he.

      • “Jeff’s and Jorden’s ” game went bad when they left Rachel hang with them all week calling each other Friend …it was Thank you friend ..your welcome friend…Shelly saw that they were using her and and made her move (good for her)it wasn’t a stab in the back it was a game move just like Jeff likes to throw out there….

  3. I feel bad for Jeff cuz he played so solid… Not so behind the back as the rest and always a strong competitor. I feel bad that Jordan was so close to that HoH since she now blames herself for the eviction. And Shelly?! Really? I’m so disappointed in her I could scream. What a b!

    • I don’t feel bad for Jeff he pretty much threw comps and had everyone kissing his butt. It was true about some of the newbies who were just coasting and kissing ass. Shelley was the only newbie with any guts and she played both sides to bad she can’t win any comps. Danielle clearly outplayed Jeff and if Rachel had a brain she would have went with Danielle instead of the brainless Jordan who also has done nothing.

      • Danielle did not outplay Jeff she left the game before he did.
        Rachel used her brain and stayed loyal to someone who stayed loyal to her and didn’t trust someone who had already backstabbed her more than once.

      • What show r u watching? Not only did jeff win the same amount of comps (with him throwing a couple & we know dani didn’t)but he won more money than dani. If u call bashing,scheming, lying,& hiding stuff game then yeah she beat him in that area. As far as brainless jordan goes she has won bb b4. It don’t matter how she done it, she done it! So that dani shrine u have is all for nothing cause her gameplay this year cost her a lot of fans-starting here!

      • Jeff is sitting pretty in the jury house with at least $15,000.00.
        How much prize money did Dani win this year?

      • @jennifer, you really cant compare their comp wins. Jeff was in every comp of season except the last HoH where he was evicted. Dani was only in a few.

      • I wonder how many Jeff would have won if Dani could have played for the 4 weeks she couldn’t….

      • Well seeing as how he didn’t win any HOH’s or POV’s during the four week time fame you are talking about I am going to say zero.

  4. I feel bad for Jeff cuz he played so solid… Not so behind the back as the rest and always a strong competitor. I feel bad that Jordan was so close to that HoH since she now blames herself for the eviction. And Shelly?! Really? I’m so disappointed in her I could scream. What a disappointment she turn out to be!

  5. Finally! A commentary that’s not nasty and personal. I agree with your analysis except that Dani will be America’s favorite (hopefully) because Jeff based his game on intimidation.

    • Exactly. People say Jeff is a bully, and then his defenders say that he’s not, he’s just playing the game the way everyone else does. No he doesn’t. He tries to intimidate people. And that is a huge turn-off. And anyone who watches the live feeds knows he’s not the nice guy that all the cat ladies think he is.

      • As much as we may not like it, intimidation IS a form of strategy and can be quite effective…that is precisely how Evel Dick won BB8!

      • @Isaiah

        Intimidation wasn’t Jeff’s strategy, that was his personality. Not once did Jeff say in the DR “I’m gonna scare the shit out of these newbies!” he played the game straight and happened to be an ass along the way.

    • When should I flash back to on the live feeds to see jeff threaten someone with physical violence?
      Why didn’t production step in and stop jeff from threatening someone’s physical well being?
      Which houseguests exactly was jeff going to physically hurt if they didn’t do what he told them?

      • I agree Dani should be the fan favorite. Jeff bullied everyone and sweet little Joran (LOL) sure had a bad mouth for Shelley. She was playing the game and had to make a move or she would have handed Jeff and Jordan the money.
        Jeff did not play this game with honesty he threw a veto and didn’t win some comps and threatened anyone who went against him and his longtime girlfriend.

      • Girls can be bullies too and in my opnion that’s just what Dani was. There’s really no difference between them except for gender.

        I don’t think Dani will win America’s favorite player because che looked a lot like a spoiled, petulant child at the end.

  6. I agree about Dani moving a bit too soon. She was sitting pretty right in the middles. Maybe she should have waited just a little longer to see if any newbs would step up and start a war and pick off a couple of the other vets first. Another bad move for her was putting too much of her plan out there. I really think Brenchel would have went along with it if Shelly hadnt got word and told JJ. Jeff would have been gone then.
    IMO, both Dani and Jeff are in jury for pretty much the same reasons. Their competitiveness and cockiness. Another reason is that they placed too much trust in a stranger playing for $500K.

    • I agree, Jeff AND Daniele let their egos get in the way of their game play. I’m a fan of both of them but I feel that people are hating on Jeff for his cockiness and ignoring the fact that Daniele walked around the house like she was the best player of all time too, and she wasn’t so nice either. It’s unfortunate that the 3 strongest players are now sitting in the jury house.

  7. The America’s Choice will probably go to Jeff but I sure hope it doesn’t. I think that vote should go to someone who didn’t neccesarily play well but was a genuinely nice person. Jeff wasn’t an all too nice person. Especially after his obviously homophobic rant. I can’t give money to someone for being “our favorite” when he or she makes hate remarks that were clearly serious and not joking about a specific group of people. Using my logic I’d vote for Jordan for the money but because she goes out with Jeff, I have to reconsider my vote. I’m actually considering Lawon now. He played probably the absolute worst game in history but he was a genuinely nice person. My favorite player of the season was Danielle but she was mean often so I’m certainly not voting for her. I’m leaning towards Lawon now. Any other suggestions?

    • Ditto johnny! Ditto! And lurker r u gay? If so then great but I am gay and I have been w my partner for 18 years and neither of us were offended. He has a right to believe what he believes and I think that is true with all people. If a person is gay and says that someone doesn’t have the rights to their own beliefs then they sure don’t have the right to be gay. I’m just saying………

      • I hope Jeff and Jordan Don’t get The America’s Choice. Why do people like them so much, will someone please explain this to me. Jeff is mean and Jordan has already won.

  8. Jeff turned into a big bully & got what he deserved, his ego got in the way of his game. Nearly everyone picks on Shelly, calling her a man,etc. I can’t see that. She’s playing a game & you can’t please everyone with how you play it. I must say I was surprised at Jordon’s “F” bombs but understand she’s under pressure. That sounded more like Rachel than Jordon. I can’t say I really like anyone enough to care who wins BB13. However, I think Porsche has been laying low & is now coming out (which a lot of supposed floaters do). She & Kalia just might be the final 2 IMHO.

    • I 100% agree in that I no longer care who wins. Rachel is the best in the house now obviously, but I’d rather her not win for what I’d also consider obvious reasons. In order of who Id like to see to who wouldn’t like to see win I’m going with Porsche, Rachel, Kalia, Shelly, Adam, Jordan. Had this been Jordan’s first season shed be ahead of Porsche, but I have an issue when veteran players from any show are mixed with new players. (i.e. Survivor Fans vs Favorites) I don’t see it as fair so I do not want Jordan to win (who has already won) over anybody.

      • Lurker, I so agree with you! I do no like when veterans are mixed with new players. Just not fair due to the experience. Keith had it right all along. The newbies should have banded together and get the vets all out. Of the 6 players remaining, I would vote for Porsche to win. She has played all along and got beat by Jeff, a stronger player. As for integrity, there is none in these reality shows, so we need to shelve that idea…the nature of BB and Survivor calls for lies…hello. Jeff, the intimidator, need to quit about playing with dignity. He did have a deal with Dani. I watched it. Jordan has also been quietly backtalking others. Look how J/J badmouthed and laughed at their most loyal ally, Adam, the moron, who has no game. Kalia talks too much. Most times I can’t understand what she is saying as her mouth is filled with food..and Shelly, she has played the game how she thinks she should play it…lay low and cover all sides with lies. She just was not good at it like some of the others and got caught! Dani is my vote for America’s player!! Not Jeff with his foul mouth and F-bombs!!

      • blakkapea
        Dani had already tried to backdoor jeff once and he had no reason to remain loyal to her he was just telling her anything she wanted to hear at that point and if she believed him in any way she is a sucker plain and simple.

    • I agree. Jeff is a big bully! Go Kalia & Porsche. Dani has my vote for America’s favorite player.

      • Kinda hard to call Jeff a bully when Kalia and Porsche are sitting around the house dishing out uncalled for remarks to Rachel. At least Jeff used intimidation as part of his game play, unlike the other two who bully others to entertain themselves? Make up for their insecurities? Seems kinda low to me.

      • Like Jordan and Rachel are the perfect angels, whining, sulking. Can’t take too much more of either of them. Jordan is not the sweet little thing everyone thinks she is and Rachel has no game without Brendon. As far as I am concern both of these women should learn to stand on their own. And Rachel’s comment about Porsche being jealous of her was ridiculous. Why would anyone be jealous of her dysfunctional relationship with Brendon?

      • Jaulez
        Jordan did plenty of standing on her own when jeff went out on day 61 and she went on all the way to win season 11

      • This deal that dani fans keep referring to was not a deal. Dani had no power, the noms,veto & veto meeting already happened! Besides after talking to jeff&jordan she went straight upstairs & told kalia to win hoh & get rid of jeff. She & her fans r upset because she didn’t fool jejo & beat her to it! To not vote 4 jeff for america’s favorite because of what he said & the F word is stupid. I guess bashing,lying, stealing, & threatening is so much better than the F word. But who am I 2 judge? Whatever gets u through the day huh? As for me & my family..we will vote 4 jeff. We all make mistakes, but not commandments(stealing,lying) lol

    • JJ2 I agree with you. I also think that if Shelly makes it through this coming week she may well be in the final three.

    • When should I flash back to on the live feeds to see jeff threaten someone with physical violence?
      Why didn’t production step in and stop jeff from threatening someone’s physical well being?
      Which houseguests exactly was jeff going to physically hurt if they didn’t do what he told them?

    • congrats to blakkapea for being a real winner! are you for real you’d want a baby killing porcsha to win! i hope you dont eber have or plan to have kids! She’s a horrible player and an even worse person.

    • JJ’s played exactly how they did on BB11 with Jordan riding Jeff’s coattails the entire time. How she won is beyond me because she is the biggest floater I have ever seen. Probably because no one liked Natalie at all and Kevin didn’t do much either. The difference is that this time around Jeff was such a pompous ASS. His arrogance and self- righteousness was a total turnoff. Although he wouldn’t admit to Julie his biggest mistake was backdooring Dani and he knows it. His excuses for doing the things he did were exactly what he preached about the others in the house. When he lost that comp, his pleading with Shelly to not vote him out was pathetic, all of a sudden, he wanted to start fresh…lol And Jordan F bombing Shelly was very un-becoming. Dani was the only one with the guts to try to get JJ out and not just hand them their paychecks like everyone else was willing to do. By that time it was too late for Shelly. And yes, my vote goes to Dani for America’s Favorite !!

      • How is Jordan a floater? She made an alliance at the beginning of her season and she stayed loyal to that alliance all season long. This is not a floater.
        If jeff hadn’t of backdoored dani she would still be in the game and he would still be sitting in the jury.

  9. Are you guys on glue? Jordan is clearly the fan favorite-not Danielle. Jordon gave turncoat Shelley her call home and Jeff and Jordon kept Shelly safe all these weeks and this is how she repays them-if she was smart-and she is not-she would have been in the final 3 and had a chance to go forward-but her greed and her lying ways took her another direction. Now even if she was in the bottom 2 she would not get the votes-no matter how much she ugly crys.

    • Jeff didn’t “keep Shelly safe” all these weeks.He “used” her to get information from the other side,and “used” her to keep the numbers on his side.(Same with Adam).Then,when he had picked off the other players,he would have gotten rid of Shelly and Adam.And,don’t forget,Jeff threw the cornhole veto to Adam,AND voted Brendon off,so,nice guy,huh?

      • I agree wholeheartedly. Jeff is full of himself! How dare he say, “he molded and shaped her (refering to Jordan).

      • He did keep shelly safe. He made sure they had the votes to evict cassi and keep shelly and then he had jordan renom them giving shelly the golden ticket and keeping her safe for weeks.
        Also Jeff did not nominate or renom shelly when he was hoh again keeping her safe. It was Danielle who nominated Shelly alondside Adam.
        Jeff did not vote Brendon off. Jeff vote was moot. Adam Kalia and Porsche were the three votes that evicted Brendon. Also Brendon was on the block against jordan did you really expect for Jeff to vote for Brendon over Jordan? Come on people

      • He was not referring to Jordan when he made the molding and shaping comment. He was referring to Rachel and they way he had baby sat her for weeks and helped calm her down and teach her how to bite her tounge.

      • Kat I thought the molded and shaped her comment was about rach. He did get her to mouth shut when shelly attacked her about eyeing her. Which brenden couldn’t accomplish with all his luv lol

      • Kathleen he was referring to Rachel about keeping her from attacking everyone. I think u misunderstood what he said. He truly was talking about rach.

      • Sharon do u even watch the show cause of jeff hadn’t kept shelly safe she would have left instead of brendon. As far as saying jeff has no character for voting out brendon..when both ur allies r on the block u have to vote out one,duh. Added to the fact that this person dani that ppl think is a goddess told jeff that brendon tried to get her to nom.jeff. Its big brother. Jeff did protect shelly, and gave her a golden key week 2.I hope shelly’s customers & her competitors watch this show & figure out that she has been playing them. She got in jordan’s face first & got exactly what she deserved. Besides with the balls she has, its good enough for her.

    • I agree. If Jordon isnt F2, she will be fan fave. My vote still goes to Dani, because she is MY fave, but I am realistic.

      • I really liked dani this yr. I wanted her to show dick she didn’t need him to win . I was wrong.I think she jumped too soon. She is the reason dom, herself and jeff left. Imo

      • Nanny,
        It is clear now that Dani is nothing with out her father and she will never get out from under his shadow.

      • evil dick was her game. She knows that. Without him controlling her she falls in lust and loses bb. She cant win without him…again

      • Nanny what I think you meant to say is that Dani lost when Dick became her father….He certainly was not a good influence on her. He said they haven’t talked in 3 years, what a dad..I actually feel sorry for Dani for having a father like Evil Dick. He is just evil. Didn’t enjoy that BB at all. Almost stopped watching with him and his antics. He was just a plain bully and probably was as a father.

  10. I agree with what you posted…no argument here. I would like to add that shelly has taught josie you should never lie or betray your bff unless its for $$$ then dump your morals and all I taught you. She has bounced not floated from hoh to hoh. She doesn’t know the game. She could have gotten to final 2 IF SHE PLAYED THE GAME. She stood just as much a chance to win as anyone but now her new alliance knows shes a liar who will sell out anyone. Shes toast to me, shes burnt toast. Also dumb and dumber think dani wins americas choice. Haha haha too funny. We put brenden back in the house only to annoy dani. Idiots

    • Try not to make comments that attack other commenters. And Brendon got back in because of the split between Dominic and Cassi. Brendon got back in with something like 39% of the votes. And considering no one practically voted for Keith, 2/3 voted WITH Dani. The other 1/3 cane out on top because of the split. You are correct in saying that SOME of that one-third voted Brendon back in to annoy Dani. However, some genuinely liked Brendon and Rachel and others hoped he’d be an all to Jeff and Jordan.

  11. I think if Jordan stays longer and if she doesn’t win the prize, she will be America’s favorite player!
    But i’m rooting for Rachel to win everything, as always!

    • I love Jordan… but I have to say she is the biggest FLOATER to ever play and win. As far as Rachel… I don’t like her at all, but she is a good player.

      I was really hoping the final 3 would have been Jeff, Dani and Rachel the best players in the house.

      But I was so against the VETS coming in, the NEWBIES had a big disadvantage.

      • How is jordan a floater? In both seasons she has been on she formed an alliance and remained true to that alliance from the beginning to the end of the season.
        She has not floated back and forth between alliances in any way.

  12. it should have been Dani and Jeff in final 2,Jeff should have listened to Dani, she warned him this would happen, i hope Adam goes next, she could say i told you so to him too.

    i just had a thought for next season, if anyone on here watches the challenge(aka road rules, for those who haven’t the last season was called Rivals and it was rivals from previous seasons forced to team together. that would be a great theme for next season, Big Brother Rival.

    you could have Daniele and Jeff or Daniele and Rachel, evil Dick and Jen, Rachel and Brittany. Brittany(s01) and Chicken George and so many more

  13. Good post. I personally think dumb and dumber porsche and kalia have lost their minds. Dani americas choice haha we put brenden back to annoy dani not because we adore him. So shes not getting americas choice. Now to the biggest list in the history of bb shelly. You play this game the way you live your life. So josie had been taught to lie and back stab your friends for money. Not a good lesson. Also did anyone nesides me notice she rapid blinks when she lies …jeff didn’t and dani didn’t also she became very manly in her walk and mannerisms when she betrayed jj. She wants to talk about lawon changing when he lied. Guilt makes her take to her bed.

    • Please, can we leave her child out of this? many people have lied as a vocation and yet their children have turned out well. Look at some of our political leaders! Please leave Shelly’s daughter out of this and do not make predictions for her. We really do not know Shelly or any of the other HG’s. Sometimes when you have to play a game such as BB or Survior, you do things that you would not normally do to get ahead…just the nature of the game. Well, let’s talk about the mouse that roared on Thursday night..Jordan..with all her F-Bombs..Are you judging her and say what her future children with do? No! It is a game people!!

      • Her Own child called her out . Out of the mouths of babes. Clearly before the show she taught her right from wrong. Now shes setting a bad example that you lie and betray your friends. Why do you think shes crying? They dont look like tears
        of joy. She knows her kid is watching and shes ashamed of her actions and the example she set

      • Jordan has no children and f bombs are the worse thing she had done. I’m disappointed she chose those words

      • Ps it has taken jordan 2 seasons to show out and someone she adored to push her to that point.every other hg has abused that word way before her

      • @blakkapea I agree with everything you said. Every single person in the game pick the way they play. That is what BB is about. Leave Shelly and her poor daughter out of this. How do people know how Shelly’s daughter will turn out. She seems to be a well adjusted smart little girl. It is people on this site and obviously on Facebook that created that page that have not helped with all the hateful name calling of Shelly. People need to stop this. Also, remember that Shelly playing the game the way she did brought Jeff and Jordan information that helped them. They had no problem with that.

  14. Give me a break Jordan. Stop reminding people the phone call you gave… real generous people don’t always count what they give! You and your gay boyfriend (Jeff is still in the closet if you don’t know) have the worst sportmanship ever… Like Jeff said ” there were people who are sleeping”. He was talking about you too Jordan. He was cocky, so good riddance!!!

    • Very cocky,and intimidating.As long as everyone did what HE wanted,he was fine.But,if they didn’t,he blew up at them.Such a sore loser bully.

      • Kinda like how as long as Brenchel did what Dani wanted and kept Dom safe they were fine. But when they didn’t she became a sore loser and broke their veteran alliance?

      • JohnnyD you speak the truth. Dani is every bit the arrogant bully sore loser that everybody says Jeff is. I am not saying Jeff isn’t, but it amazes me that Dani acts the same way and people seem okay with that.

    • jeff in the closet? no wander he stressed how he was a man a strong man in the interview with julie

  15. Again nothing was aimed at ANY of you I just think porsche & kalia are really dumb if they think dani will be americas choice. So sorry for confusion

  16. I agree with your assessment of Dani’s and Jeff’s game play. They both let their egos get in the way. Also with the split vote it was obvious that Kaila would vote Jeff out. Really do you think that Jeff and Jordan deserved to win the $550K. The newbies needed to step up and look out for themselves not Jeff and Jordan. I watched Thursday night and heard Jeff try to intimidate Shelly into voting for Rachel. And his comment about ‘people’ just starting to play the game, did he forget that Kaila had just won her 2nd HOH. Had he listened and believed Kaila he would still be in the house. Jeff thought he could use and intimidate the newbies to advance himself. But he and Brendon found out that Kaila could not be intimidated. If Kaila is not in the final two I will vote for her as my fan favorite. She is the only one who has kept her word in this game.

    • Why didn’t production step in and stop jeff from threatening someone’s physical well being?
      Which houseguests exactly was jeff going to physically hurt if they didn’t do what he told them?
      When should I flash back to on the live feeds to see jeff threaten someone with physical violence?

      • JohnnieO — I didn’t say that he was physically intimidating her. When CBS was coming out of the commercial before the vote Jeff was strongly reminding Shelly what he and Jordan had done for her. Jeff was still upset that he and his alliance lost the HOH to Kaila. He knew the way he behaved was going to come back and bite him in the butt. And from what I have read in the spoilers, he won’t be happy that another vet will be walking in the Jury House on Thursday. Brendon will be happy he get Rachel back. Remember Kaila has a final two deal with Jordan. But after this week and the way that Jordan has behaved, I wonder if Kaila will stick with the deal.

      • Just like how Dani strongly reminded Brenchel when Dom was on the block that if they didn’t do what she wanted she was going to come after them?

        No one was on here talking about how Dani was a bully and bullying Brenchel around then.

        Dani was still upset that her plan to have Brenchel backdoor Jeff hadn’t worked out and she knew the way she behved was going to come back to bite her in the butt. And from what i have read in the spoilers she won’t be happy both jordan and Rachel were coupled up if they come down off the block instead of just one of them coming down. Jeff will be happy to see Shelly.
        Remeber Shelly had a final 3 deal but after this week and Shelly’s betrayal i wonder if Jordan will stick with the deal.

      • johnnyO — That’s my point. All these deals and alliances this year have meant nothing. The 3 strongest players are sitting in the JH. So being strong doesn’t guarantee you making it to the finals. The year that Jordan won no one expected her to make it to the final two. No one thought she was ‘smart’ enough. She pulled out the ultimate win in the competition that got her there. But if she and Rachel do not stop being so emotional they will be in the JH with Brendan, Dani, and Jeff. If BRJJ had worked and kept Dom, they wouldn’t be in the JH.

    • @Juaelz I agree with you about Jeff trying to intimidate Shelly to vote for Rachel. I said the same thing about J/J both not willing to listen to Kalia when she was HOH. Everything was always cool with J/J when things went their way. I would like to see Kalia and Porche in the final two. The jury would have to vote for either one of them. I agree Kalia played the most honest game.

  17. I watched the video of Jeff talking about Dumbledore. It wasn’t all that bad he didn’t hate on him nor was he gay bashing. The majority of folks whether they are straight or gay are decent people.

    The video of Shelly and Jordan’s fight was vicious. Jordan was crying and feeling down and Shelly started in on her that was mean.

    It’s a game and they all have to lie and break alliances. But the constant badgering and knocking Rachel and now Jordan has been to much. I hope Rach and Jordan make it to the end. I know the odds aren’t good for them.

    • I totally agree. I think Shelly is a lying bully and I dont think she will win. Jordan may not be the most aggressive player but she had played. Shelly bounces. I say bounce her out the door

  18. I personally think this game was set up for a vet to win, most Likely Jordan. Think about it 6 vets. Adam loved Dick, Shelly loved J/J. We know from the past a young good looking guy (Dominic) would team up with Dani. Porche and Rachel are the same person. Kassi would connect with Jordan. It’s all a set up.
    Then they knew everyone would go after Brenchel and Jeff never played to win, only to get Jordan to win. I think Dick saw all this and that’s why he left to give Danni 4 free weeks in the house. That’s just my opinion.

    • @BB lover. I agree that all the advantages have gone to the vets. First twist brings Brendon back, and while Kalia was HOH. This latest twist happens when Porche is HOH to favor Jordan and Rachel. I would love to see Kalia or Porche win. I am not a fan of Rachel and do not want to see Jordan win again. In her season I was for her, but not this season. I don’t think she deserves it again and not because she has already won. I just think the vets came in this game knowing how to play, had the twists go their way and the newbies have had to fight an uphill battle.

      • The fast forward twist defintiely favored the newbs and allowed them to get jeff out. The newbs came into the house with a 2 person advantage. Then Dick walked. The vets had to fight an uphill battle. Especially after one of their own turned against them for a newb.
        Porche had the option to not open pandora’s box and it was a blessing for her cause she and kalia got $5,000.00 each.

  19. DANI –

    I don’t think that Dani got bored, LOL@THAT! Nope, I think she had a MAD CRUSH ON DOMINIC and so she worked hard to get Cassie out of the house. Plus, knowing that Dominic was gunning for Brendon and Jeff early on, was perfect to her – a match made in heaven, errr, the Big Brother House.

    BUT, Brendon and Jeff weren’t that stupid, and they knew that Dominic wasn’t that stupid either so one way or another, especially with an almost still full house at that point, they caught wind of Dominic’s true intentions, so of course they wouldn’t give Dani what she wanted, hence her temper-tantrum.

    I think that with the whole Dominic thing and how mad she got, that we the viewers got to glimpse at who the real Dani is: Self-absorbed, Egotistical, and Derogatory of others. Its like she went in there thinking she was better than everyone else and after her Dad left, felt like she owned the place.

    JEFF –

    Oh, what to say about Jeff -? First of all, he is super cute, all-around “American Guy” stuff for sure and so completely down to earth. (Him and I, are oh so compatible – according to Western and Chinese Zodiac anyway.) But on to his game – he’s got the “Girl Next Door” type who is super adorable and they are actually two great people, in the game & they make a super cool couple.

    But then, Daniele screws them / Jeff over, due to the whole Dom thing – then he loses part of his alliance via Brendon – and except for the very end with his last HOH & Veto Competition, the whole original veteran alliance minus Dani, seem to flat-line in all the comps and their game goes down the crapper…. with the final blow coming from Shelly, of all people, who at the beginning I thought she was great, but not anymore.


    So now, you have THREE OF THE STRONGEST players in the Jury House and NONE of them are going to win the big bucks, and bottom line, WHY prey tell is that? (Keep it simple, stupid) They just couldn’t play nice and in the end, fought over the Dominic (toy)….. because it all started with her obsession with keeping her *crush* in the house, and when she didn’t get her way, she acted like a temper-mental woman scorned, when really she should have just let it go, thought to hook up with him after the summer and continued on, but like a She-Devil, she’s personally responsible for all 3 of them being in…..


    • Listen, what really happen is brenchel wanted jeff gone and used dani to do their deed. shelly spilled the bean and they had to back track.

    • @MaryAnn Jeff is cute and an All American Boy – Jeff was a bully in the house this season. He may be very nice in the real world. I prefer not to call people in the game names. I am just saying that the way he chose to act was that of a bully. If someone did not go along with his thinking then he showed his temper. Case in point when Kalia tried to explain why she was putting him up. Both Jeff and Jordan yelled at her, would not listen to reason and stormed out of the room. Jeff’s problem this season was he held grudges. He put Kalia up for that along with Porche and then backdoored Dani after he promised he would not. Jordan lied and said they were up until 5:00 a.m. talking to Dani and just nodded their heads. That part was not when Jeff told Dani he would not backdoor or renom her. It was a conversation between just Dani and Jeff. I saw it on the live feeds.

      • Well Gail, you have a right to your opinion like I have a right to mine and everyone sees things differently. Case in point is you saying that Jeff and Jordan were yelling at Kahlia in the HOH Room before they stormed out – I SAW THAT ON THE LIVE FEEDS TOO – and I know that it is a blatant exaggeration on your part for sure in describing them that way, for that is not at all how they acted. Also, not once did I see Jeff acting like a typical bully, but can’t say the same thing about Dani, especially after Dom got put up for nomination and got voted out!

        I also think that you are doing the same type of thing that Kahlia and Daniele tried to do all along during the game, and THAT could be one of the reasons you have aligned yourself with that side. You seem to come in here and say what you’ve ‘observed’ and come off as if its fact and then think you can keep talking to others, like me with this, as if someone like myself is going to all of a sudden, see your point of view. I’m sorry, but I have a mind of my own, and don’t need you to ‘explain’ anything to me from your own biased, and exaggerated point of view.

      • Jeff shows some emotion and he is a bully? He didn’t threaten her and tell her how much he was going to hurt her with physical violence people. He told her he would be upset if she nominated him and she would become his target in the game and he left. Any other player in the game would also be upset.
        Dani told Brenchel what would happen if they got rid of Dom and nobody ran to the boards and started calling her a bully because she threatened them for not doing what she wanted them to do. Come on already people

      • Dani’s problem this season was that she held grudges. She betrayed her alliance when she tried to get Brenchel to backdoor jeff and then she did it again when she chose Dom over her alliance and nominated Brenchel.

      • Dani had already tried to have jeff backdoored eventhough they were in an alliance when jeff made that deal with Dani. At that point he was telling her whatever she wanted to hear and if she belived anything he was saying she is an idiot period.

      • @MaryAnn you are right you have your opinions and I have mine. I did not exaggerate at all what happened. Jeff and Jordan did yell and did storm out. If Jeff and Jordan had listened to Kalia Jeff may still be in the game. If you think I exaggerated that is fine, but last night Jordan apologized for that very thing. So why am I exaggerating?

        I actually find your comment back to me very much like a bully by saying that I come in here and say what I have observed is fact and trying to talk to others to change their minds. Also, by saying to me “from your own biased, and exaggerated point of view”.
        Not true. I am not trying to change anyone’s minds. I am just stating my opinion as other’s here have. I am not the only one on this site that has seen the bully side of Jeff.

        Actually, I was a huge J/J fan during their season and Amazing Race. I personally saw that they were not playing the same and I saw a side of Jeff and even Jordan that I had not seen before.

        Again, these are my opinions and not trying to change anybody’s mind. I have said we all have our favorites and that is fine.

      • I agree with you JohnnyD!

        As for you, Gail, I’m sorry but just like how Dani and Kahlia were trying to convince people of ‘their’ logic to no avail, so too are you trying to convince me of yours.

        As for me being a bully -LMAO- because that couldn’t be further from the truth in real life or with how my words have been read, but I do call things the way I see it, so if you are the whiner type who can dish it out in civil terms but not take any civil criticism back than that is all on you. My simply disagreeing with you and pointing out that I felt your comments are both biased and exaggerated does not in any way qualify me as a ‘bully’ in any full meaning of the word or term’s usage but your pointing it out as if it does, further supports your being an exaggerator and one who has a tendency to whine when you don’t get your way or when people don’t agree with you.

        However, everyone is entitled to their *opinion* :)

  20. but winning $500,000 is more important than what this stupid country thinks. Just ask Shelly. EXCUSE ME! Who do you think your are calling our Country Stupid? And If you don’t like our Country, I know a way you can leave! But What you say about Jeff/Jordan is way off base. But because you think this country is stupid it never crossed your mind that in the back of this country, we all have values and we all want SOMEONE to look up too! And with TV today there is just not that many people to chose from. Choice being Kim K, Mookie(don’t think this is right name)from Jersey Shore, Pregnant at 16!. I mean Jeff and Jordan is actually a nice cute couple that have a set of values we all long far!!!

      • yes! jeff for president! maybe then he could ban all those filthy, disgusting gays from teaching in our schools! seriously what show are you watching? big brother is a social, physical, and mental game. the point of the game is to lie, and backstab. honestly, they’re competing for $500,000 and shelly knew that if she stuck with jeff and jordan, they would be in the top 2 and leave her behind. she said it perfectly when she said “sorry jeff, but you come in between this and my family”

  21. We do need to do our part folks to protect Josie in anyway possible. That poor kid is already going to be angry w her mom as any of us would and have been when our parents embarrassed us as kids. As mean as kids r today she has quite an uphill battle ahead for her at school. That in itself is going to be the hardest part for shelly to fix.

    • amen mary! I want attacking sweet adorable josie. Shes wise beyond her yrs. Just saying shelleys game is not an example I’d send my child.if she was to win I guess she will pay someone she teach her that you dont lie, betray, back stab your friends. Or use the old saying do as I say not as I do?

    • if shelly brings home $$ and buys her something.. she will get get over it real quick…

  22. your blogs are so lame….the only place jeff went wrong was ditching brendon. Throwing that cornhole vetoo is what screwed jeff, shelly would have been gone that week had he not done that…whoops his bad…in the words of Brendon “its not rocket science”

  23. Wow, I can’t believe how moronic some of you Jeff fans are. So his homophobic/bullying tactics are okay because “it’s just a game”? You’re pathetic & you’re probably the same group that made the “We Hate Shelly Moore” page saying that Josie should be raped! So basically, I’m saying that those Jeff fans are soul-less bastards who don’t realize that Shelly made a GREAT game move getting rid of half of America’s favorite couple (shudder at the thought of people still condoning his behavior by giving him Fan favorite)

    • Matt- your a hag…. what is wrong with you? Your problem is that you don’t realize your hatred for Jeff is as bad as some of these peoples obsession for Dani. Jeff isn’t a homophobe, period…jeff is a good decent guy, I would love to see “all eyes on you”, all the time id love to see what people think about you, by. This post you wrote, pretty sure people Would think your an ass. The fact that you don’t see why shelly is hated is what “worries” look at shelly and then look at jeff, you tell me who you’d rather have as a wife or husband or parent or child. It was not anything about Shelly voting out jeff, it is the way she has presented herself as a human being. She’s disgusting. oh yeah AND JEFF WILL WIN AMERICAS CHOICE CAUUSE I GUESS MOST OF US ARE SANE.

      • I cant believe anyone would say that precious child should be raped. Thats insane and I’m no member of snt such page. Your post is offensive

    • Matt- your a hag…. what is wrong with you? Your problem is that you don’t realize your hatred for Jeff is as bad as some of these peoples obsession for Dani. Jeff isn’t a homophobe, period…jeff is a good decent guy, I would love to see “all eyes on you”, all the time id love to see what people think about you, by. This post you wrote, pretty sure people Would think your an ass. The fact that you don’t see why shelly is hated is what “worries” look at shelly and then look at jeff, you tell me who you’d rather have as a wife or husband or parent or child. It was not anything about Shelly voting out jeff, it is the way she has presented herself as a human being. She’s disgusting. oh yeah JEFF WILL WIN AMERICAS CHOICE CAUUSE I GUESS MOST OF US ARE SANE…

      • I’m assuming you don’t have the live feeds? Maybe you didn’t see Jeff’s comment equating gay people with pedophiles? It angered enough people that CBS had to release a statement, so don’t sit there and blatantly lie about it. Second, If you printed out this conversation and blacked out the names and let people read it, I’m pretty sure they would see you as the ass. Third, yes, I’d rather see a successful businesswoman as a wife than a washed up reality star living in his mother’s basement as a husband. I see why fans would be upset, but condoning a comment about a child being raped shows how deranged some of you are. Also, Shelly made a great move. She never would’ve made it to the final 2 with Jeff/Jordan, so why not try to shake things up so she had a shot at it? Jeff lied to Dani about not backdooring her (Here is the exact time on Jokers so you can’t lie about that too.BB13 Aug 19, 12:34 PM Cams 3-4. Jeff telling Dani that he won’t put her up her if the POV is won.) Jeff is just as much of a liar as Shelly.

      • Theres a difference between hating someone in a game and wishing them and their families harmed…..if you can’t see that then I hope to never see you on the streets one day because I would be scared to think what happens if you hate someone.

      • Matt when Dani and Jeff made this “deal” you are talking about Dani had already tried to have Jeff backdoored. At that point he would have told her whatever she wanted to hear. If Dani didn’t like toast Jeff wouldn’t have liked toast. Dani was an idiot if she blieved anything Jeff said at that point.

    • I agree with u Matt a 100% It’s a GAME. Shelly did what she had to do. As JeJo would have done to Shelly if they were F3.

      NOBODY should bring ANYONE’S game play home. It’s wrong and sad.

      Once again it is a GAME! Not real life.

      • Once it gets down to final 3 the decision of who make final two is up to who wins comps and everyone pays. It would not have been in JJ’s power to do anything but play the comps if they made fianl 3 with Shelly. Since shelly betrayed their alliance we will never know who would have won those fianl 3 comps.

      • The sad thing is people sitting at home can’t discern the difference between game and real life. And the people don’t realize that they aren’t even in the game……Shelley’s decision doesn’t affect their life so why say something that horrific about her. It’s classless and I hope that they will not EVER have to go through what she is going to go through because of a game. Shame on you vet fan and flyonthewall

      • I think that Big Brother in itself, especially considering the competitions does involve a lot of game-play, however, it is wrong to think its not real life when they are literally living their lives in that house – eating, drinking, showering, and using the toilet is REAL LIFE and well, I’m not aware of any other game that you literally LIVE IN 24 HOURS A DAY and do all those things for that long…..because one does not exist.

        And in my opinion, how one conducts themselves when they play any game, ie. cheaters, actual bullies etc., says about as much about a person as anything else does etc. to think otherwise is just an excuse to throw any and all morals and personal integrity out the window, under the disguise of it being just a ….game? No way – it all counts.

  24. And get the f outya here with Dani got bored…dani got bored myass, once again….giving the little girl much more credit than she deserves. I’m sure if she was really that bored she could. Have said “ya know, I’m bored let me give someone else my. Key and ill take their partner I NEED to play” she’s not the “die-hard” everyone acts like she is..she just uses that as an excuse because she knows she could never actually win…so by saying that some people think that makes her a BB legend.

    • I agree totally!

      Besides, its not like most people even tell the truth – especially while inside the BB House and to millions of viewers as to what was really going on in the back of her mind.

  25. Even if Jeff were referring to Rachel when he made the comment about molding and shaping her, it was still a vain comment. He’s full of himself!

  26. Just an observation here without calling people in the game any names. I have been a fan of Dani since the start of the season. Some people say she moved to fast, but if Shelly had not been helping all sides and especially the vets it would not have been an issue. Dani was bored with the golden key as she came to play. It was not her fault that ED left. She approached the vets with the fact that they all had partners and she did not. They agreed for her to get one and she chose Dom with the vets okay. Then they voted him out. When Shelly (working for the vets) brought them all the information that tremendously helped the vets. What choice did Dani have since she knew she would go no place with them and without a partner.

    The vets had an advantage from the beginning as they had all played the game before. They picked off the newbies one by one. Rachel’s wins were because everyone was throwing the comps. Her first HOH came the 1st day when ED made her a deal. Jordan’s one HOH again was because Jeff and Brendon let her have it and the newbies were told to throw it. Jeff threw the veto comp when there was a prize to be had and Dani did keep her word to Jeff and Jordan and kept them safe for two weeks. Jeff did tell Dani she was safe and would not be backdoored. I saw it on the live feeds. I think another poster said the same thing.

    Even the twists came at a time to help the vets. Dani got Brendon out the first time and Brendon got to come back. I know Dani was a vet, but she was playing with the newbies that were part of her alliance. Just Kalia, Porche, and Lawon at the time. Even this twist that just came happened at a time to help Jordan and Rachel. I think the newbies have never had an even playing field.

    When Dani and Kalia won the vets were just plain mad and called them names. The same way that Dani and her alliance did. They are all guilty of saying things about each other. They are all guilty of telling lies, backstabbing, etc. People may say Dani was mean, but Jeff was every bit as mean. When Kalia tried to talk with Jeff and Jordan they both blew up and stormed out of the room. How dare anyone put Jeff on the block. Jeff did play this season with a very cockey attitude.

    For me everyone comes and plays a different game. That is BB. I could not believe all the mean, name calling I have seen on earlier posts after Jeff was voted out. Shelly this and Shelly that. This is a game and how do any of us know how people are in real life. Last season Rachel and Reagan went at it like crazy and now they are very close friends. Not one person on this site knows how these people are in real life. They are playing a game and people are taking it way to seriously. It is fine to have a favorite and we all have different ones. Cheer for your favorite, but don’t put people down in degrading ways for their game play because it does not agree with your own opinion. Shelly is married. How do you know whether or not Shelly told her husband how she was going to play? Whether you agree with how she played or not why all the ugly name calling? First and most it is a game. It is not real life.

    I never liked the concept of the game this season. It is what it is. This is what we were given. As I said I was for Dani and would love to see her get America’s Player. I hope that Kalia and Porche go to final 2. For two reasons. They are part of Dani’s alliance and I also think at this point that I would like a newbie to win since I think they were never given a fair playing field from the start. Just my opinions.

      • Thank you Kathleen. After Maryann’s comments to me I knew she wouldn’t and that is fine. She has her opinion and I have mine. I stated that at the end of my post – these were my opinions.

    • When did the vets ok her having a partner? I don’t think that ever happened. Anyways she did have a partner. She had 4 partners. She tried to betray two of them and when she couldn’t bully the other two into going along with her plan she turned on them.
      She would have gone all the way to the final five without a partner. Instead she went out 8th.

      Who in the world “told the newbies to throw the comp to Jordan?” You are just ridiculous with the conspiracy theories. She beat keith, cassi, dom, lawon, dani, shelly, porsche, kalia, and adam, in that hoh comp.
      And Rachel beat keith, cassi, dom, lawon, Brendon, shelly, porsche, kalia, jeff, jordan and adam, in her hoh comp
      The only reason Dani didn’t nominate Jeff for 2 weeks was because she was too busy betraying her alliance for a newb and trying to get Brendon out. It was only because she failed so miserably the first week that she had to waste the second week on brendon too.
      When Jeff was talking to Dani he would have said anything because she had alreay betrayed him in their alliance and if Dani believed anything he said she is just stupid.
      The twist of the fast forward week was timed perfectly by production to help the newbs and it worked. They got rid of Jeff just like production had planned.
      The vets were outnumbered when they entered the house. They never had an even playing field.
      Dani blew up he alliance. How dare anyone put Dom on the block! Dani played this season with a very cocky attitude.

      • @JohnnyD like I said everyone has a right to their opinions. You have yours and I have mine. Rachel was the one who said Dani came to them and said it was not fair as they all had partners and they told her okay. Dani said Dom and they told her that was okay. If you want me to find the exact time and camera I can find it or if you have BBAD I have them saved I can let you know what day. Since I watch both I can’t tell you if it was BBAD or the live feeds.

        When I talked about the first HOH being given to Rachel I am talking about the one that was with ED still being there. Dani and ED were still on the banana with Rachel being on hers. ED offered her a deal and Rachel took it.

        As far as Jordan’s HOH it was mentioned by both Brendon, Jeff and Kalia. I would have to see who else talked about it as I cannot remember everyone in the conversation at the moment. Other people on this site have mentioned it many times as well.

        The last twist that you referred to as a twist was not a twist, it was the fast-forward double eviction. If you remember they were expecting it – talked about having to get through it. They just figured out that it would be later. Actually, Rachel said on the day of it that she wondered if it would be on that day. This was no conspiracy theory, it was just my own thoughts and opinion that I personally felt the newbies were not given a fair playing field. Yes, they had two more players to start, but they had all of 15 minutes to get to know each other with no prior experience of what the house would be like. The vets had that advantage. This is a very stressful, mental game to play.

        Again, not trying to change your mind or anyone else. We all are allowed our opinions and my last words were “just my opinions”.

      • Gail, Did you read my post? Yes i asked when they told her that. They never told Dani that.
        Rachel offered Dick a deal when they were on the banana and dick took that deal and told his daughter danielle to take it too.
        Rachl offered a deal to two people and they took it and she won. This is winning.
        Don’t sit here and tell me without the deal Dick or danielle would have oulasted her because you don’t know that.
        Just like i don’t know if rachel would have won without the deal. What i do know is Rachel won and she used a deal to secure that win. A win is a win.
        Even if someone told the newbs to throw a comp to Jordan they didn’t all do it. And if they did they are idiots.
        They were expecting the double eviction but they were expecting it this week not last week. It is a twist cause it is different from what noramlly happens.
        If Jeff had been nominated during a normal week he would have had time to persuade Shelly. But it was a fast forward because they didn’t want Jeff to have time to play the game.

  27. @Dan! Well i guess you proved the point the article was trying to make. You must be part of that Stupid America!! You idiot!! i know what the game is about STUPID, I just said that Jeff and Jordan are a couple that some people look up too because they have decent values! WHAT PART OF THAT DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND DAN?

  28. Everyone gets upset when they are put on the block, and I’d like to know what most people with at least an average sized intellect are going to do or say when you are talking to the person who put you up, while they try and say that you are just a pawn anyway so she still wants to be friends – don’t think so!

    My Favourite Jeff Line, All Season:
    (Said to Kahlia in that same conversation before they left)

    “So what does your picture look like now.”

    Nevertheless it is just a game in the long run, but these people are stuck in a house with total strangers (at first) away from everyone and everything they know and love while they increasingly get accustom to a media & entertainment-deprrived state of living, while coping with varying degrees of ‘Cabin-Fever’ the likes that some people just can’t hack at all, (the likes that some viewers will never experience) all the while cameras and millions of viewers are watching your every move like a hawk and reading way too much or way too little into everything they do or say, and after a while, that includes themselves towards the others in the house too. It brings out both the best and the worst and thats what makes good tv. Soooooo, though its just a game for us to watch, it is ALSO, real life to the BBHG’s while in that house during their season!

    As for this season, I loved it! I was so excited to see Jeff & Jordan -AND- Brendon & Rachel, the Under-dogs from last season, WITH the Famous Evil Dick (who was before my time as a BB Fan & whom I was eager to get to know) and his daughter, that right after Episode One got done, I immediately signed up for the live feeds!

    BUT, I will say this: It is extremely UNFAIR to state as if its fact and anything more than your opinion that the Newbies didn’t have every bit of the chance that the Veterans did, especially considering that the Newbies outnumbered the Veterans by 2 and that everyone was a newbie at one point, with it being up to each individual house guest to prove themselves in some way and make a name for themselves or not….and in that respect, it was more fair than not.

    ….unless you want to count a little previous Big Brother Fan of the Vets, for when all was said and done, the newbies more often than not, rolled their eyes and didn’t count the Vets previous BB experience in the house as anything much at all anyway.

    …..for who else even comes close other than Jordan, REALLY, fan or not?

    • I do not concur with voting for Jeff. Some of the things you said I agree with. I have watched since S1 and did get to see ED and Dani play. I am not trying to change your mind just giving my opinion as we all have a right to.

  29. I know that many of you don’t like Kaila, but seriously she has won more than Rachel and Jordon. I’m not sure why they were all calling her a floater. Her won last week was key and changed the game. If she does make it to the end the jury would probably look at who won the most.

    • Kalia is not a floater in my opinion. She proved herself when she one her first competition (HOH).

      However, I’m not sure I would compare her yet to Rachel, who has been off her game but whom we all know is a fierce competitor at times. As for Jordan, she’s one enough via the two seasons she’s been on, to definitely not be a ‘floater’ even though she may have floated by Season 11 a bit, at first – but what a person fails to accomplish via the competitions, they can make up with via their social game which is just as important if not more so, because it can help ensure that nobody puts you up to begin with.

    • Kalia did some floating at the beginning but once Dani burned her bridges and made a new alliance with Kalia she has stuck with it and hasn’t floated any. Who is to say that she would not have kept floating if Dani and her hadn’t won back to nack HOH’s and then she hadn’t been put on the block but we will never know.
      Being a floater is not about whether or not you win comps.

  30. PLEASE, Jeff was so annoying. He talked down to the camera and to the viewers. He needs to grow up, find a girl HIS age and get a job. YES, a real job….not have Jordan support his lazy $$$$. His game was to outwit a bunch of girls….WOW, that is a pretty solid game. Shelley is MORE woman than Jeff would ever be MAN !!!

  31. i know this is by jeff and danielle but did anyone see that kalias shoes where in the back of the pit right on top….i was screaming like you dumb Bi^ch look up…..

    • I was a behind jeff from the begining but after him talkin to jordan tell her her to eat and shut up when a house meeting was called just soured me on him….jordan a floter for life i guess shes truly done nothing but ride on peoples coat tails for the 2 season jeff has carried her…danielle i’m so sorry honey…i’m guna miss the only person worth watching besides on prego house guest…..

      • How is Jordan a floater? She made an alliance at the beginning of both seasons and remained loyal to that alliance all the way to the end. That is not a floater.

      • It seems that with some people, amidst exceptionally strong, tall, and even muscular players, that if girls or other guys don’t win certain games at the beginning, that it automatically makes them a ‘floater.’

        Personally speaking, I think that throwing that comment around continually and thinking it continues to have weight is a serious oversight, because at the end of the day, I really don’t care about whether someone has won many competitions or not – the point to me, is to not get voted off and if you can make it till the end without getting nominated or evicted, than in my opinion, you’ve done a good job somewhere. Nuff said.

        I will admit though, they make as good a prey for Noms as all those strong competitors do.

      • Floating has nothing to do with winning comps or not.
        Floating has to do with floating to which ever alliance is in power that week and not remaining loyal to any single alliance.

  32. Danielle – her game flipped as she made big bulky move getting rid of bookie aka Brendon twice, this irrate Jeff and Rachel. Vets fall apart which at this time Kalia and Porsche saw advantage as pawns and HoH.
    Jeff – poor Jeff fall victim like last time. A) last remaining couple B) fans like C) has some BB money already early in pocket D) his arrogant attitude that produce scarcity E) his wrong move to swap Danielle instead of leaving Porsche on the block

  33. This article said it best.jeff was in a fine position going into gthe vote. He didnt exactly go wrong, tje veto shouldnt have been an absolute must win like dani’s was. He had the votes if his alliance stayed the course. If the ‘other side’ got him out it would be different. Shelly can eat it

  34. This article said it best.jeff was in a fine position going into gthe vote. He didnt exactly go wrong, tje veto shouldnt have been an absolute must win like dani’s was. He had the votes if his alliance stayed the course. If the ‘other side’ got him out it would be different. Shelly can go to hell

  35. I cannot believe what I have been reading. As for Shelly; if you remember from the beginning she swore on her family (Josie) that she would NEVER vote against Jeff and Jordan. She has absolutely NO integrity, honor, morals, or smarts. Not ever hearing of a pear !!! not knowing what guacamole is. GIVE ME A BREAK !!!!!! I used to be a big fan of hers but NOT NOW. She has got to go. Saying she was doing this for her family????? If I was her family AND OR ANY OF HER CLIENTS I would re-consider everything that came out of her mouth.

    • Good Point!

      If she ‘swore’ that she would NEVER vote them off, than it looks like ‘for her family’ she sold her soul for what, only a *chance* that she’ll actually win it – does she need money for her family THAT bad?

    • Hate to say it, but I’m with you on that one. If one makes an alliance, they should be an alliance till the end, so throwing the comp was bad karma and might be the very thing that got him in the end.

      …..but we are all entitled to make mistakes and that was his.

  36. I agree with those that want Dani as America’s favorite player. She was a different person without her Dad around this year. (not always pouting around) I don’t think it was a fair game by putting in pairs against newbies. Each newbie had to judge and calculate everyone while the pairs had power 2X because their partner was known to them. I want Porsche to win and Shelly is playing the game like many others play. It is the way the game was designed. I don’t like J/J and B/R this season. (well actually, I didn’t like B/R last season either) They continually acted as though they were entitled to it all and as Dani said J/J acted as though they were King and Queen. Jeff is a bully and I see there is a dark side to Jordan when things don’t go her way.

    • Things sure were different this year for Dani without her dad around. Instead of being the first loser she ended up being the 7th loser.

  37. not sure why Shelly (or anyone else, for that matter) thought Jeff and Jordan would win if they made it to the final three. why, you ask? simple: Jordan won’t win because she already won once, and therefore noone will vote for her; Jeff wouldn’t have won because if he’s in the final three then that means he went through and systematically eliminated everyone else. the safest bet for winning Big Brother? sitting between Jeff and Jordan in the final three

  38. I am a huge “Big Jeff” fan. But, I know exactly where his game went wrong. He shouldn’t have thrown the corn row veto to Adam. He should have won it and left the noms the same. Then Shelly’s stupid ass would have went home instead of Brendon. As long as Brendon & Rachel were still in thr house they would’ve been everyone’s target including Daniele and Jeff could’ve let Brendon or Rachel take out Daniele. Jeff only became a huge target after Brendon left and by Brendon leaving it left Jeff & Jordan as the only remaining duo so of course everyone is going to want to break up the duos.

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