Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Week 4 Nominations Revealed

Last night on Big Brother 13 we saw the power finally shift in the house, well kinda. This week could end up being even more explosive than last week and that would be quite an accomplishment. The new HoH has made the nominations and if you read my Nomination Anticipation post, then you shouldn’t be too surprised.

Big Brother 13 Week 4 Nominations:

  • Brendon
  • Rachel

Reader TheJoker noted below a worthwhile event. Earlier in the day (3PM BBT) Daniele talked with JeJo and backed up her promise from the night before. They’d be safe this week in exchange for her safety next week. Jeff said if she lives up to it then he’ll act in kind, though he didn’t quite 100% that. Daniele has said to Kalia that one of them (JeJo) will have to be renom’d if Brenchel gets the Veto. It’ll be interesting to see if Jeff takes that as breaking the deal. He already joked with Brenchel about not honoring the deal.

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What do you think of Daniele’s nominations? Did she make the right choice?

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  1. Haha. Good. Those two are annoying. Rachel for being a n idiot with self esteem issues and Brendon for coddling them.

  2. I can’t wait to see the next H.O.H competition. If either R or B win, they will make D’s life a living hell before they send her packing. D is going to regret not targeting the floaters this week esppecially if B is sent home with a furious and motivated R in the house.

    • Really!!! That thinking is why R\B act the way they do. Dani did the right thing -now lets see what the 4 fav do-bet they don’t stick togrther now.

      • J&J will work with whoever stays in the game between B & R as well as work with P because they know that D has L & K and S is such a flip flopper and can’t be counted on. A is so useless in challenges that he won’t help them.

      • if Brandon goes home maybe – if Rachel stays shell flip and go with Dani because she can’t win with them also porsha will only last until they don’t need her(hopfully soon)

      • I agree Ziggy lets see what they do .. I am sure one of them Branden or Rachel will win P{OV but only one can come off .. then replace them with a nother couple partner ,,should be very intresting to say the lest ..CANT stand Rachel ———> DOOR

    • I wouldn’t be too sure of that…minds can be changed in an instant, especially now. We actually have a real game brewing! CBS should never do this Golden Key bit ever again. It promotes floating and piggybacking.

      • D is going to string L & K as long as she can because she knows she has them for sure. S is a floater who will join whoever has power. J & J know if they don’t stick with P and try to keep A with them and the remaining player out of B Y& R, they will be gone in the next couple weeks. They know they need to get D out of there. J & J will screw D liked they did with Russell from their original season on BB!

  3. i think she made the best choice because if she didnt there would be a great chance she would be evicted next week.

    • D is gone next week unless L or K win the HOH. If L wins, he may still nominate D just to avoid pissing J & J, P, A, R or B and S off.

    • She still has a good chance of being evicted next week. Especially if Kalia doesn’t win HOH. Lawon won’t win it because he thinks he’s safe with both sides. (Biggest floater)And only one will go home so she better watch out. Especially if Rachel stays. I just hope Brendon or Rachel don’t win POV because that would mean either Jeff or Jordan would go up.

      • O Yes she does I am sure if one of them wins veto Dani will put up Jordon because she knows no one will vote Jordon out over Brandon or Rachael. JJ already know this and if Jeff is picked to play he is going to fight for the veto so it is not used.

  4. I don’t understand why anyone would think Dani would put any two other than them up this week. One is guaranteed to go home!!!

    • Not true. If one of them wins POV and comes off than depending on who Dani puts up and how the votes go. She made a deal with Jeff and Jordan for safety for 1 week but if Brendon or Rachel win POV will Dani still keep Jeff and Jordan safe? If she does put one of them up I think they would still have the votes to stay and next week if one of them wins HOH they could put her up and say you still put us up after the deal was made.

      • If D nominates J or J she would make their deal void which means they are free to nominate her next week and send her to the jury.

      • Ok lets say one does win ..then she puts up Jordan ..Jordan and Brandon who do u think the house will vote to go home ??? Bye bye Brandon .. Lets say Brandon wins and D puts up Jordan and Rachel who do u think the house will vote to go ??? humm bye bye Rachel

  5. D actually would have been better off nominating just one of them and using the other as a replacement. Now they both are guarenteed to play for the veto. They are strong competitors anyways. Add the motivation they will have and now if one of them wins, D will either have to break her word with J&J and place them as a nominee or put someone else and risk either B & R being kept in the house while the replacement gets the boot.

    • It’s actually not a bad move. If either Brendon or Rachel wins POV, or somebody else wins and takes one of them down, Dani can just replace the person who goes down with Jeff, ensuring a strong player leaves no matter what. If she had put up one or the other against a newbie pawn, then the pawn would surely go and the Vets would be fully intact.

      • I agree. A great move on Dani’s part. Ah yes, justice is swift and sweet! Well done Dani! Now let’s watch as BR squirm this week and probably make some more threats.

      • D wopn’t put Jeff up because she would have Jordan coming after her as well as the person who isn’t evicted between J, B & R. She would then invalidate her deal to be safe next week with J & J and have to place her games survival in the hands of L & K.

      • I agree with Leo. She should have put either or up, then have whoever won the veto take the other person down and put the other of the two up. Either way it may be guarateeing that one of them goes home, but if someone gets the veto and uses it, then she’s probably gonna break her deal with Jeff and Jordan and put Jeff up and have him go home. Which sucks because I like both Jeff and Jordan.

      • If either B or R wins PoV, put up Jeff …. absolutely! However, with the understanding with JJ that B or R are the target. The majority of the house, with the exception maybe of Porcha, would vote out B or R over Jeff. Think about it, if B or R win PoV and said winner uses it, as they’d be stupid not to, forcing Dani to put up someone in place of B or R and ….. if Dani doesn’t put up Jeff and puts a floater up instead, she could very easily lose this golden opportunity to get out one of the (stronger) vets, which is her current objective. I hope she continues to remain focused and doesn’t buckle under this week’s pressure …. with all the threats she’ll no doubt receive from BR in particular (as well perhaps from Jeff). Go dani!

      • if the veto is used she will put up Jordon she knows there is no way the house would evict Jordon over Brandon or Rachael.

        Jeff and Jordon know this and are making sure they have the votes incase that happens.

    • Frankly, If Rachel or Brendon win the veto, Rachel would get off of the block causing Danielle to put Porche up. Either way, the vets alliance will take a hit.
      Discounting Danielle too early is a mistake. She wins competitions (especially vetoes) and as HoH she has a buy-in for this week. Chances are Danielle will sweep the week taking the veto and choosing not to use it sending Rachel out the door (the house not really liking her save for Porche and Brendon and knowing Brendon will self-destruct without her). The next HoH will probably be a skill meaning it’s anyone’s game opening the door for Kalia, Adam, or Lawon to win buying Dani another week.
      It wouldn’t take much convincing to get Porche and Brendon nominated.
      All in all, my money is still on Danielle

      • What game are you watching? Adam will not help D out, J & J will want to break up the party of 3 (D, L and K) and B will be pissed and dettermined like he was last summer when R got the boot when he won both the HOH and Veto the following week, J & J will vote to keep R over P and S and A as well as L would vote out P to allign with the strong players aka vets.

      • Putting Porsche up if either Brendon or
        Rachel wins POV means that the veterans
        stay intact. Porsche will be sent home
        and the veterans will go after Danielle
        next week! Only one I see on anielle’s side is Kahlia. Adam is two faced as they come and cannot be trusted. Lawon will do anything to survive and Porsche
        and Shelly will stay with the veterans.
        With Danielle’s move, she will have a hard time getting people to trust her.
        Imagine, turning your back on your alliance who have your back and protecting you? What more of the others who are mere floaters?

    • Putting Brenchel up is a good idea. She is in control of splitting that duo up and shrinking the “vet” numbers. This also gives Dani the chance to sway the easily swayed (everyone except the 4 “vets”)house majority.

      If Dani nominated only one of these two, there would be a strong possibility the other would win the Veto to save the nominee leaving both in the house. Brenchel are fighters and putting them up against each other assures one will go home.

      • B won’t put up a fight on the block. However, D ensures two strong players are competing for the Veto. This leaves her with a tough choice of whom to replace the Veto user.

      • Leo,

        Both Jeff and Jordan are more liked than either Brendon or Rachel. It’s more likely the house will vote for B/R to leave over either J/J.

        Don’t forget, minds can be changed with subtle conversation in an instant in this game. Take a strength away and you’ll see changed alliances.

    • I thought the same thing but they could still get picked to play for POV and say Brendon was on the block and Rachel gets picked to play and wins she would take Brendon off and both be safe. So at least this way only one of them has a chance to get off the block.

      • This ensures two of the strongest players are competing and the chances of them winning and forcing her to nominate another players is that much higher now.

    • What I don’t understand is her being so angry about Dom going home. Rachel and Brendon were not the only ones who voted Dom out. Also, Rachel and Bendon did not put her up for eviction and were trying to include her with the vets but she is the one who strayed from the original game. So, I hate to see either Rachel or Brendon go but I think it was a stupid move and she will be out as soon as possible. Also, even if she did not nominate J&J, Jeff still knows enough not to trust her and he will want to get her out as soon as and if he can. I think she made a very dumb move based on spite because of Dom getting voted out.

      • D already has screwed L & K by proclaiming how close her and K are and stating how L is always folowwing her around. J & J and P will put D and K or D & L on the block. If they were smaret they would put L & K on the block and ensure the weaker players are playing for the Veto and win and then back door D.

    • Not neccesarily. It’s been clear since the beginning of BB13 that Brenchel/JJ have had a solid final four alliance and it would be foolish for Danielle or anyone else to simply hand it to them without putting up a fight.

      If someone other than the remaining three Brenchel/JJ are HOH next week, then another two members of the foursome can be put up for eviction. If someone uses the veto, then the third remaining member can be put on the block (unless that person wins POV. Of course, then you put a newbie up as pawn and still get rid of another Brenchel/JJ).

      It’s about time for Kaila, Adam, Shelly, and Porsche to wise up and realize that by sticking with Brenchel/JJ, they can’t get past the final five. If they do realize it, Brenchel/JJ won’t have the numbers to boot Danielle and the Newbs from the house.

      • Do you really believe Adam will allign with D especially after she wrote his name down when Dom got the boot? Also, A knows that he will be below K, L and S in D’s alliance and would be going against 4 of the strongest players with J & J, P and the remaining player between B & R. Why would he join L & K and hope D doesn’t flip on nhim the way she flipped on her alliance as well as how L & K and S flip back and forth as well.

      • That is what I have been saying that
        the newbies can take over the game.
        Unlikely that may seem, all they need to do is wait for Danielle to take one of the veterans out this week and then,
        vote out Danielle next week if she goes
        on the block and does not win POV. You would have 3 veterans left versus 5 newbies. Who has the numbers now? That was a very stupid move of Danielle to peel off too early in the game. She hurt her chances and the chances of others in her alliance! Of course, she
        has no choice now but, to throw out the veterans because they will throw
        her out as well because she has exposed
        her traitorous ways! Newbies just need to wait till there are 3 veterans left and win the HOH and the veterans are done. They can pick off the veterans one by one then!

      • Of course, Adam would align with Danielle/Newbies. Like I said before, anyone sticking with Brenchel/JJ doesn’t get to the final four.

        I’m sure he realizes that his chances of getting to the end of the game are a lot higher if he’s competeting against players like Porsche, Kaila, Lawon, etc. than going up against Brenchel/JJ.

        There’s nothing in it besides a couple of weeks of safety if any Newb sticks with Brenchel/JJ. You’re not going to be able to make a late season Dan/Memphis-type alliance with any of them, because you’re up against two couples who’re together outside the house, and each couple is committed to taking the other to the final four.

        Why on earth would any even slightly astute player pledge their loyalty to an alliance which they’re not part of?

      • No one’s heart is going to be broken over this, because deep down they all can’t stand Rachel and Brendon, and are just too scared to cross them because of their jock-type self-involved superiority and bullying.

  6. Either way Danielle’s going home soon.No evil Dick to save her this time .Who’s got her back? Kalia-C’mon !Hope fully Jeff or Jordan won’t go home this week

    • I want to see Jeff get voted out, just so America can vote for him to come back in the game. Maybe they can have a vote to bring back a player who was evicted and then have the house vote for the most recengt player because they are afraid of the wrong player returning. That is how James returned a couple season’s ago when he was just voted out because everyone thought that the crazy chick Alice would be brought back.

      • Agreed. Cassie was one of the only newbies who had any brains or balls (outside of Dom). Bringing her back will be good for an interesting strategy show. These are painfully the most brutally boring newbies ever.

      • Dick’s mad at her game play anyways. I’ve heard he’s been blowing up Twitter with bad comments about her game play. He really was the mastermind behind their game play on their season. Daniele just shoots herself in the foot by herself. Although for hating him so much, she’s just like him.

      • D’s game is horrible without her dad. If it wasn’t for her dad, she would have never made it to the final five her first season. He gave her the Veto he won and purposely pissed everyone off so they would focus on him and not her and still made it to the end to win.

      • She’s going home soon that equals bad game play.Maybe she’ll hook up with Dom ,or as she calls him “PT’ . But for now her new BFF is Kalia. Sucks to be Dani.

    • R won’t be going home because D is going after B. The funny part about the situation which is what D should know about is that if B wins the Veto, she has to nominate someone else. Does she piss off J & J as a nominee or does she take a chance and put S or A on the block next to R and chance J & J, B and P voting out the person sitting accorss from R. That would be the ultimate storyline.

  7. Have to say I think that Danielle made a huge mistake for her game. Why? Well, think about it, now that she has turned totally against her ‘old’ alliance, she is the first one out once they win the HOH next. I doubt they will just nominate her either, it will definitely be a back door Danielle scene!!

  8. Dani must win the veto to have all the power this week, so she can make a deal with JJ.

    • I agree Dani needs to win the veto but I thought she made a deal with JJ for one week’s safety. I hope she doesn’t backdoor Jeff.

      • Cloe,

        She did make a deal with J & J which means if B or R win the Veto, she either breaks that deal (screws herself with them) or nominates a newb and risks the 3 vets, P and S voting the newb out and having both B & R, J & J, P, S, A coming after her next week while she depends on L & K.

    • B & R are both competing and then you have either J & J, P, A, S playing which means anyone one of them can win and save B or R and leave D in a situation to piss off more people or end up have B & R both in the game after this week as described in my last post.

    • Jeff and Jordan no longer trust her, there will be no more power moves with all of them again. Dani messed up, and she knows it. She’ll be out soon.

      • I think Danielle’s days are numbered
        all because of her doing. The newbies
        except Kahlia will not trust her for the
        simple reason she betrayed her own strong
        alliance. What does that tell you? She
        cannot be trusted. Period.

  9. I thought Rachel was the emotional player. Acting out of anger got Rachel evicted last season and that is what Danielle is doing this week. Such a stupid move, oh well – her idiotic nomination will cost her the game.

  10. Dani went from having five people on her side, to now just believeing in Kalia. Seriously, a joke. Watch her be out next week because of her horrible game play. Dani, I hate you. :)

    • D has K and L for now. Wait until next week when L & K both flip on D for self preservation.

      • I agree. I can’t wait Leo. She just messed her whole game up. I’ll be supprised if she is still here by the end of next week. Dani is deff, not the best game player. Never was.

    • No kidding. She had a strong 5 person alliance that had her back and now all she has is Kalia. Lawon is useless. I don’t think he even knows where he’s at. He’s just on vacation somewhere. She dug her own grave and I think she’ll be gone sooner than later. But there is another twist and I really think someone is coming back. Why else would the evicted house guests be in sequester?

      • D will be gone soon and the floaters she protected will be still playing as she sits in the jury house pouting.

      • They only had her back to the final five.

        Like I’ve been saying, only a fool commits their loyalty to a solid four person alliance which they’re not part of.

        The objective is to win Big Brother, and you’re not going to do that by working to help a four person alliance which has a goal of ensuring that they’re the final four. Whether Danielle or anyone else in the house, you play the game to ensure your own ultimate victory.

        The only reason for anyone other than Brendon, Rachel, Jeff, & Jordan to support a final four of Brendon, Rachel, Jeff, & Jordan would be if you cut a deal with them to support their best interests in exchange for, say, 10% of their cash winnings in the game. That could be an interesting move, because the odds are decent that one or two of Brenchel/JJ will make the final four.

        Again, the point of the game isn’t to play yourself into the final five or six or seven, it’s to win the game. There’s nothing in it for anyone other than Brenchel/JJ to play the game in support of Brenchel/JJ’s interests over their own.

      • I agree ^^^ and WTH would anyone ever through a challenge. Who cares if you stay for final 5,6,7. Dani might as well take a vet down with her if the ships sinking lol. I think she’s tougher then some give her credit for. Go Dani

  11. its about damn time!! so tired of rachels laugh and brendons stupidity…he acts like he runs the house, and if one of them win the veto danielle should be smart enough to but up jordan, cuz no one will vote her out

    • D can’t afford to put up either J or J because she made a promise not to. If she does, that would invalidate their arrangement which means either J & J could backdoor her next week which means them, P, either B or R, A, S will all be gunning for her. She would have to rely on L (waa waa) or K (don’t hold your breath) to win the HOH!

    • Chubby, First of all, Jordan is a really slow player but don’t under estamate the girl. She is smart when she needs to be. And, I would vote her out, just as much as any other player on the Vets side.

      • Jordan is a bigger threat than Jeff because she has a social game, people like her, she can win comps oh and by the way, she has already won a half a million bollars as the Big Brother winner already.

  12. I’m Not sorry for thm..I think he should go before her.. Thank god I’t’s not JJ. Personally I tink it should be Kalia ! She might even be worse than Brenchl. I can’t stand them, but she is a snake the worst kind.

    • D will learn about K when it is too late as she is being evicted wondering why K & L didn’t vote to keep her. She should have stuck with the vets when B & R offered her another chance to work with them. As R said, “we can got at war with each other or take the floaters out’> D decided to go at war with R with the back up of K & L against R, P, J & J, A and S.

    • Kalia and Dani are now working together. Or, Kalia is working with Dani and Dani is just using her to get whatever she wants. Then drop her off to the side too. Dani is a ugly game player.

      • D will be shocked just like Keith, Cassi, Dom when Kaila voes her but out even though she claims to have her back.

      • Why not? She ties the record for most POVs in a season, and as soon as the Golden Key crap was done, she won HOH, not to mention she won more competitions then this whole household combined. People think you need to have a good social game in order to win big brother, well that won’t be necessary if you win competitions, kudos to her.

      • D has never had to face players like J & J, R or B and even P is a beast when it comes to competitions. She will not get past the next 2 weeks relying on her formidable alliance of L & K.

  13. I don’t understand why you guys are hating on Danielle nominations, you think Brendon and Rachel wouldn’t put her up the next week If they win HOH, their the two fiercest competitors and one needs to leave to better her chances in this game. Jeff can’t win competitions, overrated as far as I’m concerned, so I wouldn’t be worried about him.

    • Is it really not obvious? She had the chance to split up both couples – she screwed herself up royally by not thinking.

      • How do you split “both couples” in the same week? look Jeff and Jordan aren’t going to win HOH next week, I would be more worried about the one that stays between Rachel and Brendon.

    • How do you know Jeff can’t win??? There have only been 4 HOH comps and one of them he threw and another one was just a lucky win with questions that America voted on. There are a lot of competitions left.

  14. Would love to see either one of them gone this week, but they could still be in the game next week if you think about it. Say one of them wins POV saving themself the person going up could be the one going home. Hopefully not.

    • That is what D has not took into account. And she will either have to screw J & J as a replacement or put up a newb….. Go B && R in the Veto.

  15. wow who didnt know that she was going to put up B/R.??duh, to me its a wrong move. B has won every veto so far. he takes himself off and she has to put up someone else. then B/R J/J hav the ppl to vote whoever out. then they go after D next week. and she is gone.the floaters will go w whoever they think can win.if they were smart they would keep B/R and when its time for the finale the jurers wont vote for B/R makes sense to me but these reality shows are so strange they never do what u expect them too.. if B/R leave the show will suck just like last year.. just sayin…

    • Karen are you new??? I have been the only Karen since the season started and was wondering if you could use a number next to your name so there is no mix up? Thanks.

  16. I think she would have been smart to put up Porsche or Shelly to somewhat keep the trust of the vets to keep her safe a little longer because now she only has 2 others she can trust. Putting them up would weaken the Brenchel’s alliance because they would have one less spy for them.

  17. It seems to me that all Danielle has managed to do is put an even bigger target on her back, and she is supposed to be a highly skilled veteran player? She is putting her fate in the weak and wishy washy newbies? I have a question, since the duos have been broken up, does this mean that if either Brendan or Rachel win POV that he/she would not be able to take the pair of them off the block, just one or the other?

    At some point in the near future, I would love to see a season of The Amazing Race with Brendan & Rachel, similar to the seasons that had Jeff & Jordan, as well as Rob & Amber.

  18. watch for the B+R turning on each other and end up spliting …no wedding then….hahahahaha! they will drive each other crazy this week and us!

    • Don’t u know Dani is ready to scream..Kalia constantly talking and Lawon in his Hugh Heffner robe…lmao..This is what she has to look foward too for the next week…Be careful what u wish for…lol

  19. I really do not think anyone on this season is “likable” except maybe Jordan. Jeff is just as obnoxious as anyone else, if one is to look at it from that perspective. With that being said, Rachel is exceedingly ridiculous, but at the same time she is pure entertainment. If she is sent home, that may be “morally” the right thing to do from many peoples’ opinions, but the show is going to be considerably dull (especially with Evel Dick being gone for awhile now). Oh well!

  20. Does this mean they’ll have to spend the summer apart? (being one will make the jury and the other won’t)

  21. Big Brother,

    Bring back the CDT – Coup De Tat so Jeff can use it again and we can all watch D flip as he places L & K on the block.

      • I want Jeff to get either the CDT, Diamond Veton or something else to shake things up. I want either J & J or B & R to win this season. Prefferably Jordan or Jeff.

    • if that happens i will never watch another big brother again jeff got a free pass last time why should he get one now?
      Some of you people must be family members or friends cause most of you are talking pure rubbish.

  22. If R or B win the veto and take the other one off the block that can’t mean they are safe also does it. I know if they aren’t on the block and use the veto they would be but it doesn’t seem fair the other way to let them save two people. I’m sure Dani would have thought about this. I would rather B or R go home instead of J or J but prefer all 4 to stay and Kalia go. She makes me sick.

    • If B or R win the Veto, a newb will be going home because D won’t be dumb enough to screw J & J. I actually hope Jordan wins again to become the first 2 time winner. Jordan over Dani would be the ultimate good over evil storyline. Even though D is not going to make it that far.

      • I would love that. I think Jordan is great. A girl who still has values on and sticks to them. I never liked Dani before and still don’t.

      • Maybe she would go back on her word and put up Jeff. After all, she was dumb enough to put up Brendon and Rachel.

  23. you know what, danielle has scerwed her chances of making it farther then 3 weeks. right now, if b or r wins the veto they will take off rachel, meaning dani will either need to put up j and j breaking up there 1 week deal, basically meanign a backdoor for her next week. or she can put any of the newbs up, which will mean that j and j, rachel and either shelyl or prosche will have majority, and they will screw the noob over. meaning b and r stay screwing danielle. i was one of the ppl that though dani was goin to win this season, but hse is a complete hypocirte, she is not playing the game, she is playing personal. and now, she will be off to the jury. right now, it looks like were goin to see jordan take another season. danielle needed to make a 1 week deal with brenchel not jrodeff as much as i love them. brenchel wins everything, jrodeff sucks at half the things so danielle isnt getting any where with 1 week of safety. if shelyl or adam wins next week, danielle will be put up, most liekly gaainst rachel, and rachel now has the votes, not danielle. you sealed ur own fate her. good riddance. GO JORDEFF AND BRENCHEL

  24. What in the crap is Lawon doing? Watching him strut around in the HOH robe and those stupid shades and his dress shoes on with no socks. Good grief, this guy is absolutely useless in this game. He is nothing but a BS’er. He has told just as many lies as everyone else. Why didn’t Brendon call him out the day of the fight and tell the HG’s that Lawon had made a deal with them to “spy” on the others and then report back to them. I didn’t get that. He is ridiculous. Between him and Kalia, I don’t know which is worse.

    • Lawon thinks he’s on vacation somewhere. He has no clue where he’s at. What’s the BB House???

  25. What you guys didn’t see on the live feeds was a VERY informative conversation between Jeff, Jordan, and Danielle in the HoH room (at around 4:30pm today).

    They basically apologized to each other for the backdoor mishap and Danielle promised them safety for this week should they guarantee next week.

    All Jeff and Jordan want is to be together for another week just so they can both go to the Jury house.

    I can see this game going J&J, Dani & Kalia to final 4.

    • Very good point. It was a very open, friendly conversation and completely different from the one after that with Brenchel. I was kind of surprised when Jeff spilled all the details to Brendon right afterward. It was pretty obvious what that agreement meant for Brenchel.

      I should have noted that in the post above.

      • Totally you could cut the tension with a knife when Brenchel went up and just “appeared” unannounced in the HoH room.

        I still see Dani sticking around for at least one more week, Jeff isn’t dumb he knows that Rachel alone is a powder keg but also a competitor, I can see Brendon leaving this week then Rachel next week.

      • It’s hard for me to admit it, but on some level I want to see how Rachel competes on her own. We got to see Brenchel last season after Rachel left and he was a lot different. I’m curious if she goes in to the zone like he did or if she just crumbles.

        I agree that Daniele won’t last much longer. She did it to herself.

    • There is no way that is going to happen. Remember J & J and Russell from their season? Russell was too big of a trhbeat, so they got rid of him because he could screw them. J & J will get rid of D because not only is she a threat, but Jeff knows she had already targeted him.

      • J & J told Russell to his face he was in the final 4 with them. The entire time, J & J knew they were going to blindside him because he was a threat and they knew he would target them. Jeff doesn’t trust Dani because of her betrayal and she is a threat.

    • Saw it but what happens if Brendon or Rachel win POV? I’ll bet Dani puts up either Jeff or Jordan so what does that say for her word. We will see very soon how it goes.

  26. Another update: Surprise Surprise….. Rachel is STILL crying!

    Jeff & Jordan talking in the purple room. Jordan believes Dani’s word is good. Then they playfully argue about who will go up if Brenchel wins PoV.

    Annnnndddd Jordan just “dutch ovened” Jeff…. Gross.

    • Further, Dani just solidified their side alliance by telling them that she put their keys in last for dramatic effect, she is guaranteeing their safety.

      She is thinking if worst case scenario pops up and Brenchel wins PoV that she may look at Porsche or Lawon.

      I still think that D, J&J are starting to become friendly now which is HUGE!!!

      • At this point in the game Dani’s only chance is to string along Kalia, work with Jeff & Jordan who also has Shelley in their pocket.

        If she manages to pull this off to get Brenchel out, then she’s completely back in the game as JeJo while competition won’t be able to take on her and Kalia with Lawon and Adam floating around. The house will divide 4/4

      • Are you watching the feeds? D told Jordan that if B or R win the Veto that she will reluctantly put Jordan on the block because Jeff is more likely to be voted out.

      • Dani already told Jeff and Jordan that Jordan will go up if the Veto is used. So much for your word Dani. Now that opens the door for Jeff or Jordan to put up Dani if they win next week. They can backdoor her.

  27. Dani told Jordan if R or B win the Veto that she will place Jordan on the block as a replacement because she is less likely to be voted out than Jeff.

    • Umm Leo, what I said wasn’t wrong at all, I didn’t post the part where Dani suggested Jordan go up as a pawn. But she is also thinking Porsche or Lawon.

      Either way one of Brendon or Rachel are going home Thursday, which is something to rejoice in itself :D

      • She isn’t thinking anyone else. She told Jordan if B or R win the Veto, Jordan is going up because Jeff will be voted off. If is on the live feeds

      • I can’t wait to see Dani go home, and then the vets can take back contreol of the game.

      • It just shows Dani’s word isn’t worth crap since she is backing out of her deal and telling Jordan she will make her the replacement nominee if B or R win the Veto! Jeff better axe D before D backstabs him.

  28. I am hoping that of the two Rachel stays, Brendon is really getting on my nerves this season. I give her credit for nominating them. The Brenchel show is over, back to playing the game.

  29. Dani is going home nxt week she made a wrong move if b or r win Pov then d will have to put up p a s k or l because it woyld br stupid of ger to break d deal with jj so shes has to put a newb on d block which means if b or r are safe then a newb will be going home again n dani is scrwed

  30. Dani is going home nxt week she made a wrong move if b or r win Pov then d will have to put up p a s k or l because it would be dumb of her to break d deal with jj so shes has to put a newb on d block which means if b or r are safe then a newb will be going home again n dani is scrwed

  31. Dani is going home nxt week she made a wrong move if b or r win Pov then d will have to put up p a s k or l because it would be dumb of her to break d deal with jj so shes has to put a newb on d block which means a newb will be going home again n dani is scrwed

  32. Jeff and Jordan and talking about how they would rather have Brendan stay than Rachael. Jeff said he would talk Brendan out of giving the Veto to Rachael if Brendan wins because he would say they need him in the house. That convo between J & J is happening now on BB After Hours

  33. Yesss! Justice finally being served! Go Daniele! I want her to win. She has a straight to it approach to the game that I like. She had good ideas, but showed her cards way too soon. She also let a stupid crush throw off her game. This is the moment I’ve been waiting for, and I don’t think anyone but Daniele would have the balls to make a move like this.

  34. YES! YES! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please for the love of God don’t let the veto effect this.

  35. first off i hope rachel goes home her laugh is on my nerves it was annoying last year and even more so this year… if the goodbye messages for dom was any indication it appears that jj arent as tight with br as it seems. another point the fact is that most of teh hg’s are annoyed with b for walkign aorund like he owns the place, although hg;s arent in d’s favour they will prolly based on annoyance levels and threst vote out b or r if veto is won by b or r r will be safe in that event porsche or adam or shelly will be up if d wants to ensure the deal with jj…big brother where are your twists?

  36. I hate to say it, but if Dani really wants one of them gone, her best chance at that is to put up Jordan as a pawn. I don’t think anyone could vote Jordan out. It’s a sure fire way to make sure one of them goes this week.

    • I don’t think Daniele is going to put Jordan up. I’d say it’s safest with Adam, the ultimate pawn, or Lawon. Both are liked by the hgs, and haven’t pist anyone off yet.

      • well if Daniele puts up lawone or Adam up against the queen Rachael then the will most likely have the votes to keep her in the house and send one of them home. so then if Rachael stays in the house all of them is gunning for Daniele

    • Dani was telling Jeff and Jordan that if the veto is used she is putting Jordan up.

    • I like Dani. She’s the only one in the house who is not intimidated by the “Royals”, i.e., Brendon/Rachel; Jeff/Jordan who think that their poop doesn’t stink. All other cast members are totally “Ball Less.” I hope she goes all the way. I really do dislike Shelley and Kalia who are SO transparent.

    • I agree! I don’t think they would vote for Jordan. I hope Rachel is evicted!!! She is the most annoying person, as soon as things don’t go her way she is moping.

  37. Brendon without Rachel is basically a person who is almost lifeless. Last season, he ended up becoming the Brigade’s little puppet so that they would not have to do dirty work. Then the same brigade blindsides him.
    If I wanted 500k, I would definitely keep Brendon. I’ll be the first person to try to comfort his moping, and boom, I’ll have a vengeful little strength oriented beast on my side.

    • Brendon totally self destructed after Rachel left last season, and made a damn fool of himself. He acted like a complete idiot like he wanted to piss everyone off, so your pit bull theory isn’t so good. People shouldn’t loan out their tools.

  38. Yes dani made the right move brenchel have to be broken up..i think dani knows here deal with JJ is bullshit so if they turn on her she should expect that

  39. many people were saying that the hoh was rigged for dani to win(complete bullcrap but hey).
    If that 2 veto thing proves to be true there will be no denying that its rigged to suit certain people no questions asked.

      • You’re right, production said, “Hey let’s make sure a small person wins HOH this week. Who cares if the first 3 HOH’s were all females anyway.” Obviously rigged. So logical…

    • Ok, I can see where you say it was “rigged” for small people, but I do not agree that is was rigged for Dani. Shelly, Jordan, Pink pants and Kalia all had a good shot at winning that.

      • Did the HG’s get to pick their “skis” or did production tell them where to stand? Depending on the answer you could make a good argument for “fixed” or not.

      • The houseguest choose their own place to stand… After the comp I heard them Dani talk about choosing that ski because she did not want to be up there standing next to them,,

  40. I love how all people are saying Dani will be gone next week. When she still would have a good chance of getting her name drawn for veto. Even if the HoH doesn’t nominate her.

    Not to mention, If any newbie wins HoH I don’t think they would nominater her or backdoor her. Because keeping her in the house keeps the vets targets on Dani and not them.

    • They will just give Dani a veto win if she gets nominated. AG already said dani is gonna win.

    • Why wouldn’t the newbies nominate Danielle
      when they can see she can win the HOH? The
      newbies have not won anything and it is in
      their interest to vote out the veterans one
      by one. Danielle making her move too early
      pretty much slashed her throat. There is always a chance she can continue to win veto and survive. Nothing is impossible. However,
      she is now playing just to survive. Everyone
      including the newbies will target her and vote her out if she is on the block. That is still one veteran out of the game for the newbies. The newbies still have a good chance
      of kicking out the veterans out of the house one by one. First, a veteran could go home this week if Danielle chooses to do so. If Brendon or Rachel get off thru veto and Danielle nominates a newbie in that veterans spot then, Brendon and Rachel might both get off! Those 4 veterans go after Danielle next week! That is almost guaranteed as Danielle
      cannot play for HOH! They could also not
      nominate her but, backdoor her thru veto.
      Then, Danielle cannot even play to save herself and when she goes on the block—-who is going to vote for her? My guess it is going to be Kahlia if anyone votes to save her. Or maybe, not!

      • If I were a newbie right now I would be starting to side with Dani any newbie of who wondered if she can win now knows she can.. And also knows as long as she is there with the 4 other vets she is their target.. So I would want her to stay until she took out the other vets and then only have to go after one vet (dani) instead of voting dani out and be left sitting there with 3 or 4 vets (JJ/branchel) at least until some of the newbis STEP UP and start playing the game. Stop throwing the dam comps and following the vets around like little puppies and think for themselves..

  41. I think R & P are a better combo of players than D & K……. There would be the team of R & P, J & J D & K and S, L and A are 3 floaters…..

  42. I think the show is finally getting ready to start :) lol thanks to Dani’s win lastnight. The whole vets controlling the house is one big giant bore. At this point even if Rachael or Brendon win the veto they can’t pull both off.

    • There is still one scenario when both Brendon
      and Rachel both get off! If one wins veto
      and takes him or her off and Danielle nominates a newbie in his/her place. Otherwise, Jeff or Jordan goes on the block. Danielle made a deal with Jeff and Jordan to keep her safe next week. If she puts them up then, whoever survives even if both of them do—-they will put up Danielle for stabbing them in the back again! The only 100% guaranteed way a veteran goes home this week is if Jeff/Jordan is nominated if either Brendon or Rachel gets off.

      • Dani is great and has bigger balls than most men! With her game play and not taking any bs from the vets, sets her apart. Good for her.

    • A double veto would kinda made the whole teams split up thing pointless. I don’t think it’s going to happen.

      • maybe and this is only speculation due to previous comments maybe the double veto is referencign a double eviction night? bb has pulled it in the past and it occurs almost every season…

  43. Best scenario brendon goes home rachel sucks up makes it to the end with dani – danielle wins 500k its her only option for the votes ;-)

    • This sounds like the ideal end to the game for these gals…however, if Brendon gets evicted because of Dani then Rach may consider it as Dani getting “between me and my man”…so teaming up would not be an option…perimedics might be needed instead. lol

  44. Am I the only one who laughs at the photo of the live feed trial they still have up where it suggests Rachel to be giving Brendon fellatio?

  45. wow i think things are really starting to get tense in the bbh ,:) finally some acton , bc like they said something might happen like lawon winning , lol bigbrother fans are prob jnot wanting to miss one second of this season bc its getting better , but i would say last yearss season was pre awesome :) pce !!<3* Melanie Marie Mason has spoken , :)

  46. Okay, I highly doubt that the cuts on Brendon’s knees from the Have-Have-Not competition that was over a week ago STILL requires the amount of bandaging that he’s using….

  47. That little troll Daniele will be going down soon, unless BB steps in, and throws her some lame magic power.

    • She is a terrible player, and deserves to leave the house for the shenanigans she’s pulled in the house. She shouldn’t be rewarded for awful game play. Which is actually what’s going on. However the HoH comp she won wasn’t rigged because a guy won the HoH comp of the same type last year.

      • I was thinking the same thing about the size of the people who won–Dani and Matt. I can’t stand her and wish she gets out. The only reason she was saved this long was because her Father had to pull a stunt and leave. I actually liked Dick in the house because he provided entertainment and made it interesting. Danielle isn’t playing a strategic game, she is play a spite game.

      • Dani is an excellent player. She told Brenchel if they nominated Dom there would be trouble and now she has to establish herself and put the fear in the rest. Kalia needs to step it up, if not Dani has the fortitude to win veto. Dani is playing the game with heart she is seizing her opportunities when they arrive. She was 5th in the alliance with the vets. She did what needed to be done and is playing well.

  48. I see a lot of people are thinking with how they feel about the HGs and making decisions based on like or dislike, Instead of thinking about the game further down the road. The sad part about it is, is that when it comes down to it if the Hgs dont get it together and think logically the person they least expect to win will win the game. It happens every season people who start out with a strong game plan and alliance turn on each other and set themselves up to get the boot. There are only TWO that PLAYED the BB game and said from get go they will lie cheat steal throw people under the bus stab people in the back make false deals fake alliances intimidate other HGs and be put up on the block several times and still win the game. (Will and Dick) I personally didnt like either of these people I felt that they should have been the last people to win, however I have the upmost respect for them, cause everything they said they would do they did and won the game. They didn’t have to win competitions to get to the end, they played people and that is the way to win this game, not competitions or social game and the funniest thing about Will and Dick is that the HGs they played with, were stupid enough to keep them in the house cause Will and Dick told them straight up over and over again they were playin them. It is the game of PLAY or get PLAYED plain and simple, EMOTIONS have no place in the BB game. That is why Dick and Will made it to the end, they didnt take it personal, they were there to play a game not to make friends. It is a game and people tend to forget that, they say I know it is just a game but when you are trapped with know real place to go and emotions are running high then it becomes personal, and that is where people screw up in the BB game,

    • Personally, I like Will and Mike Boogie because two people took control of the entire house for the entire season. It is surprising how they were able to do so. They manipulated the other house guests and did it from the start to finish. Other seasons pale in comparison. The absolute worst season was last season with the brigade. I stopped watching after a while. Ratings dropped the last 3 or 4 episodes. Big Brother producers did better this season. If they did not bring the veterans in, the newbies might very well have done another brigade fiasco which is getting 4 or more people together and voting
      everyone else off! Where is gameplay? Who wants to watch that nonsense? That is why Survivor is number 1 because there are more twists to it and people use strategy to win!

  49. I already didn’t like Daniele from season 8, and now I just really hate her. She hadn’t fessed up to any of her screw ups until she was backed up against the wall. She had a guaranteed spot in the top 5. She knew that the duo’s would be done soon and individual play would begin. She really had no reason to play the way she did. It was just stupid. She may have put Brendon and Rachel on the block, but that still won’t save her in the end. Kalia now has to have doubts about her so called ally. Daniele has proven time and time again that she clearly only cares about herself. Both in 8 and in this season. If Kalia was any bit as smart as she says she is she’ll drop Dani like a bad habit. She is a poison. She will kill anyone’s game who allies with her. If she were to make it to the final 2, I doubt she’ll win the 500k. Second place would be what happens. She says she was robbed the first time. That’s crap. She sucked and Dick was awesome. She needs to learn to live with the fact that she isn’t as great as she thinks she is.

    • “Daniele has proven time and time again that she clearly only cares about herself” but Mikey I thought that was what BB was truly all about. Indivduals come into the game to win money, not make new friends…they have friends outside the house, they need to play for themselves inside the house or they don’t win.
      Just an opinion of course.

      • I agree, and part of the game is to lie and do sneaky things to get to the top. Not everyone can be sweet all the time like Jordan. I like Daniele, and I think Dick knew when he left that she had this in the bag.

    • Well, if Rachel has it then, can she take off her and Brendon off the block and nominate two
      people? If so, she should use it this week and
      nominate Kahlia and Adam. Then, go after Danielle next week and backdoor her!

      • @ wayne- Who are you rooting for this season? Jeff, Jordan, Rachel or Brendon? I know you are on the vets team, lol.

  50. Has Dani indicated if she has a preference as to which of her nominees is evicted? Brendon was semi-likable after Rachel left last year.

  51. I think that she should have put up like Porche against Rachel, assured both of them they are “just a pawn” let the veto comp play out. If either nom won, and took themselves off, use that opportunity to throw up Brendon (or in the case that he played and won and took Rachel off, Jeff.). At the end of the day one of the more annoying people would be out of the house, and that would definately be one less jury/house vote that would go against Dani for the rest of the season.

    • Let’s think :

      If she put Porsche and Rachel up, then Brendon won POV and saved Rachel’s arse, after that, Dani put up Jeff.
      ==> Brendon, Rachel, Shelly, Jordan – 4 votes to keep Jeff in the house. Her plan will be spoiled.

      That’s why she must nominate the Vets along the way this week

  52. Dani is trash.. I will celebrate the day she is booted to the curb.. Rachel maybe annoying but she is great at comps.. GO BRACHEL

  53. man i love it but i hate Damnial and hope she gets the boot next. But Pourch needs to go because i’m tierd of her floating and thinking she’s all that:}

  54. In my opinion, the game started to go south the moment Porsche sided with the vets and I don’t like the fact that she betrayed the newbies. I don’t like Jeff, Brendon or Rachel because they are bullies! Shelly and Kalia are totally spineless and too dumb to realize that they are being used! Danielle is ok and Jordan is nice, however, I want Adam or Lawon to win the game because they are both new to the game and they haven’t stirred up any trouble.

  55. There are so many floaters in this game!!! Why is it like that? I remember in season 10 and 11 when everyone was playing almost no one was a floater. I can’t stand kalia, shelly, and porsche. I like adam but he hasn’t done anything either and he calls himself a big brother fan? if you are start playing the game

  56. I can’t wait until both sides of the house figure out Shelly’s sneaky game play. Both sides trust her, for now. What a joke. She’s pulling out all the stops with her “Trust me”, “I have your back” comments to everyone. Really? Pure bull. The BS about never lying or deceiving…after all, she does not want her daughter Josie or clients to possibly think that she is anything but honest! Ha ha ha. Surprise surprise! She’s no saint. It’s Big Brother!

  57. What’s up with the newbee’s? Why arn’t they playing the game like Dom he played it well but one’s that are lift are running around like chicken with there heads cut off. And Kalia just gave up the HOH! There all talk and no action. Now come on do something for your self’s! Get a back bone you worms shhhheess!

  58. Rachel won the power of double veto. She will use it to save herself & Brendan.They came back to win money for thier wedding, so some people want them to win something.Last year they gave the money to a sex crazy college student who didnt care if he destroyed a man he never met since his fiance was a whore just like he was, because who he was up against (Lane) had money & came frome money. Do you really think people want J/J to win again and be millionairs? I hate Dani & alot of you are right she shot from the hip when the house blew up, she might get hit with her own bullet and deseves it. She couldent wait to take Dominics verginity…publicly and on the air…really she had to have it that bad. YUCK

    • Is this a joke?? you can’t really believe the crap you just posted!! Rachael did NOT win a Double veto, She won NO veto at all. Brandon won the veto comp and it was not double. And Who are you insinuating Hayden destroyed last year?? I don’t remember anyone on their season that was engaged at the time… And Dani shot from the hip in that fight?? Rachael is the one that said dani had black heart, ice in vains, did not care about anyone.. And dani sat there listening to all that until she had enough and she stood up for herself.. I would say Rachael is the one that shot from the hip,,, And dani and Dom never even kissed they truly became friends NOT sexual…The only people having sex on the show NOT CAREING about the cameras is Rachaek and Brandon. I have no Idea what BB you are watching because everything you said here is a load of crap!!!

  59. I really hope Rachel goes home. By the way…has anybody watching the live feeds heard anything about Dani’s personal situation. Just curious on what happened between her and Nick :)

  60. OMG! Rachel has got to go! Just Whining whining as soon as she loses! So tired of the lies and the twisting stories around! Rachel and Brendon both said they wanted to vote J/J out when Dani first mentioned it, they were all for it!

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