Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Week 4 Saturday Highlights

Few things go to plan in Big Brother and Saturday was no different. The new Head of Household set the target for elimination on Friday with the nominations and only the Veto competition stood in the way. Well take a guess how that turned out. Now changes will have to be made and no one feels safe. Read on to find out what happened.

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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – July 30, 2011:

8:45 AM BBT – Daniele talking with Kalia. She can’t wait to see Rachel on her own in the game. Daniele really wants Brendon to go home this week. Well, that’s probably not happening anymore.

9:45 AM BBT – Veto players selected: Adam, Porsche, and Jeff are going to play with Daniele and Brenchel.

12:30 PM BBT – Kalia suggests to Daniele that if the Veto is used then Brenchel will campaign to stay. No kidding. Any predictions on the sky being blue or the sun coming up tomorrow morning?

3:10 PM BBTLive Feeds return. Brendon has won the Veto. Daniele is frustrated. He was her real target this week. Daniele says Brendon is more dangerous than Rachel because he wins Vetoes while she wins HoH. The person who can undo what you want is more dangerous than the person who can put you up for eviction? That doesn’t sound right.

3:45 PM BBT – Rachel wants to try and offer Daniele another deal. That they’ll try to work with her again if she does that.

7:30 PM BBT – Kalia suggesting to Daniele she consider putting up Porsche as a replacement nominee. Daniele isn’t too keen on that idea. That would be crazy for her to do! Lawon comes up so Daniele can feel him out. She’s really not trusting him right now.

8:00 PM BBT – Shelly comes up to bend Daniele’s ear. She really wants to make sure she’s not going up as a pawn/renom. Shelly is going back to the issue of the other HGs cheering for her during the endurance competition. Shelly swears she does not have an alliance with anyone in the house. Shelly confirms to Daniele that Brendon is going to use the Veto to save himself.

8:40 PM BBT – JeJo going over renom scenarios with Adam. He promises to vote to keep Jordan if she’s up against Rachel. Jordan considering telling Daniele to renom her so Jeff doesn’t go up, but only if she feels like she definitely has the votes.

9:30 PM BBT – Kalia enters hour 37 of her filibuster speech. She is going on and on about how hard it is to be Kalia in this game. Poor Lawon. He has no escape plan.

11:20 PM BBT – Daniele and Rachel have a little talk. Rachel really wants to stay and keep playing the game. Swears she’d go after Kalia rather than Daniele. Daniele apologizes a lot of hurting her feelings and making her cry.

11:35 PM BBT – Daniele tells Kalia that she’s not playing personally. But wasn’t Jeff the biggest threat to you in this game last week, but now you’d rather go after Brenchel because they didn’t do what you wanted them to do?

12:00 AM BBT – Jeff thinks Brendon will explode if Rachel goes home. He expects Brendon to definitely win HoH if he stays like last season.

1:00 AM BBT – Daniele tells Kalia that she’s worried she won’t be able to work with Jeff and Jordan like she had planned. I’m guessing a lot of her big plan has gone up in smoke.

Daniele isn’t as worried about next week as I would have expected, but like she’s told Kalia, one day at a time. The Veto ceremony arrives on Monday afternoon and it should definitely be used. Now we just have to wait and see if he really saves himself or Rachel and who Daniele wants to put in his place.

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  1. Even if Kalia tends to be annoying to some viewers, she shouldn’t be spoken of so condescendingly in these daily recaps.

      • Everyone is a target here as in the House, Aretha. No one is singled out. I have a feeling I know where you were trying to go with your comment–it is not that way at all. If people play stupid, in my opinion, then I will comment to that.

    • Aretha, not to be a smartmouth here, BUT have you been on these forums before…that is what people seem to do. HG’s get trashed in the house by other players, HG’s get trashed or applauded out here. It is all part of the game. (IMO of course) have a great day.

    • Excuse me….all the house guest are spoken of “condescendingly” (as u put it) at some point in time..And Kalia is the one in the house playing the race card and floating from one HOH person to the next..Kalia is hurting herself in this game…as well as with the viewers..If she received a punishment in the game it should be one that requires her not to talk for 7 days..Then we would all get a break…

      • There is always one very irritating person on BB & this year it is def Kalia. If she’s not talking, she’s eating or drinking wine. Her speeches always state the obvious. She has very little original thought in there. Like nails down a chalkboard. (Rachel’s laugh is the worst though)

      • I find it funny how Kalia played the race card and then last night she said “women shouldn’t be called a bitch, especially not a black woman.” While I agree Brendon was out of line and shouldn’t have said that to her, I’m wondering why she finds it socially more acceptable to call a Hispanic or white woman a bitch.

      • welllll….it’s to each his own I guess..I mean when we see an HG acting “stupid” we call them “stupid”…Sooooo I guess that Brendon figured Kalia was acting like a bitch so he called her one…BUT THE TERM BITCH DOES NOT JUST APPLY TO “BLACK WOMEN” as Kalia tried to make it seem…

      • OMG! That would be so absolutely fabulous if she would have to shut her mouth. The woman never draws a breath and she so gets on my nerves.

  2. i really hope brendon saves himself! i have no interest in seeing rachael stay in this game, no offense, but brendon is better strategic i think he will man up once shes gone….and dani better be careful about who she puts up as a pawn….most of the rumours say its jordan but i think shelly would be better or even kalia..those 2 will say anything to the vets to stay off the block…pure floaters….

    • Actually, Danielle being more concerned about Brendon winning POV’s makes sense. HOH’s do not have direct control over who is evicted, so Rachel, if left in the house to win another HOH, could not be assured to get revenge on Danielle even if she wanted too. For the same reasons, Danielle, who wanted Brendon gone, was unable to as HOH. In fact, POV’s are always more important than HOH’s (in my opinion) because they determine your own fate. You can dodge an bullets the HOH throws at you if you can win the POV, which is something both Brendon and Danielle know well, each having earned a high number of POV’s (Danielle 5 in her season, Brendon now with five combined from his season and this one). It is better to be able to win POV’s and protect yourself to earn another week then it is to be HOH and hope that everything you want goes according to plan. It’s a risk, but one that Dani knows full well is worth it.

      • Opps, sorry, that was supposed to be a general reply to the post and not to jadelle…

  3. Kalia played the race card last night on bbad. I’m watching it now I can’t believe it

    • Yeah she did…and from here on out I think BB casting will take that to heart and make sure that any future contestants know that race is not a factor in winning the game or how u are treated in the house..And it don’t take alot of deep thought as to what ingrediants go in Mac&Cheese..a real accomplishment on her part..get

    • I hate when people pull that out. To me it just means they have run out of other reasons to complain. This is why I’m not “liked”… blah blah. Wah. Ever think it’s because you are annoying and bring nothing to the game!!

      When BB13 first started I was going to ‘root’ for her until she showed no interest other than going back & forth among other HG.

      • I think plenty of HGs “like” Kalia just fine. She says plenty of nasty things about them in the heat of the game too, but when everyone calms down they seem to get along just fine.

        Yeah, I liked Kalia more from her pre-season interviews than I do now.

  4. Man,I find brendon more annoying than rachel, he is very childish. I like rachel when she is HOH, she isn’t pouty like how she is when she isn’t HOH. haha. Either way, Brendon will for SURE take rachel off the block, daniele should put Jordon up, no one.. I mean NO ONE will vote for jordan to be evicted!

    • I wish Dani would work with J/J. Not with Brenchel. I don’t think Brendon would save Dani at all. He would be a man on a mission and come right after her. Last night Rachel said she was the one going home. She said she would go after Kalia if she stayed. While I find Kalia very annoying I think she is the only one at this point that would give Dani a chance. Rachel twisted what Dani said to her to J/J last night on BBAD. She said Dani said what she did on purpose to hurt her. I truly believe that was not Dani’s intention. It just slipped out. Dani wanted Brendon out, not Rachel. It was just a slip of the tongue as everyone is walking on egg shells and Brenchel had both said mean things to her before the Veto. For Brenchel it is fine when they say mean things but no one else can. I hope Dom gets to come back. Things would be so different.

      • @flyonthewall they were having a very normal conversation. Adam, Dani, Rachel and Porche about different kinds of drinks. The first normal conversation that had been had in a long time. Dani asked Rachel a question about something to do with Julie Chen and truthfully it was hard to hear the exact words. As soon as it came out Rachel said since she was going home she would not get the chance. Dani immediately realized what she had said hurt Rachel. She immediately apologized. Rachel got up and went to the Have Not Room. Dani went to the room to apologize to her and that it was not her intention to hurt her. Since Dani was going after Brendon, not Rachel it was almost like she forgot Rachel was on the block. At that point people believed Brendon was using the veto to save Rachel. Dani’s intent all along was to get rid of Brendon. In the room she apologized over and over and gave Rachel a hug. When Rachel told J/J she said Dani was mean to her and that she was nothing but a mean, hurtful person. Dani was truly sorry and told Rachel if she meant the comment to be mean she would not have gotten right up to go to the room to talk and apologize to her. If she meant it to be mean she would not care. She did not want Rachel to be sad and cry. When Rachel told J/J she left all the apologizing Dani had done and basically just said Dani said, blah, blah, blah and that Dani was mean.

      • Gail:
        You are soooo right, it is like if you read my mind.
        This is what D said at the table:
        11:04 Are you sad that you didn’t get any questions from Julie both weeks?
        And, this is what she told Brendon:
        11:42 doesn’t it s…….k to you that you don’t get to have your interviews with Julie and now you do.

    • That’s not true because whoever comes off the block between Brendon and Rachel would definately vote to evict Jordan obviously. And Porsche would as well unless it was pointless then she may or may not.

    • tks for the info..I watched BBAD last nite but listening to Kalia put me to sleep long before the show was over…

    • The descriptions so far have been very confusing. Something about guessing the time something took. Then there was talk of bubbles and Jeff getting milk in his eye. I don’t think we’ll know for sure until Wed’s episode.

  5. Kalia is annoying! Why shouldn’t she be talked about like that? The others are.. she isn’t any different! I’m ready to see her go. :-)
    Love your commentary, Matt!

  6. hey Matt, on that comment you made about Dani saying it’s not personal, At the time she was pushing for J&J to get backdoored, she was with Brenchel, so at that time Brenchel wasn’t a bigger threat, Dani wanted to go all the way with them, now that they are enemies, Brenchel are a bigger threat than J&J. so it isn’t personal.

    i have a feeling when Brenchel get out of the house and watch back the season, they will feel so stupid.

    • That’s a good argument, but I still think Daniele is making it personal.

      Like I pointed out, a week ago Daniele risked her whole game to get out JeJo and now she’s all smiles and hugs with them.

      Meanwhile she glares at Brenchel, mouths off behind their backs, and does that gun-to-the-head gesture when they left the room. That’s comes off as emotional/personal when you compare those two behaviors to the different couples.

      All the while Rachel is offering her an exchange of week-for-week safety, just like JeJo, but Daniele is refusing which is funny since I’m expecting JeJo to still come after Daniele which she has to suspect.

      • do you really think if she would of put anyone else up that brenchel wouldnt of put dani up come on rach talked jj into getting rid of cass because she didnt like her and dom they have made the decision on who to take out from day one now they have no say into who to put up there pissed keep rach she’ll get drunk all the x and want everyone to feel sorry for her still think they are just a couple for the game dislike brenchel all together

      • Matt you gone haff ta git up off of my girl now. I thought Dani was flip flopping too but the more you look at it, it looks like she is just trying to get those who are in the way of her number 1 spot out of the way. My girl is going hard she aint no punk you got to respect that. Now Kalia is an emotional player. She used Keith calling her out as a reason to turn on the newbies. She saw how other people were annoyed with him. He was not going to last long. She should have used him for his vote then disguarding him like day old garbage. Kalia is clinging to her now but she has proven she does not think out her moves. Dani cooly embraces one of the main reasons Dom is gone then she will cut ties with her when the time comes. Dani is think levelly.

  7. Dani should consider teaming back up with Brenchel on 1 condition, they don’t get mad is she puts up Jeff next no which ever doesn’t come off with Veto. this way everybody gets what they want, Brenchel gets to stay intact as they want, Jeff goes home as Dani wanted and the DCA(Dream Crusher Alliance) is reunited just like i want. everyone wins.

    • Are u serious…Do u really believe that R&B will make any kind of deal to save Jeff??? lmao…THEY COULD CARE LESS ABOUT ANYBODY IN THE HOUSE RIGHT NOW BUT THEMSELVES..(as usual) Why would they go to bat for Jeff or anybody else?? As I said in an earlier post this is a “save ur own ass” week..Everybody is gonna be trying to cover their self and making sure of their own safety…

      • who said anything about the “going to bat” for J&J, i never said they’d make a deal to save Jeff, but they’d like the 4 to stay together, so they’d rather if Dani Put up a newbie.

      • U phrased the post with “UNDER ONE CONDITION”..THEY CAN’T MAKE DEALS with “conditions” right now..especially pertaining to another HG. As Spock would say..’THAT IS NOT LOGICAL’.

      • Why do you keep yelling in your posts? It is obvious you are against Rachel and Brendon but you are so far in hate that you can seem to think clearly.

      • @FRANCIS…HEY YOU!!!!! Thats yelling other wise I don’t use any more caps in my post than any other poster…and I never said one word about hating R&B.. not one word.. So don’t accuse me of it..I don’t appreciate it..and it so happens that on occassion I do freelance writing and sometimes to emphasize a word or statement I use caps…BYE FRANCIS..Did u hear that??

    • Dani wanted to work with Brenchel when she had Dom as a strong partner with her to go against them eventually. She wants no part of being a 3rd wheel with the 2 of them.

      • I agree. Brenchel are strong and if left in would most likely be the last two. For them that is a win win as they are a couple so it would not matter. They would win both first and second money. J/J are not as strong as Brenchel in comps and whoever it is may have a better shot at winning if the two of them get to the end. Just my opinion.

  8. It’s a no brainer that which ever of the duo R&B stays that Dani will be their first target next week…If J&J manage to get through this week they need to let the remaining partner do the dirty deed.. aside from beating himself up over losing the POV Jeff may have this plan or thought in the back of his mind and that is why he is not being very vocal in his opinions right now of the R&B situation..He is actually listening more than he is talking..

      • didnt he make deal with dani he said he didnt want to know who she was putting up and to make a deal that she keeps them (jj) safe till next week and they will keep her(dani) safe but wasnt telling brenchel ?

      • J&J cannot take sides with either R&B or Dani right now..Dani of course is the one they have to deal with at the moment.. but Rachel (especially) and Brendon will take is as a backstabbing move and if given a chance they will seek revenge..again especially Rachel…What Rachel & Brendon never do is put theirselves in another players position/situation.. Both of them take offense at the smallest negative remark made about them..In their minds they are perfect and nothing should be said or done to them that would indicate otherwise..Rachel being worse that Brendon..This is gonna be an awesome week on BB..looking foward to it..

  9. UGH! BBAD, are you effing kidding me? Day 5 of more Kalia??? I’m ready to hurl my lunch, shoes and anything else within reach at my tv screen… simply cannot listen to her another minute and am really beginning to wonder wth is up with the camera operators that I have to fast-forward through more than half of every episode just to get her off my screen. Seriously? I’m ready to offer a bonus to the first one to get her out… she’s worse than an off-station radio, non-stop static. Please, somebody…make her shut up!

  10. 1) No matter what anyone says, this game is always personal for every HG. They are giving up two to three months of the private lives just to play this game for one thing. For another, if it was not personal, nobody would cry. For anyone who truly thinks this, please tell me what the color of the sky is in your world.
    2) Brendon and Rachel are extreme hypocrites and I do not understand why any of the other HGs will not call them out on it publicly in the house. Their attitude of “we can be threatening to you with regard to your position in this house, but you can’t do that to us” and “we can be mean and hurtful towards anyone we want, but nobody can do that to us” would result in their being socially isolated in the real world. In the House, they put on this face and everyone let’s them do it and I believe that is one of the reasons everyone let’s them be powerful. Call them out on it in front of everybody anf

    • IT WOULD NOT MATTER…they would still be in denial that they were in the wrong..Jordon tried to explain to Rachel that she has faults ..Regan tried to get the message across to her last season..Cassie told her that she was catty and stopped trying to make nice. None of the talks or what was said registered. Rachel is all about Rachel no matter what..Even from the bad things she and Brendon certainly read about themselves from last seasons show has had no effect. Brendon’s ego is also big but as we have seen him without Rachel (last season) we know that at times he will listen to the voice of reason where Rachel never will..She simply does not get that is her own worst enemy…

  11. Watching BBAD was kind of awkward last night, sure Kalia was her annoying rambling self, but it was weird seeing everyone getting along like nothing happend after what went down a few days before. ($1000 a night at Super 8!? Fuck that!)

    Then Bam! Dani with the harmless Julie Chen comment and everything changes. Rachel starts to pout and then a few minutes later Dani laying in purple room feeling like shit. I guess Dani now knows that she should just keep jokes/comments like that to Dom, cause he would just laugh it off and make fun of Dani back. Instead of running away back into the H/N room carving ‘DIE DANI DIE’ on the floor.

    But props to Dani, when I saw her upset after leaving DR I thought she would’ve just gone straight to bed, but instead sucked it up and was able to survive the rest of the night with annoying Kalia eating all of her snacks in HOH. :-p

    • I felt bad for Dani after she apologized to Rachael over and over again. Rachael is so into herself she couldn’t see that Dani was telling the truth or why would she even have bothered to apologized.
      Why isn’t Dani getting sick of Kalia – the whole rest of the world already has had enough of her blabbing and kissing the backside of anyone in power. Jordan is even ticking me off now – she is trying to backstap Rachael who surely is far from perfect but she did not put them up. Rachael is too trusting of people and Brendon is an ass telling her what to do and what to say and she can’t talk to anyone without him.
      This show goes on DVR now so I can avoid the Kalia SHOW. Guess the producer gave the winner away anyhow in her interview saying Dani would win this year.
      Yea for spontanious.

  12. MAN !!! what a time the H.G. are having!!! really don’t know where to start…Rachel is such a cry baby when things don’t go her way..I get tired of her saying “Don’t come between me and my man “.She seems to think that if she would have been allowed to play for H.O.H.she would have won. She doesn’t know that for sure.Now Brendon…I heard him tell Jeff that to vote for Rachel to stay in the house.Than tonight he said he would use the veto on hisself…What a great guy!!!! NOT !!!

  13. I guess Khalia saying it’s not ok for a black woman to be called a bitch isnt racist? It’s not ok for a white woman either. Khalia wont shut up for one minute. This freaking game is not about her. ITS A GAME. She said that Brendon and rachel are so emotional and if they had to balls to the walls play the game.. blah blah blah.. Thats exactly what they do.. Alot more then we can say for her FAT AS# She needs to be the next one to go home. Dani needs to go then Khalias fat ass…She is loving that HOH room. She can sit her fat as up there on camera and make her speech about racism and what she has had to go thru nd is still goin thru cuz shes black. I have not heard one of them say a thing about Lawon and hes talking about everyone talking behind his back. Ive not heard a person say one bad thing about him. Jordan likes him. Shelly likes him.. IDK… Khalia needs to GOOOOO

  14. I just cant believe she nominated Brenchal. If she doesnt think she is going home next week she is crazy. Unless she wins veto of course. I just didnt expect her to go thru with it just yet. I want Khalia to go. Really soon….She is a joke… A strong black woman my butt. She is the one that said when she walks in a room she sees that there is only one black person or two black people in the room. That is racist. Who cares how many white or black people are in the room. I just want the ONE black person out of that house…. And if she was purple I would still want her out.

  15. I have a question. Has anyone seen Rachel take her two weeks of slop for the big move she made on the last POV where she took 2 weeks slop to stay in the game? She won HOH right after that so she wasnt on slop. She was just sitting at the counter eating and drinking. Sooooooo Like when does she have to do it?

  16. I hope danille goes soon I want rachel or brendan to win,I can’t stand danille I know I spelled her name wrong,get the boot you trader!

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