Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Week 5 Saturday Highlights

What a day in the Big Brother house! After a night of Veto anticipation the competition finally arrived first thing in the morning. The winner of the Veto ensures we’ll see some action and confrontation in the house again this week. Read on to find out who came out on top and where this day took us.

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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – August 6, 2011:

8:00 AM BBT – The HGs are up and running around getting ready for the Veto competition. It’s an early one this week. Kalia is confident she’ll win the competition or at least Rachel won’t win it. Well, she was half right.

10:10 AM BBTLive Feeds return and Rachel is upset. Rachel obviously didn’t win. Jeff won the Power of Veto. HGs were also awarded a grill. Adam is thrilled.

10:30 AM BBT – Porsche tells Daniele she would nominate JeJo if she wins HoH.

11:10 AM BBT – Jeff and Jordan discussing the Veto ceremony. Jeff isn’t worried about Jordan getting renominated because Kalia is probably worried about upsetting him again after his nomination. Meanwhile, in the HoH room Kalia tells Lawon that not nominating Jordan probably won’t even help with her JeJo relationship.

1:30 PM BBT – Adam tells Shelly he would have taken Jeff of the block if he had won the Veto to prove he was on their side.

2:30 PM BBT – Rachel talks game with Kalia and tells her if she puts up a renom that Rachel can beat then she’ll be on her side when she stays in the competition. Rachel admits she’ll be coming after Kalia’s ally, Daniele, but won’t come after her. Kalia seems to be really considering Rachel’s offer. After Rachel leaves Kalia talks out loud about the situation and goes through the vote count to figure if Rachel has a chance of staying.

3:00 PM BBT – Kalia goes to talk with Porsche and Daniele about her conversation with Rachel. Porsche is now fully in Daniele’s pocket (she tells Daniele Rachel go can suck… an egg, we’ll say instead). She has left Rachel’s side for sure. The girls are very paranoid that Jeff has the Coup D’Etat again because he’s been called to the Diary Room many times today. He doesn’t, but he did just win the Veto so he’s probably going in for lots of soundbytes. Not even Daniele can remember how Jeff’s special power played out in Big Brother 11. You can read those details here.

7:15 PM BBT – Kalia tells Porsche that she will not renominate Jordan because she promised her she wouldn’t. Kalia swears her goal is to evict Rachel.

9:00 PM BBT – Porsche tells Daniele that she is definitely not comfortable being the pawn against Rachel.

10:00 PM BBT – Jeff is pissed off with Rachel because she requires constant attention and he’s tired of having to take care of her.

12:00 AM BBT – Jeff, Jordan, and Shelly discuss the upcoming twist. Kalia and Daniele don’t believe anyone is coming back. J/J/S think Rachel will come back even if she is evicted this week.

12:15 AM BBT – Jeff and Jordan go to talk with Kalia in the HoH room. Kalia assures Jeff he was not her target this week. Kalia says she couldn’t make decisions based on the potential twist since they don’t know all the details. Kalia keeps promising that she is on their side, but Jeff doesn’t want anything to do with that. He says he’ll be coming for her. Jeff says he’s going to go after floaters next week if he wins, but secretly his plan is to backdoor Daniele which he of course does not tell Kalia.

So Jeff is obviously going to use the Veto (“obvi”) on Monday and force Kalia to make another nomination. Kalia is looking everywhere to find a replacement and if she stays good to her no-Jordan-nom rule then that leaves her with just Shelly, Adam, and Porsche to pick. Porsche is far enough on her side now that it won’t be her. Kalia has been leaning toward Adam, but she’s also said she doesn’t want to nominate him on his birthday week (Adam’s birthday is Sunday). With the twist looming out ahead of us on Thursday there’s still lots of Big Brother craziness in store, so keep checking back in.

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  1. Rachel is a big girl..let her stand on her own 2 feet…It’s enough that Jeff has to worry about himself and Jordon..And Jordon has been taking a stand as of late so she may do fairly well on her own..

    • Kaligula and Danimal are ruining the show. The show sucks monkey brains since they fixed the HOH competitions for those two biatches. STOP HELPING THE LOSERS! BOOKIE needs to come back and Rachel needs to stay or it won’t be worth watching anymore. This is so sad. VOTE BOOKIE! SAVE RACHEL!

      • I agree with you as well. Bring Bookie back. Rachel does not need constant attention from Jeff (he isn’t her man). Jeff is projecting her as that way to make excuses to himself because he and Jordon have not been true to their word to the vet alliance.

      • 100% agree Wayne. Bring back Brendon. This has been the worst BB EVER!!!! K & D make me want to vomit! And what about K playing the black cards????? Should’ve known that was coming.

  2. well i think honestly jeff doesnt have to worry abuot jordon they all can look out for them self but would love for brendon to come back and rachal also stay

    • As of right now Jeff does need Brendon back to help win comps and get rid of Dani..Dani said she was afraid of Rachel but she is afraid of Brendon (reason to vote for him)..I don’t think for the house as a whole it would be good to have them both stay in the game..I know it creates drama but their antics take away from the rest of the HG’s which I find very annoying..One of the set is enough..

    • I would rather have my eyes plucked out then to have Rachel and Brendon back.I want then both gone so I don’t have to watch those two cry babies anymore, especially Rachel with her fake cry.

      • Same here!! Rachael pretends to cry then Brendon crys for real. Didn’t we see enough of this last season. So many other duos that could have been put in this game to make it a lot better. Just can’t wait till Rachael gets the boot.

      • If she is gone for good this week, then NO brachel to watch or destroy the fun in the jury house.

      • I think everyone should vote Brendon back even if you don’t like him. And hopefully Rachel stays. Just look at all the drama it would cause. It’s more fun to watch some drama going on then to watch Lawon and Porche just sleep and do nothing. How boring the show will be.

  3. As Kalia and Dani don’t believe that anybody is coming back it would make my day to see their faces if Brendon or Rachel walk back through that front door Thursday nite…I don’t like Brendon and Rachel as people or as a couple but they do play the game and that is what it is all about..

    • I couldnt agree more. People get so mad if you root for them or whatever, but it’s not about how sickening they are, if it were, I think it’s safe to say that not ONE person would root for them. But anyhow, that would make for amazing television lol. I know you don’t want it to happen, but I think there is a pretty good possibility of Kalia replacing with Porche and Rachel asctually recieving 4 votes to stay. As far as the original post saying that it wont be Porche put on the block, I don’t think that’s true at all, Kalia has already told her it might be her. And we all know, Dani/Lawan/Kalia do not really care about saving Porche. She is not trust worthy. But anyway, I think there is a good chance we might actually see Rachel stay, and Brendon come back. As sickening as they are, I would pay to see Daniele’s reaction if that

      • Couldn’t disagree more. Once dani is eliminated this show will be very boring. What fun is it to watch a bunch of idiots try to help the vets win. Don’t they realize jeff, jordan, brendon, and rachael are ultimatly going to stick together no matter what and they are all going to get taken out one by one. Especially since they are all so good at comps. Dani is making a lot of strategic mistakes but she is atleast playing to win and taking a stance against the vets. She is the only courageous player left in the house. Just wish ED wouldn’t have left then the other vets wouldn’t have this much control over everyone.

      • @Scott…ED has said repeatedly that all the vets should have stuck together till all the others were wiped out, and then battle it out amongst themselves. He thinks Dani made a stupid game move over a guy again.

      • Regardless of who gets evicted this week, it will be much more interesting next week! I think Rachel has a good chance of staying if a newbie is put
        as replacement nominee! Jeff/Jordan needs Rachel as they know Danielle will target them if she wins HOH! I still see Shelly supporting Rachel. Adam might vote out Porsche as she is allied with Shelly. That leaves Lawon, Danielle voting to evict Rachel. Porsche would be the big loser being voted out and competing against the house guest voted out—-Cassi or Dominic or maybe, even Brendon! Porsche should have shared whatever info she gained from Danielle and passed it to Shelly, Jeff, Jordan and Rachel. She has nothing to lose at this point!

      • How will it e boring watching the two faced b**** Dani get screwed the same way she screwed her original alliance with the vets? Karma is never boring!

      • @Richie:
        I don’t think Porsche will be put up. If Kalia and Dani do the math, they’ll know that they only require three votes to send Rachel home via HoH tie-breaker. With Dani, Lawon, and Porsche voting, they have those three votes, guaranteeing Rachel’s eviction. It’s definitely not a smart move to put Porsche up and lose that third vote.

      • I would not care if Brendon came back , if every other you hear was about his PHD. R& B acting is horrible. I liked Daniele on her season of big brother, but this season it something diffrent about her, other than her hair color. I can not believe they can not see how fake Porche is.

  4. At least Team JJ is safe. I hope Porsha is nominated, so Team JJ, A and S vote her out. Remember R got into with C defending P. I never have liked P and can’t wait to see her and D get evicted.

    • Yeah..I don’t like Porsche..and it’s not cause she is bi-sexual (her business) IT’S THE WAY SHE SLITHERS AROUND THE HOUSE..She hides for hours at a time. She is a sneak and I would be hard pressed to decide who is the bigger float ..her or Lawon..speaking of which..MATT when u wrote Kalia’s choices u forgot Lawon’s name…lmao..YES there is a HG in the house with the name of Lawon

      • Matt did not forget to put Lawon’s name, he purpously didn’t put it in the list because Kalia is not gonna renom him (or Danielle). She is renomming Adam, Shelly or Porsche, as Matt said.

      • Actually Daniele mentioned it to Kalia before the Veto ceremony even took place(to put up Lawan because they are certain he is not going home). Also, lastnight Dani and Porche were saying that Lawan has offered to Kalia to use him as a pawn, because he is so positive he would get the votes. I am not so sure that is true, I think if Porche or Lawan goes up next to Rachel, then Rachel has the votes.We might just see that happen folks.

      • Hope adam goes up and rachael gets votes. Then hopefully dom or cassi get voted in and adam should be easy to beat. Sick of Shelly her game is pointless. If she did miraculously win the game she would probably write jeff and jordan and check for 500,000 at their wedding lol. Need people in this game that are actually going to play to win and not bow down to vets.

    • I was a big daniele fan and now I dislike her much. She was mean to Jordan during the have not comp. Come on who can be mean to jordo really!

      • You also have seen the real Dani. Everyone gets on Rachel but there are some real mean ones in that house who make Rachel look nice. Dani is one of the mean ones who tries to hide it most of the time. Same goes for Kalia. Porsche is showing her true colors now as well. I can’t stand them. I want Brendon back!

      • The real Jordan cussed everyone out Friday when she heard her man was going up, real nice. She also trashed everyone as floaters (how ironic) to Jeff last night. Yeah she is soo nice. she also constantly picks her nose, real classy.

      • I think Jordan has shown her true colors too. I don’t understand why Jeff, Jordan & Rachel get so mad when they are nominated. I think they believe they have an inalienable right to be there and to h_ _ _ with everybody else. They feel like the newbies have no rights at all unless they are on their side. Go Daniele

    • When the newbies are regaining control of the house, why nominate one of the newbies? Obviously, Kahlia is not thinking about how she can win that $500,000 and instead listening to Danielle who is pulling her strings. While, I would like to see the newbies take control and see what they can do with it—-it seems like Kahlia might have slashed her throat the same way Danielle did!
      This is closest Kahlia probably would have had at that $500,000 but, she put a huge target on her back! She cannot compete for HOH next week so, should be looking to make deals like promising to backdoor Danielle in exchange for safety next week! The veterans would have taken that deal easily and the newbies would have all fallen in line. If a newbie goes home this week then, it would be 4 veterans versus 4 newbies and one newbie (Kahlia) cannot play for HOH so, that stacks it in the veterans favor! If Danielle wins HOH then, Jeff or Jordan and Rachel will be on the block. If Jeff, Jordan or Rachel wins then, it will probably be Kahlia and Danielle on the block. Porsche, Adam, Lawon, Shelly should be making a move to unite the newbies instead of following the veterans blindly. Kahlia had HOH and the power yet, does not think strategically of how she can advance herself. Aligning with Danielle and putting the veterans on the block just put a target on her back. Danielle is just there for the ride to next week when she can compete! Best move for her still is to backdoor Danielle with a deal not to nominate her next week! The veterans will probably take it because it is guaranteed 100% as Danielle cannot take herself off the block if she is the replacement nominee!

      • What would be the point of that? They would just nominate her the following week or one after that. Vets are too good at comps compared to newbies. Only chance they have is too keep Dani so they have a chance to win hoh and eliminate another vet next week. And keeping dani takes target off other newbies. As long as dani is in the game and winning comps she is target number one. Once she is gone kalia will be next wether she makes a deal or not. Who else would they go after? Shelly who is playing solely to help vets win or Adam/Lawon who will never win anything or have any power in this game. I don’t think so. They may target porsche which would only buy her one week. Then they would go after her cuz she is capable of winning hoh and how can they trust someone who turned on her alliance with dani so easily.

      • Kalia was right to aligned with Dani to wipe out the vets because thats what the vets r going to do to the newbs. Her only mistake was putting up Jeff and Rachel. Kalia should have put Shelly next to Rachel incase her noms changed and then she could have put up Jeff. She can still get Rachel out if she nominates Shelly. JJ knows they need Shelly and r not ready to cut her lose just yet. JJ and Adam will save Shelly and send Rachel home. I believe JJ wants Rachel but they value Shelly more as they should. At some point Rachel will come after JJ and they will need Shelly like Rachel is counting on Porche. Porche tells others she is sick of Rachel but has not voted against her yet, even when she said she would. None of the other HG trust Porche and I am not sure their annoyance with Rachel is greater than their mistrust of Porche. Putting up any other newb except Shelly is iffy.

    • J&J are most boring players ever and their honest game crap is a joke they just said how they would have backdoored dani this week even though they gave their word not to. J&J’s tactics are no more honest than dani’s they just hate her cuz she is their only competition in the house. And she is the hottest chick in the house.

      • @Scott, hottest chick??? That’s funny. And Jeff and Jordan said they would back door Dani because she turned on them first in the very beginning.

      • Danielle is not the hottest chick in the house! LOL She looks too skinny. Jordan and Porsche and Rachel look way better than her. As for Danielle being put on the block, Jordan and Jeff are just waiting to win HOH. If they don’t act then, Danielle will put them up first! Kahlia probably put up Jeff at Danielle’s suggestion. The veterans alliance is long dead with Danielle’s move so, she should not expect anything less than to be put on the block by the other veterans given the chance. She got her licks in, the other veterans will certainly return the favor given the chance!

      • Thank u Scott for an honest assessment. Sippe cup also picks her nose on nation TV. She thinks “doing it” on TV is gross but picking her nose is classy?

  5. TEAM DANI!!
    I think I may be able to handle Rachel alone in house without Brendan. We will see… I am just sick of the cheesy soap opera crap. I want to watch game play with the plotting and backstabbing.
    I think its rather funny that Jeff wants “floaters” out of game, since he is a big one. All he does is bully someone with “threats” if his holiness in even considered a target.
    I am more for Rachel than Jeff or Jordon at this point.
    Still loving Dani!

    • Thank You! Finally someone else that wants to see some real game play and not a bunch of cowardly newbies helping the vets win. It would be great if rachael aligned with dani. They would run through that house, but she is not smart enough to do that. She is too emotional and can’t get past her taking out brendon. Either way Go Dani!

    • I completely agree! Dani is making the game at this point despite what any Brenchel-loving troll says AKA Wayne, etc.

      Anyway, I’m sick of Adam and his awkward starstruck mancrush on Jeff. He needs to wake up and realize he has just been a dispensable pawn for the vets alliance. Not that it really matters anyway, Adam hasn’t done much of anything in any competition up to this point…

  6. Rachel is a strong competitor but too emotional and everyone wants her out, which is exactly why, if anyone was using even half their brain, they would discreetly rally to keep her. In the end she will not get votes to win anyways.

    Jeff and Jordan are in a tough spot and are now just kind of coasting through the game (besides his recent win) and must rely on the graces and efforts of others to keep them there unless a big power shift takes place again. They are not the biggest threats right now either.

    Adam, Shelley and Lawon are in a good position right now. Although it is obvious which HGs they prefer, they have kept fairly neutral and everyone trusts them for the most part, they are flying under the radar quite well and will make it far if they can keep their focus.

    Kalia, Dani and Porsche are dangerous together but their “alliance” will self-destruct soon. If Kalia was able to think objectively and not be such a puppet she would use her HOH to make a power move and get rid of some of the less obvious but more dangerous threats.

    • The best argument to keeping Rachel is she is too emotional to be a threat to win HOH or VETO at this point. Her emotional tantrums is only hurting her gameplay! Too bad Brendon did not keep himself in the game. The outcome of the HOH might have been different as Brendon is a good competitor. If Brendon were to compete with Rachel, the couple already saw how emotional she is and she might insist this time that Brendon go inside the house instead of her! A lot of fans think that Brendon is going to just throw the competition to Rachel. I think the opposite as don’t tell me they do not want to win that $500,000. It would be a good move too on their part if Brendon instead of Rachel re-entered the house. This is assuming a Rachel eviction. If stays inside then, Brendon might just get in against the pawn which could be Porsche!

      • I am hoping for a big move like that too. Something needs to shake this house up, there are too many over confident undeserving players in the game.

        The golden key/pairs twist was horrible, every HG should have had to fight this whole time to stay in the game. Unfortunately, this season seems to be set up to favor floaters.

        Happy watching!

      • That would be a good plan if Rachl did not win comps and put people up for any percieved slight. Can u imagine if you went to bed and did not bid her good night her next win you’re on the block. For people’s peace of mind she has to go, though I wish she were less damaged fact of the matter is she damaged goods.

    • yea If it was me I would keep Rachel she will always be the bigger target because most hg want her out with her in they would have the chance to stay longer because once she is gone sombody else has to take her place

  7. I just realized what could be an awesome outcome to the twist. I’d like to see Dom beat Rachel and get back in the house and solidify the donato party BUT, wouldn’t it be awesome if America chose Brendon, then Rachel got evicted and we got to see Rachel cry her eyes out when she has to compete with Brendon to get back in. AWESOME++

    • There won’t be time for all that..It will be a pretty short and to the point comp between the 2 evicted HG’s..SS but Dom in my opinion has not a “real” clue as to how to play the game..Had he been smart he would not have been the 3rd to be evicted..What he did learn about game play he learned toooo late..

  8. I wish Kalia would turn her back on Dani and put her up for eviction and I hope Brendon comes back. Big time drama!

    • Fingers crossed for this to happen lol
      I cannot see Rachel getting evicted this week. Brendon was a jerk this season, but i still like him.. And Rachel, well, she is just being Rachel!
      I wish Kalia could consider her offer..

      • Kalia has mentioned putting Dani up…Don’t know who would go in that scenerio..Dani is not really liked
        either..People befriend her to stay in the game (house) not cause they like her..That is a 50/50 situation to consider..

      • Kaligula isn’t going to put Danimal up. I wish she would, but she doesn’t have the guts. She is only attacking Rachel because she thinks it’s safe. WAIT TILL BOOKIE COMES BACK!

  9. Guys, do you know how is the ‘voting thing’ going on?
    Brendon, Dom, Cassi, who’s taking the lead?

  10. well it seems that we have a race between cassi and dom i went on and i know the site is just a poll website but before it showed cassi way ahead but i went to the site again and it was much closer and it’s just spelling more and more doom for wretchel because she’ll be knocked out and cry the second time one when she’s talking with julie and when she’s defeated by dom and FINALLY the rest of the game will be enjoyable for all of the retchel haters.

    • what makes you so sure Cassie won’t beat who ever gets evicted? I hope she comes back in and wins the whole game! Rachel and Brandon had their turn(twice)and blow it! If they were such good players they still be playing. And as for floater every season we get them and every season no dose anything until it’s to late so who’s playing the game right THE FLOATERS OR THE BIG MOUTHS?

      • Ziggy, It is very obvious that this season is fixed. If production had not stepped in, Dani would be gone and BR would be untouchable. I blame all the whiners who can’t get over BR being such superior players. Jealous haters helped CBS ruin the show, SAVE RACHEL! VOTE BOOKIE!

      • Wayne: Please take off your rose color glasses! R\B are NOT that great they just make asses of themself and veryone likes to watch a train wreak. If they were that good one of them would of won or still be in the game.

  11. let me reiterate wretchel will be crying two times one where she’s walking out the door and talking with julie and the second time when she’s defeated by dom or cassi and she’ll cry all the way to the jury house and that my friends is the truth and wretchel will get got!!

  12. If J/J said Kalia is still the target, then Kalia should not take Rachel’s deal. Rachel has fallen apart and lost both the HOH comp and the veto. Since Kalia made a big move she is in trouble either way. Something is very unstable about Rachel. On the live feeds she is up and down like a yo yo. I seriously think she needs help. She is so needy and thrives for attention. Since Brendon is not there to give it to her she clearly does not seem to be able to function without him. Jeff told her she is driving him crazy and he is not going to act like Brendon does. He doesn’t do that with Jordan and told Rachel she needed tough love. She needs to be out of the house.

    • I saw that too . She got mad at Jeff because he told her no you can’t eatmy dinner. Then Jordan said she is a lot of work. Awesome!

  13. If Cassie or Brendon come back it’s great for J/J, if it’s Dom, then it’s doom.

    J/J HAVE to win HOH or else they are going up, for sure Jeff, but probably both, to ensure that Jeff goes home . The newbies are so far up Daniele’s you know what that they would not be smart enough to nom Jeff and Daniele to ensure a big competitor to leave.

    Tick tock Jeff

    • I think they would besafe if Shelley won hoh. I knowthey accused her of throwing the have not comp but I think she is over it.

    • Don’t yall get it ??? Dani wants to eliminate all the vets..The NEWBIES for the most part are very passive with little or no ambition to do anything that requires strenous excercise or alot of deep thought..Dani wants to play aginst the weaker people..But if Dani does make it to final 2 she will not win the big bucks…The other vets will see to that..

  14. i think it would be funny if rachel leaves and brendon came back but really would like cassi back just to irrataite rachel but who ever comes back will be targerted!

    • ONLY ONE PERSON WILL BE ALLOWED BACK IN THE HOUSE..that will be the evicted HG that wins the comp. People do not seem to be getting the deal on bringing somebody back. Whomever is evicted Thursday nite will have a duel of some kind against whoever America voted to come back into the game. “ONE” of those 2 will go back..not both.It is really a no brainer if u can grasp the concept..

      • yes i UNDERSTAND the deal i didnt say there was to coming back just stating two different sceniro’s……

  15. WHAT ABOUT LAWON??? HAVE THEY FORGOTTEN HE IS THERE TOO???? i swear he will win this whole thing simply because they have all forgotten him…he does nothing..he wins nothing….just using up all the oxygen….they are all so focused on their little circle – that they have forgotten the third wheel! WHAT ABOUT LAWON??

  16. Thank you so much for this site….I just found it. I have been reading the comments on another bb site and the comments are so nasty and rude. This site and all of you who are posting here is so refreshing that you can discuss this game in a civil way! Thanks to all of you.

  17. OMG!!!!!! I cannot take it anymore if one more person talks about the newbies regaining control of the house! The newbies aren’t an alliance, they were for 3 minutes at the beginning of the season and have not been since. Even if a newbie comes back in the house(which is unlikely)it’s not like theyre just going to gather up and re-allign with the other newbies(who, if you couldn’t tell, aren’t an alliance anymore). If Dom come backs he will allign with obviously, Dani and the clan. If Cassie comes back, its most likely she will go re-allign with Shelly and Jordan and so on. And one m ore major thing people are forgetting. There is actually a HUGE chance this week , that Rachel wont even get voted out, and if she did, Brendon would be the only one out of the 4 who could come back, that could beat her in a competition. I think were gonna see a BRENCHEL re-unite this week folks! GGOOOOOOO BRENCHEL/JEJO…the newbies are so whack, none of them are playing any game, they all suck.

      • All of us who support Brenchel can still keep the faith that Rachel will be safe this week. I like Je/Jo but Jeff has no patience. It’s really likely that even if Rachel is out she will win the special comp and be right back in. WIthout Rachel it will be boring.I don’t even mind BB production skewing it in her favor. In fact i hope they do!

    • That is just one of the possible scenarios out there. It may or may not happen! The key is always going to be who gets eliminated this week. Newbies have a good opportunity only if they move to evict the veterans. If not, then, the veterans will roll them all the way to the final 2! The newbies are not in an alliance together however, they could be! That is their best chance and in their best interests! And alliances in the Big Brother house can change like the wind! With what has happened so far, I see Jeff and Jordan nominating Danielle and Kahlia if they get HOH next week! We are now at the point where people need to make their move if they want that $500,000. Jeff and Jordan should know that they would be the next target of Danielle if she won HOH next week so, it should get interesting. Kahlia could still surprise us this week by nominating Danielle however, she seems stuck to listening to whatever Danielle tells her which makes her but, a puppet! At this point, Porsche as the pawn could go home this week and she was stupid to allow Kahlia if she ends up as the pawn. She should object to being a pawn and threaten Kahlia if she win HOH next week. If she goes up as a pawn—-there is a good chance she will go home! Don’t laugh as anything is possible in this game. Who would have thought Kahlia would win HOH? Rachel can still survive this week and if she wins HOH can nominate both Kahlia and Danielle next week!

  18. well, we will just have to wait and see about that. Just sayin, don’t get mad when we get to say… TOLD YA SO!!!! lol

  19. Methinks Kalia should nominate Shifty Shelly as a renom. The woman has proven herself to be a sneaky snake, so whether she or Ruthless Rachel gets the boot… it would be well-deserved. Good riddance!

    • It would be the worst if it’s Shelly. JeJo would be torn and probably keep Shelly. If it’s Lawson – im sure he goes home. Porsha and Adam and Rachel still has a great shot at staying in.

      • If she puts up Shelly as a re-nom, I would count on a good-bye to Rachel. I mean, she was the main target this week! And who is on Rachel side besides Je-Jo! Porshe? Wouldn’t count on it.

      • You crack me up I never laughed so hard Kaligula? Danimal? ohooo that is funny Thank for ur comments and the comic releif u provide

      • I’m rooting for Danielle to go too! Kahlia is not being smart if she nominates a newbie! She is a newbie and will lose to the veterans more likely than not! Why nominate a newbie and not a veteran like Danielle? That would make more sense because the newbies would have the numbers and vote wise, will be powerful!

      • I voted for Brenden. He will keep it interesting. Please no Dom… He is Danie’s little puppy (BORING) Keith – He was a nut!!! Lawson is a nut but a funny one. Keith was about to have a Panic attack. Cassie is ok cause she is beautiful, nice to look at, and does not mind stirring with stuff in the house. But Bookie is best! VOTE BOOKIE

  20. I to dont like Danimal this time around. I think she under the impression shes playing like her dad did. She is not ED was mean but to your face she is sneaky mean and catty she is really pissing me off.I tought i couldnt like somebody less then Nataly but right now its a close call

    • You are right. I liked danimal in her season but now she thinks she is playing like Ed and she is not. She is mean girl. I can’t wait for her exit along kaflea.

    • I tend to agree with you ellablue, especially the sneaky mean…I repected ED in the way that he was an upfront, in your face, no BS kind of player….mean and controling, yes he was…but that was his gameplay and I think he would have been the same if he had stayed….I think the whole game would have looked different if he had stayed.

    • I would be great if we got to see at least one DR session from all the hg’s, each and not just the main players….no wonder we have such poor opinions about some of the new hg’s …we have no freaky idea about them or their gameplay. and I know, I know, someone is going to say…what gameplay….your right, just saying……..

    • Good! All hope is on the newbies for her. If Kalia grows a brain, she’ll backdoor Danielle. DNA will be gone too! Yay!!!

  21. I totally think that Brendon should come back, even though he’s a total neanderthal, (remember, Britney?) He and Rachel are great competitors and bring so much drama to the house. I think it would be hysterical to see Brendon and Rachel go at it on Thursday! I just hope Brendon puts his head before his heart. Lol.

  22. ok this is just my 2 cents.. Even if Rachel gets evicted (which I don’t think will happen) and has to face Brendon, I don’t believe CBS should allow them to see who they will be going against in the twist competition. Sort of like a timed competition. The best time gets in the house but not before they get to see who they beat out! Just my wishful thinking. VOTE BRENDON!!

    • Sounds like a way production would/could keep them in the dark and keep either player from throwing the contest.

      • I totally agree that we need to get brendon back in the game. can you imagine the drama if he gets back into that house!

  23. adam shave, now his wife cant recog him,he need to shave his back too`and think never shave long time eww,how did she kis that man with all those hair and he has ear rings inside the hair too yuk lol

    • Please vote Cassie, the balance in the house has to change ! It has been the same for too long !

      • The sides need to form and reform every week.
        No change may provide drama but can get boring and predictable.

      • It is up to the newbies to make their move if they want the $500,000 bad like the veterans. If they just roll over and listen to the veterans then, they will never win! Whoever wins deserves it because they played their game! Newbies cannot float forever! They should now that and their fate is in pretty much their own hands. Play to win. Kahlia needs to grow a backbone and play for herself! I would say $500,000 is a lot of money so, why just hand it to the veterans without trying to win it? Putting a newbie up will get that result! So, why not put up Danielle now and work your way down the chain? Also, being HOH this week, she could have pulled the newbies together and form her own alliance. That would have been something and newbies might have gone for it too! That is their best chance of winning!

  24. I cannot wait until Thursday to see the twist finally!!! I hope Porche goes up in place of Jeff. I think that’s the only way Rachel has a chance of staying. She needs 4 votes and she would have J/J, Adam and Shelly. If Adam or Shelly go up she would only have 3 and Kalia breaks the tie to send Rachel home. Porche, Lawon and Dani will all vote for Rachel to go. Please put up Porche or Lawon. Vote Brendon back we need some drama and excitement in this show!!!

    • I favor Danielle being put up as the replacement because I feel the newbies are going to peel off an send her home if she is on the block! The only reason they are in her corner is she has made it known in no uncertain terms like to Porsche that she will put her up if she does not join her group. She did that to peel her from Rachel. If Danielle is put up—-she will go home because everyone will vote her out even Porsche! Also, Danielle loses her vote if put on the block and Kahlia cannot vote either! That leaves Adam, Shelly, Jordan, Jeff, Lawon. Lawon might side with Danielle but, Jeff and Jordan can always apply pressure to make sure he votes to evict Danielle. I think Adam and Shelly will also vote to evict Danielle to make it unanimous! If Porsche is it then, I still think Rachel can still survive! They probably have 4 votes right now on Rachel’s side.

      • If rachel did something anything different,
        I would say keep her, but she does not.
        She bullies when she wins, cries when she loses and it is always someone else who is at fault.

      • @Lee Mn – I agree with you 100%. I am trying to figure out why so many people want her to stay in the game. She does play hard in all of the comps, however that emotional roller coaster of bullying when you win and crying when you lose gets old very fast. It was kind of ok last year, however it seems as thou8gh she learned absolutely nothing from one year to the next.

    • Please no more Brandon. He is more arrogant that Jeff. I am so surprised at Jeff and Jordan this season. They are sure different. I think they all walked in with a “BIG MAN ON CAMPUS” syndrome. How dare anyone touch us!

  25. If Kahlia wanted to get rid of Rac-hell she never should have told Jordan that she would not put her on the block. Jordan would have gotten the votes and idiot Rac-hell would be outta there for a least a little while. So depending on which HG will return she could remain in the competition.

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