Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Week 4 Friday Highlights

After the rush of a new HoH the Big Brother 13 house fell back in to its usual Friday routine. Well, mostly usual. Since Have-Nots were already determined during Thursday’s competition we just got their food reveal, which was not as nice as jelly beans and jerky. As a bonus for viewers there was also the elf suit reveal for Adam and while it’s funny, it’s not as bad as a penguin or banana suit. No shunning required.

Lastly was the big event of the day: nominations. After everyone had their turn pleading their case the decisions were made, keys were pulled, and the tears flowed like cheap Vegas rail drinks.

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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – July 29, 2011:

11:15 AM BBT – Lockdown is finally over after 45 hours.

11:45 AM BBT – Brendon complains the competition was tailored to smaller frames like Daniele. I guess all the big guys did go first and Kalia was short enough to tuck the ski pole handle under her shoulder.

1:00 PM BBT – Santa’s little helper, Adam the elf, has arrived. It’s pretty silly, but nothing revealing like a unitard or a one-piece suit like the banana or penguin.

2:00 PM BBT – Even more surprises in store for the HGs. America’s vote for disgusting food is revealed. The winners were seaweed and sardines.

2:15 PM BBT – Rachel and Porsche discussing Shelly. Rachel doesn’t trust her, or at least she’s trying to plant seeds of doubt about Shelly in Porsche’s mind.

2:30 PM BBT – Shelly up in Daniele’s HoH room. Daniele asks if she was going to nominate her. Shelly denies it and blames Rachel on that story. She’s agreeing with Daniele about nominating Rachel, but she’s also protecting Jeff and Jordan by saying their honest/respectable/etc. Shelly suggests Daniele try to make a deal with JeJo.

3:00 PM BBT – Jeff and Jordan come up to talk with Daniele. Daniele explains she has to go after Brenchel this week because they would have returned the favor if they had gained the power. There’s discussion of the deal Rachel proposed (keep all 4 Vets safe and they do the same). Daniele makes an offer: you’re safe this week if I’m safe next week. Jeff doesn’t seem to believe/trust her, but says if she does that they’ll make the same consideration. Can’t tell if he’s intentionally not saying “yes” so he’s not bound to the deal, but he kinda skirts making an answer.

3:30 PM BBT – Daniele tells Kalia they should keep Shelly for the final four or five because she’d be easy to eliminate then. Kalia thinks Shelly is more dangerous than Daniele realizes

3:40 PM BBT – Brenchel head up to talk with Daniele. It’s a mind-numbing, near hour long discussion with 95% of the talking coming from Brenchel and being received by a stone-faced Daniele. Good times. While it’s mostly rambling, Brendon makes a good point (shocking, I know). If Daniele goes after them, then instead of everyone working together to push forward she’ll be caught up in the remaining partner coming after her. Then it’ll go back and forth until one or the other is gone while everyone else has focused on the game and moved forward.

4:25 PM BBT – Brenchel finally stops talking and leaves. Daniele puts her finger to her head and pulls the imaginary trigger. That can’t be a good sign for Brenchel, right?

6:15 PM BBTLive Feeds are back, nominations are in, and Brenchel is in the Have-Not room crying and consoling one another like Daniele just ran over their puppy. Overly dramatic, just like you’d expect.

6:30 PM BBT – Daniele tells Kalia that Lawon is effectively a useless partner. She wants him to actually try at things. Daniele pressuring Kalia that her safety rests on an HoH win next week.

7:00 PM BBT – Jeff will vote out Rachel before Brendon if it comes down to it.

7:20 PM BBT – Rachel wants Jeff to go schmooze the DR for some magical twist like another Diamond Power of Veto.

8:15 PM BBT – Jeff and Jordan say that if they win the HoH next week, they’ll turn on their deal with Daniele. Don’t say that out loud or someone might hear you and report it!

11:30 PM BBT – Jeff is suggesting to Brendon that he should stay this week to help rally the troops (ie, be a bigger target than Jeff!).

12:00 AM BBT – Kalia has been keeping an eye on Shelly and is convinced she’s making deals around the house. Paranoia!

The game has really come back to life this past week and things are only going to keep getting better. We’ve got the Veto competition coming up this afternoon so stay close by and we’ll have those spoilers for you. But I’ll tell you know, if either Brendon or Rachel come down from the block, expect Jordan to go up in his/her place. Daniele thinks this is the safest plan to make sure either Brendon or Rachel goes home this week.

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  1. Brenchel are really paranoid right now. Rachel was freaking out last night just because Jordan and Jeff were hanging out in the living room with everyone. Like because they are nominated J/J shouldn’t be talking to the other HG.

    • R&B take things like that on a personal level…especially Rachel..There is no reason for J&J to avoid the other HG’s and actually neither should R&B ESPECIALLY NOT RIGHT NOW…THEY NEED TO GET ON PEOPLES GOOD SIDE..NOT BE HIDING..But then again nominated HG’s have a tendency to take to their bed..Was she whining cause Shelly & Porsche were maybe there or was just J&J???

      • OMG quit ur f** in crying already…i hope the brenchal team gets booted out…they did the same thing…way to go dani…bookie is a big P****

      • I hope Jeff gets a diamond Power of veto and takes BR off the block and puts up kalia & lawon. I bet that’s gonna piss off Chima!!!

      • No, Portia has been stuck to Rachel like glues. They were in the kitchen cooking and the other HG were in the livingroom just talking.

      • @chick: this post in no way means any harm to or about is just an obversation on my part..I believe that Porsche is bisexual..She has preened for the guys at certain times for sure..but there have been times when she and Rachel are together that some of her actions are of a flirting nature….in short her body language when she is with Rachel alone has not gone unnoticed by me anyway…I have no problem with bi-sexual people so don’t yall get ur back up and accuse me of slamming her.. Something about Porsche is just off…The girl don’t fit somehow..kinda hard to explain..

    • God I hate the thought of one of BR or JJ goin home. I know most likely Rachel…It’s so unfair. Everybody gangs up on her because she is the only honest person there who isn’t a floater and is such a good competitor and they only want to hurt her because they are jealous of her and her man’s true love. It’s so obvious….lmao

      • Your defense for Rachel is actually very convincing. Good competitor should go far in this game !

      • If these newbie had any gut they would have gotten the vets out week one Dom was rigth none of them know how to play the game im so sick of Racheal and Brendon when they leave the hoyse it will be a happy day

    • Portia’s game seems to be evolving from the 1st couple of weeks. Hope by some miracle she wins HOH just to see how she would shake up the game


    • cant stand shelly either,SHELLY = BIG FLOATER.yea kalia talks alot ,and knows everything…lol this season is kinda boring,everybody is a spinless

      • Shell acts like shes the ruler of the house .. my Lord that woman get all my blood boil. Maybe shes realy the maid

      • I liked shelly at first now she is just as annoying as Kalia…..I want kalia and shelly to be put up. Then adam and lawon and then the best person out of the 5 should really go at it….got to get some action in this house…..boring

      • And risking being evicted next week by the 2 couples ? If I were her, that would be my very last choice !

      • No, don’t backdoor shelly yet. We have to get Brenchel out first, lol

      • I want Shelly to stay around for awhile because she is 100% on Jeff and Jordans side. I want Jeff and Jordan in final 2. Shelly is alwaysstickingup for them.

  3. Could anyone tell me why is it that the vets are taking orders from big Porsha and skinny Shelly. Porsha tells Rachel what to do do and JJ depend on Shelly??????

  4. Is it me or is Adam sitting pretty atm. There are two pissed off sides right now and he’son neither of them.

      • Adam is playing a good game now(just sit and watch)I like the way he’s not complaining about the elf’s suit. he’s just enjoying it and going with the flow.

    • Yep, he’s in the best spot right now. Next, Lawon, Shelly and Jordan.

      He’s safe for this week, next week and the week after at least. Because it’s 2 couples Vs. Dakalia in the house now.

      Please don’t let floaters crawl to the end ! I hate floaters. I don’t like Brenchel either. :D

      • OMG you sound like Brenchel, Floaters are part of the game, since season 1 ! so tired bof hearing that, out of rachel mouth and whoever, you need both so stop complaining about “FLOATERS”

      • Floating is a strategy that seems to work in Bigbrother game.Wiseman once said ‘when the lions kill it’s the jackels who benifit’.

    • I think adam is playing a great game right now lets see if he can keep it going

  5. Dani is my fave. she went from a goo-goo eyed flirt with Dom. to a stone cold killer. She coasted for 4 weeks but as soon as she got out from behind the golden key she has kicked Brenchals ass. keep going girl.

  6. Once again the tears are flowing. Man, they should’ve played Cry Me A River for Brenchel. They give me gas…LOL. Also, is it just me or does Shelly has an uncanny resemblance to serial killer, Aileen Wuornos?

    • LOL Yes she does. I also saw a strong resemblance with Cassi and Olivia Wilde (13) from House.

      • Cole I absolutly agree …I thought of Olivia Wilde the first time I saw Cassi.

  7. oh heck…..I want Porsha to go home also……she is so filling Rachel with so much crap…..she needs to go to…lmao

  8. I like Rachel and Brendon and I am disappointed that Dani put them up although I figured she would. No one can tell me that Lawon, Khalia, and Shelly make the game interesting. Jordon is boring, boring and is acting weird. Jeff has some zing to him but I am glad he seems as though he is not forgetting Dani wanted him out. I wish Pandora’s Box would come back or the Diamond Veto and save Rachel and Brendon.

    • I understand you having your favorites….but please, please do not wish the Pandora’s box to come back….it has been a farce (IMO) in the past. CBS… think NEW STUFF and NEW TWISTS…please!

    • I heared Rachel got the Diamond Veto and she’s gotta use it in next two evictions or she loses it. I guess it means she can take BR off and put up two others.

    • Caddykitty,
      Just wishful thinking. I’m in a strange mood this morning…wanted to see if it would create panic amoung the rachel haters…don’t mind me.

      • Don’t everyone forget about the fortune teller in the purple room. I bet something will happen with her.

      • I keep wondering about that fortune teller as well. BB usually has a reason for a prop like that.

      • @ karen – I noticed her too, they seem to be showing her alot. I’m waiting for her to come to life and start saying something

  9. Brendon, then Rachel, deserve to get the boot. Rachel cries, sulks & whines when she & Brendon aren’t controlling every move and everybody in the house. While Brendon goes around half cocked and telling others what they have to do once his sorry ass is booted out and talking trash people, making threats to Dani & whomever he & R don’t have in their pocket. Take Jeff’s advice and suck it up you big juvenile bully. Good riddens BR. The sooner they’re out the better. Once these two are gone I’d like to see Dani & JJ team up and go after the floaters, starting with Porcha (Rachel’s sidekick).

  10. Are the HG even up yet? Just turned on the feeds, and of course ” We’ll be right back” is on.

  11. brendon is cool i hope he wins this season but i hope rachael eventually gets evicted

    • Brendon is a tool who sends raunchy pics of himself to random girls on skype. Rachel is a moron for even getting back together with him.

  12. Daniele is an idiot plain & simple. All the hate for Rachel & Brendon is one hell of a reason NOT to evict them. Think about it: If you want to win half a million dollars who do you want sitting beside you at the end? Someone the house loved and trusted and thought was a good player or someone the house hated?! The people this season are just stupid. Jeff & Jordan get it…they might not like Rachel & Brendon, but they underdstand the rest of the house doesn’t either & the rest of the house is who votes at the end for a winner. I personaLly like “Brenchel” but I know if one of them made to the end they’d lose. Yes Rachel annoys the hell out of me, but she’s a great player, she’s competitive, & she speaks her mind. That’s why everyone hates on her. But like I said, if the dumbasses would play with their heads & not their emotions they’d keep Brendon AND Rachel until the end. Unfortunantly 99% of the house has no brain & can’t seem to think. Kalia needs to go home…that b*tch is exponentially worse than Rachel ever thought of being. Porshe isn’t too bad, she’s dedicated to Rachel & has been since week 1. I don’t trust her but she’s loyal. Shelly is loyal to JJ & I don’t trust her either but she’s loyal. Daniele is a b8tch who’s mad because her Bruno Mars wannabe boy-toy got evicted because of her sorry ass. If she wants to be pissed because Dom is gone she should be angry at herself. SHE got him evicted…not Brenchel. And just how stupid will she feel when she goes back & sees that he has a girlfriend?! I’ll be glad when this reign of terror is over & they can get Daniele out of the house.

    • Rachel’s ability to win competitions is reason to evict her. Also MOST of the house this season does like her. She has Shelly, Portia, Jordan, Jeff and most of the time Adam on the Brenchel side. MOST of the house doesn’t like Dani.

      • I agree…even though she has an alliance with Jeff and Jordan she always talks about them to Porsche. Just because Jeff and Jordan were in the Livingroom last night talking with everyone paranoid Rachel is freaking out crying to Brendon saying look Jeff and Jordan are already going against us. Quit being so paranoid Rachel. I was on there side til final 4 because I thought they would help Jeff and Jordan get there and I want Jeff and Jordan in final 2.

    • Melinda, you said that R’s “a great player, she’s competitive, & she speaks her mind. That’s why everyone hates her…(and that)…if the dumbasses would play with their heads & not their emotions they’d keep Brendon AND Rachel until the end.” I agree she’s competitive & speaks her mind but, that in and of itself doesn’t make her a great player, which is why she didn’t win BB last time and won’t win this season. People hate her because she (& Brendon) are the overly emotional ones, they’re bullies, whiners, cocky as hell and their social game sucks, which is why most viewers couldn’t stand R (in particular) in her 1st trip to BB & again this season. Others in the house let their emotions take contol too sometimes (some more than others) but, not to the extent of BR. There are definite floaters in the house who deserve to go but, not before BR. I hope once BR are gone that Dani & JJ team up (again) and get rid of the floaters, starting with Porcha (R’s sidekick because no one else really likes her, not even B), then Shelley, whose loyal to herself first & foremost and who lied, threw her partner & “friend” under the bus, and cried her fake tears saying how bad she felt …. Oh, such loyalty!??? Dani has the balls to stand up to BR, even if it is a big risk and she’s, in my opinion (& despite her own game playing flaws) one hell of a player. Go Dani go!

      • Brenchel is not as great at the comps as it appears on the surface. Smart players throw the early HOH comps to avoid being a target. The veto comps have been won by tricking the HG on the block to throw the comp to insure their safety(which was a good move). Brenchel think they should automatically be given the half a million and anybody who thinks otherwise is evil. If they had listened to Dani and backdoored Jeff or at least told her they couldn’t do it and kept their mouths shut,they would be on their way to at least jury. Dani is the best game player and I expect Dom to come back in the house per America’s vote next week. I was a huge JJ fan last year but as long as they are part of the Neandertall alliance I can’t really support them.

    • That was a horrible argument. Even most the houseguests all agreed that Dani has 0 chance at winning the $500k if she even makes it to the final 2. So why not take her? Also, Dominic’s “girlfriend” isn’t his girlfriend. That’s his best friend Dana. He told the houseguests about her multiple times.

    • Sharon, welcome. Should continue to be an explosive and interesting week with BR on the block.

    • Btw that was Dom’s best friend not girlfriend. Rachel never speaks her mind, she says whatever pops into her mind as a result for her emotional game play.

    • She wouldn’t want to take both to end. Dani’s best plan is to take one of them. I sort of think she is really targeting Brendon between the two.

  13. KALIA AND LAWON (HEFFNER) are dogging evry move that Dani makes..she gonna get tired of that ..real quick and real soon

  14. Dani should have nominated jeff and brendon. Maybe she could have caused a huge riff between the couples and helped her chances…..or maybe she can backdoor jeff in the event someone wins and uses pov. Just thinkin.

  15. I assume they are gonna have the veto comp would be a wise move on the part of J&J NOT TO WIN IT ..if their names are drawn..if u get my drift /reasoning..

  16. I assume they are gonna have the veto comp would be a wise move on the part of J&J NOT TO WIN IT ..if their names are drawn..if u get my drift /reasoning..they are put between a rock and a hard place if they win it..there is no way they can use it and be safe..but R&B WILL HAVE A HARD TIME SEEING THAT OPTION..Let somebody else win and then J&J are under no pressure to help them..

    • But then if someone else wins and uses it, Jeff or Jordan might be the replacement nominee. So really their only option is to win it and not use it. Rachel and Brendon are smart enough players to understand that (as much as it pains me to say).

      • So are J&…the best person to win it would be Dani…no harm no foul for anybody else..they already know they may be replacement noms..

  17. If Brenchel doesn’t win POV then are probably one of them will go home. Even if J&J are in the comp why would they want B&R to stay. 2 week ago they were thinking about putting them up and now Dani did it 4 them, so they are still looking good.

  18. Jeff, Porsche and Adam are playing in the veto comp. Well their names were picked. They are waiting for the comp to begin. I know if Porsche wins she will probably take off Rachael. If Jeff wins he won’t use it If Adam wins he probably won’t use it either. I wish Jeff would start winning things. He hasn’t won anything yet.

    • Jeff does not need to win this veto unless he can use it on himself..I feel for the HG that does win all round if Dani wins it..

      • I agree if Dani wins it then noms will stay the same but Jeff needs to win to keep things the same for sure. You never know with Dani.

    • Like his season Jeff is truly all talk and no show. I don’t worry about him as a player because he never and will never win comps. I’ve given up on wanting him to to, it’s done.

      • Don’t be so sure there are a lot more comps left and he has already thrown one.

    • A really hard one. J/k. No clues given so far, but it probably won’t be a skill comp since they haven’t practiced anything yet. Most HGs don’t expect OTEV since it’s too early.

    • Rachel said, “WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!” and then Brendon responded, “I love you so much.” Rachel replied, “Boooooookie!”

      I don’t think we’re missing much when Brenchel starts whispering, but it would be nice if production told them to actually speak to one another. Daniele is the worst for mouthing things.

  19. I hate Danielle….she is a snake…looking forward to her getting evicted next…at least Brendon and Rachel they keep the show from being boring

    • that’s exactly what Dani is doing right now keeping the house from being boring so sorry to tell you your wrong…

  20. Whoever wins the veto Brenchel is split fot the summer. Life is good! I can’t wait to see Racheal self destruct and take her chronies Porsche and Shelley with her.

  21. I don’t have live feeds for two reasons. One, last year I read alot of comments complaining about seeing fish and WBRB and two, I couldn’t even if I want to as it’s not available on iPhone 3, bummer. Anyway, I was just reading live recaps and Brenchel were discussing how they should really be on Survivor as it’s best players that last longer and weaker get the boot first. I do agree with that but I will come UNGLUED if I ever see those two on my favorite show(next to BB). Even if it would be fun to hear Jeff go off on them. No makeup for you, Skanchel!!!!

  22. MATT(BBN)

    As per my request last week, you said you keep us posted on ratings. I’ll be interested to see if they go up this week compared to last week.

    Also, why are people talking about POV as if we are still doing couples. If Brendon or Rachel win they can only take one of themselves off the block. Jeff and Jordan can’t both win POV.

    • Are you seriously that dumb? If one wins POV, it mean somebody ELSE will be nominated, and that somebody ELSE can be evicted – yeah? I can explain it with apples too.

      • ontariostr8:

        First of all, your name is not MATT(BBN).

        Secondly, several posts suggested that Brendon or rachel winning POV would save them both and that is untrue.

        Third, I am a well educated lawyer.

        Lastly, you know where you can put your apples.

  23. if rachel goes home i will seriously be pissed. i’d rather not watch kalia the gorill, and dani the beaver for a week without rach. seriosuly i like jeff and jordo, but if jeff votes to evict rach, and rach ends up goin home, i wouldseriously punch him in the face before i left. if rachel leaves, i will stop watching, as i actually do stop. when pia got eliminated from american idol i stopped watchin. seriosuly, jeff is an a**hole, and so is half of the house.

  24. I wll admit initially i couldnt stand Dani,but i have to give her credit where credit is due,she is “just playing the game”,as far as Shelly she was my fave initially for the same reason but now i see a different side,she doesnt know what she is doing and just following the vets,so she wont last long..And everyone is complaining about Kalia and Lawon floating,so whats wrong with that? I think one if not both might possibly make it to the finale.

  25. I love all the different opinions about all the players on this site..the funny thing is that some of you hit it right on the nail head and the rest of you don’t have a clue……;-)

    • Just like the HG’s…some play to win, some just want 15 minutes of fame and a summer vacation. Some don’t have a clue!

  26. Bob must be careful when calling Kalia a gorilla. If you know your history, calling a black person a monkey, gorilla, etc is like calling them the “n” word.

    Choose your words wisely!

    • DJ60 I am sure Bob was not thinking that when he posted….gosh I would hope not, but we should all be mindful of how we express our opinions…some readers take things the wrong way even when the intention is not there. Matt BB is very good about making sure everyone is posting opinions not vicious slurs or totally rude remarks. Thanks Matt.

    • And sometimes someone is insinuating a HG is similar in size and build to a creature.

      Not everyone is as racist as you might like them to be.

  27. If Rachel and Brendon really do have plans to stay together and really are “in love” one of them leaving shouldn’t be a huge deal. There’s still a chance one could win, and they both still walk with the money. They should have went on that awful Bridalplasty show.

  28. Watched BBAD last night and Rachel was quiet and teary eyed all night – if the shoe were on the other foot, she would have been loud, obnoxious and walking around like she owned the BB house. Boy, sure is different when you don’t get your own way all the time. Don’t particularly like Dani, but sure am glad she shook things up. It was nice seeing everyone together in the livingroom just talking like regular people and not backstabbing one another for a change. What a refreshing change of pace – if even for a few minutes. And Adam is hysterical in the Elf costume – he wears it proudly.

  29. on BBAD i heard and jeff talking about smacking dani and jeff saying he wish he could choke her i was not surprised those guys are a-holes i mean who says things like that..they talk down to people so much its driving me crazy..i wish Keith lasted a little longer to put those to guys in their place.

    • hey…I’m out here and I say things like that..I would love to slap a wart on Kalias lip…lmao

    • Jeff’s exaggerating a bit -he’s was a little pissed that Dani wanted to backdoor him .Keith was one of the worst big brother players of all time .Jeff would grind him into a fine powder.No exaggerating.

  30. this is too sweet one of them is going home i don’t care which one but one of bretchel will be gone and the other one will unfourtunely go to the jury house they say karma is a bitch all the rest is life if i had my choice i would get rid of wretchel the fake boobed celebrity waitress and she can live on her tips until the show’s over and bretchel get married and i’ll tell you this it won’t last long because retchel is a moron and a 100% goldigger.

    • If Rachel goes home it would be a repeat of last with Brendon whining…wait he already does that…this year he’s more of thug talking down to all the women. It be entertaining either way. LOL

  31. seriously…I could not be on BB..I do have a bad temper..and I have a very low tolerance for “stupidity”….I could not do it…

  32. Matt???? IF U STILL HERE PLEASE ANSWER ME A QUESTION?? Rachel found an open bible on her bed..What was the verse/chapter that the pages were turned too? I know it was LUKE chapter something verse something. CAN U HELP??

      • When she was HOH somebody left the bible on her bed opened to chapters of LUKE and she gave the verse # but I did not catch it..I forget who she was telling maybe Shelly…It happened this past week..(Before that) I knew she had the bible cause Brendon told her to read it while he worked out or something and I wondered then where she got it….can’t remember the exact day or time

  33. i knew it wasnt smart for dani to try to make a deal with jeff and jordan. making a deal with jordan is making a deal with jeff. making a deal with jeff and jordan is making a deal with jeff. jeff controls everything in the couple alliance.

    jeff is dying to turn on a deal or backstab daniele, and IF they win will get his chance.

    i also find it DISGUSTING how brenchel want a power to keep them save. matter of fact i wont rant on it, we all know how dumb those two are

  34. man i hope Jeff or Damnial get the veto cause i want Rechal to leve and Brendon well be so fired up man.

  35. I hope Rachel goes home this week can’t stand her
    crying and bit….. all the time not getting her

  36. Would be so funny if brendon or rachel would win and then they would have to put up a pawn and the pawn would go home then brendon and rachel would stay and make headacke for Dani…Would just love that…..

      • Yea I totally love Jeff and Jordan I just like to see the fights…makes it more interesting and we know rachel will not keep her mouth shut and we know brendon will act idiot and tell her how great she is…

  37. I hope that Brendon goes home, he’s been so arrogant and jerky this season. So sick of both of them so insecure like teenyboppers. Rachel will be a much better player without him there. She’ll be after Danielle for sure because……no one comes between her and her man !!

    • NO he’ll take Rachel off because that’s what she told him to do!! And he’s dumb so he’ll do it and go home.

  38. Oh my word Dani needs help,bb is for the love birds ,don’t know who is going up for Brenda give him credit he really did good for his future wife, but i like Dani she has cojones , i hope she makes it ,for now i think she should get Shelly out or parch, then the rest , don’t like Kaila but shes the only one left that might help her i really hope Dom comes bk he will make her strong again. May the power be with you lol Go Go Dani

  39. Is Danielle using Brenchel as pawn, knowing either one will probably going to win the VETO, to get rid of Jeff/Jo?? hmm.. bad move though.. Brendan did win the Veto and most likely will removed himself… oh shit… what now Dani… ?? Jeff watch out..!

  40. What if Brendan does not use the Veto on himself, instead he use it on Rachel.. screwed… The plan is to get rid of Rachel right ?

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