Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Week 4 PoV Competition Results

Power of Veto

Big Brother 13 never rests or takes the weekend off (which means neither do we!). The pressure was really on today after deals were made with the new HoH and no one was willing to throw the competition like in past seasons. Now that the results are in we’ll hear lots more scheming as we work toward Monday’s Veto Ceremony. Trust me, these HGs know how to do some scheming.

Read on to find out who won and what that means for the game this week.

Big Brother 13 Week 4 Power of Veto results:

  • Brendon has won the Veto Competition.

Daniele is upset because she really wanted Brendon to go home this week. She doesn’t want to have to nominate Jordan in his place because then she’ll have them coming after her next week. Daniele says she has an “agreement,” not a “deal” with JeJo about keeping each other safe. There are a lot of trust issues with Shelly as well right now so she might want to back off and lay low for a little while.

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The players in this week’s PoV competition were Daniele as HoH with Rachel and Brendon as the nominees. Then Adam, Porsche, and Jeff were selected to play as well. Lawon was the host.

The Veto ceremony will be held in the next few days, probably Monday, so we’ll soon know whether or not the power will be used. Stay close by and we’ll let you know as soon as that happens.

What do you think of the PoV Comp results?


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    • Jordan would be Dani’s smartest move if she really wants to get B or R out and work with JJ. Jordan is too well liked to get the boot over either one of them. Dani would have the votes to evict B or R if Jordan was put up against either B or R. Either way it’s going to be one hell of a week. Let the games begin!

    • Yes, Go BR! Dani is gonna backdoor a newbee! That’s her best move, and even she is gonna figure it out. WAIT AND SEE BRENCHEL HATERS!

      • No way! Dani’s didn’t make such a risky and gutsy move as going against her original vets alliance, only to then backdoor a newbie, who are weak competitors and therefore less of a threat to Dani in the long run.. Her best choice is to put up Jordon. Jeff will work well with others to keep her in & the votes to keep Jordan over R will be greater (Jeff, Shelley, Kahlia, Lawaun …. Adam is an unknown). Even if it were a tie, Dani would be the tie breaker and we know she wants BR out over JJ.

      • BR, Dani has to give in and see the light. If she puts up Jeff or Jor, Dani will go home next week.

        Dani has made her point, she will back down, JJBR will make nice with her and they will all go to final five like they are suppose to.

      • Wayne, I’m one of the many hoping to see B or R booted out this week. So, my suggestion of Jordan going up would be with that objective in mind, as is (currently) Dani’s plan. Therefore, Dani goes to JJ, tells them she wants BR out (as she does) & JJ to stay but to ensure this she has to put up Jordan who is well liked and would have the votes to stay, as I indicated above. Dani cannot afford to trust that if she put up a floater and not J or J, that JJ wouldn’t screw Dani, vote out that floater and Dani’s whole plan of getting out B or R would have failed, leaving BR & JJ back in fighting range against Dani. Dani has to put up Jordan over Jeff as he’ll campaign like hell to keep her and the newbies preference, along with their votes right now say that Jordan would stay and B or R would go = mission accomplished. Dani needs to focus and stick with her plan. This may very well be her best, if not only chance to break up B & R and ….. to ensure at least one of them isn’t on the jury.

  1. Enjoy it while you can BR.  One of you is still going home this week. But let’s all enjoy watching you squirm as you realize the inevitability of your situation all over again. I foresee some more nasty tirades coming from this soon to be evicted duo. “Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy”…. week! 

    • I totally agree. It would be a better move to put up Jordan to ensure that Rachel or Brendon leaves. And what’s up with Shelly now apparently trying to tell Dani that Brendon wants to stay and Rachel says she wants to leave the house? What’s up with that? What is she trying to gain by saying that to Dani? Hmmmmm, thought she was friends with Rachel. Shady stuff.

      • Shelley Is succumbing to BB fatigue and is showing signs of coming unravelled. She “was” playing her cards close to her vest but is now starting to drop her hand. She’s going to crack pretty soon I suspect. She’s playing too hard now and more and more people are on to her. The jig is up Shelley!

  2. exactly the reason they need to go. preferably him. oh well, then rachel is gone.

    if i was daniele, i’d put up jeff. screw the agreement. u gotta know jeff will take any chance to go back on his word. put up jeff, get the bigger target (other than brendon) out.

    • Brendon will convince Rach that he should stay and fight the good fight for both of them..she will reluctantly agree (lots of tears and whining) and it will be a repeat of last year. or
      Marcus you might be right…put Jeff up and watch the big boys squirm and the girls make all kinds of deals.
      Over all I can’t believe that Dani will go this far to have a newbie tossed out…she’s going for the big guns.

    • Marcus I ususally agree with you but not this time. I agree with a lot of the others, put up Jordan to lock in the vote. The floaters will vote with the vets, Kalia did’nt even give Dom a pity vote. After that argument with Brendon her aliance with Brenchel is over and JJ are not ready rock the boat and save her should Brencel come after her, with they are so she would not have exposed anything by giving him a solidarity vote. When you call out an opponent the way Kalia did you had better be ready to pull the trigger. I know Dani is the jury is still out on Kalia. She won one but can she be consistant? The only consistant player so far are Dani and Rachel.

  3. o thank god rachel is safe, i was soooo worried. brendon didnt even want to play, and he wants to go work on his phd so i guess its fine, but if a noobie gets nominated as a replacement, theres still the chance brenchel could live. soooo relvied though, woot rachel

    • Well Brendon is talking about maybe using the veto on himself. Dani is also thinking of putting up Shelly if Jeff and Jordan will vote out Brendon or Rachel.

      • I love that plan. Then it would be bye bye Shelly! I like Shelly but I like J and J and B and R better.

      • Hate that plan. The vets are going to turn on Dani. She needs to put up Jordan and let her know its the only way to get rid of Brendon. She needs to make her feel comfortable with the numbers. Play up the fact that she is weel liked and will survive the nomination.

  4. im curious to see the competition. who tried (adam and porsche) and what it the comp actually was.

    it seems brendon always wins when its go or go home. like before i came on here to see the spoiler im like “brendon or rachel won” They do 99% of the time seems like.

    • i agree marcus i wasnt surprised at all to hear brendon won the pov…the vets are pretty much winning everything right now…

      • Not the vets…………Rachel and Bredon are the best competitors………. say what you will about their personalities and even then remember how the edits affect all concerning the housequests……..We know little of their personalities outside of Big Brother……….

    • Marcus, They win 99% of the time because they are the best players ever. HA HA HA!

      • Best players? You have to be kidding me! Yeah, so Rachel can hold onto a slippery banana longer than anyone else, big surprise there! She can wade through nasty liquids, also a big surprise. When it comes to the brains end of it, she bombs out 9 times out of 10, Brendon also. Worst losers is a much better description.

      • They are the best competitors…They won a lot before having the chance to go home……. ‘chick from Louisiana’ it doesn’t suck that they win most of the time…… sucks that they are not appreciated for what they do well……..Remember the edits in the program……floaters are the ones all the Rachel and Brendon haters should be concerned with…The only non floater in the newbies was Dom but he sided up with Dani too soon in the game to get the vets out after the other newbies threw him under the bus…Rachel and Brendon bring play and drama and that is one of the reasons you all watch…… don’t have to admit the truth………Who wants BORING!!!!

      • i want Rachael and Brendan to win they worked so hard to come this far … Jeff and Jordan have money already … Jeff won 10 grants and Jordan won last season.. and besides they still have a chance to win … but hopefully Rachael stays because she is better than Brendan.. n i believe she could win…the game …. finger crossed ..

  5. Nothing will change unless brendan uses the p o v on himself and a newbie is the replacement.

    • Exactly. the vets need to stick together if any of them want to win. Not going to happen though. I’m tired of kalia & want her gone. I don’t care who wins as long as it’s not her. She will turn on Dani as soon as she has the chance.

      • whomever the next HOH is is where her loyalties will be shifted tooo..she has proven that weekly..

    • Brandon will use it on Rachel(he’s so dumb) and if Dani dosen’t but Jordon or Jeff than she’s lost all game play and needs to go home.

    • Brendon will probably use the veto on Rachel and a newbie goes up against him and he will have the power back to him and Rachel. JMO.

  6. Brendon said on the after dark last night that if he wins pov, he’s gonna use it to save rachel. Which means he will probably go home. Then we will have to watch rachel continue to pout if she doesn’t win next hoh. If she does win hoh, we will have to watch her poor sportsmanship & listen to her constantly tell everyone that no one comes between her & her man!

  7. I think brendon will use the veto on his “fiancé!!!” and go home to work on his phd while sacrificing his “life” for Rachel…. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwy :$

  8. Dani puts Jordan up and Jordan gets voted out (because she has already won BB once) and then Brenden, Rachel, and Jeff go get Dani out… I really like Jordan but I want to see Rachel, Brenden win.. I really like the way they stuck with JJ when Dani turned on them…

    • they didnt really stick with them though. they were all in on dani’s plan, then when shelly told them “oh oh oh we’re so against that” just sayin

      • Exactly! BR were all in on the plan with Dani to backdoor JJ until slimy Shelley slithered into the scene & spilled the beans. Dani got the full blame but BR were just as guilty.

    • Brendon was thinking of using veto for himself. Jeff came in second for the POV. He’s mad at himself because he hates losing. Poor Jeff always so close. He’s going to win when he really needs it. Hope Jeff and Jordan are not nominated.

    • who else were they going to stick with? no one in the house(or outside the house likes them)at this point in the game I say go Adam at least he’s enjoying himself.

    • Jeff and Jordan don’t like Rachel and Brendon, I doubt that this power play Daniele made is going to upset anyone in the house. I want to see how Rachel does sans Brendon. If she acts bitchy and rude to everyone the way Brendon did last season, she will be the next one to go.

    • Yes, they did stick to their word with JJ. Rachel and Brendon were keeping them all together and even trying to include Dani. I am just so happy Brendon won the POV comp. I was so hoping either he or Rachel. I can’t stand Dani and look forward to seeing her go. I think the newbies even may see a chink in Dani’s armor and start voting with the people they perceive as stronger. I wouldn’t be surprised if a newbie gets the boot over Brendon or Rachel.

      • Why vote for or with the people you perceive as stronger? It’s makes sense to get the strongest competitors out of the house because that increases your own chances of winning.

    • Brendon uses the veto on Rachel and Shelly get put as replacement Shelly gets out and je/jo and BreRachel are back in and it is goodbuy Dani next week.

      • Which is why Dani won’t put up a newbie. She’s too smart to let a vet in. She’s playing to win 1st not 5th. She takes risk and that is what winners do!!

    • I can’t agree with you more. Brendon carried Rachel all this time and she actually thinks she got two HOH wins by herself. Rachel – Bad Social Game, cries to much, and getting evicted this week.

      • I’m by no means a Rachel supporter, but the honest truth is that she did win the HOH competitions. The banana thing…she held on the longest. The trivia thing, I suppose you could argue that Brendon threw it to her, but that’s kind of hard to determine. I hate Rachel’s social game as much as anybody else, but give the girl her props where she’s earned them, eh?

      • It’s more like Dani threw it to her remember Dani was next to last not Brendon. Rachel’s winning streak is better than Brendon. Brendon is not in good physical shape, his knees are shot anything where he has to use them he loses.

  9. Dumbass Brendon is going to use the pov on Rachel and send himself home. I just know it. Then we will be stuck with her for another week.

      • They are both staying…Dani is gonna make a deal and send Shelly home! Then they will be back to the final five. GO RACHEL!

    • @ wayne Do you really believe that? Or is that just wishful thinking? Dude, I don’t see it happening, but I have been wrong before.

      • Yes, I really beleive it. Brendon winning the veto ruined Dani’s plan. She can’t put up JJ or she loses them forever. Only solution is to fix the old alliance and live to fight another day. It would get the target off her back too. FINAL 5 BABIES! BRJJ+dani.

      • @ Wayne But I really don’t see Dani making deals with them. She CAN’T trust them. And she knows one of them will be trying to send her home next week anyway, so she just as soon send one packing this week.

      • She really has no choice now…Brendon had to go…now he’s not going…they will work it out long enough to get to final 5 or 6. Dani will cool off and they will all “hug” it out. Remember who we are dealing with here. All these people are nuts.

      • Wayne the vets have said they will not honor any deal they make with Dani. They will not take her to final 5. Dani needs to take out a vet for her own game. No matter what they will come after her, and JJ are not with Brenchel they talk about them to each other behind their backs. Dani’s problem was she flipped flopeed. She went after Brenchel one week then JJ the next. That was her worst move. But I admire her guts, she has the fight in her to win the same as Rachel. If Rachel wins I would be too upset because she has worked for it even if she is annoying.

  10. Dani might put up Shelly, she hates her too and is playing the game on emotion.If Brendan takes himself off Jordan might go up to insure Rachel goes home.However Dani doesn’t want to put up Jeff or Jordan so Shelly might be the one going up.

  11. lets hope he uses it on himself, but you are all right he will have to use it to save his fiancee b-c hes that kind of guy right….also rachael will kill him if he does not lol….dani has to put up someone that will have no trouble getting votes to stay from the rest of the house and the only person that comes to mind is jordan and maybe shelly….lawon and kalia do nada and still manage to float thru the game, its like they had golden keys!

    • Dani is going to come to her senses and “make nice” with the vets. Shelly is going home. Just wait and see.

      • Dani really wants Brendon to go home bad. Rachel already talking crap about Jeff again. Telling Brendon maybe Dani will put Jeff up and he’ll go home.

  12. Brendan will never take himself off and leave Rachel. I like Shelley, and Jordan anyone else could go home.

  13. Dani’s smartest move would be to put Porsche up to replace whoever gets Veto’d.

    This way she honors her agreement with JeJo and she can still pluck at the strings of the Brenchel / Porsche side alliance.

    • Noooooo! Porcha is hated by all and between now & eviction night, BR can do a whole lot of intimidating and negotiating to get Porcha booted, thus saving both B & R from eviction. Dani’s BEST move is to put up Jordan. Next to Jordan, the best move would be to put up Jeff. Either of these two would be safe over BR

      • Well I don’t know about hated, but Rachel & Brendon like her.

        Either way one of B or R need to leave Thursday if Dani is to to have any chance at all.

      • Dami is gone next week no matter what she does unless Brendon and Rachel really p— off Jeff and Jordan and the rest of the house. She has screwed everyone she has touched this year. Not a good wagon to hitch your star to right now.

    • I don’t know, I think in that scenario Porsche would go home. The vets would stick together.

      • BR are the only two that really like Porcha but yes, either one of BR need to go this week for Dani’s objective to be met. Start packing B!

  14. Rachel should be saved by the veto since brendon has lost his fight in the game. Then Dani will be out very soon! hopefully in the nest two weeks

  15. i knew hew was going 2 win he’s gonna take rachel off the block and he’ll be packing for home or go to sequester.

  16. Come on Danni make a “POWER MOVE” Biggest move of BB History (isn’t that what you were preaching last week?) Put up J or J up!! Chances are if stays and Rachel wins you’ll be target next week and I am betting her move will be backdoor!!

  17. the fact that they’re eating in the bathroom is part oft he reason why nobody likes them, and it is the biggest fault of they’re game. THEY DONT KNOW HOW TO PLAY WITH PEOPLE.

    REALLY? u go eat in the BATHROOM? they seclude themselves week after week after week. one of the worst social games.

  18. Dani should tell J&J that they need to promise her their vote and not put her up for TWO weeks. If they agree then she will not put up either of them up. She shoud then put up shelley. Adam, Kalia, J&J would vote to keep Shelley.

  19. Brendons gonna use it on rachel obviously, rachel will win HOH next week, and i hope brendon doesnt get voted out ,but he might cuz they have bad social game and ppl dont like him..

    • May not be a bad idea..Let Rachel get HOH and put Dani on the block.. no bad for J&J..not to say Dani won’t win POV.. but u gotta take chances..But in hindsight..Brendon should be the one to stay cause he does play a personal & emotional game but not to the extent that Rachel does..Rachel makes it all personal and gets herself blindsided at times..

  20. Brendon will use the veto on Rachel and I think Dani would be smart to put up Jordan b/c nobody is going to vote for Jordan and Brendon would go with a 7-0 vote. If J or J would win HOH next week I think they would honer thier deal with Dani and put up Kalia and Lawon. Rachel on the other hand has no deal and would put up Dani and Kalia for sure.

    • Brenden would go out on 5-2 or 5-3 i think cuz jordon already won one before, im not sure Jeff or jordon would win hoh next week cuz it willbe a quiz probaly and if rachel wins she would backdoor dani cuz if dani plays the veto shell probaly win

    • Only 7 votes this week. If brendon comes off and a newbee goes up. That gives them 3 of the 4 votes they need to keep rachel. Throw in one other BRJJ loyal newb vote and rachel stays. DANI IS A LOSER!

      • Brenden takes rachel off,so brenden will stay on the block and dani will put up someone tht will stay for sure against him, her target this week was brenden anyway..

  21. Its possible that BR both could stay this week, assuming Dani puts up Shelly or Porshce or something like that and not JJ. I think JJ would both vote to keep either BR, whichever one of them still is on the block. If Dani does not put up J or J as a replacement, that would be really dumb game play on her part.

      • They will only stay if Dani were to put up Shelly or Porsche or someone other than JJ

      • I believe that is what is gonna happen. It all changes now that Brendon won the veto.

      • Do you really think Dani is that dumb to send home a newbe? It would be great for the other vets. She would be voted out next week. Probably will anyway. Jeff wont forget she came after him and she cant play hoh. Although she would probably win veto. But then again she didnt win veto to keep her nominations the same. Were all playing a what if guessing game but its fun to speculate.

  22. I will be so disappointed in Brendon if he doesn’t change things up and take himself down. Don’t leave Rachel in the house Brendon!

  23. Jeff at this moment is a complete joke. I hope Brendon wins this whole thing he’s the only one doing anything anyway. Rachel was handed two HOH’s(No one cares about the first one and there was no way Brendon didn’t know the answer to the last question for the 3rd HOH comp) and she has a horrible social game. Dani is making this game interesting again but I hope Brendon wins and sends her home next week because of the simple fact that they played the worst social game when she was safe for 3 weeks. I hope Rachel is evicted and it makes Brendon try even harder because JJ are worthless at BB.

    • But I’d still like Jeff to win one I’m just releasing my displeasure for the guy because he can’t even win when it matters.

      • Brendens gonna use the veto on rachel,shes a better competitor than brenden but they both lack socially.. I agree tht JJ are useless, jordon won BB11 cuz jeff carried her through the game,and she got jury votes cuz shes nice

      • I completely disagree with Rachel being the better competitor the first HOH means nothing because no one wants that target on their back. Also, add to that the fact that Evil Dick and Dani would have beaten her but Dick just let her have it. The 2nd HOH she won do you honestly think Brendon didn’t know the answer to the question, Dominic didn’t even have the personality of someone who will go Banana’s, while Adam did. It would be smarter for him to use the veto on himself, Rachel is nothing without Brendon.

      • Karen I’m not saying he won’t I know the guy does good, I already said I was just expressing my disappointment, but I’m still going to say he hasn’t done anything this game to help the alliance.

  24. I think Brendon is going to use the POV and save himself. Danielle should put up Jordan if she wants to split up “Brenchel” because everyone likes Jordan and would vote out Rachel. Although that puts a huge target on Dani but hey, she’s got a huge target already. She needs to know how everyone will vote and see what happens.

    • Best move right here, I don’t know how people can actually think Rachel is good at this game. She was handed the two HOH’s and she has a bad social game. I hope she goes because Brendon can easily win this all he’s the veto master and he can win a HOH if he isn’t trying to let Rachel win one.

      • Right, Brendon has a better game. He’s a stronger player. He knows it and so does she. I’ll be surprised if he takes her off the block.

      • Everyone in the house hates brenden he has probaly the biggest target in the house

      • Again, if he takes himself the block he can easily win an HOH or POV when it matters. I don’t know how people here can hate him he’s an amazing player. Rachel on the other hand I don’t really think so, I thought she was good last year but not this year.

  25. Brendon please the veto on racheal!! I rather see racheal in the house than Brendon remember last year when racheal left the house was dead!!!

  26. im almost 99% sure that rachel will be saved by the veto. if shelly gets rennomed, it would make me happy, though i like shelly cause she is the biggest bit ch in the vhouse, and is soo funny. but still, if shelly goes on the block, shelly will go home, cause right now, jeff wants brendon in the house, and shelly is useless, only good for talkin behind backs. shelly vs brendon, means rachel, jordeff and porscha vote to evict shelly. which is 4 votes. if this happens i migh die of happyness cause i never thought brenchel would escape the blokc. gooooo brenchel

    • Well we can only hope that she nominates Shelly as the replacement. You just never know whats going to happen. It looks almost certain that one thing is going to happen then BOOM, something completely different happens. Stranger things have happend in BB history.

      • lol im keeping as much faith as i can. danielle really messed up this week. as a matter of fact she screwed up last week. if shelyl goes home, vets will have dominance over the house, as adam will go to them as he just goes where power is. kalia will be the next to go. hopefully brenchel and jordeff work together and take out the house until 5 with porsch. then i wouldnt care who would win, cause porsche would never win lol

  27. It seems that usually the person wearing the suit ends up going home, but I really don’t think it’s happening this week. Basically, Danielle wants to split up the couples. If she puts up Jeff or Jordan, it’s a sure bet. I don’t want her to do that, though. I think Lawon is the best pawn this week. There are more newbies than vets that have a say, so it’s time to pick them off. I say bring back america’s player, made it either Lawon or Kalia just to see if they really have what it takes.

  28. Dani is an amazing player, yeah she kinda pushed too hard to get dom out but she won HOH when she needed it most! I’m glad she put BR on the block, she’s a smart player. If B takes himself off the block then Dani should ignore her ‘agreement’ and put Jeff up, it’s her best move in trying to get a serious threat out of the house. However, I think B will hopefully take R off and Dani will use her big brother skill and put Jordan up just to be sure that B goes home! If a newbie goes up then BJJ along with all of the newbies except kalia will vote against dani and she will for sure be a target next week, even if her plan doesn’t succeed she won’t be evicted unless backdoored! She’s a smarter Janelle!

  29. uuhh, I hate when they whisper, I can’t understand a word they are saying. Jordan’s stomach is louder than her voice, lol

    • Especially Daniele. I hate how when she’s telling a story she says blah blah blah all the freaking time.

  30. Dani went in the purple room yesterday with Jeff and Jordan and asked if it would be good with them if BR won POV, to use Jordan as the pawn, JJ agreed bc everyone likes her and wouldn’t vote her out. SO I’m guessing that’s what will happen.

    • But now Dani is thinking of putting up Shelly or Porsche. Also it looks like Brendon is going to use the Pov on himself. But it is a long time until Mondays POV Ceremony so things change every hour.

  31. I loved Janelle, out of all the past hgs that didn’t win but deserved it the most it was Janelle. Daniele is much more cunning and sly than her. Janelle was a sweet girl who wore her heart on her sleeve, she didn’t make the ballsy move Daniele did with Will and Mike and you see what that got her. I wish they would have brought her back instead….

    • Yeah, you’re right, Janelle was a little bit more naive I think but she was a hilarious sweet girl and one of my favourite players! But she waited until late on in her game to make big moves, Daniele is constantly working toward her goal and makes big game moves! Daniele and Janelle would have played so well together! ;D

  32. Brendon is so codependent that he wont use it or he will take the bimbo off the block.

  33. i dont get how people can be brenchel fans!? they’re such dumb players! they’re game is way to emotional and personal and they think too much about feelings. i will be pissed if one of them doesn’t leave this week, they don’t even deserve to be in there! so what, they’re good at physical tasks and they’re lucky, but who have they been fighting against? those newbies and jeff and jordan? jeez! thank god daniele is back in the game and making big moves!

  34. i dont get how people can be brenchel fans!? they’re such dumb players! they’re game is way to emotional and personal and they think too much about feelings. i will be pissed if one of them doesn’t leave this week, they don’t even deserve to be in there! so what, they’re good at physical tasks and they’re lucky, but who have they been fighting against? those newbies and jeff and jordan? jeez! thank god daniele is back in the game and making big moves!

    • I agree with you, Is Rachel constantly on her period that she is such a whinny #$@%!! She needs some serious meds to cut the crying and everyone telling her how not beautiful she is. She is great at challenges but is a sore loser and if the non-vets don’t get their act together and keep floating on the coat tails of the vets they have no game. Adam is a person that will do what ever you tell him, Lawon might have game, The vets are running the show. Who knows Rachel will probably win the next HOH and they will never get her out

      • the newbies will never get their act together! dani’s move will be the biggest move against the vet’s! i hope dani rallies the troops against the vet’s and get’s them out! otherwise the newbies don’t have a fighting chance at even coming close to $500,000!

  35. Put Jordan up as a pawn to ensure either Rachel or Brendon go home! Deal with Shelly’s crap later and get a vet out of the house. I trust JJ but not Rachel. Shelly and her tattle tail mouth has to go. What was she like as a child, running to her Mom everytime something happened? I hate working with people like her, she probaly runs and tells the boss everything so you get in trouble… She irratates the crap out of me with her evil looks and her and her lying friend/floater Kalua/Kalia has to go home.

    • Shelly’s game is really stupid! I think that she thinks by her going and telling each person things that she’s gaining their trust, but she’s doing the opposite, cause soon enough people will compare notes!

  36. Speaking logically, I think we are about to see a repeat. Rachel goes home, Brenden swears he’s gonna defend her honor but without rachel to win hoh and defend him, Brenden goes home (ya big dummy).

  37. BEst case for everyone. Get rachel out of there now. Or make Brenchel campaign against Jordan. If it were me I’d actually nominate Jeff. Seems like the only real competition left is Jeff and Rachel. As much as she sucks, Rachel wins HoH just enough to stick around. And Jeff is the only other competitor. Dream weak either way as long as one of the vet 4 is gone.

    • I totally agree with you! If I was HOH I would have done exactly the same that Daniele did! And if Brendon takes himself off them Jeff should go up, regardless of any deals because then she’s insuring that a big competitor is going home and she can make a week deal with B+R to keep her safe for a week if she make’s sure Jeff goes home!

  38. one of the biggest faults about the season this year is a result of who is playing. DUMBA## newbs except for Dom playing. well i guess Dominic isnt playing anymore but u get my point.

    NOBODY KEEPS ANYTHING TO THEMSELVES. everything is IMMEDIATELY told to BR/JJ. Shelly, Porsche, and Adam will give away everything, u just have to talk to him.

    its so annoying. the game cant even get rollin for the news because they ALL are trying to get in the good graces of BR/JJ. its like everyone is trying to make the deal or agreement with them instead of playing.

    like porsche. anything AND everything she hears, it goes right to Rachel.

    • LMAO..DOMINIC was not smart..He did listen to Dani and it caused his eviction…not

      • i don’t think dominic’s worst move was listening to danielle cause he was seen as a threat way before that, even when he was close to cassi. his biggest mistake was throwing that hoh and trusting anybody in that house! listening to dani hurt her game more than it hurt his! he wasn’t carefull enough and he made deals with anyone he could, i wouldn’t blame dani for his aggressive gameplay!

  39. Dani’s done, she might as well do as much damage as she can to BR and JJ.” Do unto others before they do unto you” Stone Cold Steve Austin.

  40. Do R&B really believe that they can either one go up against Jordon and win?? JORDON HAS DONE NOTHING TO ANYBODY IN THE HOUSE..Adam did get put on the block but he was safe with or without the POV..(Jordon HOH)..They would have to make a deal with all the HG’s (- Jeff) and promise safety to all..Do they really believe they can pull that off?? I MUST BE MISSING SOMETHING HERE..

    • Yeah, you’re missing that Jordon is a zombie and does nothing but sit there with a blank look on her face …….playing with her hair or fixing her nails……..Its not that Jordon has DONE NOTHING TO ANYONE…….. its that she has DONE NOTHING AT ALL to be competitive…….. At least Rachel has a great competitive spirit……..just has a hard time containing her mouth at times but don’t we all…… rather have that then the newbies that threw each other under the bus in the very beginning of the show and now just sit there and complain and blame everyone else for their woes……Dani forgets what they did to Dom’s alliance…The newbies had the numbers to get rid of the Vets but alas they were not up for it… and Danie was not on the radar until she started going against the Vets a bit too soon and it got Dom the only player in the newbies with any game in him to get voted out………You’re not missing something…….YOUR’RE MISSING A LOT!!!!!!!!

  41. I wonder if brendon is going to use it to save rachel. if he does he might leave so that wouldn’t be the best move

    • He probaly doesnt care and wants rachel to be there anyway cuz he thinks she can do better than him

      • dose anyone think Brandon wants Rachel in the and jury house so he can have a nice summer? I know if I was him I’d do it just to get rid of her for a few weeks,

  42. HAHA. They think Casey Anthony is in prison for life. They are in for one hell of a shock when they get out.

    • Wouldn’t it be crazy if Jordan won another $500,000 because she is so nice and everyone does her dirty work for her.. They are not thinking straight. She is sweet but dumb as a box of rocks.

      • that would be nice at least she did what she said was going to with the money(buying her family a house)

      • How are you sweet when you let everyone do your dirty work……..she has a blank stare on her face most of the time while she is toying with her hair……….boring, boring boring…. there is another side to that broad…….. truly if she wins I give up on ever thinking the best competitor wins……I still haven’t gotten over how she won before…………… Yuck

  43. Get rid of the big Dogs first (Vets) then go after the little dogs (Newbies).

  44. Im hoping Brendon uses pov on himself because Rachel is the dangerous one where Jeff is concerned. I like Jeff and Jordan. I think they are both really nice people and was totally shocked when Jordan got far enough in her year to win because nice guys usually finish last. Rachel may team back up with Dani. Shes so two faced who ever knows. Or she may just win the veto and take Dani out next week. She honors nothing.

    • ND you’re nuts………Jeff and Jordon starting in wanting to throw everyone under the bus…….You think Jeff and jordon are really nice without even knowing them and you think Brendon and Rachel are two faced without knowing them………. So how does it feel with me thinking you are nuts without knowing you……and this wasn’t edited as Big Brother is……………….

      • Nd totally agree with you and Tomby why do you have to name call with people on this site just because they don’t feel the same way as you. Sounds like you have a chip on your shoulder.

      • They are all vindictive when things don’t go their way……Its a game…….Its not meant for you to sit back and just complain that someone picked on you when all they did was be competitive and win…why are they there if its not to win……Remember the show is edited so much you really don’t get to know the house quests as you think you do……..

      • I take u don’t like the show, the concept or the people..Why are u in this forum?? What is the deal?? Is it another Saturday nite and u don’t have anybody else to talk too??.. Are u lonely?? Did u just stop in here to be a pain and belittle people for their comments?? GO GET A BEER GRAB A SMOKE RELAX…

  45. I think that this season would have been waaaa-aaay better, if Dick hadn’t departed so suddenly….I would have loved to have seen him going after all these boring characters this season………..

  46. well let’s hope brendon does’nt win hoh next week or daniele’s going home i think of one of the newbies wins hoh daniele will be safe because she took out rachel

    • robie cruse-curnow
      I think, with Brendon winning the POV, he’ll give it to Rachel, to make sure she stays (yawn) & take his chances in the voting with Danni’s ‘pawn’. I don’t see him saving himself-there’d be no living w/Rachel AFTER the show, otherwise!

  47. Brendon has said he will take Rachel off if he wins veto because he has his research to go back to. If Brendon saves himself so much the better for Dani’s game. Rachel is an emotional player but her winning streak makes her the bigger threat. GO DANI !!!!

    • Go Dani. Wish it could have been Dani and Dom, but oh well. Wouldn’t it be great if a twist would be to re-enter him or Evil Dick back into the house? Dani needs a little help. Go Dani.

      • I also like Dani. The girl has got BALLS. Switching through the channels late last night, I caught a conversation between Lawon and Kalia.
        On and on, and on, and on, Kalia says “I’m a strong black woman.” Oh no, you’re not. You’re arrogant, pompous, narcisstic and Oh, So, BORING. Lawon, well, I’m not sure what he is -. Go Dani.

      • Kalia needs to stop talking…..OMG…..give me a break…..don’t play the race card especially if u r saying u r a strong black women….way 2 much airtime….Keep talking to Lawon cuz he will figure u out! Remember he is someone in the legal field we think!

    • If Brenchel are truly a couple {like “Survivor”‘s Rob&Amber}, the one who BELIEVES they are the better player should stay. Only R&B know that answer for sure.
      I believe Rach is the better player. Her emotional instability is her Achilles heel.
      Several of the remaining HGs know what buttons to push…should be interesting is she stays…

  48. Wow, Brendon need to save Rachel so we can see what type of player Rachel is without Brendon on her wing.

  49. no way, I can’t stand Daniele, come on guys. I know Brendon and Rachel are annoying but their funner to watch. He’s an idiot if he takes Rachel off, he may save the day if he takes himself off, it may scare Danielle to put one of the newbies up because she knows everyone will come after her in the Veteran team. Plus I can’t stand her she’s the only one that wispers on the Show time 2, you can’t hear crap that she says.

    • Seriously, you don’t like Daniele because she wispers????? She may have made a mistake last week by pushing to hard to split Jeff/Jordan and Rachel/Brendon, but she is a smart player. Brendon and Rachel are not fun to watch, unless whinning and acting like children is entertaining to you. Not me. They are rude, egotistical people and I am sick of watching. I hope he does save Rachel and Danielle puts someone like Shelly up as a pawn to make dang sure the overgrown 2 year old goes home….

      • my comment is Danielle is a drama queen and thinks she knows more than the other players. I didn’t say I didn’t like her “just” because she wispers, but it’s annoying you pay all this money and you can’t hear anything that comes out of her mouth because she wispers even when she’s so far from the other players and no one can hear her, what are we going to tell someone????? Yes I thinks he’s ridiculous like her scum bag father who has absolutely no class. Rachel is annoying but she’s the best competitor in there…The only time others win is when she can’t compete.

      • I agree with GH!! Dani is a better competitor than renchal, who wants to see the whiny and crocodile tears when she doesnt get her way, or “i love you babe” she claims that they were not going to put up Dani, ya right that was their intention…

      • Rachel drives me nuts with her whinning, if she doesnt get her way she acts like a spoiled 2 year old, without Brendon she wouldnt have anyone to calm her down,they both need to go!

      • If you put captions on you will know what she is saying – even live the captions work.

  50. I hope Brendon takes Rachel off. She is a good player whom I feel has been misunderstood both times she has been on BB. Rachel is intelligent and competitive. She plays the game to win it. Yes there are things about her that are annoying and I hope she works on them, but I am pulling for her to win it all this year.

    • Really? You must be watching different shows! What honest,loveing,honest person asks their partner to give up a chance to win 500k for them? Do you really think if she wins she’ll stay with Brandon? No way she;ll be back in Vegas in a bink. Rachek is out for herself and NO one else.

      • I agree Brendon needs to save himself if he wants any money. I disagree with the idea of a newbie because they would be voted off then I would still have to look at Rachel’s u— face and that trout mouth when things doesn’t go her way. Brendon would be better to look at though. ha ha

      • I think Brendon is an abusive, dismissive troll–he talks down to everyone including Renchel…everytime B&R lose everyone else are losers & nobody’s–WTH is Brenchel, reality tv nobody’s! Anyone remember what B’s ex said about him last year? It is totally true…at least Dani has the stones to shake things up–Go Dani!

    • I disagree with the intelligent part.She hasn’t thought for herself so for doing this game. She should hope that Brendon uses the veto on her because if he doesn’t she may have to deal with Porsche later( if you catch my drift). Rachel is a competitive (bad sport)player.

      • I completely agree with you. And how can someone say she is misunderstood??? She had a chance this year to be different than last year, but she is the same ole Rachel…that tells me that what we see is the real Rachel.

      • I agree she’s the same ole Rachel, I just don’t like what Danielle did lining up with the absolutely drive me nuts with her talking Kaleha or however you spell her name

    • I do not agree with you! Brandon needs to save himself! Have you saw Season 3 where Marcellas did not use the Veto on himself, and ends up going home? Big Brother is like a game of chess, and if you make the wrong move, you end up losing the game! If Brandon does not use the Veto on himself, he will end up losing!

      Also, Rachel is competitive but not intelligent! If she was intelligent, she will know not to get together with Brandon in Big Brother 12, and basically become a target for eviction in the house! She also plays the game with emotions, and no player should do that!

    • Doesn’t really matter who gets off. Danielle will not be able to compete next week and can
      be backdoored! Only question is will Jeff or Jordan be nominated by Danielle? If so, then,
      Danielle would have put a larger target on her back! Even if Jeff/Jordan does not get voted off, the trust factor which is teethering on the brink will end for good!
      Who really wants to trust Danielle after she
      betrayed the veterans. The newbies like Kahlia are super dumb to even trust Danielle!
      She should be moving to send Danielle home who is a veteran despite, her alliances. Then,
      the newbies can join together and vote the rest of the veterans up! That is their best chance to win if they use their heads. The in-fighting between Danielle and the other 4 veterans can only harm the veterans side. So,
      will the newbies use their heads and vote out the veterans possibly for 2 straight weeks? They would be dumb not to! Want to win? Come
      out and play. The best opportunity is just after the next eviction next week!

  51. Maggie, maybe you have a point and maybe Brendon should take himself off — only if Dani puts up a newbie.

  52. well we’ll see but I do agree Rachel can be annoying, I think what she did to Cassie was all insecurity, she gets that way around attractive woman, but I’m hooked I love to watch her in control, it seems weird with someone else in the HOH room. Danielle better watch out next week and I cannot stand the one that claims she’s like a Carrie, she’s the one that was in the HOH room and didn’t shut her mouth, they should evict her, Kalela not sure how to spell her name

    • Yes. Rachel is very, very annoying. She is a good physical player but she whines, pouts and fakes crying too much. She is very insecure around attractive, mature ladies because she is the total opposite and she knows it. Ooh looking at her now she is so ooh. ooh again. She apparently think that Porshe(sp)isn’t a threat but she’d better watch out if Breandon stays behind.
      And yes kalahi(sp) is sicking also, but so are most of them.

      • agreed, I can’t stand that part of Rachel she’s so jealous, she got caught big time and Cassie put her right in her place did you hear her with Branden, Cassie either has a fake nose or botox

    • There has not been a black woman that I have liked since I think season 1 monica. Ever since then they have all been disappointing. they feel like they have to come into the house and show out. Why dod they have to act so ignorant. Case in point Chima. So uncessary. and Kalia needs to check herself. To be comparing herself to Carrie is so unrealistic. Kalia says hair disgusts her, and I’m sure she has other idiosynchrosies to boot, but Carrie is a free spirit, Kalia is uptight. Carrie is 110lbs. Kalia is not.

  53. OHHH CHIT! BBAD comes and who’s ugly mug is rambling on n on the most annoying thing ever on BBAD….

    • I know!Please change the camera. I cannot stand to hear Kalia talk! She is a HUGE suck up to whoever is in power and I wish a big hairball would fall on her. LOL

      • I agree. She is just nonstop talk! Chg the camera cuz she won’t stop yapping. Seriously

      • I know I wrote that too! I think she loves to hear herself talk, she’s in the HOH room and her mouth is going going going and nothing is coming out but adjectives about how mad you can be. God I wish I could tell her she’s annoying.

  54. exactly they showed her last night on Show time I felt like going thru the TV screen, she kept going on and on, I think Danielle was even annoyed with her she making fun of people and danielle would say that’s just people’s gave you just like to fight. EXACTLY, she claims to not want to fight but always looking for one, I’m signing off, good talking to everyone

  55. I have never heard so much insecurity …blablablablablahhhhhhhhh…stop Lawson stop talking to her and feeding to her

  56. BB please change the camera or Im leaving …gonna go get drunk or something and I don’t wanna do that

  57. she is soooo hard on my eyes…oh thank BB for the intermission…Im weak and sometimes just can’t stop watching of get myself to change the channel..

  58. OMG does Kalia ever stop talking. Now she’s playing the race card. She needs to go before I blow up mt TV.

    • I am so glad that I am not the only one that feels this way about Kalia. I keep yelling at the TV to please put the cameras back in the kitchen. I’m so sick of hearing her talk. I truly believe she loves to talk just to hear herself talk. Although she talks so much, I’d be surprised if she can even hear herself talk!!! I also had to laugh when she made some comment about someone calling her a b*&ch and that she would never call someone that. Not sure if anyone else caught this last night, but on Showtime 2, she walked into one of those bedrooms (colorful one), was walking towards one of the beds, picked up a blanket and said something like “Oh no that b*&ch better not have…” Guess she forgot the cameras and mics are always on!!

      • I know and do you hear what she says, nothing is information, she starts by saying, I am so over the top, absolutely over the top mad, you know when you get so mad you can’t think, then she talks like that and goes on and on, I cannot stand her I wish they’d evict her, she makes me like Rachel that’s how bad she is LOL

    • Kalia is quickly becoming
      my least favorite HG of all time.

      Move over Nat~MissThang is taking over #1

    • you are hysterical! I was the same way last night. I was like STFU you big mouth. NO on cares that you are not just upset, but over the top like a volucano, never felt this way before upset. There’s something wrong with her I fear the day she gets evicted she’ll shoot everyone in the house

  59. I think Dani should DEF put Shelley up and Brendon should save Rachel. Shelley has sided with the vets the whole time, and I think Dani would make a smart move by controlling Shelley’s vote if she put her on the block as a pawn. *I don’t think* anyone would vote Shelley off if she’s sitting next to Brendon.

    • I think that they would vote Shelley out in a heartbeat. Eventhough she is the snitching maid, that is the only thing she’s good for. She hasn’t done anything else except be a pest kissing up to the vets,(smoke cigarettes,drink coffee, pretend that she a ‘shrink’) and stating that she wants to set such a good example for her daughter… by doing what exactly? Lying and being spineless. Well chances are one may have to lie at some point or another in this games but they don’t have to be spineless. Brendon would stay hands down if he were up against Shelley.

      • Ann, I don’t agree. I think everyone is too annoyed with Brendon. Even Jeff and Jordan considered putting him up but thought it was too soon. Everyone likes Shelley and for right now, she isn’t a threat, so I think Brendon would go for sure.

      • what’s scary about Shelley and I think some are getting it, is she’s playing the “mom” card, she cooks for everyone, she cleans, but she’s playing all sides of the house, and no one will tell on her, but I’ve heard some people noticing it like jealous Rachel can’t stand when her boyfriend gets to close with people so now she’s getting pissed about his relationship with Brendan. Surprised she trusts Porsha, Porsha is attractive, that’s weird

      • yep she besides Evil Dick is the only “older” HG that i have seen lasted this long. ZUsually they leave quickly. Oh except for the Marine that was in Season 8 or 9 with Catholic Dan.

    • I know, right??? Haha!!! I am trying to tune her out, but it is not working so well….

  60. F_____k IT Im done Im outta here later all I can only handle so much ignorrance…..did I spell that right

  61. omg does Kalia ever shut up…rambles on and on and she has bad moutheed Lawan how many times to everyone but is acting buddy buddy to him…she makes me sick I cant stand to listen to her ramble on and on and on………….

  62. You people should shut it try to look at it from her perspective the she and the people in the house do not mesh together she and lawon feels like the odd people out..even though she has been going around and kissing peoples ass left right and sure some on you must be in a position like that where you know people dont like you but you have to be smiling like nothing is wrong..if that hasn’t happened to you imagine if you were the only white person in a house full of black people or indian sure you guys wont relate to her and just see her as another black chick complaining

    • Sorry if my comments either hurt or offended you. I can’t speak for the others, but the fact that Kaila is black has nothing to do with how she annoys me when she is talking. Rachel and Porshe annoy me too. I’m finding Danielle pretty annoying too this season. She is acting like she is the best thing since sliced bread. I don’t remember her acting like this in the season she was on with her dad. My biggest complaint about Kalia is that I think she is a hypocrite. Alot of the things she complains about, she is guilty of doing as well. I also think her complaints about the other houseguests, not talking to her or making her feel uncomfortable, is bogus. As you pointed out, she feels like the odd man out, but as soon as she finally leaves the HoH room and joins everyone else, everything is just fine. She talks to everyone and they talk back to her in a very nice manner!!! I wonder how Lawon would feel knowing that Kalia was saying some pretty unkind things about him to Danielle last night in the HoH. I just don’t think she is a very nice person. It seems like the only way for her to either feel good about herself or justify her actions, is to speak badly of others. But that is my opinion.

      • I srsly am cheering for Adam and Rachel at this moment everyone else just pisses the he’ll out of me and Adam and Rachel even though they are nails on chalkboard are looking pretty next to these annoying hypocrites. Kalia is such a big ass hypocrite she says BR act all high and mighty, shelly acts entitled, lawn sucks at everything and I’m like “….. Kalia go home” shes all those things.

    • Eventhough she can be a bit annoying, I agree with your statement and I understand totally.

      • i wish people would STOP this nonsense about racial stuff going on in the house. I DO NOT beieve it is happening and Kalia needs to knock the chip off her shoulder.

  63. her race has nothing to do with my comments …and Lawan is the same race and it did not stop her from bashing him saying he could not be trusted to all the others last week..Race had nothing to do with my comment plain and simple

  64. My how the tables have turned. Last week the high and so-called mighty Rachel(and the other bozos) was sitting upon a throne. Now what’s with all of the crying (R&J), whining(B). Suddenly things aren’t fair since they’re not in control this week.The vets should think about all of the arogance(sp?) that they displayed over the last 3 weeks. When the shoe is on the other foot, it doesn’t feel real good uh. Grow up. Jeff is also a cry baby but he seem to have smelled the coffee a little since the power shift. Watching now Rachel’s always crying about america hates her. I wonder why? Maybe because she is a low self-esteem, u—, jealous hearted, lying fool that thinks that Dani is so mean because she put her up on the block. Well what does that idiot call herself for putting up Keith and Dom. This girl is nuts. I hope that one of them (B/R) goes get sent packing this week and that the other one will follow suite next week.

      • I hope that Julie Chen tells the house guests that kalia is annoying, I want her to know everyone hate her stupid a— mouth

    • I agree 100%. B&R were all cocky and full of themselves until Dani wins HoH. Then, they lay low and lick their wounds until nom’s. After nom’s they are in full pout mode. Bitter toward everyone because they are picked on and off the pedestal. Brendon wins POV and now he’s an asshole again because he has a taste of power over the block. Rachel is a little happier, but still all paranoid, pouty, boo-hoo, everyone hates me cause it looks like I’m going home Thursday.

      I truly hope Brendon’s machismo gets in his way and he uses the veto on Rachel. Oh God please, let someone challenge Brendon’s statements to use the veto on Rachel. His ego couldn’t stand it and he’d have to stand up for his “fiancé”!

      Make THE mistake Brendon! Use the POV of the day-glo Bozo red dyed haired f*** buddy of yours!! Yes, it’s a dye job, should any doubt it! Nothing is really that color! Besides, her roots are popping all over! And yes yes Brendon, it’s very likely the case, if you weren’t packing what you have, Rachel would still be in Vegas skankin’ up on drunk high rollers with that fake giggle and dollar sign eyes!! (Come on Big Daddy, Momma’s lookin’ for a snake’s eye! hehehe LoL You go Rachel!!)

      Flaws are how you win this game. You find other house guests weak points and exploit them. If they’re afraid of going on the block, let them think you might have reason to go up! If you can annoy them and make them lose focus or want to leave, go for it! It’s not mean! It’s how to play the game! No emotions Well, very little. Try to avoid them. Emotions make you vulnerable. Too happy or too sad makes you a target. Middle of the road with them and you have the edge!

      • Nasty comments do you know her personally, if not how can you say things like that about a person. Are you so perfect that you can disrespect another person.

    • Well said Ann…..your one of the few people on here with common sence…you go girl

    • exactly! the veterans are big babies…it is a game, Dani is playing good strategy and is now at fault–oh please, they all act their immature age–grow up already! and for the record shame on Shelly for being so dishonest, i hate what she did to Cassie–she has a kid that is watching her sneaky behavior, tisk-tisk!

  65. Did I miss something? Last week Dani wanted Rachel to backdoor Jeff, and now her target is Brendon. What is the reason? I agree with everyone who is tired of hearing Kalia’s voice. I think she stays up in the HOH so she does not have to whisper or “cover her mic” and also to watch the screen. The wine story she told to Dani last night and now to Lawon was so twisted. She reminds me of the gossip girls back in Junior High. Did you notice who was one the first to fill her bowel with Porshe’s dinner last night? Still did not see her clean up.

    • she never does, she thinks everyone is suppose to clean up after her. What needs to happen is Danielle needs to get scard and put Kalia up in when Brendan takes himself off and everyone needs to say “we hate you” and we’re voting you out LOL

    • Cause Brendon and Rachel were seriously considering backstabbing J&J but they won’t admit it..Dani took the blame for all of it hence the major blowup..R&B will try to get Dani to put up J&J again this week..Just watch ..this is a “save ur ass” week if there ever was I would expect another blow up but this time it will be R&B verses J&J..JUST KEEP WATCHING..

  66. Don’t understand the Rachel hate this year. Yeah shes annoying. Yeah she’s emotional. But I don’t see how that deserves so much animosity. She’s actually decent this year and was instrumental in taking out the regulators the vets only threat this year. She also made sure dani didn’t get away with the win cuz b4 this week I was sure dani would win. She’s a beast in competitions and she hasn’t made an error in this game. So far. What really screwed her this week is she can’t trust the rest of her alliance to win shit. I really don’t understand the hate this year, probably spillover from last season.

  67. I know didn’t I tell you all, I logged off to watch and I had to listen to her stupid mouth in the HOH room with the other guy go on and on, and she just doesn’t say, I’m mad, she has to say I’m mad, you know that real mad when you want to scream where you want see red, she goes on and on and on, there’s something wrong with that witch. I wish they’d boot her out

  68. Does Kalia EVER STOP TALKING ?????? She talks talks talks but says NOTHING but ME ,ME, ME VOTE HER OUT!

    • I so agree with you betty b. I’m glad I DVR’d bbad so I could fast forward thru Kalia talking so much about her self. Who the heck cares? Poor Lawan

  69. I know why everyone hates Brenchel, but I don’t get why people like Dani. She’s NOT a strong player in this game, she has made nothing but mistakes since the beginning. and making “power moves” does not make her good, especially when they backfire in her face.

    I guess when Brenchel is hated so much, you have to like whoever goes against them in the house.

    • If they get rid of her all we will have to look forward to Kalia talking all day every day oh God shoot me now !!!

      • I totally agree with this too….she really has not talked so much until Dani got HOH…unless BB just wants to give her airtime now….enough already plzzzzzzzzzzz!

    • David I completely agree with you about Dani, I said something against her and got shot down here by some people, evidently they like her. I honestly only started hating her when she aligned herself with Kaleha. I can’t stand that motor mouth

      • Thanks.. I don’t think Dani has any real game. She only did well in her last season because of her dad.

      • absolutely, she think she’s her dad but she isn’t

        she didn’t care for him when he got booted, she hasn’t talked to him in 3 years, she just wanted him to help her win.

      • Maybe you think not,(all though I thinks she does have game), but you have to admit that the girl has guts. She is the only one left that wasn’t afraid to go against the lovers. It maybe hard for her to play alone against the house but stranger things have been known to happen. I just wish that she had some help to wipe out the vets and their newie flunkies. I wish that Lawon and Kahali would shut up and man up to help her; if they don’t bring anyone else into the game.

    • yeah…yesterday when all the HG’s were outside but Porsche Rachel & Brendon porsche was whispering to Rachel ..they were alone in house..and Porsche knew that the other HG’s were not around…it is totally annoying..but I guess it’s a necessary evil sometimes..

  70. whats up with porsche and Dick? she said if she gets voted out Dick”s going be upset with dani

  71. Karen you really think that people act the same when cameras are on then when they are off….I don’t have a chip on my shoulder I call it as I see and hear it knowing that I am not truly seeing reality and all is not as it seems live feeds or not………. fly on the wall you are really a class act……..I’m sure that is what you do on every day………grab smokes and a beer or two or three etc…… I’m sure you are at church right now…….. I went to confession due to my ‘name calling’…. said one hail mary and one our father …………. By the way what were you doing on the site late Saturday……lonely, no friends etc………Sounds like you, your smokes and beer have a life of sorts……..Sorry I hurt your feelings……now go and lecture to the others……………….

  72. Totally Natalie! Why do people hate a winner…….You can make negative comments about all of the housequests…….but you can’t say they are all winners like she has been…..its past being a fluke now…… it seems to me that the characters make for a better program…..non boring…….. really was looking for Evil Dick to shake things up…….. Ho Hum………..its not over yet…….

  73. OMG whoever said this is the most boring season I completely agree. Honestly in my opinion, them bringing back to many veterans is what did it, and honestly not fair, it’s like bringing people in that know a secret and your new so you don’t know it. It wasn’t fair to put them up against new people who’ve never played. YOu can watch this gave but I think until you play it you don’t know what it’s like. They keep screwing with the game they’re going to lose watchers. THey need to go back to the 1st game when it was hard, and it pushed people to fight and talk about each other LOL

    • I am going to strongly disagree since, we are
      what point in the game? There are still 10 people in the game with lots of twists coming
      up! The veterans have had full control so far but, should they be faulted because the newbies do not play hard to win? That said, this season is ten times better than last season which has to be the ultimate worst season of big brother when a group of 4 called the brigade votes everyone off one by one? Where is the gameplay in that? I stopped watching because I figured if enough people stop watching then, ratings will drop and show Big Brother that they are messing up a good show! Good that they put veterans in this season to keep everyone honest about playing the game. The newbies have to play as well as the veterans. I miss the season where Will and Mike Boogie, who are two people who entirely controlled the game with their deception. Now, that is gameplay.
      Newbies can still take control and a lot of viewers will be shocked when it happens! I see
      it after next week after another veteran gets sent home. Maybe, Danielle and the newbies will have the numbers, 5 newbies versus 3 veterans left in the game. Then, they can pick off the veterans one by one if they can win HOH!

      • yea but the only exciting part was the confrontation in the kitchen, other than that they’re all playing big bootie and getting along fine because Rachel has been running the show

        I think it’s the most boring BB yet, even my dad who loves it 83 years old said he doesn’t even watch it anymore I do because there’s nothing else on and I love Jeff and Jordan

      • like I said if there was something else on I wouldn’t be watching and I missed two episodes already, never did on the other ones

    • I agree totally Maggie and why is it so important to be evicted by everyone. I could understand it sometimes, but come on its ridiculous(sp?)I don’t think that I could play such a mindless game. Being afraid to vote the way you want to / being bullied to vote the way other tell you to.

  74. GH. I honestly think your clueless, you may want to watch it instead od day dreaming. Rach is no where near the same as last season. And just for the record dani and rach are so much alike. But then again most women are.

    • Moe that’s a stupid comment most woman are alike, that’s like saying most men are woops, then again they are!

  75. Last year when Rachel left, Brendan blew the game just to get into the other house with her. He cant suffer with All game, no sex. He is also a pompass ass. Hes good at winning POV, Shes good at winning HOH.She has changed alot, having his life instead of being a vegas girl has made her slow down some. I want to see her win something this year. Vote on how she plays the game not on how she plays Brendan. Oh Yeah and Kaleia SHUT UP!!!!!

  76. What happened to Showtime 2 this year??? NO bathing suits (sexist I know…but VERY entertaining….remember SEX DOES SELL!!!)
    You watch on regular TV and all hell exists between the HG`s and on Showtime 2 everybody gets along just splendidly!!! I said it before and I repeat…W O R S T Big Brother to date!!!


  77. Wow! If this wasn’t ‘reality TV’ I’d wonder if BB wasn’t scripted to go a certain, & yes, mad ironic way. There must be something about losing a partner (or potential one) that brings out the Eye of the Tiger in a BB house guest in those HOH competitions. It’s happened numerous times in past seasons (just last year it was Brendon after Rachel was voted out), now it’s Dani shortly after Dom was sent packing. (Go Dani!)

    If this pattern continues, can another Rachel or Brendon HOH reign be in the very near future?


    Stay tuned…

  78. I hope Rachel stays! I want to see a real game played between her and Dani see who has the best moves to win the game. They are really alot alike competative ,smart Rachel wears her heart on her sleeve Dani keeps emotion in check but I think they are a good match for each other and Kahlil STFU woman ..

  79. Hmmm. It’s about time for Shelly to have her little chat session with Queen of the hill Dani up in the HOH room. After all, she was able to extract bits and pieces of possibly pertinent info from Rachel and Brendon outside. For now, J/J are having their time with her.

  80. If Dani puts up Jordan instead of Brendon/Rachel, then the house be best of voting Jordan out. Just think about, everyone likes Jordan. You’d have no chance winning against her in the final two. You wouldn’t get any votes. (Well not many anyways.) I don’t think it would be wise to use her as a pawn. This week’s episodes will be entertaining. ;)

  81. Like someone have mentioned here before. D should’ve put J&J on the block bcoz she will never win if she is up againts Jeff or Jordan in the final. Anyone will have a better chance of winning the money in the end if you keep Brenchel in the end with you. Just saying!!!

    • it’s not like it’s to late she can back door one of them it’s just the entire house except that moron Kalea is against her

  82. I hope and pray that Dani doesn’t fall for that crap that B&R are trying to feed her. They call themselves pleading their case but its seems a bit bullying and threatening. They’re trying to make all of these promises(lies), trying to get her to put up a floater, such as Lawon. What about the floaters; their followers Shelley and Porsche. The stupid nuts should have taken her up on the deal last week to oust Jeff, then they wouldn’t be sitting where they are now. If Brendon goes back on his word and decides to stay, Dani should replace him with Jordan(explaining that she would probably stay because people seem to tolerate her a tad bit more than Rachel) if Jordan is voted outshe probably won’t be) then she find out exactly how the house feels about her. Those are the breaks. With the three left JJB even if JJ break their agreement with Dani and continue alliance with B, it would only be a matter of time before it erupts. If b has any smarts(and we know he doesn’t have much) he would swallow his lil’ pride, try to team up with Dani to get Jordan out.Why let her easily make another win? To be truthful, she along with the others talk about floaters, she hasn’t done anything in this game so far either. Remember the hoh was handed to her. Dani and B could easily beat Jeff.

    Another thought, get Porsche out there after while she still be able to fit through the door. All that girl does is eat, eat, and eat some more. She eats for herself all of the time, she eats when each of her leaders eats. She takes all advantages to eat, she’s like a bottomless pit.

    Instead for the vets always saying that they hate floaters, they should hate suck-ups.

  83. brendon will probably use the veto to take rachel off the block, that is what he said, since more people hate her rather than him.

    danielle should put porsche up in her place instead of jordon, as she is not well liked either.

    • I never thought I’d board the train for Team Rach until I watched after dark. I’d really like to see her in the final four, and Dani just hung herself out to dry! Brenchel know about the link between cause and effect, that’s something Dani is going to be taught!

  84. Ew Rachel!! this biggest baby on the show!! boo hoo!! are you kidding me ?and brendan is a sissy boo hoo too!! they thnk tyhey are all that ,and they are not..dani was on right track,break up the 2 power couples.and shelly, calling them classless? She sold out her crew day one..That why Dom went home, cause of shelley! Cmon Dani, i am rooting for you n the newbies. altho they are moslty floaters!

    • made me SICK when she won SICK

      I hope next week it’s the lousy week to be an HOH some weeks are and maybe with an old person that got booted coming back it’s someone who hates her ass

  85. OMG I’m with you JD, I was sick when she won, did you see her cry, it was because she was so scard if she didn’t win that Danielle would be pissed. I do feel that Rachel needs to knock it off, she’s falling apart and it’s to bad, because Brendan got himself booted because of her which was stupid, he should have stayed in the game he did exactly what Danielle wanted him to do. She’s gotta stop this crying shit. I’m so sick of the elf too, he’s an idiot with that dance, he’s gonna be the moron that gets to the end because no one is paying attention and he’s done nothing

    • maggie ,
      I agree the Elf is driving me nuts too and Racheal needs to quit bawling .I hope it is Brendon who comes back in…just to mess with Kalia and Danielle.I am boycotting showtime after hours for the week..I dont want to hear Kalia’s mouth and the b.s she spues…it just is not worth listening to.

      • it’s ridiculous anyway they don’t have it on until 1PM last night who can stay up that late, and by that time their conversations aren’t even interesting. The elf is totally driving me nuts he’s an idiot and the worse floater, he needs to go and hopefully Kalia. She’s the Casey Anthony of Big Brother

      • Maggie,
        I have to dis agree with you about Kalia being the casey anthony of big brother …..but everyone is entiltled to their own opinion…and in my opinion they are nothing a like .Of course I do not care for Kalia…I personally would never compare her to the likes of casey anthony..Thats way off base in my opinion.

  86. I hope Brendan gets back in the gave everyone needs to vote him back, I like it when him and Rachel are harassing the newbies

    I give Porsha more credit she’s really stuck by her alliance, I have respect for that

    • yea I think she threw a sympathy vote to look good to Racheal …I still dont trust Porsha….I am no fan of hers either

  87. This post is over three weeks old. What the hec??? Why do you even have this app? Waste Of everyone’s time

    • I guess people stopped writing, it got boring for a while, who can watch Rachel whine, but what’s disappointing just when you think there is excitement with Brendan back he is gonna get evicted by the evil Danielle who I cannot stand…the way she talks, she thinks she’s something else, I’m sorry folks I can’t stand her and her wispering like she’s the maker of this gave. I hope Shelly gets evicted so that Brenda and Rachel and be nerds in the game and haunt everyone again zombie like

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