Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Week 2 Nominations Revealed

Last night on Big Brother 13 we saw the Vets retain power when Jordan won HoH. Despite what host Julie Chen said, Jordan had won HoH before in her season (BB11). In fact, it was the same theme: mini-golf.

Now that the Vets have control of the game again this week and the Newbs on the run we’ll get to see Jeff put his plan in to action. Will he go for his revenge with Adam or try to throw a Golden Key to Shelly? Read on to find out who Jordan nominated for eviction this week on Big Brother.

Big Brother 13 Week 2 Nominations:

  • Dominic
  • Adam

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What do you think of Jordan’s nominations? Not a huge surprise, but with the house in pairs it doesn’t leave many options.

The Power of Veto competition will be held very soon, either Saturday or Sunday, so stay close and keep checking in for those spoilers too. Join us on Facebook and get our free email updates to find out as soon as the Veto results are in.

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  1. NICE! Excellent choice! I have a feeling dominic will get voted out but Im not quite ready to see him go.

    • dom made to many enemies to quickly and showed the vets his ability to unite players so they know hes a threat and he was to cocky week 1

      • I agree Dominic is a very strong player and I’d like to see him stay, but it is a game and the strongest eliminate their threats.
        I am a Brenchel fan and pulling for them to win. They are a very strong team. Daniele would be my second choice and then Lawon.
        Agree Adam is annoying but honestly he is quite a good player so far. Shelly is sneaky but this is making her a good player. They’sll keep her and pick her off later. Great season so far!

      • Adam give me a headace and he loves tori spelling which makes no sense if ur a metal fan i don’t the love for tori spelling just a lil bit weird just gotta put that out there

    • I can’t stand Adam’s big loud mouth any more than I can stand Rachel’s voice or her laugh. I was wishing I could see them both gone right away. Well hopefully Adam this coming week and maybe Rachel next week. That would make me a happy

      • Adam’s is obnoxious! Rachel’s laugh annoying and she definitely will be a target to evict but because she is a really strong competitor.
        I’m in a big brother pool and wound up with Brendons name, not sure his win is worth the 140.00 I would win…..hmmmm…Daniele is also a great player. Dom in my opinion has been a huge threat for taking it all from day 1. So, I guess he will likely go home. Disappointed in that.

  2. It sounds like the vets want to get rid of Adam, and Dominic has his little alliance with the newbies, unless the veto is used it sounds like we might be seeing one of the better players leave.

    • Last night after Jordan won HoH Rachel got in to an argument with Cassi. Normal, hot-headed game play you’d expect from Rachel. I’m sure they’ll show it on Sunday.

      • rachel and brendan are the most annoying people and brendan is a control freak their relationship will be over before this show is over

    • its all rachel and her green eyed jealous monster attitude. she has done her best to drag jordan into it. cassie is smart and pretty which is a problem for rach

  3. Ruthie I dont think ur a dumb ass.. only people who thik about the word “dumb ass …well you know.

  4. Rachel needs to keep her emotions in check. I don’t care for her and Brendon, but she will dig a grave for herself quickly. I want to see Cassi kick Rachel’s jealous ass. Rachel doesn’t care for Cassi because she’s prettier. What happened in the fight? I missed that, but I knew their was an issue there.

    • Ty Matt..Nichole, I agree if she gets gone I wouldnt loose sleep over it. Im a Vegas native and she is a embarrasement to this city.

      • Brendon has been trying to reason with Rachel about her actions and how she will react to what is said about her on the net/papers/TV etc., after they get out of the house. UGH

    • I’m also waiting to see how things pan out between Brendon, Rachel, and Dani. Have you noticed that when Dani leaves a room, Brendon leaves shortly after and when Dani goes somewhere Brendon magically appears. Dani and Brendon always laugh together, whisper, and flirt back and forth. I’ve noticed Rachel see this and look pissed. It cracks me up when I take the time to watch After Dark on Showtime and see Rachels reaction to Dani and Brendon. I think a blow up will happen between Dani and Rachel if things keep going the way there are going. I’ll be lmfao!!!

  5. I honestly mute my TV when the feeds on BBAD go to Brendon & Rachel whining and fussing with each other. I can’t believe they are getting married, But to each his own =o)

  6. I really hope Rachel knows she making herself look like a complete fool AGAIN! She wants to take out people for personal reasons which caused the demise of her and Brendon’s game last season.

    • Whew, glad to know I’m not the only one who can’t take it! No secret I would like to see the vets go the distance. But I believe her actions will end her up in the jury house. If she makes it to the jury house

      • Better yet, TIVO sho2 and wait i hour before watching. You an ff through all the Brenchel meetings

  7. @ nichole, I don’t know what happened with rachel, but with her, its never what happened, its who. She is extremely insecure & can’t handle dealing with any female who doesn’t treat her as if she’s special. She can take any situation with with an unadoring female & turn it into something its not just out of oure insecurity. Once she has created an incident, she then has what she perceives to be a public reason to hate that woman. I feel sad for her. I would hate to live my life like that.

      • yes Krismas & Nanny, I agree! but Jordan is not falling for it. saw on the the feeds last nite when she was taking a bath w/ kaleia (lol) she was distanting herself from Rach she was telling jeff.

  8. Hopefully Jeff can strong arm Adam, and Dom will go this week to break up that alliance with Cassi. The only gamers from the newbies are Adam, Dom and Cassi so any one of them can go this week as I want to see Jeff win the game. Jeff is really bringing strategy this season and deserves to win. Love Brenchel, but they won’t win, they are already alienating the jury.

  9. Ha Ha Breezin.. No youre not the only on. I also hope the vets go the distance. Jeff and Jordon all the way..I hope.

    • would love to read that they won they seem like the nicest people on this show.she is a little bit jes simp ess dingy but it works for her and he is very level headed

      • You are so right Steve, they only show what they want to. I have always believed that cbs has a lot more to do with the outcome of the show then you relaize. It is just too phony. Rachel wining first hoh and then the pov. They want to keep them there because of all the drama they cause.I was hoping to see Rachel or Brendon leave the first week.

  10. I dont watch it any more its so fake.a pastor who only talks about hot girls and a metal head right out of a comic book and the southern belle model come on get real these actors suk

  11. @sophi Totally agree. Jeff is definitely in it to win it this time. I even love how he’s taking over Jordans HoH. But yes, with the way the new houseguests are playing and backstabbing eachother instead of banding together, I believe either Jeff or Dani will win. I don’t know if anybody is seeing that Dani has a little bit of strategy as well. She’s getting all the newbies to trust her so when she gets off the golden key she will beast in the competitions and if not she has a better chance of not being put up. Plus she’s milking each one of so much info. As far as Brenchel go…their going to get evicted for the same reasons they did last season. Alienation, picking stupid fights, and making poor strategic moves based off personal reasons.

  12. If some luck happens, Cassi will win the veto, take down Dom. With this, she and Dom will be untouchable this week. Jeff (Jordan is his drone) will have no choice but to put up Lawon and Kalia.
    That is the only way any life can be breathed into the Dom-Cassi alliance. With this, they can stay. If they lose Lawon, considering how idiotic he looked with his golf putt, I do not think that is going to be much of a loss. If Kalia goes, this will get rid of an annoying person who they cannot trust.
    That would be the most ideal situation. They will have the chance to lick their wounds and then win the next HOH. I’m praying that this happens.

    • I’m just wishing and hopping this happens!!, I like both Cassi and Dominic and give some game play against the vets, otherwise it will be boring, honestly, who wants to keep useless people like Lawon, Kalia and Shelly

      • Don’t under estimate Shelly. She is sneaky as hell and will be back stabbing like crazy as the season goes on. She’s the smart one as she said the only way to play the game is to play for yourself.

      • Even now watching BBAD Shelly is gaming Cassie telling her she thinks it was Lawon that voted Keith out with Kalia. LOL. She is sneaky sneaky.

  13. I am already so sick and tired of Rachel’s pouty face when Brendon is scolding her. This marriage will never last. She is the most insecure female I have ever seen. The reason she doesn’t like Cassi, she’s prettier than her. Rachel started out okay, now she is reverting back to last season’s behavior.

  14. STUPID! I am 100% cheering on the vets. Evicting Dom will give Adam the key, and he’s a wildcard that will not be faithful to the vets. Evicting Adam will mean Dom gets the key and he hates the vets and is also extremely loyal to the newbies. Instead, Jordan should have nominated Cassi and Shelly, because with the key, Shelly would have been loyal and hopefully easily swayed by the vets.That’s the point of the key: preserve the weaklings and the faithful ones.

  15. shelleys famous last words I’m not going to clean up after them. shelley is that a rag and cleaner I see in your hands? or are you buffing the stove to see your reflection

    • nanny, isn’t this the way every season? The “mom” of the house does most of the cleaning.
      The lazy HGs always keep the one who cleans up after them as long as they can. Didn’t Sheila & Renny do the same thing? btw, I miss RennyMartyn{wish she had been a retn’g vet}.
      Shelly is playing hard ball.
      Never ceases to amaze me how willing the HGs are to ‘believe’ what they want to believe.
      This is one big poker game, and Shelly has a
      great po po poker face.

      • maybe I should apply I dont love cleaning but could fake it and I love to cook. id have recipes for slop going in that would make the haves crave slop haha

  16. Jordan didn’t make a bad decision. Cassi or Lawon will be backdoored. Simple as that.

  17. I am pro-newbies, 100% and I especially like Dominic. This pains me. I hated D&D in season 8, was okay with Jordan in her season but despised Jeff, and of course Brenchel can go suck an egg. If Dom goes, I may stop watching this season. Boring and disappointing and not worth rooting for if it goes Vet’s way all summer.

  18. Have the ‘newbies’ figured out yet who which two players flipped and voted to evict Keith? just wondering…

  19. I agree with Mica. But I like Adam more than Dom. Not sure why. I would love to see the vets go all the way…sans Brenchel. I dont care what everyone says about Jeff n Jordan. They are awesome (regardless of Jordan’s naivete) and I want Jeff to win! Jeff is the only sane one there!

    • Did you not watch the live feeds last year when Jeff threatened to shoot Russell? CBS made them out to be so much better than they really are.

      • BB does have that tendency to cast Jeff as their “golden boy”, which is sad considering he has said some questionable things

  20. They need to have a season of crazies. I’ll go ahead and nominate Chima and Natalie (BB9).

  21. I just watched BBAD and Rachel wasn’t wearing her engagement ring…did she need to take it off for the food comp and possibly FORGET to put it back on???

  22. So do any of you guys think Cassi is a real threat? I’m sitting here wondering why the vets think Cassi is a mastermind, manipulator, and a threat? I thought Brenchel would let this beef blow over but they keep talking trash about Cassi. Even Brendon is going around acting all cocky calling Cassi stupid when he told Rachel to stop. I guess Rachel can only talk trash when he’s around.

  23. I think its excellent and is excatly who I was hoping would be put up on the block! Dominic is prob the strongest of the newbies. I really hope he goes this week.

  24. Jordan putting up Dom and Adam is an excellent choice. That way they can get rid of Dominic who has apparently shown himself to be a threat by rallying the noobs. Plus he seems like he could definitely put up a fight during comps. I mean who do the newbies have left if Dominic leaves? Nobody that’s who. And then they can start picking them off one by one.

  25. Good to see the Vets in control of the game….should be an interesting summer…

  26. I’m all for the vets especilly JJ. I just hope they dont get too cocky and screw up.

  27. If Jeff and Jordan were smart they would get the POV used on Adam and Dom and then backdoor Brendan or Rachel. I love Cassie, I would be fine with her getting disqualified for punching Rachel out.

  28. This is going to be a really boring season. The newbies are stupid for not uniting and the vets will just pick them off one by one.

  29. for those saying Jeff is mean and what not, do you not remember, he did that to get Jordan further in the game?

  30. I ccan’t stand Adam’s big loud mouth anymore than I can stand Rachel’s voice and laugh.

  31. I’m hoping to see Adam gone this week and Rachel gone next week then i CAN REALLY ENJOY THIS GAME.

  32. cant stand brenchel,like to see dom,dannelle,or cassie win.i hate floaters.shelly is just a maid for them.i watched the live feeds and she’s always cleaning.

  33. Hope Brenchel gets eliminated soon. If possible, Rachel before Brendon. Would love to see Jeff win this one. Like both him and Jordan and they seem to be the nicest there and Jeff has more common sense than the rest of them.

  34. Its funny how the TV watchers are seeing a different game then us Hardcore Feeds watchers that see every moment that happens and know exactly what is happening….. =)

  35. I like all of the vet’s but I am seeing a different Jeff and Jordan since Jordan became HOH. They seem to be turning against the other vet’s ,lastnight on BBAD Jordan said she thinks Daniel is a back stabber.

  36. No Cassi did not win the P O V . Adam and Dom did. And as of right now Jordan is very annoyed with Rachel. She thinks Red is acting weird and wants her gone. Of course Kalhia is kissing Jordan butt and dancing around like she has it made.

  37. One Rachel and Brandon need to put on the block because they think they are controllling the game. Joran and Jeff can get cassi out this week. It is better to keep Kalhia for a couple of weeks

  38. I think Rachel needs to be sent home. Her mouth gets to the better of me. She never shuts up. I also am discouraged with Jeff and Jordan. Jordan acts like a baby and talks like on. Time to grow up. Jeff acts like he is her puppet. He never answered his fan mail from the first show he was on two years ago. Donomic is my favorite. He acts lost not sure where to turn to. This show is in trouble. Bring back some other veterans.

  39. I am disappointed with the current Big Brother 13 cast. I don’t agree with the choices however you have to with what you chose. I think the games are dangerous to some degree and realize that some people don’t realize their failings. I hope next year they review everything and everyone.

  40. This show has some really off the wall players. There’s such a diversity. There are several that I’ll rejoice seeing gone so we can get on with the game.

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