Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Week 6 Nominations Revealed

Last night on Big Brother 13 we saw a returning player win the Head of Household again for the fifth time out of six competitions. Newbies simply don’t seem equipped to do much in this game other than roll over and get evicted each week.

These nominations are still fluid though as the Veto competition on Saturday could change everything. This was a very, very last minute deal where the HoH completely changed her mind on who to nominate.

Big Brother 13 Week 6 Nominations:

  • Shelly
  • Adam

This is nuts! Daniele was all set to nominate Brenchel, but minutes before the ceremony (Flashback below) she accepted a deal from them for safety next week in exchange for avoiding nominations this week. Looks like Daniele took the deal.

Big Brother Live Feed Flashback time:
August 12, 2011 @ 4:47 PM on Camera 3/4
August 12, 2011 @ 7:15 PM on Camera 3/4
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Right now Daniele is telling Adam the plan is to backdoor Brendon, but before she promised safety to Brendon with the consideration to backdoor Jeff. This will all come down to the Veto comp. Daniele can move in several directions.

Kaboom! The Vets alliance are fighting. Rachel is trying to call out Shelly and she’s not taking it quietly. Turn on your feeds now (Flashback 7:15 PM BBT) and watch it.

The Power of Veto competition will be held soon, most likely Saturday, so stay close and check back for those spoilers too. Join us on Facebook, get our free email updates, and grab our free app to find out as soon as the Veto results are in.



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      • as long as Jeff doesn’t win veto he goes to Jury, no one left to stand in the way of Daniele and Brenchel. as long as Brenchel is being sincere with Dani, if they are, no one in that house could stop them. personally i hope the newly reformed Dream Crusher Alliance will last

  1. Team JJ and Team BR need to win the Veto to ensure the nominations stay the same, so Brendon, Rachel, Jordan and Jeff (Dani’s real target) remain safe and stay in the game. This is good for Team BR to get an ally of JJ out this week!

    • Ummmm, FYI, but BR and Dani might be teaming up to get Jeff out. They’ve already been talking making a final 3 deal with Dani. Not sure that they’ll keep their word, but it looks like a good idea if they team up.

      • Dawn, Team BR is blowing smoke up Dani’s a** the same way Team JJ did 2 weeks ago! Just to keep Brendon and Rachel off the block the same way Jeff and Jordan did to keep each other safe but Jordan was used as a pawn,

      • Why would BR make a final 3 deal with dani, When dani clearly isnt going to choose kalia over BR, Idiots.

    • wat would b nice is if Jeff wins pov n safes one of them n then Dani back doors either B R.. Jeff must suspects that something is up.. its just to obvious that she has been targeting BR n now she doesnt even nominate 1 of them..

      • If jeff won the pov he would absolutely not save one of them..that. puts jordan in danger of going up.

      • Jeff or Jordan cannot save Shelly without exposing their alliance. So, they would leave the nominations on. The same goes for Brendon or Rachel, if they lift one of the nominations of Danielle, that would tell Jeff and Jordan that they are being backdoored and will shatter the veteran alliance.
        More likely, Adam goes home. everyone goes about their business and the real fireworks start next week. I see Danielle being put on the block or backdoored because she can play for HOH!After Danielle is evicted, the two couples can go after each other because the odds are now stacked heavily in their favor. Winner comes closer to the final 2. Losers go home.

      • Vet Fan, you are right… Dani would keep BR happy because they can help her win more than Jordon can!

      • I don’t think anyone will use the veto, except the obvious, Shelly and Adam. If the nominations stay the same, Shelly will go. She wont have the votes to stay.

      • If Jeff saves Adam or Shelly then Jordan goes up. Let’s see if Shelly votes to keep Jordan or Adam.

      • perhaps its a set up to ensure that none of them go home who knows wat BR r thinking perhaps there plan is to have SA up so if one of the vets win no1 comes off n they r all safe n they go after dani next wk

      • I think it’s a real backstab. Reason = right after the Veto ceremony Brenchel played dumb to JeJo. They made no mention of a fake deal or “set up.” Brenchel is breaking away from JeJo.

        Now of course if it doesn’t work out like they hope then watch for them to pair back up next week.

  2. Don’t count Daniele out just yet… She’s fits the horror movie slasher role just as good as Rachel. She always comes back, and knows how to get out of sticky situations… Go Team Dani!!

  3. That girl get stupider and stupider by the minute, her Dad really needed to stay int his game, she nuts.. Shelly and Adam? Hope her real target is Jeff of Brenden

    • Her real target is Jeff because she made a deal with Brendon and Rachel right before nominations…. If she backdoors Jeff, she doesn’t have to worry about Jordan as much as Brendon or Rachel because she isn’t as good at competitions.

    • Actually, this move isnt that dumb.

      First, Shelly and Adam have been running amok between the sides with no accountability because of all the targets in the house. There is value in punishing that.

      Jeff and Jordan wouldn’t use the POV. Brendan and Rachel either will to help backdoor Jeff (letting them pull in Adam in a deal with Danielle) or go back on their word.

      If they keep the nominations the same, Danielle knows deal is off with enough time to do something about it, instead of being blindsided next week.

      • @Leo the will use the veto if Dani asks, i think Brenchel have finally given in and are being real with Dani and that it would be easier to work with her than against her, they realize she is a strong player and she split them up once and don’t want a repeat 2 weeks ago.

        if they’d have listened to Dani in the first place, Brendon would have never been evicted in the first place

      • Even if Danielle knows the deal is off, it would not matter. Next week, she cannot play for HOH so, more than likely will be on the block. She may or may not escape. Or they could make Danielle think she is safe then, backdoor her if she does not play for veto or even if she does but, does not
        win veto. If one of Jeff, Jordan, Rachel and Brendon wins the veto and takes one of the nominees and puts Danielle on and she will not be able to get off now! Perfect backdoor. Danielle put a target on her back a while, ago and the other veterans can lie like she does!

  4. She finally shows some brains. I thought she would still be like “Kalhua and I alone can beat all five of you!!!”

  5. one word. SMART. its a smart move. and here is the only argument i need shawn;

    If BR/JJ/Shelly werent going to vote for Daniele anyway (they have all said so) if she made it to final 2 no matter what she did, then why not make a high risk high reward move.

    go make a deal with BR. if it burns u, oh well because u werent going to win anyway right?

    Say daniele put up BR or even JJ. nothing changes, and u will only absolutely guarantee… u’ll get out a tad bit sooner haha. why not shake things up? CHANGE THE GAME.

    FLIP THE DECK. u have nothing to lose.

    putting up shelly is perfect (i would have done the same) because u make JJ expose the alliance they have with her if shelly doesnt win POV. this limits the amount of pressure JJ can put on the gas to save Shelly. makes them think, and if they dont want to expose everything, MUST BE careful.

    it also makes people sweat in the game that havent… well except adam. he’s been scared every week.

    its a smart move. DEFINITE risk. brendon wouldnt go home this week EITHER WAY.

    • PLUS! u have to look at the numbers. u think daniele woould have gone through all 5 of the other side of the house? she’s great, but she isnt in-human! lol.

      whats the worst thing that can happen? brendon goes back on his word? rachel goes back on her word? JJ put her up? it would have happened either way

      • She has nothing to lose because I do not think that she will win the game with the other 4 vets on the jury, but we will have to see.

      • Dani has to break up the 4 person alliance of JJAS…. She told Kalia, obviously, A and S are closer to JJ because they refused to vote out Rachel instead of Lawon….

      • I know!!! This Marcus guy is a real piece of work. First he says that danimal will never work with BR. That there is no way she would be that stupid. That she must go balls out and fight. He is sure that BR will back door her. So, danimal makes the stupid move, and all of a sudden it becomes a smart move!! No wonder he thinks she is smart! No matter what she does he loves the idea,it’s genius! lmfao…

      • they can’t both win veto, if Jeff wins take out Jordan, she is just as big a threat as Jeff, just in a different want. i she is in final 2, she wins against ANYONE

      • If jeff/jordan win And dont take off shelly i bet shelly will cancel her alliance with JeJo and ally with danielle. Adam is sketchy, I really dont know what his game plan is.

        And if adam or shelly wins PoV to take themselves off, Dani can put up jeff and get him out.

  6. It will be interesting to see if Shelly picks up her game play for the Veto games, especially since she appears to have been deliberately throwing the previous competitions.

  7. I’m trying to figure out how Rachel manages to smudge her makeup without real tears?? Anyone??

    • did you see the great segment with Ragan from BB12 last night when they should Rachel crying. He said that just because there are no tears, she is upset.

  8. Dani, Kalia and again Dani are the HOH for 3 consecutive weeks and after their reigns, Brendon, Rachel, Jeff and Jordan might still be in the house and make the Final 8 with either Adam or Shelly to make their alliance of 5 go against Dani, Kalia and Porsha…. If it is Final 5 I doubt Jeff or Jordan would screw brendon and Rachel because they know B or R would get A or S and take out Jeff or Jordan because B and R are great competitors.

    • Brendon and Rachel are also vicious backstabbers…which is vital in this game. I can’t stand them, but they are amazingly tough. I do enjoy watching Rachel fall occasionally…she is so uncomfortable…

      • Jeff and Jordan were looking Dani straight in the Face saying we won’t nominate you or Kalia even though they had full intentions of screwing Dani… As Jeff said about backdooring Dani,,,,, “whoops”

      • They said that right after they left the HOH room with Dani….. Jeff and Jordan knew they were safe and were talking about bacjdooring Dani the next week. Too bad Kalia won that HOH!

      • I do not remember R/B backstabbing. They have always been true to their alliance. This is what got them in trouble in week 3

  9. I am really surprised about these nominations. I think B & R just want to be together in the jury house and Dani is just letting them have their way.
    But overall this is really stupid and I think Dani will be questioning her wisdom for years to come.

  10. I’m on the fence with this one. I hope she backdoors Jeff. BR have to realize that JJ are useless and can’t win a competition to save their lives. dani and BR need to call the beef a wash. They sent dom packing, she got brendan. Time to team up and get rid of America’s favorite floaters. I’d rather have Dani on my side for a few weeks. She can win competions and sway votes. JJ hide behind BR and intimidate and cry thier way out of situations.

    • Jordan won a comp she won the 2 hoh n remember last week Jeff won the POV to safe his butt i wouldnt count them out yet. n if u recall in Jordan season she won the final HOH takin nat to the final

      • jordan is a mid quality floater. she only won her season because of the numbers… u know, she’s competing against 2 other people.

        and actually, the only reason why she won, is because lydia and jessie were jealous natalie made it to the end. same with jeff.

        jeff is a good competitor at times, but the other times is a hot head who talks to jordan like his child.

        jj are useless.

  11. holy mother of hell this is unbelievable.Brendon and Rachel will go all the way if they continue to play their cards right

  12. I can not wait until Brendon and Rachel are out of the house I get a headache just watching them. I really hope Shelly Wins

  13. never thought i’d say this but… GET HER RACHEL! light shelly up! im so sick of everyone not cracking her open, and putting the foot in her a**. rip her a new one.

    she’s full of shet. matter of fact, since jordan wants to open her mouth all the time and tries to play nice all the time, LIGHT HER UP TO.

    muscle her like russel did.

    and if ur feeling good, LIGHT JEFF UP TO. go for broke rachel since u are in real life haha.

    • shelly escapes again. damn if i was in that house… wew! lol. its like a freakin crime drama.

      shelly!… u will be found! u will be caught! all that has to happen is u slip up in the slightest with all ur lies. all u have to do is say one wrong word! haha cheesy i know.

    • Marcus, I agree with you 100% on this…. Get her Rachel…. If Shelly and Adam stay on the block, Shelly is getting the boot!

      • Does everybody STILL not know that Shelley is running with everybodies secrets? Is she that sneaky about it?

    • +1 I knew this was coming when Brendon came back & told Dani “it’s a new game now”. Hope Jeff figures this out and wins the veto!

  14. Danielle is so totally stupid. By making this stupid deal with B and R she has totally cost herself the money if she happens to make it to final 3 and even if she does she will not make it to final 2 because Brendon and rachel will. Dani just gets dumber every week. Why not make a deal with Jeff and Jordan to keep them safe until the final 4 and then whatever happens happens because they with Adam and Shelly have have the votes if they go to Jury to pick the winner and it will not be Dani. She needs to start to use her head because B and R do not control jury votes.

    • why would brendon rachel make final 2 but not daniele?

      and jeff and jordan would never honor a deal with dani… especially when they have a final 3 with shelly.

    • True but if she teams up with them, gets rid of JJ them throws them out later, BR might vote for her on gameplay instead of personal feelings. What she has to do is turn the couples against each other to have a chance. And they way JJ get paranoid at the drop of a hat, it just might happen.

      • Dani needs to win Veto, and back door big Jeff. Love this game. He can start his vacation at the jury house early.

      • That still will not work because there is no way that either Adam, Shelly, Jeff or Jordan will ever vote to give Dani the money so she has just screwed herself out of the money totally and if they end up in the final three does anyone really think B or R would take Dani to the finale. NO WAY!!! Stupid move Dani; you should of tried a deal with J and J because at least they have Shelly and Adam on their side where you could of had those four votes for the money. Dani just keeps getting dumber and dumber. Please let this girl start using her brain before Veto nominations and try and make up with J and J. They would be more prone to keep their word than Brendon and Rachel ever would. Now calling Team Dani Team STUPID!!!!!

      • but JJ/BR/Shelly have said they werent going to vote for her anyway so it doesnt really matter what dani does right?

        its a shame, the best player in the house (by far) wouldnt get the money because of… playing the game. and yet u have 4 people in the game that say they dont want floaters to win.

      • Sheri, I am a Team JJ and Team BR fan…. No way Jeff or Jordan will honor their deal with Dani…. As soon as they made the deal, they were laughing about how they were going to backdoor Dani which Jeff sayin, “whoops”!

    • The final 3 deal doesn’t matter this far out. All 3 wont make it that far (biggest targets in the house), and would turn on one another before then anyway.

      What matters is insurance against Brendan staying and winning HOH, and possibly breaking up the stranglehold on votes JJ have.

      Consider the alternative: She sends Rachel to Jury, still has 5 people gunning for her and never has control of who she can evict because she doesnt have the votes.

      If BR honor the deal even for awhile its a great move (she can always renege or have KP do it for her later). If they don’t honor the deal she’s basically in the same position as before.

      Plus I just personally love the idea of seeing Shelly sweat. I love manipulative players, but I hate hypocritical ones. And I also hate the side she picked (Jordan is a stain on big brother history as the least deserving winner by far).

      • Brendon and Rachel will definitely honor their deals with anyone especially Dani and she should know that. They are Snakes with a capital S, and we all know that things change on BB and if Dani would go to J and J and be honest and tell them the lies that B and R are telling her guarantee that they would make a final three or four deal with Dani and then whatever happens and if guarantee that if they tell her that if she is in a final two with anyone but them she has their votes they would honor it just to get back at B and R. I cannot believe that Dani has not figured that out or J and J have not figured it out. Time is running out for both of them, and as much as I love the drama of B and R do not think either of them deserve the $500,000.

    • I agree with you,Dom was cheated.He will get my vote for favorite player,because he is.

      • He wasn’t cheated. The results were very predictable. Due to your two party system you might not be too familiar with vote splitting but thats what happened.

        Head to head, Dom maybe wins. But of the people smart enough to not want Brendon back, some voted for Dom and some for Cassie (either wanted a pretty girl or catfights in the house).

        So the Cassie votes kept Dom from winning. Ive been expecting it all week.

      • Mark you are correct. Plus you have the J/J fans that thought Brenchel would remain true to them and voted for Brendon to come back. I saw many J/J fans that were voting to bring Brendon back.

    • Don’t count on it. If the nominations stay, I see Adam going home! Kalia, Jeff, Jordan, Rachel and Brendon will probably vote for Shelly. Shelly has passed important information to everyone so, she atleast, is an asset to most of the other players. Adam, what has he done in the game? And this is Danielle’s nominations so, Porsche is going to vote to evict whoever, Danielle wants. I think Brendon and Rachell will stay with the alliance because they saw that Jeff and Jordan are reliable allies which means they can all go much further!

  15. Here’s my ultimate scenario (wont happen but would be hilarious).

    Rachel wins veto. Danielle asks her to use it on Adam to backdoor Jeff as agreed. Rachel trusts in the deal and uses it, and Danielle puts up BRENDAN!

    Right before the veto she tells Adam whats up, and makes the deal that saving him means he has to vote out Brendan.

    Like I said, wont happen. But if it did it would be the most epic week since all stars, if not ever

    • I can see that happening. BR have to realize that if comes down to those four JJ will win the money. They have to take them out in the next 4 weeks.

  16. WAYNE…ELLABLUE…BETH LOVES JEJO…RACHELFAN…where you guys at?????? This is what we needed! Let’s hope a vet wins pove(besides Dani)

    • lets just pray n wish upon a star that either JJ wins cuz with BR u never know.. thy r crazy enough to risk it n test dani.. remember they both need meds so u never know.. lol

      • I am a huge Team Jj and Team BR fan…

        Let’s face it…. Team BR have been carrying this team. 4 HOH and 2 vetos as well as the win yesterday by Brendon compared to one HOH and one veto for JJ.

      • Big Team JJ fan here, BR… not so much. Great competitors but just threw evertbody under the bus trying to deal with Dani for their safety.

    • This is exactly what I predicted danimal would do. It was the stupidest thing she could do and she did it. She competes well in the comps but she is a dim bulb. The real vets are gonna dump her next week unless Kalia or Porsche win HOH. Danimal is so dim witted it’s laughable. Why do people think she is this wise, tuned-in sage? She has no clue!

  17. I dont understand Rachel anymore. Jordan and Jeff saved her cry baby ass this week. But as soon as Brendan comes back she turns on them. I hope that Brendan gets back doored and evicted and then Porsha and her and Brendan have fun together in the jury house. I really am starting not to like Big Brother anymore.This will be my last week watching it if Rachel gets her way.

    • What game are you watching? Jeff and Jordan made a deal with Dani the first week Dani was HOH to protect each other and didn’t care about BR being nominated or evicted. They both even said they would win thhe Veto and not uuse it. Can you blame BR for wanting to protect each other?

  18. Rachel and Brendon are sooo paranoid….lol..they know they gonna get found out…oh that will be sooo good….I said Dani was making a mistake by not putting up at least one of em…The crap is gonna hit the fan..I SAID IT WAS TOOO RISKY..

    • Yeah I wish Jordan and Brendan would have been put up. That would have ripped the house apart in an instant. Dani could have just sat back and controlled the chaos.

  19. W~O~W!!! THe fireworks are on tonight… SHelly gets caught in lies….. Jordan pointing out that Shelly wouldn’t have been caught if Brendon didn’t come back…..

  20. I agree if Rachel gets her way this week I am done. Did not mind Brendon coming back as though fireworks might be fun, but for Rachel to be such a lying piece of crap and turn on J and J when they were the only ones that were willing to stand by her when Brendon was evicted was just pure evil. Hope her butt gets evicted and J and J and Dani gets her brain back and they team up to get her sorry ass out of the game forever!!!!

    • Please let it happen that way. I thought the witch wanted to change but apparently she wants to be hated! J or J better not get back doored this week. Sorry game play if it happens.

      • You are sheri are both out of your minds. JeJo were going to bounce her butt out soon after Dani. The first week that Dani won, J/J was in full force throwing B/R under the bus. Don’t let your feelings for J/J (heck i like Jordan too) cloud your judgement and make you biased and partial. They both are ready to turn on each other so shut up. THey’ve (j/J) ben talking crap about B/R a lot this season!

      • hae u ever thought that maybe the 4 of them r in it together? Maybe they are playing Danimal? With none of them beeing on the block who has a better chance to keep the nominees the same?

      • true that they have been talking bout br but who wouldnt give jj creadit they have had to put up with all of br bull sh*t the crying complaining etc

      • part of the game half mill on the line and if u had played the game before then you have to know what u could do
        We have no idea when this people tslk privatly it;s not on live feed 24/7

      • Why don’t you shut up Mika…everyone has a right to there own opinion and if you don’t like it then get lost.

    • JJ only stood by her because she has a great track record of winning competitions when it counts.

      • True.

        If JeJo weren’t in such a position where they needed Rachel’s game play skills, her vote and the target she carries that blurs JeJo’s out.

        JeJo is keeping Rachel for purely strategic reasons, nothing more.

      • I am Team JJ and Team BR all day…. Don’t act like Team JJ won’t backstab Team BR…. They were going to screw Rachel right after they got Dani out!

      • exactly! and if no one remembers, the week that Brendon got evicted JeJo were the ones who told Dani to use Jordan as a pawn, instead of saying put up someone that Rachel can beat on the block, she said, if you put anyonde besides me on the block Rachel will probably stay. That was super bogus

  21. Foolish move by dani the vets are going to try there hardest to get you out anyway so why give them a break .The veto picks are crucial best case scenario is porche and kalia gets picked so if anyone but Shelly wins they take adam of the block..and put up jejo.

    • Porsha, Kalia will not take Shelly off the block. They will save Adam and Jeff and Shelly will be on the block….. B,R, Jordon and Adam would vote out Shelly!

      • yes that’s what i meant…if things come down to that jeff might be out would you keep jeff in the game i wouldnt

      • I think they’d take Jeff out before Shelly. Jeff would come after them. Shelly will be scared straight and will tow the line to avoid the block.

    • I don’t think they will. Lastnight, the minute Dani walked out of the room, Kalia and Porsche skipped right over talking about Brenchal and started talking about how badly they both want Shelly out. Dani made a selfish move, becuase if they do keep their word to Dani and if one of them wins HOH next week, its either Kalia or Porsche going on the block. So if Porsche or Kalia won HOH its in their best interest to keep the noms the same. The vets will come after Dani,but if they get rid of a vet, theyll come after them.

  22. Adams gone .It’s that simple Dani threw him to the lions to save her ass next week.Probably won’t win POV so he’s history.Dani will get backdoored next week though … watch and see kids

    • Shelly will not get the votes against Adam especially since her falling out now with Rachel and by extension Brendon as well as Kalia and Porsha….

  23. For all the J/J fans that voted to get Brendon back in this game. I mentioned in earlier posts this would happen. Brenchel would turn on J/J. I was watching the live feeds from early this morning and Rachel was telling Brendon she was all alone in the house and everyone turned their backs on her. She basically threw Jeff under the bus. Said he was very cocky in his attitude to her. They started to put a plan in motion. If Brendon did not come back J/J would have had a much better chance. Dani is a much stronger player at this game then people think. She has nothing to lose if it works. Either way Brenchel and J/J would be coming after her.

    • Last night Rachel was just telling him how well Jordan took care of her. I dk, I think theyre doing this only to save themselves for the week, I don’t think they’ll truly backdoor Jeff, if either one wins the veto, they will not use it. And if they did, well hey Jeff and Jordan played a big role in Brendon being kicked out. They offered Jordan up as a pawn and told Dani, that someone els enext to Rachel would probably mean Rachel stays, so to just use her as a pawn. So I guees i they do turn(I hope they dont)but if they do, then Karma is a bitch

  24. dani is smart. she has control of the house and chaos is her game. baffle and confuse and let all fight among themselfs. when your up to your ass in alligators its time to drain the swamp. dani is beating bb at thier own game. she is in her enviroment and the only way to stop her. get back in the swamp with her and bite the hand that feeds the chaos. good luck in getting her out. she will back door brendon at all cost.

    • Yep, but I think she nail Meathead Jeff. He’s a fan fav, gotta take JJ out. Much easier to get people against BR as time goes on instead of JJ.

    • Danielle is not smart with all the stupid mistakes she has made! All she is doing now is fighting to stay alive! She knows she is vulnerable next week when she cannot compete for HOH. So, she cuts a deal with Brendon and Rachel with a plan to backdoor Jeff. I do not believe that Brendon and Rachel will rock the apple cart considering their veterans alliance is as strong as ever and will take them to the final 5 at the very least if they stick together! Danielle burned too many bridges too early in the game and only a fool will trust her and she is a threat if kept in the game so, the veterans will try and evict her next week is my guess!

  25. I am hoping br doesn’t keep their deal with dani. I wish dani would have never turned on br & jj and they could have all cleaned house. But I know dani wouldn’t have made it past final 5 if that had happened. Honestly it looks like akl of them would do whatever it takes to stay in the game. So its not just br that would.

    • that would have made thing boring and predicable all season..i think the deal is bs dani is the one who got b out but they will try to save their ass at the doom of jj dont u just love it lol

      • That is my thinking too. Why spoil a good thing when they have maybe, 4 more episodes before they clean out Danielle and the newbies and then, they can all go at each other for the whole enchilada! It would be stupid to destroy their alliance now considering Danielle would be a huge threat if left in the game!

    • And week 8 will be another double eviction week because there are only 4 weeks left and if 5 people get out Final 4 week 9.

  26. i hear that shelly jordan n rachel were going at it in the have not room? why wat happened?

  27. I really don’t think Brendon or Rachel would be stupid enough to pull either one off the block. C’mon guys we have to have more faith in B/R than that. I think they will flip on Dani as soon as this week is over. I’m gonna be honest, if they do flip on JEJO and go over to the “dark side” so to speak, I won’t have anymore respect for them. Even though JeJo did throw Brenchel under the bus the week that brendon was evicted, because not only did they offer Jordan as a pawn, but Jordan even said “if you put up anyone else besides me next to Rachel, Rachel will probably stay”. So lets all remember, Jejo hasn’t been that loyal to B/R either. And the week before was gone, he called Dani out on her plan to backdoor Jeff and got Dom out instead. So actually, Benchal has been pretty loyal to JeJo, lets hope it will remain that way and also we can see a little more respect from jejo to them. I dont think ANY deals with Dani will stick. I’m sorry but Dani deserves a backdooring by Brenchal next week.

      • OMG..Do you watch LF’s? JeJo complained about Rachy’s crying but they helped that girl SO much…Brenchal are trash pure trash of humans…UP THERE WITH CASEY ANTHONY!!!

      • I think they need to keep her around for a few weeks. She can win comps and sway votes. Everbody loves Jordan so that makes meathead safe.

      • really?? this is a game do not compare this to a tragedy were a beautiful girl that did not get a chance in life to be just to be

  28. I like this move
    1. shelly needs to go, can anyone update more on the fight? or is the live feed cut. I know shes “playing” the game, and hell i think if she wins veto this week, then she deserves americas player forget dom, but shes tottaly a snake i mean going from lawon, to kaliah, to rachel in like.. 30 min….
    2. Adam is a loose cannon, i can see him now winning HoH and putting jeff and dani up, and then proshe winning veto and not using it (mainly b/c she will be to busy in her rabbit hole, or where ever she hides.. )
    3. I really wish i had live feed, as i dont want BR and JJ to turn on one another, and BR JJ are tottaly using eachother. But thats ok its an alliance.
    4. Also if this stirs up crap in the house with shelly, then JJ and BR become less of targets.
    5. i dont want jeff to be backdoored, but if someone needs to get back doored then i want rachel gone, brendon will still stir up drama, but wont cry as much. Howeve is rachels life really does suck as much as she said it does, then i feel bad and want her 2 win.
    6. I doubt shelly or adam will win the veto on there own, they both suck at comps… well adam almost won…. if jj, or br plays its over one of them will win
    7. Finally if jj/br gets back doored then they can only blame themselves, and i will get annoyed if jj/br wine/intimidate THEY DIDNT WIN HOH… jesus.. 2 weeks in a row and they NEEEDED 2 WIN….and they couldnt?? come on its almost laughable..

  29. Brenchel selling out JeJo…Rachy even selling out Jordan..Telling Brendan lies on Jordan too.Jordan who cared for A TRAIN WRECK OF A GIRL BACKSTABBING HER..THIS WITCH HAS NO CLASS…NOR WILL SHE EVER.

    • Yeam JJ would sell Team BR out in a second…. Jordan would be doing the same thing to save Jeff!

      • Nope..They’d work together to change it somehow…..Their “LOYAL” something that BRENCHAL KNOWS “NOTHING” ABOUT.

    • Trisha, Team JJ sold Team BR 2 weeks ago when they were worried about keeping each other safe. In fact, JJ told Dani to use Jordan as a pawn to ensure either Rachel or Brendon were evicted because people like Jordan!

  30. WOW, i never thought i’d see Daniele, Rachel and Jordan having a civil conversation after everything.

  31. Don’t be so surprised that BR turned on JJ. Both couples knew this day would come…whether they said it out loud or not. Not a shock…just survival skills. I think its funny how the BR fans have been slamming dani for her “betrayal to the vets” and now their ridiculous mascot couple of all things tacky and embarrassing to the human race have betrayed the all too holy JJ….
    Oh how quickly the tables turn when we try to save ourselves…uh yeah hello, you play to win right?

    • I cheer for Dani’s move..But hope it doesn’t come back on her working with THE DEVIL & WITCHY MINION…lol

  32. Can those trashy girls in the HOH room act & anymore foolish..SMACKING THEIR FOOD…No class or morals. I bet their mom’s are so proud. (Kalia..Dani..& The Blonde Bimbo..


  34. well if everybody buys in this rigged scenario then the 5 vets including Danielle have played with their scripted play create chaos eliminate one of ur own to make it look real
    But maybe they were promised no matter what they will make it to final 5 by that moment we the fans wont care who wins abd everyvody is on their on
    I found hard to beleive the 5 vets would have giving out their all summer unless their was sonething in it for them

  35. why two weeks ago when J/J went to Dani for a deal against B/R it was ok. Now when B/R goes and makes deals, it is stabbing J/J in the back. First thing out of Jor. mouth last night after HOH was “one of them will be going home” (she was talking to Shel.

    • I hope America is HAPPY for what they did. Voting Brendon back in was a mistake. Like Dani said they would sell there first born child to make it. They are snakes, and I had a feeling he would come back. I hope Dani don’t think she cantrust them. They need to back door Brendon.

      • I find it very hard to believe that America voted him back. I’m not so sure that is some of Big Brothers doing to keep the Sh** pot stirred. We would have no way of knowing.

      • America love’s them and you are one of the few that does not like them. If they where not liked they would not have been voted back in. They are great players. People that are in the house are playing a game. If you where fighting for half a million then you would do anything to win. Besides even Regan that hated Rachel is great freinds with them now.

      • Oh, and Dani wouldn’t? Everyone in the house can lie, back stab, make deals but if Brendon and Rachel do it, it is a crime? I love Brendon and Rachel. So glad he is back!

      • I hope brendon stays and makes it to the end with Rachel and Dani. I think its great if the three of them team up. I would However like it if Rachel shut her mouth and played the game quietly and STOP making enemies all the time. I’m rooting for her but she still annoys the crap out of me sometimes! I hope the three of them can really stick to this deal and keep it quiet. I love JJ but JJ and BR are going to have to turn on eachother and somepoint and BR are always a bigger target so they might as well stick with who plays better which is Dani.

      • America didn’t vote Branden in, CBS did. This show is about as real as the WWE. This is the worst season of players I have ever witnessed…did the producers close their eyes and pick people out of the telephone book??

      • I agree with u I think that Rachel would be the first one to sell though. I liked her a little bit after Brenden left but now that she is turning on JJ after they were there calming her cry baby ass down she wants to throw them under the bus she is so two faced. And so is Kahlia

      • Dom said that he would give his first born to get in ! NOT BRENDON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jordan said that meaning she new Dani and Kalia want Brenchel out. And what show do you watch??? Jeff made a deal to put up floaters. He never threw Brenchel under the bus…not once.

      • The week brendon actually went home jeff and jordan threw them under the bus. It was their idea to use Jordan as a pawn. Jordan even said to Dani, “you should just use me as a pawn, cause if you put someone else up against Rachel, she will probably stay.” This was when they thought brendon was using the veto on rachel. Then jeff was even going down there trying to get info out of Brendon for Dani.

      • They weren’t up in the HOH saying all kinds of BS for an hour about everyone. Dani called them up to the HOH and asked Jordan about being a pawn and after the POV was won by Brendon Jeff and Jordan went back up there and Jordan said she would be a pawn because she new she would be safe.

      • lol karen. stop trying to protect your precious jj. fact is, jj went to dani and promised her safety for the next week, in turn throwing brenchel under the bus.

      • Actually Karen, JJ did throw Brendan under the bus. Jordan said to put her up that way Brendan will go home for sure. It’s all gonna come out now. JJ are in trouble. Br can win competitions.JJ not so much.

      • JJ have the fans fool. I want them on the block together. Get then out of there! They are still boring as ever and floaters too. Jeff got mad bc Kalia put him on the block. He was trying to do the same to her. Its really sad that Kalia thinks well of JJ when they really dislike her. They have everyone fooled. its just too bad that CBS allowed them to return bc they were boring on their season too. At least BR give you some kind of game play and entertainment. You love them or hate them.

      • It was because of Jordon that Brendon went home because she offered herself up as a pawn. Jeff went ballistic when he was nominated for eviction yet it was o.k. when it was anybody else. Jordon admitted that it was because of Rachel and Brendon that she was still in the game as well as Jeff yet they will only play with Rachel and Brendon as long as they can keep themselves safe. Rachel and Brendon kept their word to them. I don’t see how Dani is going to back door anyone unless Shelly or Adam win POV. I hope that doesn’t happen. The odds are against it but you never know until it is over.

      • Finally it appears that some people are piping up what J and J really are. Crappy players who CBC try to keep in the game. The real reason Brendon is back is twofold. One for the drama that the couple brings and two because the show assumed Dani’s group and B and R would take each other out leaving J and J with Adams/Shelly at the end. Here’s one hoping for a Jeff backdoor to show his true colours. Maybe he can bully some women at that point lol.

    • I don’t think when J/J went to make deal, they ever actually threw anyone under bus, they only promised safety. But lets keep in mind, Rachel was almost ready to backdoor Jeff early on, till they turned on Dani for the idea, and Jordan used her HOH to do what her alliance wanted even though she liked Cassi. They are two very different sets of people!

      • Thank you bbfan. These other people are watching the show with blinders on. I guess a lot of people don’t like to watch people play the game with a little class.

      • You play BigB how you choose. That’s the point of the show. It doesn’t matter how you play, but PLAY to win. I am sure that all the cast members have love ones that is eager for them to return home and will love them just the same.

    • Trust is a precious commodity in reality game shows. That is the nature of the game. Do you really believe that Jeff/Jordan trusts Danielle and will not vote to evict her first chance? The same goes for Brendon/Rachel. Since, Danielle gained HOH this week—-people have to make a deal. However, whether they stick to it is another matter! I would hazard a guess that Danielle will be put on the block if a veteran wins HOH no matter who it is! Also, if one of the veterans wins HOH, they will not change it! That way, they do not give away who they are aligned with! Also, removing someone off the block creates uncertain risks to the veterans and why risk it?

      • Correction….What I meant to say is if the veterans win VETO then, they will not change it.

      • I dont think so bbfan. Rachel never really agreed to backdoor jeff. she just pretened to go along with dani and busted her out latr.

    • When Jeff and Jordan made a deal with Dani two weeks ago Jeff did not talk crap about Brenden and rachel and he did not say or convince Dani to backdoor Brenden like brenden and rachel did to him. he said we have a deal and i dont want to hear about who you are putting. Brenden and rachel

  36. omg… rachel a snake??/ seriously shelly.. you lie 2.. lol your playing a game, also does your daughter like you using the f word?

  37. Can’t take your own medicine, huh Shelly? Boo hoo hoo…you make fun of everyone else…when it’s your turn on the block, cry baby cry. You need to go HOME.

    • I love that that snake in the grass is finally getting hers, this is all going surprisingly well for Dani, i keep waiting for it to all fall apart, so far Just Shelly cracking

      • Shelly is going to blame her nomination on the fight between her and Kalia and Porsha-the biggest floater ever. Not even on slop

  38. AmandaYour right. I am just a vet fan & liked dani but wish she would have stayed with vets even thoug it would have been boring, lol.
    @ whoever compared brendon a rachel to Casey Anthony REALLY? YTHIS IS A GAME NOT THE MURDER OF A 2 YR OLD CHILD! That was just an insane comment and I think u r a little too emotionally involved in a tv game. Get a grip on reality please!

  39. oh god what the f….is wrong with jordan ,may be she doesn’t know she is on bb13,after all the lies shelly said and she still shelly side listening her bs,jordan i like you before but this season you dum a,,,,,,,lol

    • Shelly did not lie to Jeff and Jordan. She’s been with them since the beginning. Rachel is the one that’s lying. Shelly did lie but it was to Dani and Kalia trying to save that backstabbing skank Rachel.

      • How is Rachel backstabbing (and why did the skank comment come in? Get with reality? Not reality TV). Jordan told Dani the first time Dani was HOH to use Jordan as a pawn to help send B or R home…how do you not remember this? because you are too emotional.

      • I’m not repeating everything look at my above comment. Dani made the suggestion first. If you weren’t so emotional you would remember this. Do you watch live feeds???

    • @Karen. It appears that you are the emotional one. Are you Molly? Why are you so mad at Rachel. You wish that you had Brendan. Don’t cha? lol

    • Dani, Kali, Por are the most disgusting players ever. They are so mean as long as they have power, wait till the tables turn & if BB doesn;t call them out for stealing, they are proving that the program is fixed so thast disgusting racist pigs like them can win & GET AWAY WITH ANYTHING. THEY HAVE STARTED THDIR OWN KK group. Time for the 3 BB WHORE bitches TO GO.

  40. Maybe dani should align with JJ instead. Rachel may be a better at competing in the games but if brendon leaves she loses all that and is a wreck. At least Jordan can be independent

    • Everyone thinks Rachel is so good at competing but what has she really done. She won the first HOH because Dani gave it to her. And the 2nd HOH was just lucky guesses and Brendon gave it to her. Jordan won an HOH and knowone hit the ball for her in the 3rd slot. And she won a luxury comp.

      • Umm excuse me? Dani didn’t give it to her? They both were in a comfortable spot, and Dani decided she could let go. Rachel still won that. brendon didn’t hand her the victory- they competed with each other. True no one hit the 3rd slot for Jordan, but B and Jeff gave up their tries- just like Dani and Brendon when Rachel won. You can you be so BLANtantly hypocritical?

      • Are you kidding me. Dani didn’t give Rachel anything. Rachel competes well in both seasons. Its Jordan thats a waste of time and space. If i have to look at that dumbfounded/space out look on jordan’s face another season, I vow never to watch BB again. She doesn’t play the game. Only does what she is told. I would love to see a Dani and Rachel show down-last two.

      • miss disfunctional only wares makeup when she is hoh or won something. This is summers best comedy.

    • Daniele would have a much better shot at winning the game if she goes up against Rachel/Brendon in the final 2, as oppose to Jeff and Jordan.

      • It comes down to the Jurors in the house and it would be ashame if the jurors do not vote for best gamer. JJ are just coasting like they did on their season. Anyone can see that Jordan doesn’t want to be there. Her DR would be interesting. I wonder will BB ever let us see her true colors.
        Rachel is like DIck. You love them or hate them. But respect their love of the game to compete.
        You can easily see that Dani, Brendan and Rachel had their game play for competing and strategy since the first day. I have to respect that.

      • @Liada, Gee who won on J/J’s season? Oh yeah Jordan did. And she has also won as many comps as Rachel and Dani.

      • Karen back away from the anesthesia. Jordan won as many comps as Rachel or Dani??? Fess up your a relative of Jordan’s are’nt u? Your blind devotion to Jordan is relentless and causing u to hallucinate.

    • I think that Dani may be thinking that if she goes to the final with Rachel or Brendon that she has a better chance of winning than against JJ. If that is the case, she would want to deal with Brendon and Rachel and get rid of JJ.

  41. I think Dani made the best move for herself that she could.

    I keep wondering why everyone in the house seems to be willing to deal with JJ. Jordan is so likeable and she won her season because of it. Jeff can actually win competitions so he might win as well. JJ are a bigger threat than BR, because BR don’t have fans in the jury house like JJ.

    I am not a Dani fan but this is probably the best move she can make for herself. There is no way she wins anything against JJ, but she might actually have a better chance against BR.

    So I am gonna rag on Dani a little less for her stupidity in playing too hard too fast. I think this week could be great for her if she has the cojones to backdoor Jeff.

  42. i cant believe this… wathcing live right now… shelly and adam are having a pitty party for shelly.. how can shelly feel like shes been kicked in the teeth… she played the game she lied 2.. she never helped rachel… no one has helped rachel.. they all think shes wacked even jj

  43. OK right now I am watching BBAD and Dani just said best case scenario, Brendon wins pov and noms stay the same, so obviously they have no real plan of backdooring Jeff.

    • i don’t think she has told Kalia the full deal with Brenchel, she said that more for show i think. cause with what Kalia knows, that what would happen. the deal is secret(for now), so Kalia seems to be on a “need to know” basis

      • not to mention she would run to J/J and tell everything. What about Porsha, does she know anything?

      • right now i think only Dani and Brenchel know the full “deal”,, Porsche know less than Kalia.

        on Brenchel’s side it seems they are really with her now, but i can’t tell what Daniele thinks because she hasn’t talk about the full deal with anyone. we’ll know more when her and Brenchel talk again in HOH room and that probably won’t happen till after veto when they have an excuse to be in HOH.

      • Yeah see how Dani keeps her BFF in the dark. Another one she’ll dispose of when she needs to. She even commented in the DR that she wants to be friends with Porche because it will help her in the game. She could care less about anyone but her bratty self.

      • that’s what big brother is all about, using people to get yourself further. in the case of Kalia, she doesn’t know the full deal, cause Dani herself isn’t 100% sold on it.

        besides that everyone favorites JeJo do the exact same thing. look at Shelly and Adam, JeJo will cut them loose when it’s time

      • Karen, you need to go watch something else. you clearly dont understand how big brother works. its not a summer long power struggle to make friends, its a summer long power struggle for $500 000.

      • Gellieman, Don’t tell me what to do…if you don’t like my comments then get off this site and go somewhere else. By the way just because I don’t feel the same as you do does not mean I don’t understand the show. Been watching since season one. You can play the game and be true to your alliance at the same time.

      • Dani needs only to tell Kalia…on a need to know basis only. Kalia does not know how to play the game and has set Dani back with strategy. Kalia is really getting on my nerve by still believing in Shelly. I guess Kalia missing her mother and Shelley is the closes thing to it. Shelley is crazy. It’s kind of spooky how deceitful that she is. Her behavior in the house has to be somewhat similar to her true personality. She has skills. I am so happy that i don’t know her. I bet her co-workers are like…uhm hmm I knew she was a snake. They are taking notes and recognizing that it was her that started all those office rumors/fights…they are going to kick her @$$ when she gets back.

  44. If JJ win veto they can’t use it shell and shell knows that. That would mean j or j could go up and shell would understand that.

  45. Did someone just now tell Shelly that she is on BB?? cmon she had to know playing both sides would blow up in her face, and I’m so sick of Jeff and Jordan kissing her ass, they are starting to miss me off.

      • yeah i used to like them but their true colors came out. They are selfish and thing they are all that. jeff is a bully

    • I agree…where did she think she was? I mean someone gets “outed” every season for it don’t they? She wasn’t that slick about it either…she would barge in every door until she found out the scoop, once she got it…she’d run back to another group…and so on and so on…Well bless her little heart. It’s like the thief who is sorry he was caught but NOT sorry that he did it. LOL

  46. after Brendon came back in, i thought Dani was the captain of a sinking ship, no chance in hell, but wow how things change fast. JeJo are in for the big blindside, but that all rests on Dani and Brenchel trusting each other. we’ll all find out truly where they stand if they win and use the veto. they do that, i’ll be convinced they are in

    • This is exactly what I predicted danimal would do. It was the stupidest thing she could do and she did it. She competes well in the comps but she is a dim bulb. The real vets are gonna dump her next week unless Kalia or Porsche win HOH. Danimal is so dim witted it’s laughable. Why do people think she is this wise, tuned-in sage? She has no clue! Go BRJJ

  47. Jeff telling Jordan and Shelly that Rachel will see you out in 2 seconds….. That is funny because they sold Brendon and Rachel out like that 2 weeks ago to protect Jeff and Jordan.

    • They never threw anyone under the bus. Once again what show are you watching. Jeff made a deal to put up floaters.

      • That was a fake deal. What show are you watching? Jordan volunteered herself to be used as the pawn to get B or R out! wth?

      • Jeff made a deal to put up floaters. He once again did not throw Brenchel under the bus. And yes it was a fake deal but not against his alliance he wanted to backdoor Dani who by the way since you don’t seem to be watching the same show is not in his alliance since she made the dumbest move in the beginning to turn on her alliance.

      • So it’s okay to lie to Dani’s face since she was playing the game, but don’t dare call Jeff a liar?! Amusing. They’re just as two-faced as everyone else in that house, so don’t pretend they’re not.

      • @Scott, Never said they don’t lie. That’s the way the game needs to be played. I am talking about when you lie and throw your own alliance under the bus. I’m talking about the nasty and childish actions. You can play the game with a little class like Jeff and Jordan play.

  48. Today’s bb script went just as BB planned. “Dani, we can’t allow you to up the dynamic cry baby duo.” We just screwed the public with this return crap and this would ruin all the drama and ratings and money they bring.”
    “Don’t worry though, we’ll tell you when it’s ok to do what you or anyone else wants to do.”
    Sorry CBS, you really are a joke of a network.


      • I agree that I would love to see Jeff go. When Brendan left he thought that he was the big man on campus. He thought that he could easily win competition agains the females and also by bullying them. Such a pig!

      • Karen have you been watching the feed you must not have because these people are nothing but nice. They edit them so they are nice but really they are nothing but selfish. cant believe i used to be their fan..

      • I watch the feeds. Jeff and Jordan are very nice. They don’t go out of there way to hurt people. They play the game but keep the nasty, childish behavior out of it.

      • JJ are NASTY. They are NOT nice. They are the worst kind bc they pretend to be a true friend. It is sad how they treated Kalia. if anyone watches the feed you could easily see that. Jordan doesn’t play the game. She only does what she is told. She needs to get a backbone and stop allowing Jeff to speak to her as he does. I have seen them do some really nasty unsanitary things while on live feed and actual filming of competition too. Shelly says Rachel is dirty but I wouldn’t shake Jordan’s hand since she tends to only use her bare fingers at times to wipe her runny nose. And Jeff needs to stop using his clothes for wiping his running nose …in the KITCHEN FOR HEAVEN SAKES!

      • @Liada, How they treat Kalia??? What a joke. In the beginning Jeff and Jordan were the only ones that were nice to her. Did you already forget that Jordan picked Kalia for the luxury comp? Kalia is the one that floated over to Dani because she had the power. And all Dani did was talk crap about Kalia for 2 weeks. Also Julie asked Kalia about her friendship with J/J and she said she would like to get back to a good place with them and then that same night she was in HOH with Dani trash talking Jordan. Once again what show are you watching???

  49. i really hate that the “deal” is secret, it makes it harder to tell if people are being truthful or fake, even harder than usual. for one thing, if it was a straight up deal, out in the open. if she heard Brenchel talking bad about her she would know they are backstabbing her, but with it being secret, they are supposed to talk shit.

    now that i think about it, if Brenchel are playing her, it’s a brilliant plan, they could plan against her and she would think it’s all part of the plan.

    on the other hand, they could just say stuff about going after Dani to JeJo to “play along” with the charade and Dani could get nervous that they are really targeting her again.

    this week is all about trust, more than ever this season

  50. So… Dani is up to something, hmmm kindda confusing.. we’re in Dani’s game like back in BB8.. who does Dani real target ? Brendon ? Adam ? Jeff ? Are the guys falling victims one by one ?? Is BB13 winner going to be a lady ?? Hmm.. I predicted would be.

  51. I hate RACHEL so bad ! She’s a devil !

    After Shelly had changed the situation for her, she bashed her so bad this week.

    You’re done, Rachel !

    Take her to the final 2 and you will get 500.000 dollars.

    • Shelly changed it for her alliance- not for Rachel. Plus, have you not been watching Shelly get nasty about her behind her back. That’s waht Rachel called her out for. She keeps saying she doesn’t want her daughter to see her like this, but she has BEEN LYING the entire time. So stop getting so personal about people’s character unless you are willing to look at EVERYone.

    • if anyone is a Devil, it’s Shelly, i’ll give her some credit, until now i think she has done a great job of planting seeds and causing trouble unseen, problem is, when everyone caught on to her she broke down. she wasn’t prepare to be found out and if your gonna be a double agent you need to have cover stories and deflect blame somewhere else

  52. j\j are scared of shelly,i hope dani backdoor jeff ,people think j\j are nicer ,the show portray them that way and they not nice ,jeff is bully,i hate him.

  53. What did Rachel say to Shelly? Why is she cool with Dani when she is the one who put her on the block? Did Rachel call Shelly out is that the problem? Did Dani tell Shelly that she isnt a target that she is backdooring B/R?

  54. I don’t understand why Daniele didn’t nominate Jeff and Jordan.
    The only way Brendon and Rachel will remain loyal to her is if they have no where else to turn.
    By leaving Jeff and Jordan in the game, Daniele is basically ensuring that Brendon and Rachel won’t keep their word.

    • i’m pretty sure her ultimate plan if she commits to this “deal” will put Jeff up as replacement nominee’s

      • Best case scenario for Daniele is if she wins the veto and replaces Adam/Shelly with Jeff.
        Rachel,Brendon,Jordan and Adam/Shelly(whoever is removed from the block) will vote to keep Jeff.
        Porsche and Kalia will vote to evict Jeff.
        Jeff will stay in the game.

        However, if she would have nominated Jeff and Jordan, best case scenario would be Daniele wins the veto, keeps nominations the same, and…

        Adam, Shelly, Porsche and Kalia will vote to evict Jeff.
        Brendon and Rachel will vote to evict Jordan.
        Jeff is evicted from the house.

        Conclusion: The only way to even have a chance to evict Jeff would have been to nominate Jeff and Jordan.

      • Dan u ignore the senario of Brenchel being in on the backdoor. When Shelly asked Dani if she was the target ans said she can tell when people rlying, Dani said she got nervous. That caused me to believe maybe Shelly is the target. Brencel made a deal with Dani for safety next week. Rachel was mad at Shelly for telling Dani and Kalia she repeated their deal to her to Jordan.

    • currently she is the best in the house she has been in power 3 weeks straight and when she was with the vets, they were in power the whole way till Dani’s HOH, so technically Daniele been HOH or on HOH’s side the whole 6 weeks. no one else can say that

  55. Look its not like JJ went running up to the HOH room and said hey you should put Brendon and Rachel up so we can get one of them out. Brendon and rachel were already on the block and there was nothing JJ could have done to keep them from being nominated. It was only after Brendon won the veto and had the power to take himself or Rachel off the block that jordan volunteered to be a pawn and be nominated next to Brendon or Rachel. Also she didn’t offer to be a nominee in order to ensure Brendon or Rachel were evicted. She offered to be a nominee because if she didn’t then Jeff could have been nominated and may very well have been evicted over brendon or rachel.
    This is completely different from what Brendon and Rachel have done this week so stop trying to act like it was the same thing.

  56. Good for Dani. She has now made the decision to make JJ or BR choose which side they want to play. Both JJ amd BR has stated lets get rid of the floaters, but now when the floaters are up everybody wants to keep them. WHY…because they want JJ or BR to win. Dani is not playing the game so someone else can win. I want her to backdoor Jeff, he had his chance to get on board and decided not too. I think it is the right choice to pitch JJ and BR against each other. Put some holes in their so called alliance. She can not do that with their babysitters in the house.

    • Simply K u r so right. At first I thought the noms were not thought out but now I don’t. Everyone was so sure she would put up Brendon, who everyone in the house was threatened by but afraid to move on, now they can’y use her and toss her away likes yesterday’s garbage. Though hg suspect a deal no one knows for sure. If their word can b trusted this may b a good move fot Dani. T he jury is out on if the deal will prove good for kalia. I suspect Brendon hates her more than Dani. Unlike Kalia, she put up votes that were not hers anyway so she does not lose anything if they leave and as u said the alliances will come out. Dani is smart not to tell Kalia too much. She has bad game play, Dani needs her vote but Kalia put them in this place of Brenchel being in the house. Kalia is going to every one saying our friends keep getting eviceted like it surprises her when she was directly responsble for 2 of the 3 newbies beling evicted. Dani does well not to tell Kalia too much. She told Kalia to her face she talks 2 much.

      Shelly again brings up her kid for the pity vote to Dani. She was playing the same old routine of the honest mom teaching her daughter life lessons but it is not going over too well this go around. Dani ignores the comment. The pressure of knowing this is it finally oushes Shelly over the edge. Shelly tells Dani “I can’t believe how dumb Danielle is playing” I don’t know if she thought she was talikng to some one else or what. Dani gave no response but Shelly is over the top freaking out now.

  57. Shelly must b urber nervous she is actually eating between cigrettes. She is smoking non- stop, wearing sunglasses at night and royally pissed at Rachel.
    Dose any one no what happened between Rachel and Shelly?

    • Dani is playing an absolutely TERRIBLE game. She was guaranteed to have one of the 4 vets go home this week. Now she isn’t. By nominating Shelly and Adam, she could potentially not have ANY of the vets go home. Stupid Dani. She better hope she wins. If B/R, J/J win veto you know they aren’t using it. And I doubt Shelly or Adam wins…

    • Rachel called Shelly out on her lies, and Shelly was offended. I can’t imagine working in an office with Shelly she has got to be the employee you want to punch it the face, because she thinks she is so slick. She is able to justify every lie she tells. Hope Adam wins and Jeff gets back doored. Sick of that bully too. For anyone who is still defending Jeff he treats Jordan like dirt, couldn’t imagine being married to that monster. He is so disrespectful to her and she sits with that dumb look on her face when he calls her stupid.

  58. This is the best move that Danni has made in this game! No she better stick to the deal and no break her word to brenchel!

    • I think her main goal is to backdoor Jeff. That will please Brendon and Rachel. Then Brendon and Rachel will find out that when it’s their turn on the block, by the hands of Dani, that there will be noone there to save them.

  59. I am finish watching this show and can not believe that folks voted to bring that guy back on the show.

  60. It is not bb/jj anymore. bb switched to bbd. Rachel is going to blow Brendon’s game. She lied to him about not having anyone in the house to talk to when he was gone. Jordan was there all the time. When he asked about Jordan she said she wasn’t there to talk to. She told him they were all mean to her. That’s not true. I don’t care if people lie in this game, but to your future husband. Lying is part of bb, but this is your future husband and your only true ally. Shame on her.

  61. This season the term “newbies” is used as a code word to discriminate against various ethnic, gender, and sexual orientation.

    • ????? People have their dislikes but I think u r taking things a bit over the top. There have been some inappropriate comments but for the most part peopleand character have stuck to comments about behavior. People have choosen a side and discrimnate based on that rather irrationally but I do not think for the most part the or racial or sexist or.

  62. Unless I missed something yesterday Dani has made no deal with R&B…Her words to them were “I will definitely think about it”. Dani never “agreed” to their deal. (not that I heard) Brendon and Rachel may be thinking that the 3 of them do have a deal cause they were not put on the block. Dani has an agenda and a plan only known to her. When she became HOH (current) she told Kalia that she was not gonna share all her thoughts and plans and that she hoped Kalia would understand and not take it personally. I think she will make her plans known when the POV winner is in known. She may backdoor Jeff and she may not. In my opinion she won’t..she has bigger fish to fry in Rachel and Brendon. She knew Rachel was lying out her ass during the meet in the HOH. R&B were throwing the all the HG’s under the bus to save their own ass. (a TINY PART of it was true) . I just know that there was “NO WORDS FROM DANI TO INDICATE A FULL FLEDGE DEAL”. Unless it happened after the nominations it did not happen.

  63. To Jeff and Jordan fans as well as Shelly defenders saying Rachel is lying about making. Finak 3 deal with Brendon and Rachel.

    August 3, at 9:43 AM BBT – camera 3: Shelly, I think it is better if needing stays.

    August 5, at 9:45 AM BBT – camera 3: Shelly tries to make a final 3 deal with B/R.
    The true snake is Shelly….. Rachel is telling the truth. Now.what do you have to say? Nothing…. I am not suprised because Shelly, Porsha and Adam will float to whover has the power!

    • its about time shelly got busted… but she really thinks shes innocent… makes you wonder…

  64. Why is everyone ragging on Dani? She is not playing stupid here. She messed up in the beginning, but she’s back on track now in my eyes. Aligning herself with BR is her best option at this point. Why can’t people see that? BR can win competitions, JJ can’t. If it came down to Brendon, Rachel and Dani in the final 3, Dani has a MUCH better shot at winning versus her being against Jeff and Jordan. I’m certain Dani is making her decisions based on who she can beat in the end. Getting 8th or getting 2nd is the same to Dani, she wants to WIN. She’s already gotten 2nd and anything other than 1st is a loss to her. I think she was very smart to nominate Adam & Shelly and she very well may be planning to backdoor Jeff. Adam & Shelly have little chance of winning the veto against Dani and whoever else gets to play. If BR get to play as well they have a huge advantage to take the veto and Daniele gets to backdoor Jeff. Smart move in my eyes, Dani.

  65. All I said was (to my knowledge) ” DANI NEVER MADE A DEAL” with RACHEL and BRENDON..

  66. TO MY KNOWLEDGE…”Dani never verbally agreed to a deal with RACHEL and BRENDON”..

    • Wow if that is true her gameplay is risky. She cannot b sure of her strategy, though no one can b sure of anything in BB. One has to b truely masterful in predicting human behavior to manipulate other’s behavior. If there is one thing Dani needs to work its her read of people. Shelly talks nonpersonal while at the same time asking specific personal questions about others game, Dani should have picked up on that because she is good at playing her cards close to the vest.

  67. I haven’t watched BBAD yet but my comp. is broke and can’t see live feeds (having to use my mom’s) really not sure whats going on other than Adam and Shelly r up. Can someone clue me in in? Rough note.

  68. I think may have taken the deal with B/R, and she is playing super smart right now. I didn’t like her at all this season, but the deal B/R are trying make with her may be her best bet. I really don’t believe production has a conspiracy going with Brandon going back in, sheesh, I voted for him because the fireworks would be great. All the haters need to get a life! This is a game, people!

  69. Sorry….I meant to say Dani in the first sentence and Brendan not Brandon! I hate it when people get things wrong, sorry. =(

  70. The only reason Dani would seriously entertain the thought of keeping Brendon and Rachel in the game (perhaps to final 3) is because she thinks they are more unlikeable than her and it would benefit her chances of winning the big prize. I’m really questioning how Dani and her current cohort, Kalia, have managed to win all the recent HOH competitions. Kalia’s win was very dubious as she buzzed in her answers (a few times) before Julie Chen had finished asking the questions. And now, miraculously, Dani wins HOH yet again. If I were a betting person, I’d bet that someone at BB may be controlling the outcome….

    • It is more a case of trying to survive next week which is why she did not try to evict a veteran this week. Next week, she cannot compete for HOH so, can be put up if one of the veterans win HOH. By striking a deal, she hopes not to be put up next week! I do think Jeff, Jordan, Brendon, Rachel will put her up because she is a threat and can win competitions. Adam, Shelly, Porsche and Kalia are less of a threat to the veterans. So, it is a deal of desperation and nothing else! The veterans alliance excluding Danielle is still a pretty strong alliance, why mess up a strong alliance when there are still newbies in the house?

  71. I hope Brendon and/or Rachel get an opportunity to play in the veto competition and that one of them wins. I trust Dani about as far as I can throw that little witch and I wouldn’t put it past her attempting to backdoor either Rachel or Brendon. Jeff and Jordan are well aware of how Dani plays as well and if selected to play in the veto competition would be looking only to protect themselves (naturally) by winning. Meanwhile, I’m hoping the nominations stay the same and we say “buh-bye” to Shelly next week.

    • I think Adam is going too if the nominations stay. Shelly has played a very good social game so, I believe she will have the votes in her favor when it comes down to evicting Shelly or Adam. The veterans know Shelly is more valuable to them with the information she has been feeding them.

  72. It does my head in when people moan about houseguests playing the game! No they would not ‘sell their first born’ to make it or any other ridiculous statement. Their strategy involves making a lot of deals and winning comps, give Brechel credit for not being boring floaters!

    JJ are not that special, I like them a lot, espicially Jordan, but they dont work half as much to stay.

  73. daniele is a back stabbing untrustworthy cow, brenchel are both assholes who only care about themselves, porcha is useless as well as adam, shelly is sneaky and smart, and jeff and jordan are simply nice people. but for some unknown reason most americans are partial to the jerks in the house. if you were friends with jeff and jordan and friends with brenchel who would you really rather win the money. my vote, being canadian, is for the nice couple not the self centered brendon and whiny rachel. get a grip people.

    • Of course brendon and rachel are only thinking about themselves. it’s a game for 500 grand. durrrr.

      • Disgusting people are disgusting people, with or without money. I understand that this is a game, but maybe saving a little dignity for the end would be nice…

      • EXACTLY!! I’d be self centered also if I had the chance to win all that money. Several podcasts I listen to where past houseguests call in have all said Rachel and Brandon are really nice people

  74. Rachel is annoying, Brendon is annoying but at the end of the day they’re playing for 500 thousand dollars.. Do people realize how much money that is? It’s a game, of course there’s going to be backstabbing and lying, big brother would be boring if it was nothing but rainbows and kittens and they all got along and played an honest game. Danielle is probably just as sinister if not more than Brendon and Rachel so you should stop being bitter and enjoy the show and respect every players game that isn’t a floater and Rachel is not a floater.

    • Danielle is the most nasty house guest on big brother this season. She backstabbed her alliance members how many times? In addition, she manipulated the newbies like Porsche, Lawon, Kalia. Only Shelly was smart enough to play her own game. And of course, Danielle continues to lie, left and right about practically everything. I know she is playing for $500,000 but, I am rooting for her to lose and not win that money. She does not deserve it because of her gameplay.

      • Well Danielle’s gameplay is what’s keept her in the game/helped her control the votes. She’s being strategic, looking at her options, and playing a social game allowing her to manipulate the newbies. I think she’s the strongest player, which seems to be clear as the other vets have gone three straight weeks failing to win HOH. Also, this is a game/tv show, people present themselves differently in the house than in real life, so the players are going to do some things “sinister”, “nasty” and whatever else to stay in the game. It’s the fault of the other players if they’re allowing themselves to be manipulated, not Danielle’s or anyone else who’s getting into their heads. And btw, Shelly has also been lying left and right. because it’s her part of her gameplay!!

    • I agree. they are playing a game and the one with the best game play should win. Even if we don’t agree. They all have their good points and their bad ones. Enjoy the show. I would like for each season to be with new players but some from other seasons got a raw deal like those that get evicted the first week. This is just my opinion.

  75. The newbies are weak! Its only 5 vets in the house. Why not stick 2gether and knock them off one by one. The vets are some pretty strong players…well not Jordan…she’s under Jeff’s wing. I don’t know what the newbies are thinking! Kalia…she’s terrible! Porche…is useless! Shelly..annoying! Adam is just floating around! They are just sitting ducks!

  76. @Karen I am watching the show, Feeds and LIVE (ST). What show are you watching? I am watching the freaking BigBros Show(s). And everyone tells Kalia that she shouldn’t trust J&J. Jeff has been mad at Kalia for taking up for Gays. Jeff has some messed up views about being Gay. Jeff is ignorant about being Gay and Kalia tried to set him straight but he started cursing and yelling. He is ignorant and a fool. Look at how he makes fun of Jordan. He always puts her out there to be laughed at. He even did it on Amazing Race. So what show are you watching?

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