Big Brother 13: Shelly Moore Interview

Since we knew the Live Feed’s were going down this week we held off on Shelly Moore’s interview until now. See what she has to say about her blow up with Jordan and voting Jeff out of the house.

Chloe:  Shelly, did you come into the house with the strategy to play all sides to try for a great social game? If not, what was your strategy and how did it change once you entered the house?

Shelly:  I absolutely came in to play a social game. That was my strategy from the beginning. To make an alliance and play sides. I know that of all the great competitors I’ve seen that social would be my best strategy in the game.

Chloe:  Who would you rather play the game with, Cassi or Jordan and why?

Shelly: Well, I would have absolutely have loved to play the game with Cassi. I loved playing with Jordan , but Jordan had Jeff which was a disadvantage for me since they are a couple that will likely be together for life. With Cassi, we were just kindrid spirits. She is an absolute first class lady and I would have loved to play the game with her more. She is smart and intelligent but unfortunately some of the catty females couldn’t handle how beautiful she is. I can’t wait to see her again.

Chloe:  You haven’t said much about Porsche opening Pandora’s Box, which is a big reason you are now a member of the jury. Do you hold any resentment towards her for not thinking things through?

Shelly:  Yes, I do a little bit. I think Porsche should have thought things through and it was a miracle after the fast forward that we all made it through. Unless it was something crazy good that you couldn’t refuse, don’t mess with anything. But, Big Brother knows how to tempt people and they gave her champagne, and she likes champagne. If I had been in that position, I would not have opened it. I think it could have been a half a million dollar decision for her.

Chloe:  I was surprised to hear you tell Julie you regretted your decision to vote out Jeff. Do you also regret voting out Keith and betraying the newbie alliance in the beginning?

Shelly:  No, absolutely not. I don’t regret voting out Jeff. I regret that it hurt them. Voting out Jeff was a game move and I needed to make that move beyond a doubt. I thought they would have understood it was a game move and the backlash was really bad. But I would have made that move again.

Chloe: Who do you most want to see in the final two?

Shelly:  I think Porsche, Rachel and Jordan will make it to the end.

Chloe:  You appeared very calculated in your moves throughout the season, but the blow-up with Jordan seemed self-destructive. Was that planned or pure emotion?

Shelly:  It was emotion. I certainly would never have gone in there to get the backlash that I did. If I had known it would have turned out like that I wouldn’t have gone in there.


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  1. Why does everyone think Cassi was so pretty. I thought Veterans females were the best looking and they were my top 3 for best looking. Cassi and Porsche were ugly IMO. And Shelly is old and a smoker so she has wrinkles and just look at Kalia

      • Hey did any of u read that interview with shelly? She didnt come in with game play! She had her head up J&J butt so far, she only pulled it out when power changed hands. And she didnt do that at first.

    • So if Cassi came up to you and was all like “hey, wanna bone?” You’d say…”Nah, you’re ugly.” Right. I bet your girlfriends are unbelievable.

      • Lol I know, right? And to say Porsche and Cassi are less attractive than Rachel is absurd. It’s some irrelevant ploy to demean the alliance he doesn’t root for.

    • I thought all of the females were good looking except Rachel, Kalia, and Shelly. Also, Cassi was definitely the best looking in the house lol.

      • really what do looks have to do with anything.some of the prettiest people I know are the meanest I know.
        the best dog I had was a mutt.mutts love harder longer and demand less…I know I are one

      • I think jordan had the best face,cassie had the body.the rest i want even comment on. Well danis my shit dont stink attitude made her ugly. I had to say that! LOL

      • OP’s comment was about the looks of the people in the house. As a straight male I felt Cassi was the most attractive person in the house. Due to the fact I had an opinion on the subject in question, I shared my thoughts by posting a reply. Does this clear things up?

      • Lurker dont forget bought Dani! She is a cold fish who thinks she is better than everyone.If the girls whoo followed her were smart they could have had her following them.

      • Yeah okay, but I’m saying this only off of outer appearances. I don’t know any of them enough to pull a great personality one out. She can assume things on people but you’ll never know for sure. You’d bet your personality would change a bit if you were locked in a house for months with random strangers and nothing to do. Lol.

      • Why doesn’t someone tell those women to leave their hair alone, I swear Jordan sits there and plays with her hair so much I think her brains ane draining out of them. She needs to be watching out for Ratchel, she is “helping” them all remember the wrong words, she is out to screw over them all. She keeps trying to cook and burn everyones mouth out by saying, “I only put in 1 little drop”, god I don’t think she has ever told the truth. Why can’t she get a job ith her big “Science” degree, I feel she just wants to stay in Vegas and be a stripper!

      • @Judy – You are most definitely mistaken to call Rachel a stripper. Rachel was a VIP Cocktail waitress, and unless you are a Dr, Lawyer, or CEO she probably made more than you. I am so sick of people just making whatever stuff up they want to about Rachel. If people were spewing that Kalia wrote Porn or something people would flip out.

      • No way. She strutted around like she thought she was all that. Actually, Kalia is the best looking in the entire house. I am cracking myself up over that one.

      • Lurker, i know i would go nuts in that house. I would probably get kicked out being around D,K,Pand definitely S. But i have seen D way of answering people and doing things. She floated on her dads season and she was floating along until she made a dumb move and had to play the way she did.But nothing seems to effect her heart.

      • Judy its a habit! I have a aunt who puts the hair in her mouth! I have long hair and i play with it too. So they play with their hair.

      • dontlikepiggys, are you kidding me? Did you even watch Season 8? Dani was about AS FAR from a floater as anyone could be. Winning 2 HoHs and 5 POVs (that makes her tied with Janelle for winning the most POVs in a single season) is NOT a floater. Daniele is also very beautiful and hand down the most gorgeous girl of BB13. The only floaters left in the house are Jordan and Adam. Yes everyone, face it. Jordan is a FLOATER. She always has been, and she always will be.

      • I thought that originally but after seeing her ugly personality she just became ugly looking. That chick is a serious BlTCH

      • @Joey: I agree. I thought she looked okay (not pretty, not beautiful, not really that ugly, just..plain) on her season. But on this season, oh boy. That attitude, that sense of entitlement, the 24/7 bashing, whining, etc. FUGLY. And the dark hair extensions don’t help. at all.

    • Oh PLEASE! only someone that has absolutely no shot with Cassi would say she was not attractive. Hell, I’m gay and I’d consider switching teams for Cassi… she is effing GEORGEOUS! I agree that everyone has their own opinion, but come on, pretty is pretty no matter what floats your boat.

      • Cassie is a professional model. They generally don’t hire ugly people in her profession.

        I thought she was dropdead gorgeous.

      • Two guys work in my company who are gay both named Jason! Peeps if you want your boy to be straight do not name them Jason lol!

      • @Jason~

        Pretty is as pretty does.

        I did not care for the way Cassi behaved.
        Further, Cassi was certainly NOT the prettiest girl in the house. Sure, good looking, but to be jealous of? From the lot in the house? No.

        Maybe we need Keith’s opinion . . .

    • Ive been wondering the same thing. I did not find her pretty at all. More like annoying!!! With her “would you rather suck on a bloody tampon or drink from a porta potty??” I mean how disgusting! I was so glad she got the boot. Tgats all she did was lay around saying those stupid things. Nothing pretty there!!

      • Hey Cassie didnt lay around the house! Hell i dont even think she was on there long enuf to call her names. P was a ass to alot of people. And R was jealous of C. Remember P was up R a–. They cheated C like crap. You need to watch bb over.

    • Hey Andrew- I completely agree with you. Cassi was way too thin and her accent was a turn off. Now lets ad in that she had no personality and yes, you are right, she is ugly. Cowlia is definitly a buck tooth tub of lard and Porsche has got a huge egg head and her voice is annoying and Shelly – or should I say Shelman, well she looks like Joe Dirt’s stunt double.

      • @Susan and other people
        Not trying to be mean or anything…but for you to say that someone is ugly means that you have to be beautiful because if not…then you are giving people permission to call you ugly. And people should really stop judging others by their looks…people cannot help it if they are pretty or ugly. You saying that about people makes you a really ugly person.

  2. Seriously, Shelly? You are gonna call the other girls catty when you were hating on Rachel the whole time?

    • I agree with you. She is catty as hell with Rachel. She hated her for no reason. And when Rachel said Shelly made the final 3 deal w/ Brenchel she is insinuating she is a liar on top of that

    • I agree, Becky. Shelly is the worst HG I have ever seen on BB. Nasty, twisted, and Nasty again. She even lies while being interviewed after she was voted off the show.

    • Another thing..Shelly calls herself and Cassi kindred spirits and then says that Cassi is an “absolute first class lady”. I didnt see Cassi long enough to say if she was or wasnt, but EVERYONE knows that Shelly is neither first class nor a LADY!

      • Actually the first catty move in the house was made by…CASSI. Anyone remember the “we hate Porsche” (sounds pretty personal to me ((she was the one who said i’m not getting personal))). I think she’s super pretty (don’t get me wrong) but that has NOTHING to do with this. Dani wanted her out so she could pair with Dominic. Rachel wanted her out because she didn’t get along with her(and if you don’t get along with someone, aren’t they going to gun for you?). Porsche wanted her out because Cassi showed her catty vibes first. Plus, she was the ONLY ONE LEFT TO VOTE OUT (does Shelly remember– the only other options were A/K who did nothing, and herself. Julie Chen, Cassi, Shelly, and even Jordan (at one point) made this about jealousy. SOunds like someone’s ego is bloated.

    • Cd you are a nut! You didnt have to say u were laughing because i new u were! Now i am too. LMAO

    • Cd you are a nut! You didnt have to say u were laughing because i new u were! Now i am too

    • Take off your jj blinders. Every girl talked shit in that house. But if anyone talks shit, its rachel in the dr.

      • Cassie is a very pretty girl, what the other girls were catty about was that she is pretty in the inside as well has the outside, anyone that watched what little she was on could tell that, this is why the otehr girls were jealous!!!

      • I honestly think Dani was the fuel behind that. She wanted Dom all to herself and got all the other girls against her.

      • @Beach: Fugly admitted in the DR that she didn’t want Cassi there so she (fugly) can have Dom as her “alliance” (yeah right. she just wants a showmance).

      • Every girl did talk crap, but the D/K/P/S alliance took the cake. And, furthermore they never showed that cattiness on TV (P/S saying the rudest things about Rachel’s possible pregnancy and how they hope it gets aborted). But when Rachel says one thing, it airs on TV without showing any scene adding up to it.

  3. I know that Cassi is a model, but I just don’t think of her as pretty.

    She is not ugly, but definitely not one for the other girls to be jealous of. Anyone of the other girls is just as good looking or better — Rachel and Jordan for sure — but, even Kalia and Shelly hold their own with Cassi.

    Cassi, was the “catty” one, if you ask me; NOT Rachel.

    • I thought Cassi looked like Olivia Wilde from House and the movie Cowboys and Aliens. She is good looking but didn’t have much of a personality, and was not a great game player, worthy of return. I know she didn’t get much of a chance to play, just saying

      • Yup she does look like Olivia Wilde! I guess to each his/her own. She’s definitely gorgeous but there’s something about her (during her short stint in the house) that turned me off.

    • @ Dan, Cassie wasnt catty to any of them girls, rewatch the episodes she was on, dont make up sh-t!!!

      • @Kathy~

        I did watch the episodes — ALL of them. If you watch Cassi to Rachel and if you watch Cassi talking about Rachel behind her back, you would see that she was indeed being “catty”.

        Kathy, perhaps you need a primer in “being pretty”. Your language and attacks suggest ugliness inside and out.

      • Yes she was. She started the “We all hate Porsche” stint. Just because you’re on TEAM CASSI, don’t forget that there were no other options to evict. She butted heads with Rachel, and Rachel didn’t want anyone gunning for her. Plus when Dominic won veto, the only other option was to put up C/S (A/K did NOTHING so it didn’t matter). And with Shelly’s close ties to Jordan, Dani’s push for Cassi’s removal, Cassi’s attitude towards being nominated (she kept saying why me Rachel when Jordan voted her on…you can’t be personal Rachel. Of course she can, this game does get personal when it comes to who you can trust), and no other option left, Cassi was gone. And I’m glad. But i bet, you’ll make this about jealousy too.

    • I think Cassi was beautiful, however, she was only beautiful when she had on makeup and did her hair. If you saw on the feeds or BBAD she usually looked like hobo, and her hair was so greasy. I wondered if she knew she was on tv. Also, Dani turned everyone against Cassi because she wanted Dom for her own. I know her & Rachel did butt heads but I think Dani encouraged it.

      • Cassi said she deliberately did not look good in front of the house guests because she thought her looks would make enemies.

        That statement alone reveals her vanity and is extremely off-putting.

        Further, that statement reveals that she “looks down” on the other girls as if they aren’t as good as her. Pure arrogance.

        Arrogance ain’t pretty in my book.

      • Actually, I recall Cassi mentioning that she didn’t want to wash her hair in the Have Not shower after she did it the first time. She was in the house for 14 days and for 12 of them, she was a Have Not.

        She didn’t want to mention her occupation because she feared the other HGs would assume she already had money.

        And her looks did make an enemy out of Rachel regardless.

      • I dunno about that CJ. I’m not saying Rachel isn’t one to get catty, she absolutely is, but she was close with Porsche early on and Porsche can be seen as a pretty girl too. Rachel was also friends with Dani early on. It’s not often I agree with Rachel, but when she said “It’s not that I don’t like other girls, I just don’t like you, Cassi” I can actually believe her for once…

        That being said, Rachel’s reasons to dislike Cassi were pretty stupid (said she was a snake and had to go)…never exactly saw how Cassi was a snake…

      • Ok people! Cassi wasnt on tjere long enuf to be called anything. She was hated by the jealous girls has soon as bb srated. Even Jordan knew this by being in the house people. If u watched then u heard Jordan call out the girls her were jealous of C .Its funny that Jordan and the others didnt have a problem with C.

  4. Shelly was super mean to Rachel …… And cassie wasn’t nice to porsche either ….. Shelly just thought she was better than everyone else it was so annoying glad to see her gone

    • I agree with you. Shelly started out nice enough. As the weeks went by, her true colors shined through. She was the ugliest to Rachel, especially behind her back. She is not a lady by any sense of the word. She walks like man, smokes like a man and is rude and conceited. Thankfully, the HG’s saw through her in time to boot her out the door.

      • Cassi seemed to think Porsche was an immature girl. I think it was early to make a comment like that, but hey we then saw Porsche do things like contaminate Muscle Milk with Benefiber…so…

      • @BMO, C didnt like P cause P was stuck up R ass talking about her.Before she realized they were jealous of her.

  5. cassi is without a doubt the best looking girl in the house.. anyone who thinks that isnt true is blind or a little limp wristed.

  6. In the beginning I liked Shelly. But her holier than thou attitude turned me off. Her contacts and clients I think will have a different outlook on her, and it won’t be to her advantage. As far as looks are concerned, they are only skin deep. It takes whats inside to make someone pretty.

  7. Without a doubt, Shelly was the worst BB player in history. Lying is part of the game, but stealing from another player isn’t, that is just a cheap shot along with threatening the life of an unborn child by helping to trip the mother down the stairs. You went beyond game play and are now just a low life troll. I hope your home town also sees what a conniving liar you are and deal with you accordingly. Obviously, those kind of traits happen overnight, more they are lifelong and you have honed your skills to a fine art. The art of deceit and trechery! You disgust me, Shelly Moore!

    • What did she steal? And also I would not consider her that much of a bad player let alone worst. *cough* Lawon *cough*

    • Shelly needs to be told on the final show that she is a habitual liar with absolutely no conscience! Her exiting interview supports all the negative press was indeed deserving…She is a very shallow person!

    • What makes me mad is how S uses the game to cover up the things she done. She told everyone how she would vote for J&J. If she was playing the game then why say it in the diary room? She is lower than low.

    • Without a doubt, Marlene Shaft! You summed up the worst of Shelly Moore in one paragraph. She had to be working on that twisted mind of hers for awhile. What she did throughout the game does not happen with a normal person. That comes by the experience of lying on a daily basis and commiting yourself to manipulation as a lifestyle. She did not just lie, but put a little bitch in it while turning the knife. Even when she gets home and finds out that a lot of viewers did not respect her “game play”, she will justify her actions and manipulate others to believe her intensions. She is a scary individual walking around with a smile on her face.

  8. Come Cassi was ok. Jordon I think has natural beauty. Rachel would b ok if she didn’t laugh to hard. But with that being said, I’m praying. Rachel wins. Everyone talks about floaters honestly Jordon to me has been floating just as much as Adam and Porsh. How just started playing. My guess it will b Rachel and Porsh in the end.

    • Jordans nothing like A,P,K,S. She has been playing. Im not listing the people shes saved(R,B,S,A). She may not have won alot of comps but she has a social game. wheen people talked game it was usually with J&J, D. Not the other way around. They were planing from the beginning. I believe sh he has dropped downn since J left but her game got people wanting to take her to the final two !

  9. Now on to Kalia. Once she found out the race card wasn’t going to work, I think she flipped out. Funny how when the shoe is on the other foot it’s ok to laugh at someone because they get upset and cry. She has done more crying than anyone in the house. And she is one of the biggest liars. Hope she goes today. And trust me the race card will come back into play. ICK

    • When did she ever play a race card? Maybe I’m mistaken but I think youre playing the “she’s playing the race card” card.

      • She said that she thought blacks would stick together then she voted Keith AND Lawon out.


        What a bozo.

      • @Lurker and @db~

        Her thing with the “black team” wasn’t the only race card — but, before I go there, can you imagine the fallout of a deliberate “white team”?!

        The other race card was her pouring out to Shelly how hard it is to be black.

        I hear women and men of every color and nationality say how hard it is in life. Everyone has their challenges.

        I am not suggesting discrimination does not happen, it does, but discrimination is not limited to being black.

        Further, according to Kalia’s braggart sessions, she does quite well for herself. So well, in fact, that she wouldn’t bother to take the time to speak to any of the house guests in real life if she were to bump into them in New York. She implied they were all beneath her and not worth her time.

        Hmm . . .

      • Dan, that’s one reason in a long list I don’t respect Kalia or her gameplay. I’m of a minority too, and like you said everyone has their challenges. It’s on you to deal with them and move past them, not to use them to gain sympathy or even bring them to the forefront at all. Watching her do this with Shelly had me shaking my head, I’m not black but I’ve still had to deal with similar, and I never try to use it to my advantage with other people.

  10. well I think rachel is the real person who couldn’t stand Cassi, and asked the others to vote her out. But cassi and dom would fo been still there. but now BB has it planned for the vets to go in thier and kick some newbee’s butts. And… for danelle she is also pretty and had to play the game for what it is. stop hatting on other’s it’s only a game!! exmaple rachel and Regan are friends today, and yet those 2 hated each other. Regan was the best to get into rachel’s face…lol

    • The differences between Regan and Shelly…He was not dellusional-He admitted his gameplay devilish moves- He was likeable-He stayed true to his alliance until the end-He did not go around lying about EVERYTHING…Most importantly He is not SHELLY! Go Rachel…Fight to the end!

      • Go get them Chicago! Regan didnt claim to be someone friend and he didnt talk to america in the DR and say he wasnt going to vote 4someone and then do it.S said it was game but if it was game she would have said alliance instead of friend.And she would have told america she is lieing.

  11. I didnt think Cassi was that pretty either! So sick of everyone saying that. Jordan is very pretty and Rachel is in an alliance with her. So I don’t think rach wanted her out for that. Rachel is pretty and so is Danielle. I do think Dani had a nose job though. Anyway, didnt think Cassi was that pretty. She was very nice though.

    • Jordan has beady eyes but looks nice overall. Rachelle is a very average looking prostitute. Dani has harsh features although she is slightly pretty.

      Cassie is freaking beautiful. Comparing her to the other 3 is like comparing a Ferrari to some ghetto hoopties, LOL.

    • Cassi is pretty, but its in the eye of beholder, there was a trivia question when Dom was still house and it asked something like who has the best bikini body and everyone pretty much voted for Dani.

    • Rachel doesn’t have issue with Jordan being pretty because she has a man. Cassie didn’t have a man and so Rachel was straight up playing a jealousy game. She did the exact same thing last year Kristen. Brendan cheated on her via internet and she is totally insecure around single, cute, pretty, hot, whatever girls.

  12. Shelley you should have stuck with Jeff and Jordan. You would have been in thw final three Adam is a floater. And you know kliea and porch are on their way.out. what up girl?

    • I completely disagree. Had she not dumped Jeff, shed end up in the same spot MAYBE a week more. Jeff and Jordan were also very tight with Rachel and sort if Adam. She’d make it MAYBE to final 5.

      • Yes maybe ,anything can happen,but the odds were more in her favor to stick with alliance and hope for her best chance in the final 3.You can’t win if you make third or fourth.

  13. You got to be kidding,Shelly.You came into the house with the idea of playing the social game?Well,we are still waiting. More like you played the Anti-social game.You also said Porsche should have thought thinks out before she opened Porsche’s box,oh yeah Pandora’s box.You are calling the kettle black,Shelly.You are the one who should have thought thinks out before you started voting the way you did.You sealed your fate for 5th or 6th place after the fiasco you pulled.Your best shot was sticking with your alliance.You would have been in at least third and would have had a chance to win in the final comps.Anything is possible when you get that far.You didn’t think right.Great interview nottttt lol.

  14. So as predicted, I’m sure we all know who it will come down to in the finals thanks to production’s interference. The sad part is how many are so brainwashed they can’t even see it. Production tells America to love someone, and like sheep, they go chanting names doing what they’re told lol, including insulting all others. I’m glad this site is keeping track of things as I’ve pretty lost the energy to watch and hope next season is better than the crap we had to watch this time around.

    I just wanted to say I find it interesting how JJ and Brenchal were adamant about ridding the house of floaters, yet they insisted on voting out anyone strong who was not kissing their arse and KEEPING floaters in their alliance. The truth is the vet’s only strategy was to stay loyal to one another and keep weak players they knew they could beat – the SAME strategy as the folks they criticized the most.

    The only great player left in the house at this point is Kalia and I hope she wins. Many of you will criticize her more harshly because she’s chubby and/or a minority (sorry but it’s true and you’re not fooling anyone), but that’s a sign of what’s wrong with this country. She’s an attractive woman who’s played the game well, and I think she did good by her alliance. Everyone else in the house leaves much to be desired this season including Porche, although she has done more than Jordan and Rachel (whine whine whine) and deserves props for that.

    • Tommy It’s OBVIOUS that you HAVEN’T been watching…Your comments don’t even deserve a response, except to advise you to check out again for EVERYONES sake!

    • Only great player? I guess i have been watching the wrong channel.Hold on,changing channels.Hmmmmm no the show I am watching she is not.Just an average player at best.

    • Rachel is definitely the best in there right now and that’s coming from a Dani fan. I don’t quite see Kalia as “great.” She’s “good” but not “great.” Jordan is also “good.” The rest are just average.

      • I don’t expect everyone to agree with me, per what I’ve already stated in regards to public opinion, but it is what it is.

        Rachel may be winning now, but it wasn’t the case for a long time and the game has only been tilted in her favor thanks to production. That is not a strong player IMO. Jordan is not even worth mentioning.

        To clarify why I feel Kalia is the best player now, it is based on the fact that she has played her own game and did not kiss arse. Her alliance with Dani, friendship aside, was strategical and quite early on. That took balls so I’m giving her props. She shouldn’t be singled out and attacked for opting not to kiss the “golden couple’s” behind and hand them $500K. I wouldn’t have either.

      • @ Tommy, are you saying to us that Kalia had no help from production, when she won HOH to protect Dani? How in the hell was hse able to answer questions before they were even completely asked? And from what I tell you are the only one bringing race into it, we battering Shelly and Porshe as well, not just exclusively Kalia, but of course when the chips are down the race must come out!

    • Ohh come on Tommy! If Dani had’nt of flipped to early then floaters would have been out. And sure i see BB stacking the deck so to speak but its still up to the players to make choices and to win!

    • If someone else had won the veto then people wouldn’t being saying all this bs about production. I am wondering what makes you think Kalia is so great? I have asked this many times and no one ever answers me.

    • Well, I don’t agree Kalia is the best player left, but I respect the view especially with all the JJ and BR fanatics there are on this site. Expect them to come out of the woodwork any moment and belittle Kalia and you for everything from her sleeping habits, eating, talking, looks, relation to some choice animal, or the rare few honest trolls – her race. It’s sad how predictable the nutjobs are.

      Now, hate to say it, but I think Rachel is probably the best player left. She’s a good competitor and has some strategic sense. I don’t want her to win, but she’s imo the best player left. That said, I would prefer Adam winning over Jordan, and that says a lot considering how much I despise the ultimate floater. Jordan, she’s done nothing, I don’t respect it and hope that before the show ends she’s thrown to the jury house. In truth I suspect BB will force feed us Jordan in F2.

      • Jordan has won just as many comps as Porche, Kalia, Adam, Jeff, Dani, I could go on and name a lot more houseguests. Plus she has played an excellant social game. She also stuck with her alliance the entire game. I say she has played a pretty good game. If she makes it to the final 2 she deserves to win.

      • @Kathy

        You’re talking over two seasons, and you know I meant this season. Her game was better the last season she played, but that’s not relevant to THIS season. I understand you adore Jordan, apparently that’s a very popular sentiment, BUT I don’t agree about her game play. You will never convince me that she’s done ANYTHING this season.

        Why must you JJ lovers try to push your love for her on other people? Is it some type of compulsion. What’s so hard to understand about the fact not everyone thinks the same as you? Get over it. It would be akin to me pushing my like of Dani down your throat, which I don’t do, I don’t reply to every negative comment Dani haters make. Learn from that. Jordan is as bright as a box of rocks and half as active. Now, that’s MY OPINION, I don’t begrudge you yours, learn to let others have theirs.

  15. Adam –
    Floater with no game.

    Porche –
    Strategic floater with weak game. Ok looking.

    Rachel –
    Not as good as her original season. Attractive when she’s not being snotty, bullying others, trying to be “hot”, or WHINING.

    Kalia –
    Strategic floater turned strong player. Cute, and self-confidence makes her very attractive.

    Jordan –
    Overrated, whiney, and childish. Was a much stronger player in her original season, but is a complete self-absorbed floater this time around who can dish it but can not take it. Cute-ish (for a 10 year old), but NOT hot.

      • Oh and yes, let’s make fun of her because she’s overweight… that’s original.

        Well let me explain something to you, weight has NADA to do with beauty and I can see clearly she’s got more going for her than you do.

      • I ain’t talkin’ about her weight, son.

        I am talking about appetite and (maybe) her table manners, or lack thereof.

      • Looks like somebody’s got a crush on cowlia. Funny how people keep complaining “take off your JJ/BR blinders” when they’re doing the same thing when it comes to the players they’re rooting for. If Jordan and Rachel are whiny, then what does that make cowlia?

    • That post was funnier than the other one,Tommy. Only difference is you are blind too.lmao Give up. Yuo are obviously watching some other show.

    • Lol you can’t combine looks and gameplay so let’s separate them. Shall we? Adam-floater with good luck, always a bigger target than him-average player…Porsche-floater with ability too win comps, decent but not great-average player…Kalia-good at quiz games, not good social play-good player…Rachel-great competitor, horrible social game but has good way of cleaning up her messes-great player…Jordan-competitive floater, not good at comps but good social play-good player….NOW on to looks…Porsche and Jordan are EASILY more attractive than Rachel and Kalia. Rachel’s zigs and obvious surgical enhancements gross me out and Kalia is pretty just not “hot”

      • Hey, I was trying to save space lol.

        I don’t agree with your thoughts 100%, but you seem more realistic than most of what I’ve read. Jordan has not been competitive at all in this game no matter how you try to look at it. I gave her credit in her original season, but this season I was tired of watching her quite early on… and no, I do not believe she is “easily more attractive” than anyone to be honest. She has attractive qualities, but her looks are average (unless you’re obsessed with blondes) and as soon as she opens her mouth all those qualities go out the window. IF dating girls is your thing, then yes, she’s great. BUT if you prefer women, then… no, not at all.

        I would place all the other women in the house in roughly the same range of attractiveness and that is just me being realistic. They’ve got pretty faces so it really just comes down to a person’s type. But in the beginning, the best looking woman in the house was by far Cassi, hands down. That’s why Rachel and Jordan were so jealous and had to get her out.

      • Tommy,I don’t think Jordan was jealous of cassi. She didn’t want her out,Rachel did and since she was in alliance with Rachel,Jordan had to renom Cassi and then she was voted out.Jordan did not nominate Cassi on original noms.But you are right that it seemed most of the girls were jealous of her.

    • “Cow-lia” and references to groceries says it all. If she had a disability you’d feel ashamed to be doing that, yet she has a few extra pounds so you think it’s fair game (which by the way do not make her fat in MY opinion, but clearly it does in yours).

      It’s just childish and disgusting.

      • Tommy THANK YOU for having the testicular fortitude to stand up for Kalia.

        I understand that society has presented us with tall bony girls and has programed us to think that is beauty. So I agree there is a bit of brain washing there that stops most people from seeing past what they call “FAT”. I too think that Cassie/Dani are beautiful and are the thinnest of them all.

        What I don’t appreciate is this. I have spent time on both sides of the thin card. Had my days as the thin chick and had a great time. Now I am older, have had a couple kids past age 30 and am a size 16. I have been told that is the average size American woman (not that you can tell from the ads).

        The point I am making here is just because I am now FAT in most of these people’s opinions I am still the same person. Matter of fact, a better one then I was then. (When it was cool to hang-out with me)

        It’s really hard to read everyone making fun of her and totally discounting her intelligence just because of her weight.

        Just wait people. Let that youth escape you – then look in the mirror. I certainly hope that your waistline is not the only thing you see left.

        All these the crazy comments back to ppl who think a chubby girl JUST might not be disgusting. It just makes me sad.

        Glad to hear that a person’s weight isn’t the only thing that matters to you Tommy! I’m sure these people who are putting you down for it will realize that eventually. Until then, they will just be ignorant and miss-out on knowing some fantastic people in this world because they are so shallow.

      • I don’t think there is a person on here the doesn’t like Kalia simply because of weight. There are many other reasons I do not like her, such as her arrogance and attitude in general. I go on and on but whats the point. If Kalia had not been so terrible in the things she has said and done to others in the house, I bet there would not so much negativity towards. I have made jokes about her weight, and admitted it was wrong, but I feel she deserves whatever she gets for her actions.

  16. ShelHe, go back to Louisiana and your precious Josie and unlucky husband and vanish from my sight. You lyin’ S.O.S.

  17. The feeds are reruns. the only thing worse than having to listen to Kalia is having to listen to Kalia AND Shelly.

  18. Last comment for the day, sorry if I don’t respond. In order of who I think is the best player to the worst it’s goin to have to be Rachel, Kalia, Jordan, Porsche, Adam. BUT Rachel is the only one worthy of being considered “great.” Also none of them are below average or just plain bad or terrible. This is an average group.

  19. What a season! I actually think that they put a bunch of newbies in that had no earthly idea of what was going on or what to do. They rode along and lied and back stabbed their way down the road of days. Basically they pretty much all floated around, until Kalia thought she had a plan???
    Of course, the Vets had to tow some along to get to where they are…Actually, the only person with a plan was Jeff and most knew it.
    Lie and Back stab and cheat is the key word to BB…Once you realize that..then you can watch the game with interest…watching them stumble down the road is a study of the human race in some way..
    Previous seasons have had more interesting people to observe…and I think that it is amazing what people will do for money!

    • You know Nancy, while I do not agree with you in regards to Jeff, I do agree about the point of the game. You have to fight for yourself, which is why it was so disappointing to see folks willing to basically just hand the money over.

      And since Jeff understands the point of the game so much, he and Jordan shouldn’t have come down so hard on Shelly. Everyone in the house will have to backstab someone at some point. It’s a game. She didn’t betray anyone, good or bad, she made a game decision that is no different than what JJ would’ve done eventually. Hindsight is 20/20, but I was glad to see Shelly make a decision for herself for once.

  20. As well talking about the prettiest girl that was in the house its Dani hands downs,She might not be the nicest person I want to meet in my life.But I would love to look like her.People you have to know by watching BB Dani has had a rough life.Sometime when you have had a rough life you turn cold hearted.You dont think about other like you should.You put up this shield to keep yourself from getting hurt.As you can see by reading this I have lived in Dani shoes. So I know whats she been though.It dosent matter what you do our daddies will never be proud of us.We could be the President of the U.S. they still have something to complain about.Thanks for listen and GOD BLESS

      • Why even talk about looks, it’s not important in this game…..but ok fine since everyone else is doing it and I so quickly just gave into an almost non-existent amount of peer pressure…Dani has a skeletal face and the upper body of a 12 year-old, so I don’t get why everyone finds her so damn hot. Not saying she’s ugly, I’d even say attractive, just don’t get why everyone’s gaga over her.

        Let’s not even go there with Kalia, I’ll feel like an ass two seconds later if I talk about her looks.

  21. Somebody please tell me how anyone can find Kalia attractive? I am not saying the her face is ugly, because it’s not. Also, how can anyone think she is such a great player?

    • Tommy can and I think he’s the blind kid the Who sang about in their rock opera.

      Anyone who wears a two-piece bathing suit and then covers themselves with a towel has a weight problem.

    • 1. I never said Kalia didn’t have a weight problem, I said I did not believe she was fat.

      2. I said she is attractive because she is, and her self-confidence makes her even more so. Sorry, but not everyone is obsessed with pale whiney stick insects. I honestly believe she holds her own in the house and is not an ugly duckling.

      3. I’ve already spelled out why I believe she is the only great player in the game left so far. I was not trying to convince anyone else of this, only stating an opinion just like everyone else.

  22. I can’t believe everyone is commenting on who is prettier etc, etc instead of wondering why a 41 year old MARRIED woman who spent a whole summer in a house playing a game can only comment on the looks of the girls ……….really??? Kind if creepy if you ask me.

  23. Does anyone what the secret was tapping on the glass three times and a secret room? Also saw some secret about a queen? If anyone knows please tell me?

    • Love your name. lol.

      I think the queen is about the black queen chess piece that cowlia stole/hid and she told adam this. I may be mistaken.

    • Is he pissing in his pants now because he has to make a decision? lol. Can’t wait to find out who he’s nominated.

      • I bet he nominates Porche and Rachel.

        If he were looking out for number one, he’d nominate Rachel and Jordan, but I don’t think he’s that unkind.

        I hope Rachel wins POV — she already knows she has to.

      • I believe he said he was going to nominate porche and jordon but it really doesn’t matter who he nominates the pov winner has all the power. Hoh only guarantees their spot in the final 3

  24. i see that twitter leak too but wiki has porsche listed as hoh for day 69 (boy do i hope wiki is wrong its not highlighted or on the side bar but her name is there for hoh for today… so i guess well have to keep trying to figure out

    • I’m not promising that my info is 100%…but LYDIA was there and could not get in even tho She had 4 tickets..they said it was cause she was a former HG..but there were evidently several former HG’s in the audience..Facebook and Twitter have people there supposedly in the audience so I’m still not sure..I do know that some 3 hours ag it was reported that Porsche was new HOH but that was way too early …Just keep trying to find out the truth..

    • keeping my fingers crossed that that info is incorrect. If it is, Rachel has got to win POV. I saw on Bachelor Pad wiki before that Kasey was evicted when it was actually Jake. Don’t ask me why I’m watching that show. I can’t seem to get away from the train wreck that is vienna (waiting for her to self destruct). okay..that’s off topic.

    • Adam is listed as HOH on wiki.

      In the history, it looks like there was a correction made.

      Also in the history, it suggests previous sabotage or vandalism to the page.

  25. Big Brother 13 Spoiler – Eviction and New Head of Household Results –

    alia Booker was evicted by a 2/1 vote, with Rachel breaking the tie.

    Adam Poch is the new Head of Household.

    Endurance Competition will be played out on the Live Feeds beginning Thursday night ….

    Big Brother 13 Spoiler – Eviction and New Head of Household Results –

    alia Booker was evicted by a 2/1 vote, with Rachel breaking the tie.

    Adam Poch is the new Head of Household.

  26. Cassi hands downs was the prettiest girl in the house, ppl need to stop over her accent its who she is. If she were to not speak in her accent ur trying to make sum1, change who they r 4 comfort of urself. Cassi was the prettiest, then Jordan, Porsche finally Rachael.

  27. yep it is now on wiki that kalia went home and adam is the new hoh also says this info everywhere else on twitter bb

      • Somebody will contact Matt and let him know ..then we will know…Assuming that he is awaiting conformation on what we have learned..

  28. It must be true that Adam is HOH..people in audience are posting on Twitter and FACEBOOK…I am guessing it’s true..but who knows..

  29. sorry long post but this is what bbdish leaked and they were in the audience
    Tuesday, September 6, 2011

    Big Brother 13: Eviction and HoH Spoiler for Tuesday, September 6th 2011

    The Jury House scene with Jeff and Shelly was intense.. We’ll get into the details on that and the rest of the episode later on…

    Let’s cut to the chase.

    Drumroll please…


    By a vote of 2 to 1,
    has been evicted from
    the Big Brother 13 House.

    Adam voted to Evict Kalia.
    Jordan voted to evict Porsche.
    Rachel broke the tie, voting to evict Kalia.

    Final 4 HoH:

    Adam is the new
    Head of Household.

    Thank you for spending the season with us here on BBDish!

    For those of you who’ve gotten your feeds here and/or hit the tip jar, thank you very much for your support! Like all independent Big Brother sites, that’s how we survive and thrive season to season. :0)

    We’ll see you back here Wednesday night at 7:50pm Eastern for the Wednesday Show Viewing Party! And then after the show airs and the live feeds come back on! In the meantime, enjoy the terrific special programming Superpass has going for us in the Live Shows area!

    Here’s the 1st hand account from the BBDisher in the audience tonight:
    The show was great, everyone was in a great mood. While waiting in line (and we did that for 2 hours) Lydia showed up and was standing in line. She had a long black wig on, no make-up and tried covering her tats…someone from the show came and got her and took her to VIP area..that was a suprise..Lydia if you read this, I loved your shoes..
    Ok on with the show… They showed the usual stuff, and then they showed the Jury house, and Shelly arriving. Jeff was not happy to see her..words were was good
    They showed the Fortune Teller talking to HGs from last night and waking them all night with more info….then they had the eviction….
    Jordan voted to keep Kalia, Adam voted to evict Kalia.. Rachel was the tie breaker and she voted Kalia out…Jordan was not happy… Rachel and Jordan were in the corner and Rachel was apologizing for not voting out Porsche.. Jordan was not happy.
    The HOH was true or false as to what Fortune Teller said. Everything was worded differently..

    Adam is the new HOH…

    And that, as they say, is all she wrote. :) See you back here tomorrow night for the Wednesday Show Viewing Party at 7:50pm Eastern! :0) As always, I’ll have the East Coast CBS Live Stream link up in the Viewing Party Post for anyone who needs it, whether you’re on the west coast or you have a preemption…

    • I think Porsche will win veto and evict whoever she wants! I would prefer that she evicts Rachel as she is Porsche’s only competition left in the game!!! GO PORSCHE!!!

      • right i was supprised to hear jordan wanted kalia to stay is she crazy lol…. and now it shows porsche that jordan wanted her gone and rachel wanted her to stay which means porsche will prob keep rachel… i dont think things look to good for jordan right now so i hope she wins pov but i have predicted alot this season and i have a bad feeling porsche will win this pov i dont know why

      • Jordan had asked R and A about giving her vote to her because she wanted to keep her part of the deal she always had with Kalia, and they had both told her they understood so do not believe that Jordan was upset with Rachel because Rachel had always told her that she wanted Kalia gone. Jordan had told Kalia that she had her vote, and also told Rachel. Adam and Rachel both knew how Jordan wanted to vote. Very good strategic move if Jordan makes it to final two, but Jordan has already told Rachel that she wants Rachel to win!!! GO TEAM JORDAN AND RACHEL!!!

      • I know why Jordan did it, But I don’t think it was the best move. At this point I would be more concerned for not giving Porsche a reason to want her out first, you should worry about the people left before the jury. If Adam did indeed become HOH, it may not affect things. And with that said, GO RACHEL! You are beautiful no matter what they say!

      • i already know that…. but i still think it would influence her decision(if she is thinking alone) but also i think adam will want her to keep jordan cause they might think they have a good shot against her since she had won before and rachel had done alot more in the game then her…. jordan might have a good chance to stay anything can happen porsche did write on the bath wall while she was hoh that said paj for final 3 ….

    • from what im gathering i dont know if the audience will still be there for the pov they are saying pov will be late tonight to tomorrow so i am thinking it will be very hard to find out those results…. i think :(

  30. Jordan said last pm that Adam asked her (if he won HOH) if she would get upset if he put up her and Porsche. She said she would be ok with that.

    • I missed that. That is not a good scenario for Jordan, and potentially not for Rachel. Rachel needs to win the POV to keep herself and Jordan safe.

      Porche needs to pack–and lose the POV.

    • I guessing his reason is that rachel tends to win when her back is to the wall and she can be vendictive so his thinkiing is jordon is more forgive so he didn’t want to tick rachel off. It is not like it really matters who adam nominates all that matters is the pov but he didn’t want to get rachel mad at him in case she wins and stays

  31. Cassie and Daniele were by far the hottest girls in the house and its not even close. Rachel is disgusting.

      • Sorry, but I think Adam’s only chance to win is taking Jordan because the newbies would all vote for Adam because they do not want Jordan to win again. The only questionable vote would be Dani but she hates Jeff so much at this point that I even think she would vote for Adam over Jordan. Also, Jordan finished second to Adam in POV so she is fighting for the win. She always said she wanted Adam to win HOH so she could help Rachel in POV so wonder if she actually let him win after Porsche went out to ensure that if he wins POV he will take her and Rachel. It was a very smart move if she did and Adam keeps his word because he has already promised Rachel and Jordan that if the final decision is up to him becaue he wins POV that he would give them Farah’s necklace again to prove he will keep the deal.

      • @sheri~

        (Your post would read much better if you eliminated the first two words and instead begin with “I think . . .”)

        I think Jordan is liked enough, that if she were sitting next to Adam in the end she would win: Jeff, Brendon, Rachel, Shelly, Daniele — that’s all she needs.

      • Adam only has a say if he wins pov the hoh as no say it will all come down to the pov winner my guess is rachel

    • So proud of Jordan for coming in second to Adam for the HOH contest. Especially, after all the horrible comments some posts were saying about how she could not get the predictions down last night. She proved herself even though Adam won and outlasted Porsche. Team J and R to final 2 even though I like Adam a lot want the final to be J and R but would love for R to win and J to win the $50,000. I even believe Jordan would be totally happy for Rachel. Just proves what a good and kind young woman she is.

      • Jordan also won HOH this year and she came in 2nd place when Kalia won HOH. A lot of people forget all the things Jordan has done like guessing hasselhoff before anyone else had a clue

  32. There has been talk that Jordan won POV…does anyone know if this is true and has the POV even been played yet?

  33. Why is no one giving Rachel any credit for looks? She has a smokin’ hot body…
    And yes I know she has had artificial assistance but they all have

  34. Saw another BB site that Adam won HOH (not confirmed) and no idea if accurate, also rumored K… is gone?

    If true hope P… does not get next HOH

    • I have heard both of those as well. as someone pointed out, Kalia’s eviction is likely true if its being reported. It was live and the audience members would know about it. Adam’s HOH is harder to be sure but since he was doing very well with the FT predictions I believe it.

      • I’m hearing Kalia was evicted 2-1, Jordan being the one to vote for her to stay as a ploy to gain her jury vote (I’m guessing she asked Rachel if this was cool beforehand, I don’t see Jordan as someone to go against what Rachel wants and putting the blood on her hands by breaking the tie without her consent). Adam the new HoH with Jordan coming in a close 2nd and Porsche a distant 3rd. Of course this is all unconfirmed until tomorrow night.

  35. I need help understanding Pandora’s Box. I under-
    stood that Pan’s Box brought something good and
    something bad. For P she got a picture of two
    champagne glasses and two $5,ooo cards. She could
    have thought it meant she would be visiting with a
    member of her family. Instead there was no one to
    drink the champagne fromt the glasses in the room
    and she had to split the money with a partner. Then
    the house got to go for duos again for a week and
    that helped R and J and was bad for Porche. Then
    Rachel opens Pan’s box and gets a shopping spree
    with Jesse and the house gets to visit with Tori
    Spelling (one of Adam’s many idols and a 3 min.
    shopping spree. Because I wasn’t able to see Sun-
    day’s show I can’t figure out what the bad was??

    • Porsche’s temptation was $5,000, which she also gets to give her partner for the week, Kalia, another $5,000. The other champagne glass was just for her partner, and the bad side of course as you know, Rachel got to save herself as well as Jordan after the Veto win.

      Rachel opened it hoping for something good for herself, but she didn’t get it. She just got to see Jessie but no gain to her, so that’s the ‘bad’ in this. The other houseguests got the ‘good’ side of this with the shopping spree. If not for their kindness in grabbing some stuff for Rachel as well, this would’ve been nothing positive for Rachel.



    This could be bad for Rachel unless Jordan votes out Porche, in which case this is GREAT!!

  37. i read this on another site and sharing it with you all, hope it’s true!!!

    Unconfirmed but has been reported from trusted sources that Adam Won the HOH and Kalia was evicted. The vote was 2 to 1 with Jordan solidifying her Jury vote with Kalia by voting for Kalia to stay. (rachel broke the tie) We won’t know 100% until tomorrow night.

  38. i read also that Jordan won the POV but now it’s gone! so don’t know if it’s true or false as i also read in here that probably the POV would be held today!!!
    anyway can’t the show begin already!!!

      • i also read it on the same site as above but when i went back to see it again, it was gone, so not sure if i read it on the site itself or the posts left there!?

      • fly,
        sorry can’t confirm to you or not if Jordan really won POV
        when i first read it, it was when i first woke up (around 8 a.m.), so had to check it again but didn’t see it again
        and i checked it again just now (it’s 9 a.m.) and it doesn’t show anymore, STRANGE!
        anyway, let’s keep our fingers crossed :-)

  39. It was on wikipedia that Jordan won VETO (and Jordan and Porche were nomineesut that information has now been removed.

    We’ll find out soon enough if it was accurate …

  40. Sorry for the typos, will try again:

    It was on wikipedia that Jordan won VETO (and Jordan and Porche were nominees) but, that information has now been removed.

    We’ll find out soon enough if it was accurate …

    • it wasn’t the same site as yours that i saw this info but it doesn’t show there anymore as well
      STRANGE! could this mean it’s true and they don’t want to spoil the surprise!!!
      oh it would be lovely :-)

      • More likely they realized their source was bogus when it pulled its info so they pulled theirs too.

        Spoiler sites don’t care about ruining surprises. That’s their purpose.

      • @ Matt,
        i thought maybe BB/CBS asked them to remove it maybe for surprise and ratings! or can’t they do that?

    • ok tks..wikipedia does not always post the correct info..just keep checking…
      @MATT.. Is it possible that they had a late nite VETO comp??

  41. I figured the Veto Comp would happen today while the feeds were off..If the comp was held last nite that was alot to cram into a day for the HG’s..

    • Yeah, it’d be a heck of a lot. They’ve got time to spread it out and do it right. Backyard set ups can take forever too. They might need the time. If Veto doesn’t air until Thurs why rush it?

      Oh geez, if they block out feeds until Thurs’ show…

      • OMG u might have a good point here,can u imagine if they do keep LF off till Thurs just to keep the veto a secret
        people including me will go bananas looooool

      • @Matt (BBN). This is my fav site, but this year ithas been harder to find. I google BB spoilers & get a BBN site with a spoiler from a couple of weeks ago. Do you have any idea why the main site won’t come up. The only to find this site is to go to page 2 or 3 of BB spoilers or put in the specific web site? I’m not tech savy so any help is appreciated.

  42. Shelly said she would love to play the game with Cassie? Her decision to switch sides in the beginning got Cassie voted out. She doesn’t regret voting Jeff out in her interview, but she told Jordan she absolutely regretted it and wish she could go back. Shelly take your meds we aren’t drinking the kool-aid. You deserve the bad rap you are getting from (not) fans.

  43. I love her answer regarding Cassi.

    Yeah, I could see Shelly and Cassi being tight friends. Although I would prefer if she keeps her distance from Jeff, Jordan, Rachel, and Brendon, it is not my decision to say so.

    I love to see her stay in touch with Cassi, Daniele, Kalia, and Porsche. Maybe Lawon, Dominic, and Keith too.

    Adam, maybe not. He is a newbie but also a traitor for the veterans.

    I can’t stand him and Rachel. I would like to see both gone.

    Porsche and Jordan should be the last two.


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