Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Week 5 PoV Competition Results

Power of Veto

Whoa! It’s felt like a long time since we’ve had a night time competition and Big Brother 13 nearly surprised us with the move, but it turned out to be a trick. Late last night, after an explosive Nomination ceremony, Kalia was called back to the Diary Room and informed that Veto players would be picked right then. But after a night of waiting, the Veto didn’t play out until this morning. Welcome back, Big Brother drama! Where have you been all summer? We’ve missed you.

Read on to find out who won and what that means for the game this week.

Big Brother 13 Week 5 Power of Veto results:

  • Jeff has won the Veto Competition.

Jordan is nervous that she’ll be renom’d, but Kalia is talking in the HoH room now and it really doesn’t sound like she’ll do that. Daniele wants Kalia to renom Adam. Kalia is nervous about renom’ing Porsche as she might go home. Sounds like it’ll be Adam getting the renom spot. Do you think that’s Kalia’s best move right now?

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The players this week were Kalia as HoH with Rachel and Jeff as the nominees. Then Jordan, Adam, and Shelly were selected to play. Porsche was the host.

The Veto ceremony will be held in the next few days, probably Monday, so we’ll soon know whether or not the power will be used. Stay close by and we’ll let you know as soon as that happens.

What do you think of the PoV Comp results?


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    • Rachel won’t go home if Jordan is not put up. I believe she has votes from Jeff, Jordan, and Porsha or however her name is spelled. If Porshe goes up, I still think Shelly would vote for Rachel because Rachel is more likely to win an HoH and Shelley can suck up.

      • i agree if Jordan doesnt go up then Jeff Jordan and Porsche and Shelly will all keep Rachel because she will help them and she remains a target. They will turn their backs on Adam because he hasnt won anything and hes of no use to them. It would be a dumb move for Kahlia not to put up Jordan as a pawn to make sure Rachel goes. Lord help us all if she comes back though!

      • by the way vote for Dominic! but wouldnt it be sooo funny if Brendan and Rachel had to duel. He would just forfeit for the love of his life ugh how disgusting!

      • Rachel doesn’t have Porsche vote, as far as Porsche is concerned she is part of Daniele newbie alliance.

        and when push comes to shove J&J will end up voting Rachel out

      • why would he forfeit for her? if she forfeits she goes to jury and he gets back in the game and worse comes to worse, he goes to jury as well. But if he forfeits,he goes home. Plus, she wanted him to save himself anyway, so if it comes downt to that, she will forfeit.

      • Mandi if Rachel forfeits she goes home not to jury. There are 9 in the house if one goes and one comes back there is still nine in the house. Those 9 will start going to jury.

    • Rachel may survive. Kalia said she won’t put up Jordan. Jeff might forgive Kalia if she does not risk Jordan. The new PAWN could go home. I can only hope. SAVE RACHEL & BRING BACK BOOKIE!

      • holy crap, every comment i see from you is “save bookie” your more annoying than that girl who added a period after every word!! you are definetly related to brenden or rachel, you gave yourself away like danielle trying to keep dom.

      • hey Parx, just because you dont like Brenchel doesn’t mean that everyone who does like them, or at least feels they deserve to stay are horrible people, just an f.y.e..also I am the “girl who put a period after every word” I like I told another person who decided to open their mouth without paying attention, do you think I would say excuse all the periods if I did it on purpose? I was texting it via email on my cell and for some reason my cell keeps adding periods…btw your just as annoying as all the other people whi feel they are actually in the BB house playing the game and knowig the contestants. You should have more respect for people and their opinions. After all, were all entitled to one.

      • I was thinking that maybe, just maybe, Kahlia will wake up to her senses and backdoor Danielle. Danielle cannot get off the block if she is the replacement nominee and there are enough votes to evict her! That is Kahlia’s best move. She should show Danielle that she is on to her and will not let herself be manipulated!

      • You go girl…who cares if you use periods Mandi especially if it’s not your fault. If people have a problem with punctuation maybe they shouldn’t be reading everyones comments.

  1. Omg he actully won something if was arrogant then what will he be now lol.
    Kalia needs to get rachel out now put of jordan is her best bet f jejo…maybe shelly is another alternative.

    • She has to put someone else up and it could very well be Jordan. Kalia may not want to do that but Dani will try and get her to….unless the target really is Rach and then Kalia will need to put up a newbie as a “pawn”.

  2. I am so glad that Jeff won the VETO. I just hope Jordan isn’t the replacement. Time to get rid of Rachel. I don’t want her or “her man” back in the game but it would be funny to watch the 2 of them compete against each other to get back in the game. I would love to see Cassi back in the game. I didn’t get to see enough of her but I was really starting to like her in the game.

    • I thought the whole purpose of the show was to COMPETE AND TRY TO WIN…… not as a SUMMER LONG DATE…..

      that goes for BOT pairs that only signed on for a free summer romance….

      • I agree with you completely but I have always liked Jeff so that makes me root for him and Jordan. I don’t want Jordan to win again. But I want to see Rachel gone before them.
        I would love for Cassi to come back and start some new drama.

  3. Kalia wont put up Jordan, shes been sayin that to everyone. So hopefully Porsche and she would be sent home packin…

  4. It would be hilarious if Rachel gets booted, beats Cassi to get back in the house and then wins HoH!

    • I hope Rachel stays, Cassie comes back, wins HOH and is the one to kick Rachel out. That would make my whole summer to get to see

  5. Kalia said last night period point blank absloute 0% chance she will replace with jordan. Also, the replacement nominee will probably be Porsha..the will tell her she’s a “pawn”, lawan and Dani will vote to evict Rachel of course. Buuuuuutttt those 3 (jejo and rachel). Can definitely pursuade adam and shelly to vote Porsha out. Rachel has jejo and she only needs adam and shelly and I’m positive that they want to stay on jejos good side. I think no matter who the replacement nominee is, there is a good chance the remaining 2 votes can be swayed…but yay! Happy for him, definitely wanted one of the vets to win it.

    • Good thing you can trust Kalia’s word…all it takes is Dani to whisper in her ear what she should do and it’s done…

      • If Kalia Renoms Adman. The votes could be Dani, Lawon, Porcha to Evit Rachel. Jeff, Jordon, Shelly to Evict Adam. Meaning Kalia would Vote out Rachel. If she uses Lawon (who wants to be the pawn) or Porcha then the votes would be Dani and Porcha / Lawon vs. the rest of the house. She is going to have to use Shelly or Adam or Jordon to get Rachel out.

    • Kalia can say wahtever she wants. Her alliance put her up once before what makes you guys think she wont put her up again?

  6. right on jeff! lets hope a floater gets put up and goes home so brendon comes back in

  7. If Kalia renoms Adam, he will be the one going home 100%! Cuz JJ are gonna save Rachel, which means Shelly will too, and Porsche is also gonna save Rachel.. LMFAO this is gonna be awesome if none of the vets leave this week!

    • apparently you guys aren’t watching the same show, for one the Porsche is NOT with Rachel anymore, she flipped to DNA(Dani’s Newbie Alliance) and J&J will vote Rach out too, just because she annoys them

      • Not a chance. I don’t think that Porche has really flipped. Also, J%J will never go against their alliance.

    • That would be a stupid move for Kahlia. If she were playing to win the $500,000, her best chance is to keep the newbies intact. They have the numbers, the veterans are going after each other and just need to be voted out! Why not just put up Danielle as replacement nominee? She is sure to go as everyone will vote her out!
      Then, next week, the newbies win HOH then, they nominate 2 of the veterans and if one gets off, put the third veteran as replacement. That guarantees the veterans lose one more next week! There would be 2 veterans versus 5 newbies and the newbies will be in full control of the house! Kahlia
      should do what will help her win that $500,000 and stop listening to Danielle who is
      just using her. If she does, she has a decent chance at that $500,000. If she listens to Danielle, she could go on the block next week and will have herself to blame for it!

    • I agree why make an enemy out of Porsche when it looks like she wants to join their side? Shelly is a complete snake AND she’ll probably continue to support JJ even after they inevitably throw her under the bus for eviction in order to save their own behinds.

  8. Rachel may have lost but I’m confident that she’ll get to stay and get revenge next week

  9. If Kalia puts up Jordon, Dani and she can kiss their behinds goodbye, Jeff and Jordan will do everything in their power to put them out the door, and for me it will be good ridens to both of them. Both have been sliding along till last week.

    • Are jejo gods that no one must cross smh who are they.The have already won money and need to go.

      • Does it make a differance if they have won before this is for game playing not who needs the money the most !!!

      • if you were playing against someone who won it already would you want to make them win again.
        Look how many times you see when people wining money and hiding it cause people may use it against them..but no cause its jordan and shes mother Teresa she must not go

      • Just because you won before doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to win again. If Jordan makes it to the end she deserves to win especially when she came in with the biggest target on her back as being a previous winner and coupled up with Jeff. Go Jeff and Jordan.

      • Whoever wins deserves the money because they played the game the smartest. Their strategy does not matter. And who chooses the winners? It is not the fans but, the jury from the house guests so, they still need to play the social game because each of those house guests in the jury decides who gets that $500,000.

      • If it were Jeff or Jordan or Rachael who won they would have put up Kalia or Dani in a hearbeat.Jeff,Jordan,Rachael and Brendon were walking around like they owned the place.Now when they lose they act like big babies.

    • How have they been sliding along? Oh you mean by winning HOH and ensuring their safety. Oh yeah they’re huge floaters.

      Please give me a break

      • Production gave Kalia the HOH were you watching when the first clue was What Did and Kalia got the correct answer, it was rigged for better TV.

      • D, I wondered about that. Kahlia answered the question before enough of the question was asked! Remember how puzzled Jordan looked. I was puzzled too because I had no idea what that question was going to be.

    • Thank you so much for saying” Dani and she”! I’m disgusted at reading horrible grammer. It was quite nice to read it correctly for a change

    • Regardless if Kahlia puts Jordan up or not jejo is coming after Dani & Kahlia. The only reason I want Jordan to go up is to get Rachel out. I think that is Kahlias only hope of getting her target out. Hopefully she does not win the challenge to come back.

    • Kahlia should backdoor Danielle right now where she will not be able to get off. Jeff, Jordan, Shelly, Porsche and Adam will all vote her out!
      Nominating a newbie will cost Kahlia and the newbies that $500,000. Their best chance is to continue voting out the veterans this week and if they win HOH next week, nominate the veterans and if one gets off nominate the other veteran. If she does, the newbies maintain their advantage in numbers which counts very much in this game especially when we are having fewer and fewer houseguests week after week!

  10. @Mandi Kalia has lied to Jeff and Jordan before can not believe a word that comes out of that woman’s mouth

    • jeff and jordan were pissed when kalia won because they know the dont like her..she has been aplogizing like a fool and kissing their ass she should stick to jeff and nom jordan she goes home and dom or cassie kick her to the curve againg she already has won money she should go

    • How would that be smart? Are you brain dead or are you just not watching the show? Moron.

      • totally agree with you Dan, ya get rid of your only really ally, that’s always a good idea…lol, if were all throwing out dumb ideas how about maybe Jeff will vote out Jordan…lol

      • If it gets Kalia back into the good graces of the rest of the house,who are mostly anti-Dani then she might buy herself a couple of extra weeks in the house but it could bite her back if Dani wins the twist comp after she’s evicted.However Kalia doesn’t have what it takes to make a big game move like that.

    • I am also rooting for a Danielle nomination. She can be booted out easily as she cannot get off now if nominated! As far as being an ally of Kahlia—-that is a big joke! Danielle back stabbed her whole alliance and continues to lie. Kahlia is just being strung by Danielle to go further and nothing else! Danielle would throw Kahlia out first chance she has! She proved it with Jeff and Jordan and Rachel and Brendon. Trust is a precious commodity in these reality games and it is plain stupid to trust someone who has already betrayed multiple allies! With allies like Danielle, you need to have your head examined!
      Hopefully, Kahlia wakes up and sees that the newbies are in control of this game now. All they need is to vote one veteran off this week. Then, win HOH next week and nominate 2 more veterans and if one gets off put the remaining veteran on the block. That is 100%
      guaranteed that another veteran goes home next week! Then, there would be 2 veterans versus 5 newbies left in the game!

  11. Well, since Jeff will obviously use the veto on himself, I’ll be worried about Porsche going up. If Kalia really IS considering Adam, he may go home. I feel that Jeff, Jordan, Porsche, and Shelly would all vote to evict Adam if he goes up. So, please Kalia, put Adam up. :)

      • Why are you so confident rachel is going? The odds are actually looking pretty good for her. And even if she gets voted out she will have a chance to compete and id bet money the only person out of them 4 that could beat her is Brendon and if she has to face off against brendon..they’ll just decide that it’ll be best for him to win cause him and jeff would dominate and that would mean rachel and brendon are still gonna be in jury together. There is a massive possiblity that either rachel is staying this week or brendon is returning. Period.

      • There is no way if Brendon and Rachel face off, that Rachel will lose. Brendon will continually defer to his fiancee’ and Rachel is selfish enough to accept it…

    • @eddie totally agree with you I’m really hoping Kalia nominates Adam and not Porsche.


  12. Kalia won’t put up jordan..if she was a little worried about jeff lastnight she’s going to be sweating bullets now and as much as it seems I think even jejo and rachel can sway kalia at least for a week. Dani already threw kalia under the bus today, when that happens, word starts to get out and their alliance will be sloppy and falling apart in no time! I feel that there is a very strong possiblity we could see all 3 of them stay and even a slight possiblity we can see Brendon come back! Yay! I would pay to see the look on danieles face if that happens..she’s been coasting for the most part too because of the golden key, so its only right that the other vets get an advantage this week like she did 4 weeks in a row.

  13. Kalia wont put up Jordan after what Jeff told her that she is his numb 1 target the only way she has is to show to Jeff that she is keeping her word if it wasnt for the twist she would be smart to put up Danielle and get rid of her but not with the twist she woukd probably get back in the house
    so she will probably put up either Porsha or Shelly so shell take votes away from Rachel the way the house is going everybody has voted to accomodate the hoh so unfortunatly I think Rachel will be voted out short of a miracle in any case who ever is next in power should strongly try to backdoor Danielle

    • There is no guarantee that Danielle will be able to get back into the house if evicted! She might end up facing Brendon and Brendon will be more than happy to send her home permanently! Also, even if she did, she will have a big target on her back and will end up in the block if she does not win HOH! The veterans hopefully, know better this time and the newbies have already seen how Danielle betrayed her alliance! She slit her throat by betraying her alliance so, they would be more than happy to evict her a 2nd and final time!

    • I am rooting for that scenario and will be laughing if it does happen! Danielle deserves to be evicted with all that she has done to her alliance and her continues lies so, it would be sweet! The look on her face would be priceless!
      She will not see it coming!

  14. She should really renom Jordan, only because it’s very clear that Jeff is going to go after Kalia anyways, and Jordan will back him up. It’s in her best interest to not make any more enemies by putting someone else up, since Rachel will most likely be going home.

  15. jealousy jealousy jealousy Jeff is one of the best players in big brother.. With so many “floaters” in the house it kills me to see them going after real players that make the show fun to watch! Kalia is a big opinionated idiot! She went from being friends with JJ to being danielle lap dog! Can you say going going gone for Kalia! Put up the floaters then lets watch some real players do game & without Dick Danielle is Dumb!

    • Yeah she’s totally letting Dani control her. She’s doing what’s best for Dani and not what’s best for her.

      • I disagree I do not think Kalia will stick with Dani even though she drives me insane with talking and eating nonstop

    • HAHAHAHA. Whatever you delusional Jeff lover! Jeff hadn’t done a single thing this entire season. He won ONE veto when he needed to. He sat back and let other people do the all work for him, much like how he played in his original season.

      Get over yourself and shut up.

      • Yes!!! correct. Jeff is a slacker. Talk about a floater it is all Jeff does. Too bad he is sooo hot

      • He won when he had to didn’t he??? And there’s a lot more game to be played. He’s just getting started. Go Jeff and Jordan.

  16. Kalia has promised Jordan not to put her up. If Kalia put Jordan up she is looking for future trouble with JefJor. If Dani starts talking smack goddammn plan… I am sure … Dani will get her butt kick too.. Everyone Jeff looks lazy… but a good player..they guy is veteran reality game contestant, he can win…haha.. Better not put Adam or Lawon up… we need those slacker guys…in case Sweet Dom or Bookie Brendon returns; safe bet two sided Shelly as pawn.. Porsche will be interesting move.. , it might upset Rach though haha… we will see what Ms. Kaliahh will do… and is Jeff removing himself, I assume.

    • She is already looking for trouble with JeJo though, since she put up Jeff. I’m hoping to see a Rachel vs. Cassi faceoff to get back in the house.

  17. Rachel has to go.Can’t deal with her one more week. There is no way any jury will give Jordan the money a second time around. So why put her up. I would want to be sitting next to her in the final 2 because that other person whoever it is would win. So they should just keep Jordan around.

  18. Kalia will probably nominate Adam – nominating Porsche might be a little too dangerous because some other house guests are really getting annoyed with her, so the vote could swing against her. If Kalia wants to make sure that Rachel gets evicted, she should nominate Adam, and just use him as a pawn, because then everyone would target Rachel

  19. If Kahlia is smart, she will nominate Dani. That would be her best move to win the support of most of the house. Everyone should be playing for their own benefit and right now Kahlia is only playing for Dani’s benefit.

    • So she should put up her only confidant in the game to suit the rest of the houseguests LMAO and then they send her packing next week.
      I need to give this place a break the comments just keep on getting dumb and dumber by the minute lol

      • Why does everyone target Kalia for working with Daniele??? What about Brendon & Rachel? Jeff & Jordan? NO ONE thinks for themselves, at least Kalia has proven that she is able to play the game and compete – Jeff only won the PoV challenge because he knew that he needed to save his behind from eviction. Brendon called all the shots when he was around, and Rachel claims to be ‘an amazing strategic player’ when all she does is cry and whine. Cut Kalia some slack – she’s working like an animal to stay in the game and I hope she and Daniele go far.

      • Dani is one of the most disliked guests in the house; she has very little support. If Kahlia puts her up and the houseguest vote her out, people will be grateful and appreciative to Kahlia for doing that. I truly believe that would be the smartes move Kahlia could make. Surely Kahlia is smarter than to have only one confidant in the house.
        Your comment is the one that is ridiculous.

    • Don’t you mean Kahlia is an idiot if she nominates Dani? Jeff, Jordan and ‘Rechtal’ are trying to evict all newbies, including Kahlia. Dani is the only veteran willing to share the game with a new-comer.

      • Dani isn’t sharing the game with newbies — she is using them to get herself to the finals. She knows she has no chance to win against the other veterans unless she does this. It is a smart move on her part; but a dumb move for any newbie to actually think they can trust her.

      • WAKE UP….. everybody uses everybody….. thats what this game is….. everybody sliding by on each others coat tails….. they are all loosers

      • The newbies have control now if you have not noticed it yet! If a veteran goes home this week be it Danielle or Rachel, the veterans would be down to 3 veterans versus 5 newbies. If the newbies win HOH again next week, they can nominate 2 of the veterans and if one gets off thru veto then, nominate the last veteran and a veteran will go home 100% guaranteed! That will then, make it 2 veterans versus 5 newbies and newbies will have a good chance now at that $500,000. That should be what Kahlia should be thinking instead of believing Danielle who betrayed her entire alliance! Why would you trust Danielle? And Danielle cannot get off if put in as a replacement nominee! The veterans and newbies will be more than happy to evict Danielle!

    • Kahlia is being used by Danielle plain and simple. She has to play her own game which in this case means sticking with the newbies. Nominating a newbie as a replacement nominee is the wrong move! She needs a majority of newbies beccause they have control over this game now! Put Danielle up as replacement nominee as she cannot get off the block. The veterans and newbies will all vote her out!
      That leaves 3 veterans versus 5 newbies. Next week if a newbie wins HOH, nominate two veterans and if one gets off, put the other veteran as replacement. That guarantees the veteran goes home and it will be 2 veterans versus 5 newbies and Kahlia and other newbies just got better at winning that $500,000!

  20. Jeff, Jordan, Brendon, Rachel are my favorite players. They are the only ones who make the house interesting, and the production people know that. I still hope in some way the four of them make it to the final four and one of them wins the money.

    • Ok, neither of the four are deserving of ANY money. Jordan already won the top prize, Jeff is dating her and already won $10,000 for doing absolutely nothing (it was just a stroke of dumb luck, emphasis on dumb), Brendon is a crybaby who hasn’t done anything except ‘stand up’ for his stupid fiance, and Rachel does nothing but cry, whine, and complain. I Jordan the most out of those 4, but do you really think she should win again for not doing much of anything this season? Plus Jeff is a homophobic jerk and he should be kicked off for the highly-offensive comments he made regarding the LGBT community

      • typo: I meant I like Jordan the most out of the 4 of the veterans, but I still don’t think she deserves to win again.

      • I totally disagree with every comment you made. The veterans, except for Dani, are the only people truly playing the game.

    • Gabelle, I agree. Hopefully Kalia will back door a pawn and that pawn will lose to BOOKIE. The King and Queen of BB will be reunited and JJ can be Best Man and Maid of Honor in the Final Four. VOTE BOOKIE!

    • Yeah, me too. I hope somehow Rachel is not evicted. I would love to see Brendon come back too, but I really want Rachel to stay. She plays her heart out and I’ve never seen anything like it in Big Brother history. I don’t even think Kalia wanted to put Jeff on the block, I think she was manipulated by Dani. I think Kalia is starting to think that maybe Dani is only looking out for herself and not her alliance. I don’t know, but this week is getting very interesting.

  21. If Kalia puts up Adam, then im most definite tht Rachel will hve a gud chance of staying! Gooo jejo nd rachel!!

    • Yea, Rachel may have a good chance with Adam. But you know what, I’ve been thinking. What if Lawon goes up as a pawn? I don’t think anyone has any use for him, so it is quite likely Rachel could stay over Lawon too. Wouldn’t that be interesting? Then Lawon would compete against probably Brendon and Bookie would be back in the house.

  22. I doubt the vote will be unanimous – Jeff will obviously use the veto to save himself, leaving Rachel on the block with probably Adam. Kalia isn’t dumb enough to nominate Jordan (Jeff will obviously kill her the following week if she does), and she won’t nominate Lawon or Shelly, as Shelly has been providing her with information about the crumbling veteran’s alliance. So either Adam or Porsche will go up, and my money is on Adam, because he has not made one move to warrant his stay in the house. Adam might go home, however, if Rachel can get J&J’s votes, along with Porsche and Shelly. Whoever goes home will probably lose against whichever house guest as been voted back (Adam isn’t much of a physical threat, and I doubt Rachel can do much damage, unless she is up against Brendon, who will obviously throw the challenge for Rachel).

  23. Ok y’all. BB after dark- Kaila and Jordan have an agreement to never put each other up. So it’s NOT gonna be Jordan..

  24. Jordan needs to go now. Kalia needs to eliminate someone who won’t win the competition to get back in the house.

    If Rachel is out, she’ll just come right back in.

  25. I really don’t care who gets put up in place of Jeff, just as long as ‘Rechtal’ gets the boot :)

    • This is true. And if Cassie were to be the returning player, it would be hilarious to watch Rachel pretend that Cassie’s good looks don’t have a thing to do with her hatred of her.

  26. Jeff is such a little beotch. He’s on the block with Rachel, who’s gonna vote against him? Porshe, that’s it. I hope JJ go soon because they are lazy and expect a free ride. Wise up newbies, you have the power.

    • Don’t know if you noticed but Jordan and Jeff both have competition wins and Jeff has done a lot of cooking in the house. Almost the Polar opposite of the way they both played the first time. You can not like them all you want, but they are playing….and much better this time around…IMO.

    • Jeff should def stay on the block. He needs to man up and be the pawn…that is if he truly wants Rachel gone, which I don’t think he does. Rachel is a benefit to him. Kalia needs to tell him that she will put Jordan up as a replacement if he takes himself off. I mean she should know that they are going to come after her either way, so she may as well go ahead and get what she wants from them while she has the chance. Rachel needs to go, and hopefully Dom or Cassie can knock her out!

      • Anyone that is on the block and does not use the veto on themselves is a fool. Jeff will use it because he’s no fool. Go J/J

    • Gene, I disagree. It is never a good idea not to use the veto on yourself. ED got away with it, but at least it gave him Dani’s vote. If he eats the veto he would be the worst BB PLAYER EVER! VOTE BOOKIE!

  27. LOL poor Adam it seeems he gets put of on the block alot, i think he will be gone soon like no one in the house likes him that much.

    but i think Rachel is gone….good bye and never come back!

    • Remember the suit curse. Enzo was lucky, most who wear the stupid suit go home. IT’S GONNA BE ADAM! SAVE RACHEL! VOTE BOOKIE!

      • Wayne, I forgot about the suit curse. Good thinking. This is getting very interesting. It is quite likely Rachel won’t be evicted against Adam and Bookie will be voted back.

  28. Kalia should put up Jordan to replace Jeff. This way Rachel should go home because most would vote to evict Rachel over Jordan. If not, it wouldn’t matter anyway because Jordan already won half a mill and she and Jeff should be split up to give the other houseguests better odds for themselves.

  29. Here’s an idea…..If Jeff is smart he’ll realize Shelly has been spending a lot of time with Dani and Kalia this week. Maybe Jeffy could convince Shelly to offer herself as a pawn against Rachel and then Jeff, Jordan, Porsche and Adam could swing and vote out Shelly and keep Rachel. That would certainly even up the sides a bit if Cassie or Dom comes back…then it’s game on.

  30. Adam is a good pawn, he hasn’t done anything to make anyone mad yet, and just smokes and does his own thing. I think Rachel wouldn’t stand a chance against him when it comes to the votes. I see Jeff and Jordan voting to keep Adam, knowing he isn’t near as much competition as Rachel. Porshe will stay on Rachel’s side, but I see it going 5 to 1.

    • The veterans will stick together except Danielle. Your scenario assumes that the newbies are all dumdums not thinking about winning that $500,000. If the newbies want to win, all they need is to win HOH next week then, nominate two veterans on the block and if one gets off nominate the other veteran. They have to make sure a veteran goes home this week. If they put Adam up and he goes home because Jeff/Jordan, Shelly, Porsche and Lawon voted for Rachel then, the newbies just blew their chance at that $500,000! Kahlia can put up Danielle as the replacement nominee and evict Danielle this week. The newbies will retain their numbers for next week and possibly win HOH and gain an even stronger control of the house!

  31. If Adam goes up they might send him home he has no chance of coming back in and if jj are as mad at kalia as they say then they should vote Adam out Porsha will vote to keep rachel and they might convice Lwan to vote in exchange of safety

  32. Kalia cannot grasp that the objective of the “twist” is that Rachel ..if evicted..MAY COME BACK….She is not getting it..I know that Dani told her it’s not true..but Julie told them all..Did she not understand or simply did not hear. Her HOH is meaningless this week..

  33. YES YES YES!! jeff won the veto and he’ll use it on himself and not a familiar move jordan will go back up as the pawn and the pawn will win again wretchel be evicted and will be so distraught she won’t be thinking straight and cassi will defeat her and she’ll go to the jury house and skank it up for a week i hope that will be the scenario

  34. I hope Rachel stays this week and The TRUE Vet’s alliance get’s Dani the tranny out. She is using Kalia, because she has no game play of her own. I believe Evil Dick made up an emergency to get her 4 free weeks in the house with the Golden key. The first week she actuslly plays she screws everything up. She needs Kalia and the other newbies to float her thru like her Dad did their season.

    • Yeah, Dani is evil, but not in a good way like her dad. She’s nothing without her pops.

    • Danielle is lost as anyone can easily see. Her own dad, Evil Dick saw her game play and kept saying stupid move over and over! You can see that he was totally aghast at how she play the game! One can easily see why Evil Dick won the first time against her daughter because he knows strategy and how to play the game. Her daughter just plays on the fly without thinking about the consequences of her actions. Like playing chess without thinking in advance of her future moves!

  35. Daniele & Kahlia are the only two in the house making the bravest moves and that’s a problem why? Oh yeah cause it hurts Rachel, Jeff & Jordans feelings. However, it was ok that Keith, Cassi & Dominic were sent packing. It’s a game people! Everyone is there to win it and to play it the way they see fit. Brenchals & Jejos game is intimidation & everyone is finally seeing it. Unfortunately there are still some jellyfish that are scared. I hope Dom comes back & really stirs it up.

    • Not Dom PLEASE not him. He and Dani will have some goofy one sided platonic sort of showmance and that will be so annoying. VOTE BOOKIE!

      • @Wayne unfourtunately that’s not going to happen because from what i saw just a little while ago is that cassi has a commanding lead and will beat wretchel and i said it before and i’ll say it again wretchel will skank up the jury house for a week and if she does win she’ll get nominated again and sent to the jury house but this time will drink all the wine in the house.

      • Only CBS knows the offical tally as far as I know, so your info is likely wrong or you are guessing. VOTE BOOKIE!

      • Yes Wayne, let’s bring back Bookie!

        @Julie, so what if Brenchel suck face, this is primetime TV, not disney. If you can’t handle kissing, watch nickelodeon.

  36. I love the way people say jj and rechtal are the only ones ‘playing the game’. Get a clue people! Whether you’re a floater,play the social game, are competitive, or do a mix of these, you are PLAYING THE GAME! You may not like some of the strategies, but none are against any rules.

    I personally hope someone other than a vet wins -I think it would be nice for a newbie to have his/her 15 minutes of fame …….

  37. I’m tired of everyone saying “Jordan’s already won, no one will vote for her” Get over it. She won 3 years ago. Wouldn’t you be pissed if you were in Jordan’s shoe’s, made it the final 2, and then were told since you already won, they were going to give the $ to someone else? I guarantee you, if Jordan goes to the final 2 with any floater or Dani, Jordan would win.

    • I Agree, since the newbees are playing like dumbees and keeping Dani? in the game. This year everybody is so power hungry and in such a big hurry to show off their ability to rock the house then get themselves kicked out .And maybee a million dollars will make Jeff marry her

      • Dani is the one who is standing up for the newbies. The 4 vets was going to sweep through this game if someone didn’t make a move. How can one person control a whole house. The 4 vets was bullying everyone aroung since day 1. So Dani is showing them that they need to get rid of the vets in order to win. Dani and Kalia is really by themselves and the rest of the newbies ( mainly Shelly, and Porsha ) are up the vets asses.

        Why would I want to vote Brendon back in the house. He is the lead bully and I don’t like it. This is a game but this season the VETS are the ones who acting like they’re playing for the first time. They taking everything personal and that is very annoying. When Keith, Cassi and Dom left they were playing games and laughing it up in the last days knowing that they were leaving. They vets just sicken me, except for Dani. VOTE DOM

      • Dani is standing up for the newbies because she knows in the end she can beat them. Also she knows the vets are after her and she needs someone on her side. She plays dirty none of the other players hid things from the others like her. I hope and pray she will not win and like her dad said she is playing bad.

    • I agree that Jordan could beat a lot of HG’s in final two. That’s why they should have gotten rid of her when they had the chance against BOOKIE. SAVE RACHEL! VOTE BOOKIE!

      • Why vote for Bookie ? If it’s Rachel he’s facing than he’s just going to throw the comp to her and America will have wasted it’s vote.Keep it interesting vote for Cassie or Dani’s boyfriend PT.

      • Loui, two reasons, Rachel may not go home. I don’t think she will. If Rachel does go home she will let Brendon come back in. If she gets voted out, she will throw the comp. (But only if it is Brendon.) She will whup the tar out of Cassi or sissy Dom. So, WE GOTTA VOTE FOR BOOKIE!

      • Either way I don’t want to take a chance on voting for a guy who took himself out of the game already or who will do so if it’s Rachel he’s facing.Nothing against BOOKIE…

      • VOTE DOM or even Cassie. Don’t vote for Brendon. I don’t want to see the tears and kissing all summer long. That’s why I wish it was just a newbie cast, no vets. That way we didn’t have to see all this kissing and cuddling. I want to see a game not a PG rated porno. If Brendon come back I will not watch anymore and there’s a lot of people that agree with me. I have been watching BB since season 1 and I never skipped a season but if he come back I WILL. I think because CBS want Brendon to come back so they might rig the vote. I have a feeling they are. VOTE FOR DOM

    • I totally agree with Lord Farquar III… Jeff & Jordon is who I’ll pulling for. If not them then Shelly. I am glad that Jeff won POV. I think it would be funny if 1 of the newbies went home & Brendon was the 1 to come back in the house…That would upset Dani, so bad..

      • I agree L love Jeff and Jordan been trying to sign up yo vote but unable so far tired of trying. I want Brendan back to shake up Dani and Kaila I want them gone like now. I was so discusted last night listening to Dani and Kaila talk and plan. It is the first time I turned it off. If Jeff or Jordan go I will be so upset. Glad he won power of Veto now go for HOH and win. Show those two who’s boss.


  38. Kalia wanted Jeff to win. She told him and Jordan that on BBAD last night. She told both J/J that it was Rachel she was after and that by putting Jeff up she knew he would be strong and win. I have no idea who she was thinking of putting up as a replacement. Jeff and Jordan would not listen and stormed out of the room. I am glad Jeff won. I just want Rachel gone and hopefully that will be accomplished. Kalia obviously had someone in her mind of who she might put up that would be sure to get Rachel out.

    • Kalia only said that because she is afraid of him coming after her. She sat there and told Daniele that she does want Rachel out, but if Rachel wins veto then Jeff going home is not so bad either. Its not like oh Kalia is just using Jeff as a pawn, she would have been happy with either one going. As she stated to Dani, of course she’s not gonna tell Jeff that..hello

      • Yeah that had nothing to do with what I said. I said the only reason she was saying Jeff wasn’t her target is to have a small forrm of protection just incase..but she told daniele she will. Be happy with either rachel or jeff going.

  39. Danielle and Kalia are not making any brave moves and definitely not playing intelligently. If you truly wanted to win you would keep Rachel in the house for two obvious reasons: 1. The target would always be on her back and 2. if you would take her to the finals she would not have the votes. These players this season barring again the TRUE Vet’s are holding popularity contests instead of voting strategically and not thinking the game all the way through. Lastly, how can anyone bash Rachel for whining when that is all Dani the tranny does.

    • It’s more Dani’s idea than Kalia’s -she too busy stuffing her face in the HOH room-hopefully she doesn’t decide to put on her swim suit and take a bath

      • I know right! Lol. If Dani weren’t there Kalia would be so easy to sway. Rachel and Jeff probably wouldn’t even have been put up. Man I want them both gone so bad. Hopefully it will be a double eviction next week. Even though I doubt it, too early.

      • I’m not quite understanding this whole newbies. Vs vets thing. That ship sailed long ago. If we can’t tell by now. Adam. And shelly have alligned with jejo and lawan. And kalia are with dani..there. is no newbies vs vets anymore. Everyone keeps saying oooooh bring back Dom and the newbies will regain control and blah. Blah blah…look, if. Dom came. Back, it would be dani dom kalia and lawan against jejo. Adam shelly and porsha riding the fence. That. Is assuming rachel left, before rachel leaves they. Actual. Have to vote her out. there is a very strong possibility porsha will play the role of the “pawn” this week. In which case, jejo. Wants porsha out badly and they. Pratically. Have shelly and adam eating out of the. Palm of their. Hands. So. All they would need is those 2 who they’re already alligned with to vote to save rachel. Also, even. Is rachel gets evicted, there’s a slim chance any of the other evictees will be able to beat her in. A competition. So were looking at rachel most likely remaining in the house..and even to. Go as far as to say. A possible re-unite of the brenchal jejo alliance..don’t even go as fas as to. Think kalia. Won’t put lawan up as a pawn. Dani. Already. Mentioned it to her, and they’re so confident and cocky(especially dani) they’ll. Think there’s no way people will vote him out. This week. Is far from. Over folks…bb 13. Is. Finally starting to. Get good!….please ignore all the periods.

  40. Rachel has done this to herself. Between her and Brendon they have won enough HOHs to where they should have been able to work a deal with just about everyone in the house, and they tried to after seeing how Dick would play, but just aren’t smart enough to keep it together. Dick would make deals with people he all ready intended on not putting up, just to ensure his safety even more. Rachel and Brendon were only good at HOH and Veto competitons, but when it came to social game play, they are the worst players ever!

    • Which makes them the perfect people to take to the end! But these supposedly “great” players will never get that you should always keep around those who would have no chance against you if it comes to final two.

      • Yeah that is the one part of the game that could go either way. I agree you want someone no one likes in the final two, but that’s a helluva long time to put up with Rachel!

      • That is part of the strategy even in Survivor because it enhances your chances at winning the grand prize.
        However, I think it is too early at this point because there are still a lot of players in the game and staying in the game should the the paramount consideration. If you get booted out, you cannot win that $500,000.

      • She didn’t win -she was give the frist one by Dick and Dani the second was given to her by Brandon. Personally I think she’s over rated.

  41. how is it going yo work out on thursday are they doing the eviction right away and then show the battle between Americas choice and the evicted person and then they go back in and hoh?
    Does anybody know???

    • The HOH will probably be an endurance comp. and they wil only air a couple of minutes of it.

  42. It was reasonable to expect that either Jeff or Rachel would have won the veto. The real action will come Thursday night, when the evicted houseguest (99% likely it will be Rachel) fights to stay against whomever is selected to come back.

    It’s good to see Jeff finally win a competition, though. Here’s hoping he takes HOH next week and puts up Kalia and Daniele.

    • Hate Jeff, he is arrogant and power hungry! I hope someone other him wins HOH I am too ready for Jeff to go home.

  43. If Rachel automatically has 3 votes on her side, I wouldn’t say it will be her to leave for sure.

    • What 3 votes does she have? Now that Porsche is pissed at Rachel she does not even have 1 vote. Don’t 4get that Shelley voted against Brendon. JJ are not going to vote 4 her either.

  44. I think That Dani and Kalia both need to hit the road Kalia does not know how to play the game nor does Dani even her father stated she has played stupid Rach needs to grow up play like she means it and quite being a big baby after all she is supose to be an adult!!!Fat chance the floaters need to start playing the game instead of riding the Vets coat tails and Dewon is totally worthless what has he or any of the floaters done absolutely nothing act like a fool in an Elf suite and sit around in the house and look stupid.Big Brother needs to pump it up and get something going in the house Stir the pot get Brandon back in the house and scare the crap out of Dani & Kalia.I would love to see the expression on their faces if that happened.Just picture that WOW.

    • Exactly, the worse thing you’d like to do is break your alliance 3 weeks into it. Danielle will face double humiliation – getting kicked out and listen to his dad point out how bad of a player she was.

    • YEP..Rachel walks out..15 minutes later (after the comp) Brendon walks in..Dani and Kalia’s faces would be a mastercard moment..lmao..Priceless..

    • Why should Brendan be allowed back in.He took himself out of the game for his girlfriend.Cassie deserves to come back because she was backdoored and didn’t get to play POV.She’ll bring the drama to both Dani and Rachel.

      • Cassie is too rational honest and good-hearted and unfortunately u cannot win BB with those qualities. SAD BUT TRUE

    • I think because Rachel’s the target and I don’t see J&J voting for her. Adam would be useless to get out right now.

    • I’M NOT SURE SHE IS..While it would benifit J&J if she left I am not sure that they would vote for her to go at this particular time..We will see

    • She also has good chance against any of the newbies in the twist comp. Even Brendan won’t fight too hard against her.

    • Actually, I’m not quite sure she will go. It appears that JJ feel they are better off keeping Rachel around because it keeps the target off of them. Also, they don’t trust any of the newbies at this point. Shelly will do what JJ wants. So, it is quite possible that Rachel will not get evicted.

  45. I hope Jeff gets a nice girl Jordan is a fake she is not as nice as she portraits and i think she is money hungry ,she shows no love for Jeff, i don’t think they will ever married even if they say there engaged, not being mean is just what i see…

    • they definitely show no true affection on the show, I can’t figure those two out. Are they embarrassed, who knows? I still like them, though.

      • I just think that Jordan is not big on PDA. He family watches the show and she just doesnt like to be all lovey-dovey with her family and all of Ameria watching.

      • How in the world did you come to the conclusion Jordan is fake. Even all who competed with her say she’s a genuine and nice girl. Jeff and Jordan have both made clear that they intentionally are not over affectionate on the show, they just don’t want to “go there” for the cameras like Brendon and Rachel. I for one thank them. Every so often you’ll catch the rubbing on arms or words of encouragement between them. I am hoping outside this show and reality world…they’ll make it!

      • I think it’s because they aren’t into PDA! They care what their family sees on tv. The first season they were in, Jordan said numerous times to him that she wouldn’t kiss him on national tv. I like that they aren’t all over each other! It shows they are mature and also have their heads in the game. Unlike another couple! LOL

  46. Now that Jeff has won the veto competition, there will be more than enough votes to backdoor Danielle.
    If Kahlia was using her head, this is a golden opportunity to evict Danielle and she cannot get herself off too! The votes will be there because everyone can vote Danielle off! Nobody will complain if Danielle is backdoored! Shelly, Adam, Porsche, Jeff and Jordan will vote out Danielle if given a chance!

    • That would be dumb on Kalia to backdoor Dani. It would me one more target for her, If dani goes out and comes back in the house.

      Where as if Rachel goes out and comes back. Kalia is already Rachel target, even if she won’t admit it.

      • It is not a dumb move when the newbies have the numbers. If one of the newbies wins HOH next week, they can put 2 veterans on the block. One gets off and the remaining veteran goes on the block guaranteeing another veteran goes home! That would make it 2 veterans versus 5 newbies left in the house. Newbies have the numbers and would be double dumb to nominate a newbie so that, newbie can go home! Kahlia in this case would have slashed her own throat because keeping another veteran inside the house tips the odds in the veterans side. The newbies need to send home another veteran this week to keep the pressure on the veterans be that Rachel or Danielle. Rachel is too emotional right now and is less of a threat to the newbies. Danielle can compete for HOH next week but, is helpless if put on the block right now!
        She cannot get off if put up as replacement nominee!

      • How would Kalia be a target if Dani gets the back door? Nobody really wants Dani in the house except Kalia! I think that Rachel should not be the target this week. Not, only because I like her and Brendon but what can she really do to anybody much at this point. She should have won POV but she is so upset she is not thinking clearly so she is messing up. She is one person who has no one in her camp. Porsche is over her. It is unfortunate that Rachel treated Porsche badly when Porsche was trying to tell her to stop with the sad face. Kalia should back door Dani but she won’t because she is Dani’s puppet. She is Dani’s fake friend for the game. And, she is too needy to know it.

      • Seriously? Kalia is Dani’s puppet? and what about the newbies who followed along with JJ abd BR, pleading for the golden key, etc. Weren’t they their puppets?

      • I’m surprised how stupid you people are. You seem to keep thinking what benefits YOUR entertainment will benefit everybody else’s game. You are nothing but morons. Daniele is Kalia’s one true ally. For every dumbass (like yourself) to say that it was great move, there will twenty more calling Kalia an moron for BDing Dani.

        Use your head, you idiot.

  47. If I was Kalia. I would put up Shelly. I honestly don’t think JeJo would vote shelly out over Rachel.

    Jordon is really the safest bet though. And I do really think it is cool Kalia is going to keep her word and not put her up.

    • Yeah. Kalia’s best bet would be Shelly. Porsche has already flipped (for those who watch the feeds) and would vote out Rachel, and even if she doesn’t, Adam, Lawon, and Dani will vote to evict Rachel and Kalia will break the tie.

  48. Wayne, I agree with you…send Adam or Lawon home…jeez I forgot they were even in the house!!!

  49. Daniele may look like she’s playing stupid, but I’m pretty sure she knows exactly what she’s doing. Once Rachel leaves tomorrow, Porshe is going to be a lost puppy, and Daniele will use it to her advantage. As long as Jordan or Jeff don’t win HOH she will be safe for another week, although they are long overdue for another win.

    • Don’t count on it. Once, Rachel goes home,
      there would be 3 veterans left versus 5 newbies and if a newbie wins HOH next week, all they need to do is nominate 2 veterans. One gets off and put another veteran replacement nominee in place. That would 100% guarantee another veteran bites the dust for a 3rd straight week! That would the newbies in
      full control of the game!

  50. I’m voting for Brendon – hopefully if Rachel is evicted they’ll get it right this time and do a switch-a-roo and get Brendon back in the game. He’ll compete better without her and we won’t have to put up with Rachel! I like competition and heck even if Rachel stays I like drama.

    • I agree. I am very disappointed in Rachel’s behavior this time around. She really can pull it off but she is having some type of meltdown. I feel there is something more wrong with her than the game. Seriously. It is unfortunate that Brendon didn’t stay. He is definitely the stronger at this point of the two.

      • Rachel wasted the POV that Brendon win.
        After all, you are playing for $500,000
        and her being emotional and being out of the game and losing HOH and veto competitions does not help her one bit!
        Brendon should have stayed instead! He would probably have done better!

  51. jeff and jordan just aren’t touchy feely. remember the season they meet on the show, jordan won;t kiss him because she didn’t want it on tv. didn;t anyone see them together on the amazing race? it was the same thing. all the cudling in front of people that you’re in competition with isn;t a good idea i would think….. anyways, i think cassie should come back and i hope she can beat rachel in the face off because im sick of rachel and her pouty sobby wining crap. i really would to see if the newbies can actually play this game and i can;t see that happening with the vets domainating every show. were the newbies so boring that the network had to bring back the vets to get the season going????? i really do want to see the newbies playing, ii think dani should go soon. Jordan should be put up as a replacement for jeff taking himself off….

  52. All the drama does not matter rachel will go home get beaten by dom..danielle wins the next hoh and get rid of jj with kalia,lawon,porche and dom;s vote.Hopefully it will be a dani,kalia and dom f3 and jj and the others will kill themselves for who to vote for

  53. J&J will defintely vote to keep Rachel in, at this point it is the best game move for both of them. Rachel will cling to them & unitedly,they will go after Dani. J&J probably make a deal with Kalia not to Jordan up. She’s spineless & scared to death of Jeff.Jeff has always played an honest game & ia a fan favorite. Not only did he win the Wizard Power in his season, but he also won 25 grand as America”s favorite player. Rachel said she wasn’t going to play an emotional game this season & look what happened? Remember Jordan went up against the biggest floater in BB history- Natalie. Everyone else in the house is useless. At least Jeff had the guys to call Dani out in front of everyone! If Dick was in the game, it would have been the best game ever! If Brendon doesn”t come back or Rachel goes, as annoying as they are-snore!

    • the only reason jeff got the wizard power because everyone felt sorry for him the other alliance was completely controlling the game.
      He was the underdog then,not now
      Jeff is a bully like Brendan but he hardly wins anything,he won 25 g’s for doing nothing and he won 10 grand yet again for doing nothing last week.
      How can everyone else be useless when they are making game moves and wining its mostly old women and stupid young girls who like jeff for nothing other than eye candy he has done nothing in this game but bully people and sit back and act like he and jordan are above getting nominated if the houseguests are smart they will not let either of them win.
      All i want to see is a newbie win.

    • Actually, Jeff/Jordan and Rachel should convince Kahlia to backdoor Danielle this week. She cannot get herself off if put as replacement nominee and will not see it coming! And since, Kahlia will not get to place HOH next week, she should know she is vulnerable next week and might be more than happy to get rid of Danielle. Kahlia is really not getting anything out of keeping and being allied with Danielle. She is just putting a target on her back. Best move is backdoor Danielle and let the other houseguests vote her out! Even if Danielle wins to come back in the house—-she will still be a target because nobody will trust her!

  54. Sorry about my mispelling. I’m doing 50 things at once ! what I meant to say was at least jeff had the guts to call Dani out in front of everyone!

    • That is a good move exposing Danielle so that,
      other houseguests can easily see that Danielle
      has been betraying people left and right! She
      should not be allowed to continue to string
      people around with her numerous lies! She needs to be booted out for her very bad moves in the game!

  55. I am just so happy Oprah is on this show…I am such a fan and it is great to see her doing so good. I hope she puts up Porsche.

  56. Since the numbers IN the house will remain the same after the one on one competition, all those not in the house will not be on the jury. The first member of the jury will still be in the house. Would that affect the outcome of the battle between Rachel and America’s vote ? Would Rachel want to throw it so she could go home to BOOKIE !

    (Has any one found a way to vote more than ten times ? Would it be WRONG to do that ?)

    • I know some people have voted more than 10 times using a different e mail adress
      Also they ask friends and family and anyone the know to vote for who they like

  57. I don’t get it?! Why not keep Rachel or Jordan as long as possible, the jury is not likely to vote for either of them to win (unless they both were to make it to final 2, which is unlikely).

    If Shelley, Lawon or Adam make it to the final they are in a good position to win – they all have excellent social games and have stayed relatively neutral through all the drama.

    In the game of BB, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

    • yes so what your saying is if you were playing you would just give j or r the 500 grand.You have one player who if she made it to the end deserves to win cause shes a good competitor or the jordan who everyone like’s LMAO

      • No, I’m saying get rid of a floater or puppet master while you can.

        Based on numbers and current situation Rachel and Jordan will not make it to final two anyways.

        There are bigger threats in the house right now and no one is noticing because their game is low profile.

        So if you were playing and in a position to make a power move, you would take out an obvious threat that no one would vote to win anyways?

    • As with most reality game shows, the players always act like they’ve never watched before. They rarely go “Uhhh, for the past 12 years this has never worked, maybe I shouldn’t go that way?”

    • I agree. The reason Kalia/Dani are getting rid of Rachel is because Dani hates her. It is not smart game play it is just revenge on the part of Dani.

      • Yes that’s true, but haven’t JJ and BR tried getting her out because they dislike her too. They can say it’s not personal, that it’s only a strategic game move, but all in all it is personal. That’s how it’s always been in past seasons. Someone always says “this isn’t personal”. Ofcourse JJ and rachel are going after her for revenge. GMAB!!!

      • Well, yes, Dani now seems to hate Rachel, however, Rachel would be coming after Dani if she had won, so obviously Dani is going to go after her. Also, Rachel is a huge threat when it comes to HOH comps, so obviously that’s another reason to evict her. It’s not necessarily an emotional decision.

  58. wait till Rachel sees Jordan telling her this and that , then calling her nuts in her back,and MrJiffy too

    • Jordon has told her to her face to stop moping and crying or acting like a baby..Jordon just telld her to her face that she’s acting crazy

    • Rachel just being too emotional. Brendon was wrong to use the veto to save Rachel. He should have been in the game and Rachel being out because Rachel is no use being emotional all the time! That is why she is not doing anything on the competitions. A total waste of energies
      crying which does not help her game!

  59. Jeff&Jordan seem like totally different people compared to their first go-round on BB a few years ago. And they also appear to be detached from other hg’s. Funny (and telling) exchange a few nights ago-
    Jeff: “That looks like something from Keith’s wardrobe.”
    Jordan: “Who is Keith Wardrobe?”

  60. Question: Will the person who loses the Redemption battle go home or to jury?

    If Rachel is the one evicted from the house, I hope its Cassi getting voted in to battle her because I KNOW rachel will win. If its anyone else, then vote BOOKIE all the wayy!!

    Go Brenchel, go!!

    • They will go home. The final 9 start going to the jury house. If one comes back in this week there will still be 9 and so the one that doesn’t come back will go home.

  61. King, we’re obviously not watching the same show! Your Newbies are the worst in BB history! The only ones that are and were playing the game are Shelly and Cassi ,before her eviction. Adam, Lawon, Porsche,& Kalia are terrible! Dani had to cling to someone after Dom left, so she picks Kalia because she’s spineless. Dick was the biggest bully in BB history, but won and went down as one of the best players of alltime! Jeff and Bendon don”t hpld back and neither did Dick! That’s called game play and getting into people’s heads! Brendon or Cassi will come back and you can kiss that so-called “puppet-master” goodbye! I guarrantee it! Bullys? What are we in High School? It’s a chess game my friend and useless sissys sit on the sidelines! I’m so sick of hearing about this bully crap! It’s part of the game! Remember Jesse? Come on!

  62. Since Jeff won the POV Dani has been kinda shunning the HOH..did yall notice??

    • Do not have the live feeds so, cannot really see what is happening. Kahlia has a very important replacement nomination right now.
      It should be a veteran going on the block and
      preferably Danielle. That will guarantee another veteran goes home and keep the numbers on the newbies side! Veterans had their chances and Danielle’s, Jeff’s and
      Brendon’s mistakes just put the newbies in the
      cat bird seat without doing anything!

      • KALIA just made mention to Dani about putting her up..but no reaction from Dani as of yet..

    • Danielle probably senses that Kahlia might actually backdoor her which she cannot get out of! That is probably something she did not expect because she thought all along that she had Kahlia wrapped around her little finger! Good move on Kahlia if she puts up Danielle as the replacement nominee. That keeps the pressure on the veterans and gives the newbies control of the game!

      • If either one of them Rachel or Dani get the boot they have a chance to come back…I don’t thimk Dani will go for it…

    • flyonthewall,

      Would you happen to know when they are going to have the veto ceremony? Thanks.


  63. If America votes Brendon and assuming somehow Rachel doesn’t get evicted and Brendon beats whomever goes out this week.I will not watch the rest of this season.I couldn’t stand it if those 2 are reunited in the house.Call me a conspiracy theorist but I have a feeling that is going to happen because this whole season so far to me has been rigged. Just my personal opinion.

  64. Hey King, If you think everyone is making such dumb comments on this site, why are you on it so much? Do you hurl insults because everyone has the right to their own opinion and doesn’t agree with all your comments? Thisis just a debate about a game, not World peace, get over yourself

  65. am happy j/j won pov and rach wil stay in the game

    kalia has a big decission ,girl you need to backdoor dani because majority hgs doesnt like her,she is alone in the house,if the vets get thet chance dani in the block ,definetly they wil send her home over rach and kalia wil be okey next wk,right now k go with vets dont listen dani,VOTE BRENDON

    • LMAO mary keep giving yourself complements if that make you feel better.

      Comparing jeff and evil dick ROFL are you serious dick did that for spite to piss everyone off and alienate him self from everybody thus,while jeff had the most powerful alliance that were wining backing him that’s a big big difference.
      So what category do you fit into mary the stupid young girl or the old woman lol

  66. LMAO mary keep giving yourself complements if that make you feel better.
    Comparing jeff and evil dick ROFL are you serious dick did that for spite to piss everyone off and alienate him self from everybody thus,while jeff had the most powerful alliance that were wining backing him that’s a big big difference.
    So what category do you fit into mary the stupid young girl or the old woman lol

    • you r being rude This is a game and we can all agree to disagree we all have our favorites but insulting people on a personal level is rude

      • Yes, we don’t need to start the Big Brother Crusades, start choosing sides and blasting each other. I also remember something about debating intelligently on here, staying on topic, and most of these comments are outright stupid.

  67. MATT (BBN)..Why does Jeff keep saying Rachel is not going anywhere??? And why would Kalia think that she may have to nominate “2” new HG’s not just one??? I am confused on this…

    • Could be just a fake out? I just can’t see Rachel staying this week, because even though J/J dislike Dani, they know Rachel is a threat.

  68. Mary its like your father is the head of mafia and you go around bossing around everybody because you have strong army behind you jeff sure as hell didn’t play that way his season all he did was complain to casey.
    There is a difference between a bully and a gangster i dont care who wins ass long as its not jeff or jordan,as much as i hate rachel i wouldn’t mind her winning cause she plays her ass off in this game

    • I am with you JJ are not deserving of winning i think they are the floaters but kaila betrayed Dom and she will Dani too but Karma is a bitch ,she pushed her to win hoh and now the cross i don’t think that’s right, she has plenty of people to chose if she hates Rachel so much , why put Dani she had that plan all the time. Hope dom comes bk and does her in.

      • why are they not deserving? Their there playing a game like the rest of them! I personally would like them to win before anyone else but everyone deserves to win if they can stay in the house until the end.

  69. No, no, no. The worst thing kalia could do is put up Danielle. Dani would definitely win against America’s Choice and then she would have all the vets against her. I want Rachel out so bad but I’m worried she also has the ability to beat the returning houseguest. I guess I wish that one of the newbies goes against Cassie. Then Cassie wins and Rachel’s face would be priceless!!!!

      • I was talking about Kalia. If she puts up Dani she would then have ALL the vets against her since Dani would be able to beat which ever person America votes for.

  70. rach wil stay this week and bookie wil win against dani r lawon and win the whole thing

    • bookie isn’t going to get the chance to win-because noooooooo wants him back in the house!!!!

  71. Well everyone that thought Jeff couldn’t win anything and that he was a floater all I have to say is Bwahahahaha

  72. Everyone is playing their game, so J/J need to stop thinking they are the only two allowed to play the game. Didn’t like either one of them last year, this year they are both annoying. Jeff is a total bully, who knows how to put a woman in her place. That passive thing that Jordan does, knock it off now. They should have gone on a vacation together instead of being on BB, if their goal is the jury house.

  73. Ugh, I cannot take Pacer, Straight Shooter, Evul Dani the Tranny or Fatlia.

    I need Brendon to come back no matter what for the vets to get control over the house again. TEAM JORDAN/JEFF AND TEAM BRENCHEL

  74. if cassi come back she can,t win against evictee [dani]this week,so why waste to vote cassi,she is the weakest player in bb history ,at least bookie can win whoever is against him,VOTE for bookie america,im sure this time wil win the whole thing,Lol

  75. My theory of what may happen

    Jeff removes himself
    Kalia replaces with Adam
    JeJo,Shelly, and Porche vote out Adam
    Rachel remains
    Bookie wins America’s vote and beats Adam
    Bookie reenters the game.
    This way if they get picked off they can spend the summer in Jury house.

    I cannot wait till Thurs, the fact in my opinion is even though folks do not like Brenchal, they do keep the game interesting enough to be referenced on this site whether it is like or dislike towards them, I do believe they try and play a good game even though in our minds their selection of targets are questionable. Daniele had the best position and blew it by moving to fast to soon against her alliance, had she just worked on getting Adam out, Dominic would still be here and we may have had a different game. I think out of all the newbies, he was the only one thinking about game moves where the newbies would be in control. I voted for Dominic to come back but have a feeling it will be Brendon who gets the chance to come back in the game. I am hoping I am wrong because with PT back in the game, himself, Dani and Kalia stand a fighting chance to get JeJo and Rachel out, well if Rachel survives the block this week, in either way of Dominic or Brendon coming back should make it intersting and some good drama.
    Cassi coming back can be good too, it may create tension with Rachel.

    • Jeff went against his strong alliance on his season for the same reason Danielle did ironic isnt it lol

      • Jeff betrayed russel bcuz he was under the impression russel had betrayed him. Dani betrayed the vets cuz she wanted NICK #2 to stay in the game.

      • Im talking very early in the game that happened much later when Michelle lied about threw russle under the buss by that time jeff had gotten the wizard power and the game was going his way

    • This theory is based on what? Why would Shelly or Porshe vote in favor or Rachel. Your theory makes no sense.

      • Just my opinion on what I think will happen, first because JeJo need Rachel right now and Shelly seems to be on their side will vote the same has them, Porsche because she is thought of being Rachel friend although currently does not seem like it, in any case just what I think will happen but I could be wrong entirely

      • I believe Porshe is with Dani. And Adam is Shelly’s ally. I think Porshe will vote out rachel same with Shelly. Even if one of them votes out Adam It’ll be a tiebreaker. Proshe doesnt seem to be Rachel’s friend anymore too. But anything can happen in BB.

      • I think this is a big week where shelly is concerned. Jeff jordan and yes porche will vote for rach and dani lawen will vote for adam. So will shelly go along with jejo. I think so. Adam will go home if he’s the pawn. Hope bren comes back. Would love to see daniels face. Kallias too. That would make good tv.

  76. I don’t understand all the vets are cry babies JJ they both cry RB cry what kind of champions are this lmao.

  77. OMG, the show would be so boring if Cassie came back! At least with Brendan there will be drama. Who wants to see a show full of rainbows,unicorns and peace and harmony. Bring Brendan back and let the drama begin. I mean let’s be real. We all watch the show for the entertainment value. So, let’s vote Brendan back in and let the chips fall where they may.

    • I agree with Brendon would be the biggest drama for him to come back, second would be Dominic, Cassi I dont think has much just for the fact form BBAD she did not get enough airtime to see where or how she would be playing the game. You will probally get what you are hoping for, in either case of B or PT coming back I will be satisfied

      • They already fallen and he (Brandon) was voted out-so let him stay out!! Cassie should come back in so we can see how she would play plus she would bring drama with Dani and Shelly(when finds out Shelly turned on her) as for Rachel she’s had her 5 min. of fame so let her go home and get the help she needs.

      • Just a thought of Cassi coming back ccould be good for JeJo and Shelly, but then again JeJo is the reason she was a replacement. At this point of the game anyone but Keith.

    • I dont think its dislike, I think Porsche goes with who is in power to keep herself off the radar, but Jeff already see that happening with her

    • I think Porcha is still rachael’s BB bff, she is just hanging with the hoh so that rach n her dunt get put on the block together.

  78. From a voters point of view its cassie or dom but from the productions side it is bren and dom cassie didnt even campaing when she was put up shelly played her for a fool.She took the high road lol even jordan who people see as an angel will get her hands dirty..VOTE DOMINIC PEOPLE

  79. I don’t understand why cassi is still being considered. I don’t like rachel but she was right about cassi having no game

    • True we did not see if she had any game since there was not enough airtime of her, the only thing she is remembered is for calling Rachel a catty girl.

      • that’s right we didn’t see much of her because R\B had allll the air time and yes she called Rachel catty and she is and alot of other things but rember what Rachel called Cassie. So I vote for Cassie to come back in and kick her butt!!!

      • This is true BR got All the airtime, so unfair. I think Cassie would be good if she was brought back. The little{and I mean little} airtime CBS gave her she stood her ground.

    • The first two people out NEVER have a chance to show what kind of game they do have. I think Cassie HAS much more game than anyone thinks. VOTE Cassie !!

    • Cassi had no game. She outright told the veterans that she was not with them. That is
      game play? She contributes nothing to the game except having a pretty face. She should stay out. Even if she gets in, she will be booted out again! It would be a huge waste of airtime! On the plus side, whoever wins faces the last evictee so, it should make things interesting atleast!

  80. Spoiler for those without live feeds. I am a J/J fan and just want to offer my opinion for people who do not like Kalia. I have been watching the live feeds since this morning’s veto comp. Kalia truly has a great understanding of this game and she has really surprised me. She really is not the bad, mean person that some people believe her to be. She truly wanted Jeff to be put on the block so he could win the veto. She had a feeling that if it were physical he was the only one who could truly win it against Rachel her true target. She has no intention of putting Jordan on the block and truly likes both of them. She was even hoping that they could work together. She knows that eventually they will see this, but not until the game is over. Meanwhile, Jeff is planning on going up and telling her that she made a huge mistake and he will never talk to her again after this one conversation and is coming after her and that Rachel will come back. She has now made two people mad. He also plans on telling her that she better not be planning to put Jordan up as a pawn. Jordan doesn’t want to even go up as she said she is so mad that she would make herself look foolish and start swearing at her. I just hope that Jeff calms down and understands what Kalia was trying to accomplish. I was one of those that wasn’t crazy about Kalia at the beginning, but feel differently now. These are just my opinions. I know we all have different favorites and opinions.

    • You people are going to get tired of me but i just cant help it kalia needs to stop kissing jj butt.when she watches the show shes going to feel like a complete idiot.For trying to befriend them she’s hoh and still making them boss her around like a slave.I hope Jordan goes off on and show that she is not goody to shoes.Hope fully rachel goes home
      Team dani/kalia.

      • I agree with you regarding Rachel. I want her out and hope anybody but Brendon comes back. I don’t understand why people like them. I was sick of them last year and have not changed my way of thinking one bit this season. Both of them think they are the best ever to play BB. I totally disagree with them.

    • You are correct, what I thought of kalia in the beginning is different from now. I am just a fan of BB, each cast brings something to the game and I enjoy seeing it played out, I like JeJo for their social game, I like Brenchal for the competitions, I like Daniele for willing to make big moves, wrong timing but she may make her way out. Kalia does know alot about the game, the question is will she use her own decisions or just go along with Daniele. I am sure has the game continues we will think differently for each player of the game.

    • I hope Kalia is smart enough not to put up Jordan… I hope she makes a deal to the final 5 with rach, JJ, and brendan

      Vote Brendon Everybody

      • I dont think she will,she said lastnight that is not her charactor, I know people say that alot but she seemed very genuine saying it. She said that she gave very few words so far, and Jordan is one of them and that she absolutely % without a doubt will not put Jordan on the block. I think Kalia is worried about Dani alot,but sometimes you can see little hints of her wanting to start thinking for herself, and I think she knows it wouldnt be wise for her to replace with Jordan, and also it would make her word nill and she doesnt want that either.

    • Oh come on. Kalia does not have a good grasp of the game. She is just saying to JJ what will make her look good when she is left in the house with them. There is no reason in the world why Rachel should be her target at this point. If she was smart she would either backdoor Dani or put up Jordon and break up JJ. No one really cares who is mad at them except to the point where it would interfere with them staying in the game. She doesn’t really like JJ just like she really doesn’t like anybody in the house. Have you been listening to the spiteful stuff she has been spitting out. That woman has hate in her heart.

  81. As I said before King, I rest my case with you! I’m just so happy I touched a nerve! Maybe you should go take you blood pressure medicine Mr. Gansta! Bring it on- you are the true BULLY!

    • yea thats why he likes danielle and kalia so much one is a bully and the other her lap dog
      Im sorry im confuse jj trying to make kalia their slave ? how is that possible she is already Danielle slave

    • And she is the most annoying hg I have ever watched. I’d rather have Jessie come back and I can’t stand him.

    • Agree! Motormouth mabile talks and talks and talks. I can’t see how people sit there and listen to that babbling. She should be evicted for that alone.

      • What’s with the racist comments? Are people really this ignorant? If you don’t sense the racist remark in your post, you’re a bigger idiot than you let yourself off to be.

      • Stop with the racist remarks. Now you sound like Kalia.

        Kalia is a motormouth, the biggest one in BB history.

    • Motormouth- was a description of her mouth moving nonstop- not about her color. That’s a stupid thing to say. I mean really. Sorry, maybe I should’ve called her motormouth mary. Seriously, that was really all you got from that comment. Maybe you are the racist.

      • She must have taken it as motor city. I re-read your comment and didn’t get any racist undertone from it.

      • Thanks wickedgoodbaker- I definately did not mean it that way. And if it came across that way I apologize. I’ve been coming here for a while, and you can ask anyone who is familiar with my comments, that I am in no way a racist

      • chick from louisiana: You don’t have to qualify your remarks. Anyone who reads your comments knows that you are not a racist.

        I have never heard another guest throw around remarks about race like Kalia has.

        Example: Early on, in the kitchen, when Kalia didn’t get something she wanted, she said it was racist. Again the other night in the HOH room she started to use the race card and Daniele said, Kalia, don’t use the race card.

        So, before someone accuses another of saying something racist, they maybe should know what they are talking about.

  82. Jeff with his tactics again man could we have a strong black woman like jameeka this season one person said kaila is like a valley girl.

  83. Im so worried that if brendon doesnt come back, rach gets evicted, we might end up watching a bunch of losers… lets face it, next week its gonna be JJ or Dani, and in the end we’ll end up with Shelly, Porcha, Adam, and Lawon in the final 4…. Thats my Worst BB Nightmare.

    So Vote Brendon Everybody

    • exactly! all these newbies they brought in this season are sooo lame. I dont know where the hell they found them, but without j/j and Brenchal this season is such a drag! Brendon definitely needs to come back and Rachel needs to be saved! heres to hoping! lol

    • I agree with you %110. If those are the final 4 hg, I’m not watching bb anymore. Vote for brendon!!!!!!!!!

      • They had their shot. This isn’t Season 8, 11 or 12. It’s 13. I’d rather see a newbie win than any of the veterans.

      • Malina… it doesnt matter which season, only somebody who played the game should win… not somebody who lays there till the end

      • But it’s their game and they can play any way they want to!! What makes a player a good player? I think it’s if your the last two standing then you’ve played a good game-because they could of voted you out at anytime. RIGHT?

    • Everyone has to bring their A game! Rachel has been too emotional and moping too much over Brendon. If she wants to win this then, she should be playing to win each and every week and stop her emotional temper tantrums which just hurts her game. The same goes for Jeff and Jordan. Nobody should be put up as a pawn and agree to it! Fight hard to win each time. The same goes for the newbies! You have the numbers so do not let Danielle scare anyone of you! If everyone plays hard then, win or lose it does not matter! That is why survivor is still tops in that department!

  84. Who is going up in place of jeff! I really don’t think kalia will go back on her word. This week is going to be good

  85. Domonic … Threw the Pov competition, made the worst bb alliance, and is dum enough to not throw dani under the bus, when jeff confronted him…. so why want him back people?

    Vote Brendon Everybody

  86. no dani wil throw him again underthe bus and eventually will be evicted,dont waste this chance,vote for bookie[brendon]america.

  87. Enough of the Brendon talk. We have seen his game. Time for something else. What I saw in the short time she was in the house, Broadcast, feeds, and DR. I know she will give us more game drama and drama that is different from the drama we have seen over and over before.

    VOTE Cassie
    VOTE Cassie for some new game play

    • Cassie doesnt have any game play, she was self-righteous snob. I am soooo glad she’s gone and even if she got voted back in, she would have to face someone and beat them to come back in. If that person turns out to be Rachel, she might as well not even show up. Cassie was and is a complete non-factor to the game. People only want to see her back because she called Rachel “catty” lets get real, Cassie will get ate up and spit back out by Rachel…..again!

  88. I don’t get why people want Brendon back. If he did came back he played bb THREE times. He isn’t bright either. He could’ve just ignored Dani instead he drew swords with her. I personally like Rachel without Brendon. I don’t like Shelly’s gameplay but, she has the best gameplay so far.

  89. Is Kalia in love with Jeff or is it fear.did not know Dom was model / actor and very well educated .

  90. heres how it will play out (hopefully) Jeff will obviously pull himself off the block. I will be willing to bet that Kalia replaces with Porche. Porche is not in their alliance, she just thinks she could be getting in. They are just using her though. JeJo wants Porche out asap, jejo as shadam eating out of the palms of their hands. So all nthey need is to get shadam to vote for the eviction of Porche and that’s it. So simple, this plan is not far from likely, like alot of people think. Also, I think Brendon will be the one voted back in, Porche will have to battle him(we all know how that’ll go) and then Brenchel/jejo alliance will be solid again yay! and even if Rachel does get evicted, Brendon will probably still be the one voted back in, so they will have to “battle” eachother. But they will just decide that Brendon should caome back in the house, and Rachel will be ok with going to jury, then they will eventually be in jury together regardless… :) (dont freak out all you Dani fans these are just my thoughts on what I personally think and want to happen.) Plus, I would love to see the look on Dani’s face when she sees Brendon come back in, especially if Rachel doesnt get evicted..

  91. the fact he is very cmpetitor than cassi,if she come back the house ,they will send her home again
    vote brendon to play the game more [drama]

  92. enough of southern girl cassi and ther is already one in the house nice girl[jordo],too many gona be boring,more drama people,i know we all love drama,vote brendon

    • The last time I saw the poll, it was Cassie 36%, Dominic 32% and Brendan 27%. That was today around 4:00, Columbus, Ohio time.

  93. It. Doesn’t matter who’s in the lease here..this site is. A tiiiinnnyyy fraction of BB fans

    • I don’t want a vet to win they had their chance let a newbie win. Just like the bachelor when they brought back Brad Womack or whatever his last name is. The idiot got dumped after the second rouund of Bachelor. He didn’t deserve a second chance, they should of gave it to someone else. Let a newbie win! I hope it’s not Horse Face Shelly and her raspy cigarette voice.

      • Who do u think should win? Bacon boy Adam? Crazy Lawon? Backstabbing Shelly? Hairphobic liar kalia? porcha?

  94. Put Jordan up in place of Jeff, vote Rachel out and get Dom back in the game so he can play. Who the heck is Bookie and why do you want Brendon back in the game with Rachel?? Break the teams up they are two votes people!! Don’t you watch Survivor? Remember when Boston Rob won and the two girls finally wanted to get rid of him but it was to late. Why keep the power players if the newbies want to win. The newbies are not playing a smart game. Get rid of the VETS

  95. I hope your right mandi cause when america sees how jeff treated kalia they will be rooting for her they very well might throw her and dany a bone and bring back Dominic.
    I think the people on her campaigning so hard for brenchel are their family members has to be lol

  96. The newbies have their chance too and thus far they have played the worst game in bb history…they dont deserve to win

  97. @ max…nobody cares about how jeff treated kalia its all in the nature of the game and i doubt anyone will change their dav over thats just my thought

    • o really now suppose brendan treated jordan like that you think no-one would care.If you know anything about bb you would know that people go for the underdog always have always will.
      How far is he willing to go if he calls her the n word to get under her skin would that be in the game as well?

      • its jordan’s business if she doesnt like how jeff treats her…. jeff will never call kalia the n word… wouldnt u be pissed if someone put u on the block, when u gave them a nice break w the hasslehoff thing?

        Vote Brendan JJBR fans

      • Sure like how jj was so happy when kalia won, they weren’t speaking to her at 1 point.
        Either way jordan said on bb after dark that the only reason she brought up kalai was because she didn’t want to look like a kiss ass to brendan and rachel.she had no care in the world for kalia and looks down on her she didn’t even mention her name referring to kalia as “the other one”.thanks for the dumb reply :)

  98. I agree vote bookie…i wouldnt want to see dani win over anyone. She needs to shes even throwing kalia under the i knew it wouldnt be long!

  99. Exactly kenny! She says let a newbie win…that exactly what it would be cause none of them are gonna actually take the win. Kalia says it sucks cause now everyone knew i came to play…how much do we all wabt to bet that that was a fluke and kalia wont win another

  100. Am I honestly the only one who wishes that Dominic comes back? ^^” I mean, it would spice up the game as well considering Dominic got voted out by Daniele.
    ^^” Well, I just hope between Bookie, and Dominic ^^

      • I agree with you two. I want Dom to come back. Whats with Rachel? Why should she win? Why should any of the vets win??

  101. How will you guys feel when brendan does not get another chance in the house lmao cant wait till Thursday.

  102. Max…how will you feel when not only brendon comes back but rachel also stay…haaaaah..cannot wait either!

      • would be weird if rachel got evicted and had to compete against brendon if he was the winner of Americas choice. Come to think of it, he would prob just forfeit it for Rachel can win automatically. What do you think?

  103. I. Did. I. Did I did lol….I. voted. For. Bookie. All the way! I. Think. He. Deserves it! Him. And. Rachel. Have. To. Fight ten. Times harder than. Anyone else…sorry. about all. The periods.

    • only 30 times… i voted 50 times … come on create more email addresses and vote more for bookie…

      Vote brendan Everyone

      • Good girl Dawn, I want Dom to come back why does everyone want the Vets to come back like Brendon? I wish that bookie person would stick it!

      • Please God don’t let it be Dom. Dom creeps me out. He and Dani will turn into a pathetic platonic moronic attempt at a showmance. Keep Dom away VOTE FOR BOOKIE TODAY!

      • I agree with you Wayne. And just so we are all clear…. Most 25yr old virgin males who live at home and have best friend that is a girl are usually gay! I’m just saying! Also boys who like girls don’t sit around twirling the supposed attractions hair. That’s not flirting that’s a girl ” friend ” thing. Sorry peeps like I said….I’m just saying!

      • I voted and voted and voted for Bookie. Dom is very weird. He looks too much like a woman or something. That is aside from his age, being a virgin, etc. The only reason Dani wanted him around is because she could manipulate him–he is immature and naive. She is a real manipulator and since Dom was gone she turned to Kalia. I love Rachel and Brendon but Rachel better get her act together but I am afraid it may be too late. I can only hope that Porsche is playing a double agent and trying to find out what is going on in the HOH with Kalia and Dani. Adam seemed a little reluctant to vote for Bookie to be evicted. I think Adam doesn’t like Dani or sees how she is as well as Kalia.

    • Oh yeah? Well I voted CASSIE randy Jackson style! 100 million times! Yeah for CASSIE! LOL

  104. kenny what do think bookie,am positive wil come back , rach is save ths week and they wil be brenchel again in the house.power couple, lol

    • I don’t think your votes will count…

      I’m pretty sure you have to be over 18 years old.

  105. alot of people got this voting thing wrong…Brendon/Dom/Cassie…one of those has to have America’s vote to “possibly”come back in the house..Whoever wins the vote goes up against whomever is evicted Thursday in a short comp of some kind..WHOEVER IT IS HAS TO EARN THE WIN TO GO BACK…They just don’t ring the doorbell and walk back into the house..

    • I think it will be after Thursday show then shown on Sunday.
      With the feeds we will know who won and they will send the winner into the house right after they win. That will give plenty of time for the FIREWORKS to start before the next nomination takes place.

  106. Now this is where t gets interesting, rachel dose have the votes to stay if j & j are not on the block. Still if rachel does end up getting voted out then she will win on the 1 on 1.

    If rachel doesnt get voted out and for some odd reason Brendon is the one coming back in then it is going to get real good for the whole next week.

  107. It doesn’t get interesting – it turns into another Brenchel soap opera.As soon as Bookie started squirting out man tears that was the end.Bookie needs to move on…

    • So, what else is interesting? Dani, Kalia, Jeff, Jordon, Adam, Shelly, Lawon? Oh yeah, they all make the show soooooooo interesting! Not!

  108. Who are you people rooting for rachel to succeed? She hit the nail on the head that no one likes her… you must be the super hyper sensitive people who cry when she cries…

    • I agree Why do they want Rachel to win? The newbies don’t have a so called boyfriend/girlfriend in the house that is a guaranteed vote. Break up the power couples. Why vote Brendon back in? I don’t care who comes back in as long as it is not Brendon and Rachel. I hope Rachel goes home because she had her one shot at the Cash give someone else a shot at it.

      • Agree. Brendon and Rachel are so played out. I just don’t get what people see in them. I agree she can kick butt in competitions, but she is whiney and has very bad sportsmanship when she is not winning everything.

  109. If Rachel stays she will fall apart and cry all the time or turn junkyard dog mean. I do not want to see either one.

  110. Having trouble being able to vote or get live feed. Could anyone update what is happening on live feed, please? Will Dani be put up to replace Jeff or will it be Adam? Will it be Porche or Shelly or Jordon? Is what’s his name(the funny guy with the nice smile)even playing in this game? Things are not moving along fast enough for me. However, it is getting more interesting and miss the play by play I would get on live feed. At least I can read all the daily comments from all of you. I have to say that I laugh a lot and look forward to reading all of the ideas for game play. I am so undecided on how I want things to end up and keep changing my mind on an hourly basis. Just today, I got the nerve to even make a comment on this site. Enjoy reading everyone’s opinions. I was going to vote for Brendon because I think the resulting drama would be worth paying for the live feed.

    • Glad to have someone new. Make up your own mind. We all have our own reasons. I like the drama and the pretty girls. But the girls causing drama is the best. The buff guys like Brendon and Jeff tend to get macho and beat their chests when someone stands up to or against them, the girls do not.

    • This is entertainment much like the WWE wrestling, the other soap operas Bachelor and Bachelorette. None of which is true. The same goes for Big Brother yet, some people get bent out of shape if you have different opinions from theirs. Even in real life not everyone agrees! Feel free to express your views as there is no right or wrong view. We are all speculating on what may happen and nothing else!

  111. Just a reminder, I wouldn’t put it above CBS to rig the vote if they really want to. I mean, what could we do about it? I’m sure CBS has tampered with votes before… in that HOH comp from a couple weeks ago, when the houseguests had to answer the way they think America would, the answer to a question asking which houseguest is more likely to steal someone’s lover was Porsche and not Rachel. You seriously expect me to believe that America voted Porsche over Rachel? Rachel, who most of America hates with a burning passion and tears her down at any opportunity? I’m not too sure about that one. America may very well get blindsided on Thursday when we find out which houseguest received the highest number of votes.

    • Do not know if they would do that, but they would miss lead us to think the vote was going one way to get us to vote the other.

    • I think your absolutely right, that is why I feel so confident that Brendon will come back, no matter what the votes are. But as far as that competiton, I do think America would vote Porche because the skit they showed of her before they started the season “in her home town” she seemed very slutty and very full of herself. Also, Rachel is with Brendon, so people probably wouldn’t think that way.

    • You may be right about the votes being rigged – but I think Porsche would be the one to steal a man – she said in her interview that she is “always the hottest girl in the room” – she seems very arrogant and has said she wants to be evicted before jury sequester b/ there are no cameras there.

  112. even if if rachel gets evicted she will have to compete against americas choice… its not a sure thing she will be back haha

    • America is not going to vote for her to win the money. She is mean, and doesn’t care about anyone except her and her MAN. What does she do for a living? I think she is a stripper but under her name she is a coctail hostess.

      • @ wingnut, You haven’t a clue about Rachel, she was a cocktail waitress not a stripper, and she has been out of work since she gave up everything to move to LA to be with Brenden. As far as saying that Rachel doesn’t care about anything but herself and Brenden you couldn’t be more wrong. Rachel started a charity for kids in vegas who want to go into the arts and science field, and she has raised a hell of a lot of money for the charity she started, not to mention the money and attention she has raised for the science school they built in vegas. Rachel does a lot of charity work and she is passionate about the charity work she does. Rachel also does charity work for women who have breast cancer. There are a few more charities that Rachel is into but I cannot recall them all right now.

      • I am all for charity, but it doesn’t pay the bills. I am surprised she hasn’t mentioned anything about her charity work on BB. How do you know so much about her charity work? She just wants to pop out babies and live off of the money that she will not win from BB.

  113. Did anyone catch on BBAD last night when Rachel told Adam that in the last year she has been playing this game and fighting for 20 weeks out of 56 weeks in a year. LMFAO Yea Rachel your the more smartest person to play this game. LOL

    • What do you mean fighting 20 weeks out of 56 weeks? Fighting to win Big Brother or Fighting with Brendon? Can you Please Explain?

  114. AGGHH! Doesn’t Kalia ever stop talking? I’d rather watch the palm trees than listen to her. At least she makes it easy for me to turn off the feeds and get some things done around the house.

  115. whats with everyone saying they want to Rachel gone and Brendon never come back because theyve already had a chance. If your favorite came back from a past episode you would say anythig like that, you’d be like “oh hell yeah!” I’m just saying, cmon people lets have a better reason than that…no one ever gives a good reason, its always because of their “attitude” and “charactor” not that I’m saying theyre never sickening or annoying, but I think until you actually get the chance to go there and play in the game, dont judge how someone acts in that situation. Also, say all you want no one else acts like that but Dani acts just as bad, if not worse. And Kalia and Lawan alike. Lawan had the most classic line ever.. “I better win next week, cause theyre gonna be after me” really boo boo? your the most non-threatening player there!

  116. Maybe we all just stop talking about what we think *may* happen, and wait to see. Then when Brendon and Rachel ending up being there with Jeff and Jordan, we cann all come back and argue about it.. LMAO GN everyone!

  117. Jordon won 500,000, Jeff won 10,000, Dick won 500,000, Dani won 50,000. Hey give someone else a chance at the cash and don’t be so greedy.

  118. @ wingnut…they all have the chance as well, theyre just not stepping up to the plate, thats the problem. What are they supposed to hand the cash over with now work? lol..all the newbies suck, Kalia’s win wasa fluke, it probably wont happen, man it’s actually hard to picture any of the other newbies winning anything and everyone thought Enzo was so bad huh?

    • You kidding? kalias hoh was a fluke? pretty sure she won like 3 rounds in that hoh. give her some credit. Also, the newbies didnt have a chance in season 8 or 11. they werent there.

      • And? who cares. As I said earlier, everyone who complains about it, wouldn’t be complaining if t was their favorite that returned for another shot. I mean hell, thank goodness the vets returned, cause otherwise this season would be a total flop

  119. America. Doesn’t. Vote, the. Other. Hgs. Do and I if she’s sitting on. That podium. Say, next to adam or lawan or. Shelly..if they continue to. Win absolutely nothing..she will. Get the. Votes…period…speaking of, sorry about all the periods..

  120. I don’t mean her HOH was a fluke as in she didnt win it fair and square. I know alot of people think she didnt because they were saying “oh she answered before the question was even finished” but she just paid close attention and as much as I dont like her, I believe she won it fair and square. The reason I said its a fluke is because she keeps saying “oh,now everyone knows I’m here to play, I am competetion” blah blah blah. I just don’t believe that, I dont think she will win anything else is what I’m saying.

  121. yesh, but what if Dani ends up staying? Then it’ll be bad. This is not a good week to backdoor Dani. However I’d love to Dani and Brendon square off head-to-head

  122. Very glad Jeff won. I am hoping that Rachel stays and Brendon returns to the house for the drama only. Otherwise, they can both leave. I am rooting for SHelly cause she is from Louisiana but really would like to see Jeff win this year

    • I wasn’t too sure about Shelly at first, but she seems to be in a pretty good spot at the moment. I’m just worried that her playing both sides is going to blow up in her face if she’s not careful.

  123. The newbs are so bad they literally just flock to where the power is. Imagine if Rachel wasn’t in bb12 or 13 my brain would be fried with everyone talking about the same stories all the time. I would cry. But Rachel even tho she’s psychotic is entertainment.

  124. Lee Mn–Things have been pretty boring in the house tonight. Kahlia spent a lot of time talking to Porsche, told her she was thinking of putting her (Porsche) up or Adam because she had a deal with Jordan that they would never put each other up. Rachel is trying to be sociable with everyone and Dani is afraid people will fall for the “nice Rachel” bit. Shelley is still being Shelley. Dani told Adam he might be going on the block but if he didn’t feel comfortable with that then she would talk Kahlia into putting Porsche up. The HG are on lockdown inside because there’s a wedding reception nearby with music. They’re getting ready to celebrate Adam’s 40th birthday. Jeff is cooking as usual with everyone eating. He said his new rule is that anyone who nominates him doesn’t get to eat his cooking. He should have made that rule a long time ago.

  125. If Brendon and Rachel are in the house again I am done. I’m sick of those pathetic losers. Everyone should be as well.

    • I agree, I just don’t see why everybody wants these 2 in there. I mean seriously, what is the deal?

      • It doesn’t not matter who you like or dislike. It is about entertainment value. Reality TV is not reality TV. Get your head out of your ass. If you want to see Big Brother, look for the UK version. It is 1000 times better.

  126. I want Brendon back so he can win Hoh & get rid of Dani & Kalia!! Would love to see the drama explode in the house, lol

    • I agree with Specialsoul. Kalia should play her own game before Dani takes her down like she did with Dominic. Smart move would be to get rid of Dani and start the game all over with Brendon returning.

  127. I think Adam will be shocked to find he doesn’t have as many fans as he thinks he does. He is talking to the camera, telling people he might be shaving his face tomorrow and he hopes it doesn’t upset his fans. LOL I haven’t seen a whole lot of Adam fans on this site.

    • I know I’m watching it too. Jordan keeps farting and you can hear it. It was loud and funny. Rachel being a drama queen


    Vote Bookie!

  129. Guys, honestly????
    Why Cassie? Really…the girl is absolutely gorgeous but all she talks is about that… oh I am so beautiful and people hate me, no u stupid b…. people actually figured out your game play and that was the reason u have been voted off. Not once anybody said anything about her being so pretty in a derogatory manner, all have acknowledge her butty. So please get some sense.
    Dom? holy mother of God, the guy is probably too tired of a hand job to see much in the future.
    The black Pope, want to be Obama, religious hypocrite, which sums it all. No need to say much more.
    One thing I do not understand why are people so much against Rachel??? She puts on a good show, a good game, extremely annoying I’ll give you that but in all she is a good person, rough around the edges but aren’t we all. It is sickening how much she is in love with Brandon, but then, think, we all do “bush crying” and out of ordinary things for that one sucker that we love. She is emotional, but does emotional translate to evil?…No, it’s nothing that some antidepressants can’t solve.
    She wears her hart in a sleeve. Think, if u watch her and B. together it is very easy to see the love and passion (I am not trying to give u any mental pictures) but hey… On the other hand JJ, nothing…Jordan seems as a very cold girl, sweet yes, good hearted-yes …but…
    In life I’ll rather trust someone that talks and tells u what’s on their mind then somebody that is quite and sweet.
    If we are to have good show with twists keep JJ, keep R., bring B back, keep D&K and the game will be on. Let those three couples fight and its going to get dirty and entertaining.
    Shelly, needs to go, other than that not much opinion.
    I like Adam…but would not sweat if he goes.

      • Cassi doesnt look as good as u guys think. Skinny chic with no shape… danni looks better than her

    • Good post, agree 100%

      Cassie is as shallow as those people who she claims “are jealous catty women”. And Dom won ONE bubble gum chewing contest to put things in perspective.

      THESE PEOPLE ARE USELESS TO THE GAME. Vote for Brendon, a competitor with heart, strength and yes, flaws. Entertaining and hot as hell! He needs back!

    • How do you really feel people? Don’t really judge people much do you? Wow u guys all act like u have known all these players for years. All of ur perspectives r a true testament of ur own characters. Anyone looked in the mirror lately. Do u really like who u see? Good grief!

    • Big Brother is much like the WWE wrestling, The Bachelor or Bachelorette which is entertainment and nothing else! The house guests are coached on how to act and what to say! That is how they did it in Jerry Springer with their staged fights. It is all about ratings which determine if you get a lot of advertising dollars where the big money is made! The house guests act the way they act because they need the ratings. None of it is true. Actually, a lot of the people you hate on the reality shows could be very nice people if you meet them outside the show.
      What I do hate is lousy game play. Cassi sorry cannot play this game so, should not take space by being voted back in! Brendon should be the one to get back in because he wins competitions and adds drama so, makes the big brother tv show more interesting as far as twists and drama goes and could generate conflict with Danielle if she is still in the house when it happens!

    • the lines were already drawn. it was jj and br against kd. kd won a round, got b out. why should br get another shot? They lost. doesnt seem very fair to me.

  130. yeah bring bookie back, i want the f*** drama, brenchel all the way baby, no hating…

  131. ilove obama and ilove brenchel , their drama is really good,entertainment people.


  132. Kalia is super depressed now… She actually thinks her and Dani are friends. Grow up girl!

    • ??? I am sure Kalia showers she has been on camera showering and bathing. Sorry boo that dirt does not come off its called pigment. You racist $#*&!!!

  133. Jeff is the male version of Rachel. He gets depressed when he’s up and cpmes to life when he’s off. JJ r different. Jordan complains about floaters when she is the ultimate floater and has a bitch fest to Jeff. The real Jordan surfaces. She is not so nice.

      • I want him back soooooo bad. He brought such good ratings for CBS, but now it’s just boring. He was stupid to take off Racheal, though. VOTE FOR BOOKIE!!!

    • After this week new lower stupid game moves by team Dan & KaL, I’m no longer rooting for them. But the master manipulater Mr. Shelly(yes, she… er, he is a hard man) playing all sides,in the house. She got them all fooled,,, Cassi will return after beating Lawonda, and will become rachel ‘s target again… hint-cassi is much appealing and her beauty is natural! Some floater should wind this game … best production move for cbs is Cassi or Dom returing… Dom/Dani vs team jj(jellyfish).

  134. Joradn gives Jeff a rare kiss and he thanks her for the rare affection shown towards him. Jordan is a little girl who has more of a father daughter relationship with Jeff. Jeff asked her if it got down to just them would she do “it”. She said that was gross. She meant she did not want to be doing something in public that is private and I get it, but she came of very frigid and immature. Jeff is definately getting it in else where.

    • Jeff gets plenty when they are not on the show. Jordo is a little nympho. She just won’t do it with him on the show because of something her grandfather told her before BB11.

      • Oh Wayne your a trips always! Last night Jeff asked her if she would do him in the have not room. She saidno!

    • What is your problem? Jordan is the best girl in the house. Go to the jejo fanpage. Tons of pics of this season with her kissing him? Get over it watch someting else if you dont like her.


    • first of all he’s a jerk whos controlling and mean and he also cheated on her! if anybody thought brendon was good for rachel think again!
      brendon does not deserve to come back! and i’m glad dani and kalia got him out. rachel is just fine the way she is at. although thts only my opinion. i hope dom or cassie comes back

    • brendon, the little wimpy kid – with the beadie eyes and self porclimed ‘man of honor’ only for rachel, needs to stay gone. he didn’t add anything to the show. should have never been brought back. rachel is much more interesting-though she is vain and shallow, and ugly inside and out. dani and kalia are players making a real difference… good move not bowing to jellyfish jeff, he doesn’t have a clause not to be nominated! they are all in the game… I haven’t seem him not once ask not to be a part of voting someone out. He has always taken his turn. Although he has won pov, he wasn’t the target and wasn’t backdoored… still a strong played with still that potenial-if he continue with the bully behavior and personal attacks, he needs to watch his back…. jj – jordan jellyfish also.

      • thank u i could not agree more they jj and his girl want to back door everybody i sooooo hope he gets the door…

    • why Rachel will get voted out then she will have to compete with Bren who will win you know Bren will let Rach win



  138. During the late Friday night feed Dani began a sentence to Kalia something like: “I told them in the DR that if Rachel ever touches me again . . .” Any idea of what this refers to or if it happened during one of the recent comps?

    • rachel is as fake as they come… she was/is that green thing riding the broom on the wizard of … . dani and kali got game… . it’s sad you don’t see and value that.

    • She is referring to when Rachel touched her during the noimanation ceremony. Rachel kept asking her how are you doing, and Dani tried to move away from her from Rachel. Rachel followed her, and Dani was basically talking to the producers to tell Rachel to get away from her.

  139. Kalia&Dani makes a grt team. Both Jeff & Bren turned on Kalia and attacked her. She has voted their way in every eviction from the beginning. So she had no choice than team up w/Dani. She has never played as a newbie. I am so tired of Rachel, i enjoyed her last season but know this act is getting old. Bring Bren backed get rid of Rachel so he can seek revenge for her.

    • Here, here Hazel, though I have to say I personally would not trust Kalia because she turned on the newbies, but as all of the newbies r turning on each other its kind of hard to hold that argument. The only newb to hold ranks was Lawon and Dom so I would not be upset if Lawon floated to the top. Loyalty goes a long way as far as I am concerned.

      Dani is still playing the best game. She is making moves and coached Kalia into a win with her inside knowledge. Kalia does not have the chops to do it on her own. Her nominations show that. She should have placed a pawn with alliances next to Rachel and put up Jeff if someone used the veto. Jeff would not have been the wiser to her plan to go after him next. She thought to serve both her and Dani’s purposes by putting up both of their targets, dumd. Go after one opponent at a time. They don’t need the hassle of multiple targets at one time. Now Kalia is taliking putting up Porche, again dumb. Porche does not have the votes. JJ will vote Rachel and get Shelly to work on Adam. She should put up Shelly and one of her side alliance will save her and it will force her to choose one and for all because she will know who is buying her bs by the votes. Go Dani, bring back Dom!!!

      • I agree, bring back Dom. How come no one wants to break up the couples? They are 2 votes to keep people in the house. Break them up. Send Rachel packing. I am so tired of her bipolar crap. Yes she is fun to watch but come on lets see what happens wit out the vets. Look at Survivor when they kept Boston Rob around forever HE WON.
        They tried to get rid of him to late. Get the vets out first. Don’t bring Brendon back. I don’t care who they bring back Heck they could bring back whats his name that got voted out first but please not Brendon. NO

      • If Dom comes back then we will see more of the flirting with Dani! Yuck!!! Dani is a hateful, nasty, mean person who is pullings Kalia’s strings

  140. I think brendon Should come back and get the dani and Kalia Out of this house they are mean W***** i dont like them dani should not of came back to bb and kalia should of never came BRING BACK BRENDON !!!!!!!!!!

  141. ? is up with the nose picking Jordan? She knows the cameras r on her and she constantly cleans her nose with her fingers and does not cleanse her fingers aafterwards, thats how germs pass. NASTY.

    • Lay off Jordan…u pick pick pick at her. I watch constantly and have never seen that.

      • Then you’ve got eye like Stevie Wonder. In Saturday nite BBAD feed while in bed with Jeff she picked her nose and she does it constantly gross.

      • If you guys remember Jordan was the Floater in her season, but she was also the nice girl so everybody gave her the win! I hate win a floater wins any game!!!!! I think Jeff and Jordan are jerks now! I don’t like how they talked to Kalia, and I’m glad Kalia stood up for herself. They are lucky I wasn’t the chick in the house they tried to talk to like that, because I would’ve blasted Jordan right then and there about her season!

  142. Kalia is as good as gone. Plus, Adam as a replacement won’t work. I think that they will vote him out. Votes to evict Adam: Jordan, Jeff, Porscha, and Shelly.

  143. Kalia from the start has been a gossiping, nosy,major instigator. Also a major nose picker using her fingers and q tips literally pulling *&(& of her nose. Gag material. She is also Danielle’s minion. Daielle is a nasty mean vindictive chic, with teenage mentality.

    • I hope Danille takes out them all,Rides on jordans skirt tail JEFF,,,NOSE PICKER JORDAN,,,,and @ FACED SHELLY..Daniell & Rachell could go to the end together..

    • so so true! She is more hateful then Rachael ever was. Need to vote Brendon back in to get rid of her!

    • the only two major gags are rachel and shelly. dani and kalia creates major gag in other because they have major game.

  144. I would love to see Cassie back as she totally intimidated all the women. I am sick of Rachel already.I think Jeff & Jordan are playing a good game. Danielle isn’t going to last long. Looking forward to her and Kalia getting evicted. This seansons cast minus the veterans are weak as well as obnoxious. They are terrified of the veterans. I hope they pick it up and get their game going.

      • Jeff would’nt still be there if it were not for Jordan draging him along…If Jordan was out,Jeff would be floating face down..All could beat Jeff in compitation..Brenden,Rachel & Jordan have carried him this far..

    • Cassie didn’t even know how to play game. She might not be tough enough or not have a mean streak. We want game on and I don’t think she can bring it!

  145. It probably better to have Brandon in the house, and have Rachel exit…. hahaha… Sounds like that is what most wants…, rather than a Dani+Dom showmance.

    • Dani,Brenden & Rachel would have been in the final 3..Rachel goofed when she did’n put Jeff on the block..

      • After this week new lower stupid game moves by team Dan & KaL, I’m no longer rooting for them. But the master manipulater Mr. Shelly(yes, she… er, he is a hard man) playing all sides,in the house. She got them all fooled,,, Cassi will return after beating Lawonda, and will become rachel ‘s target again… hint-cassi is much appealing and her beauty is natural! Some floater should wind this game … best production move for cbs is Cassi or Dom returing… Dom/Dani vs team jj(jellyfish). I needed to repeat it.

  146. Mary13, You are dead on! your comments are intelligent and insightful.Thereis so much negativity and I understand unsavory comments are written here and there in the heat of the moment, but this is JUST a GAME! I like to get on the site to read other’s opinions and try to respect everyone’s point of view, then it gets personal This game is a form of escapism, and it has turned into a lynch mob! With all the horrible things going on in the world,can’t we just be respectful and have some fun?

  147. I’m not really speaking about what anyone is saying about their opinion of the players, after all, they signed up for it and we do have a Constitutional right to “Freedom of Speech”.I am speakimg about people on this site making personal attacks on each other, which I have not only read, but have been a target of. It is so unnecessary. That was the point I eas trying to make. Thanks

  148. I highly doubt Brendan will be back im 90% sure its going to be Cassi(look out rachel) but i think the biggest snake in the grass is Porsche. what has she done in the game? NOTHING YET and shes anti-jejo I think Kalia should put up Porsche as the renom if she goes she wont be missed either her or helly not adam Adam hes harmless and loyal to jejo

    • I hope Brendon will not come back.. Like I said before they should break up the couples. For Adam being a BB junkie and watching all the time he sure has no clue on how to play the game. He thinks by using his big mouth in the diary room he is smart. At least Dom tried to get something going at the beginning of the show. None of the newbies seem to want to stick their neck out and form an alliance.

  149. I’m actually starting to lean toward bringing back Brendan – I could see him teaming up w/JJ to knock out Dani and her stooges. Makes sense.

    • How can anybody after watching Dani on the show want anybody back in the game that would side with her or be an alliance with her. She is the spawn of Evil Dick she is Evil Dani!! I have to say I see y her and her dad has problems because she is very hateful.

      • calm down!!! she’s playing the game! She has made the best moves in the game so far! She created the action in what was becoming a boring game season, and she is keeping it going with Kalia’s nominations. Now all we need is for Dani to win the next HOH, and the fireworks will start again!

  150. mymask said, If Brennan come back and has to play Rachael, don’t you think he just gone to let her win,so she can stay in the game.

  151. Brendan did not want to come to bb in the first place. rachael did. so I think he wants to stay home and get back to studying.
    what I think that jeff should of said to Jordan is would she have sex in the jury house where there are not camera’s. jeff then said (last night) that he would just take care of himself. He does not have eyes for anyone but Jordan.

  152. Dani seems like she has problems with just dealing with every day life. sometimes watch her look at everyone that is having fun. her eyes get deep and kind of scary. this is just my opinion.

  153. mymask said, Jeff and Brennan like each other, I think if Brennan come back in, they will stick together.

  154. i am so sick of people wanting Brendon back . He is so mind controling of Rachael bring back Dom or Casi at least they try to get along with everybody and are good players.

    • I agree bring Casi back. Casi should beat Rachel in the comp. This then would allow Rachel and Brendon to plan their dream wedding together. Neither one would make the jury house. However Racehl will have to get her coctail waitress job back in order to pay for the dream wedding. She did make a $1000 bucks a day in tips.

      • Hey Bosco Bob (cool and funny name)
        I think if Rachel is gone doesn’t she go to the jury house because 4 people are eliminated already. Keith,Dom, Brendon, Cassie

      • I beleive, However I could be wrong. If one of the 4 evicted house guest get back in the house, That would still leave 4 evicted. ie. Keith, Dom, Brendon, Rachel all go home. Casi is back in.

      • If Rachael leaves this week then there would be no fight for Cassi to come back in game for. We need someone in there to take out Dani and Cassi couldn’t do it cause she had no game play. If everyone got along in the house then it would be like last year, everyone would be saying how boring the show is. It is a game not a camp!

    • I hear u Larry Why does everyone want Brendon back so we can see more of Rachel jumping into his arms when they keep winning HOH and keep controllin the house. I would like to see how a newbie would control the house like Lawon or Shelly

      • Everyone says Lawon is strange because he just sit and stares at people. I think Shelly is the strange one. Who has never ate Yams or Olives. I guess she never went to a tradional ThanksGiving Dinner. Would be interesting to say the least if they ever got control of the house.

    • You are correct on your earlier staement. ”I am speakimg about people on this site making personal attacks on each other, which I have not only read, but have been a target of. It is so unnecessary.” However, Casi is the one that should be brought back.

      • Well guess we will see!!! It will be a show down between Cassie & Rachel..They will have to compeat againest one another to see which one stays in the house..I believe that show down will be held Thur.11th..Hope Cassie

    • Brendon& Rachael were going to run the table along with JeJo two weeks ago. What happened? Those floaters are wiping them out. Dom will be back and him and Dani will take down JeJo. Lawton will be saved until last and guess what? He wins! Lmao.

  155. They better get rid of high matience Rachael & Porchse has been low key all this time to manipulate at the end 7 THEY ARE LETTING IT HAPPEN.I would like to see Cassi back & Jeff & Jordan continue on close to the end.

  156. Let’s say Brendon gets voted back in and Rachel gets evicted next show….doesn’t that mean that they would be against each other in a competition to see who returns to the game? Hum, would Brendon give the love of his life another life in the HOUSE?????????? Just wondering.

    • I was thinking how funny that would be but Brendan would just lay down and let Rachel walk right back through the doors and please dear Lord above DO NOT let her return or Brendan for that matter. Jordan should go, shes already won and Jeff should stay cuz he is so hot and funny and hot. Plus he’s older and I’m in my 30’s so its not creepy to call him hot.

  157. Dear Danielle
    I hate your stinkin guts, you make me vomit your scum between kalia toes, love bobby

  158. Hello everyone as far as Brendon is concerned his whole familt turned their backs on him after BB was over. They could not take his mood change & Rachel. He was engaged when he entered the house and he 3 weeks in love with Rachel & it showed his family at home watching & the father had the cameras leave. He has not been the same since meeting Rachel period!!!!

  159. Dear Baby Jesus and Santa Claus,
    I have been a good girl except for the few things that you know about, if I can have 1 wish, please get Rachel out of the house and Dom back in. The newbies need your help from above and it will take a miracle for anyone of them but Kalia to make a move.

  160. rachel will prob get voted out then if Bren does get to come back dont they have to compete to stay so it just a wast of time Bren will throw the comp so Rachel can stay

  161. I would like to see Kalia put up the car lady. However I don’t think she can think for herself, so she will probably put up Lawon or Uncle Fester.

  162. wish this show would be on every other night,, lets see if that nasty rachel will leave the house.. HAVE YOU SEEN her from the side,, she looks like a bird…o my..and what is with her getting close to dani when they sit donw for the meeting?? I would have got up and sat across from her butt.. god what a waste,,,GET HER OUT OF THE HOUSE…cant take rachel NOOOOOOO MORE the winny ck..she thinks she is all that good??? I DONT THINK SO..go home get married and have kids… gooooo dani….

  163. I want Dani to continue to run the house. After the way she was treated by Racheal and Jeff by putting her new found partner Dominic out of the house. After loosing Dick they should have allowed her a new partner. She was bold and smart enough to seek vengence and turn the house upside down…single handedly!! That’s the way you play “Big Brother”!! Without power Racheal can not play the game. She’s weak and such a crybaby. She should have known from her last season on the show that…”what’s goes around comes around”! Now she and Dani are even… So may the best man win… GO DANI!!

    • Racheal may be a crybaby, but atleast shes not a winer as is Dani and Kahlia. Maybe thats why they hide the wine from people so they can suck it up.

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